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[Inspired By: City Of Bones, By Cassandra Clare]


Chapter 1

Leah’s POV

{we had been waiting in line at Tric for over 20 minutes now. It was all ages night but the security was really strict. It makes no sense, they trust tons of drunk university students, but not a couple of sober teenagers?}

Leah  -- how much longer?

Sophie  -- don’t start!

Leah  -- we’ve been waiting for----

Sophie  -- ever, yeah i heard you

Leah  -- why are we here anyways

Sophie  -- because its fun?

Leah  -- yeah standing in line is so much fun

Sophie  -- you like it once we get in

Leah  -- i kno but we’re not in!

{we stayed in that stupid line for about 15 more minutes before we finally got into the club. It was more crowded this week, but i guess more people found out this place. Sophie and i walked off to the side for a bit}

Leah  -- Soph?

Sophie  -- what?

Leah  -- have you noticed that----

Sophie  -- theres a lot more people? Yeah i did

Leah  -- see Jake?

Sophie  -- not yet, but he promised to be here

Leah  -- good

Sophie  -- he is so going to be your new boyfriend

Leah  -- we’ll see..your okay with me and Jake right?

Sophie  -- why wouldn’t i be?

Leah  -- you used to like him

Sophie  -- yeah used to, i don’t anymore

Leah  -- are you sure?

Sophie  -- positive

Leah  -- kay good

{i could tell Sophie was lying, but only a bit. She loved Jake for the longest time but he made it clear that he doesn’t like her back wich was really hard for Sophie. She’s been with lots of other guys tho so i’m sure she would be okay with me and Jake getting together. I looked thru all the people in the club and saw Jake and some other boy walk over to us}

Leah  -- Soph----

Sophie  -- i see them

Leah  -- would you let me finish my sentences please!

Sophie  -- sorry, but i already knew what you were going to say

{i rolled my eyes and Jake and his friend came over and stood next to us}

Jake  -- hi Leah

Leah  -- hi

{i bit my bottom lip again, and saw Sophie roll her eyes..tho i think i was the only one who saw her}

Jake  -- this is Kyle

Kyle  -- hi

Sophie  -- hi, i’m Sophie

{i kno Sophie and i aren’t twins, but we still have that ability to kno what each other is thinking..well maybe not always but most of the time. I could tell instantly that she thot Kyle was hot..wich i guess he kinda was}

Jake  -- so want to dance?

{he held out his hand and i took it, following him out to the dance floor, i looked back at Sophie and she was talking with Kyle, i smiled a bit}

Jake  -- what?

Leah  -- nothing

Jake  -- you were looking over at Sophie and Kyle

Leah  -- i kno

Jake  -- just ignore them

Leah  -- what?

Jake  -- have some fun Leah

{he pulled me closed and put his hands on my hips, before i could say anything else he had pressed his lips to mine and let one of his hands slide down till it was on my butt. I tried to pull away from him but he wouldn’t let me. i felt tears stinging my eyes as i tried harder and harder to make him let me go.}

Leah  -- Jake stop!

Jake  -- Leah relax!

Leah  -- no! Let me go!

{he let go of me and i ran back over to where Sophie was}

Sophie  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- nothing

{for a while i just sat there, i didn’t kno what else to do. I just wanted to stay away from Jake! I looked around the room and saw a girl taking a boy over to a door..a door that said ‘employees only’. And i’m pretty sure they don’t work here}

Leah  -- are they allowed to do that?

Sophie  -- what?

Leah  -- those people

{Sophie looked in the direction i was looking, but she looked confused}

Sophie  -- what are you talking about?

Leah  -- never mind

{i wasn’t going to ruin Sophie’s night too. The girl took the boy thru the door and i saw two more boys heading towards the door to. But my eyes were drawn to the younger looking one with curly brown hair}

Nick’s POV

{i looked around the club as i followed Joe and Tegan into Tric. Ever since the started an all ages night Kevin has us going here making sure no stupid demons try anything. There haven’t been any yet so i don’t kno why he would think they are still going to try something}

Tegan  -- Nick!

Nick  -- what?

Tegan  -- are you even listening to me?

Joe  -- does he ever?

Tegan  -- right...i donno why i bother

Nick  -- shut up Tegan

Tegan  -- don’t call me that!

Nick  -- why not? Its your name

Tegan  -- yeah a name i hate

Nick  -- then what am i supposed to call you

Tegan  -- how about Tara?

Nick  -- Tara?

Tegan  -- whats wrong with Tara?

Nick  -- nothing..except its NOT your name!

Tegan  -- Nick-----

Joe  -- we aren’t having this conversation again!

Tegan  -- fine

{Tegan walked deeper into the club till i couldn’t see her anymore. She was always doing stuff like that. Her name may mean ‘beautiful person’ but she can be a real bitch when she wants to}

Joe  -- i’m just going to take a look around

Nick  -- theres no point

Joe  -- Nick-----

Nick  -- i kno, no complaining..but we should be out looking around the streets

Joe  -- whatever Nick

{he walked away and i moved to the corner of the room and sat down on one of the chairs. I am really getting sick of these stupid club nights. I looked around trying to see Tegan. I saw her dancing with some guy. She looked over at me and winked. It took me a while to realize that she was dancing with someone..or should i say something that shouldn’t be here.

The song ended and she took the hand of the boy and started walking thru the crowds of people. I looked in the direction they were headed and saw a backroom that said ‘employees only’. Tegan took the boy thru and i saw Joe from the other side of the room heading in that direction too. I was making my way over to the door when i saw a girl looking over at me. i looked around to see if there was someone near me, but there wasn’t. she was definitely looking directly at me..but how is that possible, no one should be able to see me}

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Chapter 2

Leah’s POV

{the curly hair boy looked at me for a minute, he looked like he was trying to understand something, but what? i looked away for a second and when i looked back he was gone, and the door that said ‘employees only’ was closing. I turned to Sophie, but she was already off dancing with some guys. I made my way to the door i saw everyone go thru and went thru myself

I heard some voices and followed them down the hallway and to another room, i put my ear to the door when someone opened it and i fell over}

Tegan  -- i told you i heard someone!

Nick  -- shut up Tegan

{i started to get up when the curly haired boy walked out of the small room. And closed to door behind him. he stood infront of me and looked down at me}

Nick  -- who are you?!

Leah  -- i---i’m Leah

{he looked at me confused again, i don’t understand what is so confusing about me, i’m just a girl. I stood up and moved away from the boy a bit}

Leah  -- so whats ur name?

{he didn’t answer me, he just stood there looking at me, and then he started glaring at me}

Nick  -- get out of here

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- i said get out!

Leah  -- no! Your not the boss of me!

Nick  -- you stupid stubborn girl----

{i glared at him and he glared back at me}

Nick  -- how can you see me?

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- your just a stupid human girl!

Leah  -- and your just a bossy and annoying human boy!

{he chuckled, and i continued to glare at him}

Leah  -- whats so funny

Nick  -- whats so funny is you think you can compare your worthless human blood to mine

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- just get out of here!

Leah  -- no! Not till you tell me whats going on!

Nick  -- fine stay here i don’t care

{he walked back into the room he had come from and closed to door. What is wrong with him! and what did he mean worthless human blood? I hit the door and kept hitting it trying to get them to open the door. I kept hitting the door until i heard a click and the door opened. I walked into the small room. It was dark now and i couldn’t see anything.

I moved my way thru the room touching the wall with my hands to guide me. i couldn’t hear anything, and then i tripped over a cord laying on the floor and fell down. A loud crash echoed thru the small room and then i was picked up by my shirt and pushes against the wall. A small light turned on and i saw the curly haired boy in front of me again}

Nick  -- what do you want now?!

Leah  -- let me go!

Nick  -- how did you get in?!

Leah  -- the door unlocked

Joe  -- nice going Nick!

Nick  -- shut up!

{i looked around the room, theres were 4 other people in the room. The curly haired boy who i guess was named Nick, a taller and older looking boy, he looked like Nick but his hair was more strait. Behind them stood the girl i had seen before and the boy she had been dancing with. The boy was tied up and beat up}

Leah  -- what are you doing to him?!

Nick  -- what?

{Nick looked behind him and then turned back to me}

Nick  -- nothing

Leah  -- yes you are! your hurting him!

{the older boy rolled his eyes and moved so he was facing the girl and the boy who was tied up, he blocked my view and i screamed. But Nick covered my mouth}

Nick  -- shut up!

{i shook my head and he glared at me, and put one hand around my throat choking me, i gasped for air as he moved his hand from my mouth}

Leah  -- s---stop!

{he let go of my throat}

Leah  -- leave the boy alone

Nick  -- would you just let us do our job?!

Leah  -- no! You can’t hurt him for no reason its against the law!

Nick  -- no its against the law to hurt a human! He’s no human!

Leah  -- what?

{Nick turned to his friend}

Nick  -- just kill him already what are you waiting for?

{before i could say another word the older boy had taken out some weird sort of blade and sliced it right thru the tied up boy. I screamed as his lifeless body hit the floor. How could they do that! They had no right killing him}

Leah  -- why did you do that!

Nick  -- so he wouldn’t hurt people like you!

Tegan  -- Nick don’t waste your time with her lets just go

Joe  -- we can’t leave the club till----

Tegan  -- i meant leave the room genius!

Leah  -- you can’t just leave! Your murderers!

{Nick rolled his eyes, puts his arm across the girls shoulders and left with his friends. I ran over to the dead body, and shook it trying to wake it up..wich i knew wasn’t possible but i was desperate. I moved away from the body and sat there tears streaming down my cheeks. I should have called for help! I should have stopped them from leaving!

I looked to the door where Nick and his friends had left and cried even harder. I didn’t kno what to do. Do i talk to the police? Do i tell them what i saw? I should atleast try and make sure the boys parents knew about the death. I started to move towards the body again but there was no body. It was gone..just disappeared into thin air, leaving me alone in the small dark room}

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Chapter 3

Nick’s POV

{we walked out of the room leaving Leah alone. I knew it probably wasn’t a smart idea, but its not like she’s going to be able to tell anyone what happened. The body would disappear soon enough, demons are cowards even if the after life. I walked down the hallway with Tegan and Joe till we got back to the main room of the club. Tegan immediately moved away from me letting my arm drop down off her shoulder, she left and went to go usual}

Joe  -- do you think its okay to just leave that girl there?

Nick  -- whats the worse that could happen?

Joe   -- just keep an eye out for her till we leave, make sure she doesn’t talk to anyone about what she saw

Nick  -- she could always talk to them after she leaves

Joe  -- yeah but by then it will be to late for anyone to come after us

Nick  -- okay fine i’ll keep an eye out for her

Joe  -- good

{Joe walked away and i went back to the place i was sitting before. Still not revealing myself to anyone, i didn’t really feel like talking to stupid humans. It was easy enough to show them that i’m here, but whats the point? Tegan always revealed herself, that way she could get tons of boys to dance with her and then break their hearts by the time the night is done.

I looked around the room and saw Leah walking out of the ‘employees only’ door, she looked around the room and made eye contact with me. i still don’t understand how she does that! She glared at me and came over}


Nick  -- nothing

Leah  -- YOU-----

{i grabbed her and dragged her outside. If we stayed in there it would be only a matter of time before people started looking over and wondering why she was yelling at a wall. I walked down the street a bit and pulled her into an alley}

Leah  -- what are you doing!

{she hit me, but it didn’t hurt at all..actually i barely felt it. Tho it looked like she got hurt because she held her hand and winced in pain, i couldn’t help but chuckle a bit. She really thinks she could hurt me?}

Leah  -- who are you?!

Nick  -- Nick Jonas..and you are?

{she glared at me}

Leah  -- Leah Tyler and i want answers!

Nick  -- okay..the grass is green, the sky is blue and yes that dress does make you look fat

{she looked down at her dress, then glared at me again}

Nick  -- i was just joking!

Leah  -- what happened tonight?

Nick  -- i donno, what happened?

Leah  -- your friend killed someone! And i want to kno why!

Nick  -- why don’t you just go home and forget this night happened

Leah  -- because your a murderer!

{i couldn’t help but roll my eyes, this girl was so stubborn and so annoying! I just wanted to walk away and leave her there but i couldn’t, no matter how much she annoys me i need to figure out why she can see me and no one else can}

Nick  -- if you really want to kno whats going i can’t tell you here

Leah  -- why not?

Nick  -- because i can’t, you’ll have to come home with me

{she raised her eyebrow, and i knew what she was thinking. But there was no way i would ever sleep with her! She would probably complain the entire time...or it could work the other way and she wouldn’t be able to talk because of all the moaning. It took me a second to stop thinking about that and i looked back at Leah who was still looking at me like i had just told her i want to have sex with her}

Nick  -- thats not why!

Leah  -- well how do i kno your telling the truth?

Nick  -- you just have to trust me

Leah  -- trust you? Your killed someone

Nick  -- Leah do you want to come or not!

{she bit her bottom lip, and then nodded}

Nick  -- okay come on

{i grabbed her hand, and she looked down and her hand in mine. I walked back over to the entrance of Tric just as Joe and Tegan came out}

Tegan  -- what are you doing with her!

Nick  -- she’s coming what with us to the institute

Joe  -- are you crazy!

Nick  -- shut up Joe, Leah this is Joe---

Leah  -- i heard

Nick  -- and this is Te---

Tegan  -- Tara

Leah  -- hi

{i rolled my eyes, Tegan had always hated her name but she changed her mind about what she wanted   us to call her ever single week. Eventually Joe and i got confused about what we’re supposed to call her so we just call her Tegan..well i do, Joe avoids calling her name as much as he can}

Nick  -- so should we head back?

Tegan  -- Nick can i talk to you?

Nick  -- well i think-----

{before i could even finish my sentence Tegan had grabbed my arm and pulled away from Leah and Joe}

Nick  -- what do you want Tegan

Tegan  -- Tara

Nick  -- whatever!

Tegan  -- are you crazy Nick! You can’t bring her!

Nick  -- watch me

{i started walking away but Tegan pulled me back again}

Nick  -- what the hell!

Tegan  -- Nick you can’t bring her! She’s not allowed!

Nick  -- Tegan Leah can see me!

Tegan  -- so?

Nick  -- when i’m not revealing myself

Tegan  -- did you ever think maybe you were revealing yourself and you just didn’t kno

Nick  -- i wasn’t Tegan! And i’m going to figure out how she can see me and why

Tegan  -- fine bring her, but Kevin won’t be happy about this

Nick  -- good, and you realized you let me call you Tegan twice without saying anything

{she glared at me and we walked back over to Leah and Joe}

Leah  -- are we going now?

Nick  -- yeah just follow us and keep up

{i started walking down the street, Joe on my right side, Tegan on my right. Leah was behind us and i looked back at her, she was half running to keep up with us and i slowed down. Tegan and Joe kept walking, but i stayed back a bit and walked with Leah}

Leah  -- are we walking the whole way?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- how far is it?

Nick  -- far

{Leah stopped walking and so did i after a couple steps}

Nick  -- are you coming or not?

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Chapter 4

Leah’s POV

{i stood on the side walk for a while and Nick looked annoyed. But i really didn’t want to walk far}

Nick  -- Leah come on!

Leah  -- but----

Nick  -- just come!

{he grabbed my arm and pulled me after him as he walked down the street, we walked for atleast twenty minutes and then i pulled my arm away from Nick. I sat on the sidewalk and looked up at Nick}

Leah  -- i can’t walk anymore

Nick  -- its not much farther

Leah  -- i said i can’t walk anymore Nick!

{he helped me up and put me on his back}

Leah  -- what are you doing?

Nick  -- carrying you, since you refuse to come

Leah  -- you could have left me there

Nick  -- no i couldn’t, its not safe around here

{without thinking i held onto him a bit tighter, after a couple more minutes i was still being carried by Nick and i had my eyes closed. I was trying not to fall asleep but it was really late. I heard a door open and then close, and i heard Tara and Joe’s voices}

Tegan  -- is she asleep?

Nick  -- i donno, i can’t see her!

Joe  -- Nick stop being a jerk! And Kevin said she could sleep in the room next to yours

Nick  -- why does she have to be in the room next to me?

{i pretended i was asleep and moved a bit making sure to hit Nick in the process}

Joe  -- Nick don’t!

{before i knew what Joe was talking about, i fell to the ground and hit my head hard}

Leah  -- what was that for!

Nick  -- for hitting me!

Tegan  -- shut up Nick! And Leah i’ll show you to your room


{Tegan left the room and Leah followed her. I don’t understand why she has to stay in the room next to me, theres so many rooms here so she should stay in one of those}

Joe  -- Nick?

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- um Kevin wants to talk to you

Nick  -- why?

Joe  -- i donno, why don’t you go find out?

Nick  -- because i’m going to bed

Joe  -- but-----

Nick  -- goodnight Joe

{i walked down the hallway and into my room, i sat on my bed and looked around. My room looked looked like someone had been in here, looking for something. I walked around the room picking things off of the floor, when someone came in}

Tegan  -- hi Nick

Nick  -- what do you want?

Tegan  -- to give you this back

{she handed me my stele, so thats who had been thru my room. I don’t see why people have to go thru my stuff! They could just ask me if they can borrow something..tho i usually say no}

Nick  -- what did you need it for?

Tegan  -- drawing runes

Nick  -- i kno that, i mean why did you need to use it?

Tegan  -- because i cut myself when i was trying to make something to eat, so i needed to draw a healing rune

Nick  -- why didn’t you use your own stele?

Tegan  -- cuz i couldn’t find it

Nick  -- and you really need to stop cooking

Tegan  -- why?

Nick  -- cuz your a horrible cook

{Tegan glared at me, and i rolled my eyes. She was always trying to make food and no one ever eats it, you would think she would have got the message by now}

Nick  -- is there anything else you want?

Tegan  -- no

Nick  -- then go

Tegan  -- fine

{she left and i sat back down on my bed. I was only sitting for a couple minutes before Leah came in}

Nick  -- haven’t you ever heard of knocking

Leah  -- sorry

Nick  -- its fine, what do you want?

Leah  -- can you give me some answers now?

{i was about to say something, but Leah said something first}

Leah  -- answers to the questions i asked this time!

Nick  -- fine come on

{i left the room and Leah followed me. i walked downstairs and into the library. I looked around and Kevin wasn’t here..for once. Wich is good because he’s going to yell at me because i brot Leah here. So i might as well postpone the yelling and lecture as long as possible. I sat down on one of the couches and Leah sat down next to me}

Leah  -- now canyou tell me?

Nick  -- what was your question?

Leah  -- why did you kill that boy

Nick  -- because A. Its my job  and B. He wasn’t a boy

Leah  -- then what was he?

Nick  -- a demon

Leah  -- very funny, now how about the truth

Nick  -- that is the truth

Leah  -- theres no such thing as demons

Nick  -- oh your one of those..

{i got off the couch and walked over to one of the shelves of book. I started looking thru}

Leah  -- one of what?

Nick  -- let me guess you don’t believe in fairies, vampires or werewolves either right?

Leah  -- of course i don’t!

Nick  -- well thats to bad, cuz they exist

Leah  -- Nick stop it! I just want real answers!

{this stupid girl was really starting to get on my nerves! I was telling her the real answers! But cuz she was an annoying and stubborn human she was just choosing not the believe me. i don’t even kno why i am bothering to explain anything to her}

Leah  -- Nick!

Nick  -- what!

Leah  -- you said you would-----

Nick  -- Leah believe it or not, i’m telling you the truth!

{she crossed her arms over her chest and glared at me, i guess she still doesn’t believe me. i walked out of the room and down the hall, i heard Leah running behind me but i didn’t care, if she’s not going to believe me i’m not going to waste my time with her}

Leah  -- Nick wait!

{i stopped and turned around to face her}

Nick  -- what now?

Leah  -- what did you mean when you said that i couldn’t compare my worthless human blood to yours

Nick  -- i meant that i’m not human

{she took a step back, wich i guess most humans would do if they heard that}

Leah  -- what do you mean your not human?

Nick  -- i mean that i am not a human Leah

Leah  -- yeah but----

Nick  -- but what?

Leah  -- then what are you?

Nick  -- i’m a shadow hunter

Leah  -- whats that?

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Chapter 5

Leah’s POV

Nick  -- i’m a shadow hunter

Leah  -- well whats that?

Nick  -- i’ll explain more in the morning

{before i could say another word Nick was gone. I wish he would just explain everything to me instead of running off every time i’m about to get an answer. I walked back to my room and layed down on the bed. I started at the ceiling thinking about what had happened today. It didn’t seem real, everything that happened at Tric just seemed like a dream.}

                                   *                             *                             *

{i woke up in the morning to the smell of pancakes, i got out of bed. There was a change of clothes at the end of my bed, i guess Tara had left it for me. i took the clothes into the bathroom that was off of my room. I changed and then ran my fingers thru my hair trying to make it look better. I eventually gave up and tied my hair up in a pony tail. I walked downstairs and Joe and Tara were in the kitchen}

Joe  -- morning Leah, how did you sleep?

Leah  -- good..wheres Nick?

Tegan  -- he’s never around in the morning

Leah  -- why not?

Joe  -- we just goes for a walk in the morning, we don’t kno where he goes or why, but he should be back soon

Leah  -- okay [sits down]

Tegan  -- want some breakfast?

Leah  -- okay

{Tara put a plate of pancakes in front of me and i grabbed a fork, i was about to take a bite when Nick came in}

Nick  -- you don’t want to eat that

Leah  -- why not?

{Nick looked at Tara and then back at me}

Nick  -- just trust me

{i pushed the plate away from me a bit}

Leah  -- can you tell me about---

{before i could even finish my sentence, Nick had left. I understand if he doesn’t want to tell me anything, but i deserve at least some answers. I followed him out of the room}

Leah  -- Nick!

{he turned around to face me}

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- you said you would tell me what a shadow hunter was..Remember?

Nick  -- fine i’ll tell you

{he grabbed my arm and pulled me into his room, he sat down on the bed, but i stayed standing up}

Leah  -- so whats a shadowhunter

Nick  -- basically we’re people who kill demons and any downworlders who breaks the law

Leah  -- yeah but ----

Nick  -- i kno you don’t believe it those things, but the reason you don’t is because of shadowhunters

Leah  -- i don’t kno what you mean

Nick  -- i mean that its against the law of the Clave for a downworlder to have contact with a human or hurt them in any way

Leah  -- whats the Clave?

Nick  -- its basically our government

Leah  -- aren’t you a little young to be a killer? Shouldn’t it be adults who are shadowhunters?

Nick  -- adults are the main shadowhunters, but Kevin lets just go out and find demons too

Leah  -- are their other teen shadowhunters?

Nick  -- yeah, but not many here. Cuz most shadowhunters live in our city

Leah  -- your city?

Nick  -- yeah, just the cities that shadowhunters have to themselves

Leah  -- oh

Nick  -- so does that answer all your questions?

Leah  -- so theres really vampires and werewolves?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- and they would really hurt a human?

Nick  -- weren’t you listening?

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- its against the law for any downworlder to attack or hurt a human

Leah  -- but you also said your job is to kill downworlders who break the law

{before Nick could say something else Joe came into the room}

Joe  -- come on Nick we’re leaving

Nick  -- leaving where?

Joe  -- Kevin says theres some demon activity in that old warehouse

Nick  -- fine

{Nick got off the bed and started to leave the room with Joe}

Leah  -- can i come

{Nick looked at me, laughed a bit and then left with Joe. I don’t see whats so funny! I just wanted to come. I walked downstairs and everyone was gone. I grabbed my phone and called Sophie, she would probably be wondering where i was since i kinda ditched her last night. She answered her phone after a couple rings}

Sophie  -- hello?

Leah  -- hi Soph

Sophie  -- oh thank god! Are you okay? What happened? Are you hurt?

Leah  -- i’m fine

Sophie  -- what happened! I couldn’t find you

Leah  -- there was just something i had to do

Sophie  -- wich was..

Leah  -- its hard to explain

Sophie  -- just tell me

Leah  -- i’ll tell you later

Sophie  -- are you at home?

Leah  -- no i’m at a---um friends house

Sophie  -- which friend

Leah  -- you don’t kno him

{i wanted to take that back right away, how could i be so stupid! now Sophie is going to think i ditched her so i could go sleep with some guy}

Sophie  -- a guy?

Leah  -- he’s just a friend

Sophie  -- if you says so

Leah  -- are you mad at me?

Sophie  -- yeah Leah i am!

Leah  -- Sophie i’m sorry

Sophie  -- its okay, just next time you leave without me can you tell me where your going

Leah  -- i will

Sophie  -- good

Leah  -- i should go, but i’ll call you back soon

Sophie  -- okay

Leah  -- bye Soph

{i hung up the phone and walked up to my room, well the room i’ve been sleeping in. I put the phone down on the bed then went down to the library. There was so many books here and since i have nothing better to do i might as well read some. I picked up a book, sat down and started reading}

                                    *                             *                             *

{i put my book down, i had been in the library all day and finished a lot of books. I have never read so much before. I was reading up on vampires and werewolves, but most of the information i already knew. I grabbed another book and was about to start reading when i heard the front door close and people yelling}

Tegan  -- Nick are you crazy!

Nick  -- i’m fine!

Tegan  -- no your not! You need to show Kevin

Nick  -- i said i’m fine!

Joe  -- she’s right Nick, maybe you should see Kevin

{i ran out of the library and over to where everyone else was. Nick turned to look at me when i came in and i saw blood all over his shirt. I covered my mouth}

Leah  -- oh my god! Are you okay?

Nick  -- for the billionth time i’m fine!

{before anyone could say anything he left. How could he be so calm about this! He was bleeding to death and he didn’t even care! I looked over and Tara and Joe, both of them looked annoyed, but it looked like they were used to this too. I ran upstairs and went into Nick’s room}

Nick  -- what do you want?

Leah  -- are you sure your okay?

Nick  -- i’m sure, just pass me my stele

{before i could ask what a stele was Nick had taken his shirt off, and i couldn’t stop staring at his body}

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Chapter 6

Leah’s POV

{my eyes were glued to Nick’s body..his perfect body. Well perfect besides the weird cut going down his side. It sort of looked like a bite mark, but bigger..much bigger. It was bleeding bad and the skin around the cut looked burned}

Nick  -- hello?!

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- can you get my stele?

Leah  -- whats that?

{he rolled his eyes and walked over to his bedside table. He picked up something that looked like a knife. Was he going to cut himself? Cuz that wasn’t going to help at all! I just stood there, i didn’t kno what to do and i kept getting distracted by staring at Nick’s body. i can’t believe this is happening to me, it never had before...i guess thats what i get for going home with shadowhunters. Nick pressed the knife..or as he called it a stele to his skin, and started drawing a weird shape on his skin. I covered my mouth with my hands i can’t believe he was doing this! He put the stele down and the wound on his side slowly started to fade.}

Leah  -- what just happened?

Nick  -- what do you mean?

Leah  -- you just---the wound----how did-----

Nick  -- right i forgot your just a human

{he grabbed the stele again and held it out, i took it from him and looked at it}

Nick  -- thats a stele, shadowhunters use them to draw runes

Leah  -- what do you mean draw runes?

Nick  -- like when we get hurt, we can draw a healing rune on our skin and it will heal us

Leah  -- can you draw other runes

Nick  -- yeah theres a whole book on them

Leah  -- could i draw runes?

{Nick laughed and i blushed a bit, i was always embarrassing myself around him. i shouldn’t care what he thinks but i do}

Nick  -- you have to be a shadowhunter to draw runes Leah

{i handed the stele back to him and he put it away. I sat down on the bed and Nick walked across the room, he started looking thru some shelves. I walked over to him}

Leah  -- what are you looking for?

Nick  -- just the book of runes, but i think it might be back in the library

{Nick started walking back over to the bed, but before he could reach it he fell over, i ran over to him and turned him over to he was on his back. The cut that he had just healed was back and bleeding harder then before. I ran downstairs and over to Joe}

Joe  -- Leah whats wrong?

Leah  -- Nick, he healed himself but it didn’t work

Joe  -- what?

Leah  -- he used that stele thing to heal his cutbut its back now

{before i could say anything else Joe was running to Nick’s room and i was right behind him. before we walked into the room Tara walked out her hands covered in blood and tears rolling down her cheeks}

Joe  -- go find Kevin

Tegan  -- but Joe-----

Joe  -- just go Tegan!

{did he just call her Tegan? I thot her name was Tara. I guess its some weird shadowhunter thing to confuse people with names. Tara..who i guess is Tegan ran down the hallway and Joe and i walked back into Nick’s room. He was coughing up blood and he skin was really pale}

Leah  -- Nick---

Joe  -- Leah i think you should go

Leah  -- but----

Joe  -- just go!

Leah  -- but Nick is-----

Nick  -- Leah...go

{Nick’s voice sounded so weak. I wanted to stay and find out what was going to happen. But no one wanted me there, i walked out of the room and went into my room. I sat on the bed a tried to listen thru the wall, but i couldn’t hear anything

After what felt like hours Joe came in, he sat next to me on the bed and i looked at him}

Leah  -- whats going on

Joe  -- i’m not sure

Leah  -- please tell me Joe

Joe  -- i don’t kno whats going on, only Kevin does

Leah  -- who’s Kevin?

Joe  -- he’s our teacher

Leah  -- oh

Joe  -- Tegan is making dinner, do you want some?

Leah  -- i thot her name was Tara

Joe  -- its not, but she likes being called Tara more then Tegan

Leah  -- oh

Joe  -- so dinner?

Leah  -- sure

{i followed Joe downstairs. I was really worried about Nick, but Joe made it seem like Nick would be okay so i really hope he’s okay. We walked into the kitchen and Tegan was sitting there stirring her soup. She looked worried..i’m kinda glad i’m not the only one}

Joe  -- Tegan Nick will be fine

Tegan  -- don’t call me that!

Joe  -- right..sorry

{i sat down and Joe put a bowl of soup in front of me. but i really couldn’t eat, all i could think about was Nick and everything i had seen. Him falling over and the cut coming back, only worse kept replaying in my head. It all happened so fast, he was fine and then he just collapsed}

Joe  -- Leah?

Leah  -- what?

Joe  -- i was just wondering if you parents are okay with you being here

Leah  -- um actually i live in a foster home

Joe  -- oh...well your foster parents then

Leah  -- they won’t care, theres so many kids in the house they won’t even notice i’m gone

Tegan  -- i’m sorry Leah

Leah  -- its okay, i’ve lived in a foster home for as long as i can remember

Tegan  -- i’m going to go see if Kevin needs any help

{Tegan left and i was alone with Joe, he was looking at me like he felt sorry for me, but i didn’t want him to be sorry for me}

Joe  -- so----

Leah  -- how did Nick get hurt?

Joe  -- what?

Leah  -- how did he----

Joe  -- we were looking for demons, and we found one

Leah  -- it attacked Nick?

Joe  -- yeah basically

{i ran upstairs and walked around, i looked for where Nick was but i couldn’t see him. someone walked over to me, and i guess it was Kevin since he was the only one who i hadn’t met yet}

Kevin  -- i would try the room at the end of the hall

{i did as he said and ran to the room at the end of the hall, i looked in and Tegan was there, holding Nick’s hand, his eyes were closed and the only movement i could see was his breathing. Tegan was playing with his curls and i felt a bit jealous. i walked into the room and she looked at me}

Leah  -- is he okay?

Tegan  -- i’m not sure

Leah  -- yeah but-----

Tegan  -- Kevin did all he could, but he said the poison the demon injected in Nick might have already gotten into his blood stream

Leah  -- what does that mean?

Tegan  -- it means theres a good chance that Nick isn’t going to recover

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Chapter 7

Nick’s POV

{i couldn’t move my body at all. I couldn’t even open my eyes, but i felt like there was fire running thru my vein, and i could still taste the blood in my mouth. I don’t kno how any of this happened. I used the stele and i drew the rune properly! The cut that stupid demon gave me should have disappeared. I kno that not all demon wounds heal with a stele, but this one should have. It wasn’t a very strong demon and it usually just takes a healing rune to fix it. I don’t kno how but lately the demons we have been fighting seem like they are getting stronger.

I felt a slight pain in my arm, and a cold liquid rushed thru my veins. It was ice cold and immediately the burning from earlier was gone. But i knew it would be always comes back. every second i was using all my energy to try and open my eyes, but i never could. I shouldn’t even be here it should be Tegan, she was the one the demon was trying to attack. But if it was Tegan who had gotten hurt, she would probably be dead by now.

I was so sick of this i’m the best shadowhunter out there and now i’m stuck in this weird state when i can’t move or do anything. I couldn’t ever hear what was going on. I waited for a while, the burning should have been back by now..but it wasn’t. i felt something on my hand and slowly opened my eyes. Leah was sitting there holding my hand, i smiled a bit. The stopped smiling fast, she’s just a girl i don’t even like her}

Leah  -- Nick?

Nick  -- what doing here

Leah  -- oh my god

{she ran out of the room, humans are so weird! When she came back in Tegan and Kevin were with her. Tegan ran over to me and held my hand}

Tegan  -- Nick i’m so glad your okay

{before i had a chance to say something Tegan had pressed her lips to mine, i was about to deepen it when Kevin pulled Tegan away}

Kevin  -- you can do that later! Right now i need to make sure Nick is okay

Nick  -- i’m fine Kevin

Kevin  -- Nick just let me make sure and don’t argue with me for once!

Nick  -- fine

Kevin  -- Tegan can you and Leah...

Tegan  -- fine

{Tegan and Leah left the room and Kevin took a sample of my blood, he did a couple other tests but i wasn’t really paying attention. All i could think about what i could finally go back to what i’m good at. Killing demons.}

Nick  -- so can i leave this stupid room? Its so..boring

Kevin  -- yeah Nick you can go back to your room, but you have to stay in that room for atleast a couple days and rest

Nick  -- what?!

Kevin  -- your still recovering, just because you woke up doesn’t mean your better

Nick  -- how long was i out anyways?

Kevin  -- a couple weeks

Nick  -- weeks?!

Kevin  -- yeah

Nick  -- Leah’s still here?

Kevin  -- she wanted to stay till she was sure your okay

Nick  -- i don’t see why she cares

Kevin  -- you never see why any girls fall for you, but they all do

Nick  -- thats not true

Kevin  -- you can go back to your room now Nick

{i got off the bed and walked down the hallway to my room, i layed down on the bed and pulled the blanket over myself. I was more tired then i thot and started to fall asleep. But before i could Leah came in the room}

Leah  -- Nick are you okay?

Nick  -- i’m fine

Leah  -- um..are you with Tegan?

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- are you guys a couple?

Nick  -- why are you asking?

Leah  -- i donno, and can you not answer my questions with another question?

Nick  -- why, does it bother you?

Leah  -- Nick!

{i chucked and she smiled a bit. I patted the bed next to me and she climbed on the bed}

Nick  -- so why are you still here?

Leah  -- i don’t really have a home to go to

Nick  -- whats that supposed to mean

Leah  -- i don’t really want to talk about it

{Leah got off the bed and left the room, i thot about going after her but that would mean Kevin was going to yell at me and i wasn’t really in the mood for a lecture, i closed my eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep..

When i opened my eyes Tegan was laying next to him, i smirked and she smiled a bit}

Tegan  -- how are you feeling?

Nick  -- tired

Tegan  -- thats to bad?

{she traced her finger on my chest and i knew what she was thinking. But right now i couldn’t even think about that. I need to get back out and kill of those stupid demons. Tegan pulled my shirt over my head and threw it on the floor}

Nick  -- Tegan----

Tegan  -- i just want to see the cut

Nick  -- sure you do

{she bit her bottom lip, and ran her fingers down over the barely visible cut on my side}

Tegan  -- i was worried about you Nick

Nick  -- well don’t be!

Tegan  -- Nick----

Nick  -- Tegan you kno the rules!

Tegan  -- but Nick-----

Nick  -- i think you should go

Tegan  -- fine

{she got off the bed and walked over to the door}

Nick  -- Tegan i’m sorry

Tegan  -- its fine Nick

Nick  -- maybe we can have fun later

Tegan  -- kay

{she smiled a bit and left the room, closing the door behind her. Theres always been the physical attraction between Tegan and me, but thats it, theres nothing more. Wich i’m okay with cuz the physical stuff is great, the only problem is Tegan wants it to be more then that, and sometimes i do to..but we can’t cuz we’re showdowhunters

Shadowhunters are not recommended to fall in love or experience any other emotion that downworlders can use against us. It makes us weaker and being a shadowhunter is the most important thing to me.

I lay on my bed just thinking, wich is never a good thing. I kept thinking about Leah. I’m not sure why, i just am. I don’t understand why i even care that she stayed, she’s just a girl..a really annoying girl. I started to fall asleep when i heard a loud crash from the room next to me, but theres no one in that room. I heard a scream and remembered that Leah was staying in the room next to me while she’s here. I didn’t even think, i just ran out of the room to make sure Leah was okay}

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Chapter 8

Leah’s POV

{i was in my room, just sitting on the bed. I could hear Nick and Tegan in the room next to mine. I was just a bit glad that i could hear them talking and not doing something else. I really like Nick, and i mean REALLY like him. i didn’t think i would, but after seeing him in a coma for all those weeks i couldn’t help it. For once Nick wasn’t being a jerk and when he woke up he was still nice..kinda.

I was in my room for a while, and it was getting really boring. I walked across the room, there was a lot of weird things in this room. Old books and weird artifacts, i walked over to a book shelf and saw that book of runes Nick was talking about. It was on the top shelf so i started climbing up to it. It was kinda scary, cuz i could feel the bookshelf shaking as i climbed higher, but then i reached the book. I grabbed it and started to climb back down when the bookshelf tipped forward. I fell to the ground and everything came crashing down on top of me. i screamed and Nick and Joe came running in}

Joe  -- are you okay?

{he helped me up and i moved away from the self, Nick looked worried when he first came in and now he just looks bored and annoyed, he grabbed the book away from me and started to leave}

Leah  -- hey!

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- i was looking at that!

Nick  -- to bad, your not a shadowhunter so it doesn’t concern you

{i glared at him, he rolled his eyes and left the much for him not being a jerk}

Joe  -- so are you okay?

Leah  -- yeah i’m fine

Joe  -- good

{Joe left the room and i went to Nick’s room. He was laying on his bed, he looked at me when i came in}

Nick  -- what do you want?

Leah  -- i just wanted to look at that book

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- why not?

Nick  -- because you shouldn’t even be here!

{i glared at him..well tried to but tears started to roll down my cheeks and i ran out of the room before i could humiliate myself more}

Nick’s POV

{the second Leah left the room i regretted what i said. But at the same time i wasn’t going to apologize, its just not something that i do. I walked downstairs and Joe and Tegan were in the kitchen. I sat down and Joe glared at me}

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- why are you such a jerk to Leah?

Nick  -- i didn’t mean to be, and it doesn’t matter because she will be going home soon

Joe  -- she doesn’t have a home!

Nick  -- what?

Tegan  -- she lives in a foster home, wich by the way Joe, is still a home

Joe  -- she would be happier here

Nick  -- she doesn’t belong here!

Joe  -- your only saying that because your scared about getting close to her

{i can’t believe he would say that! i would hit him right now except i would get in a lot of trouble because i’m supposed to be recovering. I wasn’t scared about getting close to Leah..well maybe a bit. I can’t like Leah, not if i want to be a shadowhunter.

I left the room and went to the library. i still needed to find out if there was a reason that Leah could see me when i’m not revealing myself. And now that i’m supposed to be resting and recovering i could do a little research. I grabbed all the books i could find on it and started looking thru them. There had to be a reason she could. no other humans can. I looked thru the books for hours and couldn’t find any history of a human being able to see a shadowhunter when they aren’t revealing themselves. I heard someone come in and turned around to face them}

Kevin  -- i thot i told you that you had to rest

Nick  -- i’m fine Kevin

Kevin  -- looking for the reason Leah could see you?

Nick  -- how did you----

Kevin  -- Joe told me

Nick  -- it makes no sense

Kevin  -- well i will try and find out more about it, but you need to go back to bed

Nick  -- no, i need to go and kill demons

Kevin  -- Nick go!

Nick  -- fine

{i left the room and walked upstairs. I heard Leah crying in her room so i went in}

Leah  -- go away!

Nick  -- you can look at that stupid book if you want

{she glared at me, i don’t kno why girls have to be so annoying}

Leah  -- i want to be a shadowhunter!

Nick  -- well you can’t be

Leah  -- why not?

Nick  -- your either born one, or your not..and you weren’t

Leah  -- there has to be some way you can change me

Nick  -- its not done like that

Leah  -- well maybe you could just teach me how to kill demons!

{i rolled my eyes and walked to the door}

Leah  -- Nick please!

Nick  -- i’m sorry Leah, but you can’t become a shadowhunter

{i left the room. I can’t believe Leah even wants to be a shadowhunter, she’s way to weak to be fighting demons. I walked downstairs instead and saw Joe and Tegan leaving..and they were wearing their usual demon hunting clothes.}

Nick  -- where are you going?

Tegan  -- just out..for a walk

Nick  -- let me come

Joe  -- Nick, Kevin said----

Nick  -- i don’t care what he said i’m fine

Tegan  -- even if your fine you should take a small break

Nick  -- no!

Joe  -- your not coming!

Nick  -- yes i am

{i walked over to them}

Nick  -- and you can’t stop me

Tegan  -- Nick you don't have your runes

Nick  -- i'll be fine without them

Joe  -- no you won't

Nick  -- i'm still coming!

Joe  -- fine but if Kevin finds out you met up with us after we had left

Nick  -- fine

Joe  -- Tegan give Nick some runes

{i took my shirt off and Tegan grabbed a stele, she pressed the cold metal to my skin and began to draw the runes for me. she drew lots and most were protection ones, wich i almost never need and never bother to draw. she finished with the last for strength, wich i don't really need either but it can always come in handy. i put my shirt back on and followed Tegan and Joe out of the door

we walked out of the house and down the street. I couldn’t wait to get back to my normal routine. Tegan kept looking over at me, she looked worried even tho i told her not to worry about me.}

Tegan  -- Nick i -----

Nick  -- we’ll talk later Tegan!

Joe  -- talk about what?

Nick  -- nothing

Tegan  -- but Nick----

Nick  -- not now Tegan!

{she looked at the ground and we kept walking down the streets. I kept looking behind me wich isn’t something i normally do. Its usually what Tegan does. We walked for a couple more minutes and now i was sure that someone was following us.}

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Chapter 9

Nick's POV

Tegan  -- Nick whats wrong?

Nick  -- nothing, i just feel like we’re being followed

Tegan  -- same

Joe  -- you always feel like that Tegan

Nick  -- just wait here

{i walks back the way we came a bit and turned the corner. I walked into someone and we both fell down. I started to get up when i recognized the girl i had run into. Leah.}

Nick  -- what the hell!

Leah  -- Nick i’m sorry i just----

{i didn’t even want to hear her stupid excuse for following us. I grabbed her arm and walked back over to Joe and Tegan}

Tegan  -- Leah! What are you doing?!

Leah  -- i want to be a shadowhunter

Nick  -- fine!

{i grabbed her right arm and pushed her sleeve up a bit}

Leah  -- what are you doing?!

Nick  -- Shadowhunters are marked when they are very young on their right arm

{i turned her arm over, but no marking was visible}

Leah  -- well maybe i wasn’t marked

Nick  -- Leah just give it up!

Leah  -- no!

Joe  -- Nick take her home

Nick  -- why me?

Joe  -- because you weren’t supposed to come in the first place!

Nick  -- fine

{i started walking back towards the institute, Leah following me. i can’t believe how desperate this girl is to be a shadowhunter. She doesn’t have what it takes! She wasn’t trained properly. I have been training for as long as i can remember, learning all about the uses of runes and the different weapons we can use. If Leah had grown up learning all this then maybe she could be a shadowhunter, but she didn’t}

Leah  -- i’m sorry Nick

Nick  -- for what?

Leah  -- for following you, i just really want to be-----

Nick  -- a shadowhunter, yeah i kno

Leah  -- i’m sorry

Nick  -- why do you want to be a shadowhunter anyways?

Leah  -- because i want to belong

{those words affected me, causing a quick but sharp pain in my chest, and i knew why it was doing this to me. it was because that was the exact thing that i had told Kevin when i arrived at the institute. After my father died i had no one else to teach me about being a shadowhunter, so i went to Kevin {a/n - they aren't related in this story}. I just wanted to belong, and being a shadowhunter made me feel like i was a part of something}

Leah  -- Nick?

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- are you revealing yourself?

Nick  -- yeah..why?

{she smiled and looked across the street}

Leah  -- SOPHIE!!!!

{i looked across and saw another girl, she was pretty..but she was also human. I just really hope she isn’t going to want to be a shadowhunter too. She walked across the street and hugged Leah}

Sophie  -- i missed you

Leah  -- i missed you too. Sophie this is Nick, Nick this is my best friend Sophie

{i smiled at her and she blushed a bit and smiled back}

Nick  -- hi

Sophie  -- um hi, so your the guy Leah met at the club?

Nick  -- yeah

Sophie  -- and your just friends...thats what Leah said

Nick  -- yeah we’re just friends

{i saw the smile fade from Leah’s face, but Sophie was smiling even more}

Nick  -- Leah we should probably go

Leah  -- can Sophie come?

Nick  -- i don’t think Kevin would----

Leah  -- if i’m going to stay at the institute i would like someone else to spend time with while your off fighting demons

{i  covered her mouth, but it was to late}

Sophie  -- Demons?

Leah  -- see now you have to take her!

{wow this girl was smarter then i thot. I never thot Leah would even think of something like that. saying we fought demons so i had to bring her friend back with pretty genius}

Nick  -- fine lets go!

{i started walking again, Leah and Sophie were behind me giggleing the whole way}

Leah’s POV

{it worked! I can’t believe Nick is actually letting me bring Sophie with us. I was so excited, now i would have someone else to talk to about all this stuff and at least I knew Sophie wouldn’t look at me like i was stupid every time i asked a question. We kept walking and Nick was far enough ahead that i don’t think he would be able to hear what Sophie and i talked about}

Sophie  -- oh my god!

Leah  -- what?

Sophie  -- Nick is so hot! How can you just be friends?

{i looked down for a second. I didn’t want to be just friends with Nick, but apparently thats what he wants and i’m pretty sure he would never like me. i always seem to annoy him with my questions.}

Leah  -- it just wouldn’t work out with Nick and me

Sophie  -- so you don’t like him?

Leah  -- no, i don’t like him

{i was lying, and i was sure Sophie could tell..she could always tell. But this time she didn’t}

Sophie  -- so you would be okay if i -----

Leah  -- sure

Sophie  -- really?

Leah  -- if you want

{i can’t believe i just gave Sophie permission to date Nick! I don’t kno if he actually likes her, but i kno she can almost always get a guy. I should have told her that she couldn’t be with Nick and that he was mine, but the truth was, he wasn’t mine. But i should probably warn her about Tegan...}

Leah  -- actually Sophie, i think Nick has a girlfriend

Sophie  -- oh..what do you mean you think?

Leah  -- well he never told me if they were actually together, but i think they are

Sophie  -- well i’m going to find out

{before i could say another word she walked ahead and started walking with Nick, leaving me behind. I could see them talking and i was sure that with Sophie and Tegan around, there was no chance that Nick would ever be with me}


                  **                                           **                                                  **


Nick’s POV

{it had been a couple hours since we got back to the institute. Kevin had taken Sophie aside and explained the whole Shadowhunter thing to her and she swore that wasn’t going to tell anyone. I had been up in my room ‘resting’ because Kevin had yelled at me for sneaking out. And i knew Leah had been in her room and it sounded like she had been crying.

After Kevin had talked to Sophie she had come up to my room and started flirting with me. i had to admit she was cute, but i couldn’t be with a girl if i wanted to be a shadowhunter. But i didn’t tell Sophie that...i figure i could have some fun with her while she’s here.

Right now i was alone in my room, just sitting on my bed thinking about Leah. Wich was really starting to annoy me. i don’t kno why she’s always on my mind she just is. I didn’t understand why she was crying earlier if her best friend was here. I got off the bed and walked downstairs. I could tell Tegan and Joe were home because there was a weird smell coming from the kitchen wich meant Tegan was trying to cook again. I walked over and looked in. Leah, Sophie and Tegan were all in there so i decided it would be better if i went someone else for a while.

I walked back upstairs and down the hall, trying to get Leah off my mind but it never worked. I just kept thinking about how she said she wanted to belong, well she did belong. She belonged here with me, Joe and Tegan. I don’t care if she’s not a shadowhunter but having her around was starting to feel normal. it felt like she lived and belonged here, while her friend Sophie would always feel like a guest, no matter how long she stayed.  I walked into Joe’s room and he was sitting on his bed reading}

Nick  -- good book?

Joe  -- what?

{i pointed to the book and he put it down}

Joe  -- not really, just looking up some new runes

Nick  -- oh

{i sat down on the chair in his room and Joe gave me a weird look}

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- how is it that you can get every single girl here to like you

{i guess that was kinda true. Well i knew Sophie and Tegan like me..i’m not so sure about Leah tho even tho she’s the one that i want}

Nick  -- well theres only one girl who i want

{did i really just say that outloud?! I looked at Joe and the expression he had on his face told me my answer}

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Chapter 10

Leah’s POV

{i was sitting at the table, Sophie was next to me and once again Tegan was trying to cook. I had been here long enough to kno about Tegan’s cooking and like everyone else i was starting to wish she would just give up. Sophie and Tegan had been talking about shadowhunters and i felt really left out. I thot having Sophie here would be fun but so far she’s talked to everyone..but me. i left the room and they didn’t even notice. I went to Nick’s room but he wasn’t there. I walked down the hall and heard voices coming for Joe’s room. I walked over and listened from outside the door}

Joe  -- i can’t believe you’ve finally fallen for someone!

Nick  -- shut up Joe

Joe  -- its about time, i knew you had to have a heart

Nick  -- would you shut up?! And i’m not talking about this anymore

{before i could move away from the door, Nick opened it, wich knocked me backwards}

Nick  -- what are you doing?

Leah  -- i was looking for you

Nick  -- why?

Leah  -- i have more questions

Nick  -- not again...

{he started walking away from me, but i just followed him}

Leah  -- its not about being a shadowhunter

Nick  -- then whats it about?

Leah  -- well its----um----its just-----

Nick  -- about being a shadowhunter?

Leah  -- okay fine, i want to kno more about shadowhunters..but thats not a crime!

Nick  -- it is when your driving me crazy

Leah  -- fine i’ll just leave you alone then!

{i ran into my room and locked the door. A couple seconds later there was a knocking on the door. I was pretty sure it was Nick but i opened it anyways. But it wasn’t Nick, it was Kevin}

Leah  -- do you need something?

Kevin  -- i just have a couple questions

Leah  -- see i’m not the only one!

{he laughed a bit, and i smiled. Kevin was the only one here who i really felt comfortable with. Not in a relationship sort of way. But he seemed to understand me the most. Nick was always being mean to me just because i wasn’t a shadowhunter. Joe treated me like a little kid most of the time and Tegan well she’s been trying to make me look more pretty...wich i don’t understand because i didn’t think i looked that bad. }

Leah  -- so what kind of questions do you have?

Kevin  -- just some about your family

Leah  -- i’m sorry Kevin, but i don’t kno anything about my family

Kevin  - theres nothing? No pictures, or notes or anything?

Leah  -- no..i’m sorry

Kevin  -- its okay

{Kevin walked away and when i started to shut the door again but Nick blocked it with his foot. I didn’t even see him come over. He pushed be back into the room and came in}

Leah  -- whats going on?

Nick  -- well we’re going back to Tric tonight, its the all ages night and i wanted to kno if you want to come

Leah  -- Sophie going?

Nick  -- yeah she’s coming

Leah  -- kay

Nick  -- are you okay? Cuz i heard you crying earlier

Leah  -- i’m fine

Nick  -- are you sure?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- okay, well we’re leaving for the club now

Leah  -- kay

{i followed Nick downstairs and everyone was already there. We left and went to the Tric. But this time we didn’t wait in line. We walked strait past all the people in the line and right into the club. I guess shadowhunters have ways of getting into places faster. Once we got in Sophie spotted a guy and left to go dancing. Joe walked to the other side of the club and Tegan also found a guy and started dancing. I don’t understand why Sophie and Tegan find guys so fast.

Nick and i sat down in the corner. He didn’t seem like the type who liked going to clubs and i stayed with him because i wasn’t really in the mood to dance or anything. We were sitting there for a while in complete silence and it was really starting to get uncomfortable. But what was worse was Nick decided to reveal himself wich made tons of girls come over and ask him to dance. He always turned them down but i couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous.}

Leah  -- Nick?

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- um how long are we going to stay

Nick  -- why?

Leah  -- just wondering

Nick  -- i’m not sure, i haven’t seen any demons yet and i don’t think any are going to show up

Leah  -- okay...well do you want to dance?

Nick  -- i don’t really dance

Leah  -- fine

{i walked away from him and started walking towards Joe, maybe he would dance with me. i’m not sure why i want to dance now i just do. I was walking over to Joe when someone grabbed my arm. I turned around to see the friend Jake was with the last time we were here. I think is name was Kyle. Kyle took me thru the crowds of people and thru the ‘employees only’ door.

I didn’t kno what was going on. I barely knew Kyle we had only met that once and now he had taken me thru the door that i had followed Nick thru the first time we met. Before i could ask him what was going on he had pushed me against the wall and pressed his lips to mine, and shoved his tongue into my mouth. I could taste the alcohol on his breath and it made me gag. How did he even get alcohol?! I struggled to push him off but i couldn’t. he started to move his hands up my shirt and i felt tears sting my eyes

Within a second Kyle had been pulled off me and pushed to the floor. I looked up and saw Nick. I have never been so happy to see him ever! I hugged him and he just glared at Kyle who was still on the floor. Nick grabbed my arm and pulled me back into the main room of the club and the out onto the street}

Leah  -- Nick what are you doing?!

Nick  -- we’re going home

Leah  -- what about everyone else?

Nick  -- they’ll come later

Leah  -- but-----

Nick  -- just stop complaining!

{it was a long walk back to the institute and by the time we arrived i was falling asleep and Nick was carrying me..again. every time we got to Tric Nick ends up carrying me home. He carried me up to my room and layed me on the bed}

Leah  -- Nick what happened with Kyle i didn’t----

Nick  -- i kno you didn’t want him to kiss you

Leah  -- well thanks for saving me

Nick  -- i wasn’t just going to let him rape you

{i flinched as a picture of Kyle and me came into my head. A picture i really hope i never see again. Nick got on the bed and layed down next to me. i turned on my side to face him and he started playing with my hair. I had never seen Nick like this. For once he wasn’t acting like the guy who doesn’t care about anything}

Leah  -- Nick-----

{he moved closer to me so his forehead was pressed against mine}

Leah  -- Nick what are you doing?

Nick  -- i’m sorry, its just when i saw you with that guys i just----well he----

Leah  -- he what?

Nick  -- nothing...nevermind

Leah  -- okay

{i felt Nick moving closer to me, wich i didn’t think was possible. My breathing started to go uneven}

Nick  -- i just want to try something...

{before i could ask what he meant he had pressed his lips to mine}

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Chapter 11

Nick’s POV

{i was sitting in my usual spot at Tric. Leah had been sitting with me earlier but she left to go dancing. I regret telling her i didn’t want to dance. I looked around the club, i could see Joe, Tegan and Sophie but i couldn’t see Leah anymore. I kept looking around and i saw some guy pulling her thru the door we went thru last time we were here. I’m not sure if Leah knows that guy or not but it looked like she was confused when he took her thru the door

I walked across the club and thru the door. The first thing i saw was that guy kissing Leah, but it looked more like he was trying to suck her face off. I saw tears rolling down her cheeks and i pulled the guy off of her and pushed him to the ground. I wanted to hurt him, punch him, kick him, anything! I could kill him right now but i knew i would get in trouble so i grabbed Leah’s arm and pulled her back into the club and then out of Tric and onto the street}

Leah  -- Nick what are you doing?!

Nick  -- we’re going home

Leah  -- what about everyone else?

Nick  -- they’ll come later

Leah  -- but-----

Nick  -- just stop complaining!

{i just wanted to get away from this place, i knew Joe would figure out that i had taken Leah home and they would come home soon too. We started walking back to the institute and all i could think about what how much i wanted to kill that guy! I looked at Leah and she looked like she was thinking about something to.

When we were about half way i noticed that Leah had slowed down and we were walking so slow now that i was getting annoyed. I picked her up and she didn’t complain, she just wrapped her arms around my neck as i kept walking home. After a couple minutes we reached the institute and i took Leah up to her room. I layed her down on the bed}

Leah  -- Nick what happened with Kyle i didn’t----

Nick  -- i kno you didn’t want him to kiss you

Leah  -- well thanks for saving me

Nick  -- i wasn’t just going to let him rape you

{Leah flinched and i knew she was thinking about what had happened..or what would have happened. and i couldn’t get it off of my mind either. The image of that Kyle guy and Leah kept replaying in my head and it was making me more and more angry. I got on the bed next to Leah and tried to calm down. I looked into her eyes and forgot everything else. She was so beautiful and i just wanted her to be mine..but i knew that wasn’t possible}

Leah  -- Nick-----

{i didn’t expect her to say anything and for a second i forgot what was happening. But i quickly remembered and moved closer to Leah, pressing my forehead to hers. I had never felt like this before, i had never cared this much for a girl. I mean i care about Tegan..but this is different}

Leah  -- Nick what are you doing?

Nick  -- i’m sorry, its just when i saw you with that guys i just----well he----

Leah  -- he what?

{i couldn’t even say what i was feeling when i saw her with that guy. I had felt pure anger and also an emotion i had never felt before..jealousy. but i wasn’t going to tell Leah that}

Nick  -- nothing...nevermind

Leah  -- okay

{i moved even closer to her, i just wanted to be as close as possible. I moved so close that i could feel her heart beating, i was losing it, the control that i had worked so hard to get, i was losing it}

Nick  -- i just want to try something...

{before she had a chance to say something and before i could change my mind i pressed my lips to hers. After a couple seconds Leah started to kiss back. i ran my tongue over her bottom lip begging for entrance. I wanted to take this further..much further. Leah opened her mouth and i explored her mouth with my tongue. after a bit Leah started to pull away, but i wasn’t done yet}

Leah  -- Nick----

{she moaned softly into my mouth wich just made me want her more}

Leah  -- stop!

{i pulled away and looked at her}

Nick  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- i’m really tired

Nick  -- fine!

{i started to get off the bed, but Leah grabbed my arm}

Leah  -- you don’t have to leave

Nick  -- well i should go back to my room anyways

Leah  -- okay

Nick  -- i’ll see you in the morning

{i kissed her head and left the room. I can’t believe that just happened. i walked downstairs and into the kitchen}

Kevin  -- i didn’t kno you guys were back yet

Nick  -- i brot Leah home early

Kevin  -- that reminds me, i want to run some tests on Leah

Nick  -- she’s not a lab rat Kevin!

Kevin  -- Nick i kno you care about her but-----

Nick  -- who says i care?

Kevin  -- Nick i can tell so don’t lie to me

Nick  -- shadowhunters aren’t allowed to love

Kevin  -- Nick thats not true!

Nick  -- well they aren’t supposed to love, not at my age

Kevin  -- its not recommended but if you fall in love you can’t help it

Nick  -- i’m not going to fall in love!

Kevin  -- why not?! You like Leah!

Nick  -- i’m not going to fall in love because i don’t want to end up like Joe

{i had almost forgotten what had happened with Joe..maybe i was nervous about being in love because of what happened with him. it didn’t used to be just Joe, Tegan and me..Emily used to be a shadowhunter with us too. She was Joe’s girlfriend...all Joe could talk about was Emily, they loved each other so much. Tegan and i were always left out wich is why we started hooking up...but Emily was killed by a demon a little over a year ago. Joe was crushed, i had never seen him like that before. For months he wouldn’t leave his room. I don’t want that to happen to me}

Kevin  -- you can’t be scared of love

Nick  -- i’m not weak!

Kevin  -- i didn’t say you were

Nick  -- can we just talk about something else

Kevin  -- about those tests on Leah----

Nick  -- what are they for?

Kevin  -- well i can’t find any information on Leah’s family background so i’m going to need some blood tests and stuff

Nick  -- and stuff?

Kevin  -- can’t you just trust me Nick? I won’t hurt her

Nick  -- i kno you won’t..why are you doing the tests anyways

Kevin  -- you wanted to kno why Leah could see still want to kno right?

Nick  -- um yeah...sure...whatever

{i walked out of the kitchen and Joe and Sophie where standing by the stairs..i didn’t even hear them come back. i walked past them and up the stairs. I went past Leah’s room and looked in, she was already asleep. I smiled a bit and walked into my room. Tegan was laying on my bed waiting for me...}

Nick  -- shit...

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Chapter 12

Nick’s POV

{i couldn’t help but stare at Tegan. She was wearing a red lacy bra and thong..and thats it, she walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. I thot about Leah and how much i liked her but right now i couldn’t take my eyes off Tegan, i looked away from her and tried to keep my mind on Leah}

Nick  -- i can’t do this Tegan, i think you should leave

Tegan  -- come on Nick, please

{she pulled me over to the bed, and layed me down on it, i started to get up but she sat on my stomach}

Nick  -- Tegan i mean it! Get out!

Tegan  -- come on Nick have some fun

Nick  -- Tegan-----

{she had pressed her lips to mine before i had a chance to finish my sentence. i had deepened it without thinking, and she pulled my shirt over my head and i pulled her down so she was laying on top of me.}

Tegan  -- you want to be on top, or should i do all the work

{i smirked and flipped us over so i was on top, i started kissing her neck and forgot about everything that had happened earlier today. All i could think about what how much i wanted Tegan. She moaned softly and i kept kissing her neck. She took my pants off and i unhooked her bra}

Tegan  -- no teasing

{i rolled my eyes and kissed her neck down to her stomach, she moaned and i moved down farther and pulled her thong down with my teeth}

Tegan  -- Nick lock the door

Nick  -- fine

{i got off the bed and walked over to the door and locked it, i got back on the bed and kissed Tegan, she deepened it and we started making out. After a while she pulled away, slid my boxers off and passed me a condom}

Tegan  -- teasing

Nick  -- okay

{i put the condom on and went into her fast, she moaned loud and i smirked}

Nick  -- what do you want babe?

Tegan  -- faster Nick!

{she moaned again and i went into her as fast as i could, and kept going harder. She moaned like crazy and i was sure everyone could hear. I smirked to myself and kept going. After what felt like hours i pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to her}

Tegan  -- that was amazing Nick

{Tegan cuddled closer to me and i wrapped my arms around her}

Tegan  -- i love you Nick

Nick  -- Tegan-----

Tegan  -- i kno shadowhunters aren’t supposed to love, but i still love you. And we can just be like Joe and Emily

Nick  -- yeah cuz that worked out so well!

{i rolled my eyes and Tegan rested her head on my chest. I was feeling really guilty now. I started playing with her hair cuz i knew she liked that}

Tegan  -- well we can be like them except for the part where i would die

Nick  -- i don’t think so Tegan

Tegan  -- you can still be the best shadowhunter Nick, i kno thats what you want

Nick  -- Tegan it just won’t work out!

Tegan  -- why not?

{i wanted to tell her there was someone else, but i couldn’t. i had been leading her on and i felt bad already because she said she loved me. not hearing me say it back would be bad enough. But if i told her about would just get worse.

Everything from this evening had just come back. i had kissed Leah and realized how much i really like her and then i had to go and sleep with Tegan..maybe i don’t like Leah as much as i thot. No what am i saying i do like Leah, maybe even love her. The thing tonight with was just a mistake}

Tegan  -- Nick?

Nick  -- what?

Tegan  -- why won’t it work out?

Nick  -- because it won’t

{i turned on my side so my back was to Tegan and i heard her get off the bed. I looked over at her. She put her clothes back on and left. Usually she would stay the night but maybe it was good that she wasn’t}


       *                                     *                                      *


{i woke up in the morning and looked around, it took me a while to remember what had happened the night before. But it all came back to me giving me a really bad headache. I got out of bed and got a painkiller. I took it and then got dressed and left the room. I was going downstairs when someone grabbed my arm. I turned around to see Leah}

Nick  -- what do you want?

Leah  -- Kevin said he wanted to run a few tests on me..can you come?

Nick  -- why?

Leah  -- i’m scared of needles

Nick  -- fine

{she took my hand and we walked down to the room i was in when i was attacked by that demon. Kevin was sitting in a chair next to one of the beds.}

Kevin  -- you can come sit here Leah

{Leah sat down on the bed and i sat next to her since there was no where else i could sit. Kevin pushed Leah’s sleeve up past her arm a bit and she flinched. I didn’t see what the big deal was its just a needle. Leah grabbed my hand with the hand from her free arm, while Kevin put some disinfectant on her skin. She griped my hand tight while Kevin took the blood sample. After a couple more tests he said we could leave, and Leah and i went downstairs.

Joe was there and he had a lot of bags packed...i had almost forgotten that this was the weekend we were supposed to go check on the werewolf pack. It really only takes a day to make sure they are following the rules and obeying the law but we would always go camping up in the forest over the weekend just to get away from the institute for a bit}

Joe  -- are you ready Nick?

Nick  -- um no

Leah  -- ready for what?

Joe  -- the camping trip

Leah  -- what camping trip

Joe  -- shadowhunters only Leah..sorry

Nick  -- whats Sophie doing?

Joe  -- she’s going to go home for the weekend, but she’ll be back after we come back

Leah  -- i want to come

Joe  -- well you can’t

Nick  -- just let her come Joe

Joe  -- Nick its not safe!

Nick  -- i’ll take care of her

{i kissed Leah’s head and she smiled and wrapped her arms around my waist}

Joe  -- Nick i don’t think-----

Nick  -- we’re going to go pack

{before Joe could argue i went upstairs with Leah, she went into her room and i went into my own. I packed everything i needed and took the bags downstairs. Leah came down a couple minutes later with her bags and now we were just waiting for Tegan. Joe kept giving me this look and i knew he was trying to tell me that Leah should stay here. And maybe she should but i wanted her to come with us.

After a couple more minutes Tegan finally came down, she handed her bags to Joe and then turned to me..i wasn’t really sure why but then she pressed her lips to mine. It took me a couple seconds to realize what had just happened and i pulled away fast. I looked over at Leah who had tears rolling down her cheeks}

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Chapter 13

Leah’s POV

{the second i saw Tegan kiss Nick i felt nothing but anger, but seconds later i couldn’t holds the tears back. i felt like someone had stabbed my heart. Nick pulled away from Tegan and looked at me. but i had nothing to say to him. i went out to the car and got in the back seat. Joe put all the bags in the back and got in the front seat}

Joe  -- Leah are you -----

Leah  -- no!

{he didn’t even have to finish his sentence i knew what he was going to say. He was going to ask if i was okay, and i’m not even close to okay. I’m not even sure why i still want to go on this camping trip. I should just stay at the institute. But i kinda want to go with them. we were waiting for Tegan and Nick, but they were probably making out. I looked up at the institute but Nick and Tegan weren’t making looked like they were yelling at each other}

Joe  -- i think we are going to be here a while

Leah  -- what?

Joe  -- you took those tests Kevin wanted you to right?

{i nodded}

Joe  -- good

Leah  -- why is that good?

Joe  -- well it might explain why you could see Nick

Leah  -- it really that big a deal?

Joe  -- i’m not sure

{Nick got in the car and sat next to me. i didn’t even notice him coming over. And i really didn’t want him next to me. he looked really mad, his hands were balled into fists and he was glaring at Tegan who had just gotten in the front seat next to Joe. Joe started driving and Nick was still glaring at Tegan}

Tegan  -- would you stop that?!

Nick  -- shut up bitch!

{Nick kicked Tegan’s seat and she turned around and slapped him. i was just in shock. Once second they were making out and now they looked like they wanted to kill each other. I just moved closer to the door. I didn’t want to get involved in whatever was going on between them}

Nick’s POV

{Tegan had ruined everything for me! i made Leah cry because Tegan kissed me! i kno i was wrong to lead her on but she shouldn’t have kissed me like that. i looked over at Leah who was looking out the window. I just wanted to talk to her and explain what happened but i don’t think she will ever talk to me again}

Joe  -- does anyone want to stop for something to eat?

Tegan  -- i made some-----

Nick  -- lets stop!

Joe  -- kay

{Tegan glared at me but i was not going to eat something she made. It would probably kill me.}

Leah  -- when are we going to stop?

{that was the first time Leah spoke since we left, and her voice broke. I looked over at her again and she had tears in her eyes. But she wiped them fast when she saw me looking}

Joe  -- we’ll stop in about 20 minutes

Leah  -- kay

{after about 20 more minutes Joe parked the car and we went into a restaurant. I told the waitress that we needed two tables, with two people at each. Joe looked at me confused but i ignored him. I grabbed Leah’s arm and followed the waitress to one of the tables. Tegan and Joe sat down at the other table and Joe smiled at me a bit..he finally got it, he’s so slow sometimes. Leah was looking down at her menu and completely ignoring me.}

Nick  -- Leah..

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- i-----

Leah  -- i asked you if you and Tegan were together! Why didn’t you tell me then!

Nick  -- we aren’t together!

Leah  -- why did you kiss me if you like her!

Nick  -- i don’t like her! I like you!

{i felt something hard hit my head, and i looked down at the floor, rubbing the back of my head. There was a fork on the floor. I looked across the restaurant and saw Tegan. She had tears in her eyes and looked furious. But i would talk to her and explain things later, right now i just need to fix things with Leah}

Leah  -- if you don’t like her then why did you kiss her?

Nick  -- she kissed me Leah! And Tegan and i would hook up and stuff, but it was just physical

Leah  -- hook together

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- oh

{she looked back down at her menu, and i couldn’t be more confused.}

Nick  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- nothing

Nick  -- your not a virgin are you?

{she kept her eyes on her menu and i got my answer}

Nick  -- Leah-----

Leah  -- what are you going to get to eat?

Nick  -- um..i’m not sure

Tegan’s POV

{Nick didn’t even care that i was crying! I kno that he saw me, and he doesn’t even care. I’m not the crying type but i loved Nick. And he had just told Leah that he doesn’t even like me. i looked at Joe who was just in shock}

Joe  -- Tegan-----

Tegan  -- i’ll be back later!

{i walks past Nick and out of the restaurant. I just needed to get my anger and frustration out. I thot that Nick felt the same way. I kno that he’s all about being a shadowhunter so he can’t really be in a relationship but i thot he might still have feelings for me. i continued to let the tears roll down my cheeks. I could barely see anything now.

I walked down the road a bit. We were in the middle of no where. The restaurant was outside of the city but only by a couple miles. I had walked for more then a couple miles down the road and still didn’t reach the city. I decided to turn around and go back to the restaurant. We would probably be leaving soon. I kinda wanted to go back to the institute. But i knew that hiding from my problems never helps. I got closer to the restaurant when i heard a noise behind me. i turned around fast. There was nothing there so i turned back around.

I walked farther down the road and i could now see the restaurant in the distance. There was no one by the car yet so i guess they were still in the restaurant. Wich meant i would have enough time to fix my make up and make it seem like i was fine. I heard another sound behind me and turned around to see a large demon, at least 3  times my size infront me. i reached for my belt, where i usually had some form of weapon but not today. I started running back to the car, but i got knocked to the side. I landed on the ground and heard a sickening crack and a sharp pain in my arm. I screamed in pain, and I had hit my head hard when i fell so everything was starting to go blurry. The last thing i saw was the demon coming towards me and several more behind it, and then everything went black.

Nick’s POV

{it had been a while and Tegan still wasn’t back. we had finished eating and Leah and i were getting along again...well kinda}

Leah  -- Nick?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- are we going to go soon?

Nick  -- i think so

{i put some money on the table and Leah and i walked over to Joe , who had just paid for his food too}

Joe  -- we should go find Tegan and then we can go

Leah  -- do you think she’s okay?

Nick  -- i’m not sure, but she’ll pretend she’s okay

Joe  -- were do you think she went?

Nick  -- probably down the road..thats really the only way she could have gone

Joe  -- true, so should we walk down? Or drive down

Nick  -- we might as well walk, she can’t have gotten far

{we walked out of the restaurant and started walking down the road. I kept looking at Leah, she was smiling and i smiled a bit too. I thinking things are going to be okay with us. We walked down the road a bit more and Joe stopped.}

Nick  -- what?

{Joe pointed up the road a bit, and i moved Leah behind me without thinking. Up ahead there were at least 20 demons, and they were surrounding a dark haired girl, who wasn’t moving. Tegan}

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Chapter 14

Leah’s POV

{Nick pushed me behind him and i didn’t understand what was going on. I look around him, but all i saw was Tegan laying on the ground. I don’t see why he needed to push me out of the way for that. Nick started moving forward}

Joe  -- Nick you can’t just----

Nick  -- we don’t have a choice!

Leah  -- whats going on?

{Nick turned around to face me}

Nick  -- just stay back here okay?

{he kissed my head and ran over to where Tegan was with Joe following. I just stood there, i had no idea what else i could do. Nick told me to stay here, and he’s not the boss of me, but i guess i should just stay here. I sat down on the road and watched what Nick and Joe were doing.

They both now had weird blades out and they were swinging them around. Boys are so weird! They weren’t even trying to help Tegan. They were now starting to move down the road..farther from me and from Tegan. Boys are so stupid!

I got up and ran over to Tegan, i shook her a bit. She moved but she didn’t open her eyes. I kept shaking her}

Leah  -- come on Tegan! Wake up!

{i kept shaking her but it wasn’t helping. i looked over at Nick and Joe and they were still acting like idiots! They should be helping their friend! Not playing around with stupid blades. I rolled my eyes and continued to try and wake up Tegan.}

Leah  -- NICK!!!!

{he turned around to look at me and suddenly he body flew thru the air and landed a couple feet away from where he had been standing. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Nick started to get up, but was having trouble. I wanted to run over to him and make sure he was okay but now i’m thinking maybe they weren’t just hitting the air with those blades.

Nick slowly got up and brushed the dirt off of himself. He glanced at me and then turned back to Joe. A couple seconds later he looked back at me. i didn’t kno why tho}

Nick  -- LEAH MOVE!!!

{before i could find out why, i was knocked off my feet. I landed on the ground and looked around. I still couldn’t see anything. I closed my eyes really tight and then opened them..still nothing. That usually works in movies! I covered my head with my arms and started to cry. I didn’t kno what was going on. I looked up again and this time i saw a weird creature, who was much bigger then i was. I screamed and closed my eyes.

When i opened my eyes, Nick was slicing the blade in his hand thru the creature who had just been near me. i sat up and saw that Joe was doing the same to several more of the creatures down the i guess they weren’t hitting air after all. I just sat there on the road and watched. I don’t really kno what else to do.

I watched as each of the creatures fell and disappeared into thin air. I guess thats what happens when they die. After about 25 more minutes all of them were gone and Joe ran over to Tegan. I looked around but i couldn’t see Nick anymore. I couldn’t help but worry, what if he had gotten hurt? I looked down the road and saw Nick running over. He ran right past me and over to Tegan. He handed Joe one of those stele things and then came back over to me}

Nick  -- i told you to stay where you were!

Leah  -- i’m sorry

Nick  -- you could have been hurt

{he put his hand on my cheek and i looked at ground}

Leah  -- i’m sorry Nick

Nick  -- its okay

{he helped me up and we want over to where Tegan and Joe were. Joe was drawing lines on Tegan’s skin with the stele}

Leah  -- is she going to be okay?

Joe  -- i think so, Nick why don’t you take Leah back to the car

Nick  -- why me?

Joe  -- just go, we’ll be there in a couple minutes

Nick  -- fine

{Nick grabbed my arm and dragged me over to the car}

Leah  -- what were those?

Nick  -- demons

Leah  -- but the demon we saw last time looked human

{Nick rolled his eyes and i felt stupid again}

Nick  -- there are hundreds of different kinds of demons Leah

Leah  -- oh

{after a couple minutes Nick and i were in the back seat of the car again and Tegan got in the front seat. She looked okay for the most part, but she seemed a bit lost in thot. Joe got in the drivers seat}

Joe  -- Tegan are you -----

Tegan  -- i’m fine

Joe  -- okay

{Joe started the car and we were on our way again. I’m not really sure exactly where were going but i could tell it was going to be a long drive. Tegan had started listening to her ipod and Nick was looking out the window. I decided to leave him alone since he looked like he was thinking about something. I just looked out my window and watched the scenery as we drove by.

After a couple hours i was leaning against the car door with my eyes closed. I was still awake but everyone probably thot i was asleep. The ride has been so boring. It was so quiet so i was scared to say anything, i don’t like being tho one who breaks the silence}

Joe  -- do you think she’s asleep

Tegan  -- obviously Joe!

Joe  -- its not obvious!

Tegan  -- yes it is!

Nick  -- you guys shut up!

{i heard a door open, and then two more so i guess they all got out. I was about to open my eyes when my door opened and i fell. Someone caught me before i fell completely out of the car, and they picked me up. I could tell instantly that it was Nick. I opened my eyes and he smiled at me}

Nick  -- were you even asleep?

{i shook my head and he put me down}

Joe  -- Tegan and i are going to look around, and tmrw we can go see the werewolves

Nick  -- okay, Leah and i will set up here

{Joe nodded and then Tegan and him left. Nick opened the trunk of the car and took everything out. We set up the tent, wich was a lot bigger then i thot it would be. All the tents i’ve been in are really squishy but this one was huge. After we put everything we needed inside the tent we set up a camp fire. It was getting dark now so Tegan and Joe should be back soon}

Nick  -- are you cold?

Leah  -- no i’m fine

{Nick put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer. Before i knew what was happening Nick had pressed his lips to mine and i deepened it. He pulled me onto his lap and i wrapped my legs around his waist, straddling him. things were going to fast, and i kno Nick is experienced with stuff like this but i’m not. And i wasn’t ready for this. But Nick wouldn’t stop}

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Chapter 15

Nick’s Pov

{i was kissing Leah but she started to pull away, i grabbed the back of her head keeping her lips to mine. I wasn’t ready for this to end yet. She put her hands on my chest and tried to push me away, but she wasn’t very strong. I pulled away and pressed my forehead to hers}

Nick  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- Nick i’m a virgin

Nick  -- well lets change that

{i pressed my lips back to hers but she pulled away instantly}

Leah  -- i want my first time to be special

Nick  -- i am special, i’m a shadowhunter

{she rolled her eyes. I know what she means by special, she wants it to be romantic and stuff. But i’ve never done anything like that. i’ve never been in a relationship because shadowhunters aren’t supposed to}

Leah  -- thats not what i meant Nick

Nick  -- i kno

Leah  -- and i’m just not ready for that yet..

Nick  -- you mean sex?

{she bit her bottom lip and nodded. I smiled a bit, she was so cute. I mean she was actually nervous about sex. I kissed her head}

Leah  -- your not mad right?

Nick  -- of course not

{i was about to kiss Leah again, but i heard the crunching of leaves and Joe and Tegan came over}

Leah  -- how did it go?

{Tegan glared at Leah and i realized that she was still sitting on my lap with her legs around my waist. I guess she realized it to because she moved away from me fast}

Joe  -- it went well, we found out where they were staying

Tegan  -- we didn’t get to close tho, cuz it looked like there was a fight going on

Joe  -- and you don’t want to get in a fight with a werewolf

Leah  -- why not?

{Tegan rolled her eyes, and Leah blushed}

Joe  -- because they will rip you to shreds

Leah  -- but your shadowhunters

Tegan  -- werewolves are stonger..well when they are in wolf  form

Nick  -- so you kno where they are?

Joe  -- yeah its a couple miles from here

Leah  -- you walked miles?

{i almost forgot how Leah is about walking. But when your in the woods in the middle of no where you kinda have to walk}

Nick  -- it won’t be that far Leah

Leah  -- kay

Tegan  -- i just want to go to sleep. Being attacked by demons and then driving all day is really tiring

{Tegan went into the tent and Joe sat down. After Tegan went into the tent Leah moved closer to me and i put my arm around her. Joe looked at us for a second and then smiled a bit}

Joe  -- so your finally not being stupid?

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- you and Leah..your together right?

{i looked at Leah. I didn’t really kno if we were together. I mean we had been kissing and stuff but we never really talked about if we were together}

Leah  -- are we Nick?

Nick  -- do you want to be?

{she nodded and i smiled}

Nick  -- then i guess we are

{i pressed my lips to hers and she pulled away and looked at Joe blushing a bit}

Joe  -- its about time you have a real relationship

Nick  -- shut up Joe

Joe  -- i’m just saying that ever since you came to the institute you never once had a girlfriend

Nick  -- shadowhunter aren’t su----

Joe  -- Nick shut up! Thats not true!

Nick  -- yeah it is!

Leah  -- can we talk about something else?

Nick  -- sure

Leah  -- when are we getting up tmrw?

Joe  -- early, so i guess we should go to sleep now

Leah  -- kay

Nick  -- you can go into the tent and change and Joe and i will be in soon

{Leah nodded and went into the tent}

Joe  -- so i was thinking we could go to Asine on our way back to the institute

Nick  -- the shadowhunters city

Joe  -- well one of them, yeah

Nick  -- why?

Joe  -- because we haven’t been there in a while

Nick  -- this isn’t to go see Emily’s grave right?

Joe  -- no

Nick  -- are you sure

Joe  -- i’m sure

Nick  -- okay we can go on the way home

Joe  -- good, and i think Leah might like to see it

Nick  -- yeah maybe

Leah’s POV

{i woke up in the morning but kept my eyes closed. Someone was shaking me a bit so i guess it was time to wake up. I opened my eyes and saw Nick}

Nick  -- morning Leah

{he kissed my head, and i sat up}

Leah  -- what time is it?

Nick  -- you don’t want to kno. Just get ready and breakfast is outside

{Nick left the tent and i changed my clothes and got ready. When i walked out of the tent Tegan and Nick were eating and Joe handed me a plate. But i didn’t take it. I wasn’t very hungry. Joe seemed to understand because he put the food away.}

Nick  -- you should really eat something

Leah  -- i’m not hungry

Nick  -- don’t worry Tegan didn’t make it

{Tegan shot a death glare at Nick but he just ignored her. After everyone was finished Joe and Nick packed up a couple things and put them in the car. A couple minutes later we were walking thru the forest and i was already bored}

Leah  -- how much lo----

{Nick covered my mouth before i could finish my sentence and i glared at him}

Nick  -- if you walk a bit more then i’ll carry you

Leah  -- fine

{we walked for over an hour..well thats what if felt like. I hate walking i never wear the right shoes for it. But Nick was holding my hand so i couldn’t stop. After a couple more minutes i pulled my hand away from Nick and i stopped walking}

Nick  -- want me to carry you now?

{i nodded and he put me on his back, i wrapped my arms around his neck and rested my head on his back. i closed my eyes and fell asleep

When i woke up we were still walking. But i could see a camp site up ahead wich i guess is where the werewolves stay. I was getting a bit nervous. I mean i saw what those demons are like what if werewolves are just as bad?}

Nick  -- Leah?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- just checking if your awake

Joe  -- you sleep a lot

Leah  -- no i don’t

Joe  -- you kinda do

Leah  -- are we almost there?

Tegan  -- yeah its just another 10 or 15 minutes

Leah  -- kay

Nick  -- they know we’re coming right?

Joe  -- yeah Kevin sent a letter

Leah  -- a letter? You guys are shadowhunters and you send letters? Thats so old fashion

Nick  -- well its one of the only ways to contact werewolves

Leah  -- oh

{after a couple more minutes we reached the camp. There were a lot of tents, i didn’t even kno there was werewolves and now i can see there are going to be a lot. One of the guys..who i guess was a werewolf saw us and come over}

Joe  -- hi Brian

Brian  -- hey Joe, checking in?

Joe  -- yeah

Tegan  -- hi Brian

{Tegan bit her bottom lip and Brian smirked..and i’m pretty sure that something happened there. Nick put me down, but put his arm around my waist, keeping me close to him}

Joe  -- we’re here to see Zac

Brian  -- Zac isn’t pack leader anymore

Tegan  -- he isn’t?

Brian  -- no last night we got a new leader

Tegan  -- so Zac is----

Brian  -- dead,  yeah

Leah  -- he’s dead?! you killed your pack leader?!

{Nick covered my mouth}

Nick  -- ignore her, she doesn’t get it

Brian  -- well you can go into that tent, the new pack leader is in there

{Brian pointed to a tent and we all went over. Nick still covering my mouth. I kept trying to move his hand but he was stronger then me. we walked into the tent and there was another guy standing in there. Who i guess was the pack leader, he turned around and i recognized him immediately, he smirked at me}

Jake  -- hi Leah

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Chapter 16

Leah’s POV

Jake  -- hi Leah

Leah  -- what are you doing here?!

Jake   -- i should be asking you that!

Nick  -- she’s with us

{Nick put his arm around me and i looked at him. he looked furious. he pulled me closer to him and continued to glare at Jake. But Jake didn’t seem to care}

Joe  -- so i assume you know why we’re here

Jake  -- to check in?

Joe  -- yeah

Jake  -- well in case you didn’t know Shadowhunter we are just as good as you are, and we don’t need a baby sitter

Tegan  -- you don’t have to be a jerk! We’re just doing our job

Jake  -- your job? Aren’t you supposed to kill demons or something?

Tegan  -- yeah

Jake  -- so why are you checking in on our pack when you know nothing is wrong

Nick  -- well now that your pack leader i’m pretty sure something will go wrong!

{Jake glared at Nick, and Nick glared back at him. i wrapped my arms around Nick’s waist from the side. I didn’t feel comfortable with Nick making a werewolf mad. They glared at each other for a couple minutes and then Joe broke the silence}

Joe  -- we should get back to our camp

Jake  -- yeah you should

Joe  -- but we’re sticking around for a couple days, so we’ll be coming back and checking on how your running things

Jake  -- as long as you bring her..

{he smirked at me}

Jake  -- i don’t have a problem

{Nick moved towards Jake, but i held his arm and he stopped}

Joe  -- we’ll see you tmrw

Jake  -- whatever

{we left the tent and walked about 10 minutes away from the werewolves camp, before Nick went crazy..}

Nick  -- who the hell does he think he is?!

Joe  -- Nick-----

Nick  -- he was that guy you were dancing with at Tric right?

{i nodded, i didn’t really want to think about that. i used to like Jake, like really liked him. i had no idea he was a werewolf. And his stupid friend tried to rape me. i flinched and sadly Nick noticed}

Nick  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- i’m fine

Nick  -- what did he do to you?

Leah  -- nothing, but it was his friend..the one you saved me from

Nick  -- that was his friend?!

Leah  -- yeah

Tegan  -- what are you guys talking about?

Nick  -- nothing

Joe  -- its not nothing!

Leah  -- can we talk about something else?

Nick  -- do you think you can walk the whole way?

Leah  -- i think so

Nick  -- okay

{Nick looked at the ground, he looked..upset?}

Leah  -- Nick?

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- can you carry me again?

{he looked at me and smiled a bit}

Nick  -- sure

{Nick put me on his back and we kept walking. Tegan looked mad, but i’m sure she will get over Nick soon. I mean she seems to have hooked up with every guy we meet. And Joe just looked..well like Joe. i rested my head on Nick’s back and waited till we got back to our camp.

We got back in less time then it took to get there. And Tegan started making dinner, with Joe’s help...hopefully Joe will make it edible. Nick and i were in the tent. Nick was reading a book on runes and i was just doing..well nothing}

Leah  -- how long do you think it will be till dinner?

Nick  -- you really want to eat dinner?

Leah  -- i’m really hungry

Nick  -- so you and Jake...

Leah  -- we aren’t talking about that. in a couple days we get back to the institute and we never have to see or talk about Jake again

Nick  -- fine

{Nick put the book of runes away and moved closer to me}

Nick  -- i hated the way he looked at you

Leah  -- Nick-----

Nick  -- Leah i-----

{i kissed him before he could finished his sentence. I would do just about anything right now so we wouldn’t have to talk about Jake. Nick deepened the kiss and layed me back on my mattress. I pulled away a bit and Nick moved down and started kissing my neck}

Leah  -- Nick...Nick stop

{Nick kissed me and then layed down next to me}

Nick  -- i’m sorry, i forgot your still a virgin

Leah  -- well maybe that might change..

{Nick smirked, and leaned in closer to me, but i blocked him with my hand}

Leah  -- but its not going to change in a tent

Nick  -- fine..when we get back to the institute?

Leah  -- yeah

{Nick kissed me and Joe came in}

Joe  -- dinners ready

{we all left the tent and ate dinner. After dinner we basically just went to bed. Walking all day is tiring..even tho i barely did any walking. i was laying on my mattress, wich wasn’t even really a mattress. I couldn’t wait to get back to the institute so i could sleep in a real bed. I looked next to me and Tegan was sleeping. and i could hear Joe snoring a bit too. I giggled a bit and slowly fell asleep.

                        ***                                ***                           ***

I woke up when i heard a noise outside the tent. I sat up fast. There were shadows moving outside the tent. I shook Tegan who was next to me. she woke up and looked like she was about to yell at me, but then she looked at the wall of the tent}

Tegan  -- Nick! Joe! Wake up!

Joe  -- its the middle of the night!

Tegan – theres something outside you idiot!

{both Joe and Nick sat up fast}

Nick  -- whats going on?

Tegan  -- i donno

{Tegan got out of the tent}

Joe  -- is she crazy! She doesn’t know whats out there

Nick  -- come on

{Nick and Joe got out of the tent and i followed them. Around the tent were atleast a hundred werewolves, all in wolf form with their teeth bared. A couple growled and Jake stepped forward...he was the only one in human form}

Nick  -- what do you think your doing?!

Joe  -- downworlders can’t attack shadowhunters, its against the law!

Jake  -- well its not like anyone will ever know

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Chapter 17

Nick’s POV

{after we finished dinner we all went to bed. I fell asleep almost instantly, and had the most amazing dream..

I was sitting on my bed back at this institute; Leah has told me to wait in my room. I’m not sure why but i could tell she was planning something cuz she had been smiling all day. I layed back on my bed and waited..something that i have never been good at. Leah came in, wearing a robe}

Leah  -- hi Nicky

Nick  -- hi baby

{she came over to the bed, and sat on my stomach, she took her robe off, showing me her black lace bra and thong. I could already feel myself getting hard}

Nick  -- are you sure you want to?

{she nodded and pressed her lips to mine. I deepened the kiss and flipped us over so i was on top. She pulled my shirt over my head and i started kissing her neck, she moaned and i started sucking her neck. She pulled my head back to hers and kissed me, running her hands thru my hair. I deepened it and un hooked her bra}

Leah  -- Nick-----

Nick  -- shh

{i kissed her neck down to her stomach, and pulled her thong off with my teeth. Leah pulled my pants off with my boxers, she handed me a condom..but i was going to tease her a bit first. I kissed up her leg and she moaned as i got closer to her pussy}

Leah  -- Nick...please don’t tease me

Nick  -- what fun would that be?

Leah  -- please Nick

Nick  -- fine

{i put the condom on and was about to go into her...

But thats when i snapped back into reality and the dream faded away. What the hell! I am going to kill who ever woke me up! That was the best dream and now it was over. I opened my eyes and looked around. Leah and Tegan were both sitting up and they both looked scared}

Tegan  -- Nick! Joe! Wake up!

Joe  -- its the middle of the night!

Tegan – theres something outside you idiot!

{i sat up fast, and so did Joe}

Nick  -- whats going on?

Tegan  -- i donno

{Tegan got out of the tent}

Joe  -- is she crazy! She doesn’t know whats out there

Nick  -- come on

{i grabbed a my stele and a couple small weapons, and put them in my pockets. i got out of the tent and Joe followed me. i looked around. I should have guessed Jake would try and do something like this. Surrounding the tent on all sides were werewolves, to many for just me Joe and Tegan to fight. Leah came out and i remembered that even if i wanted to fight Jake i couldn’t because there would be no one protecting Leah. Jake walked thru the crowds of werewolves, he was in his human form tho}

Nick  -- what do you think your doing?!

Joe  -- downworlders can’t attack shadowhunters

Jake  -- well its not like anyone will ever know

Leah  -- Jake please..

{i looked over at Leah, she had tears streaming down her cheeks. She must be terrified; she not used to stuff like this. I started to move over to her}

Jake  -- stay where you are shadowhunter!

{i glared at him}

Nick  -- what the hell do you want?!

Tegan  -- Jake you can’t------

Jake  -- i can do whatever i want!

Tegan  -- no you can’t! your breaking the law!

{i heard something in my ear, it was Joe whispering and i know that no one else could hear, because i could barely hear}

Joe  -- if they attack, take Leah and run

{he whispered in my ear}

Joe  -- and don’t try and be the hero Nick, because it will just get Leah killed

{he whispered again. Its like he read my mind. Running away isn’t something i do. But if its the only way to keep Leah safe i don’t really have a choice. I looked at Jake and he looked like he was hesitating. Maybe he would just leave. I looked over at Leah who still looked scared to death. Tegan was next to her and looked fine, but she was good at hiding her emotions..sometimes}

Leah  -- Jake...

{Jake turned to her and smirked, i hate it when he smirks at her!}

Jake  -- you come with me baby and i’ll leave your little shadowhunter friends alone

Nick  -- she’s not going with you!

{my hand twitched towards my pocket, but we were outnumbered so there was no point trying to hurt Jake..not yet anyways}

Leah  -- i’ll go with you Jake

Nick  -- WHAT!

{is she crazy! I would never let her go with him! i would rather die!}

Leah  -- Nick he’ll leave you guys alone

Jake  -- smart girl

Nick  -- your not going Leah!

Leah  -- yes i am!

Nick  -- no your not!

Leah  -- Nick-----

Nick  -- Leah you aren’t going!

Joe  -- he’s right Leah, you can’t go

Tegan  -- sure she can

{i hit Tegan and she rolled her eyes}

Tegan  -- fine she shouldn’t go

Jake  -- have it your way

{Jake looked behind him and nodded to the werewolves. The all leaped towards us and i grabbed Leah’s arm and pulled her away as one tried to attack her. I held onto her arm tight and ran thru the trails in the forest. I could tell Leah was having a hard time keeping up with me, but i really couldn’t slow down}

Leah  -- Nick! What about Joe and Tegan!

Nick  -- they’ll be fine

{i was sure she would be able to tell that i was lying. Well not lying but unsure of what might happen with Joe and Tegan. But Leah seemed to believe me because she stopped asking about them. I kept running and i heard a noise behind us. I was sure some of the werewolves would follow us, but as i heard them come closer i could tell there were a lot more then i thot there would be. I started running faster..wich was a mistake because Leah was having a hard time keeping up before.

Within a couple seconds Leah’s arm got pulled away from me and i heard a sickening crack and then Leah screamed. I turned around and Leah was on the ground holding her ankle, and crying. I ran back over to her and picked her up. But it was to late, the werewolves had caught up with us..}

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Chapter 18

Leah’s POV

{Nick was running thru the trails holding on to my arm. I could barely keep up with him. i had never ran this much or this fast in my whole life. I looked behind us and saw werewolves running after us. I can’t believe Jake would do this to me! Nick started running faster and i tried to keep up, but i couldn’t. he was running to fast and i tripped. My arm was pulled from Nick’s and my ankle got twisted when i fell to the ground and i heard a sickening crack and pain shot thru my leg. I screamed and Nick turned around. He ran back over to me and picked me up. He looked behind me and i looked to. The werewolves were really close now and i don’t think we can out run them}

Leah  -- Nick...

Nick  -- shh!

Leah  -- Nick i-----

{Nick started running again while carrying me. i wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my head into his chest. I felt more tears streaming down my cheeks. I just wanted to go home, back to that stupid foster home. I never should have came with Nick, it was the stupidest thing i ever did!}

Nick  -- Leah you’ll be okay, i promise

{i looked up at him, and wiped my tears and then glared at him}

Leah  -- don’t promise that!

Nick  -- Leah i’m sorry, i should have left you at the institute

Leah  -- i wouldn’t have stayed there tho

{Nick smiled a bit, but barely. We were still running but i could hear the werewolves behind us. Within a couple of seconds Nick was pushed to the ground and i went flying out of his arms. I landed a couple feet away from him}

Joe’s POV

{after Nick took off with Leah most of the werewolves followed them. Wow i’m stupid how could i not consider that some would follow them. I looked around and there weren’t many left. Tegan was standing next to me with one arm behind her back. i looked at her arm and saw her whip in one hand. I remember when she got it, her mom gave it to her for Christmas one year. There was demon blood soaked into it aswell as silver and some other things.

She looked at me and i nodded a bit. She brot the whip out and hit Jake with it, knocking him of his feet. The werewolves moved closer and Tegan kept lashing the whip around. I ran back into the tent and grabbed a couple different sized blades and ran back out.

Jake was back on his feet and had a hand over his arm where part of the blade had hit him}

Jake  -- what the hell was that!

Tegan  -- oh don’t you like it? Its got silver in it

{Jake removed his hand from his arm. It was bleeding bad and the skin looked burned}

Tegan  -- i think you should go back to your camp!

Joe  -- unless you want all of the werewolves in your pack burned by the silver

{the werewolves started backing up, they didn’t even wait for Jake’s orders. Jake glared at us but didn’t tell the werewolves to stay or attack us again. Most of the werewolves went back to their camp, wich luckily wasn’t on the same path Nick and Leah went. The others stayed to make sure Jake didn’t get killed}

Jake  -- fine, we’ll go

Tegan  -- good!

{he glared at her, but she didn’t look like she cared she even smiled a bit}

Jake  -- but i would check on your little friends. How is a shadowhunter and a human girl going to beat a bunch of werewolves}

{Tegan’s smile faded fast. Jake smirked at us. I wanted to just take Tegan’s whip and put it to Jake’s throat, killing him. but we didn’t have time for that. Tegan ran off down the trail Nick and Leah took and i ran after her}

Leah’s POV

{i landed a couple feet away from Nick, but i wasn’t really hurt. My ankle was still hurting but other then that i was fine. I sat up a bit and looked for Nick. I saw him pinned down by a couple werewolves and the rest were standing around him. he had scratches all over his arms and his chest. I started to move towards him but fell again because of my weak ankle

I expected some of the werewolves to turn around and look at me but none did, they were all focused on Nick. They started attacking him, but not biting him, i guess they didn’t want to change him into a werewolf. i could see a lot of blood all over him and i felt sick to my stomach}

Leah  -- NICK!

{i heard Nick cough a bit as he tried to push the werewolves off but there were to many}

Nick  -- Leah get out of here!

{a couple werewolves turned around and looked at me, but then they turned back to Nick. I couldn’t just leave him there. I went over to the werewolves as fast as i could and pushed some away from Nick. They growled at me and pushed me to the ground}

Nick  -- Leave her alone!

{they ignored him and came closer to me. i tried to move away but one grabbed my ankle, the one that was twisted. I screamed in pain, tears rolling down my cheeks. Nick was still struggleing to get away from the other werewolves but grabbed some weird blade, and stabbed it into one of the werewolves. I closed my eyes tight.

I didn’t want to see something like that. after a couple seconds the werewolves moved away from me and i opened my eyes. They were all attacking Nick again. I started to move towards him so i could help, but something grabbed me by my hair and pulled me away}

Nick’s POV

{i closed my eyes cuz the loss of blood was getting to me. i could barely move, but those stupid werewolves wouldn’t stop! I grabbed another blade and tried to hit some of the werewolves. I hit a couple but there were still to many.

Just when i was sure there was no way i was getting out of this all the werewolves moved away from me and i saw Joe and Tegan. Tegan had her whip in her hand, i almost forgot about that. she lashed it out at a couple werewolves and they all went running.

Before i could get up Joe came over and pulled out a stele, i had never been more happy to see one in my whole life. He quickly drew some healing runes on my skin and within a couple of minutes i was almost fully healed. I stood up and looked around}

Joe  -- wheres Leah?

Nick  -- i donno, i guess she ran off

Tegan  -- instead of helping you?!

Nick  -- she wouldn’t be much help!

Tegan  -- i guess

Joe  -- she probably went this way

{Joe pointed down the trailer a bit further and we started walking. we didn’t walk far when i saw Leah laying on the ground. There was a werewolf standing over her, he was in wolf form and had a huge cut..that kinda looked like a burn on one of his legs...he looked different from the rest. and i was sure it was Jake. I started to run towards Leah but Joe grabbed my arm}

Joe  -- Nick don’t do something stupid!

{i glared at him, but he was right. Running towards werewolves was never a smart thing to do. We slowly walked over and Jake..or whoever this werewolf was turned to look at us. It looked like he was smirking and now i’m sure its Jake. Tegan reached for her whip, but Jake moved quickly and put his teeth to Leah’s skin, ready to bite her}

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Chapter 19

Nick’s POV

{seeing Leah’s expression right now hurt me more then anything ever has. I knew i shouldn’t have fallen in love. The only reason Jake is going to hurt Leah is because he knows that it would hurt me even more. Leah looked scared to death, but any human would if they had a stupid werewolf about to bite them. She sounded like she was whimpering a bit and i couldn’t take it anymore}

Nick  -- Jake don’t!

{he turned to look at me for a second, wich was a stupid mistake. Tegan reacted quicker then i thot she would and lashed her whip out, wrapping it around one of Jake’s paw. She pulled him away from Leah, but as he went he dig his claws into Leah’s thigh and as Tegan pulled him his claws ran down her leg. She screamed.

I ran to Leah’s side, i took out my stele, but remembered that it can only mark shadowhunters with runes. She was still screaming and kept touching the wound wich would just make it worse. I grabbed her hands and held her still}

Nick  -- Leah stop!


Nick  -- Joe-----

{Joe came over and looked at the cut and tried to help Leah. All i wanted to do right now was kill Jake! I turned around to see Tegan running thru the trailer. I looked around and Jake was gone. I looked over at Leah}

Joe  -- i’ll take her back to the car Nick, just go after Jake

{i nodded and ran thru the trails after Tegan and Jake. i kept running and soon i saw Tegan and Jake up ahead. Jake was in his human form now and Tegan still had her whip in her hand}

Nick  -- Jake!

Jake  -- what?

Nick  -- do you have any idea what you did!

{Jake rolled his eyes and Tegan lashed the whip out at him, barely missing him}

Tegan  -- you have broken nearly every law!

Jake  -- thats just because the laws are made so we can’t do anything! And you stupid shadowhunters can do whatever you want

Nick  -- just because you don’t think its fair doesn’t mean you can break the law!

Jake  -- we barely broke the law

Tegan  -- you can’t attack a shadowhunter! And -----

Jake  -- none of you stupid shadowhunters got hurt!

Nick  -- Leah’s hurt!

Jake  -- she’s not a shadowhunter!

{he was right, he wouldn’t get in trouble because Leah wasn’t a shadowhunter and Joe Tegan and I didn’t get hurt. I just wanted to kill him but Tegan hurt him first. She lashed the whip out again and it hit Jake’s arm}

Jake  -- bitch!

Tegan  -- filthy mutt!

{they both glared at each other. I could tell Tegan was going to attack him again but i heard Joe calling us. As much as i wanted to hurt Jake i knew helping Leah had to come first}

Nick  -- Tegan we have to go

Tegan  -- you are so lucky Jake!

{she hit him with the whip one more time and then started running back to the car, i followed her and looked behind us to see Jake back in wolf form running thru the trees. We ran back to the car and everything was already packed up and put into the back of the car. Leah was laying in the back seat and Joe was waiting in the driver’s seat. Tegan got into the passenger’s seat and i sat in the back with Leah}

Joe  -- so where are we going?

Tegan  -- back to the institute?

Nick  -- it will take to long

Joe  -- then the nearest hospital

Nick  -- what are we supposed to say?! She got attacked by a werewolf?

Tegan  -- then where do we go?

Joe  -- Nick what about Asine?

Tegan  -- is that the closest shadowhunter city?

Nick  -- yeah it is, there will be someone there who can help her

{Joe started driving and i looked at Leah, she was really pale and her leg was still bleeding}

Leah  -- Nick?

Nick  -- yeah?

{i brushed a piece of hair out of her face and kissed her forehead. She looked so weak right now, almost like she was barely still alive, tears rolled down her cheeks and she moved her hand back to where the cut was}

Leah  -- Nick it really hurts

Nick  -- don’t worry Leah we’ll get to Asine soon

{Leah’s body started shaking a bit and her eyes rolled into the back of her head}

Nick  -- Leah?

Tegan  -- what happening?

Nick  -- she’s having a fit or something

{i looked down at Leah’s leg and the cut was turning black around the edges. her leg was slowly turning darker and there was white and grey liquids coming out of the cut along with blood. Leah kept twitching and shaking}

Nick  -- Joe what happened after we left

Joe  -- i brot her to the car and used some leaves to wipe the blood from her leg

Nick  -- leaves?! What kind of leave?!!

Joe  -- a couple different kinds

Tegan  -- any weird leaves?

Joe  -- there were a couple i hadn’t seen before?

{Tegan looked back at Leah’s cut and glared at Joe}

Tegan  -- were any of those leaves dark burgundy and kind of star shaped

Joe  -- yeah why?

Tegan  -- those are poisonous Joe!

Joe  -- what?

Nick  -- you poisoned her?!

{i looked back at Leah and she was foaming at her mouth, how could Joe do this! How could he be so stupid! Leah started coughing and screaming}

Nick  -- Joe drive faster we have to get to Asine now!

{Joe drove faster, and i just feel completely helpless. Leah was dying and there was nothing i could do about it. Joe kept driving for a couple of minutes until we reached the end of the road. We all got out of the car quick and i picked up Leah.}

Joe  -- we’re not to far from the city but we have to walk from here

Nick  -- you mean we have to run from here

Tegan  -- he’s right Joe we don’t have much time

{Joe and Tegan grabbed a couple things from the back of the car and we all started running into the city. We weren’t far from the city when i saw flames. Tegan and Joe and i slowed down. The shadowhunters city was in flames, and the scent of demons was everywhere}

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Chapter 20

Nick’s POV

Joe  -- Nick-----

Nick  -- we don’t have time to stop Joe!

{i started heading to the city again, i didn’t care if it was in flames Leah was hurt and she could die at any second. I could hear Joe and Tegan running behind me but i didn’t slow down. It was a couple minutes before i reached the town. All of the buildings were black and burned. A couple we’re still in flames and the scent of demons was even stronger here. Tegan came up to me with Joe just behind her}

Tegan  -- there should be something to help Leah in that store there, i’ve been there before

{i looks at the store Tegan had pointed to. She ran into the store and i followed her. When i walked in a laid Leah down on the couch that was inside as Tegan searched through the different bottles on the shelves. Soon Tegan was by my side with some kind of medication in her hand}

Tegan  -- you should go help Joe

Nick  -- no i’m staying

Tegan  -- fine

{Tegan took the lid off of the bottle and poured the liquid on Leah’s leg, it started to bubble and i felt sick to my stomach. Leah started squirming and i held her down. Tegan ran back over to the shelves and grabbed another bottle}

Nick  -- are you sure you know what your doing?

Tegan  -- pretty sure

{she came back over and opened the bottle, inside was a cream that she spread on the skin around the cut}

Tegan  -- Nick can you go into the back and look for a cup and fill it with water?

Nick  -- why?

Tegan  -- because she’ll need water

Nick  -- fine

{i walked into the back of the store, almost everything was burned. I searched the room and found a cup, i quickly filled it with some tap water and walked back over to Tegan and Leah. The cut on Leah’s leg was starting to fade and she was no longer as pale. After a couple minutes the cut was completely healed and Leah slowly opened her eyes}

Leah  -- Nick?

{her voice was barely there and she started coughing. I handed her the cup of water and she drank it}

Nick  -- how are you feeling?

Leah  -- dizzy

Tegan  -- Nick we should go and find Joe

Nick  -- okay

{Leah started to get up, but fell to the ground holding her ankle. I had almost forgotten she hurt it when we were running away from the werewolves. I picked her up and put her on my back. she wrapped her arms around my neck and i walked out of the store with Tegan behind me}

Tegan  -- any idea where Joe might be?

Nick  -- yeah i have an idea

{i walked down the street and Tegan followed me. i still can’t understand how demons could have attacked the city. There were hundreds off different protections surrounding the city and there are also guards on the lookout at all times. But right now there wasn’t anyone here. Everything was completely destroyed. i walked to the cemetery and over to Joe}

Nick  -- Joe why did you come here?

Joe  -- because i miss her

{Joe wiped a couple tears from his cheeks. We were standing by Emily’s grave. After her death Joe came here almost every day even tho the institute is nowhere near Asine}

Tegan  -- did you find any demons?

Joe  -- no, i searched the whole city and i couldn’t find any

Nick  -- they must have left just before we got here

Joe  -- thats what i was thinking..but why would they attack the city?

Nick  -- i donno, we should get back to the institute and tell Kevin what happened

Leah  -- we can’t leave yet

Nick  -- why not?

Leah  -- because theres someone here

Joe  -- no there isn’t i looked everywhere

Leah  -- yes there is!

{Leah got off my back and limped off}

Nick  -- where is she going?

Tegan  -- i donno

Joe  -- we should probably go with her tho, in case there is a demon out there

Nick  -- i thot you said  you searched the city

Joe  -- i did

{Joe walked off in the direction Leah went and Tegan and I followed. Leah had gotten quite far ahead for someone who can barely walk. When we found her she was on her knees on the ground. As we walked closer i saw something in her arms. She was holding a little girl, who couldn’t be older then two}

Nick  -- Leah what------

Leah  -- shh, she’s really scared

{Leah stood up and came closer to us}

Tegan  -- Nick what are we going to do?

Nick  -- we’ll take her back to the institute

Tegan  -- are you sure?

Nick  -- Tegan she’s just a little kid, she can’t be left here on her own

{Joe took the little girls arm and looked at it}

Joe  -- she’s been marked, so she’s a shadowhunter

Tegan  -- of course she is Joe, we’re in a shadowhunter city!

Leah  --  so your saying that this little girl gets to be a shadowhunter, but i can’t be?

Nick  -- you have to be born a shadowhunter Leah

Leah  -- whatever

{we slowly walked back to the car. We would have been able to go faster if Leah wasn’t walking on her own. The little girl we found wouldn’t let go of Leah wich meant Leah had to walk on her own. We reached the car and all got in. Joe started driving home and i looked at Leah who was sitting next to me}

Nick  -- you can look after her right?

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- well she only seems to like you

Leah  -- yeah sure..i can look after her

                            ***                                ***                               ***

{it was dark before we got back to the institute. Leah was asleep with the little girl in her arms. I shook her a bit and she woke up}

Leah  -- whats going on?

Nick  -- we’re home

Leah  -- we are?

Nick  -- yeah

{Leah and i got out of the car, Tegan and Joe had already gone inside. We walked inside and Leah took the little girl up to her room. I followed her and stood by the door}

Nick  -- are you going to go to bed?

Leah  -- i think so

Nick  -- okay i’ll see you in the morning

{i started to leave but Leah kept talking}

Leah  -- do you think Kevin has the test results?

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Chapter 21

Leah’s POV

Leah  -- do you think Kevin has the test results?

Nick  -- um, i’m not sure. We can ask him in the morning

Leah  -- okay

Nick  -- i’ll see you in the morning

{he walked back over to me, pecked my lips and then left. i still held the little girl in my arms and she giggled a bit, i smiled at her and sat her on the bed}

Leah  -- whats your name sweetie?

{the little girl crawled under the covers so she was completely hidden. I pulled the blanket down and layed on the bed, after a while she came up to where i was and sat beside me}

Little Girl  -- my name is Izzy

Leah  -- short for Isabelle?

{the little girl nodded, she was so cute}

Leah  -- well i’m Leah

Izzy  -- i know..them other people was talking bout you

{i looked over at the clock, it was really late. Way to late for a toddler to be awake. I layed her down on the bed and pulled the covers over us. I could tell she was tired because she was having a hard time keeping her eyes open.}

Leah  -- you can go to sleep

Izzy  -- no

Leah  -- why  not?

Izzy   -- no!

Leah  -- come on Izzy, i’m going to sleep too

Izzy  -- you are?

Leah  -- yeah

Izzy  -- okay

{within a couple minutes Izzy was asleep and i got off the bed. She moved a bit but didn’t wake up. i quietly walked to Nick’s room and went in. He was laying on his bed, reading a book on runes. He looked up when i came in and i walked over to the bed}

Nick  -- is the little girl asleep?

Leah  -- yeah..her name is Izzy

Nick  -- did she say anything else?

Leah  -- not about her family or anything, if thats what you mean

{Nick patted the bed next to him, and i got on. I layed next to him and he wrapped his arms around me}

Nick  -- you know you said you wanted to wait until we got back to the institute..

Leah  -- wait for what?

Nick  -- wait for me to take your virginity

{Nick started kissing my neck and it took me a while to realize what was happening. I pushed Nick away and he looked at me confused}

Nick  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- i told you i want my first time to be special

Nick  -- and i told you i am special

Leah  -- i know you are..

{i kissed him, he deepened it and i pulled away}

Leah  -- ..but now isn’t the right time

Nick  -- why not?

Leah  -- it just isn’t

Nick  -- come on Leah please

{he started kissing my neck again and i pushed him off and quickly got off the bed}

Nick  -- Leah-----

{i shook my head and left. i heard Nick calling after me but i ignored him and went to my room. Izzy was still asleep. She had was hugging part of the blanket. I smiled, she looked so cute. I got on the bed, layed down and slowly fell asleep}

                                  ***                         ***                              ***

{i woke up in the morning because Izzy was jumping on the bed, i opened my eyes and she fell on the bed}

Izzy  -- morning

Leah  -- you shouldn’t jump on the bed

{i got off the bed and Izzy jumped into my arms, i laughed and she rested her head on shoulder. I carried her downstairs and into the kitchen where Tegan was making}

Tegan  -- morning Leah

Leah  -- good morning Tegan

Tegan  -- did you get a name

Leah  -- yeah, her name is Izzy

Tegan  -- aww Izzy, thats so cute

{Izzy looked at Tegan and then quickly buried her face into my neck. I rubbed her back a bit, but she didn’t look up again}

Tegan  -- is she okay?

Leah  -- i donno

{Tegan put a plate of food infront of me and Izzy looked at it, she turned around so she was sitting on my lap with her back to me and she started eating. She basically inhaled the food and held the plate out to Tegan}

Izzy  -- more please

{Tegan smiled and put more food on the plate and Izzy started eating again. after a couple minutes Nick came into the room and saw Izzy eating}

Nick  -- Tegan you didn’t make that did you?

Tegan  -- yeah i did

Nick  -- and she’s actually eating it?

{Tegan glared at Nick}

Tegan  -- i guess someone likes my cooking

Nick  -- are you sure she isn’t just starving, i mean people will eat almost anything when they are starving

Tegan  -- Nick----

Nick  -- never mind, Leah are we okay? I mean last night----

Leah  -- its okay Nick

Nick  -- good..and Kevin wants to see you

Leah  -- um okay

{i started to move Izzy off of me so i could get up, but she grabbed onto my shirt. When i tried making her let go she just held on tighter}

Leah  -- Izzy----

Izzy  -- don’t leave me

{i saw tears forming in her eyes. I felt bad so i picked her up and followed Nick out of the room}

Nick  -- Joe went to see if Sophie wants to come over

Leah  -- good, i missed her

Nick  -- i thot you might have

{we walked to the library and Kevin was sitting in a chair near the fire place. Nick and i sat down on the couch and he looked at us confused}

Kevin  -- who is that?

Nick  -- um Leah?

Kevin  -- not Leah! The little girl! Who is she?!

{tears rolled down Izzy’s cheeks and i held her close to me}

Leah  -- we found her in Asine

{right away i knew that i had said something wrong because Kevin looked furious and Nick put his head in his hands}

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Chapter 22

Leah’s POV

{i looked from Nick to Kevin. And then to Izzy, she looked up at me and i wiped her tears}

Nick  -- Kevin-----


Nick  -- no we-----


Leah  -- whats going on?

Nick  -- Kevin we had to go into Asine!

Kevin  -- why?!

Nick  -- because Leah was really hurt!

Leah  -- um i just-----

Kevin  -- Leah why don’t you go take that little girl----

Leah  -- Izzy

Kevin  -- take Izzy to get something to eat

Leah  -- but----

Kevin  -- just go!

{i got up, and Izzy wrapped her arms around my neck. I carried her out of the room and closed to door behind me. i heard Nick and Kevin screaming at each other but i couldn’t really tell what they were saying. I walked back to the kitchen and sat Izzy down on one of the seats}

Izzy  -- no!

{she reached her arms up to me and i picked her up again. then i sat down with Izzy on my lap}

Tegan  -- she’s kinda clingy

Leah  -- just a bit

Izzy  -- no

Tegan  -- yes

Izzy  -- no!

Tegan  -- ye----

Leah  -- drop it Tegan

Tegan  -- fine

 {we sat there for a couple more minutes. Tegan was eating and reading a book on demons. Izzy was drawing with some pencil crayons...i don’t really know if you can call it drawing tho, it just looked like a bunch of random lines to me. i heard the front door close and then Joe came in with Sophie}

Leah  -- hi Sophie

Sophie  -- i missing something

Leah  -- what?

Sophie  -- how long were you guys gone?

Joe  -- not that long

Sophie  -- well last time i checked it takes a long time to make a baby

Leah  -- oh, she’s not mine. We found her

Tegan  -- she was abandoned in Asine

Sophie  -- how was the trip

Leah  -- bad

Joe  -- well you weren’t supposed to come

Leah  -- whatever

{i picked up Izzy and walked out of the room, and upstairs. I heard Sophie talking to Tegan and Joe, sometimes i really feel like she is their friend now and not mine. I walked down the hall to Nick’s room and walked in}

Nick  -- what do you want?

{I sat Izzy down in one of the chairs and sat next to Nick on the bed}

Leah  -- i’m sorry Nick, i didn’t know that-----

Nick  -- its fine, just go

Leah  -- but-----

Izzy  -- come on lets go

{Izzy climbed off her chair, then came over to the bed and grabbed my hand. She tried to move me away from the bed, but she wasn’t strong enough}

Nick  -- just go Leah

Leah  -- no, not till you tell me whats going on

{i picked up Izzy and sat her on my lap. i wasn’t going to leave until Nick told me what was going on. I may not be a shadowhunter but i have been spending enough time with them and i deserve to know whats going on}

Nick  -- Leah it doesn’t really involve you

Leah  -- if it involves you then it involves me! now tell me!

Nick  -- i’ll tell you tonight, when you aren’t baby sitting

Leah  -- fine

{i picked up Izzy and left. atleast Nick was going to tell me what was going on later. I walked back to my room and Sophie was looking thru my bookcase..well not mine, but the one in my room}

Sophie  -- this shadowhunter thing is really weird

Izzy  -- its not weird!

Leah  -- calm down Izzy

Sophie  -- so what happened while you were away?

Leah  -- um a lot

Sophie  -- well tell me

Leah  -- Sophie-----

Sophie  -- please?

Leah  -- fine

{i sat down on the bed, and sat Izzy next to me. Sophie sat down on the chair near the bed and i began telling her everything that had happened. from Tegan being attacked my demons, to us meeting Jake and finding out that he was a werewolf. And then how he ordered his pack to attack us and nearly bit me. i told her about how he sliced my leg open and Joe managed to poison me so we had to go to the shadowhunter city, wich was destroyed when we got there. and how i found Izzyalone in the streets.

When i finished telling Sophie everything that had happened, Izzy had fallen asleep and Sophie looked like she was in complete shock. She was just staring at me with her mouth open a bit. After a couple seconds of silence, i couldn’t take it any longer}

Leah  -- are you okay?

Sophie  -- you-----but-----wow

Leah  -- yeah..

Sophie  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- now i am yeah

Sophie  -- i can’t believe Jake is a werewolf

Leah  -- i know, and i can’t believe i used to like him

Sophie  -- yeah i know, what were you thinking

Leah  -- you used to like him too!

Sophie  -- yeah but your smarter then i am

{i rolled my eyes Sophie was always saying how i’m smarter, but i’m not really}

Sophie  -- so..whats going to happen now?

Leah  -- i’m not really sure

{i pulled the blanket over Izzy and Joe came in}

Joe  -- i set up a room down the hall for you Sophie, if you want to stay i mean

Sophie  -- um okay i’ll stay

Joe  -- i’ll show you the room

{Joe left with Sophie and i walked to Nick’s room. He was already in bed and looked a bit annoyed when i came in}

Nick  -- i thot you might forget

Leah  -- nope

{i got on the bed and he sat up}

Leah  -- so why was Kevin mad?

Nick  -- because the clave---

Leah  -- the what?

Nick  -- our government

Leah  -- oh..right

Nick  -- anyways the clave doesn't think that it was just demons who attacked the city

Leah  -- what do you mean?

Nick  -- they think that it was a shadowhunter who attacked the city

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Chapter 23

Leah’s POV

Leah  -- a shadowhunter? But Nick why would----

Nick  -- i don’t know why Leah! But thats what the Clave thinks happened

Leah  -- you really need to re name your government

{Nick rolled his eyes, and layed back down on the bed. I layed down next to him.  why would a shadowhunter attack its own city?..i mean there are only a couple shadowhunter cities around so why destroy one? I looked over at Nick and his eyes, were closed. I shook him a bit}

Nick  -- what do you want!

Leah  -- are you okay?

Nick  -- no i’m not!

Leah  -- is it my fault?

Nick  -- kinda!

{i moved away from Nick, and he glared at me. i don’t know what i did, i mean a couple days ago we were doing so well and now he’s mad at me. i felt tears forming in my eyes and i tried to blink them away, but it was to late some already rolled down my cheeks}

Leah  -- w---what did i d---do?

Nick  -- you didn’t do anything on purpose Leah

{he wipes my tears away with his thumb and kissed my head}

Leah  -- then why are you upset?

Nick  -- because we went to Asine

Leah  --  that wasn’t my fault

Nick  -- well we wouldn’t have gone if you hadn’t hurt your leg

Leah  -- yeah but it wasn’t my fault!

Nick  -- okay fine it wasn’t your fault

Leah  -- who cares if we went to Asine?

Nick  -- the clave, they think the attack was my fault

Leah  -- what?! why would they think that!

Nick  -- i don’t know, but now i have to go meet them

Leah  -- will you get in trouble

Nick  -- i don’t know Leah

{how could they think Nick was behind the attack, i mean Joe Tegan and i were there why do they only think Nick was behind it? i hugged Nick, i didn’t know what else to do.  I couldn’t even imagine how he felt right now. He didn’t hug back at first, but then i felt his arms around me and i smiled a bit. We stayed like that for a while, i just felt so safe. And then i heard the door open}

Joe  -- Nick i----whats going on?

{Nick pushed me away a bit}

Nick  -- nothing, we were just talking

Joe  -- and hugging

Nick  -- yeah

Joe  -- Kevin told me whats going on

Nick  -- oh

Joe  -- i’m so sorry Nick, i don’t know why they think its you

Leah  -- me either, Nick would never do anything like that

Joe  -- Kevin also said he wanted to do some tests on Izzy, to try and find out who her family is

Nick  -- well he can do that tmrw

{i don’t know how some tests will help Kevin find Izzy’s family, and i kinda don’t want him too. I like having Izzy around. I heard yelling coming from my room. And in a couple minutes Izzy was at the door, tears rolling down her cheeks. She ran over to me and hugged me}

Leah  -- Izzy whats wrong?

Izzy  -- i couldn’t find you

{Nick rolled his eyes and i glared at him}

Leah  -- i should put her back to bed, i’ll see you guys in the morning

{i walked out of the room with Izzy and went to my own room. Izzy climbed on the bed and pulled the blanket over herself. I got on the bed next to her and got under the covers. In a couple minutes Izzy was asleep and i was staring at the ceiling.

I couldn’t sleep, not when i knew Nick was in trouble over something he didn’t do.  I don’t really know how shadowhunter laws and stuff work. Or what kind of punishment they use. But i’m sure its not good, i mean these are people who kill demons just for being demons.

I layed awake for atleast 2 hours before i finally fell asleep..}

Nick’s POV

{i woke up in the morning, and looked next to me. i don’t know why i expected to see Leah, but i did. And i felt a big bad when she wasn’t there. i sat up and got out of bed. I got dressed and then walked out of my room. I couldn’t hear anyone talking so i guess everyone was still asleep. I walked down the hall to Leah’s room and went in. she was fast asleep and Izzy was beside her. I walked over to the bed and shook Leah a bit}

Leah  -- what?

{she slowly opened her eyes and looked at me. the second she saw me she jumped out of bed}

Leah  -- hi Nick

{i laughed a bit, and she blushed. She was so cute}

Nick  -- morning beautiful

{she blushed more}

Nick  -- your so cute when you blush

Leah  -- i’m not blushing

Nick  -- yes you are

Leah  -- no i’m not, and i have to get changed

Nick  -- okay

Leah  -- wich means you have to get out

Nick  -- your no fun

{i left the room and waited outside the door. I don’t see why i can’t see her change, i mean we are a couple..kinda.  Leah came out of her room in a couple minutes and we went downstairs and into the library. Kevin was sitting in his usual chair, but he didn’t even look up when we can in}

Nick  -- Kevin?

Kevin  -- what do you want Nicholas

Nick  -- Nick

Kevin  -- whatever

Nick  -- you never told us about the test results

Kevin  -- well i don’t have time to talk right now, i am trying to fix your mess!

{before i could say another word Kevin stood up and left the room. Leah sat down on the couch and i sat next to her}

Leah  -- why do you care about those stupid test results anyways

Nick  -- i donno, i just want to know how you could see me

Leah  -- does it really matter?

 {i didn’t really feel like answering her question, so i leaned in a kissed her. She kissed back and then pulled away}

Leah  -- that doesn’t answer my question

{i rolled my eyes and kissed her again. i felt her smile into the kiss and deepen it}

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Chapter 24

Tegan’s POV

{i couldn’t sleep at all. I had been laying awake all night thinking about Nick and what happened in Asine. Anyone who thinks he destroyed the city is really stupid. Nick would never do anything like that. i looked at the time, 9:46. I got out of bed and walked to my closet. I grabbed some clothes and quickly changed. I tied my hair back in a pony tail and left the room.

I walked down the hall, i heard crying coming from Leah’s room..probably Izzy. I walked into the room and there she was crying hysterically. She looked up when i came in and ran over to me, hugging my leg}

Tegan  -- Izzy whats wrong?

Izzy  -- i couldn’t find anyone

{i picked up Izzy and she wrapped her arms around my neck}

Tegan  -- do you want to go look for Leah?

{she nodded and rested her head on my shoulder. I’m not sure why Izzy is so attached to Leah, i mean Izzy is a shadowhunter, not human. I walked downstairs and saw Kevin leave the library}

Tegan  -- um Kevin?

Kevin  -- what is it Tegan?

Tegan  -- um have you seen Leah or Nick?

Kevin  -- they are in the library

Tegan  -- okay thanks

{Kevin walked upstairs and i went into the library, where i saw Leah and Nick making out}

Izzy  -- ew gross!

{Leah pushed Nick away from her fast and blushed. I put Izzy down and she ran over to Leah, and hugged her}

Nick  -- is there something you want Tegan?

Tegan  -- Izzy wanted Leah

Nick  -- of course she did

{Nick got off the couch and left the room. I looked at Leah and she looked a bit upset. I ran after Nick and caught up with him as he was leaving the institute}

Tegan  -- Nick what are you doing?

Nick  -- i’m going for a walk

Tegan  -- just like that?

Nick  -- what?

Tegan  -- you don’t like Izzy do you

Nick  -- its not that i don’t like her, she just----well she----

Tegan  -- takes up a lot of Leah’s attention?

Nick  -- yeah

Tegan  -- i’m sure once she gets used to living here things will get better

Nick  -- maybe, i’ll see you later Tegan

{Nick left before i could say another word. he really needs to stop doing that}

Leah’s POV

{i took Izzy upstairs and into the room Sophie was sleeping in. Sophie was awake and sitting on her bed, looking at a book on shadowhunters}

Leah  -- hi Soph

Sophie  -- um hi

Leah  -- reading up on shadowhunters?

Sophie  -- yeah..just trying to understand a bit better

Leah  -- i was going to take Izzy to the park, do you want to come?

Sophie  -- sure

Izzy  -- we’re going to the park?

Leah  -- yeah

Sophie  -- we should also go shopping

Leah  -- Sophie i don’t have any money

Sophie  -- i’ll pay

Leah  -- Sophie----

Sophie  -- come on Leah, please

Leah  -- fine

{we left the institute and walked to the park first. Sophie and i sat on one of the benches while Izzy went to play with some other kids}

Sophie  -- this all seems so unreal

Leah  -- what?

Sophie  -- you know this whole shadowhunter thing, and Jake being a werewolf

Leah  -- i’ve gotten kinda used to it

Sophie  -- yeah well thats cuz you ditched me to go on that camping trip

Leah  -- i’m sorry Soph

Sophie  -- don’t be, i’m kinda happy i didn’t go..i mean you guys got attacked

Leah  -- yeah well----

{i didn’t get to finish my sentence because i heard Izzy scream. I looked over to where she was and she was laying on the ground, crying}

Izzy  -- MOMMY!

{i looked at Sophie confused, i mean Izzy knows that we can’t find her mom}

Sophie  -- i think she means you

Leah  -- but----

Sophie  -- just go

{Sophie pushed me a bit and i ran over to Izzy, i picked her up and carried her back to where Sophie was. I sat Izzy on the bench, her knee was bleeding a bit and she had a couple scratches on her leg}

Izzy  -- mommy it hurts

Leah  -- Izzy----

Izzy  -- weres your stele

Leah  -- i don’t have one Izzy, we have to go back to the institute

Izzy  -- okay

{i picked Izzy up, and she rested her head on my shoulder}

Leah  -- i’m sorry Sophie i guess we have to go shopping later

Sophie  --  you take Izzy home, and i’ll go out and buy some stuff

Leah  -- okay

Sophie  -- i’ll see you later

{Sophie walked off, and i walked back to the institute. I don’t think Izzy was hurt to much because she seemed fine when we walked back. when we got back i took Izzy into the kitchen and sat her down on one of the stools}

Joe  -- is she okay?

Leah  -- she just hurt herself a bit, and she wanted to use a stele to heal herself

Joe  -- i can draw the runes for her

Leah  -- thanks Joe

{Joe knelt down my Sophie and took out his stele he pressed the blade to Izzy’s skin and drew the healing rune on her skin. Soon the cuts were gone and Izzy smiled and hugged Joe}

Izzy  -- thank you

Joe  -- your welcome..what happened anyways?

Izzy  -- i fell, but mommy helped me

{Izzy jumped off the stool and walked out of the room}

Joe  -- mommy?

Leah  -- um yeah..

Joe  -- Izzy thinks your her mom?

Leah  -- i think so

Joe  -- Leah----

Leah  -- i’ll make sure she knows i’m not tho

Joe  -- good

{i walked out of the kitchen to go find Izzy, but i ran into Nick instead}

Leah  -- um hi

Nick  -- come on

{Nick took my hand and started walking upstairs}

Leah  -- what are you doing?

Nick  -- we need to talk!

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Chapter 25

Leah’s POV

{i looked into Nick’s eyes, trying to figure out what he meant when he said “we need to talk”, but i could never really tell what Nick was  thinking. He took me upstairs to his room and he sat down on the bed. I stood at the door, i didn’t really know what i was supposed to do. I stood there for a bit longer before Nick pulled me on the bed, so i sat next to him}

Leah  -- whats going on Nick?

Nick  -- i need to talk to you about Izzy

Leah  -- she’s so cute

Nick  -- yeah right...sure

Leah  -- what? You don’t like her?

Nick  -- of course i like her

{i may not have known Nick for very long but i know him well enough to know that he was lying. I don’t know why he doesn’t like Izzy, she’s adorable}

Leah  -- Nick-----

Nick  -- i just miss you

{Nick moved closer to me and pressed his lips to my neck}

Leah  -- how can you miss me? i’m right here

{Nick got off the bed, and closed to the door and locked it. I started to get off the bed, but Nick layed me down and got on top of me so i couldn’t get away. I felt tears forming in my eyes but i blinked them away}

Nick  -- i miss spending time with you

{Nick started kissing my neck, and i tried to push him off}

Leah  -- Nick stop!

Nick  --  i love you Leah

{Nick kept kissing my neck and put his hand on my leg. When i tried to push his hand away he just grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head}


{before i could even think about what i was doing i had slapped Nick hard across the face. He got off me and touched his cheek. I regretted slapping him right away. I was about to say something but Nick just walked out, leaving me alone...feeling horrible}

Nick’s POV

{i walked out of the room, slamming the door behind me. who does she think she is?! She can’t slap me!  i was walking down the hall when i heard someone call me name. I turned around and saw Joe walking over to me}

Joe  -- hey Nick, are you okay?

Nick  -- not really

{i started walking away but Joe ran infront of me, blocking my way}

Nick  -- Joe!

Joe  -- do you want to talk about it?

Nick  -- do i ever?

{i pushed past Joe and walked downstairs where i ran into the little devil}

Izzy  -- hi Nick

Nick  -- leave me alone Izzy!

{i walked past her and went into the library, where Tegan was. She was reading a book and looked up when i came in}

Tegan  -- are you okay Nick?


Tegan  -- what?

{i heard the door close behind me and i turned around to see Joe had come in}

Joe  -- Nick whats going on?

Nick  -- i don’t want to talk about it!

Tegan  -- Nick you know you can tell us anything

Nick  -- just please leave me alone!

{i ran out of the room and went back upstairs. I was headed to my room when i remembered thats where i had left Leah. I quickly turned and walked the other way. I walked into one of the spare rooms and sat down on the couch that was there.

One problem with living in the institute, there are always people around. And its hard to hide stuff. I looked at the window for a couples seconds, then got off the couch and climbed out the window. I ran to the street, then started running down the street.

I had run for a while before i ran into yet another person who was staying at the institute}

Sophie  -- hi Nick

Nick  -- um hi Sophie

Sophie  -- are you okay?

{i don’t even know what i was thinking, but i pressed my lips to Sophie’s, and she kissed back and wrapped her arms around my neck. I grabbed the back of her head and keeps kissing her. I wasn’t even thinking about what i was doing, i just wanted to be in her}

Sophie  -- Nick?

{she said as she pulled away}

Nick  -- yeah

{Sophie looked at the ground}

Sophie  -- what about Leah?

Nick  -- she doesn’t have to find out

{i kissed her again and she hesitated but then kissed back. We kept kissing for a bit and then we started walking back to the institute}

Sophie  -- this over now?

Nick  -- not yet

{i kissed her head as we kept walking and she smiled at me}

Nick  -- so where were you?

Sophie  -- i went shopping, i bought some things for Izzy

Nick  -- she’s so annoying

Sophie  -- so your not a kid person?

Nick  -- what do you mean?

Sophie  -- you don’t like kids

Nick  -- its not that i don’t like kids, its just that -----

Sophie  -- you think they’re annoying

Nick  -- yeah

Sophie  -- do you ever want to have kids?

Nick  -- no

Sophie  -- never?

Nick  -- never

Sophie  -- Leah wants kids..just so you know

{it took about 20 minutes to walk back to the institute, i didn’t realize how far i had run. All i could think about what Leah slapping me because she didn’t want me to sleep with her..we walked up to the institutes front door and Sophie stopped me before i went in}

Nick  -- what?

{she kissed me and i deepened it right away. She deepened it a bit more and then pulled away}

Nick  -- can we take this up to your room?

{she nodded, biting her bottom lip. We walked into the institute and started going upstairs, but Kevin grabbed my arm}

Nick  -- what do you want?!

Kevin  -- do you want to know the test results or not Nick?

Nick  -- fine, Sophie i’ll meet you there

{Sophie nodded and walked upstairs}

Nick  -- so what where the results

Kevin  -- well Leah’s not an ordinary human

Nick  -- then what is she?

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Chapter 26

Nick  -- so what were the results

Kevin  -- well Leah’s no ordinary human

Nick  -- then what is she?

Kevin  -- i’m not sure Nick, but her blood is different from human blood

Nick  -- meaning...

Kevin  -- i can’t explain it Nick, not unless you understand medical terms, wich you don’t

Nick  -- fine, just try and figure out what she is!

{i walked upstairs and past Leah’s room, the door was slightly open, and i looked in. Leah was laying on her bed with her back to the door. I started to open the door, but then remembered Sophie. I pushed Leah out of my mind and walked into Sophie’s room and closed the door behind me.}

Nick  -- you okay?

Sophie  -- not really

Nick  -- whats wrong?

Sophie  -- i can’t do this Nick..i can’t hurt Leah like this

{i got on the bed next to Sophie and she moved away from me. i wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer to me}

Sophie  -- Nick stop it!

{she moved her hand back, ready to slap me but i grabbed her hand}

Nick  -- i’ve already been slapped once today Sophie!

Sophie  -- just let me go!

Nick  -- you wanted this too!

Sophie  -- yeah but-----

{i pressed my lips to her, and she tried to push me off. But she wasn’t very strong, i kept kissing her and she started kissing back. i pulled away from the kiss to pull her shirt over her head, and then kissed her again, but she pulled away}

Sophie  -- Nick i -----

Nick  -- we don’t have to talk Sophie

{i started to kiss her neck and she moaned softly}

Sophie  -- Nick...what if Leah finds out

Nick  -- she won’t

{i kissed her neck down to her stomach and then took her pants off. Sophie pulled me back up to her and kissed me, then took my shirt off. She leaned in to kiss me and then stopped}

Nick  -- whats wrong?

Sophie  -- what are those scars from?

{the ran her fingers over my chest, tracing the faded runes}

Nick  -- its a shadowhunter thing

Sophie  -- well can you explain?

Nick  -- can i explain after we have sex?

Sophie  -- nope

Nick  -- fine

{i got off the bed and looked around the room until i found a stele, i walked back over to the bed and sat next to Sophie}

Nick  -- this is a stele

Sophie  -- i know, i read about it

Nick  -- shadowhunters use them to draw runes, and some runes fade completely. And other don’t

Sophie  -- so those scars are from runes?

Nick  -- yeah

{i placed the stele down on the bedside table and got on top of Sophie again}

Nick  -- can we continue now?

{she nodded and kissed me. i kissed back, deepening it and i un hooked her bra. She seemed a bit nervous}

Nick  -- you have done this before..right?

Sophie  -- yeah, why?

Nick  -- just checking

{i kissed her again, and she seemed to relax a bit. She took my pants off and kept kissing me. i pulled away and started kissing her neck again, then kissed down to her thong and pulled it off with my teeth. I looked up at her and smirked. She bit her bottom lip and i put my finger into her making her moan}

Sophie  -- Nick i----

{she moaned again as i slipped two more fingers into her, i moved my fingers in and out of her for a bit before i grabbed a condom out of the bedside table. I slid my boxers off and put the condom on}

Sophie  -- hurry Nick!

{i smirked at her as i started to rub my dick against her pussy}

Sophie  -- Nick please!

Nick  -- fine

{i pushed into her hard, and she moaned really loud}

Nick  -- Sophie shh, no one can find out about this

{i kept going into her hard and faster, and she just moaned louder and louder. I gave up telling her to be quiet, because she wasn’t listening. We continued for what felt like hours before i finally pulled out and layed down next to her. I pulled her close to me, wrapping my arms around her waist. But when i looked up at her she had tears rolling down her cheeks}

Nick  -- Sophie whats wrong?

{Sophie got off the bed, and picked her clothes up off the floor}

Nick  -- Sophie!

{she ignored me and put her clothes back on. She was half way out the door when i got off the bed and grabbed her arm, pulling her back into the room}

Nick  -- Sophie just tell me whats wrong!

Sophie  -- i just----we just-----what about Leah Nick!

Nick  -- what about her! She obviously doesn’t care about me!

Sophie  -- why? Just because she doesn’t want to have sex with you?!

Nick  -- yeah

Sophie  -- Nick she loves you, and i can’t believe i just did that!

Nick  -- she doesn’t love me!

Sophie  -- yes she does! She’s just not ready for sex. And i just slept with her boyfriend!

Nick  -- just relax, she’s never going to find out

Sophie  -- thats not the point!

Nick  -- whatever Sophie

{i put my clothes on and left the room. What is wrong with these girls! Things were so much easier when there was no emotion involved. Tegan and i would just sleep together and it never meant anything. I walked down the hallway, everyone was in their rooms..Joe was reading something and when i walked by Tegan’s room i saw her on the phone. It seemed like no one knew what happened with Sophie and me, wich was good. When i got to Leah’s room i went in. and she ran over to me and hugged me tight. I put my arms around her}

Leah  -- i’m so sorry Nick, please forgive me. i never meant to slap you

{she had tears rolling down her cheeks, wich made me feel so guilty about what i had just done}

Nick  -- of course i forgive you

{she smiled and hugged me tighter. I kissed her head}

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Chapter 27

Leah’s POV

{i was laying on my bed, Nick right next to me. i was just so happy that he forgave me, i couldn’t even explain it. when i slapped him earlier he seemed so mad, and i thot for sure he was going to hate me. i moved closer to him. but not matter how close i moved Nick wouldn’t put his arms around me. he seemed really distracted}

Leah  -- Nick?

Nick  -- yeah baby

Leah  -- are you okay?

Nick  -- of course i’m okay

{he brushed a piece of hair behind my ear, and i kissed him..but he didn’t kiss back}

Leah  -- Nick!

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- what is going on with you!

Nick  -- nothing

Leah  -- just tell me Nick!

Nick  -- i’m just tired

Leah  -- are you sure?...cuz you can tell me anything

Nick  -- i’m sure

{Nick kissed my head, and finally pulled me into his arms. I smiled and kissed him. he kissed back, but it didn’t really seem like he wanted to so i pulled away. I felt tears forming in my eyes so i blinked them away}

Leah  -- you----you haven’t forgiven me

Nick  -- what? Leah of course i have

Leah  -- well it doesn’t seem like it

Nick  -- can we just go to sleep?

Leah  -- um yeah...sure

Nick  -- good

{Nick pulled the blankets over us and fell asleep. I couldn’t sleep tho, not when i know he hasn’t really forgiven me. i just layed in bed staring at the ceiling for hours. When i looked over at the clock again it was almost 6am. I got out of bed, and walked into the washroom.

I took a quick shower and then got dressed and did my make up. when i walked back into my room Nick was still sleeping. i quickly went downstairs and into the kitchen.}

Kevin  -- good morning Leah, your up early

Leah  -- i couldn’t sleep

Kevin  -- so you didn’t sleep at all?

Leah  -- no

Kevin  -- you must be really tired then

Leah  -- not really..does Nick have to do any shadowhunter stuff today?

Kevin  -- i don’t think so, i was going to send them out to look for demons but i can send just Joe and Tegan

Leah  -- okay

Kevin  -- do you know if Sophie is going to stay long?

Leah  -- i’m not sure, i’ve barely spoken to her

{i sat down at the table. I hadn’t really noticed how little i’ve seen Sophie lately. I mean before this whole shadowhunter thing we were inseparable. We would sleep over at each others houses all the time. And spend basically every second with each other. She was like my sister, and i missed that. now i barely see her, and when i do its just not the same}

Tegan  -- Leah?

{i looked over at the door and saw Tegan, i hadn’t even noticed she had come in}

Tegan  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- yeah i’m fine

Tegan  -- okay if you say so

{Tegan walked over to the fridge, and took some food out}

Leah  -- making breakfast?

Tegan  -- yeah

Kevin  -- well i had work to do...but Leah i need to take another blood sample

{i flinched..i hates needles so much..but if Kevin needed another blood test then i guess i don’t really have a choice. I mean it was nice enough for him to let me stay here}

Leah  -- okay..

Kevin  -- i’ll come find you later

{i nodded and Kevin left the room. Tegan was still making breakfast when Joe came in}

Joe  -- why is everyone up so early?

Tegan  -- well why are you?

Joe  -- because i heard Izzy crying

Leah  -- where is she?

Joe  -- i donno, probably still crying in her room

Tegan  -- Joe you are no help at all!

{Tegan ran out of the room, i guess she was going to check on Izzy. I would have gone with her, but its probably good that Izzy gets used to other people aswell. Then she won’t have to be with me all the time}

Joe  -- well atleast she stopped cooking

Leah  -- why didn’t you go check on Izzy if she was crying?

Joe  -- because i don’t know how to help kids

Leah  -- oh

Joe  -- wheres Nick?

Leah  -- still asleep i think

Joe  -- you think?

Leah  -- well he was asleep when i left

{i walked over to the fridge and looked inside. I took a couple things out and placed them on the counter}

Joe  -- what are you doing?

Leah  -- i’m going to make some breakfast

Joe  -- oh..what are you making?

Leah  -- i have no idea

{Joe laughed and sat down at the end of the counter. He watched as i attempted to make breakfast for me..and Nick. i really couldn’t screw this up, i mean i want Nick to know i love him and giving him a crappy breakfast wouldn’t really show him that. as i made breakfast Joe kept watching. Doesn’t he have anything better to do?!

When i finished making breakfast i put everything on a tray and took it upstairs. I heard Izzy and Tegan talking in Izzy’s room. i smiled a bit and walked into my room. Nick was still asleep but i got on the bed and put the tray on the bed too. I played with Nick’s curls and he smiled and slowly opened his eyes}

Nick  -- morning Leah

Leah  -- good morning Nick..i made breakfast

Nick  -- you did?

Leah  -- yup

{Nick sat up and smiled when he looked at the breakfast i made, wich made me smile too}

Leah  -- i just wanted to show you that i love you

Nick  -- i already know you love me, and i love you too

{he kissed the side of my head}

Leah  -- so i was thinking today we could just spend time together...just the two of us

Nick  -- that sounds great

{Nick kissed me again, and i could just tell that everything was going to work out}

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Chapter 28

Nick’s POV

{i was laying on the bed with Leah in my arms. We had just finished eating the breakfast she had made. And it was delicious. And so much better then anything Tegan ever made. Leah had said we were going to spend the whole day together..just the two of us. And i was really happy about that but i was also worried. I mean i feel horrible about what i did and every second i spent with Leah i got more and more guilty}

Leah  -- Nick?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- what do you want to do today?

Nick  -- i don’t care, what do you want to do?

Leah  -- we could go swimming

Nick  -- okay

Leah  -- i’m going to go get ready

{Leah left the room and i grabbed a swimsuit. And changed into it. I’m not really the swimming type but if its what Leah wants to do then i guess its okay. I walked out of the room and down the hall to Leah’s room. when i walked in Leah was standing with her back to the door. She had her swimsuit bottom on and no top..}

Nick  -- Leah?

{she turned around fast, covering her chest with her arms}

Leah  -- oh my god Nick!

{i smirked and covered my eyes}

Nick  -- happy?

Leah  -- yes

Nick  -- well can you hurry up and get ready?

{i waited for a while and then i felt Leah’s lips on mine, as she moved my hand away from my eyes.  She pulled away from the kiss}

Leah  -- ready to go?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- good

{Leah grabbed my hand and we walked out of the room and downstairs to where the indoor pool was. I was leading, since Leah didn’t really know where to go. I’m not really sure why theres a pool here. I mean we never really used it. but i guess some of the other shadowhunters used to use it.

When we walked into the room with the pool Leah smiled. She walked over to the water and dipped her foot in. i walked over to her and picked her up}

Leah  -- what are you doing?

{i didn’t bother answering her, i just dropped her into the pool and then jumped in after her}

Leah  -- your mean

{Leah splashed me a bit and i wrapped my arms around her waist. She giggled and i couldn’t help but smile. We played around in the pool for about an hour and then got out and went back upstairs. I was now sitting on Leah’s bed}

Nick  -- are you almost done?

Leah  -- almost

{Leah was in her closet, changing. i waiting for a couple more minutes and then she came out}

Leah  -- aren’t you going to change?

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- why not?

Nick  -- i don’t want to

Leah  -- fine, so what do you want to do now?

Nick  -- well we could-----

{there was a knock at the door..why can’t people just leave us alone?!}

Joe  -- Leah? Are you in there?

Leah  -- yeah

Joe  -- Izzy wants you

{of course Izzy wanted her, Izzy was always taking Leah away from me}

Leah  -- can you tell her that i’m busy?

Joe  -- sure

{i heard footsteps as Joe walked away, i can’t believe Leah didn’t go running to check on Izzy}

Leah  -- so what now?

Nick  -- why aren’t you going to Izzy

Leah  --  because i told you that today was just going to be you and me

Nick  -- yeah but----

{she kissed me before i could finish my sentence. I deepened it and layed back down on the bed, pulling Leah on top of me. she put her hands on my chest and i was sure she was going to push away from me. but she didn’t. she kept kissing me instead}

Leah  -- i love you Nick

Nick  -- i love you too

                              ***                              ***                             ***

{i had now changed into dry clothes and Leah and i stayed in her room making out for a couple hours before Kevin told Leah he needed to do another blood test. Leah had complained and said she wanted to stay with me but i told her she should go. So now Leah was with Kevin doing some tests. And i was sitting in the library. i was reading a book on some ancient forms of demons when Joe came in}

Joe  -- Nick?

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- we have a problem

Nick  -- what kind of problem

Joe  -- well you know how the Clave thinks that you were the one behind the attack on the Asine?

Nick  -- yeah

Joe  -- well they want to meet with you

Nick  -- what!

Joe  -- right now..

Nick  -- Joe----

Joe  -- and i kinda saidyou would go


{how could he do this to me! the Clave is the stupidest form of government ever. Even if they have no proof that you did anything, they have the power to kill someone, or worse lock them up in the jail. The shadowhunters jail is much worse then any human jail and there have only been a few people who have made it out alive. I can’t believe that Joe would tell them i would come and meet them!}

Joe  -- Nick i’m sorry, i got caught off guard and i just didn’t know what to say

Nick  -- how about no?!

Joe  -- they are sending someone to meet you at Tric

Nick  -- when?

Joe  -- like now

Nick  -- damn it Joe!

{i ran upstairs, and saw Leah coming out of a room, rubbing her arm wich i guess was where Kevin had taken the blood from. I ran over to her and hugged her tight}

Leah  -- Nick whats going on?

Nick  -- i have to go away for a bit

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- i’m sorry Leah, but i don’t have a choice

{i kissed her head, and looked at her, she had tears  in her eyes. I felt tears forming in my own eyes as i turned away from her and walked out of the institute and down the street. Not knowing if i was ever going to come back}

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Chapter 29


Leah’s POV

{i walked downstairs and into the kitchen. Joe and Tegan were sitting at the table and looked away from me when i came in. This had been happening since Nick left..he still wasn’t back. No one had heard from him since he disappeared or they have and no one was telling me whats going on. I walked out of the room and went up to Sophie’s room}

Leah  -- Hey Sophie

Sophie  -- hi okay?

Leah  -- theres still no news on where Nick is

Sophie  -- you should ask Kevin, he would probably know something

Leah  -- yeah maybe i’ll ask him

Sophie  -- wheres Izzy?

Leah  -- she’s playing in my room

Sophie  -- did you get her to stop calling you----

Izzy  -- MOMMY!!!

{i heard Izzy yelling from my room and i couple second later she appeared at the door. Izzy has been calling me mom for a while now and i just let her. I know i probably shouldn’t but at least she isn’t thinking about how her real mom and family is missing. Izzy walked over to me and i picked her up}

Leah  -- whats wrong Izzy?

Izzy  -- i want to go with Joey and Tegan

Leah  -- where are they going?

Izzy  -- to play with vampires

Leah  -- what?

Sophie  -- vampires really?

Izzy  -- yeah

Leah  -- i’ll be right back

{i put Izzy down and left the room. I walked downstairs and Tegan and Joe were standing by the door}

Leah  -- your going to see vampires?

Joe  -- yeah Leah its part of our job

Leah  -- but what about Nick!?

Tegan  -- what about him? He isn’t back yet

Leah  -- aren’t you worried

Joe  -- he’ll be fine Leah

Leah  -- how do you know?!

Joe  -- i just do!

{Tegan and Joe walks out of the institute and i was left there feeling stupid. Maybe i do worry to much but its only because i really care about Nick and now he’s just disappeared..well not completely. I had gotten a letter from Nick. But at the time it came i was so mad at him for leaving that i just put it away in my room without reading it.

I stood there for a couple minutes and then ran up to my room and tore the room apart looking for the letter. I finally found it under the bed. I sat on the bed, opened the letter and started reading}


I’m really sorry that i left without telling you where i was going. But i didn’t want you to worry about me. I’ll be fine and home soon. I’ll try and contact you as soon as i can but its hard where i’m going. Just know that i love you and i wish i didn’t have to leave. I’ll miss you a lot.

Love Nick

{i re read the letter a couple times and smiled at the part that he said he loved me. i loved him so much and i know he doesn’t want me to worry but i can’t help it. I just need to talk to him face to face or at least hear his voice telling me everything is going to be okay}

Nick’s POV

{I had been sitting in this cell for what felt like years. Leah had probably found someone else. And it seemed like everyone had forgotten about me. Wich was probably best since i was never getting out of here. I just kept hitting my head on the wall. Today wasn’t to bad tho, usually i was hearing things or could see things that weren’t there. But today everything seemed fine.

I got up and walked over to the bars grabbing onto them. I couldn’t see anything the whole place was pitch black. i heard a voice and turned around quickly and then remembered no one else was here. i sat back down on the cold stone floor and i kept hearing the voice}

???  -- Nicholas!

Nick  -- what do you want?!

???  -- i need your help

Nick  -- well sorry but i’m not really in the mood to help!

???  -- i can get you out of here

Nick  -- who did you say you were again?

???  --  thats not important!

Nick  -- fine don’t tell me, maybe i won’t help you get out

???  -- well if you don’t help me you aren’t getting out either

Nick  -- fine, but i don’t know how i’m supposed to help

{i heard something that sounded like metal on the stone ground slide across the floor. There was a light tap on my leg and i picked up the small metal blade..a stele}

Nick  -- how did you get this?

???  -- it doesn’t matter! Just draw a rune on the bars

Nick  -- but they’re enchanted no runes will----

???  -- no known runes will work

Nick  -- i’m supposed to draw an unknown rune?

???  -- just do it Nick! Close your eyes and the stele will guide its self

Nick  -- it doesn’t work like that!

???  -- just trust me Nick!

Nick  -- fine

{I walked over to the bars of the cell and closed my eyes pressing the stele to the metal bar. I did a couple movements with the blade and then heard a crash as a couple of the bars fell to the ground. I opened my eyes and walked out of the cell}

???  -- okay good now draw the rune on my cell, its the one next to yours

{i quickly drew the rune again on the next cell over and heard footsteps as the person walk out}

???  -- just follow me i know the way out

{i nodded then remembered it was pitch black so they couldn't see me. i followed the sound of footsteps until i saw a light ahead. When we first walked out into the sun i couldn’t see. I had been in the dark cell for so long that my eyes couldn’t get used to it. but when they did i saw who had been talking to me in the cell}

Nick  -- Drew?!...but your dead!

Drew  -- apparently not..but i have an offer for you Jonas

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Chapter 30

Nick’s POV

Nick  -- Drew?!...but your dead!

Drew  -- apparently not..but i have an offer for you Jonas

Nick  -- what kind of offer?

Drew  -- i can’t tell you here

Nick  -- well then where?

{Drew started walking away and i followed him. i hadn’t seen Drew since Kevin kicked him out of the institute. No one knew why he got kicked out but a couple weeks after he left Kevin received a letter and told us Drew was killed by a demon. I don’t know why Kevin lied but right now i didn’t really care. I followed Drew out of the city and into the forest. I knew it was only a matter of time before people realized we were gone. We kept walking for what felt like hours before Drew stopped}

Nick  -- what are we doing here?

Drew  -- making a portal

Nick  -- but you can’t-----

{before i knew what happened Drew had created a portal right in front of us. I just stared at the portal for a couple seconds. Shadowhunters don’t have the ability to just create portals like that!}

Drew  -- so are you coming or not?

Nick  -- um yeah

{Drew walked into the portal and i followed him. when i walked out we were in a house. I looked around there was something familiar about it but at the same time i couldn’t figure out where we were. Drew walked up the stairs and i followed him}

Drew  -- you can stay in that room there

Nick  -- stay?

Drew  -- yeah

Nick  -- no i can’t stay i have to get back to the institute

Drew  -- the institute? Nick your better then that

Nick  -- i have to go back, i have to at least tell them i’m okay

Drew  -- why? Did they care about you while you were locked up? Did they even try and help?! No they didn’t

Nick  -- yeah but Leah----

Drew  -- this is about a girl?

Nick  -- um yeah

Drew  -- Nick shadowhunters can’t-----

Nick  -- i know

Drew  -- Nick if you want to be a real shadowhunter then you should stay here. I can show you things Kevin can’t

Nick  -- things like that

Drew  -- like how to create a portal and how to create a demon fire

Nick  -- a what?

Drew  -- you know demon fires, they can’t be put out like normal fires

Nick  -- yeah i know what it is

Drew  -- i can also explain more about how you could draw unknown runes

Nick  -- yeah that was kinda weird

Drew  -- so are you staying or not?

Nick  -- can i atleast go back to the institute to get some things

Drew  -- fine, just take the portal outside back to the institute

Nick  -- okay i’ll be back soon

{i walked out of the building and thru the portal. When i walked out i was only a couple blocks away from the institute. It was nearly dark now so i ran to the institute. When i got there i went strait up to Leah’s room. She was sleeping..she looked so beautiful. I sat down on the bed and pressed my lips to hers. I felt her kiss back a bit as she opened her eyes}

Nick  -- hi baby

Leah  -- Nick? But----but where----

{she didn’t even finish her sentence before she hugged me. It felt so good to have her in my arms again}

Leah  -- where were you?

Nick  -- you don’t want to know

Leah  -- just tell me

Nick  -- maybe later, but we have to go

Leah  -- go where?

Nick  -- we’re going to go live with Drew

Leah  -- who’s that?

Nick  -- he used to be a shadowhunter who lived here

Leah  -- well why----

Nick  -- just pack Leah!

Leah  -- okay fine

{i kissed her head and went to my room. I grabbed a bag and started putting stuff from my room in it. I really didn’t want to run into anyone while i was here. But Tegan came into my room}

Tegan  -- Nick? I thot you were in jail

Nick  -- yeah i was

Tegan  -- they let you go?

Nick  -- no

Tegan  -- what! Nick you broke out?!

Nick  -- yeah Drew helped me

Tegan  -- Drew?

Nick  -- i can’t talk right now Tegan!

Tegan  -- fine

{Tegan left the room and i finished packing. I grabbed the bags and went back to Leah’s room. She had her bags packed and on the bed and she was holding Izzy who was sleeping. I can’t believe that little devil child is still here!}

Nick  -- Leah she can’t come!

Leah  -- she has to Nick, she can’t be away from me. Just ask Tegan or Joe

Nick  -- but Leah----

Leah  -- shh! Your going to wake her up!

Nick  -- fine you can bring her

Leah  -- where are we going anyways?

Nick  -- i’ll explain everything when we get there

{i picks up Leah’s bags and we walked out of the room and downstairs. I didn’t even know how to explain things to Leah..or Drew. Leah doesn’t understand much shadowhunter stuff and Drew didn’t actually say i could bring Leah but i wanted her to come anyways. We were almost at the door when i heard a voice i really didn’t want to hear}

Kevin  -- Nick where do you think your going?

Nick  -- hey Kev

Kevin  -- we need to talk, Now!

Nick  -- actually we don’t

Kevin  -- what!

Leah  -- Nick----

Nick  -- Leah shut up! Kevin i don’t have time to talk to you

Kevin  -- how did you get out of jail!

Nick  -- Drew helped me

Kevin  -- Drew?! Nick are you crazy!

Nick  -- no

Kevin  -- Nick go into the library we need to talk!

Nick  -- Kevin-----

Kevin  -- now Nick!

{i dropped the bags on the floor and i went into the library with Kevin. I sat down on the couch and Leah came in and sat next to me}

Kevin  -- Leah-----

Leah  -- i really just want to be with Nick

Kevin  -- okay fine

Nick  -- Kevin whats the problem?

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Chapter 31

Nick’s POV

Leah  -- i really just want to be with Nick

Kevin  -- okay fine

Nick  -- Kevin whats the problem?

Kevin  -- there is a reason that Drew left the institute

Nick  -- well i don’t care

Kevin  -- Nick he’s dangerous!

Nick  -- i don’t care Kevin, he got me out of jail

Kevin  -- your really going to take Leah, the girl you love, to a place where she could get hurt?

{Leah looked at me, she looked a bit scared, so i put my arm around her. I wouldn’t let anything happen to her and she should know that}

Kevin  -- Nick i can’t let you leave, you have to go back to jail

Nick  -- no Kevin i don’t

Kevin  --  your turning into Drew!

Nick  -- well maybe thats not so bad

Leah  -- Nick i think we should just stay here

Nick  -- well i’m not staying!

Kevin  -- and how are you going to explain that to Tegan and Joe?!

Nick  -- i don’t know yet, but i can’t stay here!

{i walked out of the room, and heard Leah following me. Kevin can’t tell me what to do! And if i didn’t want to be at the institute any more then he couldn’t make me stay. I grabbed the bags off the floor and walked out of the institute}

Leah  -- Nick wait!

{i stopped walking and she caught up with me, still carrying Izzy who was sleeping}

Leah  -- Nick i’m not sure about this

Nick  -- do you want to be with me or not?

Leah  -- of course i do

Nick  -- then come

{i started walking again and Leah walked next to me. we reached the portal within a couple of minutes and Leah just stared at it. She hadn’t travelled by portals before so i understand if she’s a bit nervous}

Nick  -- you coming?

Leah  -- um yeah

{i walked thru the portal and Leah followed, we arrived at the building Drew was in and we walked in, Drew was sitting in the living room looking threw a book. He looked up when we came in and glared at me}

Drew  -- Nick i need to talk to you!

Nick  -- about what?

Drew  -- just come!

{he walked into another room, and i kissed Leah’s head before following him}

Nick  -- whats going on?

Drew  -- you brot a girl!

Nick  -- she’s not just a girl, she’s Leah

Drew  -- she’s going back!

Nick  -- no she isn’t!

Drew  -- Nick she can’t stay here

Nick  -- why not?

Drew  -- she’s just going to get in the way, tmrw morning she goes back to the institute

Nick  -- fine, but that means Kevin will be discovering something before you

Drew  -- what are you talking about?!

Nick  -- Leah’s a human Drew

Drew  -- a what?! You brot a human here?!! Nick you----

Nick  -- she’s a human, who can see us when we aren’t revealing ourselves

Drew  -- are you sure she’s human?

Nick  -- we’re not sure what she is, Kevin was trying to figure it out

Drew  -- and he failed?

Nick  -- yeah

Drew  -- fine she can stay here, you can take the room upstairs. Second door on the right

Nick  -- okay

{i walked out of the room and over to Leah. She didn’t even look like she had moved since i left. I walked upstairs and heard Leah follow behind me. i went into the room Drew told me we could stay in and sat down on the bed. Leah walked in and layed Izzy down on one of the beds}

Nick  -- i still think you should have left her at the instisute

Leah  -- Nick she thinks i’m her mom

{Leah sat on the bed and kissed Izzy’s head, then pulled the blanket over her. How can Izzy think Leah’s here mom, Leah’s to young to be a mom}

Nick  -- you need to tell her that your not

Leah  -- i just can’t Nick, she’s been thru so much. I mean she lost her family and nearly got killed in that fire

Nick  -- but she’s so annoying

Leah  -- Nick one day you will have kids

Nick  -- how do you know?

Leah  -- because i want kids, so if you want to be with me then you will have to have kids too

{Leah layed on the bed, and got under the covers. I could tell that conversation was over. but i guess thats better then us getting into a huge fight. I wish Leah wanted the same things as me, i love her and i want to be with her, but i’m not sure about kids. I looked over at Izzy, she was still sleeping peacefully. I guess she looked a bit cute when she wasn’t awake.

I layed down on the bed and tried to sleep, but there was to much going on in my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking about how Drew was back, how i bailed on Tegan and Joe. How Sophie might still be into me, and i basically bailed on her too. I thot about how Kevin is going to hate me. i basically ran out on my family. I also thot about Leah, and our future together, but i can’t picture kids in that future}

Leah’s POV

{i woke up in the morning and almost forgot where i was. But then i remembered what had happened the night before. I got out of bed as Izzy woke up}

Izzy  -- momma?

Leah  -- you okay Izzy?

{she nodded and got off the bed, she hugged my leg. I thot about waking up Nick, but i decided to let him sleep. I picked up Izzy and took her downstairs. There was a guy in the kitchen, who i guess was Drew. I put Izzy down and she ran to Drew and hugged him}

Izzy  -- i missed you

Drew  -- i missed you too Iz

Leah  -- you two know each other?

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Chapter 32

Leah’s POV

Izzy  -- i missed you

Drew  -- i missed you too Iz

Leah  -- you two know each other?

Drew  -- yeah, she’s my half sister

Leah  -- then why was she left alone in Asine?

Drew  -- i don’t know, but everyone has been really worried

{i looked from Izzy, to Drew. I guess they looked kinda similar. But i couldn’t believe they were related. And if they were how come Drew and his family had just left Izzy to die in that fire? What kind of family does that..well i guess my family abandoned me...but that doesn’t count. At least i was left with people who would take care of me}

Leah  -- well she’s been fine with us

{i picked up Izzy. I don’t know why, but i didn’t trust Drew. He seemed like he was hiding something, and i didn’t want Izzy around him if he was dangerous like Kevin said. I heard footsteps behind me and i turned around to see Nick walk in}

Nick  -- everything okay?

Leah  -- yeah..i guess

{Nick kissed my head and i saw Drew roll his eyes. I guess he was one of the shadowhunters that doesn’t think relationships are as important as being a top shadowhunter. I remember when Nick was like that..but he changed. And i’m sure he can still be a top shadowhunter while being in a relationship}

Nick  -- Leah Drew wanted to do some tests on know like Kevin did

Leah  -- no way!

Nick  -- Leah----

Leah  -- Nick no!

Drew  -- Nick she isn’t saying here if she doesn’t do the tests

Nick  -- she’ll do the test!

Leah  -- no she won’t!

Nick  -- Leah its like when Kevin did it

Leah  -- Nick i don’t want to

Nick  -- well you have to!

Leah  -- but----

Nick  -- Leah you have to whether you like it or not!

{i glared at him. He can’t control what i do! He can’t decide things for me! Who does he think he is?! i put Izzy down and walked over to Nick. He looked a bit confused, and his eyes widened as i slapped him hard across the face}

Nick  -- Leah!

{i picked up Izzy again and walked upstairs. I don’t care if Nick is a shadowhunter he is NOT going to tell me what to do!}

Nick’s POV

{i stood in shock for a couple seconds after Leah slapped me. I can’t believe she did that. I looked at Drew and he looked like he was trying not to laugh}

Nick  -- what?!

Drew  -- nothing, but bring Leah to the medical room for her tests as soon as possible

{Drew walked out and i went up to Leah and my room, she was there sitting on the bed. And Izzy was playing on the ground with some toys that i guess Leah had packed. Leah looked up when i came in and glared at me}

Leah  -- what do you want?!

Nick  -- just come with me, Izzy we’ll be right back

{Izzy nodded and i grabbed Leah’s arm and dragged her out of the room and down the hall to the medical room. Drew was there holding a needle wich i guess was to take a sample of Leah’s blood. She started squirming and trying to get away from me. I almost forgot how much she hates shots}

Leah  -- Nick please---

Nick  -- you’ll be fine

Drew  -- just sit her on the bed Nick

{Leah glared at Drew, but i don’t think he noticed. I picked Leah up and sat her on the bed, i sat next to her, holding her still. Drew took a sample of Leah’s blood with the needle. Tears rolled down her cheeks but i knew she wasn’t crying cuz it hurt. Just because she was scared}

Nick  -- so is that all you need?

Drew  -- yeah..for now

Nick  -- how long till you have the results?

Drew  -- i’m not sure Nick, but it will take longer with you here

Nick  -- fine

{i took Leah’s hand and walked out of the room. She didn’t look at me once. I guess she was still mad about me making her do the tests. But i was sure Drew could figure out why she could see us. I mean he figured out how to create demon fire and portals. I walked Leah back to the bedroom and Izzy was still playing}

Izzy  -- can i go see whay Drew is doing mommy?

{i looked at Leah, she looked really distracted tho, so i guess she wasn't going to answer Izzy}

Nick  -- sure Izzy, you can go see what he’s doing

Izzy  -- kay

{Izzy picked up a toy wich i guess she wanted to show to Drew. And she left the room, i closed the door and locked it after she left. Leah sat down on the bed, and finally looked at me}

Nick  -- i’m sorry Leah, but that blood test was important

Leah  -- i know..i just hate shots

Nick  -- i know baby, i’m sorry

{i kissed her head and sat next to her on the bed}

Nick  -- are you still mad at me?

Leah  -- no i guess not

Nick  -- good, i love you

{she smiled}

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- i just remember when you didn’t want a relationship at all

Nick  -- yeah what was i thinking?

{i layed Leah back on the bed and got on top of her as i pressed my lips to hers. She smiled into the kiss and deepened it. i ran my hands under her shirt as i kept kissing her. she wrapped her arms around my neck and i pulled away from the kiss, to take her shirt off. She bit her bottom lip and i kissed her again. She started to take my shirt off and i pulled away from the kiss}

Nick  -- are you sure your ready?

{she nodded and finished taking my shirt off. And then i pressed my lips to hers}

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Chapter 33

Leah’s POV

Nick  -- are you sure your ready?

{i nodded and finished taking Nick’s shirt off, i looked at all the scars on his chest from the faded runes. And then he pressed his lips to mine. I deepened the kiss and felt Nick running his hands up and down my sides. I moaned softly into his mouth and he pulled away from the kiss, smirking at me. I blushed a bit}

Nick  -- you don’t have to be embarrassed

{i bit my bottom lip and Nick kissed me again. He slid my pants off and threw them on the floor next to my shirt. I kept kissing Nick as i took his pants off. I was getting a big nervous but i knew Nick wouldn’t hurt me}

Nick  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- yeah..just a bit nervous

Nick  -- you don’t have to be

{Nick kissed me and i deepened it, running my hand thru his hair. All i could think about was Nick, nothing else mattered. It was just him and me. Nick started kissing my neck and i moaned softly. I felt him smile against my skin and i bit my bottom lip. Nick unhooked my bra and took it off me. I closed my eyes, i had never really been comfortable with my body. I felt Nick kiss down to my stomach and i opened my eyes.

Nick kept kissing my stomach and all i could think about was how much i wanted to have a baby with Nick one day. Not any time soon, but after we were married. But Nick didn’t want any kids. Nick slid my underwear off with his teeth. and then he slid his boxers off and grabbed a condom. Now i was getting really nervous. I closed my eyes tight. I felt Nick slide into me and i winced}

Nick  -- are you okay?

{i nodded and looked at him. He kept going into me a bit faster and i moaned in pain as tears rolled down my cheeks. I wiped them fast so Nick wouldn’t notice. But he noticed anyways and pulled out}

Nick  -- Leah----

Leah  -- i’m fine Nick, keep going

Nick  -- but i hurt you

Leah  -- i don’t care, keep going Nick

{he went into me again and i winced. He started going into me fast and the pain was replaced by pleasure. I moaned and Nick started going even faster. I tilted my head back and moaned louder}

Leah  -- Nick harder!

{Nick started going harder and i kept moaning louder}

Nick’s POV

{i kept going into Leah harder, and she was moaning like crazy. But all i could think about was how i cheated on her with Sophie. At least now that we were out of the institute i didn’t have to worry about Sophie telling Leah what happened}

Leah  -- faster Nick!

{i went into Leah as hard and fast as i could. She continued moaning and i pressed my lips to hers. She deepened it and i went into her hard. She moaned into my mouth and i smirked. I pulled away from the kiss and kept going into her harder and faster}

***        ***        ***

{i pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to Leah. She cuddled closer to me and i wrapped my arms around her. I loved her so much, i just wanted to be with her forever. I kissed her head and she smiled}

Leah  -- i love you Nick

Tegan’s POV

{Joe and i had just gotten back from a meeting with some other shadowhunters. There had been a problem with some demon attacks and all the shadowhunters were supposed to be at the meeting. I was hoping Nick would be there, but he didn’t show up. I hadn’t seen him since he left the institute and i couldn’t help but worry.

Kevin was furious that Nick decided to go with Drew but Nick and Drew had been close friends when Drew was a shadowhunter with us. So it made sense that he would want to go with him, plus it was Drew who broke Nick out of jail.

I walked into the kitchen and Sophie was sitting at the table. She had been staying in Leah’s room since Leah had left and she would spend most of the day just sitting around doing nothing. I sat next to her and she looked up at me}

Sophie  -- are they ever coming back?

Tegan  -- i donno

Sophie  -- but what if something happens?!

Tegan  -- nothing will happen..but aren’t you tired of staying here?

Sophie  -- you want me to go?

Tegan  -- its not that i just thot cuz you came here for Leah, you might want to go home since she isn’t here anymore

Sophie  -- i just want to stay in case she comes back

Tegan  -- okay well if you need anything let me know

{i walked out of the kitchen and started heading upstairs when i heard Kevin call my name. I turned around to face him and he walked over to me}

Kevin  -- hi Tegan

Tegan  -- hey, is something wrong?

Kevin  -- no, but could you take this to Joe?

{Kevin handed me some letters. I don’t know who they were from but probably Joe’s parents. His parents were always sending him stuff. They came to visit sometimes but not often cuz they were busy working. Most shadowhunter kids were sent to institutes to be trained while their parents were working. I took the letters upstairs and went into Joe’s room. He had a bag on the bed and he was putting clothes and stuff in it}

Tegan  -- what are you doing?!

Joe  -- packing

Tegan  -- packing for what?

Joe  -- i’m going to go find Nick

{Joe zipped up the bag, and walked out of the room}

Tegan  -- hey wait for me!

{i ran out of the room, and followed Joe}

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Chapter 34

Leah’s POV

{i woke up in bed next to Nick and smiled. He was still asleep. I kissed Nick softly, then got out of bed, put my clothes on and went downstairs. Izzy was playing with some toys on the ground and Drew was reading a book. I guess Shadowhunters don’t watch much tv, they always seem to be reading. I walked over to the couch and sat down}

Leah  -- so do you still need to do more tests?

{Drew put the book down and smiled at me}

Drew  -- no, i know what you are

Leah  -- you do?

Drew  -- yeah

Izzy  -- i know too

Drew  -- what?

{Izzy got off the floor, and climbed onto the couch, giving me a hug}

Izzy  -- she’s my mommy

{Drew rolled his eyes, and i kissed Izzy’s head}

Drew  -- Izzy she’s not your mom!

Izzy  -- well i want her to be

{Izzy hugged me tighter and i smiled. Sometimes i did think of her as my own daughter. I know i shouldn’t but if Nick and i will never have kids of our own Izzy might be the only thing i have thats close to that}

Leah  -- so what am i?

Drew  -- you----

{before Drew could finish his sentence Nick came down. He smirked at me and i blushed}

Nick  -- so what did i miss?

{Nick sat down next to me and put his arms around me.}

Leah  -- Drew was just about to tell me what i am

Nick  -- you figured it out?

Drew  -- yeah it wasn’t to hard

Izzy  -- you guys are boring

{Izzy got off the couch, and picked up her toys. Then she left the room}

Nick  -- so what is she?

Drew  -- she’s a shadowhunter, just like you and me

{a shadowhunter? Me? I smiled big. Now Nick couldn’t think he was better then me or keep shadowhunter secrets from me. I couldn’t believe that i was actually like him}

Nick  -- no thats not possible

{i glared at him}

Leah  -- why not?!

Nick  -- because Kevin could have figured that out by her blood

Drew  -- she’s different from us Nick

Nick  -- what do you mean?

Leah  -- yeah what do you mean?

{was there something wrong with me? Was i not a proper shadowhunter? How come i had to be different?!}

Drew  -- the reason Kevin couldn’t figure it out was because her blood is different

Nick  -- i still don’t know what you mean

{Drew grabbed my wrist and showed it to Nick}

Drew  -- she was never marked.

Leah  -- why not?

Drew  -- i don’t know, but when a shadowhunter is marked the ink goes into your veins changing your blood a bit

Leah  -- ink?

Nick  -- its not like ink from a pen Leah, its just a shadowhunter thing, you wouldn’t understand

{i glared at him again}

Leah  -- in case you forgot Nicholas, i am a shadowhunter

Tegan’s POV

{Joe and i were walking down the street, away from the institute. We didn’t tell Kevin that we were leaving but i’m sure he’ll figure it out}

Tegan  -- Joe how long do you think it will take to find Nick?

Joe  -- i donno, a day or two?

Tegan  -- and what are we going to do when we find him?

Joe  -- we’re going to get him to come back to the institute

Tegan  -- but----

Joe  -- but nothing, he’s supposed to be training with us! Not Drew!

Tegan  -- you know Nick isn’t going to come easy

{Nick had always been really stubborn and getting him to do stuff he didn’t want to was nearly impossible unless there was something in it for him}

Joe  -- then we’ll just have to use his weakness

Tegan  -- Nick doesn’t have any weaknesses

Joe  -- yes he does

Tegan  -- okay then whats his weakness?

Joe  -- Leah

Leah’s POV

{Nick and Drew had been talking about me being a shadowhunter for nearly an hour now. I could hear them in the other room. I had gone into the kitchen to make some food and Izzy was sitting at the counter drawing runes on a piece of paper. I don’t know why its so hard for Nick to believe that i’m a shadowhunter..unless he doesn’t want me to be one}

Izzy  -- mommy?

Leah  -- whats wrong Izzy

Izzy  -- are we ever going to go back home?

Leah  -- you mean back to the institute?

Izzy  -- yeah

Leah  -- i’m not sure Izzy

Izzy  -- well we should

{Izzy walked out of the room and Drew came in}

Leah  -- wheres Nick?

Drew  -- he went upstairs

Leah  -- can i ask you something?

Drew  -- sure

{Drew sat down at the table and i sat next to him}

Leah  -- i was just wondering about your family

Drew  -- my family?

Leah  -- yeah..i mean i never had a family, and your Izzy’s half brother so i was just wondering...

Drew  -- well my dad got married a couple years ago to my step mom, and they had Izzy

Leah  -- what happened to your mom?

Drew  -- my parents used to be together. They were happy until i started my shadowhunter training

Leah  -- what happened when you started training?

Drew  -- my mom didn’t like what my dad was teaching me, she said i shouldn’t be learning so many dark kinds of power

Leah  -- oh..

Drew  -- yeah. She said she would have left but she was pregnant

Leah  -- so you have another brother or sister?

Drew  -- yeah a sister, Leanna

Leah  -- where is she?

Drew  -- i don’t know. I just remember my parents fighting after she was born.

Leah  -- fighting about what?

Drew  -- my mom didn’t want another kid trained like i had been trained

Leah  --  oh

Drew  -- they started fighting ever more when...

Leah  -- when what?

Drew  -- when my mom refused to let Leanna get marked..

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Chapter 35

Drew’s POV

Leah  -- when what?

Drew  -- when my mom refused to let Leanna get marked..

{i can’t believe i didn’t see it before. Leanna, Leah, it must be her. She had the blood of a shadowhunter who hasn’t been marked  just like my sister. Leah was looking at me with a confused look on her face. So she obviously didn’t see the connection}

Leah  -- so what happened?

Drew  -- what?

Leah  -- your parents got divorced?

Drew  -- um yeah, i went with my dad and Leanna went with my mom

Leah  -- do you ever miss your mom

Drew  -- sometimes

Leah  -- do you know where she is?

{of course i knew where she was. She was in Asine, at the graveyard. But i knew if i told Leah the truth i would end up telling her to much and she wouldn’t trust me}

Drew  -- no, i’m not sure..

{i got up and walked over to the door}

Leah  -- where are you going?

Drew  -- i just have something i have to take care of

Leah’s POV

{Drew walked out of the room and i just sat at the table for a minute. I felt bad for how much Drew had gone thru. Not seeing his mom for so long must have been hard. I knew what if felt like to have no parents around and it didn’t feel good. I got up from the table and went upstairs and into the room Nick was in}

Nick  -- hey Leah

Leah  -- um hi...are you mad cuz i’m a shadowhunter?

Nick  -- your not a shadowhunter Leah!

Leah  -- yes i am, its in my blood!

Nick  -- you don’t want to be a shadowhunter!

Leah  -- yes i do!

Nick  -- okay then fine, you can come out with me tonight

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- i’m going out to hunt some demons you can come with me

{i smiled, i can’t believe he’s really letting me go with him}

Leah  -- i can come? Really?

Nick  -- yeah, if you want to be a shadowhunter then fine you can come

Tegan’s POV

{it was nearly nightfall now and Joe and i were completely lost. I can’t believe i let Joe be in charge. Usually Nick was the one who knew where to go, he was always able to find what he was looking for. Joe finished setting up the tent and came and sat down beside me, next to the fire}

Joe  -- we’ll find him tmrw, i’m sure of it

Tegan  -- how can you be sure?! You don’t even know where we’re going!

Joe  -- i’m sure we can find him, i mean how far could he have gone?

Tegan  -- really far

Joe  -- i think i know where Drew is staying tho

Tegan  -- where?

Joe  -- its this old institute that was shut down a couple years ago.

Tegan  -- oh yeah, i remember Kevin telling us about that place

Joe  -- yeah and Drew talked about how we should go there and train on ourown

{for once maybe Joe knew what he was doing. I can’t believe he actually figured out where they are...well where they might be. The abandoned institute wasn’t to far away, and we could get there tmrw easy. I heard a scream and turned to look at Joe}

Tegan  -- did you hear that?

Joe  -- yeah lets go see whats going on

{Joe grabbed his stele and passed me mine. Then he got another blade and we ran off thru the trees}

Nick’s POV

{i realize now how stupid i was to take Leah with me. I knew she wasn’t ready to fight demons and i was only taking her to teach her a lesson. If she didn’t believe me, she would just have to understand herself that she isn’t a shadowhunter. She didn’t have the proper training and now i couldn’t find her.

We had been walking down an ally when Leah and i ran into the demons, and there were a lot more then i thot there would be. I had tried to fight off as many as i could and when i turned around Leah was gone...but there was a trail of blood on the road

I was now running down the street trying to find Leah. I couldn’t tell if she had limped off on her own or if she was dragged off by a demon but either way it was bad. I kept running down the deserted street. I could tell from the trail of blood that Leah had lost to much. If anything happened to her i would never forgive myself.

I heard a scream and i knew it was Leah. I ran to where the scream was and was sitting on the ground leaning against a building}

Leah  -- Nick i----there was----i couldn’t

Nick  -- shh,  your okay

Leah  -- Nick i can’t feel my arm

{i looked down at her arm. She had it resting across her stomach and her sleeve was drenched in blood. I moved her sleeve up her arm. I could tell from the wound that a demon had bit her. She whimpered as i touched the wound}

Leah  -- Nick----

Nick  -- did you go off on your own?

{she shook her head. I took my stele out and looked at Leah’s arm. If she did have shadowhunter blood then maybe runes could heal her, i pressed the stele blade to her skin}

Nick  -- this might hurt a bit since your not used to it

{i started drawing a healing rune on her skin and Leah winced. I don’t even know if the healing rune will work, but it had to. Before i could finish the rune Leah screamed}

Nick  -- whats wrong?

{Leah pointed behind me and i saw nearly 10 demons standing there. Within a second i had been knocked off my feet, hitting the wall behind me. I fell to the ground with a sharp pain in my head. I looked over at Leah she looked scared to death. And then everything went black}

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