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Hi guys so its Kate

hey guys i made this website because i was bored i am working on is with my bestie Leah and we will be posting updates and possibly chapters of some of my series if you want. i just decided in case something happened to my youtube. i just wanted to have this.  i am like so mad at the changes they are going to be making and i wanted to make this befor anything happened to mine. cuz i donno if something will happen or not, we'll have to see, any ways thats my little intro thing ;p


you guys! i already explained this, Leah is my best friend thats why i use her name in the stories, and i will continue to do that. she does not play the same character in every story, and i just want you guys to stop sending hate mail about Leah's character, because i hate hate mail and i'm tired of getting hate mail over a stupid character!



April 30th - okay so i added a contact me page

so you can ask me questions, or tell me what you think of my series

i'll try to answer your questions but i havn't figure out how on my website yet, so leave me youtube name as well if you have one

and i'll get back to you with that

kk thats all for right now

and sorry i havn't updated in a while, i will try to update tonight or tmrw


XO Katiiieeee ;p

I found this and thot it was cute ;p

Contest [Neah]

okay so if you have checked my youtube channel you would see that i am having a video contest

so basically what you need to do is make a music video , Leah made an example and its below

so please enter :D

and yours doesn't have to be like as good as Leah's cuz she worked all weekend on it [not like going strait, but it took her about 5 hrs all together :S]

but i hope you enter cuz that would be so cool ;p

I am really mad rite now [please read because this is important] {April 17th}

okay so you guys kno my Forbidden Love story? well someone said that i was copying Twilight, i am not talking abut the comments saying its like Twilight. i'm talking about the ones that said its Copyright!


its not Copyright. and i am going to make this really clear to you because i don't want to be called a thief!


what is copyrighted in the novel Twilight, is the text [i looked it up]

wich means that what she writes is copyrighted, not the idea, Stephenie Meyer was NOT the first person to write a vampire love story, there are hundreds out there, i have read atleast 3 novels with the basic idea of a vampire who falls in love with a human


and i haven't copied any of the lines from the book, if i have it was an accident, because i read that book a long time ago. i haven't used the same characters or the same plot at all.


there are a lot of twilight fanfics that copy lines directly from the book, i didn't do that!! the only thing simiar about my story/fanfic and twilight it the idea that a vampire falls in love with a human, i actually started writing a story similar to this befor i had ever even read twilight.

so don't tell me its copyright, because its not. i read the copyright thing for twilight and i'm not breaking any of the rules. not to mention i don't get paid for this, this is just for your guys. i am writing a story for you, not publishing it into a novel that i'm going to sell.


so don't call me a theif because i'm not. i am just a fan writing a story that was INSPIRED by Twlight not COPYING Twilight


[if you want to comment on this little copyright issue i have made a comment section on the comments page]