Chapter 1

Nick  -- [walks offstage with Joe and Kevin, hands his guitar to one of the crew members] what time is it?

Kevin  -- we have about 30 minutes befor we have to go

Nick  -- where are we going next?

Joe  -- somewhere close i think

Nick  -- good because i hate going on that stupid private jet, its to small

Joe  -- its bigger then our last one

Nick  -- yeah well its still to small

Kevin  -- just ask mom for a new one

Nick  -- good idea

Joe  -- i’ll go ask [leaves]


Joe  -- [comes back] she  said no

Nick  -- why not? We have tons of money

Kevin  -- and we deserve a bigger jet

Nick  -- exactly

Joe  -- she said, we already have one, and its greedy to want more and more

Nick  -- we get to be greedy! We earned that money

Kevin  -- don’t let mom hear that

Denise  -- [comes over] i already did

Nick  -- well its true! We worked hard for that money, so we should get to use it for what we want!

Denise  -- i’m sorry Nicholas but your not getting a bigger jet

Joe  -- this is so unfair! Our is to small!!

Kevin  -- yeah and old

Denise  -- old? We just got it a couple weeks ago

Kevin  -- yeah well we need a newer one

Denise  -- you can’t just have whatever you want just because your famous

Nick  -- actually we can

Denise  -- well not anymore [leaves]

Joe  -- what do you think she means?

Kevin  -- no idea


Leah  -- Rosie stop that!

Rosie  -- [puts the camera down] i don’t kno why you don’t like your picture taken

Leah  -- i just don’t [picks up her guitar] 

Rosie  -- well when your a famous singer, there will be tons of people taking your pictures 

Leah  -- i don’t want to be famous! Famous people are stuck up and only think about themselves 

Rosie  -- maybe, but you wouldn’t be like that 

Leah  -- yeah i kno, i just hate all those stupid celebrities 

Rosie  -- yeah i kno  

Leah  -- okay how does this sound *sings* 

The struggles I'm facing.
The chances I'm taking.
Sometimes might knock me down but
No I'm not breaking.
I may not know it but these are the moments that
I'm gonna remember most, yeah.
I Just gotta keep going.
AndI, I gotta be strong.
Just keep pushing on

Rosie  -- Amazing as always 

Leah  -- thanks 

Rosie  -- are you going to sing it at the school show? 

Leah  -- i’m not sure 

Rosie  -- you should 

Leah  -- maybe i will 

Rosie  -- [takes another picture of Leah, looks at it] that is so going in the school year book

Leah  -- Rosie! 

Rosie  -- [runs off] 

Leah  -- [puts her guitar down, runs after Rosie] get back here!!! 

Rosie  -- [runs behind Tess] 

Tess  -- whats going on? 

Leah  -- she’s evil! 

Rosie  -- its a good picture Leah! 

Tess  -- let me see! 

Rosie  -- [hands her the camera] 

Tess  -- that is pretty 

Leah  -- [looks at him] no its not i look horrible 

Rosie  -- sure you do 

Tess  -- i heard we’re getting new students in our class

Leah  -- who? 

Tess  -- i donno, my mom wouldn’t tell me 

Rosie  -- what time is it? 

Leah  -- its almost 9 

Rosie  -- we should get back to the school 

Leah  -- yeah we should [they go to the school] 


Nick  -- so what did mom say? 

Kevin  -- she said we aren’t going to LA 

Nick  -- so where are we going? 

Joe  -- don’t worry its a huge city 

Nick  -- whats it called? 

Joe  -- Autumn Creek 

Kevin  -- What! 

Nick  -- what? 

Kevin   -- Autumn Creek is some stupid farm town 

Nick  -- a what? 

Joe  -- don’t you listen Nick? He said its a stupid farm town 

Nick  -- shut up! [calls his mom]  

Denise  -- [answers] hello 

Nick  -- what the hell! 

Kevin  -- Nick!

Nick  -- why are you sending us so some stupid farm town? 

Denise  -- some stupid town? When you were younger you always wanted to move there 

Nick  -- what no i didn’t! 

Denise  -- yeah you did, well now you get to 

Nick  -- why are you doing this? 

Denise  -- because you and your brothers are to greedy! You need some time away from fame, and i think this will be good for you, and i’ll be there in 2 weeks to see how your doing 

Nick  -- [hangs up, throws the phone against the wall] 

Joe  -- so why is she making us go ? 

Nick  -- to teach us a lesson 

Kevin  -- this is all your fault! If you hadn’t said all that stupid about getting what we want, we wouldn’t be forced to move to Autumn Creek! 

Nick  -- its not my fault! Its Joe’s fault! 

Joe  -- how is it my fault 

Nick  -- your the one who asked for the bigger jet! 

Joe  -- that was your idea! 

Kevin  -- okay look, we just need to get along, what did mom say? 

Nick  -- that she’s coming in 2 weeks 

Kevin  -- so we just need to make mom think we’ve changed when she comes to visit in 2 weeks 

Joe  -- good idea [the plane lands] 

Nick  -- [steps out] this is even worse then i thot it would be

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Chapter 2

Leah  -- [in class, writing notes]

Rosie  -- [takes her picture]

Leah  -- ROSIE!!!

Rosie  -- sorry

Tess  -- take my picture!

Rosie  -- [takes a picture of her and Tess]

Leah  -- you guys are so weird


Leah  -- [at her locker]

Rosie  -- your going to the dance rite?

Leah  -- i don’t think so

Rosie  -- why not?

Leah  -- no one asked me

Tess  -- so?

Rosie  -- well i’m sure  Spencer will ask you

Tess  -- you guys are so cute together

Leah  -- he hasn’t talked to me all week tho

Rosie  -- well maybe he’s shy?

Tess – Spencer’s not shy

Rosie  -- not helping Tess!!

Leah  -- it doesn’t matter anyways, i don’t really want  to go

Rosie  -- why not?

Leah  -- i donno i just don’t want to go

Tess  -- fine but your going to miss out

Leah  -- i don’t care

Rosie  -- come on lets go swimming!

Leah  -- i can’t i have to paint my desk again

Tess  --  what color?

Leah  -- um wood color?

Rosie  -- then don’t you use stain instead of paint

Leah – whatever

Tess  -- we can help

Leah  -- kay [they go to her house]


Leah/Rosie  -- [painting the desk]

Tess  -- [painting an extra piece of wood in different colors]

Leah  -- what are you doing?

Tess  -- i’m making a rainbow

Rosie  -- can you do that over there? [points the brush in a direction]

Tess  -- [some of the paint flies off the brush and hits her] ROSIE!!!

Rosie  -- oops

Tess  -- [flings paint at Rosie]

Rosie  -- TESS!!! [aims the paint at Tess but hits Leah]

Leah  -- your ruined my shirt! [brushes paint on Rosie’s cheek]

Rosie  -- [throws some paint at Leah and some hits Tess]

Tess  -- [throws paint a Rosie]


Rosie  -- [they are all covered in paint, throwing paint at Tess]

Leah  -- okay everyone stop!

Tess  -- [laughs]

Leah  -- what?

Tess  -- you look so funny

Leah  -- [laughs] so do you

Rosie  -- i think we should wash off

Tess  -- yeah, lets go down to the lake

Leah  -- we can’t go to the lake!

Rosie  -- yeah we don’t want to get the paint in the lake

Tess  -- so what do we do?

Leah  -- [grabs the hose, sprays Tess]

Tess  -- stop!

Rosie  -- [laughing]

Leah  -- [sprays Rosie]


Nick  -- [unpacking]

Joe  -- [comes in] i hate you! I just wanted to make sure you kno that

Nick  -- this isn’t just my fault!

Joe  -- well its mostly your fault

Nick  -- shut up!

Joe  -- Kevin is trying to make dinner

Nick  -- are you serious? Kevin could burn water!

Joe  -- yeah and thats why i have the fire extinguisher handy

Nick  -- [goes to the kitchen with Joe] what are you doing?

Kevin  -- making dinner

Nick  -- are you sure thats a good idea?

Kevin   -- [glares at him] you think you can do better?

Nick  -- i kno i can do better!

Kevin  -- alright you make dinner then

Nick  -- okay fine [opens the fridge] theres no food

Joe  -- what? [runs to the fridge] what are we going to do? We’re going to starve to death

Nick  -- we just have to go to the grocery store Joe!

Kevin  -- i’ll go [leaves]

Joe  -- so what do we do till he gets back?

Nick  -- nothing, theres nothing to do here


Kevin  -- [comes in]

Joe  -- so what did you get?

Kevin  -- Kraft Dinner and cake mix

Nick  -- okay so all instant stuff? That should be easy. Kevin can you put some water on the stove, and Joe crack the eggs into that bowl for the cake

Joe  -- your not the boss of me!

Nick  -- now Joe!


Joe   -- [eating dinner] how long till the cake is done?

Nick  -- i donno didn’t you set the timer

Joe  -- theres a timer? [the smoke alarm goes off]

Kevin  -- Joe you are so stupid! [uses the fire extinguisher to put out the fire]

Nick  -- we haven’t even been here a day and we’ve already set the house on fire, how does mom expect us to last two weeks?!!!


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Chapter 3


Nick  -- [goes downstairs]

Joe  -- ready for school?

Nick  -- school?

Kevin  -- yeah place people go to learn things

Nick  -- first off its Saturday and second i’m not going to school

Joe  -- you have to

Nick  -- why can’t i do home schooling, its bad enough i have to be here, and now i have to go to a school with a bunch of farm kids?

Joe  -- yeah mom said

Nick  -- why don’t you have to go?

Joe  -- because i graduated already

Nick  -- yeah  i don’t kno how you managed that

Kevin  -- me neither

Joe  -- [glares at them] i’m a lot smarter than people think [walks into a door, falls down]

Nick  -- yeah pure genius [leaves]


Leah  -- [brushing Angel, her horse]

Spencer  -- [comes over] hi Leah

Leah  -- what do you want?!

Spencer  -- why are you mad at me?

Leah  -- maybe cuz you’ve been avoiding me! We were supposed to go do something today

Spencer  -- well we still can, we could go ride thru the trails, you kno have a race, and this time i won't let you win

Leah  -- i don't need you to let me win, i can still ride faster then you! and no we can’t go riding together because i’m not talking to you! [gets on Angel]

Spencer  -- [stands infont of the horse]

Leah  -- Spencer move!

Spencer  -- no not till you forgive me. I’m sorry i haven’t talked to you in a while but thats only because i’ve been busy

Leah  -- doing what?

Spencer  -- Leah stop being so annoying! You don’t always need to kno where i am! And i don’t always need to be with you

Angel  -- [walks backwards]

Leah  -- [has a couple tears rolling down her cheeks, rides away from him]

Spencer  -- Leah come back!

Leah  -- [ignores him, goes to the lake]


Nick  -- [walking around, bumps into someone] watch where your going?

Rosie  -- excuse me? You walked into me!

Nick  -- do you have any idea who i am?!

Rosie  -- Nicholas Jerry Jonas?

Nick  -- actually its Nick and next time when you see me coming, get out of the way!

Rosie  -- Leah’s was right, celebrities do only think of themselves!

Nick  -- [pushes her to the ground]

Rosie  -- [twists her ankle, crying a bit]

Nick  -- stupid farm girl!

Rosie  -- if you hate farms then why don’t you go back to where you came from?!

Nick  -- because i can’t!

Rosie  -- well you don’t belong here! So just leave!

Nick  -- i would if i could! I hate it here

Rosie  -- well i hate it here too now that you’re here!

Nick  -- whatever [keeps walking]


Leah  -- [gets off Angel, walks over to the water, touches it to see how cold it is, takes off her jacket, so she’s wearing a t-shirt and jean shorts] you think i should jump in?

Angel  -- [looks towards the rope swing]

Leah  -- good idea [gets on the rope swing, swings back and forth a couple times, jumps in]

Nick  -- [sees her]

Leah  -- [doesn’t notice him, starts swimming around]


This girl was so weird, she seemed happy that she has just ruined her clothes, tho her shirt was completely see thru now, wich wasn’t so bad. I don’t kno how anyone can be happy living here, its horrible. Theres no movie theatre, or clubs or anything. Theres only like 4 stores in the whole town that sell half decent things. And yet this girl seemed genuinely happy. I watched her for a bit, and wanted to go introduce myself but right as i started to move towards the water, she disappeared, something had pulled her under the water


Something had grabbed me around the ankle and pulled me under the water, I looked at what had grabbed my ankle and it was an old fishing net, it shouldn’t even be here! I tried to get free but it was too strong, now i kno how fish feel when they kno their life is going to end at any second. I looked for something sharp to cut the rope but couldn’t find anything. I was running out of air, and couldn’t get back to the surface. I tried to hold my breath for as long as i could, but eventually i couldn’t hold it any longer and everything went dark.


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Chapter 4

Nick  -- [pulls Leah out of the water, lays her on the sand]

Leah  -- [opens her eyes, coughs, choking on some water]

Nick  -- [lays on the sand next to her]

Leah  -- [breathing heavy] why did you do that?

Nick  -- because i wasn’t just going to let you die, when i could save you!

Leah  -- [closes her eyes]

Nick  -- nows about the time people would normally say thank you

Leah  -- i was getting there!

Nick  -- forget it, so whats your name?

Leah  -- Leah [sits up, looks at her ankle wich is bleeding from a small cut]

Nick  -- sorry about that, it was the only way i could get you free

Leah  -- it doesn’t matter i’m used to cuts and scrapes [washes the cut off]

Nick  -- [starts to fall asleep laying on the sand]

Leah  -- [splashes water at him]

Nick  -- what the hell!!

Leah  -- [laughs]

Nick  -- i should have just let you drown!

Leah  -- Nick i was just ----

Nick  -- yeah i kno

Leah  -- so why are you here?

Nick  -- because theres no where else to go in the stupid town!

Leah  -- i mean why are you here in my town

Nick  -- my mom thinks i’m greedy

Leah  -- [sarcastic] how could anyone think you of all people are greedy?

Nick  -- thats what i want to kno

Leah  --  [rolls her eyes] have you ever really worked at something?

Nick  -- yeah performing on stage

Leah  -- i mean something that helped other people

Nick  -- i give them a show

Leah  -- not what i meant

Nick  --well then  i don’t kno what you mean?

Leah  -- and that Nick, is why you will never fit in here [gets on her horse]

Nick  -- i don’t want to fit in

Leah  -- can you pass me my jacket?

Nick  -- um no

Leah  -- fine [turns the horse around so she can head back into the center of town]

Nick  -- wait

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- can you give me a ride back?

Leah  -- you think a boy from the city can handle being on a horse?

Nick  -- i’ll be fine!

Leah  -- okay but you have to pass me my jacket

Nick  -- but you look so much sexier when your shirt is see thru

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- [hands her the jacket]

Leah  -- thanks [puts it on]

Nick  -- how do i get up?

Leah  --  [in a baby voice] aw the little rock star doesn’t even kno how to get on a horse

Nick  -- shut up

Leah  -- [helps him up]

Nick  -- [sits behind her] this thing won’t like throw us of will it?

Leah  -- first off Angel is a she! And second, yeah she will if you talk about her like that!

Nick  --  just go! So i can get of this gross animal

Angel  -- [forces Nick off]

Nick  -- [falls to the ground]

Leah  -- [laughs]

Nick  -- thats not funny!

Leah  -- yeah it is pretty funny

Nick  -- can you take me back with out knocking me off this time?

Leah  -- [nods, helps him back up again]

Nick  -- [wraps his arms around her waist]

Leah  -- [rides back into town]

Nick  -- so you can just ride the horse around where ever you want?

Leah  -- yeah basically, you might want to hold on

Nick  -- why

Angel  -- [starts running fast thru some trails]

Nick  -- just take me back to my house!

Leah  -- fine [turns Angel around, heads back into town] you are such a baby you kno that?

Nick  -- no i’m not!

Leah  -- yeah you are!

Nick  --  well you are so hot [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- Nick stop!

Nick  -- oh come on Leah i kno you love it

Leah  -- you are so annoying! Get off

Nick  -- what? We aren’t there yet

Leah  -- i don’t want you on my horse anymore, so get off!

Nick  -- [gets off]

Leah  -- [goes home]

Nick  -- [walks home, thinking about Leah]

Kevin  -- where were you?

Nick  -- i went for a walk

Joe  -- why are you all muddy

Nick  -- because some girls stupid horse knocked me off

Joe  -- you were on a horse?

Nick  -- yeah

Kevin  -- why?

Nick  -- because i didn’t want to walk home

Kevin  -- so who was the girl?

Nick  -- what?

Kevin  -- you said you were with a girl

Nick  -- her name is Leah

Joe  -- is she hot?

Nick  -- yeah, but she’s also really obnoxious

Kevin  -- why?

Nick  -- she thinks i’m selfish, even tho i saved her life!

Joe  -- Nick kissing a girl does not save their life

Nick  -- i saved her from drowning Joe!

Kevin  -- why?

Nick  -- i have no idea, i wish i didn’t

Joe  -- [sarcastic] i can see why this girl loves you

Kevin  -- she probably goes to your school Nick

Nick  -- its not MY school, its some stupid school that i don’t want to go to

Joe  -- what if that girl is like really popular, she could make your life horrible

Nick  -- thats not gonna happen Joe! We’re famous, so people are going to love that we’re here

Kevin  -- i hope so


Leah  -- [goes into the house and up to her room, slams the door]

Tess  -- [comes in] Leah whats wrong?

Leah  -- Nick Jonas is whats wrong!

Tess  -- so he’s really here?

Leah  -- yeah

Tess  -- Rosie said he hurt her

Leah  -- what!

Tess  -- yeah, he pushed her and she twisted her ankle

Leah  -- [goes to Nick’s house, knocks on the door]

Nick  -- [opens it] i knew you would come back babe

Leah  -- [slaps him hard]

Nick  -- what was that for?!

Leah  -- [walks into the house] how could you do that to Rosie?

Nick  -- i have no idea what your talking about

Joe  -- Nick wants going on?

Kevin  -- is this the girl?

Leah  -- what girl?

Nick  -- yeah this is her, and i don’t kno a Rosie

Leah  -- you pushed her!

Nick  -- what?

Kevin  -- Nick what did you do?

Leah  -- he just decided to make his life much worse here! [leaves]

Joe  -- so much for using that famous thing to make people like us

Kevin  -- yeah and once again, its all Nick’s fault!

Chapter 5


Leah  -- [getting books from her locker]

Rosie  -- [comes over with Tess]

Leah  -- hows your ankle?

Rosie  -- its fine, i guess

Tess  -- we were going to go down the farmers market to sell some things, are you in?

Leah  -- maybe, i donno what i’m doing yet

Rosie  -- well if your not busy come down

Leah  -- i will

Tess  -- see you in class [they leave]

Nick  -- [comes over] hi Leah

Leah  -- what do you want

Nick  -- i was just wondering if you could show me around

Leah  -- around where

Nick  -- the school, the town, everywhere

Leah  -- well walk out that door [points to the school entrance] walk left for about 6 blocks and you’ve reached the end of town, and walk right for a couple miles and thats the end of town too

Nick  -- well i was thinking we could go riding in the trails again

Leah  -- no your not going on my horse again!

Nick  -- i would get my own horse

Leah  -- you don’t even kno how to ride

Nick  -- you could teach me

Leah  -- no i can’t

Nick  -- why not?

Leah  -- because i don’t want to [goes to class, sits down]

Teacher  -- [comes in] alright class, you can continue working on your projects, so please sit with you partner

Leah  -- [starts working on her project]

Nick  -- [comes in]

Teacher  -- and we have a new student, this is Nick Jonas

Leah  -- we already kno that!

Teacher  -- alright Leah since you seem to kno him, why don’t you and Nick go to the library and you can show him what we’ve been working on

Leah  -- what!

Teacher  -- and since you don’t have a partner for the project, i’m making Nick your partner

Leah  -- this is so unfair! [grabs her books, goes to the library with Nick]

Nick  -- so whats this project?

Leah  -- we’re planting different kinds of seeds in different soil, to see which grows the fastest,  wich grow the biggest and stuff like that, then at the end of the month we’re going to sell the products at the farmers market and all the money goes to the school

Nick  -- is this even school work? It sounds like farm work

Leah  -- well we are on a farm, but you don’t have to do anything, i’ll do it all

Nick  -- but we’re supposed to work on it together

Leah  -- the teacher won’t kno

Nick  -- i want to help!

Leah  -- why?

Nick  -- [thinking: because i want to spend more time with you] because its a group project

Leah  -- fine you can help, but you can’t wear that

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- Nick your dressed for the city, your in the country now, and things get dirty

Nick  -- [flirty smile] i like the sound of that

Leah  -- [slaps him] thats not what i mean!

Nick  -- [touches it cheek] you didn’t have to slap me!

Leah  -- well you don’t have to make those stupid remarks all the time

Nick  -- fine i’ll try and stop

Leah  -- good

Nick  -- so when are we going to do the project?

Leah  -- everyday

Nick  -- i have to do farm work everyday?!

Leah  -- i said i would do it on my own

Nick  -- can’t i just help a couple days?

Leah  -- its everyday or not at all

Nick  -- fine everyday

Leah  -- we can go now if you want

Nick  -- now?

Leah  -- yeah, we just need to get a field pass from the office

Nick  -- you can ditch school?

Leah  -- its not ditching, we’re going out to do work

Nick  -- but your allowed to do that?

Leah  -- yeah of course [goes to the office]

Nick  -- [follows her]

Secretary  -- i’ll be with you in a minute [continues talking on the phone]

Leah  -- oh and you kno how you said you were going to get a horse

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- well your going to need one to get to my field

Nick  -- i don’t have time to get one right now

Leah  -- we can ask Spencer if you can use his

Nick  -- who’s Spencer

Leah  -- he’s my boy ----- he’s my friend

Nick  -- just a friend?

Leah  -- yeah

Secretary  -- [hangs up the phone] so what can i get for you Leah? A field pass?

Leah  -- yeah

Secretary  -- [hands her the pass]

Leah  -- thanks [walks out with Nick]

Nick  -- you must get in trouble a lot

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- the people in the office kno who you are

Leah  -- everybody knows everybody here Nick, its like one big family [walks over to where Spencer is talking with some of his friends] hey Spencer

Spencer  -- so your talking to me again?

Leah  -- i need to borrow your horse

Spencer  -- use Angel

Leah  -- not for me for Nick

Spencer  -- fine but you have to forgive me

Leah  -- okay i forgive you, we’ll have her back by 9

Nick  -- 9?

Leah  -- yeah come on [takes him to the stables]

Nick  -- it smells horrible!

Leah  -- [rolls her eyes, starts getting the saddles ready] you might want to change

Nick  -- fine i’ll be back in a minute

Leah  -- no i’ll bring the horses to  your house

Nick  -- kay [goes home]

Kevin  -- Nick what are you doing here?

Joe  -- you got expelled didn’t you

Kevin  -- how could you get expelled you’ve barely been there an hour

Nick  -- i’m not expelled!

Joe  -- then why are you here

Nick  -- to change [goes upstairs]

Joe  -- he looked fine to me


Nick  -- [waiting outside the house]

Leah  -- [comes over, the horses walking next to her] ready?

Nick  -- i guess

Leah  -- and you can get on your horse this time?

Nick  -- i didn’t need your help last time

Leah  -- sure you didn’t [gets on her horse]

Nick  -- [gets on the other one, kinda scared of falling off]

Leah  -- [starts riding slow towards the field]

Nick  -- [following her] so how far is it?

Leah  -- no to far, how are you doing? You looked scared to death

Nick  -- [lying] i’m not scared

Leah  -- okay if you say so


Leah  -- [stops the horse, gets off]

Nick  -- [starts to get off his horse, but falls off]

Leah  -- [laughs a bit, helps him up]

Nick  -- i hate the country

Leah  -- well i love it

Nick  -- you would your all about nature

Leah  -- what do you mean?

Nick  -- well the first time i see you, your swimming in the lake, fully clothes. Your almost always outside, and when your forced to go inside for school, you get a field pass so you can go outside again

Leah  -- is there something wrong with that?

Nick  -- no, there nothing wrong with that....... your perfect [leans in to kiss her]

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Chapter 6

Leah  -- [steps back] what are you doing?

Nick  -- um nothing

Leah  -- you were going to kiss me

Nick  -- no i wasn’t! i would never kiss some stupid farm girl

Leah  -- [a couple tears roll down her cheeks, gets back on her horse]

Nick  -- wait i didn’t mean it like that

Leah  -- then how did you mean it Nick!

Nick  -- can we just work on the project?

Leah  -- fine i’ll be back in a couple minutes

Nick  -- where are you going?

Leah  -- just for a quick ride

Nick  -- [quietly] i wish you would ride me

Leah  -- what was that?

Nick  -- nothing

Leah  -- [leaves]

Nick  -- [sits on the ground, waits for her to come back]


Leah  -- [walks over]

Nick  -- what happened to your horse?

Leah  -- she got tired

Nick  -- where is she?

Leah  -- so she’s not an it anymore?

Nick  -- no i guess not

Leah  -- she’s back at the stables

Nick  -- so are we going to work on this project or not?

Leah  -- [lays in the grass] i’m kinda tired now

Nick  -- you realize that you ditched school rite

Leah  -- yeah i guess i kinda did, but you did too

Nick  -- but i always ditch

Leah  -- why?

Nick  -- schools boring

Leah  -- not always

Nick  -- [lays next to her] usually

Leah  -- you kno, i don’t think you hate it here as much as you say you do

Nick  -- what do you mean?

Leah  -- well it just seems like you kinda like her here

Nick  -- i don’t like it here!

Leah  -- maybe just a little?

Nick  -- i don’t like the town, i like the fact that i can walk outside without hundreds of girls screaming my name and running after me

Leah  -- they better not find you and your brothers

Nick  -- what do you mean

Leah  -- if people find out your here, its going to get really busy here, and our small town life will be over

Nick  -- i never thot about it that way

Leah  -- i wanna show you something

Nick  -- okay what

Leah  -- its called the farmers market, you can meet some of my friends

Nick  -- [about to say something]

Leah  -- and this time, please don’t push them to the ground

Nick  -- i won’t, so are we walking there?

Leah  -- no, we still have Spencer’s horse

Nick  -- [gets on] what about you

Leah  -- [gets on behind him]

Nick  -- i think you should go infront, your a better rider

Leah  -- but this is good practice for you, after all your living in the country your going to be riding horses a lot, especially if your spending time with me

Nick  -- but i don’t kno where it is

Leah  -- just go that way [points left, wraps her arms around his waist, rests her head on his back]


Leah  -- [gets off the horse, walks over to Tess and Rosie]

Nick  -- [follows her]

Rosie  -- [glares at Nick] what is HE doing here

Leah  -- i told him to come

Tess  -- why?

Nick  -- if you don’t want me here, i’ll go

Rosie  -- okay, go!

Leah  -- Rosie!

Rosie  -- what? He hurt me!

Leah  -- fine if your going to be mean we’ll just go!

Tess  -- no don’t go, we could use your help

Nick  -- help?

Rosie  -- yeah its this thing were you do something for others instead of always thinking about yourself!

Nick  -- i’m just going to go home, i’ll see you at school tmrw [walks home]

Tess  -- Leah what is going on? Why are you hanging out with him?

Leah  -- we’re doing a project together

Rosie  -- you don’t like him rite?

Leah  -- no

Rosie – good

Leah  -- Tess can you take Spencer’s horse home when you go home?

Tess  -- sure

Leah  -- [starts walking home, walks past Nick’s house]

Nick  -- [sees her, walks out]

Leah  -- hi Nick

Nick  -- hi, do you want to come in for a minute?

Leah  -- sure [goes into the house] so how is it going from mansion to this place?

Nick  -- hard, but i don’t spend much time here

Joe  -- [comes in] aren’t you the girl who hates us?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- you still hate me?

Leah  -- maybe not as much anymore

Nick  -- but still a bit?

Leah  -- yeah

Joe  -- why? You don’t even kno us

Leah  -- what?

Joe  -- you don’t kno us, so why do you hate us

Nick  -- because she thinks she knows us

Leah  -- [looks at the ground]

Nick  -- you kno you’ve never even given us a chance

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Chapter 7

Leah  -- i ---- i

Joe  -- how come you’ve never given us a chance?

Leah  -- because i kno you!

Nick  -- no, you kno what the magazines publish

Leah  -- and you weren’t exactly different Nick!

Nick  -- well i would like a proper chance

Leah  -- no

Joe  -- just give him a chance, then you can see how obnoxious he really is

Nick  -- thanks Joe

Leah  -- the first day he’s here, he hurts my friend, makes fun of my horse and ----

Nick  -- saved your life!

Leah  -- well you didn’t have to

Nick  -- i wasn’t going to let you die!

Leah  -- you didn’t even kno me!

Nick  -- so?

Leah  -- just leave me alone! [goes home]

Joe  -- wow

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- she is really confusing

Nick  -- only to people who can’t tie their shoes [pats his shoulders, goes upstairs]

Joe  -- psh i kno how to tie my shoes, they just don’t like staying tied


Leah  -- [brushing Angel]

Nick  -- [comes over]

Leah  -- what do you want? [gives Angel a carrot]

Nick  -- i came to see what your doing today? You wanna go swimming at the lake?

Leah  -- its Saturday Nick

Nick  -- yeah a day off

Leah  -- not here!

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- Saturday is when me and my friends help out around the farm,

Nick  -- why?

Leah  -- because my parents are at the farmers market selling stuff

Nick  -- well i’ll help

Leah  -- help? You?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- i don’t think so Nick

Nick  -- well i’m staying here, so i can help or just watch

Leah  -- um you can watch

Nick  -- why can’t i help

Leah  -- because you can’t mess up! If you mess up then we will loose money

Nick  -- i won’t mess up

Tess  -- [comes in with Rosie] hi Leah, um hi Nick

Nick  -- hi

Rosie  -- what are you doing here?

Nick  -- watching

Leah  -- stalker!

Nick  -- okay then i’ll help

Leah  -- NO!!

Nick  -- yes

Leah  -- fine, so you can do wat Tess did last time

Nick  -- wats that

Leah  -- paint a piece of wood [goes to the chicken coop, to collect eggs]

Nick  --what? Thats not fair

Tess  -- you can help me Nick [takes him over to desk they were painting befor]

Nick  -- whats this?

Tess  -- Leah’s desk, we need to stain it this color [puts the paint can on the desk]

Nick  -- wat happened to it, its multi colored

Tess  -- we might have gotten into a paint fight

Nick  -- will the paint wash off?

Tess  -- no i don’t think so [starts staining the desk]

Nick  -- [helps her]


Leah  -- [puts a basket of eggs by the door]

Rosie  -- [comes in] i hate Nick!

Leah  -- what did he do now?

Rosie  -- nothing, i hate him from befor

Leah  -- you should give him a chance

Rosie  -- you aren’t

Leah  -- yeah i am, i’m just not telling him i am

Rosie  -- he’s painting your desk

Leah  -- fascinating

Rosie  -- don’t you care?

Leah  -- not really

Rosie  -- what if he ruins it

Leah  -- he won’t

Rosie  -- you sure about that?

Leah  -- yeah, and if he does i’ll fix the desk later

Rosie  -- fine, so are you done getting the eggs?

Leah  -- yeah, can you help me take the basket inside

Rosie  -- sure [grabs one side]

Leah  -- [grabs the other side, they carry it inside]

Rosie  --  i’m going to make lunch for everyone, what should i make?

Leah  -- i donno, but remember Nick is here too

Rosie  -- right

Leah  -- so just call me when its ready and we can eat on the patio

Rosie  -- sure

Leah  -- [goes over to Tess and Nick] hows it going

Tess  -- almost done

Leah  -- it looks great

Tess  -- Nick did most of it

Leah  -- really

Nick  -- no, we did the same amount

Tess  -- and he did the little flower and vine engravings over here [shows Leah]

Leah  -- [touches it] thats so cool, Nick how did you do that?

Nick  -- i used to do tons of stuff like that when i was bored, or had a lot of time on my hand

Leah  -- were they always flowers?

Nick  -- no, but i thot you would like the flowers

Leah  -- i do, thanks Nick

Nick  -- no problem

Tess  -- [still painting the desk] this color is okay right Leah?

Leah  -- yeah its great

Tess  -- good

Rosie  -- [comes over] lunch is ready

Leah  -- okay i just need to grab something [goes into the barn]

Nick  -- [follows her] what are you doing?

Leah  -- [climbs up the latter, to the higher level]

Nick  -- is it safe up there?

Leah  -- yeah its fine

Nick  -- what if you fall

Leah  -- thats has only happened a couple times

Nick  -- [climbs up] did you get hurt?

Leah  -- no, i fell on hay

Nick  -- so what are you getting from up here

Leah  -- just some things i need for later, i don’t want to forget [grabs some rope, throws it down]

Nick  -- [looks around] you’ve got a lot of stuff up here

Leah  -- yeah i kno, we basically put everything we don’t need at the moment up here

Nick  -- [picks up a guitar] whats this?

Leah  -- don’t you kno? I mean you do play

Nick  -- is it yours?

Leah  -- yeah [takes the guitar, puts it down]

Nick  -- do you play?

Leah  -- yeah, but not well, i just kno enough that i can write simple music, for my lyrics

Nick  -- so your a singer?

Leah  -- kinda i guess

Nick  -- can i hear one of your songs?

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- please?

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Chapter 8

Leah  -- no Nick!

Nick  -- why not?

Leah  -- because i don’t like you

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- okay i don’t not like

Nick  -- what? [really confused]

Leah  -- i mean i was just joking

Nick  -- so you do like me?

Leah  -- yeah, as a friend

Nick  -- so since we’re friends can i hear

Leah  -- well i’ve been working on a song, but its not finished

Nick  -- [gives her the guitar]

Leah  -- [starts playing, sings]

Every step I'm taking
Every move I make feels
lost with no direction
My faith is shakin

But I, I gotta keep tryin
Gotta keep my head held high

Theres always gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an up-hill battle
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose
Ain't about how fast I get there.
Ain't about what's waitin on the other side.
It's the climb.

Nick  -- wow, thats really good

Leah  -- no its not [puts the guitar away]

Nick  -- yeah it is, almost as good as what i write

Leah  -- atleast my lyrics have meaning! {a/n – the songs the jobros sing in this story don’t really have meaning}

Nick  -- my lyrics have meaning

Leah  -- no they don’t! [climbs down, goes back to the house]

Nick  -- [follows her]

Rosie  -- hi Leah, hi person i don’t kno, and never want to kno!

Tess  -- wow Rosie

Leah  -- do you guys wanna go down to the lake later?

Tess  -- sure

Nick  -- you said we couldn’t

Leah  -- yeah but all the work is done

Rosie  -- no its not

Leah  -- i’ll just finish the rest tmrw

Tess  -- or we could go to the lake tmrw

Rosie  -- yeah i like that idea better

Leah  -- fine, but i need to cool off

Nick  -- it is really warm out

Rosie  -- yeah, but we could always do this [sprays Leah with the hose]

Leah  -- ROSIE!!!!

Tess/Nick  -- [laughing]

Leah  -- [sprays them with the hose]

Tess  -- Leah stop!

Leah  -- [turns the hose off]

Rosie  -- and now i’m the only one who’s dry

Leah  -- [quickly sprays Rosie, then turns the hose off] your not dry now

Rosie  -- i’m going to go home and change

Tess  -- me too, see you later Leah [leaves]

Leah  -- i need to go change

Nick  -- you look fine to me [puts his arms around her waist]

Leah  -- your doing it again

Nick  -- doing what?

Leah  -- making those annoying comments

Nick  -- sorry

Leah  -- its fine [wraps her arms around his neck]

Nick  -- [leans in to kiss her]

Leah  -- [puts her finger on his lips] not so fast rock star

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- i only kiss my boyfriend

Nick  -- but you don’t have a boyfriend

Leah  -- yeah but when i do, he’s the one i’m going to kiss

Nick  -- [kisses her cheek]

Leah  -- [smiles]

Nick  -- i should get home, i’ll see you tmrw

Leah  -- so your going to come swimming?

Nick  -- sure

Leah  -- good

Nick  -- see you tmrw [goes home]

Kevin  -- hey Nick don’t forget mom is coming soon

Nick  -- no she’s not

Joe  -- yeah

Nick  -- she called to say she’s coming in a month

Kevin  -- what!

Joe  -- why

Nick  -- because i told her i want to stay a bit longer

Kevin  -- NICK!!!

Joe  -- we want to leave!

Nick  -- if you left this house, you might actually like it here

Kevin  -- oh no

Joe  -- he’s gone country on us

Nick  -- i have not!

Joe  -- have you seen what your wearing?

Nick  -- i was helping Leah, and i didn’t want to reck my clothes

Kevin  -- help? Did he just say he was helping someone

Joe  -- we have a problem

Kevin  -- Nick you need help, you need to get back to LA

Nick  -- no i don’t!

Joe  -- your loosing your mind!!

Nick  -- of course i am [goes up to his room]

Kevin  -- Joe we need to do something

Joe  -- yeah i kno

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Chapter 9

Nick  -- [goes up to his room, his phone rings, looks at the caller ID, smiles, answers it] hi Leah

Leah  -- how did you kno it was me?

Nick  -- caller ID

Leah  -- oh, so what are you doing?

Nick  -- missing you

Leah  -- sure you are

Nick  -- i am!

Leah  -- then why don’t you come over

Nick  -- i can’t go downstairs, Kevin and Joe are being annoying, and i don’t want to be around them

Leah  -- thats to bad

Nick  -- why?

Leah  -- because my parents are going out, and i’m going to be all by myself

Nick  -- oh really?

Leah  -- yeah, well i guess i’ll just watch a movie or something

Nick  -- or i could come over and keep you company

Leah  -- but what about Joe and Kevin?

Nick  -- i’ll figure it out, i’ll be there in 15 min [hangs up, goes downstairs]

Joe  -- Nick we need to talk to you

Nick  -- can’t talk i’m going to Leah’s

Kevin  -- why?

Nick  -- her parents are going out, i’ll see you later [leaves]

Kevin  -- maybe we don’t have to be worried about him after all


Leah  -- [watching tv, someone knocks on the door] it’s open!

Nick  -- [comes in] hi Leah

Leah  -- come here [pats the couch next to her]

Nick  -- [sits next to her] are you parents gone?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- so maybe we can --- [leans in to kiss her]

Leah  -- [pushes him back] Nick did you forget something?

Nick  -- you only kiss your boyfriend?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- just one kiss?

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Nick  -- [kisses her cheek]

Leah  -- [smiles]

Nick  -- so what show are you watching?

Leah  -- i donno, i just turned it on

Nick  -- [puts his arm around her]

Leah  -- [rests her head on his shoulder]

Nick  -- Leah?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- is there some guy you like? Like that Spencer guy

Leah  -- i used to  like Spencer, but not anymore. I like someone else

Nick  -- [sad] oh, so who’s the guy?

Leah  -- well he’s got brown eyes, and curly hair, and he’s really sweet

Nick  -- theres no one in this town with curly hair

Leah  -- [rolls her eyes] yeah no one at all [plays with his curls]

Nick  -- me?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- [smiles] i like you too [leans in to kiss her again]

Leah  -- [doesn’t stop him]

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it a bit, then pulls away, bites her bottom lip]

Nick  -- you let me kiss you

Leah  -- i kno

Nick  -- why?

Leah  -- because i like you, and i kno that you don’t have girlfriends

Nick  -- right

Leah  -- [puts her head on his shoulder, closes her eyes]

Nick  -- you okay?

Leah  -- i’m tired

Nick  -- [picks her up, takes her to her room, puts her to bed]

Leah  -- no i don’t want to go to sleep

Nick  -- why?

Leah  -- because we we’re supposed to spend time together

Nick  -- we’re going to the lake tmrw, remember

Leah  -- yeah i remember

Nick  -- [kisses her head] i’ll see you tmrw [leaves]


Leah  -- [swimming in the lake]

Tess  -- come on Leah!

Rosie  -- we have to go home

Nick  -- just let her swim for a bit longer

Rosie  -- fine

Tess  --  i can’t believe we have school tmrw

Nick  -- i thot you farm kids like school

Rosie  -- yeah but its Monday

Leah  -- [comes out of the water, dries her hair off a bit] i hate Mondays

Nick  -- i think everyone does

Leah  -- i guess we can go now [everyone gets on their horses] so Nick i see you can ride now

Nick  -- yeah, well a bit

Tess  -- who’s horse?

Leah  -- its one of our new ones [they all start riding back]

Nick  -- my brothers think i’m going country, is that true?

Rosie  -- no

Tess  -- yes

Leah  -- i don’t think you’ve gone country, i just think that you accept that your here

Tess  -- yeah what she said


Nick  -- [on his bed, doing homework]

Joe  -- [comes in] so did you have fun with Leah last night?

Nick  -- no, well yeah but not in the way you think

Joe  -- why not?

Nick  -- because she was tired, and i ----- [hears something outside] what was that?

Joe  -- [goes over to the window] looks like a firetruck, awesome! I always wanted to be a fireman
Nick  -- a firetruck?! [goes over to the window] come on Joe [runs out of the house]

Joe  -- [runs after him] where are you going?

Nick  -- [follows the truck, sees Leah, goes over to her]

Leah  -- [hugs him]

Nick  -- whats going on?

Leah  -- there was a fire at the school

Nick  -- what?!


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Dreamer 10

Nick  -- [turns to Joe] did you set the school on fire

Joe  -- what no

Nick  -- are you sure

Joe  -- Nick i was at home!

Leah  -- [still hugging Nick] they think someone is still inside

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- thats what the sheriff said

Nick  -- sheriff?

Leah  -- um yeah

Nick  -- you don’t even have police, you have a sheriff?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- weird

Leah  -- shut up city boy

Nick  -- fine farm girl

Leah  -- [smiles]

Nick  -- hey isn’t that your friend

Leah  -- [looks] whats going on? [walks over to the sheriff with Nick] what are you doing?

Sheriff  -- [hand cuffing Spencer]

Spencer  -- Leah i ----

Leah  -- you did this?!!!

Spencer  -- it wasn’t my idea

Leah  -- but you still helped! How could you do that!!!

Spencer  -- i’m sorry okay?

Sheriff  -- [gets Spencer in the car] Leah do me a favour and talk to Mrs Brooks about moving the classes to the fields

Leah  -- kay

Sheriff  -- [drives off]

Leah  -- i can’t believe he did that!

Nick  -- isn’t that the guy you used to like?

Leah  -- how did you ----

Nick  -- Tess

Leah  -- of course

Rosie  -- [runs over, hugs Leah]

Leah  -- [gets knocked backwards] Rosie!

Rosie  -- Leah its Tess, we were picking up her homework, and she went to the library and said she would meet me outside, but then the fire alarms went off.  And i can’t find her anywhere

Leah  -- what?!

Rosie  -- i think she’s still inside

Nick  -- i’m sure they will get her out

Leah  -- what if they don’t!!!

Nick  -- they will, don’t worry [kisses her]

Rosie  -- [separates them] what was that!

Leah  -- what?

Rosie  -- you just let him kiss you! He’s not even your boyfriend

Leah  -- yeah i kno

Rosie  -- but what about your rule

Leah  -- rules change

Nick  -- yeah good thing too

Rosie  -- you changed her!!!

Nick  -- no i didn’t!

Rosie  -- yes you did!

Nick  -- no i didn’t!!!

Rosie  -- yes you ----

Leah  -- look its Tess [pushes past them, runs over to Tess] are you okay?

Tess  -- [nods] i think so

Leah  -- [hugs her] i was so worried about you

Tess  -- [hugs her back] can i stay at your house tonight?

Leah  -- sure, and Rosie should stay too

Rosie  -- [comes over with Nick] Rosie should stay too what?

Tess  -- [laughs] that doesn’t even make sense!

Rosie  -- does to!

Leah  -- Rosie want to stay at my house tonight?

Tess  -- say yes

Rosie  --yes

Leah  -- good

Nick  -- what about me

Rosie  -- your a boy

Nick  -- so

Tess  -- so theres only two beds, and we can’t sleep in the same bed as a boy

Nick  -- why not? Its not my fault i’m a boy

Leah  -- you can stay

Rosie  -- [takes Leah aside] what!

Leah  -- why can’t he stay

Rosie  -- because he’s a boy

Leah  -- i kno,

Rosie  -- with boy parts, what if he tries something

Leah  -- he won’t

Rosie  -- Leah he’s changing you!

Leah  -- he is not!

Rosie  -- you never you used to kiss boys unless they were your boyfriend, and now your kissing him, and letting him sleep in your bed!

Leah  -- so?

Rosie  -- Leah you kno you can’t have sex till your married, thats how it always is here

Leah  -- i kno Rosie!

Rosie  -- but  ----

Leah  -- i won’t let him talk me into something i don’t want to do!

Rosie  -- okay if your sure

Leah  -- i am [they go back over to Tess and Nick] kay lets go

Nick  -- [takes her hand, and they start walking to Leah’s]

Rosie  -- [walking behind them with Tess] i don’t like them together

Tess  -- i kno, he’s a bad influence on her

Rosie  -- so what do we do?

Tess  -- i donno

Rosie  -- [walks into Joe] what where your going!

Joe  -- sorry, and not to be nosey, but who don’t you like together

Tess  -- Leah and Nick

Joe  -- me neither, Leah’s changing him

Tess  -- no he’s changing her

Rosie  -- either way, we both agree they are bad together

Joe  -- yeah i guess

Rosie  -- and something needs to be done

Tess  -- yeah

Rosie  -- so why don’t we work together?

Joe  -- work with farm girls

Tess  -- City boys!

Rosie  -- is that a yeah?

Tess  -- [looks at Joe, smiles] no

Joe  -- its a hell yeah!!!

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Chapter 11

Nick  - [walking back to Leah’s house with Leah] where did Rosie and Tess go?

Leah  - i donno [looks behind them] i don’t see them anywhere

Nick  - do you think they are still coming?

Leah  - maybe, i’m not sure

Nick  - [they walk into the house] are your parents home?

Leah  - no they went to visit my grandparents

Nick  - good

Leah  -- good they aren’t here, or good they are visiting my grandparents

Nick  -- both

Leah  -- [goes up to her room with Nick]

Nick  -- so what do you want to do?

Leah  -- um go to sleep?

Nick  -- but Rosie and Tess aren’t here yet

Leah  -- [lays on her bed]

Nick  -- [gets on top of her]

Leah  -- um Nick ----

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [tries to push him off] Nick stop

Nick  -- [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- Nick please stop!

Nick  -- why?

Leah  -- because i can’t!

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- [shows him her left hand]

Nick  -- what

Leah  -- this [points to her ring] is a purity ring

Nick  -- a what?

Leah  -- i can’t have sex until i’m married

Nick  -- your joking right? What if you never get married

Leah  -- then i guess i can never have sex

Nick  -- [moves his hands up her shirt]

Leah  -- Nick----

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [runs his hands up and down her body, still kissing her]

Leah  -- [moans in his mouth]

Nick  -- [starts kissing her neck again]

Leah  -- wait stop! [pushes him off]

Nick  -- i wasn’t doing anything

Leah  -- i kno your going to try and have sex with me

Nick  -- no i’m not

Leah  -- you sure about that?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- well i don’t believe you

Nick  -- don’t you trust me?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- so why don’t you believe me?

Leah  -- because i can tell your horny

Rosie  -- [comes in with Tess] hi

Leah  -- [hugs her] i thot you weren’t coming

Rosie  -- of course we’re coming, we are you so----what did he do!!!

Leah  -- nothing

Tess  -- can we just go to sleep?

Leah  -- [nods]

Tess  -- [gets on the other bed]

Rosie  -- [gets on the other bed too]

Nick  -- why do you have two beds?

Leah  -- my sister used to sleep in my room to, but she moved out

Rosie  -- i miss her

Leah  -- me too

Tess  -- goodnight guys [turns the light off, falls asleep]

Rosie  -- [falls asleep too]

Leah  -- [starts falling asleep aswell]

Nick  -- [puts his arm around her]

Leah  -- Nick ----

Nick  -- shhh, your going to wake up Rosie and Tess

Leah  -- [gets off the bed]

Nick  -- where are you going?

Leah  -- [leaves]

Nick  -- [follows her]

Leah  -- [goes downstairs, lays on the couch]

Nick  -- what are you doing?

Leah  -- going to sleep

Nick  -- why are you down here?

Leah  -- because i don’t want to sleep in the same bed as you

Nick  -- why not? You were fine with it befor

Leah  -- that was befor you tried to have sex with me

Nick  -- i’m sorry Leah, just come back to bed

Leah  -- you won’t try anything

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- kay [goes upstairs with him]


Leah  -- [jumping on the bed] Nick wake up!

Nick  -- [wakes up] what time is it?

Leah  -- 5

Nick  -- theres one of those in the morning?

Leah  -- [laughs] yeah, come on we have work to do

Nick  -- where’s Rosie and Tess?

Leah  -- they’re already outside

Nick  -- fine [gets out of bed, gets dressed]

Leah  -- you want to go riding?

Nick  -- sure, we can go to the lake again

Leah  -- kay [they go down to the stables, she gets on her horse]

Nick  -- i really need to get my own horse [gets on one of the other horses]

Leah  -- but i thot you weren’t staying that long

Nick  -- well maybe i will [they start riding in the trails]

???  -- [takes a picture of them] so this is where those Jonas boys came

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Chapter 12

Leah  -- Nick?

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- i um ---- i just ----oh look we’re here [gets off her horse, goes over to the water]

Nick  -- [gets off the horse, goes over to her] what did you want to ask?

Leah  -- nothing, just forget i said anything

Nick  -- [jumps in the water]

Leah  -- [laughs, jumps in too]

Nick  -- [swims over to her, wraps his arms around her waist]

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [pulls away]

Nick  -- [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- Nick----wait

Nick  -- [starts sucking on her neck]

Leah  -- [moans softly] Nick stop! [moves away from him]

Nick  -- i’m sorry Leah, i forgot

Leah  -- its fine [gets out of the water]

Nick  -- where are you going?

Leah  -- [looks around] do you feel like we’re being watched

Nick  -- no, wich is weird because i always feel like that

Leah  -- i just fell like someone is watching us

Nick  -- you want to go home?

Leah  -- not really, i want to go to the farmers market

Nick  -- okay [gets out of the water, they go to the farmers market]

Leah  -- [walks over to Rosie and Tess]

Rosie  -- hi Leah, you kno Spencer?

Leah  -- yeah

Rosie  -- well he likes you

Leah  -- i don’t care, i like Nick now

Nick  -- [comes up behind her, wraps his arms around her]

Rosie  -- but ----

Tess  -- Nick doesn’t belong here!

Nick  -- why not?

Tess  -- because you don’t!

Joe  -- [runs over] Nick we have a problem

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- i got this text [hands him the phone]

Nick  -- [reads it] someone knows we’re here?

Joe  -- i guess

Nick  -- what do we do

Tess  -- they can’t find out your here! Our life will be ruined

Joe  -- what?

Rosie  -- if people kno your here then all your fans will come here!

Leah  -- yeah, things will get crazy! I don’t want things to change! I like small town life

Joe  -- and this is why we have to leave

Leah  -- leave?

Joe  -- we’re leaving tonight Nick

Nick  -- but ---

Joe  -- Kevin says you need to go home and pack

Nick  -- i don’t want to leave

Joe  -- so you want to stay here and ruin everyones life!

Nick  -- [walks away]

Leah  -- [on the verge of tears, runs home]

Rosie  -- so your really going?

Joe  -- yeah

Tess  -- but -----

Joe  -- heres our number back home [gives it to them]

Tess  -- so we can call?

Joe  -- yeah

Rosie  -- good, i’m going to miss you [hugs him, moves away] what did i just do?

Tess  -- [laughs]

Rosie  -- this is so weird

Joe  -- i need to go home and pack [leaves]

Tess  -- i can’t believe they are really leaving

Rosie  -- i kno....i think we should go check on Leah

Tess  -- yeah [they go to Leah’s house]

Rosie  -- Leah?

Leah  -- [comes in] what do you want

Tess  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- [nods]

Tess  -- we have their phone number, do you want it?

Leah  -- yeah

Tess  -- [gives it to her]

Leah  -- thanks

Rosie  -- things will be fine Leah

Leah  -- i’m going to miss them

Rosie  -- we all are

Tess  -- yeah, i never thot i would miss them, but you just kinda get used to having them around

Leah  -- i don’t want Nick to leave

Tess  -- i kno but if they stay then fans are going to come

Leah  -- i guess your right [leaves]

Rosie  -- we’re did she go?

Tess  -- i donno


Nick  -- [packing his bag, looking at some pictures of him and Leah]

Kevin  -- [comes in] ready to go?

Nick  -- not yet

Joe  -- [comes in] someones here to see you

Nick  -- really?

Joe  -- yeah she’s downstairs

Nick  -- she? ....Leah?

Joe  -- yeah

Nick  -- [runs down]

Leah  -- [hands him a box]

Nick  -- whats this

Leah  -- just don’t forget me okay?

Nick  -- i can never forget you [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pulls away, holding back tears] i have to go

Nick  -- [sad] okay

Leah  -- bye Nick [leaves]

Nick  -- [goes back upstairs, puts the box in his bag]

Kevin  -- you okay?

Nick  -- no

Joe  -- we can come and visit Nick

Kevin  -- why would we do that?

Joe  -- [hits him]

Kevin  -- i mean yeah we can come visit

Nick  -- [finishes packing]

Joe  -- kay lets go [they all grab their bags and drive to the next town, and go to the airport] they should get their own airport!

Nick  -- theres nowhere to put it Joe!

Joe  -- but we have to drive for so long!

Kevin  -- just stop complaining!


Nick  -- [sitting, waiting to get on the plane]

Joe  -- i just want to go home already!

Kevin  -- yeah we kno! You’ve been saying that for an hour! [an announcement says they can get on the plane]

Nick  -- do we have to go?

Kevin  -- yeah come on [they show their tickets to the people, and start walking to the plane]

???  -- NICK!!!

Nick  -- [turns around] Leah?

Leah  -- [runs to him, hugs him tight, wrapping her legs around his waist]

Nick  -- [hugs her tighter]

Leah  -- [crying] please don’t leave me Nick

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Chapter 13

Nick  -- [looks over at Kevin and Joe]

Joe  -- hurry up Nick!

Nick  -- no i can’t

Kevin  -- what?

Nick  -- [pulls Leah down, takes her hand, walks over to some seats]

Leah  -- so your not going?

Nick  -- no [sits down]

Leah  -- [sits on his lap, hugs him tight]

Kevin  -- Nick we have to go! We’re going to miss the plane

Nick  -- i don’t care! [walks out of the airport with Leah]

Kevin  -- [follows him with Joe] Nick! We’re going home!

Nick  -- yeah i kno [gets in a cab]

Leah  -- [gets in to]

Joe  -- [gets in with Kevin] no we’re going back to LA

Nick  -- i can’t!

Joe  -- this is all your fault Leah!

Kevin  -- Nick we’re going home tmrw and theres nothing you can do about it!

Joe  -- why not today?

Kevin  -- we already missed our flight

Nick  -- why can’t i stay here?

Kevin  -- because moms already booked a tour for us

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- it starts in a couple weeks

Nick  -- then let me stay for a couple weeks

Joe  -- you kno we have rehearsals and stuff Nick

Nick  -- [looks at Leah]

Leah  -- [has her head against the window, holding back tears]

Nick  -- i want to stay with Leah [holds Leah’s hand]

Joe  -- your going to ruin everything Nick! Leah’s towns life, our career! Everything!

Nick  -- [once the car stops, he gets out, runs off]

Leah  -- [gets out of the car, runs after him, but doesn’t catch up] NICK COME BACK!!!

Nick  -- [keeps running]

Leah  -- [still running after him] NICK PLEASE! I CAN’T RUN ANYMORE!!! [falls to her knees on the grass, breathing heavy]

Nick  -- [stops, turns around to face her]

Leah  -- [falls back on the grass, breathing uneven]

Nick  -- Leah?

Leah  -- [closes her eyes]

Nick  -- Leah are you okay?

Leah  -- [doesn’t respond]

Nick  -- [goes over to her]

Leah  -- [breathing a bit better now]

Nick  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- [lays next to her]

Leah  -- you run really fast

Nick  -- or your just slow

Leah  -- if we were riding i would have been faster then you

Nick  -- thats no fair, i just learnt how to ride

Leah  -- so you really have to go tmrw?

Nick  -- yeah i guess so, but i don’t want to

Leah  -- then don’t go

Nick  -- Kevin and Joe will just drag me on the plane

Leah  -- i’m going to miss you tho

Nick  -- we still have today

Leah  -- but thats not enough

Joe  -- [comes over]

Nick  -- go away Joe!

Joe  -- Kevin says to come back to the house

Nick  -- i don’t want to

Joe  -- you realize thanks to you our bags flew to LA without us?

Nick  -- mom can pick them up

Joe  -- she did, but now we have nothing left here

Nick  -- just go away Joe! [stands up, helps Leah up]

Leah  -- want to come to my house?

Nick  -- sure

Joe  -- no

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- you can’t go

Nick  -- shut up Joe! [goes to Leah’s house with her]

Leah  -- [looks around the house]

Nick  -- what are you doing?

Leah  -- i don’t think my parents are home

Nick  -- they aren’t?

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [takes her upstairs]

Leah  -- [wraps her arms around his neck] i don’t want you to go

Nick  -- [pushes her back on the bed, gets on top of her] i kno

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it, moves his hand up her shirt]

Leah  -- [pulls away] Nick ----

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it, then pulls away] Nick wait

Nick  -- whats wrong

Leah  -- i can’t

Nick  -- i forgot, sorry

Leah  -- its okay

Nick  -- [lays next to her]

Leah  -- will i ever see you again?

Nick  -- yeah of course, and i’ll call you everyday

Leah  -- good

Nick  -- [kisses her head]

Leah  -- [looks at her purity ring]

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- [takes it off, puts it in the drawer of her bedside table]

Nick  -- Leah what are you doing?

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [deepens it more]

Nick  -- [pulls away] are you sure you want this?

Leah  -- [nods, kisses him]



I opened my eyes, and looked next to me, i thot i would see Nick, but he wasn’t there. I sat up and wrapped the sheets around me, where was Nick? I saw a note on the table, and i picked it up. It was from Nick, and it basically said he couldn’t handle saying bye, and he would call me when he got back to LA. I looked at the clock, i can’t believe i slept all the way till tmrw.... i mean today. Nick was leaving any second! I got out of bed, and got dressed fast.


Leah  -- [runs downstairs, putting her shoes on]

Rosie  -- whats the rush?

Leah  -- Nick is leaving and i have to see him befor he leaves! [runs out of the house, runs into Tess]

Tess  -- [gets up] Leah what ---

Leah  -- [gets up, runs down the road]

Rosie  -- [comes out of the house]

Tess  -- whats going on?

Rosie  -- Nick’s leaving, and she wants to say bye

Tess  -- i thot he left yesterday

Rosie  -- i thot so too

Tess  -- come on [they get in Leah’s parents car, and drive down the road]

Leah  -- [crying, sitting outside Nick’s house, sees them]

Rosie  -- hurry Leah, we can try and catch them at the airport

Leah  -- [gets in the car]

Tess  -- [drives to the airport]


Nick  -- [sits down in his seat]

Joe  -- [sits next to him] you okay?

Nick  -- no

Joe  -- we’ll come back

Nick  -- we better come back

Joe  -- so how was the goodbye?

Nick  -- there wasn’t one

Joe  -- you just left?

Nick  -- yeah, i couldn’t say bye

Joe  -- you have her phone number right?

Nick  -- yeah

Joe  -- so you can still call her

Nick  -- i guess.....actually i can’t do this, i can’t go back to LA


Leah  -- [runs to the window in the airport, sees the plane leaving]

Rosie  -- are you okay Leah?

Leah  -- [shakes her head, hugs Rosie and Tess]

Tess  -- you’ll see him again, and he promised to call

Leah  -- i guess your right

???  -- Leah?

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Chapter 14

Leah  -- [turns around] Spencer? What are you doing here?

Spencer  -- is that Jonas guy gone?

Leah  -- yeah

Spencer  -- good

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Rosie  -- shut up Spencer!

Tess  -- come on Leah [they go home]

Leah  -- [goes into the stables, gets on her horse]

Tess  -- where are you going?

Leah  -- i donno yet [rides away]

Rosie  -- do you think she’ll be okay?

Tess  -- yeah, she just needs time

Rosie  -- [they go up to Leah’s room] what happened to her bed?

Tess  -- i donno, she probably just forgot to make it

Rosie  -- [looks around the room, sees Leah’s clothes all over the place]  you don’t think she ----

Tess  -- she has a purity ring Rosie!

Rosie  -- i didn’t see it on her!

Tess  -- i didn’t either

Leah  -- [comes in] um hi

Rosie  -- [grabs her hand]

Leah  -- [pulls her hand away]

Rosie  -- what happened to your ring?

Leah  -- um nothing

Tess  -- i can’t believe you did that!

Rosie  -- i kno!

Tess  -- was it good?

Rosie  -- [hits her]

Tess  -- Rosie!

Leah  -- yeah it was

Rosie  -- your supposed to wait till your married

Leah  -- i don’t care! I love Nick [the phone rings, she grabs it]

Rosie  -- [takes it from Leah]

Tess  -- [takes it from Rosie]

Leah  -- give it to me! [tries to grab the phone]

Tess  -- no [runs out]

Leah  -- [runs after her with Rosie] TESS!!!

Tess  -- [throws the phone back to Rosie]

Leah  -- [grabs it, answers the phone] hello?.... um no they aren’t here, and i kinda need to leave this line open, bye [hangs up] what if Nick called? And i missed it because that other stupid person called

Tess  -- he’ll call back Leah

Rosie  -- you went crazy for that phone!

Leah  -- shut up!


Nick  -- [in the cab] how long till be get back to the house?

Joe  -- 20 min

Kevin  -- your okay  right Nick?

Nick  -- i guess

Kevin  -- you can call Leah if you want

Nick  -- i will when we get home

Joe  -- i can’t wait to go on tour again

Nick  -- i can, i want to go back to the farm

Kevin  -- you need to be back in the city, your going crazy!

Nick  -- [glares at him, when the cab stops, goes into the house, and up to his room, calls Leah]

Rosie  -- [answers] hello?

Nick  -- Rosie?

Rosie  -- hi Nick

Leah  -- Nick?

Rosie  -- yeah [walks away from Leah]

Leah  -- Rosie get back here!

Nick  -- Rosie i want to talk to Leah

Rosie  -- she’s not here

Nick  - yeah she is! I heard her voice

Rosie  -- that wasn’t her

Leah  -- Rosie give me the phone!

Rosie  -- fine [gives her the phone]

Leah  -- Nick?

Nick  -- hi Leah, i’m so sorry for not saying bye

Leah  -- its okay, i tried to get to the airport, but i was to late

Nick  -- i shouldn’t have just left like that

Leah  -- i said its okay, so what are you doing?

Nick  -- unpacking, and missing you

Leah  -- when can you come back?

Nick  -- not for a while, we’ve got some photoshoots and interviews

Leah  -- [sad] oh....

Nick  -- i’m sorry Leah, i wish i could come back right now

Tess  -- [grabs the phone]

Leah  -- TESS!!

Tess  -- Nick?

Nick  -- what do you want

Tess  -- is Joe there?

Nick  -- no! Now give the phone back to Leah

Tess  -- [gives it back to Leah] you have to go now!

Leah  -- no i don’t

Tess  -- Leah its long distance!

Leah  -- fine

Nick  -- whats going on?

Leah  -- i have to go Nick

Nick  -- [sad] okay i’ll call you later

Leah  -- bye Nick [hangs up]

Nick  -- [throws the phone across the room]

Kevin  -- [comes in] what are you doing?

Nick  -- [grabs his jacket] i need to get back there [starts to leave]

Kevin  -- [blocks the door] we just got here!

Nick  -- yeah and now i’m leaving! [tries to get past him]

Kevin  -- Nick no

Nick  -- but i love her!

Kevin  -- i don’t care!  You can’t go back, not yet anyways

Nick  -- Kevin move!

Kevin  -- no

Nick  -- just let me go!

Kevin  -- no Nick!

Nick  -- [goes back over to the bed, lays down]

Kevin  -- just call her

Nick  -- i already did!

Kevin  -- you need to get over her, she’s just one girl Nick! [leaves]

Nick  -- no she’s the girl!

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Chapter 15


Nick  -- [throwing things around his room]

Joe  -- [comes in] what are you doing?

Nick  -- i need to go see Leah!

Joe  -- no you need to stop making dents in your wall

Nick  -- [glares at him]

Joe  -- just get over her

Nick  -- i can’t!

Joe  -- your going to forget about her eventually

Nick  -- no i won’t


Nick  -- [walks into the house]

Kevin  -- where were you?

Joe  -- we went to visit some people

Kevin  -- why didn’t you invite me?

Joe  -- because your annoying

Nick  -- yeah, and you suck the fun out of everything

Kevin  -- so you had fun even tho L----

Joe  -- [covers his mouth]

Nick  -- you guys are weird

Joe  -- so what do you want to do now?

Nick  -- i was going to go work on a new song

Kevin  -- i would check your phone first

Nick  -- why?

Kevin  -- its been ringing for hours

Nick  -- [picks up his phone, and he has 7 unread messages, starts listening to the messages]

Message 1  -- hi Nick, its Leah i was just wondering whats your doing, call me back

Message 2  -- me again, i miss you so much Nick, hope to talk to you soon

Message 3  -- Nick can you call me back? I haven’t talked to you in a long time

Message 4  -- i love you Nicky, but i feel like your forgot about me

Nick  -- [deletes the rest of the messages without listening to them]

Kevin  -- all from Leah?

Nick  -- yeah [goes up to his room, calls Leah, but gets her answering machine, hangs up]

Joe  -- [comes in] you okay?

Nick  -- i guess, but Leah and i keep missing each other.

Joe  -- maybe its not meant to be

Nick  -- it is, i can tell

Joe  -- if you keep missing each other then its not meant to be!

Nick  -- we’re just busy at different times

Joe  -- maybe...don’t forget we have rehearsal for the tour tmrw

Nick  -- i won’t

Joe  -- [leaves]


Leah  -- [looks at her phone]

Rosie  -- still hasn’t called?

Leah  -- no

Tess  -- he’s probably busy

Leah  -- i guess

Tess  -- he loves you Leah

Leah  -- what if he found someone else back in LA?

Tess  -- you two belong together

Rosie  -- i can’t believe you just said that

Tess  -- well its true

Leah  -- maybe



Nick  -- [at rehearsal, sitting on the stage]

Joe  -- [flipping the mic around]

Nick  -- [looks at his phone] i think i should go back

Joe  -- you can’t, we go on tour in a couple days

Nick  -- but -----

Joe  -- no Nick!

Nick  -- what if she gets with that Spencer guy?

Joe  -- she won’t, she’s obviously not over you. She calls all the time

Nick  -- but i never get to talk to her

Joe  -- its just the time difference

Nick  -- [calls Leah]

Leah  -- [answers] Hello?

Nick  -- hi Leah

Leah  -- [smiles] hi Nick

Nick  -- how are you

Leah  -- um g-----

Nick  -- Leah?.....hello?...... Leah are you there? [the line goes dead]

Joe  -- what happened?

Nick  -- i donno, the line went dead or something

Joe  -- see its not meant to be

Nick  -- shut up Joe! And would you make up your mind?! One second you say we’re good together, and the next you say its not meant to be

Joe  -- [walks away from him]

Nick  -- [tries calling Leah again]


Leah  -- [swims to the surface of the water] SPENCER!! THAT WAS NOT FUNNY!

Spencer  -- [laughing] yeah it was

Leah  -- [gets out] you ruined my phone!

Spencer  -- sorry babe

Leah  -- don’t call me that

Spencer  -- why not?

Leah  -- because your not my boyfriend

Spencer  -- but you want me to be [wraps his arms around her waist]

Leah  -- no i don’t [tries to push him off]

Spencer  -- [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- stop!

Spencer  -- [lays her on the ground, gets on top of her]

Leah  -- SPENCER STOP!!!

Spencer  -- so you’ll sleep with that stupid rockstar but not me?

Leah  -- he’s not a stupid rockstar! I love him!

Spencer  -- well he doesn’t love you!

Leah  -- yes he does

Spencer  -- then why didn't he stay with you?!

Leah  -- [pushes him off, runs home crying]


Nick  -- [laying on the stage]

Kevin  -- [comes over, hands him his guitar]

Nick  -- i can’t play right now

Kevin  -- just write a song if your so depressed

Nick  -- fine [takes the guitar]

Kevin  -- [goes over to Joe] we need to do something

Joe  -- no we don’t, he’ll get over her soon

Kevin  -- what if he doesn’t

Joe  -- theres nothing we can do! He need to get over her on his own

Kevin  -- maybe we should postpone the tour for a bit

Joe  -- yeah i think your right, we don’t want Nick going out and messing up the songs


Leah  -- [runs into the house, calls Nick]

Kevin  -- [answers the phone] hello?

Leah  -- [trying to stop crying] is Nick there?

Kevin  -- [looks over at Nick] um no he’s not

Leah  -- where is he?

Kevin  -- he’s out

Leah  -- out?

Kevin  -- yeah

Leah  -- but i need to talk to him

Kevin  -- sorry Leah he’s not here

Joe  -- who is it?

Kevin  -- i just said her name idiot!

Joe  -- can i talk to her?

Kevin  -- no

Leah  -- when will Nick get back?

Kevin  -- i’m not sure

Leah  -- oh, okay

Kevin  -- talk to you later [hangs up]

Leah  -- [runs into her room, tears her room apart looking for money, puts all the money she can find on her bed, starts counting it]

Rosie  -- [comes in with Tess] Leah?

Leah  -- [screams in frustration]

Rosie  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- i don’t have enough

Tess  -- enough what?

Leah  -- money, i need to be on a plane to LA tonight!

Tess  -- how much more do you need?

Leah  -- a lot

Rosie  -- ask Spencer, his parents have a lot of money

Leah  -- I HATE SPENCER!!!

Tess  -- [goes home]

Rosie  -- where did she go?

Leah  -- i don’t kno [starts packing a bag]

Rosie  -- Leah what are you doing?

Leah  -- packing!

Rosie  -- for a trip you can’t pay for?

Leah  -- [crying] Rosie i need to go to LA! I need to see Nick!

Rosie  -- but you don’t have enough money

Leah  -- [goes thru her closet, find a box, takes it down]

Rosie  -- whats that?

Leah  -- [opens it, dumps more money out on the bed]

Rosie  -- [looks at the lable on the box] Leah this is for your college!

Leah  -- going to Nick is more important

Tess  -- [comes in with a couple bags and an envelope]

Rosie  -- what are you doing?

Tess  -- going with her

Rosie  -- well then i am too

Tess  -- go pack!

Rosie  -- [leaves]

Tess  -- how much more money do you need? My parents gave me some extra

Leah  -- i have enough now

Tess  -- kay


Leah  -- [on the plane, looks out the window]

Rosie  -- [sitting next to her] you okay?

Leah  -- kinda nervous

Rosie  -- about ----

Leah  -- yeah, about that

Rosie  -- i’m sure he will be okay with it

Leah  -- i hope so

Tess  -- [sits down] how longs the flight?

Leah  -- couple hours

Tess  -- joy

Leah  -- you didn’t have to come

Tess  -- i want to

Leah  -- good because i didn’t want to go by myself



I was sitting on my bed, looking thru all the pictures of Leah and me, there weren’t very many because we didn’t get to spend to much time together, but i kno that she’s the girl i love, and nothing will change that. I miss her so much, i just want to be with her again. I had tried to call her all day, but i guess she turned her phone off or something. I found a picture of Leah and me kissing, and i just thot about how she gave up her purity ring so i could take her virginity. In a way i feel guilty about it, but i don’t regret it. What i regret is leaving befor she even woke up, i wanted to be able to talk with her in the morning, but i knew it would make saying goodbye so much harder. I heard Joe yelling my name, and i went downstairs. He asked me to get the door, even tho he was a foot away, i mean how lazy can you get? I walked over to the door and opened it, and there stood Leah.

To Be Continued .....
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