comment please :D
8/2/2009 11:04:07 am

Yay!! Im soo excited :D I can't wait to know the sex! And Nick, tsk, tsk.

8/2/2009 11:35:01 am

Aww! i'm so excited to find out the baby's sex!

But i can't believe Nick would do that!! (Well actually i can, but i wish he didn't!) He's betraying her trust, and when she finds out (she always finds out) she's gonna be so mad, and so hurt, and then he's gonna want to fix it, but he'll end up hurting her again and again, until she can't take it any more, and then Nick will feel really bad, and ya, that was totally me just rambling on. lol.

But please write more soon, i really wanna know what happens next!! =)


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