[ ~ Marked ~ ] - Ch 36+

[Inspired By: City Of Bones, By Cassandra Clare]


Chapter 36

Leah’s POV

{i screamed as Nick hit the wall and fell to the ground. I looked around as the demons started surrounding me. I didn’t know what to do. I looked to Nick as his eyes slowly closed}

Leah  -- NICK!!

{i felt tears streaming down my cheeks. I tried to get up but Nick never finished the rune on my arm so i was still to weak to move.  I screamed again as the demons came closer, trying to get someones attention. I heard footsteps and had never been happier as i saw Tegan and Joe run over}

Joe  -- Leah what are you doing?!

Leah  -- i just----

Tegan  -- we don’t have time to talk Joe!

{Tegan picked up one of the blades by my feet. Nick had given it to me to fight the demons but i had no idea how to use it. Tegan and Joe started fighting off the demons and i crawled over to where Nick was. I shook him a bit but he didn’t wake up}

Leah  -- come on Nick, wake up!

{i kept shaking him but he wouldn’t wake up. I felt more tears fall down my cheeks. This was all my fault. He just had to wake up! i kissed Nick and rested my forehead against his}

Leah  -- Nick please wake up

{Tegan came over and i looked over to where Joe was. He killed off the last demon and then ran over. Tegan had taken out her stele and started drawing a healing rune on Nick’s arm}

Joe  -- Leah are you okay?

Leah  -- um yeah

Tegan  -- no your not, your arm is drenched in blood

{Tegan finished the rune and Nick started waking up}

Nick  -- Tegan? Joe? What are you guys doing here?

Joe  -- we came looking for you

{Nick sat up and leaned against the wall. He looked over at me and at my arm. He pulled me onto his lap fast and took the stele from Tegan}

Tegan  -- what are you doing?!

Nick  -- its a long story, i’ll explain later

{Nick drew a rune on my arm again and i felt my skin burn as the stele touched it. I winced but felt much better once Nick finished the rune.}

Joe  -- how...?

Nick  -- Leah has shadowhunter blood, she just wasn’t marked

Tegan  -- so Drew figured it out?

Nick  -- yeah

Joe  -- Nick you have to come back to the institute

Nick  -- no i don’t!

Tegan  -- Nick your supposed to train with Joe and me, we miss you

Nick  -- well Kevin can’t teach me some of the things Drew can!

{Nick pushed me off him and stood up, he started walking down the alley towards the street. i stood up fast}

Leah  -- NICK!

{he didn’t turn around and i started running after him, Tegan and Joe following me. Nick kept walking down the street till we caught up to him. Before i could say another word Joe and Tegan had grabbed Nick and started taking him out of the city and threw the trees, leaving me alone again. I ran after them and caught up as Joe pushed Nick to the ground and then grabbed me}

Leah  -- what are you doing?!

Nick  -- let her go!

Joe  -- not till you listen!

{Tegan handed Joe a blade and Nick glared at them. Joe pressed the blade to my neck and i wimpered as i felt tears sting my eyes}

Nick  -- i know you won’t kill her

Joe  -- your right

{Joe moved the blade down and slit my wrist. I winced in pain as the warm blood ran down my wrist and hand}

Nick  -- Joe!

Joe  -- i’ll do more if you don’t listen!

Nick  -- fine i’ll listen

Tegan  -- Joe Kevin’s been talking about Drew, he’s dangerous!

Nick  -- we’ve been staying there for a while now and nothing has happened!

Joe  -- Nick just please come home

Nick  -- no, i like where i’m staying now

Leah  -- Nick i think we should just go back

Nick  -- no we’re staying at Drew’s!

{Nick got up off the ground and Joe slit my wrist again, making me cry out in pain}

Nick  -- JOE!

Joe  -- we aren’t done! Sit back down!

{Nick glared at him}

Nick  -- i’m not sitting on the ground

Joe  -- fine

Tegan  -- Nick why won’t you listen?!

Nick  -- because i can make my own decisions!

Leah  -- Nick i want to go back to the institute

Nick  -- then go!

Tegan  -- Nick----

{Nick walked closer to me, and i bit my bottom lip}

Nick  -- i have been living without you for my whole life! If you want to go back to the institute so bad then go!

{i felt tears forming in my eyes. I don’t know why he was acting like this}

Nick  -- i am training to be a shadowhunter and i don’t need you as a distraction!

{i felt the tears roll down my cheeks and Joe let go of me}

Nick  -- i don’t need you as a weakness!

{before anyone could say another work Nick took off threw the trees. I ran after him as fast as i could. But he was faster. I pushed branches out of my way as i races thru the forest after Nick. I couldn’t hear footsteps behind me so i guessed Tegan and Joe weren’t following.

I kept running, ignoring the burning in my throat. I could barely see Nick ahead of me now. And within maybe a minute or two he was gone from my sight. I collapses in a field of grass, breathing heavy and crying hard. How could Nick say all that stuff to me?! I thot he loved me. I closed my eyes as i tried to catch my breath and stop myself from crying. I heard a stick crack and i looked into the forest to see a large wolf step out onto the grass, but it wasn’t a was a werewolf}

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Chapter 37

Leah's POV

{i sat up as the werewolf came closer. I had only had to deal with werewolves once and it didn’t end well. I back up a bit as the werewolf came ever closer. I wanted to scream but i just couldn’t}

Leah  -- J---Jake? Is that you?

{the werewolf growled at me and i closed my eyes hoping everything was just a dream. But i knew it wasn’t. When i opened my eyes the wolf was gone and there stood Jake}

Jake  -- what are you doing here?!

Leah  -- i ---- i just---- i donno

Jake  -- are you alone or are those stupid shadowhunters with you

Leah  -- i’m alone

{Jake smirked at me and i bit my bottom lip as tears rolled down my cheeks. Why did i tell him that?! Jake knelt down and wiped my tears}

Jake  -- you shouldn’t be out here alone, theres some dangerous creatures in those woods

Leah  -- like you?

{he laughed and i smiled a bit}

Jake  -- worse then me

{he looked down at my leg. It wasn’t to long ago that he had sliced a deep cut down my leg}

Jake  -- i see your leg healed

Leah  -- um yeah

Jake  -- sorry about that

Leah  -- its can i ask you something?

Jake  -- sure, but not here. Its not safe

{Jake stood up, and helped me up. he took my hand and started walking thru the trails. I looked around as we walked hoping to see Nick but i knew he was long gone. I followed Jake for what felt like hours before we got to the werewolf camp}

Leah  -- so you moved the pack?

Jake  -- yeah, theres better hunting here

{i winced as i thot about Jake hunting other animals around here. He walked into one of the tents and i followed him. He sat down on what i guess was the bed..even tho it didn’t really look like a bed and i sat next to him}

Leah  -- your still head of the pack right?

Jake  -- yeah until someone kills me

Leah  -- how can you talk about death like its so normal?

Jake  -- it is normal, so why were you on your own

Leah  -- Nick ran off, i tried to follow him but he was to fast

Jake  -- well you can stay here till someone comes to get you

Leah  -- what?

Jake  -- i’m not just going to let you wander around on your own

Leah  -- what if i don’t want to stay with you?

Jake  -- to bad

{he put his hand on my leg and i felt a shiver of fear go down my spine. I bit my bottom lip}

Jake  -- i’ll take good care of you

{i pushed his hand off my leg and stood up}

Leah  -- and what if i don’t trust you?

Jake  -- you don’t have to trust me..

{Jake stood up and walked closer to me. i backed up a bit, but he put his hands on my waist and pulled me close to him}

Jake  -- ..but i’m not letting you out of my sight

Joe’s POV

{Tegan and i had stayed behind after Nick and Leah ran off. We probably should have followed to make sure Leah didn’t get hurt. But Tegan said it was better if they worked it out themselves. We had been walking thru the woods, but in a different direction then the one Nick and Leah had gone in}

Tegan  -- how could Nick just do that?!

Joe  -- what?

Tegan  -- how could he treat Leah like that when he loves her

Joe  -- you know how Nick is, he thinks love makes people weak

Tegan  -- so what?

Joe  -- can we just talk about something else

Tegan  -- you think Kevin will have noticed we’re gone?

Joe  -- probably, so we should go back soon

Tegan  -- but Nick isn’t coming yet

Joe  -- i know, but now that we know where to find him it will be easier to come back again

{we kept walking thru the trees, keeping an eye out for any demons or other creatures that might be lurking around in the shadows. I looked at the ground thinking about how Kevin would react when we got home. I wasn’t sure if he would be happy we were back, or furious that we had left}

Tegan  -- Joe?

Joe  -- yeah

Tegan  -- are you okay? You seem distracted

Joe  -- i’m just thinking about stuff

{i heard a noise behind us that sounded like the cracking of leaves as someone stepped on them. Tegan turned around fast, looking thru the trees. I looked aswell but i couldn’t see anything. Before i  could say anything Tegan had started running towards where the sound came and i followed her}

Joe  -- Tegan what are you doing?!

Tegan  -- shh!

{as we came close to a bush Tegan knelt down, hiding behind it. I knelt down next to her, and we listened for another sound. After a couple seconds i could hear footsteps walking past the bush we were hiding behind and then they started to fade as the person walked away. Tegan looked over the bush carefully, making sure no one saw her}

Joe  -- who is it?

{i whispered as quiet as i could, so only Tegan could hear me}

Tegan  -- i’m not sure

{she whispered back as she started following the person. We followed the man who was walking for about a mile before we were close enough to see who it was. Drew.}

Joe  -- what is he doing out here?!

Tegan  -- i don’t know, but we’re going to find out

{before i could argue and tell her that was a bad idea, she started running thru the trees and i had no choice but to follow her}

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Chapter 38

Nick’s POV

{i had heard Leah running behind me when i first started running thru the forest. But it had been atleast 20 minutes since i last heard her. She probably gave up running and stopped to catch her breath. I thot about going back to check on her and make sure she was okay but i just couldn’t. I was still running now, and was getting close to the institute that Drew was at.

When i finally got back to the institute i walked in and saw Izzy crying. she was sitting on the floor, hugging her legs to her chest. She looked up at me when i walked closer to her and jumped up and hugged me. i didn’t hug her back, but i pushed her away a bit}

Nick  -- Izzy whats wrong?

Izzy  -- everyone was gone

Nick  -- what?

Izzy  -- i couldn’t find anyone

{i wiped her tears, then picked her up and went upstairs to our room. I sat Izzy on the bed and then sat down in the chair. I guess Drew had gone out while Leah and i were looking for demons. Izzy just sat on the bed watching me. i didn’t really know what to do. I haven’t been around babies very much or kids}

Izzy  -- wheres mommy?

Nick  -- you mean Leah?

{she nodded}

Nick  -- i don’t know, she’s with Joe and Tegan...i think

Izzy  -- where’s Drew?

Nick  -- i don’ t know Izzy!

Izzy  -- you don’t have to be mean!

{i rolled my eyes and started go leave the room}

Izzy  -- where are you going?!

Nick  -- i’m going to go out

Izzy  -- you can’t just leave me!

Nick  -- why not?!

Izzy  -- i don’t want to be by myself

Nick  -- fine, but go to sleep

{Izzy smiled and got into bed. She pulled the blanket over her and looked at me}

Nick  -- what?

Izzy  -- can you tell me a story?

Nick  -- no

Izzy  -- please

Nick  -- Izzy-----

Izzy  -- mommy tells me bedtime stories

Nick  -- her name is Leah!

Izzy  -- your mean!

Nick  -- no i’m not!

Izzy  -- yes you are!

Nick  -- no i’m not!

{Izzy started crying a bit and i knew i had lost the argument. Why do kids have to have that cuteness factor?}

Nick  -- Izzy stop crying

Izzy  -- no

Nick  -- i’ll tell you a story if you stop crying!

{Izzy smiled and wiped her tears}

Izzy  -- thanks Nick

Leah’s POV

{i was sitting in Jake’s tent. I didn’t really know what to do. Jake had gone off to talk to his pack and he told me not to leave the tent. I layed down on what i guess was the bed and tried to sleep but i couldn’t. I sat back up and started looking around. I went over to a box and opened it. It was full of clothes and some other stuff that i guess belonged to Jake.

I went thru the box. I know i shouldn’t have gone thru Jake’s stuff but i had nothing else to do. I picked up a bunch of pictures that were all held together why an elastic band. I took the elastic band off and started going thru the pictures.

The first couple were of Jake and his family. I’m sure he missed them a lot, he probably never saw them now that he was a werewolf. There were some pictures of his friends after that and then i came across a picture i didn’t think i would was a picture of me...why would Jake have a picture of me?}

Tegan’s POV

{Joe and i had been following Drew threw the woods for nearly 20 minutes now. I had no idea what he was doing out here. I knew he wasn’t walking around for no reason tho. Joe kept saying we should stop and go back home cuz whatever Drew was up to was going to be something bad, But i wanted to find out what he was planning, maybe we could tell Nick and convince him to come back home with us}

Joe  -- Tegan!

Tegan  -- we aren’t leaving Joe!

{Drew turned in the direction we were and Joe and i quickly ducked behind a bush. He kept looking where we were for a couple seconds, then continued walking thru the forest}

Joe  -- that was close

Tegan  -- yeah

{i stood up and continued following Drew. I looked behind me for a second and Joe wasn’t moving}

Tegan  -- Joe come on!

Joe  -- Tegan this is a bad idea

Tegan  -- if you don’t come then i’ll just go by myself

Joe  -- fine i’m coming

{he stood up and walked over to me and we started following Drew again. After only a couple minutes Drew had walked over to another guy who was standing in the forest. I tried to see who it was but Joe pulled me down behind another bush so they wouldn’t see us}

Tegan  -- Joe---

Joe  -- shh

{i kept quiet and we listened to Drew and the man he was talking to}

???  -- so was i right about Nick?

{tho i couldn’t see who was talking i was sure it was Drew’s friend}

Drew  -- yeah he used the stele to break out of jail

???  -- good

Drew  -- but i didn’t come to tell you that

???  -- then why are you here?

Drew  -- i found Leanna

???  -- are you sure?

Drew  -- yeah, now i can finish what my dad started

{i turned to look at Joe and he looked as confused as i was}

Tegan  -- Joe...what did Drew’s father start?

{Joe didn’t answer he just stayed quiet and looked at the ground}

Tegan  -- Joe!

Joe  -- he started a shadowhunter war..

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Chapter 39

Tegan’s POV

Tegan  -- Joe!

Joe  -- he started a shadowhunter war..

Tegan  -- WHAT!

{Joe covered my mouth quickly and we kept quiet. I heard someone walk over to the bush we were hiding behind. And i closed my eyes}

Drew  -- Joe and Tegan..i knew you two would be showing up sooner or later

{i looked up to see Drew, Joe and i stood up cuz it was stupid to keep hiding if Drew knew we were there. The guy he was talking to had left already, i never got to see his face}

Drew  -- so why were you two following me?

Joe  -- it was her idea

{i glared at him}

Tegan  -- shut up Joe!

Drew  -- well since i’m sure you two overheard whats going on, i can’t just let you go back and tell Kevin

{Drew grabbed my wrists and pressed his stele to my skin. He drew a rune to bind my wrists, and then drew the same rune on Joe’s wrists}

Tegan  -- Nick will kill you if you do anything to us!

Drew  -- thats why he’s not going to find out

{Drew pushed me and Joe in front of him and we started walking thru the forest. I looked around thinking about any possible ways i could escape. I started moving to the side but Drew grabbed me by my hair and kept me in front of him}

Drew  -- don’t even think about trying to get away, cuz i have no problem killing you right here

Joe  -- don’t touch her!

Drew  -- if you don’t want her to get hurt then you two better do what i say

Joe  -- fine

Tegan  -- Joe!

Joe  -- just be quiet Tegan!

Nick’s POV

{i had finally gotten Izzy asleep, and i had gone into the library. i was looking thru some books but i couldn’t get my mind off of Leah. I was sure she was with Joe and Tegan..but what if she wasn’t? She could be hurt. Or alone and scared. And it was my fault. I heard someone open the door to the library and i looked over to see Izzy at the door. I thot she was asleep!}

Nick  -- what do you want Izzy?

Izzy  -- can’t sleep

Nick  -- why not?

{she walked over to me}

Izzy  -- i had a bad dream

{Tears rolled down her cheeks and i picked her up. Kids were so annoying. She hugged me and kept crying. I wasn’t good with kids. Leah was supposed to look after Izzy, not me! i carried Izzy back to her room and layed her on the bed}

Izzy  -- no i’m scared to go to sleep

Nick  -- why?

Izzy  -- cuz he’ll get me

Nick  -- i won’t let anything happen to you, i promise

Izzy  -- kay

{I pulled the blankets over Izzy, and kissed her head. She closed her eyes and fell asleep after a couple minutes. i walked out of the room and headed back to the library, but i heard voices downstairs. I went downstairs and there was Joe, Tegan and Drew}

Nick  -- what are you guys doing here?

Drew  -- they just came to see you

{i looked from Drew, to Tegan and Joe. I could tell something was going on. I just wasn’t sure what was going on. Before i could ask anything Drew had taken Joe and Tegan downstairs and i was left alone. Just standing there and not knowing what to do. I stood still for a couple seconds before remembering that Leah wasn’t with where was she?}

Leah’s POV

{i looked at the picture of myself for a couple more seconds. I couldn’t figure out why Jake would have a picture of me. i put the picture i found of myself on the floor and finished going thru the other pictures Jake had. The rest were all of girls...and most of them had large X’s drawn over them with something looked like blood..}

Jake  -- hey Leah..what are you doing?

{i put all the pictures away fast and turned around and stood up. Jake was standing by the entrance to the tent}

Leah  -- i was just looking for something to do

Jake  -- well we set up a huge fire outside.

Leah  -- like a camp fire?

Jake  -- yeah, but way bigger. Everyones just going to sit around and hang you want to come?

Leah  -- yeah sure, i’ll be there in a minute

Jake  -- okay babe

{Jake kissed me, but i pulled away and looked at the ground. I don’t care if Nick had broken my heart. I still loved him and i still wanted to be with him. i heard Jake leave the tent and after a couple minutes i left the tent as well and went over to where the fire was. a couple of the guys were in wolf form and fighting. And i was sure one of those guys was Jake}

Brian  -- hey Leah, come over here

{i looked over to where i heard the voice and saw Brian. He was the only other werewolf that i had met. I walked over to him. he was sitting on a log near the fire and i sat down next to him}

Leah  -- is Jake over there fighting?

Brian  -- no he went to find some good. But he’ll be back soon

Leah  -- so you think i could ask you some questions?

Brian  -- sure

Leah  -- i was looking thru some of Jake’s things and i came across some pictures

Brian  -- wich ones?

Leah  -- some of girls that were crossed out

Brian  -- oh, those are Jake’s victims. He has pictures of the girls and then he crosses them out after he finishes with them

Leah  -- what does he do to them?

Brian  -- he rapes them, sometimes more then once and then he’ll kill them

{Brian kept talking, but i wasn’t listening anymore. All i could think about was how i was going to be one of Jake’s victims if i didn’t get out of here soon}

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Chapter 40

Leah’s POV

{Brian kept talking, but i wasn’t listening anymore. All i could think about was how i was going to be one of Jake’s victims if i didn’t get out of here soon. I walked away from the campfire and i heard Brian calling after me but i ignored him. I started running thru the woods, not knowing where i was going. I just knew anywhere was better then near Jake. I kept running for nearly 20 minutes, i was completely lost in the woods. I looked around but it was useless.

I just wanted to cry. I had no idea where i was, some crazy werewolf wanted to kill me and i just wanted to be back with Nick. I thot about crying out for help, but it might help Jake find me. i walked along one of the paths for a couple minutes, and then i heard footsteps behind me. I started running as fast as i could and i could hear the other person right behind me. Within seconds i had been knocked off my feet and thrown to the ground.

I large wolf pinned my arms down above my head and i squirmed to get away. But it was no use, the wolf was much stronger then me. i kept struggling, i didn’t know what else i could do. One second the wolf was there, the next it had shifted into Jake}

Jake  -- where do you think your going?

Leah  -- j---just for a little walk

Jake  -- oh really?

{i nodded, but i knew he wasn’t convinced}

Jake  -- well its getting late, maybe we should get back to the camp

{Jake moved off of me, and i jumped to my feet and started running again. But i didn’t get very far before Jake grabbed me around my waist, and picked me up}

Leah  -- put me down!

Jake  -- maybe if your a good little girl, i’ll do what you say

{Jake put me over his shoulder and started walking back towards the camp. I hit my hands on his back over and over but it didn’t do anything. After a while we got back to the camp, many of the other werewolves where around the bon fire. And they all looked our way as Jake carried me over}

Brian  -- Jake whats going on?

Jake  -- none of your business Brian

Leah  -- PUT ME DOWN!

{i hit his back again and he put me down. I started to move away from him, but Jake wrapped his arms around my waist before i could get very far}

Jake  -- so do you want to sit by the fire? Or shall we got strait to my tent

Leah  -- the fire

{Jake let me over to a log that was near the fire and sat down, then sat me on his lap. If i could just stall long enough maybe he would get to tired, or someone might find me. we sat by the fire for a couple minutes and Jake started playing with my hair. I had given up trying to get away cuz i knew it was no use}

Jake  -- ready to go?

Leah  -- not yet

Jake  -- you look tired baby, i think you should go to bed

Leah  -- i’m not tired

Jake  -- you can’t stall all night!

Leah  -- stall for what?

{Jake looked at me with a confused look on his face. He must have figured out that i knew his plan. but i wasn’t about to let him know i had figured it out. I might have a chance to live longer if he thinks i don’t know}

Jake  -- come on, your going to bed

{Jake stood up, making me stand up too, then he took me into his tent}

Leah  -- Jake i----

Jake  -- so why did you try and run away? Don’t you like being here?

Leah  -- i wasn’t trying to run away

Jake  -- okay if you say so

{Jake pushed me on the mattress and i started to get up, but he pushed me back down}

Jake  -- where do you think your going?

Leah  -- i um...have to um...i’m hungry

{Jake rolled his eyes and started to walk out of the tent}

Jake  -- i’ll go get your food, but you don’t leave this tent. Understand?

Leah  -- yeah i understand

{Jake left the tent and i knew trying to get away wouldn’t help. I felt tears roll down my cheeks as i realized no one was going to come find me and i was stuck here. I cried for nearly 15 minutes before Jake came back in}

Jake  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- nothing

{i wiped my tears and Jake sat next to me on the mattress and handed me a sandwich}

Leah  -- thanks

{i started eating the sandwich and Jake layed down on the bed}

Jake  -- so are you going to tell me why you were crying? Or am i going to have to get it out of you

Leah  -- i just miss my friends and family

Jake  -- try to forget them

{Jake took the half eaten sandwich from me and placed it on small table near the bed. Then he layed me back on the bed and kissed me softly. I started to kiss back, but then remembered he planned on rapeing me and i quickly pushed him away}

Jake  -- whats your problem?

Leah  -- i’m just tired, can we go to sleep?

Jake  -- yeah, we can sleep later

{Jake kissed me again but with more force. More tears rolled down my cheeks and i tried to push him away but he pinned my arms down and kept kissing me. i turned my head and started screaming. But my screams were downed out as Jake kissed me again. I kept struggling, and Jake pulled away from the kiss}

Jake  -- this is going to happen Leah! You can’t stop it

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Chapter 41

Leah’s POV

Jake  -- this is going to happen Leah! You can’t stop it

{i started screaming again but Jake just covered my mouth with his hand, as he started to kiss my neck. I tried to push Jake off but nothing i did helped. It did seem to make him mad tho}

Jake  -- if you co-operate i’ll make this enjoyable for you

{i shook my head and kept trying to get away}

Jake  -- babe, you realize i could rip you in half right now if i wanted to

{i stopped moving immediately. I almost forgot he was a werewolf. Jake smirked and kissed my head}

Jake  -- good girl

{Jake moved his hand off my mouth, i guess he figured i wouldn’t try to scream anymore}

Leah  -- Jake----

Jake  -- shh

{Jake kissed me and i didn’t try to push him away. But i didn’t kiss back either}

Jake  --  i can make you feel so good baby, you just have to give in and enjoy it

{Jake pulled my shirt over my head and started to kiss down to my stomach. I whimpered as he pulled my pants off with my underwear and started kissing my inner thigh}

Leah  -- Jake stop

{i tried to pull my leg away but Jake grabbed my leg}

Jake  -- we’re doing this my way!

{more tears rolled down my cheeks and i just wished i could be anywhere but here. Jake took off his shirt and pants, and then kissed me. i deepened it without thinking and i felt him smirk as he kept kissing me. he unhooked my bra and threw it on the floor. I crossed my arms over my chest trying to cover myself. Jake rolled his eyes and moved my arms. Then he took of his boxers}

Leah  -- Jake please don’t do this

Jake  -- your sort of cute when you beg

Leah  -- Jake ple----

{before i could finish my sentence Jake had pushed himself into me. i screamed and he started going in and out of me faster. I started crying and he just smirked and went faster and harder}

Leah  -- STOP!

{Jake ignored me and kept going harder. I started moaning in pain but Jake wouldn’t stop. He just kept going harder and harder till i was screaming in pain again. There was a growling sound coming from outside and Jake turned his head to look at the door of the tent. The growling continued, and then there was a whimpering sound. Jake pulled out of me and put his boxers back on}

Jake  -- don’t move!

{even if i wanted to move i couldn’t. I was to scared. Jake started to walk out of the tent but he was pushed back in by someone. I screamed and pulled the blanket over me, but i felt relieved when i saw who walked thru the door. Nick grabbed Jake by his neck and pushed him against the ground}

Jake  -- your making a big mistake shadowhunter!

Nick  -- no your the one who made a mistake when you hurt my girlfriend!

{Nick punched Jake in the face and i winced. I grabbed my clothes and started putting them on as Nick kept beating Jake. Jake didn’t even try to defend himself, he was waiting for something, i could tell. After i finished getting dressed Nick looked over at me. while he still held Jake to the ground}

Nick  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- um yeah i’m fine

{i knew Nick didn’t believe me. he hit Jake again but thats when things went wrong. Jake quickly shifted into a werewolf and knocked Nick backwards. Jake growled at Nick as he lunged at him, aiming for his neck. Nick dodged it, but Jake’s claws still got his arm, tearing the skin}

Nick  -- Leah get out of here!

{Nick took out a blade from his pocket and i tried to move, but i couldn’t. I was frozen in fear}

Nick  -- LEAH GO!

{Jake attacked Nick again but Nick managed to push Jake off and dig the blade into Jake’s paw. Jake yelped and backed away from Nick. But i knew it wasn’t over. Nick grabbed my arm and ran out of the tent. We ran into the woods but i could hear Jake behind us.}

Leah  -- Nick i----

{Nick covered my mouth and ran behind a large bush}

Nick  -- shh

{i stayed as quiet as i could as i saw Jake come close to where we were. I was sure he would find us. I felt Nick wrap his arms around me and i felt safer. Jake stood in front of the bushes for a while before he started running off into the woods again. I let out a sigh of relief and Nick moved his hand off of my mouth}

Leah  -- that was close

Nick  -- come on, we have to get somewhere safe

{Nick took my hand and started walking thru the woods in a different way then Jake had gone. We walked for over an hour and i was sure that Jake would come out of no where and attack us. But he didn’t. We reached the institute that Drew was at and walked in. I hugged Nick tight and started crying}

Leah  -- i thot i was never going to see you again

{Nick kissed my head}

Nick  -- i have to go back and kill Jake

Leah  -- what? No! Nick don’t go back there! What if you get hurt

Nick  -- i won’t get hurt

Leah  -- please Nick just forget about Jake

Nick  -- i’m not going to forget about that filthy mutt and what he did to you!

Leah  -- i’m fine Nick, just please don’t go

Nick  -- Leah----

{Nick was interrupted by a high pitch scream coming from the basement. I looked at the basement door then back at Nick}

Leah  -- was that Tegan?

Nick  -- yeah i think it was..

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