comment please :D
10/13/2009 07:08:27 am

loved it

10/14/2009 08:37:54 am

omg i love this series so much please dont stop wriring. i love nick and leah. but i dont like sophie of izzy.i wish sophie would just go fall in an endless ditch and never come back. please dont ruin what nick and leah.

10/14/2009 08:39:50 am

i loved it. i dont like sophie either. i also hope nick wont be killed. i wonder what will happen. please post the next one up soon.

10/15/2009 09:01:13 am

omg! so sad! please post more soon! i hope nick doesnt die. and i hope that he doesn't get accused of burning the city! that would be horrible!!! i like izzy but i don't like her, and sophie is okay, cuz at least she knows that what she did to leah was wrong. and u almost know that leah will eventually find out about what sophie and nick did. and i just REALLY hope that it doesn't ruin her and nick's relationship! they are so perfect for each other! and as for leah and sophie's friendship, i could care less if that gets lost. =) i was kinda mean rite there. lol.

11/2/2009 10:00:11 pm

hey were can i watch more of ur stories there GREAT


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