Friends Or Lovers

Chapter 1

Leah  -- [moans]

Nick  -- [keeps kissing her neck, takes her shirt off]

Leah  -- [wraps her legs around his waist]

Nick  -- [kisses from her neck down to her stomach]

Leah  -- Nick we don’t have much time Haylee will be back any minute

Nick  -- okay fine [takes her pants off, kisses up her leg]

Leah  -- Nick!

Nick  -- what? [kisses her]

Leah  -- [takes his shirt off]

Nick  -- [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- [moans]

Nick  -- [smirks] you are so easy to please

Leah  -- i am not!

Nick  -- yeah you are [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Rosie  -- [comes in] WHOA!!!

Leah  -- [pushes Nick off her]

Nick  -- [falls of the bed]

Leah  -- ROSIE GET OUT!!!

Haylee  -- [comes in] Rosie what are you doing [picks her up]

Leah  -- [pulls the blanket over her] get her out!

Haylee  -- relax we’re going! [leaves]

Nick  -- who is that girl

Leah  -- um my sister?

Nick  -- no the little one [gets back on the bed]

Leah  -- her daughter Rosie

Nick  -- she has a kid

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- who’s the idiot that knocked her up?

Leah  -- no idea, she won’t tell me

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pulls away] Nick wait

Nick  -- [kisses her again, gets on top of her]

Leah  -- [pulls away] stop, we have to finish later

Nick  -- why?

Leah  -- because my sister is here

Nick  -- so?

Leah  -- we just can’t Nick!

Nick  -- your no fun [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- Nick stop okay?!

Nick  -- fine [puts his shirt back on] do you need a ride to school?

Leah  -- yeah [gets dressed]

Nick  -- next time you promise me sex in the morning, i’m getting it!

Leah  -- if you stopped fooling around when i told you we would have had more time

Nick  -- whats Haylee doing about school?

Leah  -- she’s doing home schooling till she finds a nanny for Rosie, can we go now?

Nick  -- yeah sure


Leah  -- [gets out of the car] thanks for the ride Nick

Nick  -- you’ll just have to pay me back later

Leah  -- i can do that [kisses him]

Addi  -- [comes over] a little early for that don’t you think?

Leah  -- [pulls away, glares at her] what do you want Addi?!

Addi  -- nothing i just came to say hi to Nick

Leah  -- [rolls her eyes, goes to class]

Courtney  -- hi Leah, hows Haylee and Rosie

Leah  -- Haylee’s fine, Rosie’s obnoxious and ----

Courtney  -- Rosie is cute, not obnoxious

Tony  -- [comes in, sits next to Leah] wheres Nick?

Leah  -- i donno, he was talking to Addi

Tony  -- oh, is it true your sister has a kid?

Leah  -- yeah

Tony  -- i expect that from you, but not her

Leah  -- what do you mean by that?

Tony  -- you have sex all the time, she never does

Leah  -- yeah i kno

Nick  -- [comes in, sits on the other side of Leah]

Leah  -- what did Addi want?

Nick  -- she’s throwing a party on Friday

Tony  -- who’s going?

Nick  -- everyone, except Leah

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- she said you can’t come

Leah  -- why not?

Nick  -- i donno

Tony  -- probably because she hates you

Leah  -- i hate her too

Nick  -- so whats the problem

Leah  -- what am i supposed to do on Friday?

Nick  -- i guess we could skip the party

Tony  -- what? No

Nick  -- but Leah ----

Tony  -- who cares about her! Its one night!

Leah  -- [glares at him] you realize i am right here

Tony  -- yeah i kno, its kinda hard to miss you

Leah  -- Nick switch seats with me

Nick  -- no i like this seat

Leah  -- why?

Tony  -- because it has a good view of the teacher, and we have a hot sub today

Leah  -- wow, you guys are ----

Tony  -- hot?

Nick  -- sexy?

Leah  -- shallow!

Nick  -- someones in a bad mood

Leah  -- [puts her head on the desk]

Nick  -- [rubs her back] whats wrong?

Leah  -- i’m tired, Rosie was up at 4AM

Tony  -- i’m so glad i don’t have a baby at my house

Nick  -- me too

Leah  -- you have Joe

Nick  -- [laughs] good point

Addi  -- [comes in with Courtney, glares at Leah]

Courtney  -- hey everyone, don’t forget Addi is having her party this Friday, and everyones invited

Addi  -- well almost everyone

Teacher  -- okay take your seats

Addi/Courtney  -- [sit down]

Tony  -- that party is going to be awesome

Leah  -- not as good as the other party

Nick  -- theres another party?

Leah  -- there is now

Chapter 2

Tony  -- that party is going to be awesome

Leah  -- not as good as the other party

Nick  -- theres another party?

Leah  -- there is now

Nick  -- Leah don’t

Leah  -- don’t what?

Nick  -- don’t have a party war

Leah  -- its not going to be war, because i’m going to win

Tony  -- why?

Leah  -- because i can get all the hot and the popular guys in school to come, and if they come the girls will follow

Nick  -- how are you supposed to get all the those guys to come

Leah  -- because Nick, i kno what guys like [bites her bottom lip]

Tony  -- you take the term slut to a whole new level

Leah  -- shut up!

Nick  -- so are we being forced to go to your party

Leah  -- you don’t want to come to my party?

Tony  -- i do, Leah throws the best parties

Nick  -- i do too, i was just saying

Leah  -- so you guys are coming

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- good


Leah  -- [sitting at a table with Nick and Tony]

Addi  -- [comes over] what the hell!

Leah  -- what?

Addi  -- you can’t throw a party on Friday! I am!

Leah  -- i can do whatever i want!

Addi  -- no you can’t!

Leah  -- why? Are you scared that MY party is going to be better then yours?

Addi  -- like that would happen

Leah  -- you’ll see when your sitting all alone waiting for people to show up, but they are all at my party!

Nick  -- Leah don’t start something

Addi  -- yeah Leah don’t start something, i mean you don’t want to be humiliated when no one shows up to your party

Leah  -- listen you ----

Tony  -- [covers her mouth] your just going to make things worse

Leah  -- [bites his hand]

Tony  -- ow what the hell!

Addi  --have fun on friday [leaves]

Leah  -- [calls after her] I WILL WITH ALL MY PARTY GUESTS!!! [turns to Tony] never cover my mouth again!

Nick  -- i learned that a long time ago, she made my hand bleed

Leah  -- shut up Nick!

Tony  -- you are really annoying when you haven’t slept

Leah  -- [about to say something]

Nick  -- maybe you should sleep at my house tonight

Tony  -- no she can sleep at my place!

Nick  -- it was my idea!

Leah  -- i think i’ll just get a hotel room

Tony  -- all by yourself, why don’t i come and keep you company

Leah  -- no thanks

Tony  -- why not?

Leah  -- because i’m sending my sister to the hotel

Tony  -- even better

Leah  -- with her daughter

Tony  -- okay, fine forget it

Nick  -- [laughs]

Leah  -- so what are we doing after school?

Nick  -- Joe is having Addi over

Leah  -- i can’t believe they are together

Tony  -- what shes hot

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Tony  -- in a completely un hot way

Leah  -- much better

Nick  -- how is Haylee going to feel about the party?

Leah  -- i’m sure she will be fine with it


Haylee  -- no!

Leah  -- what?

Haylee  -- you can’t have a party! I have a baby here!

Leah  -- and who’s fault is that?! It was probably a party that gave you that creature you call a baby!

Haylee  -- i can’t believe you just called her a creature!

Leah  -- well she is! She never knocks

Haylee  -- did she see you and Nick  ----

Leah  -- making out half naked? Yeah!

Haylee  -- i meant ----

Leah  -- having sex? No, but had she come in a couple minutes later she would have

Haylee  -- you are such a slut Leah! I mean really? Sex befor school? You have a problem

Leah  -- i didn’t plan on it, Nick called we talked, i invited him over, he said no, i said we could have sex, he said he would be there in 5 min, and yeah

Haylee  -- thats disgusting!

Leah  -- just because you have only had sex once doesn’t mean  ----

Haylee  -- thats not true!!!

Leah  -- whatever Haylee, my sex life is none of your business

Haylee  -- if my daughter sees Nick Tony and you haveing a threesome, then yeah it is my business! I don’t want her to have the image of sex in her head at the age of 2!

Leah  -- THEN KEEP HER OUT OF MY ROOM!!! AND I’M HAVING MY PARTY!!! [goes up to her room, slams the door, turns around] WHAT THE HELL!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!!!

Chapter 3

Leah  -- whatever Haylee, my sex life is none of your business

Haylee  -- if my daughter sees Nick Tony and you haveing a threesome, then yeah it is my business! I don’t want her to have the image of sex in her head at the age of 2!

Leah  -- THEN KEEP HER OUT OF MY ROOM!!! AND I’M HAVING MY PARTY!!! [goes up to her room, slams the door, turns around] WHAT THE HELL!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!!!

Tony  -- i was bored

Leah  -- i’m not in the mood Tony

Tony  -- i heard yelling, whats going on?

Leah  -- first off, how did you get in?

Tony  -- with my key

Leah  -- right

Tony  -- so why were you fighting with Haylee

Leah  -- she doesn’t want me to have my party

Tony  -- why?

Rosie  -- [comes in] Auntie Weah

Leah  -- thats why, and for the last fucking time, my name is not Weah!!! Its Leah!!!

Rosie  -- dats wha i said! Weah!


Tony  -- Leah relax!

Leah  -- [pushes him onto the bed]

Tony  -- what are you doing?

Leah  -- giving my stupid little niece an image she won’t forget [gets on top of him]

Rosie  -- [watching them]

Leah  -- [takes Tony’s shirt off]

Tony  -- [kisses her]

Haylee  -- [comes in] Leah is Ros --- WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!

Leah  -- [gets off Tony] and now i kno why Rosie never knocks!

Haylee  -- [picks up Rosie] Leah how could you do that!

Leah  -- Hayles, this is my house! I can do whatever i want!!!

Haylee  -- its my house to!!

Rosie  -- an me

Tony  -- [pulls Leah back on him, kisses her]

Haylee  -- TONY!!!

Tony  -- awe babe, you jealous?

Haylee  -- [rolls her eyes]

Leah  -- you can go now!

Haylee  -- fine, come on Rosie lets go make dinner

Rosie  -- kay mommy

Haylee  -- [leaves with Rosie]

Leah  -- i hate having a baby around! Its so cutsie

Tony  -- i thot you wanted a kid

Leah  -- are you kidding? I hate kids!

Tony  -- but you were begging me to give you a kid last week, wich is why i didn’t use a condom

Leah  -- WHAT!!!

Tony  -- i’m just joking! You really need to relax!

Leah  -- i kno [lays on the bed] just having that stupid demon child around is stressing me out

Tony  -- besides i thot you were on birth control

Leah  -- i am

Tony  -- so why did you freak out?

Leah  -- because that kid is driving me crazy!!!

Tony  -- then move out

Leah  -- but its my house

Tony  -- just stay with me for a bit

Leah  -- nah, i think i’ll stay with Nick

Tony  -- whats wrong with me?

Leah  -- you just live with your brother, who is an even bigger perv then you. Atleast at Nick’s there Kevin who’s normal and Joe who’s ---

Tony  -- your ex?

Leah  -- so what?

Tony  -- i donno i just thot it would be weird for you to be with your ex all the time

Leah  -- i’ll just avoid him [calls Nick]

Nick  -- [answers] hi Leah

Leah  -- i can still stay at your house right?

Nick  -- yeah sure

Leah  -- kay i’ll be over soon [hangs up]

Tony  -- i still think you should stay at my house


Leah  -- [walks into Nick’s house]

Kevin  -- Leah what are you doing here?

Leah  -- Nick said i could stay

Kevin  -- oh

Leah  -- is that okay?

Kevin  -- sure, for how long?

Leah  -- just a couple days

Kevin  -- what happened? I thot you were excited about your sister coming back

Leah  -- i was, till she brot someone with her

Kevin  -- new boyfriend?

Leah  -- no, new baby

Kevin  -- baby?

Leah  -- yeah, and people call me a slut

Nick  -- [comes in] hi Leah, you can stay in my room

Leah  -- kay [goes up to Nick’s room, puts her bag on the bed]

Nick  -- [sits on the bed] just so you kno Addi is here

Leah  -- you mean the girl that won’t let me go to her party?

Nick  -- yeah that girl

Leah  -- i hate her

Nick  -- yeah i kno [goes downstairs]

Leah  -- [follows him]

Kevin  -- i was thinking of getting a pizza for dinner

Nick  -- sounds good

Leah  -- yeah

Addi  -- [comes in] what are you doing here?

Leah  -- i’m staying here for a while

Addi  -- joy

Joe  -- [comes in] i was thinking ---- Leah?

Leah  -- hi Joe

Joe  -- [stares at her]

Nick  -- Joe your drooling

Addi  -- [elbows him hard in the stomach]

Joe  -- [still looking at Leah]

Chapter 4

Leah  -- hi Joe

Joe  -- [stares at her]

Nick  -- Joe your drooling

Addi  -- [elbows him hard in the stomach]

Joe  -- [still looking at Leah]

Addi  -- JOE!!!

Joe  -- what?

Leah  -- whats wrong Joey you look distracted [bites her finger seductively]

Addi  -- [stands infront of Joe blocking his view of Leah]

Joe  -- hey!

Addi  -- i’m going home now, i’ll see you later [kisses him, then turns to Leah] you better stay away from him

Leah  -- or what?!

Addi  -- or your going to regret it

Leah  -- oh i’m so scared

Addi  -- you should be! [leaves]

Leah   -- hey Joe do me a favour, and break up with her!

Nick  -- i think he’s dead [waves his hand infront of Joe’s face]

Leah  -- Nick you do it like this [goes over to Joe, leans close to him, whispers in his ear] Joe

Joe  -- [smiles]

Leah  -- SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!

Joe  -- [puts his hands over his ears] shit Leah!

Leah  -- [laughs]

Nick  -- i’ll remember that for next time

Joe  -- never do that again!

Leah  -- whatever Joe
Kevin  -- i’m going to go pick up the pizza

Joe  -- pizzas

Kevin  -- what?

Joe  -- you need to get three

Kevin  -- fine [leaves]

Leah  -- three? Thats kinda a lot don’t you think

Joe  -- what i’m hungry

Leah  -- thats still a lot

Nick  -- i rented a bunch of new movies, you want to watch one?

Leah  -- sure

Nick  -- what about you Joe?

Joe  -- are you guys going to actually watch the movie?

Nick  -- yeah

Joe  -- okay then i’ll watch

LATER – during the movie

Leah  -- [sitting on Nick’s lap]

Nick  -- [kissing her neck]

Joe  -- what happened to watching the movie?!

Nick  -- we are Joe

Leah  -- [straddles Nick, kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Joe  -- you guys!

Nick  -- [pulls away] sorry

Leah  -- [kisses his neck]

Joe  -- can’t you just watch the movie

Nick  -- this is more fun

Joe  -- then take it to your room!

Nick  -- fine we’ll stop [turns Leah around so her back is to him, wraps his arms around her waist]

Joe  -- Leah is it true you work at Mattii’s?

Leah  -- yeah

Joe  -- how did you get a job there?! Your underage

Nick  -- its because she’s hot, and looks so hot in her uniform

Joe  -- what is it

Leah  -- haven’t you been to Mattii’s befor?

Joe  -- yeah

Leah  -- well i wear what everyone else does there

Joe  -- but thats so slutty!

Nick  -- no its sexy

Leah  -- oh and i have work tmrw

Nick  -- good, Tony and i will come tmrw night then

Joe  -- your going to a bar?

Nick  -- yeah

Joe  -- Kevin won’t like that

Nick  -- thats why i don’t tell him!

Leah  -- stop being so annoying Joe

Joe  -- i’m just saying

Leah  -- who cared if we’re underage, you used to drink all the time back when you were fun

Joe  -- whats that supposed to mean?

Leah  -- you changed

Nick  -- not really he’s still an idiot!

Joe  -- shut up!

Nick  -- its true!

Leah  -- can we just finish the movie?

Joe  -- sounds good

15 min later

Leah  -- [kisses Nick]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [starts making out with him]

Joe  -- not again! [leaves]


Haylee  -- [finishes making dinner] Rosie, sweetie dinners ready

Rosie  -- [comes in]

Haylee  -- [puts her in her high chair, puts the food in front of her]

Rosie  -- wers Auntie Weah

Haylee  -- she’s staying at a friends house

Rosie  -- who?

Haylee  -- Nick

Rosie  -- is he her boy fwend?

Haylee  -- sure, lets go with that

Rosie  -- [eats her dinner]

Haylee  --  are you okay Rosie?

Rosie  -- wheres daddy?

Haylee  -- what?

Rosie  -- do i have a daddy?

Haylee  -- of course you do

Rosie  -- have i seen him?

Haylee  -- yeah you have

Rosie  -- who is he?

Chapter 5

Rosie  -- do i have a daddy?

Haylee  -- of course you do

Rosie  -- have i seen him?

Haylee  -- yeah you have

Rosie  -- who is he?

Haylee  -- you’ll find out when your older

Rosie  -- [whining] but i wanna kno now!

Haylee  -- Rosie stop that!!

Rosie  -- [whining] tell me!!!!

Haylee  -- Rosie stop that right now!!! Or your going to your room!!!!

Rosie  -- [stops whining, keeps eating her dinner]

Haylee  -- [looks at her]

Rosie  -- [crying a bit]

Haylee  -- sweetie wats wrong?

Rosie  -- i want a daddy

Haylee  -- [wipes her tears] you have a daddy, and i promise i’ll talk to him soon

Rosie  -- what bout me?

Haylee  -- after i talk to him, you guys can talk

Rosie  -- kay

Haylee  -- [kisses her cheek]


Leah  -- [walks into the classroom, sits next to Tony and Nick]

Tony  -- how’s the party planning going?

Leah  -- good, everyones coming

Nick  -- awesome, and are you staying at my place again tonight?

Leah  -- yeah, if thats okay

Nick  -- it is

Tony  -- we’re skipping tmrw right?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- why wasn’t i told about skipping?

Leah  -- because you such a good little boy Nick [pinches his cheek]

Nick  -- [slaps her hand away] i am not!

Leah  -- then why don’t you prove it!

Nick  -- fine

Tony  -- this should be good

Leah  -- how are you going to prove it

Nick  -- meet me in the janitors closet during fourth hour

Leah  -- will do

Tony  -- has Addi talked to you lately?

Leah  -- no

Tony  -- i saw her this morning she looked really mad

Nick  -- yeah i saw her too, she looked furious

Tony  -- i guess she knows her party is over

Leah  -- thats what she gets for not inviting me!

Nick  -- why would she invite you, you guys hate each other!

Leah  -- thats not the point!

Tony  -- then what is?

Leah  -- i donno


Leah  -- [goes into the janitors closet]

Nick  -- [pushes her against the wall]

Leah  -- ow Nick!

Nick  -- i can’t believe you called me a good little boy in front of the whole school

Leah  -- it was not the whole school

Nick  -- close enough

Leah  -- it was just the class, now let me go!

Nick  -- [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- Nick stop

Nick  -- not till everyone knows how i raped the school slut

Leah  -- what? No Nick stop

Nick  -- so you don’t want to have sex?

Leah  -- no not really

Nick  -- good then its rape [lays her on the floor]

Leah  -- Nick please don’t, we can just tell people you raped me

Nick  -- thats not good enough [kisses her]


Leah  -- [sitting outside the school]

Tony  -- [comes over] is it true?

Leah  -- is what true?

Tony  -- Nick raped you?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- [comes over] and it is so much more fun to rape someone

Tony  -- i kno, they scream so much louder

Leah  -- you guys are sick!

Nick  -- your not mad right?

Leah  -- no of course not, why would i be mad? I mean you just RAPED ME!!!!

Nick  --  would you just get over it?

Leah  -- NO!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DID THAT!!! [goes home]

Tony  -- i’m sure she will forgive you eventually

Nick  -- Leah? Leah Tyler? The girl who is still holding a grudge over Josh because pushed her off the swings  in grade 2

Tony  -- right i forgot about that

Nick  -- this sucks! She will probably never talk to me again


Haylee  -- [working on her school work]

Rosie  -- [comes in] did you talk to him yet?

Haylee  -- your daddy?

Rosie  -- [nods]

Haylee  -- i will when Leah gets home

Leah  -- [comes in, slams the door]

Rosie  -- now?

Haylee  -- sure, Leah can you watch Rosie?

Leah  -- the demon child?

Haylee  -- please

Leah  -- fine

Haylee  -- [leaves, drives to a house, rings the bell]

Tony  -- [opens the door] Haylee what are you doing here?

Chapter 6

Haylee  -- [leaves, drives to a house, rings the bell]

Tony  -- [opens the door] Haylee what are you doing here?

Haylee  -- [walks into the house] we need to talk

Tony  -- about what?

Haylee  -- about Rosie

Tony  -- who’s that

Haylee  -- MY DAUGHTER!!!

Tony  -- oh her, what about her

Haylee  -- well ----

Tony  -- she’s not mine is she?

Haylee  -- no she’s not yours

Tony  -- good, so why are you here

Haylee  -- i can’t tell her real dad about her, so can you pretend to be her dad

Tony  -- what? No!

Haylee  -- why not?

Tony  -- because i don’t want to be a dad!

Haylee  -- you don’t have to do anything, just talk to her a couple times, thats all

Tony  -- why should i?

Haylee  -- i have pull with Leah

Tony  -- and ....

Haylee  -- and i can get her to do whatever you want

Tony  -- deal, i’ll be Rodie’s dad

Haylee  -- ROSIE!!!

Tony  -- right

Haylee  -- you can’t mess up her name!

Tony  -- i won’t, so what do i have to do?

Haylee  -- just come over and talk to her a couple times

Tony  -- fine

Haylee  -- thanks Tony [hugs him]

Tony  -- so now that i’m your baby’s dad, can we have some fun? [kisses her]

Haylee  -- [pulls away] your not really her dad

Tony  -- who is?

Haylee  -- it doesn’t matter, i’ll see you later [goes home]

Matt  -- [comes in {he’s Tony’s older brother}] who was that?

Tony  -- Haylee Tyler

Matt  -- Leah’s sister?

Tony  -- yeah

Matt  -- what did she want

Tony  -- nothing Matt! [goes up to his room, calls Nick]

Nick  -- [answers] hi Tony

Tony  -- have you talked to Leah?

Nick  -- i’ve tried

Tony  -- Haylee just told me to pretend to be her kids dad

Nick  -- weird, i wonder who the dad is

Tony  -- yeah i want to kno

Nick  -- has she told Leah yet?

Tony  -- no idea, are you still going to Leah’s party?

Nick  -- yeah, if she doesn’t kick me out

Tony  -- if you want to talk to her, try going to Mattii’s tonight, she should be there

Nick  -- okay, thanks Tony [hangs up]


Nick  -- [goes into Mattii’s sits at his usual table]

Kristy  -- [comes over] hi Nick, your usual?

Nick  -- is Leah here?

Kristy  -- yeah she’s here

Nick  -- well can i see her? She is my waitress

Kristy  -- no i am for today

Nick  -- but this is Leah’s section

Kristy  -- are you going to get a drink?

Nick  -- what can i do to get Leah over here?

Kristy  -- no idea

Nick  -- fine just get me my usual, and keep them coming

Kristy  -- kay [goes over to the bar]

Leah  -- whats he doing here?

Kristy  -- he wants to talk to you

Leah  -- i’m not talking to him

Kristy  -- i kno, you’ve already told me [takes Nick his drink]


Kristy  -- [comes back over to the bar] one more of those

Bartender  -- sure thing

Leah  -- is he crazy!

Kristy  -- i donno, why don’t you go talk to him?

Leah  -- thats just what he wants!

Kristy  -- whatever [takes Nick his drink]

Leah  -- [sits down at the bar]

Tony  -- [comes over] hey babe

Leah  -- [gives him a drink]

Tony  -- thanks, you want the cherry?

Leah  -- [nods]

Tony  -- [gives it to her] you should talk to Nick

Leah  -- no i shouldn’t

Tony  -- he’s not going to stop drinking until you talk to him

Leah  -- how do you kno?

Tony  -- because i kno Nick

Leah  -- so do i

Tony  -- do you kno who Haylee’s kids dad is?

Leah  -- no but she says your going to pretend

Tony  -- yeah

Leah  -- i donno how she got you into this, but i can get you out if you want

Tony  -- no its fine, she’s going to pay me back

Leah  -- oh so thats why your doing this

Tony  -- i should go, just talk to Nick!

Leah  -- i’ll think about it

Chapter 7

Tony  -- have i ever done anything for free?

Leah  -- no

Tony  -- exactly.... i should go, just talk to Nick!

Leah  -- i’ll think about it

Tony  -- good, i’ll see you tmrw [kisses her, leaves]

Kristy  -- [comes over] my shift if over, so can you take Nick his drink

Leah  -- fine [gets the drink, takes it to Nick’s table]

Nick  -- [drunk, takes the drink]

Leah  -- thats the last one Nick!

Nick  -- no, i can have as many as i want!

Leah  -- come on, i’m taking you home

Nick  -- no!

Leah  -- just come on! [takes him to her car] get in!

Nick  -- [gets in] what about your work?

Leah  -- they won’t care [drives to Nick’s house]

Nick  -- you could have atleast let me finish my drink!

Leah  -- your already drunk Nick! [parks the car, takes Nick into the house]

Joe  -- he’s drunk isn’t he

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- i am not!

Leah  -- [takes Nick up to his room] what is wrong with you?!

Nick  -- whats wrong is you are mad at me!

Leah  -- just get into bed

Nick  -- only if your next to be baby [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pulls away] ew i can taste the beer on your breath!

Nick  -- i thot you like beer

Leah  -- no but you do obviously

Nick  -- [kisses her again]

Leah  -- [pulls away] Nick go to bed!

Nick  -- who are you my mom?

Leah  -- [pushes him on the bed] GO TO SLEEP!!!

Nick  -- [pulls her on the bed] only if you sleep next to me

Leah  -- fine now sleep! [pulls the covers over them]

Nick  -- [pulls her close to him, wraps her arms around her] ‘night baby [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pulls away] stop that!

Nick  -- [falling asleep]

Leah  -- ‘night Nick [they fall asleep]


Leah  -- [wakes up, goes downstairs]

Kevin  -- Leah? What are you doing here?

Leah  -- i’ve been staying here all week Kevin

Kevin  -- but i didn’t see you befor ----

Joe  -- she came here late

Leah  -- yeah what he said

Nick  -- [comes in, sits at the counter, puts his head on the counter]

Joe  -- whoa Nick you look horrible

Nick  -- [groans] shut up Joe!

Kevin  -- what happened to you?

Leah  -- he’s fine [runs her fingers thru Nick’s hair]

Nick  -- [smiles]

Kevin  -- what do you want for breakfast?

Nick  -- um i don’t care

Joe  -- hangover food?

Nick  -- [still has his head on the counter] JOE!!! SHUT UP!!!

Joe  -- whatever

Kevin  -- Nick we’re you drunk?

Nick  -- no

Leah  --  whats with the 20 Questions,  and i’ll have bacon and eggs for breakfast Kevin

Kevin  -- um ok

Nick  -- same [goes into the living room, lays on the couch]

Kevin  -- i’ll call you when its ready

Leah  -- thanks Kevin, [goes into the living room] Nick? How do you feel?

Nick  -- like a train hit my head

Leah  -- and that is why you don’t order 20 drinks!

Nick  -- i was depressed, and now i’m more depressed!

Leah  -- why?

Nick  -- because i feel horrible

Leah  -- we could skip school

Nick  -- i’ll be fine soon, i hope

Leah  -- my parties tonight, are you coming?

Nick  - yeah of course, i mean if you want me to

Leah  -- i do

Nick  -- could i stay at your place tonight, i don’t want Kevin to  ---

Leah  -- yeah you can stay, i mean you were going to already

Nick  -- i was?

Leah  -- yeah, well i figured, because you would be to tired

Nick  -- why would i ----

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [pulls away, kisses his neck]

Nick  -- [smirks] oh thats why

Chapter 8

Nick  -- why would i ----

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [pulls away, kisses his neck]

Nick  -- [smirks] oh thats why

Leah  -- [keeps kissing his neck]

Nick  -- i thot you were mad at me

Leah  -- not anymore

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Joe  -- [comes in] NICK!!!

Nick  -- [lays Leah on the couch, gets on top of her, still kissing her]

Leah  -- [deepens it, wraps her legs around his waist]


Nick  -- [pulls away] you kno i would rather have Leah screaming my name

Joe  -- could you stop?!

Nick  -- [gets off Leah] happy?

Joe  -- ecstatic

Leah  -- [kisses Nick]

Joe  -- Nick!

Nick  -- [pulls away] it wasn’t me, its was her!

Leah  -- [kissing his neck]

Joe  -- and Leah, you wonder why i broke up with you ?

Leah  -- i broke up with you!

Joe  -- no

Nick  -- yeah she did

Joe  -- and then she became a slut

Leah  -- can you stop talking about me as if i’m not here?

Nick  -- sorry babe [kisses her]

Joe  -- can’t you do that in your room?!

Kevin  -- Leah, Nick your breakfast is ready

Leah  -- [goes into the kitchen with Nick, sits at the table]

Nick  -- [sits next to her]

Kevin  -- how do you feel Nick? Are you sick?

Nick  -- i’m fine

Leah  -- so are we skipping?

Kevin  -- skipping what?

Leah  -- the uh ---- party?

Kevin  -- theres a party?

Nick  -- yeah and we are skipping

Kevin  -- good

Nick  -- oh and Kevin can you sign my math test, i’m supposed to get mom too, but she is never here

Kevin  -- yeah fine just leave it on the table

Nick  -- kay, and just ignore the mark [eats his breakfast]

Kevin  -- did you fail?

Nick  -- [ignores him]

Leah  -- [picking at her food]

Kevin  -- i thot you wanted that

Leah  -- [eats a piece of bacon] there i ate it

Kevin  -- are you going to eat any more?

Leah  -- [takes a couple bites, pushes the plate away]

Nick  -- [finishes eating] see you later Kevin [leaves with Leah]

Leah  -- were to now?

Nick  -- very smart with the saying we’re skipping the party, now Kevin won’t be mad

Leah  -- i am a genius aren’t i?

Nick  -- [laughs] sure

Tony  -- [comes over] so i guess your friends again?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- and thanks to her i have the worst possible headache

Leah  -- we could go get some advil or Tylenol

Tony  -- we’re going to need some for tmrw anyways

Nick  -- yeah and then we should head to Mattii’s

Leah  -- why?

Nick  -- for the alcohol [they go to the drug store]

Leah  -- [finds the Tylenol] okay lets go [walks past the make up section, stops]

Tony  -- we aren’t here for you to get make up!

Leah  -- but i need a new eye liner

Tony  -- [takes the Tylenol] Nick can you ----

Nick  -- sure, meet you outside

Tony  -- [leaves]

Leah  -- hows this one?  [shows him]

Nick  -- [picks her up] we’re leaving!

Leah  -- put me down! [drops the makeup she was holding]

Nick  -- [carries her outside]

Leah  -- PUT ME DOWN!!!

Nick  -- [puts her down] there your down, you can stop yelling!

Leah  -- [sticks her tongue out at him]

Tony  -- [laughs] very mature

Leah  -- [they go to Mattii’s]

Nick  -- [orders a couple drinks]

Leah  -- [sits down at the table with Tony] so what do you think we should get?

Tony  -- no idea, but tell Kristy to deliver it

Leah  -- good idea [leaves to talk to Kristy]

Nick  -- [sits at the table] so where’s Leah?

Tony  -- she will be right back, so how did you get her to forgive you?

Nick  -- i donno, we were just talking this morning, and she forgave me

Tony  -- lucky, she never forgives me

Leah  -- [comes back over] thats not true!!!

Tony  -- it is so!

Nick  -- did you get the beer and stuff?

Leah  -- yeah Kristy is going to bring it to my place after her shift is over

Tony  -- this party is going to be awesome!


Leah  -- [walks into her house] I’M HOME!!!

Rosie  -- [comes in, hands her a letter]

Leah  -- whats this?

Rosie  -- its from Mommy

Leah  -- [reads it]

The Letter:

Hi Leah i need you to watch Rosie tonight, i have to go out, i will be back late tonight or tmrw morning. So just keep and eye on her, and don’t let her kill herself or anything. See you tmrw


Leah  -- oh shit [looks at Rosie]

Rosie  -- [smiles]

Chapter 9

Leah -- oh shit [looks at Rosie]

Rosie -- [smiles]

Leah  -- i can’t believe this!

Rosie  -- what?

Leah  -- Rosie you have to stay in your room for the whole night

Rosie  -- but ----

Leah  -- go now!!!!

Rosie  -- [leaves]


Leah  -- [sitting in the kitchen]

Tony  -- [comes in] what are you doing in here? Did you forget you have party going on?

Leah  -- no, i didn’t forget

Tony  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pulls away]

Tony  -- you haven’t even had a drink yet! What is wrong with you?!

Leah  -- my two year old niece is upstairs!

Tony  -- so?

Leah  -- so what if she comes down?

Tony  -- just lock her in the room

Leah  -- leave me alone Tony!

Tony  -- someones in a bad mood, you need a drink

Leah  -- i don’t want one

Tony  -- your no fun at all! [grabs a beer, hands it to her]

Leah  -- [opens it, pours it on him]

Tony  -- bitch!

Leah  -- just leave me alone!

Tony  -- fine whatever [leaves]

Leah  -- [looks to where the stairs are, making sure Rosie isn’t there]

Nick  -- [comes over] why did you throw a drink on Tony?

Leah  -- because he’s annoying!

Nick  -- so?

Leah  -- this sucks! I can’t have fun at my own party

Nick  -- well if it makes you feel better, everyone is here, so no one went to Addi’s party. Actually i think Addi is here

Leah  -- good for her

Nick  -- you are really out of it

Leah  -- i just don’t want Rosie to come down

Nick  -- she won’t, she’s probably asleep anyways

Leah  -- yeah i guess your right

Nick  -- [takes her upstairs]

Leah  -- what are you doing?

Nick  -- making you feel better [goes into Leah’s room]

Leah  -- [sits on the bed]

Nick  -- [closes the door, gets on the bed]

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it, lays her on the bed]

Leah  -- [takes his shirt off]

Nick  -- [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- [moans a little]

Nick  -- [smirks, sucks on her neck]

Leah  -- [moans louder]

Nick  -- [takes her shirt off]

Leah  --[kisses him, takes his pants off]

Nick  -- [takes off her pants, kisses up her leg]

Leah  -- [moans]

Nick  -- [takes off her bra, kisses her chest]

Leah  -- Nick just fuck me!

Nick  -- [slides her thong off, takes his boxers off, rubs his dick on her pussy]

Leah  -- NICK!!!

Nick  -- what? [kisses her]

Leah  -- HURRY UP!!!

Nick  -- you on birth control?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- good [goes into her fast]

Leah  -- [moans]


Rosie  -- [pushing on the door, trying to open it, starts hitting the door]

???  -- [opens it]

Rosie  -- tank you [goes downstairs]

Tony  -- [sees her] shit Rosie! [goes over to her, picks her up] what are you doing?

Rosie  -- i want Weah!!! I want mommy!!!

Tony  -- [takes her back to her room] just stay here!

Rosie  -- no!

Tony  -- [puts her in the crib, goes back downstairs]

Rosie  -- [rolls her eyes, climbs out of the crib]


Leah  -- [moaning] harder Nick!

Nick  -- [goes into her harder and faster]

Leah  -- [moaning louder]

Nick  -- [pulls out]

Leah  -- no don’t stop!

Nick  -- are you sure you want me to keep going? [goes into a bit]

Leah  -- [moans] keep going Nick!

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [pulls away] goes into her hard]

Leah  -- [moans]

Nick  -- [keeps going into her harder and faster]

Leah  -- [moaning really loud] NICK!!!!

Nick  -- full name baby! [goes into her really hard]

Leah  -- [moans] NICHOLAS JERRY JONAS!!!!

Rosie  -- [comes in, just looks at them]

Leah  -- [sees her] shit! Nick pull out!!!

Chapter 10

Leah  -- [moaning really loud] NICK!!!!

Nick  -- full name baby! [goes into her really hard]

Leah  -- [moans] NICHOLAS JERRY JONAS!!!!

Rosie  -- [comes in, just looks at them]

Leah  -- [sees her] shit! Nick pull out!!!

Nick  -- [ignores her, doesn’t see Rosie, keeps going into her harder]

Leah  -- NICK STOP!!!

Nick  -- shut up! [thrusting in and out of her as hard and fast as he can]

Leah  -- [moaning really loud] NICK PLEASE STOP!!!! PULL OUT!!!!

Rosie  -- [starts crying]

Nick  -- [sees her, pulls out fast, puts his boxers on]

Leah  -- [puts Nick’s shirt on] what the hell Nick! [goes over to Rosie]

Rosie  -- [hugs her]

Leah  -- [picks up Rosie] whats wrong sweetie?

Rosie  -- [buries her head in Leah’s  shoulder crying]

Leah  -- can you hold her while i get changed? [tries to hand Rosie to Nick]

Rosie  -- [kicking and screaming] NO!!!!!

Leah  -- Rosie whats wrong? [sits her on the bed, gets dressed]

Nick  -- [gets dressed too]

Rosie  -- [hugs Leah]

Leah  -- [picks her up] i wonder whats wrong?

Nick  -- i donno [rubs Rosie’s back]

Rosie  -- [screams]

Leah  -- Rosie shhh!

Rosie  -- [tries to move away from Nick]

Leah  -- i’ll be right back

Nick  -- [lays on her bed] i’ll be waiting

Leah  -- [takes Rosie back to her room, tucks her into bed, wipes her tears] just go to sleep okay?

Rosie  -- [nods]

Leah  -- [walks out, closes the door] Tony can you get everyone out?

Tony  -- why?

Leah  -- because Haylee will be back soon

Tony  -- i’ll see what i can do

Leah  -- thanks [goes up to her room]

Nick  -- i don’t think she likes me

Leah  -- i can’t believe she saw that

Nick  -- its not that bad

Leah  -- Nick she’s two!

Nick  -- she was bound to see sooner or later

Leah  -- [gets into bed]

Nick  -- [pulls her closer] ‘night baby [kisses her]

Leah  -- ‘night Nick [they fall asleep]


Rosie  -- [crying hard]

Haylee  -- [comes in] Rosie? Are you okay?

Rosie  -- no

Haylee  -- what happened sweetie? What did Leah do

Rosie  -- nuthin

Haylee  -- then what ---

Rosie  -- he was hurting her

Haylee  -- what? Who was hurting who?

Rosie  -- Auntie Weah

Haylee  -- who was hurting her? Tony?

Rosie  -- curly hair

Haylee  -- Nick

Rosie  -- [crying harder] he’s scary [pulls the covers over her head]

Haylee  -- do you want to come sleep in my room?

Rosie  -- [nods, puts her arms up so Haylee will pick her up]

Haylee  -- [picks her up, kisses her forehead, goes to her room]

Rosie  -- is Weah okay?

Haylee  -- i’m sure she’s fine sweetie [puts her on the bed, lays next to her]

Rosie  -- [falls asleep]

Haylee  -- [puts pillows on either side of her, so she won’t fall of the bed, goes to Leah’s room]

Nick /Leah  -- [sleeping]

Haylee  -- Leah wake up!

Leah  -- [wakes up] what?

Haylee  -- what did Rosie see?

Leah  -- she saw Nick and i having sex, and i’m sorry but ---

Haylee  -- she what!!!

Leah  -- Haylee i’m sorry, but she was supposed to be asleep!

Haylee  -- but she thinks Nick hurt you

Leah  -- she does?

Haylee  -- yeah

Leah  -- can we talk in the morning?

Haylee  -- sure [goes back to her room, falls asleep]


Leah  -- [laying on the bed]

Nick  -- [on top of her kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [deepens it more, moves his hand up her shirt]

Rosie  -- [comes in, sees them,  starts crying] STOP!!!!

Nick  -- [pulls away]

Leah  -- Rosie what?

Rosie  -- [runs to Leah, hugs her]

Leah  -- Rosie stop! Go hug Haylee!

Rosie  -- are you kay?

Leah  -- i’m fine, now go see Haylee!

Rosie  -- kay [leaves]

Leah  -- she is so annoying

Nick  -- yeah, i’m glad i don’t have a kid

Leah  -- same

Haylee  -- [comes in] we have a problem

Leah  -- what now?

Haylee  -- Rosie is scared of Nick, and i mean scared to death!

Leah  -- why?

Haylee  -- because of what she saw last night, she thot he was really hurting you and now she’s scared of him

Nick  -- i wasn’t hurting her!

Leah  -- yeah but i was yelling at you to stop, thats probably what scared her

Haylee  -- she was crying really hard

Nick  -- why does it matter if she’s scared of me?

Haylee  -- because you ----- you um  --- nothing nevermind

Leah  -- whats going on Haylee?

Chapter 11

Nick  -- why does it matter if she’s scared of me?

Haylee  -- because you ----- you um  --- nothing nevermind

Leah  -- whats going on Haylee?

Haylee  -- nothing

Nick  -- why won’t you tell us?

Haylee  -- because you don’t need to kno!

Nick  -- okay fine, now get out

Haylee  -- can’t you go make out at your house?

Leah  -- we aren’t just going to make out, now get out!

Haylee  -- [leaves]

Leah  -- [kisses Nick]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [pulls away]

Nick  -- [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- [moans a bit] Nick i’m hungry

Nick  -- eat later [keeps kissing her neck]

Leah  -- Nick stop!

Nick  -- [kisses her] no

Leah  -- [tries to push him off] i’m really hungry Nick!

Nick  -- fine go get your stupid breakfast

Leah  -- [goes downstairs]

Rosie  -- [hugs her leg]

Leah  -- Haylee!!

Haylee  -- what?

Leah  -- haven’t you taught your daughter not invading peoples space?

Haylee  -- you don’t seem to care when its Tony or Nick

Leah  -- [glares at her] very funny!

Rosie  -- [holding onto Leah’s leg tighter]

Leah  -- get off you little bit---

Haylee  -- LEAH!!!

Leah  -- what!

Tony  -- [comes in] whats  going on?

Haylee  -- how did you get in?

Tony  -- Leah gave me a key

Haylee  -- why would you do that?

Leah  -- so i didn’t have to answer the door [kicks Rosie away]

Nick  -- [comes down] Leah whats taking so long?!

Rosie  -- [sees him, runs behind Haylee]

Tony  -- Haylee i need to talk to you

Haylee  -- fine [they go to her room]

Rosie  -- [looking at Nick]

Nick  -- what?

Rosie  -- [goes behind Leah]

Leah  -- so annoying

Nick  -- and the reason i am never having a kid

Leah  -- you never want a kid? [pushes Rosie away from her]

Nick  -- no, they are so annoying

Leah  -- you kno if you try to have a kid you could be getting a lot of sex until the girl gets pregnant [wraps her arms around his neck]

Nick  -- but i already get lots of sex [puts his hands on her waist, kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [deepens it more, puts his hand up her shirt]

Rosie  -- whats sex?

Leah  -- [pulls away fast] Rosie go upstairs!

Rosie  -- fine [starts to leave]

Leah  -- and never say that word again!

Rosie  -- [leaves]

Nick  -- you don’t want a kid right?

Leah  -- no...well not now, when i’m married maybe

Nick  -- married? You can’t even have a boyfriend you really think you going to get married?

Leah  -- shut up


Tony  -- i changed my mind

Haylee  -- about what?

Tony  -- i don’t want to be her dad

Haylee  -- your not, your just pretending

Tony  -- i’m not a kid person Hayles

Haylee  -- but ----

Tony  -- sorry

Haylee  -- what am i supposed to do?

Tony  -- just ask Nick to be her dad

Haylee  -- Rosie’s scared of Nick tho

Tony  -- well i can’t help you  [goes downstairs]

Nick  -- [pushing Leah against the wall, kissing her neck]

Leah  -- [moans]

Tony  -- you guys!

Nick  -- [lets go of Leah] so what did you talk to Haylee about?

Tony  -- nothing, Leah your coming over tonight right?

Leah  -- yeah 10 right?

Tony  -- sure

Nick  -- your going to Tony’s?

Leah  -- yeah, is there a problem

Nick  -- but  ----

Tony  -- what wrong? I mean she goes to your house all the time

Nick  -- nothings wrong

Leah  -- i’ll be right back [goes upstairs]

Nick  -- you better not hurt her!

Tony  -- now what fun will that be?

Nick  -- Tony don’t!

Tony  -- why do you care?

Nick  -- because i ---- i just do

Chapter 12

Nick  -- you better not hurt her!

Tony  -- now what fun will that be?

Nick  -- Tony don’t!

Tony  -- why do you care?

Nick  -- because i ---- i just do

Tony  -- please don’t tell me your falling for her

Nick  -- i’m not!

Tony  -- good

Leah  -- [comes back down] Haylee is evil!

Tony  -- why?

Leah  -- she’s making me watch Rosie

Nick  -- can’t she just hire a babysitter?

Leah  -- good idea, i’ll go tell her [goes upstairs]

Tony  -- that little kid is so obnoxious

Nick  -- i kno, she walked in on me and Leah

Tony  -- don’t you lock the door?

Nick  -- i do now

Leah  -- [comes down] okay lets go

Nick  -- go where?

Leah  -- i donno, somewhere, i just don’t want to be here right now

Nick  -- ok lets go to my house ---- and no Tony you can’t come

Tony  -- why not?

Nick  -- because you aren’t invited! [goes to his house with Leah]

Joe  -- can’t you go somewhere else?

Nick  -- no

Addi  -- [glaring at Leah]

Leah  -- awe still upset about me stealing your party

Courtney  -- you did not steal it! Addi gave it to you!

Leah  -- only because she knew i was going to win, because i always win!

Addi  -- thats not true! I won your boyfriend

Leah  -- Joe? Why would i like Joe?

Joe  -- i’m standing right here!

Leah  -- i’m not blind

Nick  -- Leah lets go to my room

Addi  -- yeah go spread your sluttyness somewhere else!

Leah  -- listen you ---

Nick  -- [grabs her around the waist, picks her up] come on

Leah  -- PUT ME DOWN!!

Nick  -- [takes her upstairs]

Courtney  -- i love her shoes they were so cute

Addi  -- [glares at her]

Courtney  --  but only a slut would wear them

Addi  -- uh huh

Joe  -- why can’t you get along with her?

Addi  -- because she’s a slut!

Joe  -- no she’s not

Addi  -- she skips class to go have threesomes with Tony and Nick

Courtney  -- i would so do that, they are so hot

Addi  -- COURTNEY !!!

Courtney  -- i mean i would do that if i was a slut.... like Leah

Joe  -- so what if she sleeps with Nick and Tony

Addi  -- did you hear about last year

Joe  -- what about it?

Addi  -- she slept with the whole football team within one day

Courtney  --thats just stupid gossip!

Addi  -- its more then gossip! Its a rumour!

Courtney  -- wich means its not real

Addi  -- it so is!

Joe  -- that doesn’t sound like something Leah would do

Courtney  -- actually it does


Leah  -- [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [pushes him back on the bed, gets on top of him, kisses his neck]

Nick  -- Leah you can’t go to Tony’s house

Leah  -- [still kissing his neck] why not?

Nick  -- because he’s going to hurt you

Leah  -- no he’s not

Nick  -- yeah he is!

Leah  -- i don’t believe you, he wouldn’t hurt me!

Nick  -- yeah he would! Just don’t go over

Leah  -- you can’t tell me what to do!!!

Nick  -- i just don’t want you to get hurt

Leah  -- i’m a big girl Nick! I can take care of myself!

Nick  -- fine i’m sorry i brot it up

Leah  -- its fine, but Nick i don’t need you to protect me

Nick  -- i kno, i was just looking out for you [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [takes her shirt off]

Leah  -- [pulls away, sits on Nick’s stomach]

Nick  --  [puts his hands on her waist] are you mad at me?

Leah  -- i guess not

Nick  -- good

Leah  -- [kisses his neck]

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [making out with her]

???  -- [comes in] NICK!!! What the hell!!!

Chapter 13

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [making out with her]

???  -- [comes in] NICK!!! What the hell!!!

Nick  -- [pushes Leah off him] Kevin get out!

Kevin  -- what are you doing?! I thot you and Leah were just friends!

Leah  -- [puts her shirt back on] i’m just going to go [leaves]

Kevin  -- you told me you don’t have a girlfriend

Nick  -- i don’t

Kevin  -- then why were you kissing Leah?!

Nick  -- because she’s a really good kisser

Kevin  -- NICK!!!

Nick  -- Leah’s my slut

Kevin  -- YOUR WHAT?!!!

Nick  -- i can have a slut if i want Kevin!

Kevin  -- you shouldn’t be hurting Leah!

Nick  -- i’m not

Kevin  - then ----

Nick  -- just leave me alone! [walks out]


Leah  -- [goes up to Tony’s room]

Tony  -- what took so long?

Leah  -- i was on the phone

Tony  -- [pushes her on the bed, gets on top of her] your on birth control right?

Leah  -- yeah, but wait

Tony  -- what?

Leah  -- Nick said you were going to hurt me

Tony  -- why would i do that baby? [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Tony  -- [takes her shirt off]

Leah  -- wait

Tony  -- what now?

Leah  -- i just feel weird

Tony  -- [kisses her, takes her pants off]

Leah  -- [tries to pull away from the kiss]

Tony  -- Leah whats wrong?!!

Leah  -- i just ---- i donno

Tony  -- [kisses her, takes his shirt off]

Leah  -- [deepens it the kiss, takes his pants off]

Tony  -- [deepens the kiss more, takes her bra and thong off]

Leah  -- [feeling uncomfortable]

Tony  -- what now?!

Leah  -- nothing [kisses him]

Tony  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [takes his boxers off]

Tony  -- [goes into her fast]

Leah  -- [moans] harder Tony!

Tony  -- [goes harder and faster]

Leah  -- [moans louder]


Nick  -- [goes into the kitchen]

Joe  -- [making out with Addi]

Nick  -- oh so you can make out with Addi, but i can’t make out with Leah?

Joe  -- [pulls away] who said that?

Nick  -- you did, when we were making out on the couch

Joe  -- well she’s my ex!

Nick  -- so what?

Joe  -- so you shouldn’t be kissing her!

Addi  -- i’m going to go home [starts to leave] and Nick tell Leah she better back off the next time i throw a party

Nick  -- i’ll tell her, but she won’t listen

Addi  -- [leaves]

Joe  -- Leah never listens

Nick  -- yeah i kno


Leah  -- [moaning]

Tony  -- [goes into her harder]

Leah  -- ow! Tony don’t!

Tony  -- don’t what? [thrusts into her hard]

Leah  -- [winces in pain] stop!

Tony  -- stop what? Going easy on you?  [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pulls away] no stop! As in pull out!!!

Tony  -- go harder? Okay [goes into her as hard and fast as he can]

Leah  -- [screams in pain] STOP!!!

Tony  -- scream my name bitch!

Leah  -- NO!!!

Tony  -- [goes harder and deeper]

Leah  -- [moaning, in pain] please stop!

Tony  -- scream my name and i’ll stop

Leah  -- no!

Tony  -- [keeps going into her harder and deeper]

Leah  -- [screaming, crying] STOP!!!!

Tony  -- [ignores her, keeps going harder]

Leah  -- TONY!!!!!!!!

Tony  -- [smirks, pulls out]

Leah  -- [breathing heavy, crying harder]

Tony  -- that was so good baby [kisses her]

Leah  -- [doesn’t kiss back, pushes him away]

Tony  -- [goes into as hard and fast as he can]

Leah  -- [screams in pain] STOP!!!

Tony  -- [pulls out]

Leah  -- [puts her clothes on, goes to Nick’s house, and up to his room] Nick?

Nick  -- [sleeping]

Leah  -- [gets on the bed, still crying]

Nick  -- [wakes up a bit] Leah? [sees she’s crying, sits up fast] are you okay?

Leah  -- [shakes her head, hugs him]

Nick  -- [kisses her head, rubs her back]

Leah  -- i changed my mind

Nick  -- about what?

Leah  -- i do want someone to protect me

Nick  -- [wipes her tears, kisses her]

Chapter 14

Leah  -- i changed my mind

Nick  -- about what?

Leah  -- i do want someone to protect me

Nick  -- [wipes her tears, kisses her]

Leah  -- [pulls away] can i sleep here tonight?

Nick  -- yeah of course

Leah  -- [gets into bed]

Nick  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- [wraps his arms around her]

Leah  -- [falls asleep]

Nick  -- i love you Leah [kisses her forehead, falls asleep]


???  -- [knocking on the door]

Joe  -- [opens it] Hayles what are you doing here?

Haylee  -- [hands him Rosie] Leah’s here right?

Joe  -- [half asleep] yeah i think so

Haylee  -- good, she said she would watch Rosie today

Joe  -- mkay

Haylee  -- so i’ll see you later [leaves]

Joe  -- [looks at Rosie] who are you?

Rosie  -- i’m Rosie [looks at him] are you my dad?

Joe  -- no [puts her down]

Rosie  -- where’s Weah?

Joe  -- who?

Rosie  -- Weah, were is she?

Joe  -- upstairs, 3rd door on the right

Rosie  -- tank you [goes upstairs, and into Nick’s room] GET AWAY FROM HER!!!

Leah  -- [wakes up] Rosie?

Rosie  -- [crying] SOMEONE HELP!!!

Leah  -- shh Rosie, stop yelling!

Nick   -- [still sleeping]

Kevin  -- [comes in with Joe] whats going on?

Rosie  -- [hugs his leg, crying]

Kevin  -- who is this?

Leah  -- Haylee’s daughter

Kevin  -- [picks up Rosie] whats wrong?

Haylee  -- [points at Nick] he’s hurting her

Joe  -- he’s sleeping!

Leah  -- can you take her out? I’m to tired to deal with this

Kevin  -- sure [leaves with Joe and Rosie]

Leah  -- [lays back down on the bed]

Nick  -- [wakes up a bit] you okay?

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- why not?

Leah  -- because your to far away from me

Nick  -- [moves closer to her] better?

Leah  -- [puts his arm around her] better

Nick  -- [falling back asleep]

Leah  -- [plays with his curls] i love your hair Nick

Nick  -- [smiles, falls asleep]


Kevin  -- [gives Rosie her breakfast]

Joe  -- why did you think that Nick was hurting Leah

Rosie  -- cuz he always hurts her

Kevin  -- i knew it!

Joe  -- Kevin thats not true

Rosie  -- he’s da bad guy!

Joe  -- what?

Kevin  -- he’s not the bad guy Rosie

Joe  -- he is a bad boy tho

Kevin  -- not helping Joe

Rosie  -- he hurt Weah

Tony  -- [comes in] is Leah here?

Rosie  -- Tony! [hugs him]

Tony  -- why is this little person hugging me?

Kevin  -- this is so weird

Joe  -- what?

Kevin  -- she thinks Nick’s the bad guy, and she loves Tony, but Tony is so much worse

Tony  -- get off [pushes Rosie away]

Rosie  -- [hugs his leg , wraps her legs around his leg]

Tony  -- get off!!!

Joe  -- [picks up Rosie]

Rosie  -- [reaches her arms to Tony] no i want Tony!

Tony  -- is Leah upstairs?

Kevin  -- yeah

Tony  -- [goes upstairs, and into Nick’s room] LEAH!!!

Leah  -- [wakes up, sees him, moves closer to Nick]

Tony  -- what?

Leah  -- nothing [shakes Nick a bit, to wake him up]

Nick  -- [wakes up] whats wrong? [sees Tony] why are you here?

Tony  -- because i was bored, and wanted some fun [looks at Leah]

Leah  -- its 10am!!

Tony  -- so?

Leah  -- and i’m still sore from yesterday

Nick  -- just get out Tony!

Leah  -- no he can stay

Nick  -- what?!

Tony  -- i can?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- Leah what are you saying? He hurt you! Remember?

Leah  -- yeah i remember, its kind of hard to forget

Tony  -- [gets on the bed, on the other side of Leah] that Rosie kid is really annoying

Leah  -- atleast you don’t have to live with her

Nick  -- [wondering why Leah is talking to Tony]

Tony  -- [starts falling asleep]

Leah  -- [pulls the blankets over her more]

Tony  -- [falls asleep]

Nick  -- Leah what the hell!

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- why are talking to him?!

Leah  -- he’s my friend

Nick  -- but he hurt you!! Remember?

Leah  -- yeah Nick i remember!

Nick  -- so why are you fine with it? He’s just going to hurt you again!

Leah  -- Nick i’m fine with it because your here

Nick   -- what?

Leah  -- and i kno you won’t let him hurt me while your here

Nick  -- i’ll never let anyone hurt you [kisses her]

Leah  -- i kno, your a really good friend Nick [falls back asleep]

Nick  -- yeah ....friend

Chapter 15

Leah -- and i kno you wont let him hurt me while your here

Nick -- ill never let anyone hurt you [kisses her]

Leah -- i kno, your a really good friend Nick [falls back asleep]

Nick -- yeah ....friend

Joe  -- [comes in] Kevin wants to kno when your coming down for breakfast

Nick  -- i don’t kno Joe! Now get out!

Joe  -- fine [leaves]

Tony  -- [still sleeping, pulls Leah close to him]

Leah  -- [smiles]

Nick  -- [jealous, tries to pull her away from Tony]

Leah  -- [starts waking up] Nick what are you doing?

Nick  -- [sits up, pulls her onto his lap]

Leah  --  Nick i’m tired!

Nick  -- but i like you in my arms  [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pulls away, lays back on the bed]

Nick  -- can you tell Tony to leave then?

Leah  -- why don’t you?

Nick  -- because he won’t listen to me

Leah  -- fine [pushes Tony off the bed]

Tony  -- [wakes up] what the hell!

Leah  -- can you get me some water?

Tony  -- get Nick to get it

Leah  -- please Tony

Tony  -- fine [leaves]

Leah  -- [locks the door, gets back on the bed]

Nick  -- [lays next to her]

Leah  -- so what are we doing today?

Nick  -- well what do you want to do?

Leah  -- um sleep?

Nick  -- and after that?

Leah  -- i donno, but i think i have to watch Rosie

Nick  -- well i could watch her with you

Leah  -- no Nick its fine, i don’t want to ruin your day

Nick  -- i don’t mind

Leah  -- okay, but why don’t you mind?

Nick  -- i want to make sure Rosie knows that i’m not bad

Leah  -- but why?

Nick  -- because i don’t like her being scared of me

Leah  -- okay, if you say so

Nick  -- and how bad could it be?


Rosie  -- [screaming]

Leah  -- Rosie please stop

Nick  -- whats wrong with her?!

Rosie  -- [screaming louder]

Leah  -- ROSIE SHUT UP!!!

Rosie  -- [shakes her head, screams louder]

Leah  -- [covers her mouth]

Nick  -- why did i say i would do this?

Leah  -- because you love me?

Nick  -- wh----what? Why would you say that?

Leah  -- Nick relax would you, i was just joking

Nick  -- right, i knew that

Leah  -- are you feeling okay? Your all ----

Nick  -- i’m fine!

Leah  -- okay [takes her hand off Rosie’s mouth]

Rosie  -- [starts screaming again]

Leah  -- [covers Rosie’s mouth] seriously Rosie, shut up!

Nick  -- just lock her in her room, she’ll shut up eventually

Leah  -- yeah but Haylee will kill me

Haylee  -- [comes in] why would i kill you? LEAH WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

Leah  -- [takes her hand off Rosie’s mouth again] she wouldn’t stop screaming]

Haylee  -- [picks up Rosie] whats wrong sweetie

Rosie  -- [looking at Nick] he’s gonna hurt me

Nick  -- Haylee can’t you tell her i’m not a bad guy?

Haylee  -- i tried, she wouldn’t listen

Rosie  -- i want Tony!

Leah  -- why?

Rosie  -- because he’s nice

Nick  -- your kid is so messed up Haylee!

Haylee  -- shut up! She is not!

Nick  -- she thinks Tony is a good guy, he’s worse then i am!

Rosie  -- no i like him

Haylee  -- Rosie Tony isn’t someone that you should like

Nick  -- i am, i never hurt Leah

Rosie  -- den why was she scweaming?

Nick  -- she was screaming in pleasure not pain

Haylee  -- NICK!!!

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- actually i was yelling at you to stop

Nick  -- whatever, the point is i wasn’t hurting you

Rosie  -- really?

Nick  -- really, i could never hurt Leah

Rosie  -- why?

Haylee  -- Rosie its none of your business

Rosie  -- i just wanna kno

Nick  -- just because Rosie

Rosie  -- do you love her?

Nick  -- [quiet]

Leah  -- Nick?

Chapter 16

Rosie -- i just wanna kno

Nick -- just because Rosie

Rosie -- do you love her?

Nick -- [quiet]

Leah -- Nick?

Nick  -- why would i love you Leah? Your a slut!

Leah  -- [closes her eyes, trying to hold back tears]

Haylee  -- i can’t believe you said that!

Nick  -- its true! And she knows it!

Leah  -- [opens her eyes, lets the tears fall]

Nick  -- [feels bad when he sees her crying] Leah i ---

Leah  -- [looks away from him]

Haylee  -- i think you should go Nick

Nick  -- but ----

Rosie  -- jus go! [tries to push him to the door, but she’s not strong enough]

Nick  -- alright i’m going [looks at Leah, then goes home]

Leah  -- [goes up to her room, slams the door]

Rosie  -- she’s mad

Haylee  -- no she’s upset [picks up Rosie]

Rosie  -- i told you Nick was mean

Haylee  -- [takes Rosie up to her room] he’s not usually mean Rosie

Rosie  -- he made auntie Weah cry

Haylee  -- she’s fine Rosie [puts Rosie in bed]

Rosie  -- you sure?

Haylee  -- yeah [tucks her in, kisses her head] goodnight sweetie


Leah  -- [sitting on her bed, hitting her head against the wall]

Haylee  -- [comes in] you okay?

Leah  -- i’m fine

Haylee  -- your making a dent in the wall

Leah  -- i don’t care!!! [hits her head harder against the wall]

Haylee  -- Leah stop your going to hurt yourself!

Leah  -- i am not [really mad, hitting her head against the wall harder and harder]

Haylee  -- LEAH STOP!!!

Leah  -- [hits her head really hard, falls onto the bed]

Haylee  -- Leah? --- Leah? Are you okay? ------ [goes over to her] Leah wake up!


Joe  -- how many times do we have to watch this movie

Addi  -- a lot more times

Courtney  -- this is the best movie

Addi  -- i kno

Joe  -- its so cheesy

Addi  -- no its romantic

Joe  -- it is not!

Courtney  -- it is so! It makes me want a boyfriend

Addi  -- you want one anyways

Courtney  -- not the point

Joe  -- ugh! I hate this movie [gets up]

Addi  -- where are you going?

Joe  -- upstairs

Courtney  -- while your up can you refill the popcorn? [hands him the bowl]

Joe  -- fine [gets the popcorn, gives the bowl to her, goes upstairs]

Nick  -- [in his room, punching the wall]

Joe  -- what the ---- [goes into Nick’s room] Kevin’s going to kill you!

Nick  -- i don’t care!

Joe  -- what did you do now?

Nick  -- nothing

Joe  -- let me guess, Leah?

Nick  -- yeah [sits on his bed]

Joe  -- so what did you do? Go to hard?

Nick  -- no! I called her a slut

Joe  -- she is a slut

Nick  -- exactly!

Joe  -- tell me exactly what happened

Nick  -- Rosie asked if i loved Leah, and then i didn’t answer, and Leah tried to get my attention, and then i said no i don’t love her because i don’t love sluts

Joe  -- i can’t believe you would say that

Nick  -- she is a slut!

Joe  -- not the point

Nick  -- then what is?!

Joe  -- its just --- [the phone rings]

Nick  -- wheres the phone?

Joe  -- i donno, your room is such a mess

Nick  -- [looking for the phone]

Joe  -- [helping him look]

Nick  -- [finds the phone, answers it] hello?

Haylee  -- Nick i don’t kno what to do

Nick  -- what?

Haylee  -- Leah was being stupid and she hurt herself, and now she won’t wake up

Nick  -- i’ll be right there [hangs up, goes over to Leah’s house, and up to her room]

Haylee  -- i can’t wake her up

Nick  -- did you call an ambulance

Haylee  -- no, she hates going to the hospital

Nick  -- did you try splashing her with water?

Haylee  -- no but i can [leaves, gets a bucket of water, pours it on Leah]

Leah  -- [wakes up] HAYLEE!!!!

Haylee  -- [hugs her] i’m so glad your okay

Nick  -- what were you doing anyways?

Haylee  -- she was hitting her head against the wall

Nick  -- why would you do that?!

Leah  -- because you called me a slut

Haylee  -- i’m going to leave you guys alone [leaves]

Nick  -- but Leah you are a slut

Leah  -- well it hurt coming from you

Nick  -- i’m sorry Leah, please forgive me

Chapter 17

Nick  -- but Leah you are a slut

Leah  -- well it hurt coming from you

Nick  -- i’m sorry Leah, please forgive me

Leah  -- i donno Nick

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- i just don’t want to

Nick  -- WHY NOT?!!!

Leah  -- DON’T YELL AT ME!!!


Leah  -- GET OUT!!! I HATE YOU!!!

Nick  -- wait no, please don’t hate me

Leah  -- i am not stubborn!

Nick  -- yeah you are!

Leah  -- NO I’M NOT!!!

Nick  -- [sits on her bed]

Leah  -- [still laying on the bed, kicks him away]

Nick  -- what was that for?

Leah  -- i don’t want you near me

Nick  -- oh really?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- [moves so he’s hovering over her] so you don’t like me here?

Leah  -- [shakes her head, tries to push him away, but can’t]

Nick  -- [lays on top of her lightly]

Leah  -- Nick ----

Nick  -- [kisses her neck a bit]

Leah  -- [holding in a moan]

Nick  -- so i guess you don’t like this either? [keeps kissing her neck]

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Nick  -- [moves his hands under her shirt, runs his hands up and down her body, still kissing her neck]

Leah  -- [moans a bit]

Nick  -- i  thot you didn’t like it

Leah  -- [glares at him] your mean!

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [pulls away] i thot you hated me

Leah  -- well i changed my mind

Nick  -- good [gets off her]

Leah  -- what are you doing?

Nick  -- going home

Leah  -- why ?

Nick  -- because i just wanted you to forgive me, and you did, so now i can go

Leah  -- or you could stay the night

Nick  -- no i think i should go

Leah  -- [grabs his arm]

Nick  -- let go

Leah  -- [shakes her head] something bad is going to happen

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- didn’t you hear me? Something bad is going to happen tonight

Nick  -- how do you kno?

Leah  -- i can just feel it

Nick  -- if this is some way to get me to stay, its not going to work [pulls his arm free]

Leah  -- Nick please stay, i’m scared

Nick  -- nothing will happen, i promise

Leah  -- i wouldn’t make that promise!

Nick  -- fine, but i have to go home!

Leah  -- NO!!!

Nick  -- [takes out his cell phone, calls Leah]

Leah  -- [looks at him weird]

Nick  -- answer it

Leah  -- [answers the phone] what

Nick  -- i’ll talk to you from my house okay?

Leah  -- promise you won’t hang up?

Nick  -- i promise [kisses her, leaves]


Joe  -- [walks downstairs] still? How can you still be watching this?!

Courtney  -- we started it again

Joe  -- of course you did

Addi  -- Joe why can’t you be more like Lucas?

Joe  -- who’s Lucas?

Courtney  -- him [points to the tv]

Joe  -- he’s an actor!

Addi  -- i mean his character, he’s so sweet and romantic and ----

Joe  -- i’m romantic

Courtney  -- yeah about as romantic as a post

Joe  -- shut up!

Addi  -- your idea of a date is going to McDonalds, and then watching a DVD

Joe  -- i can be romantic

Courtney  -- sure you can

Joe  -- I CAN!!!

Addi  -- then why don’t you prove it!

Joe  -- i will!

Nick  -- [comes in, still talking with Leah]

Joe  -- what are you doing?

Nick  -- talking to Leah

Courtney  -- but  ---

Nick  -- [hands Joe the phone] she wants to talk to you

Joe  -- [leaves]

Nick  -- how can you still be watching this?!

Addi  -- we re started it

Nick  -- thats stupid, this movie isn’t even that good!

Courtney  -- shut up Nick!

Joe  -- [comes back in, hands Nick the phone]

Addi  -- so what did she want

Joe  -- nothing

Addi  -- just tell me

Nick  -- [goes upstairs to his room, talking to Leah on the phone again]

Leah  -- Nick i’m scared

Nick  -- nothing is going to happen

Leah  -- but ---

Nick  -- nothing Leah!

Leah  -- okay, well what are you doing?

Nick  -- nothing, you?

Leah  -- falling asleep

Nick  -- then i’ll hang up

Leah  -- NO! You promised

Nick  -- fine

Leah  -- can you just talk to me until  fall asleep?

Nick  -- sure

Leah  -- [laying on the bed, pulls the covers over her]

Nick  -- Addi and Courtney we’re watching that movie again

Leah  -- oh [falling asleep]

Nick  -- you still there?

Leah  -- [asleep]

Nick  -- [hangs up]


Leah  -- [sleeping]

???  -- [comes in, covers her mouth]

Chapter 18

Leah  -- [sleeping]

???  -- [comes in, covers her mouth]

Leah  -- [wakes up, screams]

???  -- shh its just me

Leah  -- [turns the light on, moves his hand] Nick?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- [sits up] what are you doing here?

Nick  -- i was worried about you

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- you said something bad was going to happen

Leah  -- and you said i was wrong

Nick  -- well just to make sure, i came back

Leah  -- [hugs him]

Nick  -- [lays on the bed] so what did you think was going to happen?

Leah  -- [falling back asleep] i don’t remember

Nick  -- [kisses her head, they fall asleep]


Rosie  -- [wakes up, screams]


Leah  -- [wakes up, shakes Nick]

Nick  -- [wakes up]

Leah  -- did you heard that?

Nick  -- yeah come on [they go to Rosie’s room]

Rosie  -- [crying]

Leah  -- Rosie whats wrong? [turns the light on] OH MY GOD!!!

Rosie  -- [has a cut across her cheek]

Leah  -- [picks her up, hugs her]

Nick  -- [looks at the floor by the crib, sees a knife]

Haylee  -- [comes in] whats going on?

Rosie  -- [reaches over to Haylee]

Haylee  -- [takes her, wipes the blood from her cheek] what happened?

Leah  -- we don’t kno, i just heard her scream

Rosie  -- [crying harder]

Nick  -- maybe you should stay at my house for a bit

Leah  -- why?

Nick  -- because its not safe here

Haylee  -- are you sure we can stay?

Nick  -- yeah

Haylee  -- okay [they go to Nick’s house]

Kevin  -- Nick where were you?!

Nick  -- i went to Leah’s, is it okay if Leah and Haylee stay here for a bit

Leah  -- and Rosie

Nick  -- right, and Rosie

Kevin  -- sure, but why?

Nick  -- someone broke into their house, and tried to hurt Rosie

Kevin  --who?

Leah  -- we don’t kno

Kevin  -- well the guest room is set up

Nick  -- Haylee you and Rosie can sleep there, and Leah can sleep in my room

Kevin  -- no she can’t

Nick  -- why not?

Kevin  -- because you won’t get any  sleep

Nick  -- yeah i will

Haylee  -- i’m going to take Rosie back to bed [carries Rosie upstairs]

Nick  -- she’s staying in my room!

Kevin  -- no she’s not!

Leah  --  [falling asleep, leaning on Nick for support]

Nick  -- [picks her up]

Kevin  -- she can’t stay in your room

Nick  -- well she is tonight, because we don’t have time to figure this out! [goes upstairs, puts Leah on the bed]

Leah  -- [asleep]

Nick  -- [gets into bed, falls asleep too]


Joe  -- [goes downstairs, sees Rosie] what are you doing here?

Haylee  -- [comes in] we’re stay here for a while

Joe  -- oh, who’s we?

Haylee  -- me, Rosie and Leah

Joe  -- Leah?

Haylee  -- yeah

Joe  -- Leah?

Haylee  -- yes Joe!

Joe  -- but why?

Kevin  -- stop being so rude Joe!

Nick  -- [comes in, carrying Leah on his back]

Joe  -- what are you doing?

Nick  -- um coming down for breakfast?

Leah  -- [half asleep, resting her head on his back]

Joe  -- but why is she there?

Nick  -- because she’s tired?

Rosie  -- you okay Weah?

Leah  -- my name is Leah!!!

Rosie  -- dats what i said

Joe  -- she’s so cute

Nick  -- yeah sure

Leah  -- [gets off Nick’s back, walks into the other room]

Nick  -- [follows her] are you okay?

Leah  -- no [bends over holding her stomach]

Nick  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- [winces in pain] i don’t kno

Chapter 19

Leah  -- [gets off Nick’s back, walks into the other room]

Nick  -- [follows her] are you okay?

Leah  -- no [bends over holding her stomach]

Nick  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- [winces in pain] i don’t kno

Nick  -- [picks her up, lays her on the couch]

Leah  -- [closes her eyes]

Nick  -- where does it hurt?

Leah  -- [puts Nick’s hand where it hurts]

Nick  -- [rubs her stomach a bit] do you want to go to the hospital?

Leah  -- NO!!!

Nick  -- but  ----

Leah  -- i don’t want to Nick!

Haylee  -- [comes in] whats going on?

Nick  -- her stomach is hurting and she won’t go to the hospital

Haylee  -- Leah just go, this could be serious

Leah  -- i don’t like hospitals

Haylee  -- just wait a couple hrs if she’s not better, we will take her to the hospital

Nick  -- kay, do you want breakfast Leah?

Leah  -- no i ---- [screams in pain]

Nick  -- i’m taking her now

Leah  -- NO!!! NO! NO! NO! NO

Haylee  -- Leah shut up!

Leah  -- i don’t want to go

Nick  -- [picks her up, takes her to his car]

Haylee  -- i’ll meet you there soon

Nick  -- okay [leaves]

Haylee  -- [goes to the kitchen]

Joe  -- what happened to her?

Haylee  -- i donno, she said her stomach hurts

Kevin  -- will she be okay?

Haylee  -- i think

Rosie  -- i told you Nick mean

Haylee  -- it wasn’t Nick Rosie

Rosie  -- den who was it?

Joe  -- maybe she’s pregnant, in wich case yeah it was Nick

Rosie  -- told you

Haylee  -- she can’t be pregnant, Leah is so careful with that

Kevin  -- yeah well one small mistake and 9 months later you have a baby

Haylee  -- trust me i kno

Joe  -- who is Rosie’s dad anyways?

Rosie  -- yeah who?

Haylee  -- none of your business

Kevin  -- just tell us 

Haylee  -- i can’t i told Nick i was going to meet him at the hospital

Rosie  -- can i come?

Haylee  -- no Rosie

Kevin  -- Joe and i will watch her

Haylee  -- thanks

Rosie  -- bye mommy [kisses her cheek]

Haylee  -- bye sweetie [goes to the hospital]

Nick  -- [sitting in the waiting room]

Haylee  -- is she okay?

Nick  -- i donno, the doctor said it would be a while

Haylee  -- i wonder whats wrong

Nick  -- i hope she’s okay

Haylee  -- i’m sure she is [goes over to the desk] can i please kno who the doctor is for Leah?

Nurse  -- [looking thru the books] that would be doctor Tyler

Haylee  -- thank you [goes back to her seat]

Nick  -- what did you ask?

Haylee  -- nothing, so do you want something to eat? You didn’t have breakfast

Nick  -- i’m not hungry

Haylee  -- are you sure?

Nick  - yeah i’m sure


Doctor  -- [comes over]

Nick  -- is she okay? What happened? Whats wrong? Why was she  ----

Haylee  -- [covers his mouth] let the man talk Nicholas!

Nick  -- its Nick!

Haylee  -- same thing!

Doctor  -- can i ----

Nick  -- just tell me if she’s okay

Doctor  -- yes she’s okay

Nick  -- so whats wrong?

Doctor  -- your going to be a dad

Nick  -- WHAT!!! NO!!! [stands up, starts walking back and forth in the waiting room] this isn’t happening.... how can this be happening

Haylee  -- [giggles]

Nick  -- THIS ISN’T FUNNY!!!!

Haylee  -- Nick relax!


Haylee  -- no you didn’t!

Nick  -- its Tony’s?!

Haylee  -- she’s not pregnant Nick! This [turns to the doctor] is my Uncle Peter, and he always jokes around when we come in

Nick  -- that wasn’t funny!

Haylee  -- yeah it was

Nick  -- so what really happened?

Doctor  -- Leah’s going to need surgery

Nick  -- was that a joke too?

Haylee  -- no thats not a joke! What kind of surgery? What happened?

Chapter 20

Doctor  -- Leah’s going to need surgery

Nick  -- was that a joke too?

Haylee  -- no thats not a joke! What kind of surgery? What happened?

Doctor  -- she has appendicitis

Nick  -- is it serious?

Haylee  -- don’t you kno what ---- nevermind

Doctor  -- she refuses to have the surgery

Haylee  -- well i give you permission!

Doctor  -- alright [leaves]

Nick  -- she can be so stupid, i mean she would rather die then get surgery

Haylee  -- i kno, its weird

Nick  -- i can’t believe he made me think i was going to be a dad

Haylee  -- yeah sorry about that, i should have warned you first

Nick  -- that would have been good [sits back down in a chair, looks at the floor]

Haylee  -- are you okay?

Nick  -- yeah, just worried about Leah

Haylee  -- same [her phone rings, answers it] hello?

Joe  -- hey how is Leah?

Haylee  -- she went into surgery

Joe  -- how long till she’s out?

Haylee  -- i donno, i’ll call you when i kno more

Joe  -- okay, and Rosie wants blankie, wahts that?

Haylee  -- i can’t believe i forgot her blanket

Joe  -- is it important?

Haylee  -- yeah, can you go and get it? There’s a key to our house in Nick’s room

Nick  -- he can’t go in my room!

Haylee  -- shut up Nick! And the blanket is pink purple and blue, and it should be in her crib

Joe  -- fine

Haylee  -- kay call you later [hangs up]

Joe  -- [puts the phone down]

Rosie  -- I WANT MY BLANKIE!!!! [screams]

Kevin  -- Joe’s getting it right?

Joe  -- yeah i’ll be right back Rosie [leaves]

Rosie  -- [crying]

Kevin  -- Rosie please stop crying, Joe will be back soon

Rosie  -- i want my blankie!!


Joe  -- [comes in, hands her the blanket]

Rosie  -- [hugs it, stops crying]

Joe  -- all that for a stupid piece of cloth?

Kevin  -- i guess its a baby thing

Rosie  -- i’m not a baby!!! I’m a big girl!!!

Joe  -- sure you are [the phone rings, answers it] Haylee?

Haylee  -- hi Joe, Leah’s out of surgery, and everything went well

Joe  -- thats good, so whats going on?

Haylee  -- Nick is with Leah, and i’m going to be coming home soon

Joe  -- alright, Rosie should be happy about that


Leah  -- [half asleep]

Nick  -- [kisses her hand] how do you feel?

Leah  -- tired

Nick  -- then go to sleep

Leah  -- i don’t want to

Nick  -- Leah your barely awake

Leah  -- i don’t care [closes her eyes]

Nick  -- [kisses her head]

Haylee  -- [comes in] how is she?

Nick  -- sleeping

Leah  -- am not

Haylee  -- Rosie wanted to say hi to her Auntie Weah

Leah  -- ugh! Not you too

Nick  -- i think its cute

Leah  -- no its annoying


Rosie  -- can i have ice cweam?

Kevin  -- does Haylee let you have ice cream

Rosie  -- Auntie Weah lets me have ice cweam

Kevin  -- that didn’t answer my question

Joe  -- just give the kid her ice cream

Rosie  -- yeah give the kid her ice cweam

Joe  -- ice CREAM!

Rosie  -- thats what i said!!!

Kevin  -- fine you can have a bit

Rosie  -- [smiles] tank you


Nick  -- [watching Leah sleep, smiles]

Haylee  -- you like her don’t you

Nick  -- of course i like her she’s my friend, kinda

Haylee – you kno what i mean Nick

Nick  -- [sighs] yeah i really do Hayles

Haylee  -- then tell her

Nick  -- i’m going to... later

Haylee  -- good

Nick  -- [holds Leah’s hand, still watching her sleep]

Haylee  -- are you okay?

Nick  -- [looks at the floor]

Haylee  -- Nick?

Nick  -- [ignores her]

Haylee  -- Nick wats wrong?

Nick  -- nothing, i’m fine

Haylee  -- no your not, just tell me whats wrong?

Nick  -- when your uncle told me that Leah was pregnant, i was scared about being a dad

Haylee  -- but he was just joking so ----

Nick  -- befor he told me he was joking, i realized that i want Leah to have my baby

Haylee  -- what?

Chapter 21

Nick  -- when your uncle told me that Leah was pregnant, i was scared about being a dad

Haylee  -- but he was just joking so ----

Nick  -- befor he told me he was joking, i realized that i want Leah to have my baby

Haylee  -- what? [takes him into the hallway, slaps him]

Nick  -- what was that for?!

Haylee  -- Nick your not thinking strait!

Nick  -- yeah i am!

Haylee  -- do you kno how much work raising a baby is?

Nick  -- you did fine

Haylee  -- i think you need to think about this more

Nick  -- but ----

Haylee  -- just don’t rush into things [starts to leave, stops] and Nick?

Nick  -- yeah

Haylee  -- don’t get Leah pregnant without telling her first

Nick  -- but she will just say no

Haylee  -- wich would mean she doesn’t want a baby, and do you really want to force her to do something she doesn’t want to do?

Nick  -- no i guess not

Haylee  -- good, i’m going back to your house to check on Rosie

Nick  -- okay i’ll see you later

Haylee  -- [leaves]

Nick  -- [goes back into Leah’s room] Leah? You awake?

Leah  -- [opens her eyes] yeah

Nick  -- how do you feel?

Leah  -- i had to have a needle

Nick  -- you are such a baby about that

Leah  -- [glares at him] shut up

Nick  -- i just don’t get why you don’t mind if you get cut with a knife, but when you have to go in to get a shot or vaccine you freak out

Leah  -- thats not true

Nick  -- it is so

Leah  -- can i go home now?

Nick  -- i donno

Leah  -- i want to go home, well back to your house, tho Rosie is there so i don’t really want to and .... now i have a headache

Nick  -- [kisses her head] why don’t you like Rosie?

Leah  -- because little kids are annoying

Nick  -- you think they’re annoying?

Leah  -- didn’t i just say that?

Nick  -- [sad] um yeah


Joe  -- [using his spoon to fling food across the kitchen]

Rosie  -- [watching him, picks up her spoon] how you do dat?

Joe  -- you hold it like this [shows her]

Rosie  -- [copies him]

Joe  -- and then you put the food there

Rosie  -- [puts the food on the spoon]

Joe  -- and then go like this [shows her]

Rosie  -- [flings the food across the kitchen]

Kevin  -- [comes in, gets hit by the food]

Rosie  -- [giggles]

Kevin  -- JOE!!!

Joe  -- time to go [picks up Rosie, starts to leave]

Kevin  -- hold it!

Joe  -- [looks at Rosie]

Rosie  -- [looks at him] busted!

Joe  -- [puts her down, turns the face Kevin] what do you want Kevin?

Kevin  -- you are setting a horrible example for her!

Joe  -- am not!

Kevin  -- Joe you don’t fling food across the kitchen! You made a huge mess!!!

Joe  -- and i’ll clean it up

Kevin  -- uh huh

Joe  -- i will

Kevin  -- sure you will

Joe  -- i will later [starts to leave]

Kevin  -- i need to talk to you about Nick

Joe  -- what now?

Kevin  -- i think Tony and Leah have a bad influence on him

Joe  -- okay

Kevin  -- don’t you?

Joe  -- i guess, but Nick can choose to say no

Kevin  -- to Leah?

Joe  -- okay so he can’t say no to Leah, but he can to Tony

Kevin  -- and who does whatever Tony says?

Joe  -- Leah?

Kevin  -- yeah

Joe  -- why don’t you skip to the part where you tell me what we’re going to do [puts Rosie in her high chair, hands her her orange juice]

Rosie  -- [drinks it]

Kevin  -- i’m not going to just tell you the plan!

Joe  -- why not? [drinks some of his water]

Kevin  -- because you won’t kno what i’m talking about

Joe  -- well i do now, so what do you want to do [still drinking his water]

Kevin  -- i think we should get Haylee and Nick together

Joe  -- [chokes on his drink] what?!

Chapter 22

Joe -- well i do now, so what do you want to do [still drinking his water]

Kevin -- i think we should get Haylee and Nick together

Joe -- [chokes on his drink] what?!

Rosie  -- [giggles]

Kevin  -- i think they would be good together

Joe  -- i can’t believe i’m going to say this, but i think Nick and Leah should be together

Kevin  -- Leah is a slut Joe! And Nick needs to take some time away from her

Joe  -- fine do what you want, but i will take no part in your evil scheme!

Kevin  -- its not evil

Rosie  -- yeah it is!! You mean!

Joe  -- yeah you mean Kevin!

Kevin  -- grow up Joe!

Joe  -- no!  [picks up Rosie] come on Rosie, lets go get ice cream [starts to go upstairs]

Kevin  -- Joe the ice cream is in here

Joe  -- i have some in my room too!

Kevin  -- what?!

Joe  -- nevermind [goes upstairs]

Haylee  -- [comes in] hi Kevin

Kevin  -- what are you doing on Friday?

Haylee  -- nothing why?

Kevin  -- because i want to set you up with someone

Haylee  -- who?

Kevin  -- you’ll have to wait and see

Haylee  --okay fine [goes upstairs]

Kevin  -- now i just to get Nick to agree to it


Nick  -- no

Kevin  -- please Nick

Nick  -- no, i already kno who i like!

Kevin  -- its one date!

Nick  -- are you paying

Kevin  -- fine

Nick  -- okay fine i’ll go

Kevin  -- good

Nick  -- [goes up to his room] did you hear?

Leah  -- no of course not

Nick  -- Leah i heard you at the top of the stairs

Leah  -- okay fine,  so who’s the girl

Nick  -- i donno, why? are you jealous?

Leah  -- nope, because i kno i’ll get you back after tonight [wraps her arms around his neck, kisses him]

Rosie  -- [comes in] EW GROSS!!!

Leah  -- [pulls away] ROSIE!!!

Nick  -- [laughs a bit]

Haylee  -- [comes in] Rosie you need to knock first

Rosie  -- no i don’t, Weah likes when i jus come in

Leah  -- no i don’t!


Nick  -- Kevin your joking

Kevin  -- no i’m not, you and Haylee make a cute couple

Haylee  -- [looks at Nick]

Nick  -- fine whatever [gets in his car]

Haylee  -- [gets in the passenger’s seat] i can’t believe he did this

Nick  -- well atleast he’s paying, so i’m thinking the most expensive restaurant in town

Haylee  -- sounds good

Nick  -- [starts driving]

Haylee  -- he’s right tho

Nick  -- about what?

Haylee  -- we would make a cute couple, but only if my hair was brown

Nick  -- what?

Haylee  -- Leah Nick!

Nick  -- oh right

Haylee  -- have you told her yet?

Nick  -- no

Haylee  -- don’t wait to long

Nick  -- what?

Haylee  -- to tell her, if you wait to long it will be to late

Nick  -- yeah i kno [parks the car, they go into the restaurant]

Haylee  -- i don’t think Kevin will be happy when he finds out  we went here

Nick  -- who cares, he was stupid to try and get us together anyways

Haylee  -- yeah i kno [they sit at their table]

Nick  -- [orders their food]

Haylee  -- i wonder how Leah is doing

Nick  -- what do you mean?

Haylee  -- well she’s looking after Rosie

Nick  -- are you crazy!


Leah  -- LET ME GO!!!

Tony  -- [hold her around her waist]

Joe  -- [holding Rosie] Leah calm down!

Leah  -- that stupid kid keeps getting in the way!

Rosie  -- DO NOT!!!

Leah  -- YEAH YOU DO!!!

Tony  -- maybe you should watch Rosie Joe

Joe  -- yeah i think thats a good idea [takes Rosie upstairs]

Tony  -- [kisses Leah’s neck] and now i can have some fun with you baby

Leah  -- yeah i guess so [kisses him]

Tony  -- [deepens it]


Haylee  -- Nick can i talk to you about something?

Nick  -- sure, whats going on Haylee?

Haylee  -- i just need to talk to you about Rosie

Nick  -- oh

Nick  -- and her dad

Chapter 23

Haylee -- Nick can i talk to you about something?

Nick -- sure, whats going on Haylee?

Haylee -- i just need to talk to you about Rosie

Nick -- oh

Haylee -- and her dad

Nick  -- [nervous] her dad?

Haylee  -- yeah, i don’t kno how to tell him

Nick  -- who is he?

Haylee  -- [looks away from him] Joe

Nick  -- oh thank god

Haylee  -- what?

Nick  -- you made it seem like it was me

Haylee  -- well its not

Nick  -- Joe’s her dad?

Haylee  -- yeah

Nick  -- wow, didn’t see that one coming

Haylee  -- what?

Nick  -- its just Joe is a little kid, so its weird to think he has a kid

Haylee  -- i want to tell him, but i’m scared

Nick  -- just tell him, i mean he loves Rosie

Haylee  -- yeah i guess your right


Tony  -- [pushes her onto Nick’s bed]

Leah  -- wait

Tony  -- what?

Leah  -- we can’t do this here

Tony  -- [gets on top of her] why not?

Leah  -- because its weird, this is Nick’s room

Tony  -- fine [gets off her]

Leah  -- could we take this to your house?

Tony  -- sure [they go to his house]

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Tony  -- [picks her up, takes her upstairs]

Leah  -- [wraps her legs around his waist]

Tony  -- [puts her on the bed, kisses her neck]

Leah  -- [moans a bit]


Nick  -- [walks into the house with Haylee]

Kevin  -- how did it go?

Nick  -- [rolls his eyes] bye Kevin!

Kevin  -- [leaves]

Nick  -- [goes up to his room] Leah?

Joe  -- [comes in] she’s not here

Nick  -- where is she?

Joe  -- she went somewhere with Tony

Nick  -- why?

Joe  -- i donno, to have sex?

Nick  -- but what about me?

Joe  -- what about you?

Nick  - never mind


Leah  -- [moaning] harder Tony!!

Tony  -- [goes into her really hard]

Leah  -- [moans]

Tony  -- what do you want bitch!!?


Tony  -- [goes into her harder and faster, pushing deeper into her]

Leah  -- [screams in pain] STOP!!

Tony  -- [pulls out] what?

Leah  -- that hurt

Tony  -- sorry

Leah  -- can we stop?

Tony  -- fine [lays next to her]

Leah  -- can you drive me back to Nick’s

Tony  -- just stay here tonight, its late

Leah  -- fine [pulls the blanket over her, falls asleep]

Tony  -- [puts his boxers on, goes across the room, takes the video camera, plays the tape] perfect, got it all


Nick  -- Haylee what do i do?

Haylee  -- what do you mean

Nick  -- how do i tell her i love her

Haylee  -- just say, Leah i love you

Nick  -- its not that easy!

Haylee  -- yeah it is, just say it

Nick  -- no i can’t

Haylee  -- why not?

Nick  -- what if she doesn’t feel the same way?

Haylee  -- i donno Nick

Nick  -- did you tell Joe yet?

Haylee  -- no

Nick  -- well i’ll tell Leah, when you tell Joe

Haylee  -- fine


Leah  -- [comes in, goes up to Haylee’s room]

Haylee  -- hi Leah, where were you last night?

Leah  -- Tony’s

Haylee  -- i’m going to tell him Leah

Leah  -- tell who what?

Haylee  -- tell Rosie’s dad about her

Leah  -- when?

Haylee  -- soon

Leah  -- good because you can’t keep Rosie from him forever

Haylee  -- yeah i kno

Leah  -- tell him today

Haylee  -- no

Leah  -- why not?

Haylee  -- because i can’t

Leah  -- who is he anyways?

Haylee  -- no one

Leah  -- fine don’t tell me [goes to Nicks’ room]

Nick  -- hi baby

Leah  -- hi Nick, Haylee says she’s going to tell Rosie’s dad about her soon

Nick  -- what no!

Leah  -- why?

Nick  -- because then i have to tell ----- nothing

Leah  -- tell what? Whats going on?

Chapter 24

Nick  -- what no!

Leah  -- why?

Nick  -- because then i have to tell ----- nothing

Leah  -- tell what? Whats going on?

Nick  -- nothing, just forget i said anything

Leah  -- you’ve been acting really weird lately

Nick  -- i just have a lot on my mind

Leah  -- oh okay


Leah  -- [laying on the floor in the living room]

Rosie  -- [sitting on her stomach] Weah!

Leah  -- [groans] okay say Lee

Rosie  -- Lee

Leah  -- uh

Rosie  -- uh

Leah  -- Lee uh, Leah

Rosie  -- Lee uh, Weah

Leah  -- [hits her head on the floor]

Nick  -- [comes in] what are you doing?

Leah  -- trying to teach Rosie how to say my name

Nick  -- and hows that going?

Leah  -- [keeps hitting her head on the floor]

Nick  -- [laughs] i’m guessing not that good

Rosie  -- [giggles]

Nick  -- [picks up Rosie] do you still hate me?

Rosie  -- if Weah doesn’t hate u, i don’t

Nick  -- did you hear that Weah, she  ----

Leah  -- don’t you dare start calling me that!!!

Nick  -- okay fine Weah

Leah  -- [starts to get up]

Nick  -- [puts Rosie down, runs out]

Leah  -- oh yeah you better run Jonas!!! [runs after him]

Tony  -- [comes in]

Rosie  -- wat are you doin here?

Tony  -- is Leah here?

Rosie  -- [nods]

Tony  -- where is she?

Rosie  -- [just looks at him]

Tony  -- can i see her?

Rosie  -- [nods]

Tony  -- is she upstairs?

Rosie  -- [shakes her head]

Tony  -- where is she Rosie!!!

Rosie  -- [points in the direction Leah went]

Tony  -- [goes to the backyard]

Nick  -- [laying on the grass]

Leah  -- [sitting on his stomach, pinning his arms down]

Tony  -- [comes over]

Nick  -- hi Tony

Leah  -- [doesn’t see him] nice try

Tony  -- hi babe

Leah  -- [turns around fast, falls off Nick] hi Tony

Nick  -- whats with you?  Your all jumpy

Leah  -- am not!

Tony  -- yeah you are

Leah  -- shut up!

Nick  -- i think you need to cool off

Leah  -- [confused] what?

Tony  -- yeah i think so too

Nick  -- [grabs Leah’s arms]

Tony  -- [grabs her legs, they pick her up, and walk over to the pool]

Leah  -- [screaming] NO!!!! STOP!!!! PUT ME DOWN!!!

Nick  -- no [they throw her into the pool]

Leah  -- [glares at them] THAT WAS NOT FUNNY!!!

Nick  -- [laughing] yeah it was kind of funny

Leah  -- [holds her arms up] help please

Tony  -- [pulls her out of the water]

Leah  -- why did you do that!!!

Tony  -- because your wearing a white shirt

Leah  -- [rolls her eyes, sits on the grass]

Nick  -- [lays next to her]  why are you here Tony?

Tony  -- because i was bored, and Leah’s always here

Leah  -- [takes off her shirt, lays on the grass]

Nick  -- why did you do that?

Leah  -- because it will take forever to dry off if i leave it on

Tony  -- in that case you should take your pants off too

Leah  -- no

Tony  -- aw come on babe [starts taking her pants off]

Leah  -- stop! [pushes him away]

Tony  -- Nick can you ----

Nick  -- [grabs her arms]

Tony  -- [starts taking her pants off again]

Leah  -- [trying to kick him away] Tony stop!!

Tony  -- [takes her pants off] you have such a great body [kisses her stomach]

Leah  -- [moans]

Nick  -- [jealous, lets go of her]

Leah  -- [walks over to the pool, jumps in]

Nick  -- what are you doing?

Leah  -- swimming [goes under the water]

Tony  -- how long till she comes back up?

Nick  -- who knows, she can hold her breath for like ever

Leah  -- [comes up, swims to the side of the pool, uses the pool wall to cover herself]

Tony  -- [looks at her] what happened to your bra?

Leah  -- i took it off

Nick  -- why?

Leah  -- because i want to have some fun [goes under the water]

Nick  -- [looks at Tony]

Tony  -- [looks at Nick, they jump into the pool]

Chapter 25

Tony  -- [looks at her] what happened to your bra?

Leah  -- i took it off

Nick  -- why?

Leah  -- because i want to have some fun [goes under the water]

Nick  -- [looks at Tony]

Tony  -- [looks at Nick, they jump into the pool]

Leah  -- [swims to the other end of the pool, waits for them]

Nick  -- [comes over with Tony]

Leah  -- [goes under the water]

Tony  -- [pulls her back up, pins her against the pool wall]

Leah  -- [trying to get out of his grip] let me go!

Nick  -- not till we have our fun [takes his shirt and pants off]

Tony  -- [lets go of Leah, takes his shirt and pants off too]

Leah  -- [swims over to Nick, wraps her legs around his waist]

Nick  -- [slides her underwear off]

Tony  -- [kisses Leah’s neck from behind]

Leah  -- [moans a bit]

Nick  -- [sticks his finger in her]

Leah  -- [moans] harder Nick!

Nick  -- [moves his finger in and out harder and faster]

Leah  -- [moaning]

Tony  -- [kissing her neck, rubbing her boobs]

Nick  -- [kisses Leah]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [pulls away] shouldn’t we do this somewhere else?

Leah  -- why?

Nick  -- because anyone can come over

Tony  -- relax Nick! [pulls Leah to the shallow end of the pool]

Nick  -- [follows them] why are we down here

Tony  -- because it will be easier [pushes Leah against the pool wall]

Leah  -- ow! Tony don’t!

Nick  -- [goes under the water, kisses her pussy]

Leah  -- [moans]

Nick  -- [starts licking her pussy]

Leah  -- [moaning]

Nick  -- [comes up for air]

Tony  -- [takes his boxers off] Nick can you hold her so she can’t move

Nick  -- [goes behind Leah, holds her still]

Tony  -- [goes into her fast]

Leah  -- [moans]

Tony  -- [keeps going harder and faster]

Leah  -- [moaning, tilts her head back resting her head on Nick’s shoulder]

Nick  -- [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- [reaches behind her, takes Nick’s boxers off]

Tony  -- [goes into her harder]

Leah  -- [moans, rubs Nick’s dick]


Tony  -- [pulls out]

Leah  -- [really weak]

Nick  -- okay its my turn now, so you have to hold her

Tony  -- [grabs Leah around her waist, holds her still]

Leah  -- wait Nick -----

Nick  -- [goes into her hard]

Leah  -- [moans]

Tony  -- [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- [starts rubbing his dick]

Nick  -- [goes into her faster and harder]

Leah  -- [moaning really loud] Nick harder!

Nick  -- [goes into her harder]

Leah  -- [moans] NICK!!!!!

Tony  -- [a bit jealous, because she didn’t scream his name]

Nick  -- [keeps going into her harder]

Leah  -- [moaning]


Nick  -- [pulls out] your on birth control right?

Leah  -- [really weak, can’t move] it a little late to ask that!

Tony  -- are you?

Leah  -- [nods]

Tony  --good... i bet if i let go of her, she would drown

Nick  -- then don’t let go of her [puts his boxers on]

Tony  -- grab your shirt for Leah

Nick  -- [gets his shirt, puts it on Leah, then gets out of the pool]

Leah  -- [puts her arms up, so Nick will help her out]

Nick  -- [pulls her out of the water]

Tony  -- [puts his boxers on, gets out of the pool] your going to need to clean the pool

Nick  -- yeah i kno [lays on the grass]

Leah  -- [lays next to him, lays her head on his chest]

Tony  -- [lays on the grass too]

Leah  -- [breathing heavy, closes her eyes]

Nick  -- [kisses her head]

Tony  -- [pulls Leah away from Nick]

Leah  -- [hits her head on the ground] ow! Tony!!!

Tony  -- what? [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- [moans a bit]

Nick  -- Tony leave her alone she’s tired

Tony  -- fine [lays on his back]

Nick  -- [plays with Leah’s hair]

Tony  -- Leah are you awake?

Leah  -- [nods]

Tony  -- good

Nick  -- why?

Tony  -- i think we should have a bet

Nick  -- what kind of bet?

Leah  - i kno, lets see who can go the longest without sex, Nick or Tony

Tony  -- sex from you, or anyone

Leah  -- anyone

Tony  -- no way

Nick  -- yeah thats to hard

Leah  -- fine

Tony  -- unless your part of the bet as well

Nick  -- yeah, you can’t have sex either

Tony  -- and if Nick and i win, you have to do whatever we say, and have sex with us whenever we want for two weeks

Leah  -- what if i win

Tony  -- then you can tell me to stop if i start hurting you, and Nick or me will drive you wherever you want for two weeks

Leah  -- mall included?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- okay deal

Chapter 26

Leah  -- what if i win

Tony  -- then you can tell me to stop if i start hurting you, and Nick or me will drive you wherever you want for two weeks

Leah  -- mall included?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- okay deal

Nick  -- what if no one ever caves?

Leah  -- then i guess you won’t be having sex for a long time

Tony  -- this sucks

Leah  -- [cuddles closer to Nick]

Tony  -- [wraps his arms around her waist, kisses her neck]

Leah  -- Tony stop! I’m tired!

Tony  -- [stops, starts falling asleep]

Leah  -- [holds Nick’s hand, falls asleep]

Nick  -- [kisses her hand]

Kevin  -- [comes out] NICHLAS JONAS !!!!

Nick  -- what?

Kevin  -- you had sex in the pool didn’t you!!

Nick  -- no

Kevin  -- then why and you and Tony just wearing boxers, and why is Leah wearing your shirt?

Nick  -- we had sex, but not in the pool

Kevin  -- then why are there clothes floating in the pool?

Nick  -- [looks over] okay maybe we had sex in the pool


Nick  -- nothing, go away [falling asleep]

Kevin  -- [leaves]

Tony  -- Nick?

Nick  -- yeah

Tony  -- did Leah say no foreplay?

Nick  -- no

Tony  -- good

Nick  -- why?

Tony  -- because its easy to get Leah horny. All you have to do is rub your dick on her pussy for a second and she’s begging you to go in

Nick  -- true, but Leah has to have sex with someone else, other wise we would lose too

Tony  -- no just one of us would lose, and if one of us wins she has to give both of us sex right?

Nick  -- i think...this is really confusing

Tony  -- yeah i kno


Haylee  -- [walking into the house] anyone home?

Joe  -- [comes in with Rosie] hi Hayles

Haylee  -- hi Joe, what are you guys doing?

Joe  -- we were going to the park

Rosie  -- the zoo!

Joe  -- park!

Rosie  -- zoo!!

Joe  -- park!!!!

Rosie  -- ZOO!!!!

Haylee  -- isn’t there a park at the zoo?

Joe  -- yeah i think

Haylee  -- well then go to the zoo

Joe  -- oh sure, take her side

Haylee  -- i have an idea, why don’t you guys go to sea world

Rosie  -- [looks at Joe]

Joe  -- [looks at Rosie, they pretend to gag]

Haylee  -- [rolls her eyes] just stay home then

Joe  -- well we would go swimming, but someone, meaning Leah Tony and Nick decided to have sex in the pool

Haylee  -- gross!!!

Rosie  -- whats sex?

Haylee  -- something you will learn about when your older

Rosie  -- kay

Haylee  -- they are going to clean the pool right?

Joe  -- they better

Haylee  -- where are they now?

Joe  -- laying half naked on the grass sleeping

Haylee  -- i can’t believe them!  Sex in the pool? Thats so gross

Joe  -- and apparently tiring

Rosie  -- are they having a nap?

Joe  -- sure

Rosie  -- i’m a big girl, i don’t need naps

Haylee  -- yes you do Rosie, speaking of naps your supposed to be having yours

Rosie  -- i’m not tired

Joe  -- i’ll take her [picks up Rosie]

Haylee  -- thanks Joe

Joe  -- [takes Rosie upstairs, and into her room, puts her in the crib]

Rosie  -- [hugs her blanket]

Joe  -- [pulls the other blanket over her] sleep tight Rosie

Rosie  -- can you read me a story?

Joe  -- fine [sits in the chair by the crib, starts reading a story to her]


Joe  -- [half way thru the story, looks at Rosie]

Rosie  -- [sleeping]

Joe  -- [smiles, goes downstairs] she’s so cute

Haylee  -- yeah she is

Joe  -- your lucky to have her

Haylee  -- [smiles]

Joe  -- well i’m going out [starts to leave]

Haylee  -- wait

Joe  -- what?

Haylee  -- can i talk to you for a minute?

Joe  -- sure, what about

Haylee  -- about Rosie

Chapter 27

Haylee  -- can i talk to you for a minute?

Joe  -- sure, what about

Haylee  -- about Rosie

Joe  -- what about her

Haylee  -- please don’t be mad that i didn’t tell you

Joe  -- tell me what

Haylee  -- she’s your daughter Joe

Joe  -- w----what?

Haylee  -- your her dad Joe

Joe  -- i’m a dad? I have a daughter? How did this happen?

Haylee  -- well... when a guy and a girl ----

Joe  -- okay i kno how it happened! But i just .... i can’t believe i’m a dad

Haylee  -- i don’t expect you to do anything tho

Joe  -- no i want to help

Haylee  -- really?

Joe  -- yeah, of course. I love Rosie

Haylee  -- [smiles]

Joe  -- i just wish you told me sooner

Haylee  -- i wanted to tell you, i just didn’t kno how

Joe  -- i understand

Haylee  -- are you going to tell Addi?

Joe  -- yeah, but not right now

Haylee  -- kay


Leah  -- [wakes up a bit]

Nick  -- how do you feel?

Leah  -- sore

Nick  -- sorry bout that [kisses her head]

Tony  -- [still sleeping, has his arm around Leah]

Leah  -- [tries to move his arm, but can’t]

Nick  -- [laughs] i guess your stuck

Leah  -- not for long [kicks Tony hard]

Tony  -- [wakes up] what the hell Leah!

Leah  -- sorry [smiles innocently]

Tony  -- sure you are

Leah  -- [moves his arm off her] i’m going to get dressed [stands up]

Nick  -- yeah same, see you later Tony

Tony  -- [goes home]

Nick/Leah  -- [go inside and up to Nick’s room]

Leah  -- [puts on black leggings with a long t-shirt] heres your shirt back [hands him his shirt]

Nick  -- it looks so much better on you

Leah  -- uh huh, sure [leaves]

Nick  -- [puts a new pair of pants on, looks for a shirt]

Haylee  -- [comes in]

Nick  -- don’t you knock?!

Haylee  -- no, i need to talk to you

Nick  -- can you wait till i’m dressed?!

Haylee  -- fine hurry up

Nick  -- can you go?

Haylee  -- [sits on his bed]

Nick  -- fine [finds a shirt, puts it on] what do you want

Haylee  -- i told Joe

Nick  -- you did?!

Haylee  -- yeah, so now you have to tell Leah

Nick  -- but ----

Haylee  -- you have to Nick! That was the deal!

Nick  -- i’m not sure if i love her anymore

Haylee  -- oh please

Nick  -- what?

Haylee  -- just say it right now

Nick  -- say what?

Haylee  -- Leah i love you

Nick  -- Leah i ----

Haylee  -- you what?

Nick  -- Leah i love you

Haylee  -- exactly, now go say it to her!

Nick  -- no

Haylee  -- YOU HAVE TO!!!

Nick  -- get out Haylee, i’ll tell her later today

Haylee  -- promise

Nick  -- yeah

Haylee  -- and if you don’t tell her i’ll tell the whole school how you didn’t lose your virginity till you were 15

Nick  -- how did you kno that?!!

Haylee  -- it doesn’t matter

Nick  -- don’t you dare tell anyone! Everyone will call me a liar

Haylee  -- you are a liar! Why would you tell people you lost your virginity at 12?

Nick  -- because i did, just don’t tell people its not true

Haylee  -- i won’t, if you go tell Leah right now

Nick  -- fine [goes downstairs]

Leah  -- [watching tv]

Nick  -- leah?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- i need to tell you something

Leah  -- [looks at him] what is it Nick?

Nick  -- [takes a deep breath] Leah i love you

Leah  -- [in shock]

Chapter 28

Nick -- i need to tell you something

Leah -- [looks at him] what is it Nick?

Nick -- [takes a deep breath] Leah i love you

Leah -- [in shock]

Nick  -- Leah?

Leah  -- i have to go [runs out]

Nick  -- [watches her leave,  holding back tears]

Leah  -- [goes downstairs, and past Joe]

Joe  -- Leah whats going on?

Leah  -- nothing, i just can’t be here right now

Joe  -- why not?

Leah  -- bye Joe! [goes to Tony’s house]

Matt  -- [opens the door] Tony’s not here

Leah  -- when will he be back?

Matt   -- i donno, but if its sex you want, i can’t help you with that [puts his hands on her waist]

Leah  -- i don’t want sex!

Matt  -- you sure bout that?

Leah  -- don’t touch me! [moves his hands]

Matt  -- [pulls her into the house]

Leah  -- what are you doing?

Matt  -- i want to see how good you really are. I mean Tony talks about you enough

Leah  -- no i can’t have sex! Or i’ll lose the bet

Matt  -- what bet [pushes her against the wall]

Leah  -- Matt let go

Matt  -- [starts kissing her neck]

Leah  -- [screams]

Tony  -- [comes in] Matt what the hell!!!

Matt  -- [ignores Tony]

Leah  -- Tony help

Tony  -- [pulls Matt off her, starts to take Leah upstairs]

Matt  -- [pulls Tony back, punches him]


Nick  -- [goes to Haylee’s room] I HATE YOU!!!

Haylee  -- what?


Haylee  -- Nick just calm down


Haylee  -- fine just sit down, and tell me what happened

Nick  -- [sits on Haylee’s bed] i told Leah i loved her

Haylee  -- thats great

Nick  -- yeah except then just she walked out

Haylee  -- she what?

Nick  -- she just walked out

Haylee  -- i can’t believe she would do that

Nick  -- yeah well now i feel like a complete idiot

Haylee  -- i’m really sorry Nick [sits next to him]

Nick  -- its fine

Haylee  -- just give her time, she probably just needs time to process what happened

Nick  -- maybe your right [lays back on the bed]

Haylee  -- Nick?

Nick  -- [ignores her]

Haylee  -- [sits on his stomach] Nick i’m trying to talk to you

Nick  -- [pulls her, so she’s laying on top of him] what do you want

Haylee  -- i ---- i um

Nick  -- you what?

Haylee  -- [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it, slides her shirt off]


Joe  -- [calls Addi]

Addi  -- [answers] hi Joe

Joe  -- hi, um we need to talk

Addi  -- about what?

Joe  -- in person

Addi  -- are you breaking up with me?

Joe  -- just come over

Addi  -- i’ll be there soon [hangs up]


Leah  -- MATT STOP!!!

Matt  -- [punches Tony to the ground]

Leah  -- [moves towards Tony]

Matt  -- [grabs her wrist hard]

Leah  -- [screams in pain]

Tony  -- [gets up] leave her alone Matt!!

Matt  -- what you don’t like me touching your girlfriend?

Tony  -- she’s not my girlfriend! [pulls Leah away from Matt]

Matt  -- give her back!

Tony  -- she’s a human being not your toy Matt!! [takes Leah up to his room] you should have called efor coming over

Leah  -- i willnext time

Tony  -- why are you here?

Leah  -- i just need somewhere to stay

Tony  -- and you decided to come here?

Leah  -- [nods]

Tony  -- you can stay if you want, but Matt’s here

Leah  -- i don’t care

Tony  -- what happened with Nick

Leah  -- how do you kno something happened with Nick?

Tony  -- because its obvious, so tell me what happened

Leah  -- he told me he loves me

Tony  -- what?

Leah  -- he said he ----

Tony  -- i heard you!

Leah  -- and then i just came here  [sits on Tony’s bed]

Tony  -- so you want to stay here?

Leah  -- [nods]

Tony  -- why did we have to make that stupid bet [pushes her back on the bed, lays on top of her]

Leah  -- [wraps her legs around his waist, and her arms around his neck]

Tony  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Tony  -- [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- [moans]

Tony  -- [stops]

Leah  -- why did you stop?

Tony  -- because i want to play a little game

Leah  -- what kind of game?

Tony  -- [smirks] you’ll see

Chapter 29

Leah  -- why did you stop?

Tony  -- because i want to play a little game

Leah  -- what kind of game?

Tony  -- [smirks] you’ll see

Leah  -- just tell me

Tony  -- go put this on [hands her a bag]

Leah  -- you want me to wear a bag?

Tony  -- its in the bag!

Leah  -- right i knew that [goes into the bathroom to change]


Joe  -- [sitting on the couch]

Addi  -- [comes in] Joe? Whats going on?

Joe  -- well i have a kid

Addi  -- like a -----

Joe  -- baby

Addi  -- what?

Joe  -- Rosie, she’s my daughter

Addi  -- oh, so what does that mean about us?

Joe  -- well i want to stay together

Addi  -- good, so do i

Joe  -- [kisses her]

Addi  -- [deepens it]

Rosie  -- [comes in] EW GROSS!!!

Joe  -- [pulls away] Rosie go talk to your mom

Rosie  -- i can’t

Joe  -- why?

Rosie  -- because she’s making weird noises and she said not to bother her when she does that

Joe  -- what kind of noises

Rosie  -- [moans] Nicky harder [starts to moan again]

Joe  -- [covers her mouth]

Rosie  -- [continues to talk but no one can understand her]


Leah  -- [still in the bathroom]

Tony  -- hurry up

Leah  -- no i’m not coming out

Tony  -- oh come on!

Leah  -- no

Tony  -- just come out!

Leah  -- [comes out, wearing :[ ]]

Tony  -- whoa

Leah  -- i look like a slut

Tony  -- this wasn’t even the sluttiest one, and anyways you are a slut Leah

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Tony  -- well since your my maid, how about cleaning up my room

Leah  -- your joking right

Tony  -- no, now get to it

Leah  -- but  -----

Tony  -- i’ll make it up to you later

Leah  -- fine whatever [starts cleaning his room]

Tony  -- [watches her, smirks]


Nick  -- [laying next to Haylee, playing with her hair]

Haylee  -- [resting her head on his chest] that was ---

Nick  -- amazing

Haylee  -- yeah [closes her eyes, starts falling asleep]

Nick  -- but i don’t think we should again

Haylee  -- i thot you would say that, but yeah i think your right

Nick  -- i guess i lost the bet

Haylee  -- what bet?

Nick  -- Tony, Leah and i were betting who could go the longest without sex

Haylee  -- i bet Leah and Tony are having sex right now

Nick  -- yeah so i guess we all lost

 Haylee  -- why would you make that bet anyways?

Nick  -- i donno, we were bored


Leah  -- [making out with Tony]

Tony  -- [takes her remaining clothes off leaving her in her bra and underwear] so do you like my game?

Leah  -- me dressing up in slutty outfits?

Tony  -- yeah and then having sex with me

Leah  -- i guess its an okay game, but i’m not being a maid next time

Tony  -- [kissing her neck] but you looked so sexy in that maids costume

Leah  -- [moans, takes his clothes off]

Tony  -- [takes her bra and underwear off, puts his finger in her]

Leah  -- [moans, takes his boxers off]

Tony  -- [rubs his dick on her pussy]

Leah  -- hurry up!!

Tony  -- what about the bet?

Leah  -- forget the bet! Just hurry

Tony  -- fast it is [goes into her fast]

Leah  -- [moans]

Tony  -- [goes into her harder and faster]

Leah  -- [moaning really loud] HARDER!!!

Tony  -- [thrusts in as hard as he can]


Tony  -- [goes harder, pushing deeper into her]

Leah  -- [screams in pleasure]

Tony  -- [smirks, pushes even deeper, going faster]

Leah  -- [moaning really loud] NICKKK!!!!!!

Tony  -- [pulls out] what did you just say?!

Chapter 30

Tony -- [goes harder, pushing deeper into her]

Leah -- [screams in pleasure]

Tony -- [smirks, pushes even deeper, going faster]

Leah -- [moaning really loud] NICKKK!!!!!!

Tony -- [pulls out] what did you just say?!

Leah  -- what?


Leah  -- no i didn’t

Tony  -- you are so dead!

Leah  -- no Tony i’m sorry, i  just made a mistake, please don’t hurt me

Tony  -- i’m not going to hurt you

Leah  -- thanks Tony

Tony  -- i’m going to let Matt hurt you [kisses her neck, gets off her]

Leah  -- [grabs his arm] Tony please don’t

Tony  -- [slaps her hard]

Leah  -- [crying] i’m sorry Tony i really am

Tony  -- your sorry?

Leah  --[nods]

Tony  -- okay [kisses her]

Leah  -- Tony i think i might lo-----

Tony  -- [goes into her hard and fast, pushing as deep as he can]

Leah  -- [screams in pain]

Tony  -- scream the right name this time!

Leah  -- [shakes her head, crying]

Tony  -- [keeps going harder]

Leah  -- [screaming, crying]

Tony  -- [pulls out, wipes her tears]

Leah  -- [flinches when he touches her]

Tony  -- aw baby, are you scared of me?

Leah  -- [nods]

Tony  -- i just gave you what you deserved!

Leah  -- i said sorry

Tony  -- well thats not enough!

Leah  -- what more can i do!!!?

Tony  -- [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- no! [pushes him off, puts her clothes on]

Tony  -- [grabs her around her waist] i wasn’t finished with you yet!

Leah  -- please can i just go?

Tony  -- [looks at the tears in her eyes, feels a bit guilty, lets go of her]

Leah  -- [runs to Nick’s house]

Joe  -- are you okay Leah?

Leah  -- [crying really hard]

Addi  -- forget her Joe [glares at Leah]

Leah  -- [wipes her tears]

Joe  -- [goes over to her] what happened?

Leah  -- Tony

Joe  -- [hugs her] are you okay?

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Addi  -- [jealous]

Joe  -- you can go sleep in my room if you want

Leah  -- thanks Joe [goes upstairs]

Addi  -- i thot you said  she moved out

Joe  -- i thot she did

Addi  -- i don’t want her staying here

Joe  -- Haylee and Rosie are here to!!!

Addi  -- yeah but Leah’s your ex

Joe  -- so what? We’re just friends now. I love you Addi, not her

Addi  -- but what if she weasels her way back in

Joe  -- she won’t

Addi  -- kay


Leah  -- [sitting on the floor in Joe’s room]

Joe  -- [comes in] you can’t avoid Nick forever

Leah  -- sure i can

Joe  -- just talk to him

Leah  -- no

Courtney  -- [comes in] Joe i ---- hi Leah

Leah  -- hey Courtney

Courtney  -- where have you been? I haven’t seen you at school

Joe  -- you aren’t going to school!!!

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Joe  -- but Leah -----

Leah  -- i don’t want to go!

Joe  -- you have to!

Courtney  -- she didn’t miss much, Nick and Tony getting life time detention, Addi taking a pregnancy test into the bathroom and -----

Joe  -- Addi what!?!!!

Courtney  -- um nothing

Joe  -- [goes to Addi’s house, knocks on the door]

Addi  -- [opens it] hi Joe

Joe  -- are you pregnant?

Addi  -- what? No

Joe  -- but Courtney said you took a test into the bathroom

Addi  -- it wasn’t for me, it was for a friend, tho she never got to use it because it fell in the toilet, and then ----

Joe  -- who did you buy the test for?

Addi  -- i don’t think i should say

Joe  -- just tell me who is was


Haylee  -- [goes into Nick’s room] Nick?

Nick  -- yeah Hayles

Haylee  -- um

Nick  -- i can’t watch Rosie, if thats what your going to ask, go ask Joe

Haylee  -- he’s not here

Nick  -- well i can’t watch her

Haylee  -- thats not even what i need

Nick  -- then what do you need?

Haylee  -- Nick you used a condom right?

Nick  -- i don’t remember, why?

Haylee  -- because i’m late

Nick  -- what?

Chapter 31

Haylee  -- Nick you used a condom right?

Nick  -- i don’t remember, why?

Haylee  -- because i’m late

Nick  -- [sits up fast] what?

Haylee  -- i’m not sure, but i might be

Nick  -- no, no you can’t be!

Haylee  -- is that a no you can’t be because its not possible, or because you don’t want me to be

Nick  -- i don’t want you to be! Leah is supposed to have my kid not you!

Haylee  -- Nick you don’t have to do anything, i have enough experience looking after a baby on my own

Nick  -- no i’m not leaving you alone to look after my baby

Haylee  -- i don’t even kno if i’m pregnant, can you call Leah and see if she can pick up a test on her way home

Nick  -- where is she?

Haylee  -- Tony’s, she said she had to tell him something

Nick  -- tell him what?

Haylee  -- um nothing, can you just call her, i need to check on Rosie [leaves]

Nick  -- [calls Leah]

Leah  -- [answers ] hi Nick

Nick  -- she speaks

Leah  -- [sarcastic] ha ha very funny

Nick  -- how have you been

Leah  -- i’m fine, kinda tired

Nick  -- i’m guessing you and Tony we’re fooling around

Leah  -- no, i’m tired because i’ve been sleeping on the floor in Joe’s room

Nick  -- why the floor?

Leah  -- long story, i’ll tell you when i get home

Nick  -- oh that reminds me, i need you to get a pregnancy test on your way home

Leah  -- why? Are you pregnant?

Nick  -- no, but Haylee thinks she might

Leah  -- and people call me a slut?

Nick  -- can you just get the test

Leah  -- fine, i’ll be home later [hangs up]


Leah  -- [comes in, puts the bag with the pregnancy test in it on the floor]

Nick  -- Leah can we talk?

Leah  -- um i guess

Nick  -- [takes her to his room]

Leah  -- so what do you want to talk about?

Nick  -- i told you i love you, and you just left

Leah  -- i’m sorry Nick

Nick  -- why would you do that!

Leah  -- because you scared me

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- i’ve never had someone tell me they love me and actually mean it

Nick  -- i understand

Leah  -- and i love you to

Nick  -- really?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [pulls away] and i slept with Haylee

Leah  -- why do i care?

Nick  -- you don’t care?

Leah  -- no, i mean you can sleep with whoever you want

Nick  -- so since i love you, and you love me does that mean we can be together?

Leah  -- well theres probably something i should tell you, befor you decide if you want to be with me or not

Nick  -- and whats that

Leah  -- i think i love Tony too {a/n  -- :O, lol}


Rosie  -- [walks into the living room, sees a bag on the floor, takes the pregnancy test out of it] wats this?

Joe  -- [comes in] Rosie what are you holding?

Rosie  -- i think its a marker

Joe  -- [takes it] don’t play with this!

Rosie – fine Joe! [goes upstairs]

Joe  -- [wants to tell her he’s her dad but doesn’t kno how]

Haylee  -- [comes in] is that a pregnancy test?

Joe  -- yeah

Haylee  -- [takes it]

Joe  -- its for you?

Haylee  -- um no, its for um Leah

Joe  -- Leah’s pregnant?!!!

Haylee  -- yeah, well maybe, thats why we need the test

Joe  -- who’s the dad

Haylee  -- um Nick [runs upstairs]


I took the test and waited for the results, i was really scared. I mean another baby? I can’t have another baby! I wasn’t ready, i mean of course i love Rosie with all my heart, but if i could choose if i could have another baby now or later, i would pick later, much later like after i finish school. I looked at the time, and saw the test should have the result. I was scared to look tho, after a couple minutes i looked at the test and saw the results.

Chapter 32

Nick  -- how can you love Tony!!!

Leah  -- i donno, i just do

Nick  -- WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!! He hurts you Leah

Leah  -- yeah i kno

Nick  -- but you  ----

Leah  -- Nick stop! I can feel however i want, and i love Tony and i love you too

Nick  -- you are so ----

Leah  -- chose your words carefully Jonas!

Nick  -- Leah you don’t love Tony

Leah  -- yes i do! Why else would i let him keep doing that to me

Nick  -- because your a slut!

Leah  -- [glares at him, then runs out]

Nick  -- Leah come back! [goes after her]

Leah  -- [goes downstairs, sits on the couch in between Addi and Joe]

Addi  -- LEAH!!!

Leah  -- what?

Joe  -- just drop it Addi!

Addi  -- but ----

Nick  -- [comes in] Leah i didn’t mean that

Leah  -- yeah you did

Joe  -- what did he do Leah? did you tell him about the baby

Nick  -- what baby?

Leah  -- [rolls her eyes , leaves]

Nick  -- what baby Joe?

Joe  -- she’s carrying your baby

Nick  -- what

Addi  -- she is?

Joe  -- thats what Haylee said

Nick  -- i can’t believe this, first Haylee, and now Leah?

Joe  -- what?

Nick  -- what?


Haylee  -- [goes downstairs] Nick can we talk?

Nick  -- sure [they go into the kitchen] did you take the test?

Haylee  -- yeah, and i’m not pregnant

Nick  -- good, but now Leah is

Haylee  -- WHAT!!!! But she’s beyond careful

Nick  -- Joe said you said she was pregnant

Haylee  -- i just said that, so he wouldn’t think i was

Nick  -- well now Addi knows

Haylee  -- Addi? The girl trying to ruin Leah?

Nick  -- yeah

Haylee  -- Leah’s going to kill me!

Nick  -- you should have told Joe the truth, your making this so complicated

Haylee  -- yeah i kno, but i messed up, everyone messes up

Nick  --  yeah like how Leah loves Tony

Haylee  -- she waht!

Nick  -- i can’t believe she loves him!!! what is wrong with her?

Haylee  -- Nick you can’t really choose who you love, it just happens, plus Tony can be nice

Nick  -- Hayles.....

Haylee  -- okay so he’s a jerk

Nick  -- he’s worse then a jerk!

Haylee  -- Nick he’s your friend

Nick  --  which is how i kno he’s a jerk!

Haylee  -- of course you do

Nick  -- i just don’t want her to love him

Haylee  -- well its not your choice!

Nick  -- yeah i kno


Joe  -- i think i ‘ll go check on Leah

Addi  -- no!

Joe  -- what?

Addi  -- Joe i don’t like you spending time with her

Joe  -- she’s my friend Addi

Addi  -- she’s more then your friend!

Joe  -- no she isn’t we’re just friends, and thats it


Joe  -- [lying] fine i won’t talk to her

Addi  -- thanks

Joe  -- no problem, your my girlfriend, and i love you, so if this is really bothering you so much, i’ll stop alking to her

Addi  -- i love you Joe, your the best


Leah  -- [walking around outside, sees someone trying to put Courtney in their car, runs over to them] LET HER GO!!!

???  -- [holding Courtney around her waist]

Courtney  -- [crying, trying to get out of his grip]

???  -- [smirks at Leah]

Leah  -- [kinda scared, backs up into someone]

???[2]  -- [wraps his arms around her waist] hi baby

Leah  -- [realizes who it is, starts screaming]

???[2]  -- [covers her mouth, puts her in the car] you can join your little friends

???  -- [forces Courtney into the car, they drive off]

Leah  -- [whispers to Courtney] do they have anyone else?

Courtney  -- i think so

???  -- SHUT UP!!!



Chapter 33

Leah -- [whispers to Courtney] do they have anyone else?

Courtney -- i think so

??? -- SHUT UP!!!


Leah  -- Matt let us go!

Matt  -- no

???  -- just get her in the house, she wasn’t supposed to come

Matt  -- let me handle Leah!

???  -- fine

Courtney  -- what do you want from us?

???  -- you’ll see [stops the car]

Matt  -- [grabs Leah roughly by her arm]

Leah  -- ow Matt stop!

Matt  -- [picks her up, takes her into the house]

Tony  -- Matt what are you doing now?

Matt  -- helping a friend

Tony  -- and you need Leah?

Matt  -- no she’s just a treat

Leah  -- Tony please help

Tony  -- last time i helped, i got beat up

Leah  -- but  -----

???  -- [comes in, with Courtney] wheres the other girl?

Matt  -- upstairs, 3rd door on the right

???  -- [takes Courtney upstairs]

Tony  -- just let Leah go Matt, you don’t need her

Matt  -- stay out of this Tony, its none of your business

???  -- [comes back down]

Leah  -- let us go! And who are you?!!

Matt  -- thats Colin

Colin  -- don’t you remember me? I’m the one that took your virginity!

Tony  -- no i took her virginity!

Colin  -- well she lied about being a virgin

Leah  -- can we just stop talking about this, and how about you let me and my friends go

Colin  -- not till i get my information

Leah  -- what information, if you didn’t kno, Courtney doesn’t kno anything!

Matt  -- you should ask Leah, she would kno

Colin  -- how would she kno

Tony  -- she wouldn’t

Colin  -- fine [goes upstairs]

Matt  -- why did you do that!

Tony  -- because whatever your doing isn’t good, any i don’t want Leah involved

Matt  -- [pushes Leah into Tony] then take her, she’s a ----

Tony  -- shut up Matt!

Matt  -- [goes upstairs]

Leah  -- we have to help Courtney 

Tony  -- no you have to get out of here!

Leah  -- but -----

Tony  -- now Leah!

Leah  -- no i’m not leaving without Courtney 

Tony  -- they have Addi too

Leah  -- well they can have Addi, i don’t care

Tony  -- of course you don’t

Courtney  -- [screams] PLEASE STOP!!!

Leah  -- [starts to go upstairs]

Tony  -- [holds her back] Leah don’t, if you get involved you could get arrested!

Leah  -- what?

Tony  -- i’m calling the police, and i don’t want you involved in this

Leah  -- but what about Courtney!

Tony  -- i’ll call them right now just  ----

Courtney  -- please stop!!! DON’T!!!! [crying hard]

Leah  -- [trying to get out of Tony’s grip]

Tony  -- [calls Nick]

Nick  -- [answers] what do you want

Tony  -- i need you to pick up Leah

Leah  -- NO!!!

Nick  -- i’ll be there soon [hangs up]

Tony  -- Leah just calm down!!!

Leah  -- no they’re hurting Courtney, and possibly Addi too

Tony  -- and you really think you could help them? No offense Leah, but your weak

Leah  -- no i’m not

Tony  -- yeah you are!

Nick  -- [comes in]

Tony  -- [pushes Leah towards him]

Leah  -- [trips]

Nick  -- [catches her] whats going on? Why don’t you want Leah here?

Leah  -- because he won’t let me help Courtney

Tony  --  its because i’m calling the police, and i don’t want them finding Leah

Leah  -- why not?

Nick  -- um no reason, go wait for me in the car

Leah  -- but -----

Nick  -- GO LEAH!!!

Leah  -- [leaves]

Nick  -- you won’t tell the police will you?

Tony  -- no, i’m not stupid Nick, and i think she forgot

Nick  -- good, it will be easier to cover this up if she forgot

Chapter 34

Nick  -- you won’t tell the police will you?

Tony  -- no, i’m not stupid Nick, and i think she forgot

Nick  -- good, it will be easier to cover this up if she forgot

Tony  -- i don’t see how she could forget, i mean killing someone is hard to forget

Nick  -- yeah well she was completely wasted, and that was the night we decided to try out all the drugs on her

Tony  -- oh yeah, that was fun

Nick  -- until it got out of control

Tony  -- thats what i meant

Nick  -- i’ll take her home, and get someone to help Courtney!

Tony  -- i will

Nick  -- [goes back to the car]

Leah  -- [sitting in the backseat with her arms crossed]

Nick  -- why are you sitting back there?

Leah  -- because i’m mad at you!

Nick  -- Tony is handleing it Leah!

Leah  -- sure he is

Nick  -- he is! [drives home]

Leah  -- [gets out of the car, goes inside]

Nick  -- [follows her] so do you still love him?

Leah  -- no way! He’s stupid! And he wouldn’t let me help Courtney!

Nick  -- do you still love me?

Leah  -- i guess

Nick  -- then i want to talk to you about something

Leah  -- can we talk tonight?

Nick  -- um yeah sure


Joe  -- [watching tv]

Haylee  -- [comes in, carrying Rosie]

Rosie  -- why we here?

Haylee  -- because i need to tell you something

Joe  -- your telling her now?

Haylee  -- yeah

Rosie  -- tell me what?

Haylee  -- Rosie, Joe is your dad

Rosie  -- really?

Haylee  -- yeah

Rosie  -- [hugs Joe] i love you daddy

Joe  -- [gets tears in his eyes] i love you too sweetie

Rosie  -- does that mean Addi is my mommy to?

Haylee  -- no, Addi is just Joe’s girlfriend

Rosie  -- okay, but she’s nice, she bought me a popsicle

Haylee  -- well she’s not your mom, i am!

Rosie  -- i kno that, i was jus saying

Addi  -- [comes in with Courtney]

Joe  -- what happened to you? Your all bruised

Addi  -- we’re fine, now

Joe  -- is Courtney okay?

Addi  -- what do you mean

Joe  -- well she’s staring off into space, and looks dead

Addi  -- COURTNEY!!

Courtney  -- what?

Addi  -- you okay?

Courtney  -- [nods]

Addi  -- see told you she was fine

Joe  -- are you sure you guys are okay? What happened?

Addi  -- nothing, just some stupid guys kidnapped us, but the police came

Joe  -- kidnapped you! How are you so calm about this?

Courtney  -- because the freak out has passed

Rosie  -- awe i’m gonna miss him

Addi  -- wow Joe, she really is your daughter

Joe  -- shut up


Leah  -- so what did you want to talk to me about? [sits on the bed]

Nick  -- well you said you love me right?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- so are we together?

Leah  -- i thot we went over this already

Nick  -- yeah well still

Leah  -- yes Nick we’re together

Nick  -- are you going to tell Tony?

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- that we’re together, you kno so he doesn’t kiss you

Leah  -- oh right, i guess i should [lays back on the bed]

Nick  -- tell him now

Leah  -- no, i’ll tell him later

Nick  -- but -----

Leah  -- i’m telling him later Nick!

Nick  -- fine [gets on top of her, kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [pulls away]

Leah  -- [kisses his neck]

Nick  -- baby wait

Leah  -- [wraps her legs around his waist, keeps kissing his neck]

Nick  -- Leah stop i need to talk to you about something

Leah  -- [ignores Nick]

Nick  -- [lays next to her] Leah i want to have a baby with you

Leah  -- w---what?

Chapter 35

Nick -- Leah stop i need to talk to you about something

Leah -- [ignores Nick]

Nick -- [lays next to her] Leah i want to have a baby with you

Leah -- w---what?

Nick  -- i want to have a baby with you [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pushes him away] ARE YOU CRAZY!!!

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- i don’t like kids!

Nick  -- you would like our kid

Leah  -- Nick this is the first real relationship i’ve been in, and i don’t want to rush into things by having a baby

Nick  -- what about your relationship with Joe

Leah  -- relationship? Joe? Nick he’s a bigger baby then Rosie is

Nick  -- [laughs]

Leah  -- i don’t like kids Nick

Nick  -- why not?

Leah  -- because they cry, and scream, and walk in on you having sex

Nick  -- well babies can’t walk

Leah  -- i don’t want a baby Nick!

Nick  -- okay fine!

Leah  -- your mad at me aren’t you!

Nick  -- yeah i am!

Leah  -- well don’t be!


Leah  -- i don’t think this relationship thing is going to work

Nick  -- what? Leah we’ve been together for less then 2 hours and you already want to break up

Leah  -- we’re better as friends

Nick  -- we’ve never been friends!

Leah  -- sure we have

Nick  -- Leah you were just supposed to be a hump and dump

Leah  -- [glares at him] nice way to put it

Nick  -- a fuck and chuck... a -----

Leah  -- i got it!!

Nick  -- okay sorry

Leah  -- if thats all i was then why did you keep sleeping with me

Nick  -- because it felt so good being in you [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- shallow much?

Nick  -- [shrugs]

Leah  -- but we became friends

Nick  -- [smirks] with benefits

Leah  -- and i just don’t think we’re meant to be a couple

Nick  -- but we both love each other

Leah  -- well maybe that love should be pushed out of the way, for now

Nick  -- i don’t like that idea

Leah  -- why not?

Nick  -- because i don’t want to pretend i don’t love you

Leah  -- but things wouldn’t really change that much

Nick  -- well you would have to stop sleeping with Tony

Leah  -- he’s not going to be happy about that

Nick  -- who cares

Leah  -- i thot you guys we’re friends

Nick  -- we are [the phone rings]

Leah  -- [grabs the phone]

Nick  -- give it to me! Its my phone!

Leah  -- no its mine! [puts it down her shirt]

Nick  -- you really think thats going to stop me? [takes the phone out, answers it] hello?

Tony  -- hey Nick

Nick  -- oh hi Tony, we we’re just talking about you

Tony  -- who’s we?

Nick  -- Leah and me

Tony  -- of course

Nick  -- so did you want something?

Leah  -- [tries to grab the phone]

Tony  -- i talked to the police, and they have no idea about the whole murder thing

Nick  -- good, so they won’t trace it back to us?

Leah  -- [trying to get the phone from Nick]

Tony  -- i don’t think so, but they might

Nick  -- hold on a second Leah’s being annoying [puts the phone on the table]

Leah  -- [tries to grab it]

Nick  -- [grabs her wrists, and pins her on the bed] Leah stop

Leah  -- but i want to talk to Tony!

Nick  -- no, and if you don’t stop i’ll have to make you stop

Leah  -- i’d like to see you try

Nick  -- fine, but you wanted me too [handcuffs her to the bed]

Leah  -- NICK!!!

Nick  -- [grabs the phone] okay i’m back

Tony  -- what did you do?

Nick  -- handcuffs

Tony  -- smart, so anyways i figured since Leah forgot its no big deal

Nick  -- but what if she remembers

Tony  -- what do you mean

Nick  -- you kno how she is when she feels guilty about something

Tony  -- oh yeah, that was bad

Leah  -- are you talking about me?

Nick  -- no, stop being so paranoid

Tony  -- so what do we do if she remembers?

Nick  -- i donno, think of something, but i have to go now so i’ll see you at school tmrw [hangs up]

Leah  -- can you let me go now?

Nick  -- no [kisses her]

Leah  -- [turns her head] Nick let me go!

Nick  -- fine [lets her out of the handcuffs]

Leah  -- i hate those things

Nick  -- yeah i kno, you tell me everytime i use them

Leah  -- then stop using them!

Nick  -- okay i lost track, are we together or not?

Chapter 36

Leah -- [turns her head] Nick let me go!

Nick -- fine [lets her out of the handcuffs]

Leah -- i hate those things

Nick -- yeah i kno, you tell me everytime i use them

Leah -- then stop using them!

Nick -- okay i lost track, are we together or not?

Leah  -- what if we keep our relationship a secret

Nick  -- but what about Tony?

Leah  -- what bout him

Nick  -- if we keep it a secret, then he’s still going to want to sleep with you

Leah  -- [looks away from him]

Nick  -- you still want to sleep with him don’t you

Leah  -- well you are just so careful

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- Tony doesn’t care how hard her goes

Nick  -- but he hurts you!

Leah  -- yeah well i like it

Nick  -- you what!

Leah  -- i like that Tony doesn’t care

Nick  -- what the hell! What is wrong with you!

Leah  -- nothing!

Nick  -- how can you like it when he hurts you

Leah  -- because it feels good at the same time

Nick  -- you are so screwed up Leah!

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- i just want to be your boyfriend, your real boyfriend, and i want everyone to kno your mine

Leah  -- okay i guess we could try this

Nick  -- [kisses her]


Joe  -- [eating ice cream]

Rosie  -- [comes in] hi daddy

Joe  -- hi Rosie

Rosie  -- me want ice cweam

Joe  -- theres none left

Rosie  -- but i want some

Haylee  -- [comes in, puts Rosie in her highchair] ready for dinner sweetie?

Rosie  -- is it ice cweam?

Haylee  -- no, its pasta

Rosie  -- yuck!

Joe  -- isn’t it kinda early for dinner?

Haylee  -- Joe she’s 2

Rosie  -- and half!

Haylee  -- right, she’s two and a half, she’s in bed befor everyone else has dinner

Rosie  -- what! No fair!

Haylee  -- [puts some pasta with grated cheese in a bowl, gives it to Rosie]

Rosie  -- [eating the pasta with her hands]

Haylee  -- Rosie stop! Use a fork or a spoon

Rosie  -- NO!!!!

Haylee  -- Rosie!

Rosie  -- I DON’T WANT A SPOON!!!! [throws her food at Haylee]


Joe  -- [kinda sad that Rosie has Haylee’s last name and not his]

Rosie  -- [throws more food at Haylee]

Haylee  -- [picks her up]

Rosie  -- [starts screaming]

Haylee  -- [takes her to her room, puts her in the crib] now you are going to stay in here until you learn to behave yourself!

Rosie  -- [sticks her tongue out at Haylee]

Haylee  -- [leaves, locks the door from the outside, goes back to the kitchen, starts cleaning up the mess Rosie made]

Joe  -- whats wrong with Rosie?

Haylee  -- i’m not sure, i’ve never seen her act like this

Joe  -- maybe its my fault

Haylee  -- what?

Joe  -- now she knows in her dad, she’s acting out

Haylee  -- thats not why Joe

Joe  -- are you sure?

Haylee  -- yeah, i think she’s upset about something

Rosie  -- [screaming from her room] MOMMY I’M SORRY!!! [hits the door] PWEASE LET ME OUT!!!

Joe  -- are you going to let her out?

Haylee  -- not yet, she needs some time to think about what she did


Leah  -- [covering her ears] what is wrong with that kid!

Nick  -- i donno [covers his ears too]

Leah  -- [hits the wall] ROSIE SHUT UP!!!

Nick  -- you want to go out?

Leah  -- yeah lets go [they walk out of the house]

Nick  -- so where do you want to go?

Leah  -- i donno, i just want to walk [puts her arms around his waist, while walking next to him]

Nick  -- [kisses her head]

Leah  -- hey isn’t that Tony?

Nick  -- [looks up the street] yeah it is [they walk over to him]

Leah  -- hi Tony

Tony  -- hi

Nick  -- Leah has something she wants to tell you

Leah  -- i do

Nick  -- yeah you do!

Leah  -- oh that

Tony  -- whats going on?

Leah  -- well Nick and i are ---- we are kinda ----- going to get ice cream, want to come? [starts walking away with Tony]

Nick  -- um Leah?

Chapter 37

Tony  -- whats going on?

Leah  -- well Nick and i are ---- we are kinda ----- going to get ice cream, want to come? [starts walking away with Tony]

Nick  -- um Leah?

Leah   -- [doesn’t hear him]

Tony  -- [puts his arm around her]

Nick  -- [jealous, catches up to them]

Leah  -- so where do you want to go for ice cream??

Tony  -- how about that Italian restaurant, we can get dinner too

Leah  -- sounds good [holds Tony’s hand]

Nick  -- [really jealous, they walk to the restaurant, and sit at a table]

Leah  -- [sits next to Tony, with Nick across from her]

Nick  -- [glaring at her]

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- [rolls his eyes]

Leah  -- [confused]


Rosie  -- [crying, hitting the door] MOMMY!!! I NEED YOU!!!!

Haylee  -- [opens the door]

Rosie  -- [hugs her leg]

Haylee  -- [picks her up]

Rosie  -- [hugs Haylee, still crying]

Haylee  -- Rosie whats wrong?

Rosie  -- you hate me! Leah said you were going to sell me

Haylee  -- she what!

Rosie  -- she said that befor

Haylee  -- not today?

Rosie  -- no

Haylee  -- well when?

Rosie  -- week ago

Haylee  -- i would never sell you Rosie, i love you to much

Rosie  -- i love you too mommy [hugs her tighter]

Joe  -- [comes over]

Rosie  -- [reaches for him]

Haylee  -- [hands Rosie to Joe]

Rosie  -- i love you daddy [kisses his cheek]

Joe  -- [hugs her]

Haylee  -- do you want to put her to bed?

Joe  -- sure

Haylee  -- goodnight Rosie, i’ll see you in the morning [kisses her head, goes downstairs] Addi? What are you doing here?

Addi  -- i need to talk to you

Haylee  -- about what?

Addi  -- is Rosie really Joe’s

Haylee  -- yeah

Addi  -- its not some plan to help get Joe and Leah back together

Haylee  -- no

Addi  -- are you sure

Haylee  -- i like Leah and Nick together, i never thot she was good for Joe

Addi  -- she wasn’t

Haylee  -- Addi Joe loves you! He talks about you all the time

Addi  -- really?

Haylee  -- yeah, and can i give you some advice

Addi  -- okay

Haylee  -- don’t let Leah kno how much you hate her spending time with Joe

Addi  -- why not?

Haylee  -- because its all a game to her

Addi  -- what?

Haylee  -- she loves playing with peoples emotions

Addi  -- well she’s good at it

Haylee  -- she has years of experience


Leah  -- [eating her ice cream]

Tony  -- [rubbing her leg]

Leah  -- [rests her head on his shoulder]

Nick  -- LEAH!!

Leah  -- what?!

Nick  -- what are you doing?

Tony  -- she does this all the time Nick! Whats the big deal?[starts rubbing Leah’s pussy thru her jeans]

Leah  -- [moans softly]

Nick  -- [stands up, starts to leave]

Leah  -- where are you going?

Nick  -- home!

Leah  -- why?

Nick  -- because your a fucking slut Leah! [leaves]

Leah  -- i’ll see you later Tony [goes after Nick] Nick wait!

Nick  -- [ignores her, keeps walking]

Leah  -- [runs up to him, grabs his arm] what did i do?!

Nick  -- you said we were together Leah!

Leah  -- [looks down] i’m sorry i forgot

Nick  -- YOU FORGOT?!!!

Leah  -- please don’t yell at me

Nick  -- well if you forgot i guess you don’t really love me after all!

Leah  -- i do love you Nick! I just made a mistake!!!

Nick  -- yeah you did!

Leah  -- please don’t be mad at me, i’ll call Tony right now and tell him we’re together

Nick  -- why would you tell him that?!

Leah  -- because we’re together?

Nick  -- no we’re not! [walks home]

Leah  -- [watches him walk away, starts crying]

Chapter 38

Leah  -- please don’t be mad at me, i’ll call Tony right now and tell him we’re together

Nick  -- why would you tell him that?!

Leah  -- because we’re together?

Nick  -- no we’re not! [walks home]

Leah  -- [watches him walk away, starts crying]

Tony  -- [walks over to her]

Leah  -- [hugs him, crying]

Tony  -- Leah whats wrong?

Leah  -- i blew it!

Tony  -- what are you talking about

Leah  -- Nick was my boyfriend and ---

Tony  -- your what?!

Leah  -- my boyfriend

Tony  -- since when?

Leah  -- since a couple hours ago

Tony  -- if you want him back, go talk to him

Leah  -- i can’t


Addi  -- so she plays with peoples emotions? Thats kind of mean

Haylee  -- it is mean, and i hate that she does that

Nick  -- [comes in, slams the door]

Addi  -- whats with you?

Haylee  -- Nick what happened?

Nick  -- ask your sister! [goes upstairs]

Haylee  -- i can’t believe she did that!

Addi  -- i thot she liked Nick

Haylee  -- i thot so too

Leah  -- [comes in]

Haylee  -- Leah how could you!

Leah  -- i just made a mistake Hayles

Addi  -- no wonder you and Joe broke up! Your such a bitch!

Leah  -- leave me alone Addi!

Haylee  -- and stop telling Rosie mean things!

Leah  -- [goes up to Nick’s room]

Nick  -- go away slut!

Leah  -- [crying a bit] Nick i ----

Nick  -- i don’t want to hear it!

Leah  -- Please Nick i’m really sorry

Nick  -- sure you are

Leah  -- i am! Just please give me one more chance

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- Nick if you loved me you would give me one more chance

Nick  -- fine, but only one more!

Leah  -- [hugs him] i love you Nick, and i’m so sorry

Nick  -- i love you too

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [pulls away] did i mention i’m sorry?

Nick  -- yeah i think you did [lays her on the bed]

Leah  -- well i’m sorry

Nick  -- [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- i’m really really sorry

Nick  -- i already forgave you Leah

Leah  -- i just want to make sure you kno that i’m sorry

Nick  -- i do [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]


Joe  -- [finishing helping Rosie put her pjs on]

Rosie  -- [jumps into his arms]

Joe  -- [puts her in her crib]

Rosie  -- i want a big girl bed

Joe   -- well ask your mom about that

Rosie  -- kay [sits on the bed]

Joe  -- [lays her down, pulls the blanket over her]

Rosie  -- can you get me Beary?

Joe  -- what?

Rosie  -- [points to a bunny rabbit stuffed animal]

Joe  -- [gets it for her] you named your rabbit beary?

Rosie  -- [nods, hugs the bunny rabbit]

Joe  -- night Rosie [kisses her head, starts to leave]

Rosie  -- wait

Joe  -- what?

Rosie  -- ‘night daddy, i love you [smiles]

Joe  -- goodnight sweetie[leaves]


Nick  -- [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- Nick wait

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- i’m hungry

Nick  -- we just ate

Leah  -- i kno, but i’m hungry

Nick  -- fine [they go to the kitchen]

Kevin  -- Nick Tony’s here

Nick  -- what? Why?

Kevin  -- i donno, he’s in the living room

Leah  -- [goes to the living room]

Nick  -- [follows her] what do you want Tony

Tony  -- i just wanted to see if you guys are going to that party tmrw night

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- i can’t

Leah  -- why not?

Nick  -- i have something else i need to do

Leah  -- please come Nick

Nick  -- i can’t

Leah  -- well i guess i won’t go either

Nick  -- no you should go

Leah  -- really?

Nick  -- yeah

Tony  -- i can drive you if you want Leah

Leah  -- kay, i’m going to get something to eat [leaves]

Tony  -- but we just ate

Nick  -- yeah i kno, she’s being weird

Tony  -- i guess i’ll go

Nick  -- you better not try anything

Tony  -- what

Nick  -- Leah and i are together now, so you can’t have sex with her!

Tony  -- you can’t tell me what to do

Nick  -- just keep your dick out of her!

Chapter 39

Nick  -- you better not try anything

Tony  -- what

Nick  -- Leah and i are together now, so you can’t have sex with her!

Tony  -- you can’t tell me what to do

Nick  -- just keep your dick out of her!

Tony  -- Nick she’s my friend!

Nick  -- yeah well the befits are gone!

Tony  -- [leaves]

Nick  -- [walks into the kitchen]

Leah  -- [sitting on a stool by the counter, sleeping with her head on the counter]

Kevin  -- can you take her up to your room?

Nick  -- sure [picks up Leah] did she eat?

Kevin  -- not much

Nick  -- kay [takes Leah to his room, puts her on the bed]

Leah  -- [wakes up a bit] Nick?

Nick  -- [lays next to her] you okay?

Leah  -- yeah just tired

Nick  -- Leah?

Leah  -- [falling back asleep] hmm?

Nick  -- you won’t forget we’re together when your at the party will you

Leah  -- no of course not

Nick  -- good

Leah  -- how could anyone forget their boyfriend is Nicholas Jerry Jonas?

Nick  -- well you did

Leah  -- i was a kid then

Nick  -- that was just a couple hours ago

Leah  -- shut up Nick!

Nick  -- [kisses her]


Tony  -- [walks into his house, slams the door]

Matt  -- whats with you?

Tony  -- Leah and Nick are together!

Matt  -- so?

Tony  -- so she won’t have sex with me anymore

Matt  -- just rape her

Tony  -- she’s my friend Matt! I’m not going to rape her!

Matt  -- why not?

Tony  -- just leave me alone!


Joe  -- [watching tv]

Leah  -- [watching with him]

Addi  -- [comes in]

Leah  -- [sees her, smiles evily, then turns to Joe, runs her hand thru his hair]

Joe  -- Leah what are you ----

Leah  -- you are so hot Joe [puts her hand on his chest]

Addi  -- [jealous] Leah!

Joe  -- [turns around, sees Addi] what are you doing here?

Addi  -- you invited me over, remember?

Joe  -- oh right

Leah  -- [sits on Joe’s lap, wraps her arms around his neck]

Addi  -- [pulls her away from Joe]

Leah  -- [falls on the ground] what the hell Addi!

Addi  -- just stay away from Joe!

Leah  -- make me!

Nick  -- [comes in] whats going on?

Leah  -- nothing Nicky [kisses him]

Nick  -- [pulls away] what did you do?

Addi  -- she was flirting with my boyfriend!

Nick  -- what!

Leah  -- i was just trying to bug Addi, it was no big deal Nick

Nick  -- promise?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- okay [kisses her]


Leah  -- [getting ready for the party] how does this look Nick?

Nick  -- you look hot baby [puts his hands on her hips]

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Joe  -- [comes in] Tony’s here

Leah  -- [pulls away] see you later Nick [starts to leave]

Joe  -- [leaves]

Nick  -- [kisses Leah again]

Leah  -- [deepens it, then pulls away]  i love you Nick, and i’ll see you when i get home

Nick  -- tonight?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- okay bye

Leah  -- [goes downstairs, gets in Tony’s car]

Tony  -- [still mad about what Nick said to him]

Leah  -- are you okay?

Tony  -- i’m fine [starts driving]

Leah  -- [looking out the window] are you sure your okay?

Tony  -- I’M FINE LEAH!! [starts driving faster]

Leah  -- Tony?

Tony  -- [keeps speeding up]

Leah  -- [getting scared] Tony your driving to fast! Your going to get a ticket

Tony  --  i don’t care [speeds up more]

Leah  -- [crying a bit] Tony please slow down!!!

Tony  -- shut up bitch!


I don’t kno why Tony is doing this, but i hate it! I kno he’s upset, because he did this befor when he was upset. I begged him to slow down but he didn’t. we were way over the speed limit now, and Tony didn’t even look like he was watching the road. I closed my eyes and hoped he would just slow down. But he didn’t. i heard a honk and my eyes shot open, i screamed as i saw a car coming towards us, and then everything went black

Chapter 40

Nick  -- [working on homework, his phone rings, sees its Leah, answers] why are you calling Leah? I thot you were at the party

Tony  -- its me Nick

Nick  -- why are you using Leah’s phone?

Tony  -- mine died

Nick  -- what do you want Tony

Tony  -- please don’t freak out

Nick  -- what happened?

Tony  -- we got in an accident

Nick  -- WHAT!!! Is Leah okay? Let me talk to her!

Tony  -- you can’t

Nick  -- why not?

Tony  -- She’s unconscious


Tony  -- this was your fault!

Nick  -- your the one who was driving!

Tony  -- Nick don’t worry okay, they said she will be fine

Nick  -- are you at the hospital

Tony  -- yeah, and can you get Haylee down here, they won’t tell me anything

Nick  -- i’ll be there in a minute [hangs up, runs to Haylee’s room]

Haylee  -- whats wrong Nick?

Nick  -- Leah’s in the hospital

Haylee  -- [grabs her jacket]lets go


Tony  -- [in the waiting room]

Nick  -- [comes in with Haylee]

Tony  -- Nick i ----

Nick  -- [punches him]

Haylee  -- [gets in between Nick and Tony] Nick don’t!


Tony  -- Nick i’m sorry


Haylee  -- [takes Nick outside] Nick calm down

Nick  -- Haylee he ----

Haylee  -- i kno what he did, but its done now, so you just need to calm down! Theres nothing you can do to change what happened

Nick  -- what if she’s not okay

Haylee  -- she’s going to be fine Nick


Rosie  -- [walks downstairs, sees Joe and Addi making out on the couch, starts crying] DADDY STOP!!!!

Joe  -- [pulls away] Rosie whats wrong?

Rosie  -- your cheating on mommy!

Joe  -- what? No Rosie we aren’t together

Rosie  -- but mommy’s and daddy’s are supposed to be together

Addi  --  Rosie i’m Joe’s girlfriend not Haylee

Rosie  -- i don’t want you with my daddy!

Addi  -- look kid i was your dads girlfriend befor you even came into the picture!

Rosie  -- [crying harder]

Joe  -- Addi that was a little harsh [picks up Rosie]

Rosie  -- [hugs him] i want you to be with mommy


Courtney  -- [walking home, her phone rings, answers it] hello?

Addi  -- [crying] Courtney?

Courtney  -- Addi whats wrong?

Addi  -- can you come over?

Courtney  -- i’ll be there in a minute [hangs up]


Nick  -- [still outside the hospital] can’t we go back in now

Haylee  -- i don’t want you making a scene!

Nick  -- i won’t

Tony  -- [comes out] the doctors want to talk to you Haylee

Haylee – [goes inside]

Tony  -- look Nick i’m really sorry, i was just mad about you and Leah getting together

Nick  -- so you try to kill her?!

Tony  -- i didn’t really think about her being in the car

Nick  -- next time you go crazy don’t do it with my girlfriend in the car!!!

Tony  -- i hate you guys together Nick! This isn’t fair!

Nick  -- why not?

Tony  -- because now i can’t sleep with Leah!

Nick  -- well she’s my girlfriend now, so go find some other slut to fuck! [goes into the hospital, and sits in the waiting room]

Tony  -- [follows him, sits down aswell]

Haylee  -- [comes over]

Tony  -- is she okay?

Nick  -- i was going to say that!

Tony  -- well i said it first

Nick  -- yeah well ----

Haylee  -- GUYS!!!

Nick  -- sorry, so is she okay

Tony  -- i just said that

Nick  -- shut up Tony!

Haylee  -- she’s okay.... i guess

Nick  -- can we go see her?

Haylee  -- yeah room 103, but Nick ----

Nick  -- [goes to Leah’s room]

Haylee  --   ---- theres something you should kno first!

Tony  -- what?

Haylee  -- what?

Tony  -- what does he need to kno

Haylee  -- oh he’ll find out soon

Tony  -- just tell me

Haylee  -- okay


Nick  -- [goes into Leah’s room] Leah?

Leah  -- [looks at him confused] what

Nick  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- [silent]

Nick  -- Leah?

Leah  -- who are you?

Chapter 41

Nick  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- [silent]

Nick  -- Leah?

Leah  -- who are you?

Nick  -- its me Nick

Leah  -- who?

Nick  -- Leah are you ----

Tony  -- [comes in] baby are you okay?

Leah  -- are you talking to me?

Tony   -- well i’m not talking to him [looks at Nick]

Leah  -- why did you call me baby?

Tony  -- because your my girlfriend [holds her hand]

Nick  -- WHAT!!!

Tony  -- are you okay Leah?

Leah  -- [nods]

Tony  -- good, i was so worried about you [kisses her head]

Haylee  -- [comes in]

Leah  -- hey you look like me!

Haylee  -- i’m your sister Leah, actually i’m your twin

Leah  -- i’ve always wanted a twin

Haylee  -- well good because you have one

Nick  -- Tony i need to talk to you, Now!!!

Tony  -- okay, i’ll be right back baby [kisses Leah]

Leah  -- don’t be too long

Tony  -- [walks out with Nick]


Tony  -- because you took Leah from me, and now i can still have sex with her

Nick  -- but she’s my girlfriend!

Tony  -- well she thinks she’s my girlfriend now

Nick  -- Tony thats not fair! Leah and i just got together

Tony  -- to bad! [goes back into Leah’s room]

Nick  -- [goes back in aswell] Hayles how long till she gets her memory back?

Haylee  -- she might never get it back

Nick  -- but ----

Haylee  -- hopefully not to long Nick
Nick  -- yeah hopefully

Tony  -- [kisses Leah]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [really jealous]


Leah  -- [walks into the house with Haylee]

Joe  -- hey Leah how are you?

Haylee  -- Joe she lost her memory

Joe  -- what?

Leah  -- Joe right?

Joe  -- see she remembers me

Leah  -- no Haylee just said your name

Joe  -- oh

Rosie  -- [comes in]

Leah  -- hi sweetie

Rosie  -- [runs behind Joe] what happened to Weah?

Haylee  -- she lost her memory Rosie

Rosie  -- oh [goes over to Leah]  you said i could have your ipod

Leah  -- okay if thats what i said, you can have it

Rosie  -- tanks Weah [runs upstairs]

Haylee  -- Rosie get back here! [runs after her]

Leah  -- why did she call me Weah? I thot my name was Leah

Joe  -- it is, she just calls you Weah, we don’t kno why, but i think its to bug you

Nick  -- [comes down]

Leah  -- whats your name again?

Nick  -- Nick

Leah  -- right, hi Nick

Nick  -- just so you kno, your staying in my room

Leah  -- i am

Joe  -- yeah

Leah  -- won’t Tony be mad

Nick  -- [hits his head on the wall]

Joe  -- whats  she talking about

Nick  -- Tony said he was her boyfriend

Joe  -- didn’t you tell her the truth

Nick  -- Haylee said it would confuse her

Joe  -- but you guys are supposed to be together

Nick  -- i kno

Leah  -- are you talking about me

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- kay good, so wich room is yours Mick?

Nick  -- its Nick!

Leah  -- thats what i meant

Nick  -- [goes up to his room]

Leah  -- [follows him] theres only one bed

Nick  -- i kno, we share it

Leah  -- we do?

Nick  -- yeah [lays on the bed]

Leah  -- i don’t want to

Nick  -- then you sleep in the bed and i’ll sleep on the floor

Leah  -- okay Mick

Nick  -- Nick

Leah  -- right, i knew are we friends?

Nick  -- yeah we’re best friends

Leah  -- [smiles] good, because you seem like a great guy Mick

Nick  -- [about to correct her, but decides against it]

Leah  -- so do you have a girlfriend?

Nick  -- kinda

Leah  -- whats she like?

Nick  -- she’s got these blue eyes that just make me melt, and she has that smiles that always makes you smile even when your upset... she’s perfect

Leah  -- she sounds great

Nick  -- she is


Chapter 42

Leah -- so do you have a girlfriend?

Nick -- kinda

Leah -- whats she like?

Nick -- shes got these blue eyes that just make me melt, and she has that smiles that always makes you smile even when your upset... shes perfect

Leah -- she sounds great

Nick -- she is

Leah  -- do i kno her?

Nick  -- its complicated

Leah  -- oh [her phone rings, looks at the caller ID, smiles]

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- its Tony [answers the phone] hi

Nick  -- [rolls his eyes]

Leah  -- i miss you too

Nick  -- [grabs the phone]

Leah  -- hey!

Nick  -- can you not talk like that with him

Leah  -- [grabs the phone back] sorry about that Tony......yeah.......okay..........i’d love to......kay see you you hang up first

Nick  -- oh great

Leah  -- no you ....... no you hang up first! ...... i’m not hanging up first, you ----

Nick  -- [takes the phone, hangs up on Tony]

Leah  -- that wasn’t very nice

Nick  -- so what did you talk about?

Leah  -- Tony wants to take me to breakfast befor school tmrw, isn’t the nice?

Nick  -- [sarcastic] yeah its great

Leah  -- why don’t you like him

Nick  -- because he stole the more important thing to me

Leah  -- i’m sure he didn’t mean to

Nick  -- trust me, he meant to

Leah  -- that doesn’t sound like him

Nick  -- can we just go to sleep!

Leah  -- kay [pulls the covers over her] night Mick

Nick  -- [turns the lights off] night baby

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- i said goodnight Leah [they fall asleep]



Rosie  -- [screaming, running away from Leah]

Haylee  -- [comes in, picks up Rosie] Leah what is going on

Leah  -- that little demon child was using my hair brush to brush her stuffed animals!

Haylee  -- wait you just said demon child, you remember Rosie!

Leah  -- of course i do! That little creature that you claim is your daughter is the most annoying person i’ve ever met!

Haylee  -- [puts Rosie down, hugs Leah]

Leah  -- what are you doing?

Haylee  -- you remember the real Rosie, do you remember anyone else?

Leah  -- well you, since your the one who decided to get knocked up! And have that little brat!

Joe  -- [comes in] why was Rosie screaming

Haylee  -- Joe, Leah remembers us

Joe  -- do you remember me?

Leah  -- no

Joe  -- maybe this will remind you  -----

Leah  -- [raises an eyebrow] your weird! [leaves]

Haylee  -- [laughs]

Joe  -- so how did she remember Rosie?

Haylee  -- because Rosie did something she used to, and i guess it just reminded Leah, and then since she remembered Rosie, she remembered me

Joe  -- good to kno

Haylee  -- we just need to get everyone to do familiar things

Joe  -- we already are

Haylee  -- well then we just have to wait


Tony  -- so do you want to come over?

Leah  -- well i was just going to go home

Tony  -- come on baby it will be fun

Leah  -- fun?

Tony  -- yeah [takes her to his house]

Matt  -- hey Leah

Leah  -- um hi

Tony  -- she doesn’t kno who you are

Matt  -- oh come on! What i did wasn’t that bad

Tony  -- no she really doesn’t kno, she doesn’t remember anything

Matt  -- so i’m guessing you ----

Tony  -- [covers his mouth] yeah i did

Leah  -- [walks upstairs]

Tony  -- [follows her, takes her to his room]

Leah  -- nice room

Tony  -- thanks [lays her on the bed]

Leah  -- what are you doing?

Tony  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- stop

Tony  -- [kisses her neck, takes her shirt off]

Leah  -- TONY STOP!!!

Tony  -- no [keeps kissing her neck]


Nick  -- [sitting on his bed, hitting his head against the wall]

Rosie  -- [comes in] you okay?

Nick  -- no not really

Rosie  -- [runs out]

Nick  -- weird kid

Rosie  -- [comes back in, dragging Haylee behind her]

Haylee  -- Rosie i was in the middle of something

Rosie  -- Nick isn’t okay

Nick  -- i’m fine

Rosie  -- but you said ----

Nick  -- i kno what i said

Haylee  -- Rosie go find your daddy okay?

Rosie  -- [nods, leaves]

Haylee  -- [sits on Nicks bed]

Nick  -- [gets off the bed]

Haylee  -- what?

Nick  -- well last time this ended in sex

Haylee  -- right, so whats wrong

Nick  -- i want Leah to remember me

Haylee  -- well she’s starting to remember i’m sure it won’t be long [the phone rings]

Nick  -- [answers] hello?

Leah  -- [crying] Mick? I need you to pick me up

Nick  -- its Nick! And where are you? What happened?

Chapter 43

Nick  -- [answers] hello?

Leah  -- [crying] Mick? I need you to pick me up

Nick  -- its Nick! And where are you? What happened?

Leah  -- [crying harder] Tony -------rape -----

Nick  -- where are you Leah?

Leah  -- i donno

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- i left and i got lost

Nick  -- just stay where you are [hangs up, gets in his car, starts driving around looking for her]

Leah  -- [sitting on the side if the road]

Nick  -- [drives over to her, gets out of the car]

Leah  -- [hugs him]

Nick  -- [rubs her back] did he hurt you

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- come on lets go home [they get in the car, he drives home]


Leah remembers everyone and everything except Nick, who she is still calling Mick***


Rosie  -- NO!!!

Leah  -- listen you little bit----

Joe  -- [covers her mouth]

Leah  -- [glares at him, moves his hand] don’t!

Joe  -- fine, then don’t call her that

Leah  -- she stole my laptop!

Rosie  -- did not!

Leah  -- did too!

Joe  -- relax Leah!

Leah  -- just make sure that computer is back in the laptop bag by tonight [leaves]

Joe  -- Rosie did you take her laptop

Rosie  -- yes i did

Joe  -- and are you going to give it back

Rosie  -- no i’m not

Joe  -- Rosie

Rosie  -- fine [goes upstairs]

Haylee  -- [comes in] Joe?

Joe  -- yeah

Haylee  -- wheres Addi? I haven’t seen her around

Joe  -- oh, we um broke up

Haylee  -- i’m sorry

Joe  -- its fine, i just needed some time

Haylee  -- are you guys still friends?

Joe  -- kinda

Haylee  -- i think we should invite them over for dinner

Joe  -- them?

Haylee  -- Addi and Courtney

Joe  -- i guess

Haylee  -- good i’ll arrange it [leaves]


Joe  -- Haylee i changed my mind

Haylee  -- too late, they are coming over any second

Joe  -- but ----

Haylee  -- its just dinner Joe!

Joe  -- fine

Addi  -- [comes in with Courtney]

Joe  -- um hi Addi

Addi  -- [coldly] hi Joe

Courtney  -- so....

Haylee  -- come on Courtney lets go see what Rosie is doing [they leave]

Joe  -- HAYLEE!!!

Nick  -- [comes down] whats with the yelling?

Joe  -- Haylee is being annoying

Nick  -- Joe i have a problem

Addi  -- what kind of problem

Nick  -- Leah still doesn’t remember me

Addi  -- still? But its been so long

Nick  -- i kno

Joe  -- well we all did familiar things

Nick  -- i’m trying but nothing is working

Joe  -- i think its funny how she calls you Mick

Addi  -- [laughs] yeah that is funny

Nick  -- no its annoying, now i kno why she hates how Rosie calls her Weah

Joe  -- i guess it would get annoying

Addi  -- i’m sure she will remember you soon Nick

Nick  -- people have been saying that for weeks! I’m just glad she remembers Tony and doesn’t think he’s her boyfriend anymore


Haylee  -- [goes into her room with Courtney]

Leah  -- [sitting on the floor, watching tv]

Haylee  -- Leah what are you doing?

Leah  -- being bored

Courtney  -- i was going to go shopping tmrw, you wanna come?

Leah  -- sure, i need new clothes, mine are so -----

Haylee  -- three days ago?

Leah  -- exactly

Haylee  -- Leah?

Leah  -- what?

Haylee  -- you just went shopping

Leah  -- i don’t care

Courtney  -- so tmrw? At noon

Leah  -- sounds good


Leah  -- [goes into Nick’s room] hi

Nick  -- [laying on his bed] hi Leah

Leah  -- what are you doing? [gets on the bed]

Nick  -- trying to figure out a way to make you remember the real me

Leah  -- [confused] what?

Nick  -- nevermind

Leah  -- [lays next to him, moves close to him]

Nick  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- i’m fine

Nick  -- okay

Leah  -- Mick?

Nick  -- [rolls his eyes] what

Leah  -- are you still with that girlfriend of yours?

Nick  -- not really, why?

Leah  -- [leans close to him]just wondering [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [deepens it more, runs her hands thru his hair]

Nick  -- [starts making out with her]

Leah  -- [pulls away, rests her head on his chest] i love you Nick

Nick  -- i love you t---- did you just say Nick?

Chapter 44

Nick  -- [starts making out with her]

Leah  -- [pulls away, rests her head on his chest] i love you Nick

Nick  -- i love you t---- did you just say Nick?

Leah   -- yeah its your name remember?

Nick  -- so you remember me

Leah  -- what? Of course i do your my boyfriend

Nick  -- [hugs her] finally

Leah  -- [confused] Nick are you feeling okay?

Nick  -- you forgot who everyone was

Leah  -- [laughs] good one

Nick  -- its true ---- you kno what, nevermind [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it, then pulls away] i’m tired, can we go to sleep now?

Nick  -- sure

Leah  -- and Nick?

Nick  -- what

Leah  -- nevermind

Nick  -- [walks downstairs, carrying Leah]

Haylee  -- what are you doing?

Nick  -- carrying my girlfriend

Haylee  -- she remembers you?

Nick  -- yeah, but she doesn’t remember losing her memory

Haylee  -- weird

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- can you stop talking about me like i’m not here

Nick  -- sorry [kisses her, puts her down]

Leah  -- i’m going out, i’ll see you tonight [leaves]

Haylee  -- i’m so glad she’s back

Nick  -- yeah same

Haylee  -- i need you to watch Rosie

Nick  -- why me?

Haylee  -- because i’m trying to get Joe and Addi back together

Nick  -- Haylee don’t

Haylee  -- why not?

Nick  -- if they don’t want to be together, don’t force them

Haylee  -- but i like them together

Nick  -- you can’t force people to be together Haylee!

Haylee  -- but ----

Nick  -- no

Haylee  -- fine!

Nick  -- just do something else

Haylee  -- like what

Nick  -- i donno, go watch Rosie, because i don’t want to

Haylee  -- why not?

Nick  -- because i don’t like kids

Haylee  -- thats not you talking Nick

Nick  -- what

Haylee  -- thats Leah, i kno you want a baby

Nick  -- no i don’t, i wasn’t thinking when i said that

Haylee  -- [not believe her] if you say so

Nick  -- i don’t!

Haylee  -- okay

Nick  -- Haylee!!!

Haylee  -- what

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Haylee  -- [shocked, but kisses back]

Rosie  -- [comes in, sees them, her mouth drops open, and she covers her mouth]

Nick  -- [pulls away, puts his head in his hands] shit!

Rosie  -- [runs upstairs befor they see her]

Nick  -- you can’t tell Leah about that!

Haylee  -- i won’t

Nick  -- i just ----

Haylee  -- it doesn’t matter Nick

Nick  -- i’m sorry Haylee

Haylee  -- it doesn’t matter

Nick  -- i’m just going to get a drink or something [starts to leave]

Haylee  -- alcoholic?

Nick  -- yeah

Haylee  -- but your underage

Nick  -- so what?

Haylee  --  so you shouldn’t be drinking!

Nick  -- stop being such a -----

Haylee  -- such a what?

Nick  -- nevermind i’ll see you later [leaves]


Rosie  -- [still thinking about Haylee and Nick, goes into the kitchen]

Joe  -- you okay Rosie?

Rosie  -- no

Joe  -- what happened?

Kevin  -- you probably gave her to much ice cream

Joe  -- i didn’t give her ice cream

Kevin  -- then who ate it all

Joe  -- i did

Kevin  -- Joe! That was 4 boxes of ice cream!

Joe  -- i didn’t eat it all at once

Kevin  -- yeah but ----

Joe  -- Rosie whats wrong

Rosie  -- mommy and Nick were kissing

Joe  -- what? Are you sure it wasn’t Leah, her hair is kind of blonder now

Rosie  -- it was mommy

Kevin  -- for sure?

Rosie  -- she had the bracelet i made her

Joe  -- you made her a bracelet?

Rosie  -- [nods] out of pisketti

Joe  -- what?

Kevin  -- she means spaghetti

Joe  -- that was macaroni not spaghetti Rosie

Rosie  -- oh

Kevin  -- so Nick and Haylee were kissing?

Joe  -- i thot Leah and Nick we’re together

Kevin  -- they are, but Leah forgot who Nick was

Joe  -- no she remembers now

Kevin  -- she does

Joe  -- yeah, so why was Nick kissing Haylee?

Leah  -- [comes in] hi guys what are you talking about

Joe  -- [doesn’t see who it is] oh just how Nick was cheating on... [looks at her ]... Leah

Chapter 45

Joe -- yeah, so why was Nick kissing Haylee?

Leah -- [comes in] hi guys what are you talking about

Joe -- [doesnt see who it is] oh just how Nick was cheating on... [looks at her ]... Leah

Leah  -- what?

Joe  -- hi Leah

Leah  -- Nick cheated on me? With who

Joe  -- with Haylee [covers his mouth]

Leah  -- [walks out of the house, slams the door]

Nick  -- [comes in] why is Leah upset?

Joe  -- because you cheated on her!

Nick  -- how did you kno?

Kevin  -- well ----

Nick  -- [runs upstairs, goes into Haylee’s room] what is wrong with you!

Haylee  -- what?

Nick  -- how could you tell everyone i kissed you!

Haylee  -- Nick i didn’t!!

Nick  -- they all kno!

Haylee  -- i didn’t tell them!

Nick  -- well i didn’t, so it had to be you

Haylee  -- Nick i ----

Nick  -- I HATE YOU HAYLEE!!! [goes to his room]


Leah  -- [walking around outside]

Tony  -- [sees her, walks over to her] hi Leah

Leah  -- hi

Tony  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- Nick cheated on me

Tony  -- so i guess you guys aren’t together?

Leah  -- no

Tony  -- good, i never liked you together

Leah  -- i have to go to work, i’ll see you later [walks away from him]

Tony  -- [goes to Nick’s house]

Joe  -- [opens the door, glares at him, then starts to close the door]

Tony  -- Joe!

Joe  -- what do you want?

Tony  -- i ----

Joe  -- how could you lie to Leah!

Tony  -- i just didn’t want her and Nick together

Joe  -- so you lie to her?

Tony  -- Joe i need to talk to Nick!

Joe  -- he hates you

Tony  -- well i hate him to! Just let me in

Joe  -- [opens the door more]

Tony  -- [goes in, walks up to Nick’s room]

Nick  -- what do you want

Tony  -- what the hell is wrong with you!

Nick  -- what?

Tony  -- how could you cheat on Leah

Nick  -- i didn’t want to

Tony  -- of course you didn’t

Nick  -- i didn’t kno what i was doing!

Tony  -- she doesn’t deserve that Nick!

Nick  -- i kno! I feel horrible already! So stop making me feel worse!


Haylee  -- [crying, laying on her bed]

Joe  -- [comes in] Hayles?

Haylee  -- what?

Joe  -- [wipes her tears] whats wrong?

Haylee  -- Nick hates me, Leah hates me, everyone hates me!

Joe  -- i don’t hate you [sits on her bed]

Haylee  -- i’m a horrible person!

Joe  -- no your not

Haylee  -- how could i do that to Leah?

Joe  -- knowing Nick he kissed you first

Haylee  -- yeah so?

Joe  -- so it wasn’t your fault

Haylee  -- but ----

Joe  -- Leah’s mad at Nick, not you Haylee

Haylee  -- i just hate that i did that

Joe  -- [hugs her] don’t feel back okay?

Haylee  -- how can i not feel bad?

Joe  -- just don’t think about it

Haylee  -- okay

Joe  -- [kisses her head]

Haylee  -- i probably looks horrible right now, my stupid make up must be all over my face

Joe  -- you look fine

Haylee  -- i need waterproof make up

Joe  -- Haylee you look fine

Haylee  -- [leans closer to him] i do?

Joe  -- [nods, looking into her eyes]

Haylee  -- [leans in closer, their lips almost touching]

Joe  -- [kisses her]

LATER WITH LEAH [around midnight]

Leah  -- [walks into the house]

Nick  -- where have you been?! I was so worried about you

Leah  -- don’t talk to me Nick! [starts to go upstairs]

Nick  -- [grabs her arm] Leah just let me explain

Leah  -- [slaps him as hard as she can] DON’T EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN!!! I FUCKING HATE YOU NICHOLAS JERK JONAS!!!! [runs upstairs]

Chapter 46

Nick  -- where have you been?! I was so worried about you

Leah  -- don’t talk to me Nick! [starts to go upstairs]

Nick  -- [grabs her arm] Leah just let me explain

Leah  -- [slaps him as hard as she can] DON’T EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN!!! I FUCKING HATE YOU NICHOLAS JERK JONAS!!!! [runs upstairs]

Nick  -- Leah wait! [runs after her]

Leah  -- [goes into his room, slams the door, locks it]

Nick  -- [hits the door] thats my room!!!

Leah  -- i don’t care! [gets into bed, watches tv]

Nick  -- [keeps hitting the door]

Kevin  -- what are you doing?

Nick  -- Leah locked me out

Kevin  -- can you blame her?

Nick  -- but its my room!

Kevin  -- so what? Your the one who cheated

Nick  -- [keeps hitting the door] LEAH OPEN THE DOOR

Kevin  -- Nick just sleep in the spare room

Nick  -- you mean the guest room, wich is now Haylee’s room?

Kevin  -- no i mean the living room, you can sleep on the couch

Nick  -- fine [goes downstairs]


Joe  -- [on top of Haylee, making out with her]

Haylee  -- [runs her hand thru his hair]

Joe  -- [pulls away, kisses her neck]

Haylee  -- [moans a bit] Joe?

Joe  -- what?

Haylee  -- can we just take a break?

Joe  -- a break from the kiss? Or each other?

Haylee  -- the kiss

Joe  -- sure [lays next to her]

Haylee  -- [looks at him, smiles]

Joe  -- [moves her hair behind her ear]

Haylee  -- i love you Joe, i always have

Joe  -- i love you too [pulls her closer to him]

Haylee  -- [rests her head on his chest]

Joe  -- [plays with her hair]

Rosie  -- [comes in]

Joe  -- whats wrong Rosie?

Rosie  -- [looks from Joe to Haylee, then back to Joe, smiles] are you married now?

Haylee  -- married?

Rosie  -- yeah, mommy’s and daddy’s are supposed to be married

Haylee  -- we’re together Rosie, but we’re not married

Rosie  -- isn’t it the same thing

Joe  -- no

Rosie  -- so are we a real family now?

Joe  -- i guess you could say that

Rosie  -- [climbs on the bed, crawls over to them]

Haylee  -- [moves away from Joe a bit]

Rosie  -- [lays inbetween them]

Haylee  -- i’m guessing you want to sleep here tonight?

Rosie  -- [nods, falls asleep]

Haylee  -- [looks at Joe] your okay with this right? She likes to sleep in my bed a lot

Joe  -- its fine

Haylee  -- good [holds his hand]

Joe  -- goodnight Haylee  [kisses her, turns of the lights]

Haylee  -- i love you Joe

Joe  -- i love you too [they fall asleep]



My eyes shot open, i had been sleeping, but something woke me up. But what? I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. Oh thats what. I put my hands over the part that hurt and winces. It hurt so much, i went into Nick’s bathroom and looked for a pain killer, but there weren’t any. I felt tears rolling down my cheeks, i’m so tired and now in pain so i knew i wasn’t going to get any sleep. I went downstairs, and saw Nick watching TV.


Nick  -- [hears someone behind him, turns around ] Leah? What are you doing up?

Leah  -- um nothing

Nick  -- whats wrong? Why are you crying

Leah  -- my stomach hurts

Nick  -- [pats the couch next to him] come sit

Leah  -- [sits next to him] i’m not forgiving you

Nick  -- i kno, i just want to help you get back to sleep

Leah  -- why?

Nick  -- because you get bitchy when you haven’t slept

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- [lays her on the couch, sits on the floor by the couch]

Leah  -- what are you doing?

Nick  -- [moves her shirt a bit] wheres it hurt?

Leah  -- [puts his hand where it hurts]

Nick  -- [starts rubbing her stomach lightly]

Leah  -- [watches tv]

Nick  -- [keeps rubbing her stomach] any better?

Leah  -- [nods] it doesn’t hurt as much

Nick  -- good [still rubbing her stomach] so any idea why your stomach hurts?

Chapter 47

Nick  -- [keeps rubbing her stomach] any better?

Leah  -- [nods] it doesn’t hurt as much

Nick  -- good [still rubbing her stomach] so any idea why your stomach hurts?

Leah  -- last time it was appendicitis

Nick  -- you can’t get that twice Leah

Leah  -- then i don’t kno what it is

Nick  -- [keeps rubbing her stomach]

Leah  -- [starts falling back asleep, because the pain stopped]

Nick  -- [picks her up, takes her back upstairs, puts her on the bed]

Leah  -- [half asleep]

Nick  -- [pulls the covers over Leah, starts to leave]

Leah  -- [grabs his arm]

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- stay please

Nick  -- does this mean your forgiving me?

Leah  -- no it means my stomach might hurt again

Nick  -- so your just using me so you can sleep?

Leah  -- exactly, just like how you’ve used me for sex for over a year

Nick  -- fine you win [lays next to her]

Leah  -- ‘night Nick [falls asleep]

Nick  -- [falls asleep aswell]


Haylee  -- [sleeping, the phone rings]

Joe  -- [grabs the phone, throws it at her]

Haylee  -- [wakes up] thanks Joe!

Joe  -- no problem [falls back asleep]

Haylee  -- [answers the phone] hello?

Daniella  -- hi Haylee

Haylee  -- Daniella?

Daniella  -- yeah, how are you?

Haylee  -- good, i miss you tho

Daniella  -- i miss you too, wich is why i am coming to see you

Haylee  -- when?

Daniella  -- today

Haylee  -- really?

Daniella  -- yeah

Haylee  -- your here?

Daniella  -- yeah, i’m in town for a week or two, i wanted to see how you and Rosie are doing

Haylee  -- well i’m staying at the Jonas’s house

Daniella  -- why?

Haylee  -- long story, but you can come over whenever

Daniella  -- alright, i’ll be there after lunch

Haylee  -- see you then [hangs up]


Leah  -- [walks downstairs] what are you doing here?

Haylee  -- i invited her over

Leah  -- why?!

Daniella  -- relax Leah i’m only here for a couple days

Haylee  -- weeks you mean

Leah  -- weeks?

Haylee  -- yeah

Leah  -- [leaves]

Daniella  -- i wish you were still living at my house

Haylee  -- i kno, but its good for me to be back home

Daniella  -- if you ever need somewhere to stay, you can stay with me

Haylee  -awe thanks Daniella


Leah  -- i can’t believe she’s here

Joe  -- who?

Leah  -- Daniella!

Joe  -- whats wrong with her? She seems nice

Leah  -- she always gets everything i want

Joe  -- oh so your jealous

Leah  -- i’m just sick of her getting everything i want, even if she doesn’t want it

Joe  -- jealous jealous girl

Leah  -- shut up!

Nick  -- [heard what they said, goes over to Haylee] hi Hayles

Haylee  -- um hi Nick, this is my friend Daniella

Nick  -- i’ve heard Leah mention you

Daniella  -- whatever she said isn’t true

Nick  -- what?

Daniella  -- she’s never liked me, and she likes spreading rumours about me

Nick  -- can you do me a favour?

Daniella  -- what kind of favour?

Joe  -- [comes in] Nick, Leah needs you

Nick  -- why?

Joe  -- something about her stomach hurting

Nick  -- fine, we’ll talk later Daniella [leaves]

Haylee  -- i wonder what he needs

Daniella  -- who knows

Rosie  -- [comes in] Auntie Daniella!!! [runs, hugs her]

Daniella  -- hi sweetie

Rosie  --  i missed you

Daniella  -- i missed you too, but i’m not your aunt

Rosie  -- i kno, but i like calling you that

Daniella  -- [laughs] okay

Haylee  -- i was going to take Rosie shopping for some new clothes, do you want to come

Rosie  -- yeah come!

Daniella  -- sure


Nick  -- [goes over to Daniella] can we talk about that favour now?

Daniella  -- sure

Nick  -- i want to make Leah jealous so she wants to get back together with me, and she says that you always get what she wants

Daniella  -- so you want to pretend to be together?

Nick  -- yeah

Daniella  -- okay sure, i’ll help you make Leah jealous