Death.Love.Sex - Chapter 85 - XxSkullzAndHeartsxX

comment please :D

6/22/2009 11:24:40

Yay first comment!! :) okay, anywho, loved the chapter the suspense just keep buring me and i love it!! i hope nick doesnt do something he'll regret cuz Leah stabed freaken brian, so i think she needs a little more credit for her actions. anyway u rock :) also what time is it in Canada cuz in pennsylvania it's 9:24 at night what time is it there?

6/22/2009 11:31:06

omg nick doesnt even kno tat leahs doin good basically cause shes hurtin them haha luved it plzzzz post soon :D

Kristy S
6/22/2009 23:01:07

Wow. Nick should come back seeing as she wants to kill Brian or so it seemed he probably wants payback. Great episode!!!


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