Chapter 1

Leah  -- [walks downstairs] morning babe [kisses Jake’s cheek]

Jake  -- hi hun, you okay?

Leah  -- still a bit sore from last night

Jake  -- you know i think you should find a different job

Leah  -- i know, i just don’t listen

Jake  -- [runs his thumb over an almost faded bruise near her eye] i hate seeing you get hurt

Leah  -- it was one time Jake, no big deal

Jake  -- it wasn’t one time, it happens all the time

Leah  -- stop over reacting

Jake  -- fine, breakfast is almost ready

Leah  -- sorry, don’t have time. I have to get to work [kisses him] i’ll see you later [walks out of the house, and walks down the street]


Nick  -- [sleeping]

Maid  -- [comes in, shakes him]

Nick  -- [wakes up a bit] whats going on?

Maid  -- time to get up Mr. Jonas [moves the curtains to the side] your expected down at breakfast

Nick  -- okay [sits up]

Maid  -- [leaves]

Nick  -- [gets out of bed, gets dressed, goes downstairs]

Kevin  -- morning Nick

Nick  -- [sits down at the table] wheres Joe?

Kevin  -- he should be down soon

Nick  -- okay

Joe  -- [comes in] why do we have to get up so early? [sits down at the table]

Kevin  -- its not that early, you just came home late

Joe  -- it wasn’t that late

Nick  -- didn’t you get home at like 3 am?

Joe  -- yeah something like that

Kevin  -- where are you always going?

Joe  -- clubs, bars, places like that

Nick  -- mom and dad would kill you if they found out

Joe  -- wich is why they aren’t going to find out

Maid  -- [comes in] Nicholas, Ella just called, she’s coming over

Nick  -- okay

Maid  -- [leaves]

Joe  -- i hate Ella

Nick  -- [glares at him]

Joe  -- what?

Nick  -- you only hate her because you can’t stand any girl who our parents approve of

Joe  -- because they are all so boring!

Nick  -- thats not true

Joe  -- yes it is

Nick  -- no it----

Kevin  -- you guys stop it!

Nick  -- fine [eats his breakfast]

Joe  -- Nick you need a girl more like the ones i get

Kevin  -- are you talking about the sluts?

Joe  -- [glares at him]

Kevin  -- i’m just saying...

Nick  -- [hears the doorbell] thats probably Ella [goes to the door]

Ella  -- [standing by the door] hi Nick [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it, then pulls away] do you want to go up to my room?

Ella  -- Nick-----

Nick  -- i just want to get away from Joe

Ella  -- okay [they go up to his room] i see the maids already cleaned up

Nick  -- yeah [sits on the couch]

Ella  -- [sits on his lap, wraps her arms around his neck] i can’t wait till summer

Nick  -- [kisses her] me either [kisses her hand]

Ella  -- [smiles] i really love the ring Nick thank you

Nick  -- well i wanted it to be perfect

Ella  -- and it is [kisses him]


Joe  -- [starts to leave]

Kevin  -- where are you going?

Joe  -- out

Kevin  -- well i figured out that much

Joe  -- good bye Kevin! [walks out of the house, gets in his car, drives off]


Joe  -- [parks the car on the side of the road]

Leah  -- [walks over] are you Joe?

Joe  -- yeah baby, get in

Leah  -- [gets in the car]

Joe  -- what was your name again?

Leah  -- um names Emma

Joe  -- okay Emma, we’re going to do this at my house. So if anyone asks your my girlfriend

Leah  -- okay

Joe  -- [drives home]

Leah  -- [looks up at the house] whoa

Joe  -- what?

Leah  -- nothing..just you have a really nice house

Joe  -- yeah its okay [gets out of the car]

Leah  -- [gets out too, they walk into the house]

Kevin  -- Hi Joe...hi person i don’t know

Joe  -- goodbye Kevin! [starts to take Leah upstairs]

Kevin  -- Joe, don’t be so rude...who’s your friend

Joe  -- her names Emma, and she’s my uh girlfriend

Kevin  -- i didn’t know you have a girlfriend

Joe  -- well i do, so i’ll see you later [takes Leah up to his room, locks the door] sorry about that

Leah  -- its okay

Joe  -- [backs her up to the bed, lays her down, kisses her, takes her shirt off]

Leah  -- [deepens the kiss, takes Joe’s shirt off, then his pants]

Joe  -- [starts kissing her neck, slides her shorts off]

Leah  -- so why did you hire me anyways? Doesn’t a guy like you have an actual girlfriend?

Joe  -- i don’t do girlfriend, and last time i checked i wasn’t paying you to ask questions

Leah  -- sorry

Joe  -- [unhooks her bra, kisses from her neck down to her stomach]

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Joe  -- [deepens it, slides her thong off, then his boxers] your on the pill right?

Leah  -- of course i am, i kinda have to be

Joe  -- makes sense [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Joe  -- [starts kissing her neck] so baby, do you like it hard?

Leah  -- do whatever you want, your paying for it

Joe  -- [smirks, kisses her]


Leah  -- [finishes getting dressed]

Joe  -- damn that was so do you want a cheque or---

Leah  --  cash

Joe  -- okay [grabs his wallet, gives Leah some money] so is there any way i could get your case i want to hire you again

Leah  -- thats not really how it works

Joe  -- i know, but couldn’t you make an exception? I’ll pay you double

Leah  -- [bites her bottom lip, then grabs a pen, writes her number on Joe’s arm]

Joe  -- i’ll call you later

Leah  -- okay [leaves, bumps into someone, falls down]

Nick  -- [helps her up] i’m so i don’t think we’ve met, i’m Nick

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Chapter 2

Joe  -- i’ll call you later

Leah  -- okay [leaves, bumps into someone, falls down]

Nick  -- [helps her up] i’m so i don’t think we’ve met, i’m Nick

Leah  -- i’m L---Emma

Nick  -- are you sure?

Leah  -- what do you mean?

Nick  -- are you sure Emma is your name? Cuz you don’t seem sure

Leah  -- i am

Nick  -- okay, so why are you here

Leah  -- Joe invited me

Nick  -- Joe?

Leah  -- yeah

Joe  -- [comes out of his room] Nick what are you ---- Emma? I thot you left

Leah  -- um yeah, i was just leaving right now [leaves]

Nick  -- so who was she?

Joe  -- my girlfriend [walks downstairs]

Nick  -- girlfriend? [follows him] you don’t have a girlfriend

Kevin  -- yeah he does, that um Emma girl..she’s his girlfriend

Joe  -- see?

Nick  -- Joe-----

Joe  -- just leave me alone! [walks out of the room]


Leah  -- [walks home, goes into the house]

Jake  -- [sitting on the couch] are you okay?

Leah  -- yeah i’m fine [sits next to him]

Jake  -- [kisses her head] i was worried about you

Leah  -- your always worried

Jake  -- thats because your always getting into trouble

Leah  -- i am not

Jake  -- so how much did  you make today?

Leah  -- how much did i make? Or how much did i get to keep

Jake  -- how much did you get to keep?

Leah  -- [hands him the money]

Jake  -- i still think you should get to keep it all

Leah  -- thats not how it----

Jake  -- works, yeah i know

Leah  --  i’m going to go get changed [kisses him, goes upstairs]

Jake  -- [puts the money she made away where they keep all their money, then sits back down on the couch]

Leah  -- [comes down, sits on his lap] did you have work today?

Jake  -- no, but i work tmrw

Leah  -- good, cuz we need to buy more food

Jake  -- i know

Leah  -- so i guess i’ll go tmrw, if thats okay with you

Jake  -- sure

Leah  -- [rests her head against his chest]

Jake  -- [wraps his arms around her waist] things will get better Leah

Leah  -- you’ve been saying that for years

Jake  -- well this time i mean it, i think i might get a promotion

Leah  -- really Jake? thats great [hugs him]

Jake  -- its not for sure yet tho

Leah  -- i know, but i’m sure you’ll get it


Nick  -- [playing piano]

Kevin  -- [comes in] sounds good

Nick  -- what?

Kevin  -- the song you were playing, did you write it yourself?

Nick  -- yeah

Kevin  -- its really good Nick

Nick  -- i guess

Kevin  -- i just wanted to tell you that i’m going out, and Joe is gone too so you have the house to yourself

Nick  -- okay

Kevin  -- see you later [leaves]

Nick  -- [goes up to his room, calls Ella]

Ella  -- [answers] hi Nicky

Nick  -- hi Ella, i was wondering if you could come over

Ella  -- sorry Nick i can’t, we’re having family over

Nick  -- okay

Ella  -- you could come if you want

Nick  -- maybe another time, i’m kind of tired

Ella  -- okay, well maybe i’ll see you tmrw

Nick  -- okay, bye Ella

Ella  -- bye Nicky [hangs up]

Nick  -- [lays back on the bed, looks at a picture of him and Ella, smiles, slowly falls asleep]


Nick  -- [sitting on his bed, kissing Ella]

Ella  -- [wraps her arms around his neck]

Nick  -- [lays her back on the bed]

Ella  -- [pulls away] i thot we were going to wait for the wedding night

Nick  -- i don’t want to wait, i want to show you how much i love you

Ella  -- [smiles]

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Ella  -- [deepens it, then pulls away] i love you too Nick..but i want to wait. It will be more special

Nick  -- okay

Ella  -- [plays with his curls]

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Ella  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [pulls away, rolls off her]

Ella  -- [cuddles close to him]

Nick  -- [wraps his arms around her]

Ella  -- where is everyone today?

Nick  -- i have no idea, i think Joe’s with a slut again

Ella  -- what?

Nick  -- yesterday he was with this girl, and he said she was his girlfriend

Ella  -- maybe she was

Nick  -- she was definitely not his girlfriend!


Leah  -- [gets off the bed, starts to pick up her clothes]

Will  -- where do you think your going?

Leah  -- i’ve already stayed an extra 3 hours

Will  -- sorry bitch but i’m not done with you yet [pulls her back on the bed, kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Will  -- [goes into her really hard]

Leah  -- [moans in pain]

Will  -- [keeps going into her really hard and fast]

Leah  -- [gets tears in her eyes, blinks them away]

Will  -- [flips them over, so Leah’s on top of him] ride me hard baby

Leah  -- [starts riding him]

Will  -- i said hard! [puts his hands on her waist, makes her ride him harder]

Leah  -- [tears roll down her cheeks]

Will  -- stop crying!

Leah  -- sorry [wipes her tears fast, keeps riding him]

Will  -- [smirks, then flips them back over so he’s on top of her] ready baby?

Leah  -- [looks away from him]

Will  -- [grabs her chin, makes her look at him, goes into her as hard and fast as he can]

Leah  -- [screams in pure pain]

Will  -- [smirks, continues going into her, trying hurt her more]

Leah  -- [closes her eyes tight, trying to block out the pain]


Jake  -- [at home, watching tv hears the doorbell ring, gets up, opens the door]

Leah  -- [beat up and bleeding bad, collapses]

Jake  -- [catches her] Leah? What happened?!

Leah  -- [can barely move, or talk]

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Chapter 3

Leah  -- [beat up and bleeding bad, collapses]

Jake  -- [catches her] Leah? What happened?!

Leah  -- [can barely move, or talk]

Jake  -- [picks her up, carries her into the house]

Leah  -- [grabs onto his shirt]

Jake  -- [lays her on the couch] Leah what happened?

Leah  -- i-----i-----[winces in pain]

Jake  -- [kisses her head] just rest, we’ll talk in the morning [pulls a blanket over her]

Leah  -- thanks Jake

Jake  -- shh, you need to rest Leah

Leah  -- [falls asleep]

Jake  -- what have you gotten yourself into Leah


Leah  -- [wakes up, looks around] Jake?

Jake  -- [comes in] how are you feeling?

Leah  -- a bit better

Jake  -- what happened Leah?

Leah  -- nothing

Jake  -- have you looked at yourself?! I’m pretty sure something happened!

Leah  -- he didn’t pay me Jake

Jake  -- what?!

Leah  -- when i told him to give me his money he said that i didn’t please him so he wasn’t going to pay me

Jake  -- he can’t do that!

Leah  -- thats what i told him, and he hit me

Jake  -- Leah----

Leah  -- over and over. And he said he would do worse if i ever told anyone. So please Jake you can’t do anything or tell anyone

Jake  -- this is why i want you to get a different job!

Leah  -- Jake----

Jake  -- Leah you can’t keep getting hurt like this!

Leah  -- i’m fine Jake...really

Jake  -- no your not! I think we should go to a hospital

Leah  -- Jake we can’t afford it

Jake  -- i don’t care, i’ll get some extra shifts or a second job but if your hurt you need help

Leah  -- i’m fine Jake!

Jake  -- but Leah-----

Leah  -- I SAID I’M FINE!

Jake  -- [moves away from her] fine if you don’t want my help then i’ll just go [starts to leave]

Leah  -- Jake wait, i’m sorry

Jake  -- i just need some time to think

Leah  -- but----

Jake  -- i’ll see you later Leah [leaves]

Leah  -- JAKE!


Joe  -- [sitting on the couch, looks over at Nick and Ella]

Nick  -- [making out with Ella]

Joe  -- can you not?!

Nick  -- [pulls away] whats your problem Joe? I thot you were having your fake girlfriend over

Joe  -- she’s not my fake girlfriend, she’s my real girlfriend. And she isn’t answering her phone

Ella  -- i thot you didn’t do girlfriends

Joe  -- whatever

Nick  -- you need to keep your stories strait Joe

Joe  -- shut up Nick!

Nick  -- let me call her

Joe  -- no

Nick  -- why not?

Joe  -- because i don’t want you to!

Nick  -- your so weird Joe

Joe  -- just go back to making out with your girlfriend

Nick  -- fiancé

Joe  -- whatever same thing

Ella  -- its not the same thing!

Joe  -- Nick do you have to marry her she’s so annoying!

Ella  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- Ella lets just go up to my room

Joe  -- you kids have fun

Nick  -- [rolls his eyes, starts to leave with Ella]

Joe  -- oh Nick wait

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- [throws him a condom] don’t forget protection

Nick  -- Joe!

Joe  -- play safe now


Leah  -- [on the phone] um yeah okay

Jake  -- [walks in]

Leah  -- yeah i can work tmrw and----

Jake  -- Leah! [takes the phone, puts it to his ear] Leah can’t work tmrw! [hangs up]

Leah  -- Jake!

Jake  -- are you crazy?!

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Jake  -- what?

Leah  -- we need the money Jake!

Jake  -- you can’t even walk Leah!

Leah  -- but i don’t have to walk for what i do

Jake  -- you are unbelievable!

Leah  -- [about to say something]

Jake  -- and not in a good way!

Leah  -- [glares at him] what kind of roommate are you!? [walks over to the stairs] and in case you didn’t notice i can walk! [goes upstairs]

Jake  -- [rolls his eyes, follows her] Leah----

Leah  -- [goes into her room, slams the door, her phone rings, she answers it] hello?

Joe  -- hi Emma...its Joe

Leah  -- Joe?

Joe  -- yeah from the other day

Leah  -- oh right hi

Joe  -- hey um i was wondering if you were working

Leah  -- right now?

Joe  -- yeah

Leah  -- why? Did you want something

Joe  -- well yeah

Leah  -- i guess i can

Joe  -- okay good. Do you need me to pick you up?

Leah  -- yeah can you pick me up at the same place as last time?

Joe  -- sure

Leah  -- okay see you soon [hangs up]


Nick  -- [laying on his bed]

Ella  -- [laying next to him, cuddles closer to him] i love you

Nick  -- love you too [kisses her]

Ella  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [pulls away, kisses her forehead]

Ella  -- how come Joe doesn’t like me?

Nick  -- its not you he just doesn’t like anyone from our world

Ella  -- you mean people with money?

Nick  -- yeah

Ella  -- but he’s part of that world

Nick  -- yeah i know

Ella  -- he should just accept who he is

Nick  -- i guess

Ella  -- [plays with his curls] i love your hair Nick

Nick  -- well i love you [kisses her, gets on top of her]

Ella  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [deepens it more]

Ella  -- [pushes him away a bit] Nick?

Nick  -- yeah? [starts kissing her neck]

Ella  -- do you still have that condom Joe gave you?

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Chapter 4

Ella  -- [pushes him away a bit] Nick?

Nick  -- yeah? [starts kissing her neck]

Ella  -- do you still have that condom Joe gave you?

Nick  -- yeah why?

Ella  -- [bites her bottom lip]

Nick  -- wait you want to...i thot you wanted to wait

Ella  -- i changed my mind [kisses him]

Nick  -- [pulls away] Ella wait

Ella  -- whats wrong?

Nick  -- i just don’t think this is the right time

Ella  -- fine

Nick  -- do you want to go get something to eat?

Ella  -- sure [they walks out of the room]

Joe  -- [coming upstairs with Leah, starts to go into his room]

Nick  -- not so fast!

Joe  -- what?

Nick  -- why don’t you and you supposed girlfriend spend some time with us

Joe  -- yeah i don’t think thats a good idea [takes Leah into his room, locks the door, then pushes Leah on the bed]

Leah  -- [winces in pain]

Joe  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- nothing

Joe  -- [gets on top of her, kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it, then pulls away] your still paying me double right?

Joe  -- yeah sure [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Joe  -- [takes her shirt off] um what happened?

Leah  -- nothing [kisses him]

Joe  -- [pulls away] no you’re all bruised

Leah  -- i’m fine [kisses him]

Joe  -- [pulls away] Emma stop!

Leah  -- your the one who hired me!

Joe  -- that was before i knew what happened to you...what happened to you?

Leah  -- if your not going to pay me then i’m leaving! [gets off the bed]

Joe  -- wait!

Leah  -- what?

Joe  -- i’ll pay you..

Leah  -- [gets back on the bed]

Joe  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]


Nick  -- i don’t know why Joe can’t just admit it!

Ella  -- what are you talking about?

Nick  -- he needs to admit that Emma isn’t his girlfriend

Ella  -- then what is she?

Nick  -- his slut

Ella  -- but how do you know?

Nick  -- i just do

Ella  -- just forget him Nick

Nick  -- he’s probably upstairs fucking her right now

Ella  -- Nick----

Nick  -- i bet he met her at a bar or some strip club

Ella  -- Nick just shut up about Joe!

Nick  -- [not listening to her] she’s just some filthy slut!

Ella  -- NICK!

Nick  -- what?

Ella  -- you aren’t even listening to me!

Nick  -- what were you saying?

Ella  -- forget it. I’m going home [walks out]

Nick  -- Ella? [follows her] what did i do?

Ella  -- you were ignoring me!

Nick  -- Ella i’m sorry

Ella  -- i’m going home. I’ll talk to you later Nick [kisses his cheek, walks out of the house]

Nick  -- [goes upstairs, and into his room, hears moaning coming from Joe’s room, rolls his eyes, grabs his guitar, starts playing]


Joe  -- [thrusting in and out of Leah slow] i’m not hurting you am i?

Leah  -- i’m fine Joe. Really

Joe  -- [starts going a bit faster and harder]

Leah  -- [moans]

Joe  -- tell me if i start hurting you [goes into her harder]

Leah  -- you won’t hurt me

Joe  -- [kisses her, keeps going into her harder and faster]

Leah  -- [moans into his mouth]

Joe  -- [smirks, thrusts into her deeper]

Leah  -- [tilts her head back and moans louder]

Nick  -- [knocks on the door] keep it down you two!

Joe  -- go away Nick! [starts thrusting in and out of Leah faster and harder]

Leah  -- [moaning really loud] JOE!!!

Joe  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]


Leah  -- [puts her clothes back on]

Joe  -- [laying on his bed, grabs his wallet, takes out some money, hands it to her]

Leah  -- thanks [puts the money in her bra]

Joe  -- how about the same time tmrw?

Leah  -- i have other clients to Joe

Joe  -- fine, i’ll call you later

Leah  -- okay [walks out]

Nick  -- sounded like you were having fun

Leah  -- i have to get home Nick

Nick  -- tell me the truth, are you Joe’s girlfriend?

Leah  -- yeah i am and i have to go [starts to leave]

Nick  -- [grabs her wrist]

Leah  -- [winces]

Nick  -- sorry [loosens his grip on her wrist, notices all the bruises on her] what happened to you?

Leah  -- nothing

Nick  -- did Joe----

Leah  -- it wasn’t him, it was someone else and i’m fine. Can i go now?

Nick  -- um yeah..i guess [lets go of her]

Leah  -- [leaves, goes home]

Jake  -- where were you?!

Leah  -- working! [takes the money out of her bra, hands it to him]

Jake  -- Leah i’m sorry about yelling at you but i was just worried

Leah  -- i know you were, but you don’t have to worry about me Jake [goes into the kitchen, opens the fridge] we’re almost out of food

Jake  -- i know but we’ve got enough money to get some more groceries

Leah  -- good

Jake  -- i’m sorry Leah

Leah  -- what? Why?

Jake  -- [walks over to her, wraps his arms around her waist from behind] because i promised you i would give you a good life and we’re living like this. We can barely afford food

Leah  -- we have enough money Jake

Jake  -- don’t be stupid Leah! This is not a good life!

Leah  -- Jake where is all this coming from?!

Jake  -- its coming from me wanting to give you a decent life and i just can’t [moves away from her]

Leah  -- Jake i-----

Jake  -- just forget it Leah, i’m going to bed [goes up to their room]

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Chapter 5

Leah  -- Jake where is all this coming from?!

Jake  -- its coming from me wanting to give you a decent life and i just can’t [moves away from her]

Leah  -- Jake i-----

Jake  -- just forget it Leah, i’m going to bed [goes up to their room]

Leah  -- [grabs a beer out of the fridge, starts drinking some of it, then goes upstairs and into the bedroom]

Jake  -- [laying on the bed, reading a book]

Leah  -- Jake?

Jake  -- i don’t feel like talking Leah

Leah  -- [puts her beer down, gets on the bed] you don’t have to talk, just listen

Jake  -- fine [puts the book down]

Leah  -- [moves close to him] i am fine with the way we live Jake, and you are my hero [runs her hand thru his hair]

Jake  -- [rolls his eyes] Leah i am not your hero

Leah  -- yes you are, no matter where we have been with our lives you have always worked so hard to make things better and make sure that i’m okay

Jake  -- i just want you to be happy

Leah  -- i am happy [kisses him]

Jake  -- [deepens it, then pulls away when he hears the doorbell ring] were you expecting someone?

Leah  -- um no [gets off the bed, goes downstairs, opens the door]

Brooke  -- hey girl, did you miss me?

Leah  -- Brooke where have you been?

Brooke  -- i was on tour with my boyfriend [walks into the living room]

Leah  -- [closes the door] we haven’t seen you for months

Brooke  -- i know, and i’m sorry i didn’t tell you where i was going. But i knew Jake would never let me go

Leah  -- yeah he probably wouldn’t. So why are you back?

Brooke  -- because that stupid dick dumped me, so i had to come home

Jake  -- [walks in] Leah who was at the----Brooke?

Brooke  -- hey big bro. Hows life?

Jake  -- [glares at her] where the hell were you?!

Brooke  -- i was with my boyfriend

Jake  -- that stupid guitarist?

Brooke  -- yeah him, but i’m back now. So what did i miss?

Jake  -- where are you supposed to live Brooke?!

Brooke  -- well i thot i would just crash here for a while

Jake  -- you can’t just----but you-----how can you----

Leah  -- Jake can i talk to you for a second [takes him into the kitchen] you need to calm down

Jake  -- but she just ran off! How can you think that i would let her just stay here

Leah  -- she’s your sister Jake, and she knows you would do anything for her

Jake  -- she’s a selfish brat is what she is!

Leah  -- just let her sleep on the couch for a while, she’ll help pay for rent and we’ll have a bit more money

Jake  -- fine [walks back into the living room] Brooke you can stay

Brooke  -- i know

Jake  -- [glares at her] but your helping pay the rent

Brooke  -- fine, then i have to get my old job back [walks out]

Leah  -- [comes in] wheres Brooke?

Jake  - she went to get her old job back

Leah  -- oh..well  i----- [her phone rings] um hang on [answers the phone] hello?

Joe  -- hi Emma

Leah  -- um hi Joe. Why are you calling? I already saw you today

Joe  -- i know its just my brothers wanted to invite you over for dinner

Leah  -- tonight?

Joe  -- yeah...i told them no but they insisted

Leah  -- i don’t about this Joe

Joe  -- i’ll pay you $2,000

Leah  -- i’ll be there

Joe  -- good, and dress nice

Leah  -- okay what time?

Joe  -- be here at 7

Leah  -- i’ll see you then [hangs up]

Jake  -- whats going on?

Leah  -- i’m going to Joe’s house for dinner

Jake  -- who?

Leah  -- he’s a client

Jake  -- thats a bit weird

Leah  -- i know, but he’s paying me two thousand

Jake  -- just to go to dinner?

Leah  -- yeah, i have to go find something to wear [goes upstairs]


Joe  -- [watching tv]

Nick  -- [comes in] so is she actually coming?

Joe  -- yeah she is!

Nick  -- but she’s just a slut

Joe  -- she’s my girlfriend Nick!

Nick  -- no she isn’t! Just stop lying Joe!

Joe  -- i’m not lying! [the doorbell rings] thats probably her [opens the door] hey Emma

Leah  -- hi Joe [walks into the house]

Nick  -- so Emma how much is Joe paying you for this

Joe  -- ignore him, he still thinks we aren’t together [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it, then pulls away]

Joe  -- Emma and i are going to go up to my room, call us when dinner is ready [takes Leah up to his room]

Leah  -- why won’t your brothers just believe you?

Joe  -- because they never believe anything i say

Leah  -- oh

Joe  --  i’m sorry that i’m making this like another job for you

Leah  -- its fine, as long as i get my money i’m happy

Joe  -- you seem to care a lot about money

Leah  -- well when you parents don’t just hand it to you its not that easy to get

Joe  -- i never thot about it that way

Leah  -- well you wouldn’t

Nick  -- [comes in] Dinner is ready

Joe  -- [takes Leah’s hand, they all go back downstairs]

Nick  -- so Emma do you have a job?

Joe  -- Nick don’t bother her!

Nick  -- i’m just asking

Leah  -- um yeah i do have a job

Nick  -- so what do you do?

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Chapter 6

Nick  -- i’m just asking

Leah  -- um yeah i do have a job

Nick  -- so what do you do?

Leah  -- I um...well I----

Joe  -- she’s a waitress Nick

Nick  -- where? A strip club?

Kevin  -- okay thats enough! Nick leave Emma alone!

Nick  -- fine [glares at Joe]

Joe  -- why don’t you just accept that I have a girlfriend

Nick  -- You don’t have a girlfriend!

Kevin  -- Nick shut up!

Nick  -- [eats his dinner]

Kevin  -- sorry about this Emma, Joe and Nick are always fighting

Leah  -- its fine


Leah  -- [walks into her house]

Jake  -- [sitting on the couch] how did it go?

Leah  -- it was fine, the food was amazing

Jake  -- better then pizza and beer?

Leah  -- [laughs] more fancy then pizza and beer

Jake  -- don’t be turning princess on me

Leah  -- i’m not [sits on his lap, wraps her arms around his neck] I would make an excellent princess tho

Jake  -- oh yeah, all prostitutes make excellent princesses

Leah  -- shut up [hits him playfully]

Jake  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Brooke  -- [walks in] ew! How can you kiss my brother he’s so gross

Jake  -- [pulls away] shut up Brooke!

Brooke  -- sorry big bro, it’s not your fault you got the ugly genes

Jake  -- [pushes Leah off him]

Leah  -- hey!

Brooke  -- [runs away]

Jake  -- Brooke get back here! [runs after her]

Leah  -- [rolls her eyes] okay, well I’ll see you guys later


Joe  -- [sitting on his bed, working on his laptop]

Nick  -- [walks in] can I talk to you?

Joe  -- talk? Or yell

Nick  -- talk

Joe  -- fine [puts his computer away] what do you want?

Nick  -- I’m sorry okay?

Joe  -- for what?

Nick  -- for not believing Emma was your girlfriend, I just never thought you would have a girlfriend

Joe  -- well I do

Nick  -- she seems nice, we should double date

Joe  -- double what?

Nick  -- me and Ella, and you and Emma. We should take our girls to that new Italian restaurant

Joe  -- um okay

Nick  -- good, i’ll organize it [walks out]

Joe  -- shit


Leah  -- [sleeping]

Jake  -- [shakes her] Leah wake up

Leah  -- [wakes up a bit] what’s wrong Jake?

Jake  -- I just wanted to talk to you [gets on the bed next to her]

Leah  -- and we couldn’t talk later?

Jake  -- no, because Brooke is still sleeping which means she won’t be listening

Leah  -- fine [rests her head on his chest] what did you want to talk about?

Jake  -- I think you should get a job like Brooke

Leah  -- Brooke works at a strip club

Jake  -- its better than being a hooker!

Leah  -- [moves away from him] that’s what this is about? Jake just drop it! I’m not changing jobs!

Jake  -- but Leah----

Leah  -- no! And if you don’t stop then I’m moving out!

Jake  -- you have no where else to go!

Leah  -- then I’ll just live on the streets! It wouldn’t be the first time! [walks out of the room]

Jake  -- [follows her] Leah!

Leah  -- [turns around to face him, slaps him hard]

Jake  -- [glares at her] what was that for!

Leah  -- stop telling me what to do! Stop trying to change me Jake!

Jake  -- I’m sorry okay! I just want what’s best for you!

Brooke  -- [walks out of her room] what’s going on? You woke me up

Jake  -- just go back to bed!

Brooke  -- no, tell me what’s going on

Jake  -- it’s nothing

Leah  -- [goes downstairs]

Brooke  -- you should just get married before you two realizing how much you drive each other crazy

Jake  -- we are not getting married! We aren’t even together!

Brooke  -- Jake you’ve loved Leah since we were kids, how can you still not be with her?

Jake  -- we have a weird friendship, but it works

Brooke  -- it works? Oh well that explains why Leah is mad at you

Jake  -- [glares at her]

Brooke  -- [rolls her eyes] I’m going back to bed [goes into her room, closes the door]

Jake  -- [goes downstairs and over to Leah]

Leah  -- [laying on the couch]

Jake  -- I’m sorry Leah

Leah  -- I don’t want to talk right now, just go away

Jake  -- fine [kisses her head] if you’re going back to sleep then you should go back to your bed. The couch will hurt your back.

Leah  -- i’m fine!


Nick  -- [goes into his room, sees a note on his computer, reads it]

The Note  -- Hey Bro, Just thought this site would help you loosen up. Give it a chance. I set it as my favourite video  - Joe

Nick  -- [turns on his computer, a porn site pops up, he rolls his eyes] you are so stupid Joe [turns off the video, goes back to the sites main page,looks for a second then starts to turn it off, but something catches his eye, he clicks on the link. A video pops up of two girls fooling around, he looks closer and recognizes one of the girls] Emma?

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Chapter 7

Nick  -- [turns on his computer, a porn site pops up, he rolls his eyes] you are so stupid Joe [turns off the video, goes back to the sites main page, rolls his eyes, starts to turn it off, but something catches his eye, he clicks on the link. A video pops up of two girls fooling around, he looks closer and recognizes one of the girls] Emma?

Joe  -- [walks in] hey Nick did you check out that----whoa! That is so hot [starts watching the video, doesn’t realize that Leah is in the video]

Nick  -- Joe is that Emma?

Joe  -- what? [looks closer] oh shit!

Nick  -- I knew she wasn’t your girlfriend!

Joe  -- you have no proof!

Nick  -- [rolls his eyes] so how did you meet her?

Joe  -- [glares at him] why do you have to be so annoying?

Nick  -- why aren’t you answering my question?

Joe  -- why are you asking questions?

Nick  -- Stop that! Just admit Emma wasn’t your girlfriend

Joe  -- fine she wasn’t, so what? Girlfriends are stupid!

Nick  -- no they aren’t, it’s nice having someone who you love and who loves you back

Joe  -- oh don’t give me that shit! You don’t love Ella!

Nick  -- yeah i do

Joe  -- you just think you do but Nick you don’t know what its like to actually love someone!

Nick  -- you don’t know what you’re talking about Joe!

Joe  -- Mom and dad picked out Ella for you! You can’t love someone who you are forced to be with!

Nick  -- shut up! I do love her

Joe  -- no you don’t! Your marrying her to make mom and dad happy not because you want to

Nick  -- I wouldn’t marry her if i didn’t want to

Joe  -- oh shut up Nick! Your just some stupid rich kid, you don’t have your own thoughts you just do what everyone else wants you to do!

Nick  -- i do not!

Joe  -- yeah you do [walks out]


Leah  --  [trying on new lingerie, looking in the mirror]

Jake  -- [walks in] what are you doing?

Leah  -- my boss sent over some new stuff for me. do you think its to slutty?

Jake  -- to slutty for a prostitute? No

Leah  -- [glares at him, puts a robe on] what do you want Jake?

Jake  -- I just came in to get a new shirt, Brooke spilt coffee on me

Leah  -- on purpose?

Jake  -- I donno, probably [takes his shirt off, grabs a new shirt]

Leah  -- you know you look way sexier without a shirt on

Jake  -- [rolls his eyes] if you’re going to try and seduce me, don’t bother. [puts his shirt on]

Leah  -- aww come on Jake we used to have so much fun, and i’m really horny [slides the robe off of her, walks over to him]

Jake  -- Leah stop

Leah  -- [wraps her arms around his neck, whispers in his ear] please Jake [bites his ear softly then moves down and starts kissing his neck]

Jake  -- I can’t, it doesn’t feel right knowing that you fuck a couple guys a day

Leah  -- [frowns]but Jake----

Jake  -- I just can’t [pushes her away, walks out, goes downstairs]

Brooke  -- what are you doing down here?!

Jake  -- what do you mean? I was just getting changed.

Brooke  -- I only sent you up there because I knew Leah was up there

Jake  -- you did that on purpose?

Brooke  -- come on bro you really need to get laid, you have to much tension built up

Jake  -- [glares at her] did you plan that with Leah?

Brooke  -- No, I knew she would want to sleep with you on her own

Jake  -- how would you know that?

Brooke  -- you should have heard her last night, she was dreaming about you

Jake  -- dreaming what?

Brooke  - i donno I just heard a lot of moaning and ‘oh Jake harder!’

Jake  -- your making that up

Brooke  -- no i’m not!

Leah  -- [walks in, she changed into jeans and one of Jake’s shirts] what are you guys talking about?

Jake  -- nothing

Brooke  -- Jake’s being stupid

Leah  -- what else is new?

Jake  -- i never should have moved in with girls [walks out of the room]

Leah  -- oh come on Jake every guy dreams of living with girls

Brooke  -- he’s in such a bad mood

Leah  -- why?

Brooke  -- no idea, he never tells me anything

Leah  -- well try and find out [her phone rings, she answers it] hello?

Joe  -- hey Emma, I need you to get over here

Leah  -- why?

Joe  -- cuz i need sex thats why!

Leah  -- today is my day off Joe

Joe  -- I don’t care, get your fucking ass over here right now! [hangs up]

Leah  -- [puts her phone away]

Brooke  -- who was that?

Leah  -- just a client, i have to go. [goes to Joe’s house, knocks on the door]

Nick  -- [opens it, glares at her] what are you doing here?

Leah  -- Joe called..

Nick  -- well he doesn’t need your services anymore you filthy little slut!

Leah  -- what are you talking about?

Nick  -- don’t act all innocent I know all about you and your job, you didn’t really think you could keep it a secret forever did you?

Leah  -- leave me alone Nick [pushes past him, walks into the house]

Nick  -- [grabs her arm as she starts to go upstairs] why don’t you just go home?!

Leah  -- let go!

Nick  -- If I wasn’t engaged I would teach you a lesson! [he digs his nails into her arm]

Leah  -- ow Nick stop!

Nick  -- actually I know someone who can teach you a lesson for me [takes her out of the house, puts her in the car]

Leah  -- where are you taking me?!

Nick  -- we’re just going to go see a friend [gets in the car, starts driving] you’ll have to see Joe some other time, that is if you can still walk.

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Chapter 8

Nick  -- actually I know someone who can teach you a lesson for me [takes her out of the house, puts her in the car]

Leah  -- where are you taking me?!

Nick  -- we’re just going to go see a friend [gets in the car, starts driving] you’ll have to see Joe some other time, that is if you can still walk.

Leah  -- Nick stop the car! Let me out!

Nick  -- just shut up! [drives to his friends house, parks the car, gets out]

Jesse  -- [walks over] hey man, who’s the girl?

Nick  -- just a gift I brought for you [pulls Leah out of the car and follows Jesse back into the house, dragging Leah with him]

Jesse  -- [smirks] she’s hot. Where did you find her?

Nick  -- she’s my brothers slut

Leah  -- stop calling me that!

Nick  -- [pushes her towards Jesse] do what you want with her, I’ll be back in an hour [walks out]

Leah  -- [walks away from Jesse] just leave me alone

Jesse  -- [grabs her, pulls her close to him] so baby how about going up to my room?

Leah  -- no! Don’t touch me!

Jesse  -- [picks her up, puts her over his shoulder, takes her upstairs to his room, drops her on the bed]

Leah  -- [grabs her phone out of her pocket, starts to call Jake]

Jesse  -- [takes the phone, throws it across the room, then handcuffs Leah’s wrists to the bed]

Leah  -- STOP!

Jesse  -- [looks at her closer] don’t i know you?

Leah  -- no i don’t think you----[recognizes him] oh no

Jesse  -- your that hooker we hired for my brother’s bachelor party! He was so mad when he found out you were a hooker instead of a stripper.

Leah  -- yeah i remember

Jesse  -- we all had so much fun with you that night, then we had someone drop you on the side of the road.

Leah  -- where i was raped!

Jesse  -- sorry baby but you refused to tell us where you live [takes her clothes off] god i didn’t think it was possible for you to get more sexy, guess I was wrong

Leah  -- [squirms as he runs his hands over her body]

Jesse  -- keep squirming baby its hot [kisses her, unhooks her bra, throws it across the room]

Leah  -- let me go!


Nick  -- [walks into his house]

Joe  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- I know you took her, I saw you driving away from my window

Nick  -- so what?

Joe  -- why do you hate her?

Nick  -- I don’t, I just---i don’t know

Joe  -- she never did anything to you, if your mad take it out on me not her. Her life is hard enough

Nick  -- what do you mean?

Joe  -- she’s told me a bit about her life and she has trouble just getting money. You should have seen how happy she was when i told her i would pay double its like I offered her a mansion or something.

Nick  -- a mansion?

Joe  -- i don’t know, just like I offered her something big.

Nick  -- i took her to Jesse’s

Joe  -- are you crazy! That guy is completely insane

Nick  -- he’s not insane, he’s just....well not normal

Joe  -- [glares at him] what is your problem Nick!

Nick  -- I don’t know! I just got so mad when I saw her

Joe  -- just stay away from Emma [walks out]


Leah  -- [moaning, in a lot of pain] JESSE STOP!

Jesse  -- [goes into her harder] come on baby you know you love it

Leah  -- No stop! Please!

Jesse  -- [starts kissing her neck as he pushes deeper into her]

Leah  -- [screams]

Jesse  -- [covers her mouth] shut up!

Leah  -- [tears roll down her cheeks]

Jesse  -- aww babe, this is what you do for a living you should try and enjoy yourself more [keeps thrusting into her harder and faster until he cums, he pulls out and puts his boxers on] just wait here i’ll be back in a minute [walks out]

Leah  -- [tries to pull her wrists out of the handcuffs but the metal just digs into her skin]

Jesse  -- [comes back in, sits on the bed, holds a knife above Leah’s face]

Leah  -- stop!

Jesse  -- [moves the knife to her arm] you know i’ve always wondered what would happen if you stab someone and the knife goes all the way to through their arm

Leah  -- no Jesse please don’t-----

Jesse  -- [stabs the knife into her arm]

Leah  -- [screams, looks down to see the knife went all the way through, passes out]


Jake  -- [sitting on the couch, watching a movie]

Brooke  -- [walks in, stares at him]

Jake  -- what’s wrong?

Brooke  -- some guy just called, Joe i think

Jake  -- Joe? I think he was the guy who paid Leah to be his girlfriend

Brooke  -- yeah that was him, he called using Leah’s phone but he said her name was Emma, I figured she told him a fake name

Jake  -- Brooke what is your point!

Brooke  -- he said he was taking her to the hospital, she lost a lot of blood and---

Jake  -- [runs out]

Brooke  -- Jake wait for me! [follows him]


Jake  -- [runs into the hospital, goes over to a nurse] where’s Leah Tyler?

Nurse  -- are you family?

Jake  -- it doesn’t matter if i’m her fucking family or not just tell me where she is!

Nurse  -- we can only release information to family


Nurse  -- [looks down at the charts] someone brought her in, said her name was Emma, the doctors recognized her though and they are working on her now

Jake  -- when can i see her?

Nurse  -- I’ll send someone to come find you, until then calm down and go wait in the waiting room

Jake  -- [starts to walk away]

Nurse  -- and Jake?

Jake  -- yeah

Nurse  -- you had better ask that girl to marry you this time

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Chapter 9

Jake  -- [starts to walk away]

Nurse  -- and Jake?

Jake  -- yeah

Nurse  -- you had better ask that girl to marry you this time

Jake  -- [smiles a bit, rolls his eyes and walks to the waiting room]

Brooke  -- what did the nurse say?

Jake  -- nothing helpful

Brooke  -- as usual


Joe  -- [walks into his house, glares at Nick]

Nick  -- what? Didn’t you help her?

Joe  -- yeah i took her to the hospital but she lost a lot of blood Nick

Nick  -- she’ll be fine

Joe  -- how do you know that?!

Nick  -- she just has to be

Joe  -- this is all your fault Nick! [goes up to his room]


Leah  -- [opens her eyes, sees Jake, smiles] hi

Jake  -- what happened to you. What did Joe do?!

Leah  -- it wasn’t Joe, I never even saw him.

Jake  -- then who?

Leah  -- Jesse, he wanted to see what would happen if a knife went all the way through my arm

Jake  -- and you just let him?

Leah  -- i was handcuffed I couldn’t do anything

Jake  -- well how are you feeling now?

Leah  -- i feel okay, just really tired

Jake  -- try to sleep [kisses her head] I’ll be here when you wake up

Leah  -- I want to go home

Jake  -- You can’t go home, your body still need to be given blood

Leah  -- but Jake-----

Jake  -- you can go home in a bit, just not yet

Leah  -- fine

Jake  -- you scared me, i thought you might have died. Brooke said you lost too much blood

Leah  -- i can’t die

Jake  -- what do you mean you can’t die

Leah  -- if i die I would miss you too much, so i can’t die

Jake  -- [rolls his eyes]

Leah  -- [giggles]


Leah  -- [laying on her bed, reading an erotic novel]

Jake  -- [comes in]

Leah  -- [hides the book under her pillow]

Jake  -- what are you doing?

Leah  -- just reading

Jake  -- [gets on the bed next to her] reading?

Leah  -- yeah

Jake  -- reading what?

Leah  -- just something!

Jake  -- [wraps his arms around her, kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it, then pulls away] I thought you didn’t want to do anything cuz of my job

Jake  -- i changed my mind [kisses her again, pulling her closer to him]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Brooke  -- [walks in, covers her eyes] gross!

Leah  -- [pulls away, giggles] hi Brooke

Brooke  -- is it safe to look?

Leah  -- yeah

Brooke  -- [moves her hand from her eyes] Jake someone from your work just called, they said that you need to have that file thingy in by Monday morning

Jake  -- what are you talking about

Brooke  -- they said some file or paper or something, i donno. I wasn’t really listening

Jake  -- fine, I’ll just call later, now get out

Brooke  -- why? I want to go to a movie or something

Jake  -- then go, Leah and I are busy

Brooke  -- fine [looks over at Leah] make sure you use protection, you don’t want to catch any of the diseases he has

Jake  -- [throws a pillow at her] get out!

Brooke  -- [walks out]

Jake  -- Leah I don’t-----I mean Brooke she was just----

Leah  -- relax Jake, I know she was just teasing [kisses him]

Jake  -- [deepens it]


Nick  -- [walks into his room, closes the door, then goes over to his desk and turns his computer on. He goes onto the porn site, which he bookmarked, starts watching one of the videos]

Joe  -- [walks in] I heard moaning, are you finally getting laid? [looks around, sees Nick on the computer] seriously? Nick if you want sex just hire someone

Nick  -- [glares at him] get out, I have a girlfriend

Joe  -- then get her over here instead of fucking yourself

Nick  -- I wasn’t-----

Joe  -- don’t lie to me Nick, it’s pretty obvious

Nick  -- just go away [his phone starts ringing, he reaches for it]

Joe  -- [grabs it first, answers it] hello?

Ella  -- Joe? Where’s Nick?

Joe  -- he’s a little busy right now [turns the volume up on the porn video]

Nick  -- Joe!

Ella  -- what’s that noise?

Joe  -- oh nothing, Nick is just having a bit of fun [moves away as Nick tries to grab the phone]

Ella  -- what? With who?

Joe   -- I donno I -----

Nick  -- [grabs the phone] Joe is lying!

Ella  -- Nick what’s going on?

Nick  -- Joe is being a dick and trying to ruin everything

Ella  -- um okay. so do you want to come over?

Nick  -- yeah sure, i’ll be there in a minute [hangs up] bye Joe [leaves the house, goes to Ella’s knocks on the door]

Maid  -- [opens it] hello Mr. Jonas, Ella is in her room

Nick  -- thanks [goes up to Ella’s room, knocks on the door]

Ella  -- [opens it, smiles] Hi Nick [kisses him] I missed you

Nick  -- I missed you to baby [walks her over to the bed, they sit down]

Ella  -- so what do you want to do?

Nick  -- [lays her back on the bed, gets on top of her] I have a couple ideas

Ella  -- [giggles] Nick what happened to waiting

Nick  -- fine [gets off her, lays next to her] I need to ask you something?

Ella  -- what’s going on

Nick  -- you know I love you, but do you ever feel like our parents run our lives

Ella  -- what do you mean?

Nick  -- I mean do you think we would even be getting married if our parents hadn’t planned it all?

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Chapter 10

Nick  -- you know I love you, but do you ever feeling like our parents run our lives

Ella  -- what do you mean?

Nick  -- I mean do you think we would even be getting married if our parents hadn’t planned it all?

Ella  -- [glares at him] do you not want to marry me?

Nick  -- of course I do, I just----

Ella  -- If you didn’t want to marry me then why did you propose?! Your parents didn’t make you!

Nick  -- they said they wanted me to marry you! Thats basically making me

Ella  -- well then fine! [takes the ring off her finger] just take your stupid engagement ring back!

Nick  -- Ella I-----

Ella  -- get out! I don’t want to see you!

Nick  -- why are you being such a bitch?!

Ella  -- GET OUT!

Nick  -- whatever [leaves]

Ella  -- [grabs her phone, calls Cassie]

Cassie  -- [answers] hey Ella

Ella  -- can you come over?

Cassie  -- what happened?

Ella  -- Nick and I got in a fight

Cassie  -- I’ll be there in a minute [hangs up]

Ella  -- [puts her phone away, a couple tears roll down her cheeks]


Joe  -- [sitting on the couch in the living room, watching tv]

Nick  -- [walks in, slams the door]

Joe  -- are you okay?

Nick  -- no, you’ve ruined everything!

Joe  -- what?! No I didn’t!

Nick  -- yes you did! I couldn’t get what you said out of my head and now i’ve messed things up with Ella

Joe  -- what did I say?

Nick  -- you said our parents run our lives

Joe  -- well its true...for you anyways

Nick  -- now Ella thinks I didn’t want to marry her and she gave me the engagement ring back

Joe  -- are you trying to make me feel bad for you or something?

Nick  -- you should feel bad! This is all your fault!

Joe  -- its not my fault you listened to me

Nick  -- [glares at him]

Joe  -- just go study or whatever else you perfect rich boys do

Nick  -- i’m not perfect

Joe  -- trust me I know, I just figured you thought you were perfect

Nick  -- you are impossible!

Kevin  -- [walks in] what are you to fighting about now?

Nick  -- Joe messed things up between me and Ella

Kevin  -- Joe stay out of Nick’s life

Joe  -- gladly [walks out]

Kevin  -- so what happened with Ella?

Nick  -- she thinks I don’t want to marry her

Kevin  -- well do you want to marry her?

Nick  -- I don’t know

Kevin  -- let me guess, you only asked because of mom and dad?

Nick  -- well yeah

Kevin  -- Nick you don’t have to do everything they ask, and you could have waited to ask Ella

Nick  -- well Ella hates me know, so It doesn’t matter

Kevin  -- she’ll calm down and you’ll work things out

Nick  -- I hope so.


Leah  -- [making out with Jake on the couch]

Brooke  -- [walks in] again?

Jake  -- [pushes Leah off him] Brooke stop interrupting us!

Brooke  -- sorry, I just wanted to let you know that we’re out of food

Leah  -- what? We can’t be out, we just went to the store a couple days ago

Brooke  -- all we have is some stale crackers and lumpy milk

Leah  -- gross

Brooke  -- yeah

Jake  -- Leah and I can go to the store

Brooke  -- kay, make sure to get candy

Jake  -- yeah whatever, and you make sure that next time you have a guy over he doesn’t eat all our food!

Brooke  -- it wasn’t him!

Jake  -- [rolls his eyes] come on Leah [they leave the house and go to the store]

Leah  -- how much money do we have?

Jake  -- a little over a hundred

Leah  -- kay [grabs a shopping cart, pushes it down one of the aisles] so I was thinking maybe we should find a new place

Jake  -- what?

Leah  -- you know just to cut back on rent costs

Jake  -- I guess we could

Leah  -- like we could get a two bedroom apartment instead of having a three bedroom place

Jake  -- but theres three of us

Leah  -- [turns around to face him, wraps her arms around his neck] but you and I could share a room [kisses him]

Jake  -- [deepens it, then pulls away] I like the sound of that

Leah  -- come on your horny boy, lets get the food and get home [keeps pushing the cart, grabbing food off the shelves]

Jake  -- i’m not a boy! I’m a man

Leah  -- whatever you say

Jake   -- [grabs some ice cream, puts it in the cart]

Leah  -- Jake we don’t have enough for treats

Jake  -- we’ll make it work [kisses her head]

Leah  -- we should talk to Brooke about looking for a new place

Jake  -- yeah, but its two against one so its not like she has a choice

Leah  -- two against one? Your acting like a child

Jake  -- i am not

Leah  -- yes you are

Jake  -- well when we get home I’ll prove i’m not a child

Leah  -- and how do you expect to do that?

Jake  -- [smirks] in very dirty ways [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- Jake stop not here

Jake  -- [kisses her]

Leah   -- [deepens it]

Joe  -- Emma?

Leah  -- [pulls away fast, turns around, sees Joe walking over, mutters] shit

Jake  -- who is that?

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Chapter 11

Jake  -- [kisses her]

Leah   -- [deepens it]

Joe  -- Emma?

Leah  -- [pulls away fast, turns around, sees Joe walking over, mutters] shit

Jake  -- who is that?

Leah  -- um Joe

Jake  -- your client Joe?

Leah  -- yes now shut up [walks over to Joe] hey, what are you doing here?

Joe  -- just picking up some stuff

Leah  -- don’t you have people to do that for you?

Joe  -- yeah but i needed to get out of the house

Jake  -- [walks over, wraps his arms around Leah’s waist, glares at Joe]

Leah  -- um Joe, this is Jake my room mate

Joe  -- nice to meet you

Jake  -- right

Joe  -- um okay

Leah  -- we were just picking up some groceries

Joe  -- [looks in the cart] you don’t have much

Leah  -- well unlike you we’re shopping on a budget

Jake  -- yeah not everyone has rich parents

Joe  -- well I could give you some money if you need more

Jake  -- we aren’t your charity case!

Leah  -- Jake just go pay for the food

Jake  -- fine [pushes the cart to the check out]

Leah  -- sorry about him, he doesn’t really approve of my job

Joe  -- well I can see why

Leah  -- what?

Joe  -- he likes you

Leah  -- what are you talking about

Joe  -- trust me, I can tell from the way he was looking at you

Leah  -- well we’re just friends

Joe  -- you know if you need some extra money I can pay you extra next time you come to my place

Leah  -- your already paying me double

Joe  -- but your still having money problems

Leah  -- its not your problem Joe, its mine

Joe  -- I know I just----I donno

Leah  -- I should go, But i’ll see you later

Joe  -- okay

Leah  -- [walks out of the store, goes over to the car where Jake is waiting for her] you didn’t have to be so rude

Jake  -- sorry for not being polite to the guy who is using your body for his own pleasure

Leah  -- [rolls her eyes, gets in the car]

Jake  -- [gets in too, drives home, parks the car, they both go into the house]

Brooke   -- wheres the food?

Leah  -- [hands her the grocery bags]

Brooke  -- [takes them into the kitchen]

Leah  -- [starts going upstairs]

Jake  -- your not mad are you?

Leah  -- no, just a bit annoyed. Joe is my best client and you could have ruined it

Jake  -- You know how i feel about your job

Leah  -- I know, just don’t mess things up for me [goes upstairs]

Jake  -- [follow her] I’m sorry okay?

Leah  -- it doesn’t matter [sits on the bed]

Jake  -- [sits next to her, kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Jake  -- [pulls away] so we’ll start looking for that apartment tmrw?

Leah  -- sure [kisses him again]


Joe  -- [walks into his house]

Kevin  -- where have you been?

Joe  -- I went to the store [starts going upstairs]

Kevin  -- don’t go up there

Joe  -- why not?

Kevin  -- Nick is upstairs with Ella and they’re working things out

Joe  -- fascinating [goes upstairs and into Nick’s room]

Nick  -- [making out with Ella on his bed]

Joe  -- that didn’t take long

Nick  -- [pulls away, glares at him] what do you want Joe?

Joe  -- Ella why did you take him back? He’s so annoying

Ella  -- your the only one who thinks he’s annoying

Nick  -- can you go now Joe, Ella and I want to be alone

Joe  -- fine whatever [leaves]

Nick  -- [turns back to Ella] sorry about him

Ella  -- its fine, I’ll have to get used to him. He will be my brother in law soon

Nick  -- you can just ignore him like I try to

Ella  -- [smiles as she looks at the ring on her finger]

Nick  -- I love you

Ella  -- I love you too, and I’m sorry for over reacting

Nick  -- its all in the past [kisses her]

Ella  -- [deepens it]


Leah  -- [laying next to Jake, rests her head on his chest]

Jake  -- [kisses her head] your job definitely makes you better in bed

Leah  -- [hits him playfully] shut up

Jake  -- well its true

Leah  -- [gets off the bed, wraps the sheets around her]

Jake  -- where are you going?

Leah  -- I’m going to go take a shower [walks to the bathroom, turns on the water in the shower, gets in]

Jake  -- [runs into the bathroom, gets in the shower with her] hi baby [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pulls away] Jake!

Jake  -- [smirks, kisses her again, picks her up]

Leah  -- [wraps her legs around his waist]

Jake  -- [goes into her slowly]

Leah  -- [moans into his mouth, pulls away from the kiss] Jake harder

Jake  -- [goes into her harder]

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Jake  -- [deepens it, keeps thrusting into her harder and faster]


Joe  -- [sitting on his bed, reading a magazine]

Nick  -- [walks in]

Joe  -- what do you want?

Nick  -- I need a favour

Joe  -- why should I do anything for you?

Nick  -- Ella and I are getting married in just a few weeks and----

Joe  -- I thought the wedding wasn’t for months

Nick  -- we decided to get married early

Joe  -- why?

Nick  -- just because Joe! Anyways I was wondering if you could plan the bachelor party, I mean you know all the good party places

Joe  -- you want a bachelor party? You know there will be strippers

Nick  -- I know

Joe  -- and you really want me to plan it?

Nick  -- yeah

Joe  -- okay, I guess I could

Nick  -- thanks [walks out]

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Chapter 12

Joe  -- and you really want me to plan it?

Nick  -- yeah

Joe  -- okay, I guess I could

Nick  -- thanks [walks out]

Kevin  -- [walks over to Nick] what were you talking to Joe about?

Nick  -- nothing

Kevin  -- you didn’t start another fight did you?

Nick  -- no, I just asked him to plan the bachelor party

Kevin  -- are you sure thats a good idea?

Nick  -- no but i figure on my last day of freedom I want to have the best time I can and Joe parties all the time.

Kevin  -- you don’t want to turn into Joe Nick

Nick  -- I know i don’t, its just one night. No big deal

Kevin  -- okay fine


Leah  -- [sitting on the couch, painting her nails, her phone rings, she answers it] hello?

Joe  -- hey Emma, I need a favour

Leah  -- we aren’t friends Joe, I’m not doing you favours

Joe  -- fine, then I have a job for you

Leah  -- I already have a job

Joe  -- I know you do and thats how i know you would be perfect for this

Leah  -- what are you talking about?

Joe  -- I’m planning Nick’s bachelor party, I want to hire you to seduce him

Leah  -- you want me to what?

Joe  -- pretend to be the stripper and then seduce Nick, and I’m willing to pay you a lot

Leah  -- okay I’ll do it, just let me know when

Joe  -- It will probably be in a couple days, but I’ll tell you the definite day when i find out

Leah  -- sounds good, do you need anything else?

Joe  -- not right now, but I’ll call if I do

Leah  -- kay bye Joe [hangs up]

Jake  -- [walks in] you were talking to Joe?

Leah  --  yeah, so what?

Jake  -- did he hire you again?

Leah  -- yeah but to be the stripper at his brother party

Jake  -- well maybe you could practice stripping for me

Leah  -- perv [grabs some money off the table, puts it in her bra] I’ve got to get to work, I’ll see you later [kisses his cheek, walks out]

Jake  -- [goes into the kitchen]

Brooke  -- hey Jake, where’s Leah

Jake  -- she went to work

Brooke  --  and your upset

Jake  -- of course I am, I don’t want my girlfriend sleeping with other guys!

Brooke  -- you just said girlfriend, she’s not your girlfriend Jake

Jake  -- well she should be

Brooke  -- then ask her to be

Jake  -- I’m going to [walks out]

Brooke  -- you’ve been saying that for years...


Nick  -- [at the store with Ella] Ella I don’t care which save the date cards you get

Ella  -- its our wedding Nick I want you to help me decide what we should have

Nick  -- But I couldn’t care less

Ella  -- [glares at him] just pick, the white cards with roses on them or the pink with the ----

Nick  -- not pink

Ella  -- roses it is [takes the cards, pays for them, they leave the store] we should probably go pick out your tux

Nick  -- I have a billion suits Ella I don’t need another one

Ella  -- you can’t just use one of your older ones, this is our wedding Nick

Nick  -- i’m not spending more money on a stupid tux when I don’t need one. And you shouldn’t spend too much on your wedding dress either, I’m planning on ripping it off you on our wedding night.

Ella  -- [rolls her eyes]

Nick  -- [puts his hands on her waist] I love you Ella [kisses her]

Ella  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [deepens it more]

Ella  -- [pushes him away] we should probably finish planning some more of the wedding

Nick  -- but thats not as fun

Ella  -- come on Nick! [takes his hand, walks down the street]


Joe  -- [sitting on the couch, watching porn]

Kevin  -- [walks in with Danielle] Joe!

Joe  -- [doesn’t look away from the tv] what?

Kevin  -- do you have to watch that on the family tv?

Danielle  -- lets just go upstairs Kevin

Joe  -- [turns around to look at them] who is she?

Kevin  -- this is Danielle, and you’ve met a bunch of times

Joe  -- oh, well I didn’t remember

Kevin  -- of course you didn’t

Joe  -- is she your girlfriend?

Kevin  -- yes she is

Joe  -- well why aren’t you married?

Kevin  -- why does it matter?

Joe  -- just wondering

Danielle  -- we aren’t ready to get married Joe, not that its any of your business. Come on Kevin [goes upstairs with Kevin]

Joe  -- whatever

Nick  -- [walks in, collapses on the couch] I just spent all day doing stupid wedding stuff with Ella, I have never been so bored in my entire life. [looks at the tv] what are you watching?

Joe  -- the best thing ever

Nick  -- [keeps watching] oh my god how do they bend like that

Joe  -- [laughs] wow little brother you are so inexperienced

Nick  -- shut up

Joe  -- you might want to do your research so you don’t disappoint your beautiful bride on the wedding night

Nick  -- you think I’ll disappoint her?

Joe  -- I know you will

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Chapter 13

Joe  -- you might want to do your research so you don’t disappoint your beautiful bride on the wedding night

Nick  -- you think I’ll disappoint her?

Joe  -- I know you will

Nick  -- [glares at him]

Joe  -- what?

Nick  -- you are unbelievable! [goes to his room]

Joe  -- whatever [calls Leah]

Leah  -- [answers] I’m busy

Joe  -- to busy to earn some more money

Leah  -- Joe?

Joe  -- um yeah

Leah  -- sorry I thought you were someone else, I can come in about 20 minutes

Joe  -- okay sounds good

Leah  -- see you later [hangs up, goes downstairs]

Brooke  -- hey, is Jake still calling you over and over

Leah  -- yeah, so can you take my phone [hands it to her] its driving me crazy

Brooke  -- what does Jake even want?

Leah  -- who knows, but Joe wants me to go over so I’ll see you later

Brooke  -- Joe?

Leah  -- he’s a client

Brooke  -- oh...

Leah  -- yeah and I have to take the bus so it will take forever to get there

Brooke  -- then hurry up

Leah  -- i’ll see you later [leaves]


Leah  -- [knocks on the door]

Joe  -- [opens it] finally [pulls her in]

Leah  -- someone’s eager

Joe  -- I’m just really stressed out

Leah  -- well let me help you with that [kisses him]

Joe  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [deepens it more]

Joe  -- [pulls away] we should probably go to my room before Nick comes down and freaks out

Leah  -- good idea

Joe  -- [takes her up to his room, locks the door, pushes her back on the bed]

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Joe  -- [deepens it, pulls Leah’s shirt off]

Leah  -- [wraps her legs around his waist]

Joe  -- [starts kissing her neck, someone knocks on the door] ugh! Not now

Leah  -- it might be important

Joe  -- fine [gets off the bed, opens the door] what do you want?

Nick  -- mom called, we’re going out tonight with Ella’s family

Joe  -- do I have to go

Nick  -- yes!

Joe  -- but i don’t even like her

Nick  -- your going! [sees Leah on the bed, rolls his eyes] and get your slut out of here [walks away]

Joe  -- [closes the door, gets back on the bed] I guess we have to make this quick [kisses Leah]


Leah  -- [walks into her room, sees Jake lying shirtless on her bed] JAKE!

Jake  -- what?

Leah  -- can you put a shirt on?!

Jake  -- I don’t want to

Leah  -- unbelievable [starts to leave]

Jake  -- hey wait a second, I found a new apartment

Leah  -- what?

Jake  -- its smaller then this place, but it’s also half the price

Leah  -- half the price would be good

Jake  -- I’ve set up an appointment to check the place out this afternoon, do you have plans?

Leah  -- nope I’m free

Jake  -- good

Leah  -- [throws a shirt at him] now put that on [goes downstairs]

Brooke  -- did Jake tell you about the apartment?

Leah  -- yeah, why?

Brooke  -- I don’t want to move, I like this place

Leah  -- we would have more money if we moved

Brooke  -- we would also have less space!

Leah  -- you would still have your own room Brooke, Jake and I will share one

Brooke  -- you want to share a room with my brother?

Leah  -- yeah, why wouldn’t I?

Brooke  -- oh i donno maybe because he’s mean

Leah  -- only to you

Brooke  -- yeah well still

Leah  -- are you coming to check out the new place

Brooke  -- nope, I’m hanging out with my new boyfriend?

Leah  -- uh oh

Brooke  -- what?

Leah  -- you have horrible taste in guys, they always end up breaking your heart

Brooke  -- they do not

Leah  -- yeah they do

Brooke  -- well this guy is different

Leah  -- if you say so


Nick  -- [at Ella’s house, laying on her bed, looking at the ceiling]

Ella  -- Nick what do you think of this one? [shows him a china pattern]

Nick  -- oh so my opinion counts now?

Ella  -- don’t be silly Nick of course it counts its your wedding too

Cassie  -- yeah Nick, come help

Nick  -- no offense but I don’t really care what pattern we use

Ella  -- but---

Nick  -- just pick whatever you want Ella [walks out]

Cassie  -- someone’s in a bad mood

Ella  -- I know, he never wants to help with any of the planning

Cassie  -- are you sure this wedding is a good idea?

Ella  -- of course I am, I love Nick

Cassie  -- well does he love you back?

Ella  -- yes!

Cassie  -- then go talk to him

Ella  -- good idea [leaves the room, runs downstairs]

Nick  -- [sitting on the couch]

Ella  -- can we talk?

Nick  -- if its anymore wedding stuff then I really don’t want to

Ella  -- [sits next to him] I love you Nick, and I just want this wedding to be perfect thats all

Nick  -- it will be perfect, I’m sure anything you pick will be amazing

Ella  -- but----

Nick  -- [kisses her] you are much better at planning stuff then I am

Ella  -- true

Nick  -- do you mind if I just head home, I have a lot on my mind and just want to rest

Ella  -- okay, I’ll just see you later

Nick  -- [kisses her head] I love you

Ella  -- I love you too

Nick  -- [leaves, goes home]

Kevin  -- hey Nick, I thought you were with Ella

Nick  -- I was, but I just needed a break from stupid wedding stuff

Kevin  -- stupid wedding stuff? Nick you still want to marry Ella right?

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Chapter 14

Kevin  -- hey Nick, I thought you were with Ella

Nick  -- I was, but I just needed a break from stupid wedding stuff

Kevin  -- stupid wedding stuff? Nick you still want to marry Ella right?

Nick  -- of course Kevin but wedding planning just isn’t interesting to me

Kevin  -- there must be some part that you like

Nick  -- not really, I just want to be married already so Ella and I can start a family

Kevin  -- you want to start a family already?

Nick  -- yeah...I mean I’m ready to be a dad and I know Ella wants kids

Kevin  -- you’ll be an amazing dad Nick, much better then Joe would ever be

Nick  -- thats not saying much, Joe can barely tie his own shoes

Joe  -- [comes in] I can tie my own shoes! I just like shoes without laces better

Nick  -- right

Joe  -- it’s true

Kevin  -- we know Joe, we’re just teasing

Joe  -- well don’t, it’s annoying [walks out]


Leah  -- [walks into the new apartment, smiles]

Brooke  -- [walks in, looks around] I guess this is okay, I like the old place better

Leah  -- i like this one, it’s more...cozy

Brooke  -- perfect for newly weds wanting to start a family

Leah  -- what?

Brooke  -- nothing [goes to her bedroom]

Leah  -- [goes into the kitchen, smiles at Jake]

Jake  -- [making lunch, looks over at her] why are you so happy?

Leah  -- I donno, I just like this place

Jake  -- good [hands her a plate of food] are you working today?

Leah  -- not till tonight, i’m working at some bachelor party

Jake  -- [sarcastic] great

Leah  -- it’s not that bad Jake

Jake  -- no you just have random guys hands all over you

Leah  -- it’s my job Jake! Get over it!

Jake  -- fine [grabs half a sandwich off Leah’s plate] well I have to get to work, so I’ll see you later [kisses her head, walks out, eating the sandwich]

Leah  -- [goes to Brooke’s room] are you busy today?

Brooke  -- not till later, why?

Leah  -- I was wondering if you want to go shopping with me, I need to buy some stuff for tonight

Brooke  -- okay sure


Brooke  -- hey Leah come check this out!

Leah  -- [walks over] what is it?

Brooke  -- [puts a mask up to her face] how cool is this mask?

Leah  -- it’s awesome [picks up one of the other’s puts it on]

Brooke  -- we could go to a masked ball

Leah  -- yeah if we were rich and actually got invited to one

Brooke  -- [takes the mask off, puts it back, looks through some of the other]

Leah  -- you know what, these will be perfect for the party tonight.

Brooke  -- what?

Leah  -- for me and the other girls to wear

Brooke  -- okay how many do you need?

Leah  -- there are seven of us

Brooke  -- okay, well I think you should keep the one you’re wearing, it looks perfect on you

Leah  -- [laughs] thanks [takes the mask off, grabs a couple other ones and then pays for them]

Brooke  -- what else are you wearing tonight?

Leah  -- just some sexy lingerie, I’m not really sure yet

Brooke  -- you should wear like a slutty version of a dress that someone would wear at a masked ball

Leah  -- and where am I supposed to find that?

Brooke  -- I donno, I just thought it would be cool

Leah  -- yeah well I spent all my money on these masks so I’ll just have to find something I already have

Brooke  -- fine


Nick  -- [walks into the kitchen]

Joe  -- hey man, don’t forget about the party tonight

Nick  -- how could I forget, you’ve been talking about it non stop

Joe  -- I just want to make sure it’s a night you won’t forget

Nick  -- right

Joe  -- is Ella having a party too?

Nick  -- I’m not sure, we haven’t really talked lately. She’s been really busy with Cassie planning the wedding

Joe  -- is Cassie? I haven’t seen her since we----

Nick  -- since you what?

Joe  -- nothing, never mind

Nick  -- well Cassie is fine

Joe  -- good, I have some last minute stuff to plan for tonight so I’ll see you later [goes to the Hotel that the party is going to be at, then goes up banquet hall where his family usually has their dinner parties and its the room he booked for Nick’s party.] hey Kelsie, is Emma here yet?

Kelsie  -- no she’s not coming until tonight [she finishes setting up the room]

Joe  -- what time tonight?

Kelsie  -- don’t worry Joe, she’ll be here in time

Joe  -- good

Kelsie  -- so how does the room look?

Joe  -- it looks great

Kelsie  -- good, It took me like all day

Joe  -- it was worth it, it looks amazing

Kelsie  -- I’ll be right back, I need to make a call [walks out, calls Leah]

Leah  -- [answers the phone] hello?

Kelsie  -- hey Leah, Joe’s been wondering when you’re gonna be here

Leah  -- soon, I just have a couple things left to do

Kelsie  -- you know he’s still calling you Emma

Leah  -- yeah I know, but he doesn’t need to know my real name

Kelsie  -- fine, I’ll see you tonight.


Nick  -- [drunk, watching the girls dance around]

Leah  -- [walks over to Nick, she has on the mask she bought at the store earlier, she sits down on his lap]

Nick  -- what are you doing?

Leah  -- just having some fun [kisses his neck]

Nick  -- wait----

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it, then pulls away]

Leah  -- come on, lets take this upstairs [gets off him, takes his hand start to leave]

Nick  -- I don’t think thats a good idea

Leah  -- don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you [takes him upstairs to a suite]

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Chapter 15

Leah  -- come on, lets take this upstairs [gets off him, takes his hand start to leave]

Nick  -- I don’t think thats a good idea

Leah  -- don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you [takes him upstairs to a suite]

Nick  -- look I’m getting married tmrw, I can’t do this

Leah  -- it will be our little secret [kisses his neck, pushes him back on the bed]

Nick  -- but----

Leah  -- [kisses him, takes his shirt off]

Nick  -- [flips them over so he’s on top of her, removes her bra, kisses from her neck down to her stomach]

Leah  -- [smiles, kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [deepens it more, takes his pants off, then wraps her legs around his waist]

Nick  -- [starts kissing her neck again]

Leah  -- [slides Nick’s boxers off, then takes her underwear off]

Nick  -- [looks at her body, smirks] wow

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it, then pulls away] how about we remove that mask now [reaches for the mask]

Leah  -- [slaps his hand away] leave it on [kisses his neck]

Nick  -- I don’t have a condom

Leah  -- I’m on birth control

Nick  -- okay...are you ready?

Leah  -- yes, hurry up

Nick  -- [goes into her fast]

Leah  -- [moans] oh god

Nick  -- [keeps going into her harder, kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it, runs her hand through his curls]

Nick  -- [goes into her faster and harder]

Leah  -- [moans in his mouth, pulls away from the kiss] are you sure you’re a virgin?

Nick  -- not anymore [kisses her neck as he pushes himself deeper inside her]


Nick  -- [pulls out, collapses on the bed next to Leah] please tell me who you are?

Leah  -- [shakes her head, her eyes start to close]

Nick  -- are you okay? [moves a piece of hair out of her face]

Leah  -- [nods] just tired

Nick  -- [kisses her] just go to sleep [pulls the blankets over them]

Leah  -- [falls asleep]

Nick  -- [shakes her a bit, realizes she’s asleep, takes her mask off] oh my god [gets out of bed fast, puts his clothes on] damn it!


Nick  -- [sitting on the couch in the suite, keeps looking over at Leah on the bed]

Leah  -- [sleeping]

Nick  -- [walks over to her, shakes her]

Leah  -- [starts waking up] what?

Nick  -- why were you at the party last night? We were having strippers not prostitutes

Leah  -- your brother hired me...he wanted me to seduce you

Nick  -- bitch!

Leah  -- I’m sorry okay! I needed the money!

Nick  -- [glares at her, slaps her hard]

Leah  -- [rubs her cheek] WHAT THE HELL! Its not like you stopped me last night!

Nick  -- shut up you fucking slut!

Leah  -- [rolls her eyes] whatever [gets out of bed, starts picking up her clothes]

Nick  -- [staring at her body]

Leah  -- you like that huh?

Nick  -- [looks away fast] no!

Leah  -- just admit it, you had an amazing time last night

Nick  -- yeah i did! Until I realized who you were!

Leah  -- why does it matter who I am, we had a connection Nick [drops her clothes on the ground, walks over to him, wraps her arms around his neck]

Nick  -- did my brother pay you to do this too?

Leah  -- [shakes her head] I really think last night was special [bites her bottom lip]

Nick  -- how do I know your telling the truth

Leah  -- you just have to trust me

Nick  -- and why would I do that Emma?

Leah  -- well lets be honest, for a start my names not Emma

Nick  -- what is it?

Leah  -- it’s Leah, Emma was just a fake name for a job

Nick  -- right, well  I have a wedding to get to

Leah  -- oh...right [sits on the bed, a couple tears roll down her cheeks]

Nick  -- look I love Ella, I’m sorry

Leah  -- you think you love her, but you don’t [puts her clothes on, walks to the door]

Nick  -- Leah wait!

Leah  -- I had an amazing time Nick, I won’t ever forget about you [walks out, takes her cell phone out, calls Jake]

Jake  -- [answers] hey are you okay? I’ve been worried sick

Leah  -- I’m fine, I just had a job to do

Jake  -- how did it go?

Leah  -- amazing, this guy is so easy. A couple fake tears and he’s ready to ask me to be his girlfriend. Pathetic

Jake  -- just get home baby, I need you

Leah  -- [smirks] I’ll be there soon [hangs up]


Nick  -- [getting dressed for the wedding]

Joe  -- [comes in] hey man

Nick  -- [glares at him]

Joe  -- I’m guessing you found out

Nick  -- yeah i did! How could you do that to me!

Joe  -- I just though you should have some fun for once

Nick  -- but why her?!

Joe  -- why not her?

Nick  -- I can’t stop thinking about her

Joe  -- you like her? you actually fell for her in one night?

Nick  -- [glares at him] maybe, theres just something special with her

Joe  -- something special? She’s a hooker!

Nick  -- don’t talk about her like that! I know she doesn’t want to be one

Joe  -- wow Nick, I didn’t think you would ever fall in love with a hooker

Nick  -- I’m not in love with her....but I’m not in love with Ella either

Joe  -- what are you saying?

Nick  -- I don’t think I can get married

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Chapter 16

Joe  -- wow Nick, I didn’t think you would ever fall in love with a hooker

Nick  -- I’m not in love with her....but I’m not in love with Ella either

Joe  -- what are you saying?

Nick  -- I don’t think I can get married

Joe  -- [smiles] really?

Nick  -- [glares at him]

Joe  -- I mean thats to bad

Nick  -- I need to go talk to Ella [walks out of the room, goes to Ella’s room, knocks on the door]

Cassie  -- [opens it] hi can’t come in

Nick  -- I need to

Cassie  -- you can’t see Ella in her wedding dress it’s bad luck

Nick  -- Cassie get out of that room!

Cassie  -- [walks out] you still can’t go in

Nick  -- to bad [goes into the room, locks it before Cassie comes in]

Ella  -- Nick!

Nick  -- look really beautiful

Ella  -- [glares at him] you aren’t supposed to be in here

Nick  -- I know, but I needed to talk to you

Ella  -- what’s wrong?

Nick  -- I can’t do this

Ella  -- can’t do what?

Nick  -- I really loved you Ella but  things changed

Ella  -- what?

Nick  -- I’m sorry, but I can’t marry you

Ella  -- what!

Nick  -- I’m sorry Ella

Ella  -- [slaps him] you are telling me this now?!

Nick  -- I’m sorry Ella! I can’t go through with this [walks out, goes to his car]

Kevin  -- Nick where are you going?

Danielle  -- your supposed to get married in just a few minutes!

Nick  -- the wedding is off

Kevin  -- Nick----

Nick  -- Joe was right, and I can’t believe I just said that

Kevin  -- are you sure this is what you want?

Nick  -- I’m sure. Can you guys tell everyone it’s off? I just need to get out of here

Danielle  -- okay we’ll tell everyone

Nick  -- thanks [gets in his car, drives off]


Leah  -- [wraps her arms around Jake’s neck, kisses him]

Jake  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [deepens it more, then pulls away and takes Jake’s shirt off] Is Brooke out?

Jake  -- yeah she is, you can be as loud as you want

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Jake  -- [takes her shirt off, then slides her shorts off]

Leah  -- [wraps her legs around his waist]

Jake  -- [kisses her, takes he bra off, kisses from her neck down to her stomach]

Leah  -- [moans softly, takes Jake’s jeans off with his boxers]

Jake  -- [slides her thong off, kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Jake  -- [pushes into her]

Leah  -- [moans into his mouth, pulls away] harder Jake

Jake  -- [goes into her harder and faster]

Leah  -- [tilts her head back, moans] god Jake that feels so good

Jake  -- better then that guy you had to seduce last night?

Leah  -- way better [kisses him]

Jake  -- [goes into her harder and deeper]


Jake  -- [pulls out, lays on the bed next to Leah]

Leah  -- [cuddles close to him] that was amazing

Jake  -- [smirks] yeah

Leah  -- [kisses him, her phone starts to ring, she grabs it and answers the phone] hello?

Nick  -- um hi...I got your number from Joe

Leah  -- what do you want Nick?

Nick  -- well first i want to know if you want me calling you Leah or Emma

Leah  -- Leah works

Nick  -- you don’t care if Joe finds out you lied

Leah  -- why would I?

Nick  -- and I was also wondering if you wanted to go out with me

Leah  -- what? Like on a date?

Nick  -- yeah...

Leah  -- [looks at Jake]

Jake  -- [shakes his head, whispers] you can’t go out with him!

Leah  -- [rolls her eyes] I guess we could go out

Nick  -- great, so tmrw? I’ll pick you up at 7

Leah  -- okay see you then

Nick  -- i need your address

Leah  -- how about I just meet you at your house

Nick  -- um okay

Leah  -- see you tmrw [hangs up]

Jake  -- why are you going out with him?

Leah  -- because he’s rich

Jake  -- what about me?

Leah  -- we aren’t actually going out Jake

Jake  -- fine [pushes her away, gets off the bed, puts his clothes back on]

Leah  -- why are you mad at me?

Jake  -- just forget it [walks out of the room]

Leah  -- Jake!


Leah  -- [getting ready for her date]

Brooke  -- [walks in] wow, you look great

Leah  -- thanks

Brooke  -- what’s the occasion?

Leah  -- Nick is taking me out

Brooke  -- who?

Leah  -- Joe’s brother

Brooke  -- you like him?

Leah  -- I donno, he’s okay I guess

Brooke  -- well have fun on your date

Leah  -- I will [grabs her purse, goes to Nick’s house, about to knock on the door]

Nick  -- [opens the door] oh...hi

Leah  -- I was just about to----well never mind

Nick  -- ready to go?

Leah  -- yeah, am I dressed okay?

Nick  -- yeah you look amazing

Leah  -- thanks

Nick  -- come on [takes her over to his car, they get in and he starts driving]

Leah  -- so where are we going?

Nick  -- the new Italian place

Leah  -- sounds I guess you didn’t marry Ella

Nick  -- not exactly

Leah  -- was she mad?

Nick  -- yeah, but I couldn’t marry her

Leah  -- you are too young to get married

Nick  -- [drives to the restaurant, parks the car]

Leah  -- this place is kind of fancy

Nick  -- it is?

Leah  -- well compared to the bars I usually eat in, yeah it is

Nick  -- well we could go somewhere else if you want

Leah  -- okay, I want to drive

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- I’ll make sure it’s yet another night you won’t forget

Nick  -- okay fine [hands her the keys]

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Chapter 17

Leah  -- okay, I want to drive

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- I’ll make sure it’s yet another night you won’t forget

Nick  -- okay fine [hands her the keys]

Leah  -- you might want to hold on [starts the car, drives off]


Jake  -- [walking around the room]

Brooke  -- [comes in] what are you doing?

Jake  -- just walking, you know it’s a common thing among humans

Brooke  -- why are you walking around tho?

Jake  -- Leah went on a stupid date

Brooke  -- your so jealous

Jake  -- I’m not jealous!

Brooke  -- yes you are, its really obvious

Jake  -- shut up Brooke!

Brooke  -- jealous jealous jealous!

Jake  -- BROOKE!

Brooke  -- okay sorry...why don’t you just tell Leah you like her

Jake  -- she already knows!

Brooke  -- are you sure she knows? She may just think you guys are sex buddies

Jake  -- why would she think that?!

Brooke  -- oh I donno, maybe because you guys have sex

Jake  -- [glares at her] why am I even talking to you? [starts to leave]

Brooke  -- where are you going?

Jake  -- to find Leah

Brooke  -- no way! You aren’t ruining her date

Jake  -- she doesn’t even like the guy, she broke up his marriage

Brooke  -- Look Jake if you want Leah to be yours then you need to tell her

Jake  -- she doesn’t want a boyfriend tho

Brooke  -- did you even ask her?

Jake  -- look Brooke, this is between me and Leah

Brooke  -- and the guy she went out with

Jake  -- shut up!

Brooke  -- whatever jealous boy [walks out]


Leah  -- [finishes her drink, orders another one]

Nick  -- don’t you think you’ve had enough?

Leah  -- this ones for you [hands him the drink]

Nick  -- I already had one

Leah  -- well have another

Nick  -- so is that what your trying to do? Drink your way into a coma so you forget this date?

Leah  -- trust me it takes a lot to get me drunk [gets another drink and drinks it fast]

Nick  -- [drinks his drink] so where are we going next?

Leah  -- hmm its a surprise [grabs his hand] lets go [runs out of the building]

Nick  -- you didn’t pay for those!

Leah  -- so what? [gets in the car]

Nick  -- [gets in to] you can’t just run out on the bill

Leah  -- I already did [starts the car, drives to the amusement park, parks the car]

Nick  -- this place is closed

Leah  -- not for me [takes a key out of her pocket]

Nick  -- Leah I don’t think this is a good idea

Leah  -- just have some fun Nick [gets out of the car, unlocks the gate to the amusement park, walks in] are you coming?

Nick  -- [follows her]

Leah  -- [goes over to one of the roller coasters, starts it]

Nick  -- are you sure this is safe? What if something happens? We’re the only ones here

Leah  -- you worry to much [climbs into the rollercoaster]

Nick  -- [gets in next to her]

Leah  -- [reaches over, hits the button to make it go]


Leah  -- [stumbles back to the car]

Nick  -- [helps her into the passenger’s seat] I think you’ve had enough fun for tonight [gets into the car, drives home]

Leah  -- [kisses him] are you going to invite me in? [Starts kissing his neck]

Nick  -- I don’t know if thats a good idea

Leah  -- oh come on Nicky please [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [deepens it more, then pulls away, climbs into the back seat] come back here

Nick  -- why?

Leah  -- [pulls him over, sits him down on the chair, sits on this lap, kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [takes Nick’s shirt off then her own]

Nick  -- [starts kissing her neck]

Leah  -- [takes her bra off, throws it in the front seat]

Nick  -- Leah I don’t know if this is a good idea

Leah  -- shh! [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [takes her pants off, with her underwear]

Nick  -- [keeps kissing her, moves his hand down to her pussy, puts his finger in her]

Leah  -- [moans into his mouth]

Nick  -- [starts unbuttoning his pants]

Leah  -- [finishes for him, takes Nick’s pants off with his boxers, then positions herself and slides onto Nick]

Nick  -- [groans]

Leah  -- [starts riding him, kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]


Nick  -- [on top of Leah, thrusting into her hard and fast]

Leah  -- [tilts her head back, hitting the door of the car as she moans]

Nick  -- [smirks]

Leah  -- oh my god Nick! [grips onto the seat as she reaches her climax as the same time as Nick]

Nick  -- [pulls out, lays on top of her] theres not much space in here

Leah  -- not really [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it, then pulls away] come on, let me get you inside [puts his shirt on Leah, then puts on his boxers and pants, he climbs out of the car and picks up Leah]

Leah  -- [wraps her legs around his waist]

Nick  -- [carries her into the house and up to his room, puts her on the bed]

Leah  -- so what now? [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it, then pulls away] now we sleep

Leah  -- boring

Nick  -- shh [pulls the blankets over them]

Leah  -- [moves closer to him, rests her head on his chest] I love you Jake

Nick  -- what?

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Chapter 18

Nick  -- shh [pulls the blankets over them]

Leah  -- [moves closer to him, rests her head on his chest] I love you Jake

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- you just said you love some guy named Jake?

Leah  -- no i didn’t

Nick  -- yeah you did, who’s Jake?

Leah  -- just my roommate it’s not a big deal

Nick  -- you just said you love him

Leah  -- I love him as a friend

Nick  -- okay?

Leah  -- trust me, he’s just a friend. Nothing more

Nick  -- I think you should sleep [kisses her head]

Leah  -- I should go home

Nick  -- you won’t tell me where you live

Leah  -- on the streets [starts falling asleep]

Nick  -- you don’t live on the you?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- you can’t live on the streets!

Leah  -- shh, i’m sleeping [falls asleep]

Nick  -- [kisses her head, falls asleep too]


Nick  -- [making out with Leah on his bed]

Leah  -- [wraps her legs around his waist]

Nick  -- [pulls away] tell me where you live

Leah  -- no [rolls them over so she’s on top and kisses him]

Nick  -- [pulls away] we’ve been going out for a month, why won’t you tell me?

Leah  -- because you don’t need to know

Nick  -- Leah!

Leah  -- Nick! [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [deepens it more]

Nick  -- [pulls away] please tell me. I want to be able to drop you off at home, not at a gas station

Leah  -- no Nick

Nick  -- do you not trust me or something?

Leah  -- it’s not that, it’s Jake. He doesn’t’ like you

Nick  -- he doesn’t know me

Leah  -- he doesn’t need to

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- look Jake has loved me since forever and----

Nick  -- didn't you say you loved him before too?

Leah  -- I don’t love him! he’s just been my best friend forever. I would be dead without him, literally

Nick  -- why doesn’t he find someone else?

Leah  -- I don’t know

Nick  -- please can I see where you live?

Leah  -- your going to hate it

Nick  -- please?

Leah  -- fine [kisses him] later

Nick  -- no now [gets off his bed] come on [pulls her off the bed and out of the house]

Leah  -- Nick let go!

Nick  -- [lets go of her, gets in the car]

Leah  -- [rolls her eyes, gets in too]

Nick  -- now where too

Leah  -- tells him the address

Nick  -- [starts driving]

Leah  -- your going to hate it

Nick  -- no I won’t

Leah  -- yes you will

Nick  -- why?

Leah  -- you’ll see

Nick  -- [drives to the address, parks the car] okay no

Leah  -- no what

Nick  -- no you can’t live here!

Leah  -- told you that you would hate it

Nick  -- this place is a dump

Leah  -- I work really hard to live at this dump

Nick  -- I thought you quit your job

Leah  -- I did...[gets out of the car, walks into the apartment building]

Nick  -- [follows her]

Leah  -- [goes into her apartment] anyone home?

Brooke  -- hey Leah

Leah  -- hi Brooke, Nick’s here too

Nick  -- [walks in] you can’t live here!

Leah  -- and you can shut up!

Nick  -- [glares at her]

Brooke  -- don’t let Jake see him, He’ll freak

Leah  -- is Jake here?

Brooke  -- he’s in your room

Nick  -- why is he in your room?

Leah  -- because we share it

Nick  -- Leah!

Leah  -- would you relax! We’re just friends Nick

Brooke  -- just friends?

Leah  -- Brooke be quiet!

Brooke  -- sorry [goes into the kitchen]

Nick  -- let me buy you a new place Leah

Leah  -- no i’m not your charity case!

Nick  -- this place is----

Leah  -- my home Nick! And I like it here!

Nick  -- but----

Leah  -- shh [kisses him]

Jake  -- [walks in] whats going on?

Leah  -- [pulls away fast] uh hey Jake, I was just showing Nick our place

Jake  -- right, well don’t bother showing him our room. I’ve still got a girl in there

Leah  -- what?

Jake  -- she’ll be gone in a couple minutes

Leah  -- Jake----

Jake  -- so Nick, what do you do for a living?

Nick  -- uh well I don’t exactly have a job right now

Jake  -- so your unemployed

Leah  -- he’s rich Jake! He doesn’t need a job

Jake  -- stay out of this Leah!

Nick  -- well I’ll probably go work for my dad when I’m ready for a job

Jake  -- [laughs] when your ready?

Nick  -- this year. I’ll be working there this year

Jake  -- and let me guess your dad will make it real easy for you by letting you start at the top

Nick  -- well I-----

Jake  -- I had to work hard to get to the top so i could make a good life for Leah! I work three jobs just so I can provide for her and make her happy

Leah  -- Jake...

Jake  -- and you just walk into her life and sabotage everything i’ve worked for! Leah is mine and she’s going to realize that! So why don’t you do everyone a favour and get the hell out of our lives!

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Chapter 19

Jake  -- I had to work hard to get to the top so i could make a good life for Leah! I work three jobs just so I can provide for her and make her happy

Leah  -- Jake...

Jake  -- and you just walk into her life and sabotage everything i’ve worked for! Leah is mine and she’s going to realize that! So why don’t you do everyone a favour and get the hell out of our lives!

Nick  -- I’m just going to go home, I’ll call you later Leah [kisses her, then leaves]

Leah  -- [slaps Jake hard]

Jake  -- what the hell!

Leah  -- what is wrong with you!

Jake  -- nothing! I thought you didn’t even like Nick

Leah  -- things change [hits him again]

Jake  -- Leah stop!

Leah  -- you are such a jerk! I mean you already had a girl in OUR bed! Why did you have to scare Nick off like that

Jake  -- if that scared him off then he’s pathetic

Leah  -- [punches him]

Jake  -- bitch!

Leah  -- [hits him again] You are horrible Jake!

Jake  -- [grabs her wrists] Don’t say that!

Leah  -- I hate you!

Jake  -- no you don’t!

Leah  -- yes I do!

Jake  -- you don’t hate me! you can’t!

Leah  -- [pulls her wrists away from him] just stay away from me! [walks out of the apartment]

Jake  -- LEAH! [follows her] I’m sorry okay

Leah  -- no it’s not okay!

Jake  -- [pushes her against the wall in the hallway, kisses her]

Leah  -- [tries to push him off]

Jake  -- [pins her wrist to the wall, keeps kissing her]

Leah  -- [turns her head] Jake stop!

Jake  -- [starts kissing her neck]

Leah  -- JAKE! STOP!

Jake  -- [kisses her again]

Brooke  -- [walks over] Jake what are you doing? [pulls him off Leah]

Jake  -- [punches her]

Brooke  -- [falls to the ground, tears roll down her cheeks, she runs back into the apartment]

Leah  -- what has happened to you!

Jake  -- [glares at her]

Leah  -- you just hit your sister!

Jake  -- [sits on the floor, puts his head in his hands] I don’t know whats happening to me

Leah  -- Your insane!

Jake  -- no I’m in love Leah! [looks up at her] I have been since we met

Leah  -- [looks away from him] I like Nick now

Jake  -- but-----

Leah  -- I’m sorry, Jake I’m so sorry. I never wanted to hurt you [tears roll down her cheeks, she runs out of the building and down the street]

Jake  -- [hits his head against the wall]


Jake  -- [walking around the apartment]

Brooke  -- [walks in]

Jake  -- where were you last night!

Brooke  -- I stayed at a friends

Jake  -- I’m so sorry Brooke

Brooke  -- I know you are

Jake  -- your not going to move out are you?

Brooke  -- no, I just needed some space

Jake  -- you weren’t with Leah too were you?

Brooke  -- no why?

Jake  -- she didn’t come home last night either

Brooke  -- she’s probably just with Nick

Jake  -- great

Brooke  -- I’m sorry Jake, that you didn’t get Leah

Jake  -- yeah me too [goes into his room]

Brooke  -- [follows him] you still might get her

Jake  -- your just saying that to make me feel better

Brooke  -- No i’m saying that because its true

Jake  -- she would never want me, not after what I did

Brooke  -- you never know [hugs him] and if she’s not the right girl for you then you’ll find the one who is. I love you big brother

Jake  -- I love you too Brooke.


Jake  -- [sitting on the couch, staring at the door]

Brooke  -- [walks in] what are you doing? Trying to make the door disappear?

Jake  -- no! I’m waiting for Leah to get home

Brooke  -- oh [sits next to him, watches the door] this is boring

Jake  -- then do something else

Brooke  -- why are you waiting for Leah anyways

Jake  -- because she hasn’t been home since our fight

Brooke  -- maybe you should call her

Jake  -- I’m not stupid Brooke! I’ve tried to call her a billion times. Her phone must be off or dead or something

Brooke  -- then call Nick, I’ve got his number [takes her phone out of her pocket]

Jake  -- I’m not calling Nick!

Brooke  -- she might be with him! [calls Nick]

Nick  -- [answers] hello?

Brooke  -- hey Nick, Jake wants to talk to you [gives the phone to Jake] happy talking [goes into her room]

Nick  -- what do you want Jake?

Jake  -- Leah’s with you right?

Nick  -- what?

Jake  -- she’s with you! Staying at your house...right?

Nick  -- um no she isn’t, I thought she was with you. She’s been avoiding my calls

Jake  -- her phone is dead

Nick  -- when was the last time you saw her?

Jake  -- the last time you saw her!

Nick  -- this is bad!

Jake  -- just forget it, I’ll find her

Nick  -- no I’m going to find her

Jake  -- no you aren’t! She’s my responsibility

Nick  -- she’s my girlfriend

Jake  -- no she isn’t! [hangs up]

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Chapter 20

Nick  -- no I’m going to find her

Jake  -- no you aren’t! She’s my responsibility

Nick  -- she’s my girlfriend

Jake  -- no she isn’t![hangs up]

Nick  -- [rolls his eyes, puts his phone away and then goes downstairs]

Kevin  -- hey Nick, what are you up to today?

Nick  -- I need you to get everyone we know out looking for Leah

Kevin  -- the hooker?

Nick  -- no, my girlfriend

Kevin  -- your girlfriend the hooker

Nick  -- she’s not doing that anymore!

Kevin  -- okay fine, I’ll call some people and see if they can help

Nick  -- thanks [starts to leave]

Kevin  -- do you have any idea where she might be?

Nick  -- no, but I need to find her before Jake does [walks out]

Kevin  -- who’s Jake?!


Jake  -- [walking around the streets, gets a call from Brooke, answers it] did you find her?

Brooke  -- no, but I’m picking up some lunch. Want me to get you anything?

Jake  -- I can’t eat Brooke! I have to find Leah

Brooke  -- fine, I’ll get my burger and then start looking again

Jake  -- good

Brooke  -- are you sure you don’t want anything to eat?

Jake  -- I’m sure

Brooke  -- okay fine, I’ll call you if I find her [hangs up]

Jake  -- [walking down the street, walks into Nick] what are you doing here!

Nick  -- the same thing you are

Jake  -- why don’t you just go home rich boy! I can handle this

Nick  -- why don’t you go back to work, since you have no money

Jake  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- Leah’s my girlfriend and you just have to accept that

Jake  -- she won’t be with you for long, after I find her she’s going to realize that we’re perfect together

Nick  -- if you say so [starts to walk away]

Jake  -- [pulls him back, punches him]

Nick  -- what the hell!

Jake  -- [hits him again]

Nick  -- [hits Jake back]

Jake  -- Leah’s mine [punches Nick hard]

Nick  -- you wish! Your just jealous because she picked me! [hits Jake and knocks him to the ground]

Jake  -- [trips Nick so he falls down too, then hits him again] she didn’t pick you!

Nick  -- yes she did! [they keep hitting each other until they don’t have any energy left to fight]

Jake  -- why did you have to ruin everything! [walks down the street]

Nick  -- [sits on the street for a second, then gets up and goes to his car]


Jake  -- [sitting on the couch, hitting his head against the wall]

Brooke  -- would you stop that! I can’t concentrate

Jake  -- what if she never comes back!

Brooke  -- then you’ll finally have to move on

Jake  -- you aren’t helping!

Brooke  -- well maybe Nick found her

Jake  -- he didn’t

Brooke  -- how do you know?

Jake  -- he’d call....he would call wouldn’t he?!

Brooke  -- I donno, I’ll call him if that makes you shut up! [calls Nick]

Nick  -- [answers] hello?

Brooke  -- hey Nick, I was just wondering if you found Leah

Nick  -- I didn’t, but I’ve got hundreds of people out looking for her. I’m sure she’ll show up soon

Brooke  -- you’ll call if you find her?

Nick  -- yeah

Brooke  -- kay thanks [hangs up] he’s going to call

Jake  -- yeah I got that Brooke!

Brooke  -- you are in such a bad mood!  [goes into her room]

Jake  -- [lays down on the couch, falls asleep]


Jake  -- [still sleeping on the couch]

Leah  -- [walks in] Jake? [goes over to him, shakes him a bit] Jake wake up

Jake  -- [starts waking up] Leah?

Leah  -- uh yeah...I just thought you might want to go to your room. You know, sleep in a real bed

Jake  -- [sits up fast] where were you!

Leah  -- I just needed to get out of the city for a bit

Jake  -- [hugs her] I was so worried about you!

Leah  -- ow Jake your squishing me

Jake  -- sorry [stops hugging her] why didn’t you call!

Leah  -- my phone died [goes into their room]

Jake  -- [follows him] everyone’s been worried!

Leah  -- I didn’t realize leaving would be such a big deal [starts packing a bag]

Jake  -- what are you doing!

Leah  -- I’m going to stay at Nick’s tonight

Jake  -- what! No! [takes the clothes out of her bag]

Leah  -- Jake stop!

Jake  -- why are you with him!

Leah  -- [rolls her eyes] your impossible!

Jake  -- I know that you love me Leah, you just don’t want to admit it

Leah  -- I don’t know what your talking about [grabs her clothes, stuffs them in the bag and walks out of the room]

Jake  -- [follows her] you can’t hide those feelings forever!

Leah  -- there are no feelings!

Jake  -- yes there are!

Leah  -- Jake I don’t love you!

Jake  -- Yes you do!

Leah  -- shut up! I can’t take it anymore! Your driving me crazy!

Jake  -- Leah I-----

Leah  -- I can’t love you Jake! If we got together and then broke up I don’t know what I would do! I need you in my life and that’s why I have to be with Nick!

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Chapter 21

Leah  -- shut up! I can’t take it anymore! Your driving me crazy!

Jake  -- Leah I-----

Leah  -- I can’t love you Jake! If we got together and then broke up I don’t know what I would do! I need you in my life and that’s why I have to be with Nick!

Jake  -- so you don’t actually like him?

Leah  -- of course I like him, I love him.

Jake  -- but you just said-----

Leah  -- I said that I am with him because I can’t be with you. That doesn’t mean I don’t love Nick too

Jake  -- but I love you Leah. I want to be with you!

Leah  -- I have to go [walks out, goes to Nick’s house, knocks on the door]

Joe  -- [opens it] hey...I thought you were lost

Leah  -- where’s Nick?

Joe  -- did he know you were coming over?

Leah  -- yeah

Joe  -- then he’s probably in his room

Leah  -- right [starts to walk in but Joe blocks her way] can you move?

Joe  -- nah, i’m fine here

Leah  -- Joe!

Joe  -- give me a kiss and I’ll let you pass

Leah  -- [glares at him] move!

Joe  -- no!

Nick  -- [walks in] Joe what are you doing?

Joe  -- just talking to your slut...i mean girlfriend

Nick  -- [pushed Joe out of the way, takes Leah up to his room] sorry about him. He’s been really bitter lately

Leah  -- why?

Nick  -- donno, I don’t attempt to understand Joe

Leah  -- I can see why [sits on Nick’s bed]

Nick  -- so you just went away to clear your head?

Leah  -- yeah...sorry I didn’t tell you first. I’m not used to having a boyfriend

Nick  -- it’s okay, just tell me next time

Leah  -- I will [kisses him] I missed you

Nick  -- I missed you too [gets on the bed next to her]

Leah  -- so you weren’t to worried right?

Nick  -- no...well maybe a bit. [his phone rings, he looks at the caller ID]

Leah  -- who is it?

Nick  -- it’s Ella

Leah  -- ex fiancé Ella?

Nick  -- yeah [answers the phone] hello?

Ella  -- hey Nick...are you busy?

Nick  -- um no I guess not

Ella  -- I thought we should talk

Nick  -- right now?

Ella  -- well yeah

Nick  -- um okay, just a second [puts the phone down] Ella wants to talk.

Leah  -- what are you going to do?

Nick  -- I think I should go over there. This isn’t a talk we should have over the phone

Leah  -- um okay...

Nick  -- so are you okay staying here for a bit?

Leah  -- yeah I guess

Nick  -- I’ll try not to take to long [kisses her, walks to the door, puts the phone back to his ear] Ella?

Ella  -- yeah

Nick  -- I’ll be at your house in about 20 minutes okay?

Ella  -- sounds good, see you then [hangs up]

Nick  -- [leaves his house and goes to Ella’s, walks in, goes up to Ella’s room]

Ella  -- don’t you knock?

Nick  -- sorry, forgot. I’m just so used to----

Ella  -- it’s fine

Nick  -- so you wanted to talk?

Ella  -- yeah. I know you called off the wedding and I was a total bitch about it but----

Nick  -- you weren’t a bitch. I was a jerk for taking it so far and then just ending everything

Ella  -- yeah well I understand why you did it. I mean we’re both so young, marriage was a stupid idea

Nick  -- it was our parents idea

Ella  -- which is why it was a stupid idea

Nick  -- [laughs] yeah, I guess your right

Ella  -- well I was thinking...just because we aren’t getting married doesn’t mean we have to break up

Nick  -- what?

Ella  -- I still love you Nick

Nick  -- look Ella I-----

Ella  -- Why don’t we just try the dating thing for a bit?

Nick  -- I’m kind of...with someone else

Ella  -- what? Who!

Nick  -- her names Leah

Ella  -- but you were with me first!

Nick  -- i’m sorry Ella, but we can still be friends can’t we?

Ella  -- friends?

Nick  -- yeah

Ella  -- I guess...

Nick  -- so how have you been?

Ella  -- lonely...depressed...I just want my Nick back

Nick  -- and I want you back in my life too...just not as my girlfriend or fiancé. As a friend

Ella  -- I guess that would be okay

Nick  -- [smiles, hugs her] it’s good to have you back Ella


Leah  -- [sitting on Nick’s bed, reading a magazine]

Joe  -- [walks in]

Leah  -- what do you want?

Joe  -- theres someone at the door for you

Leah  -- what?

Joe  -- that was my reaction too. You know you don’t live here so don’t have people come visit you here

Leah  -- why are you being such a jerk?

Joe  -- maybe because my favourite slut is dating my brother

Leah  -- [rolls her eyes]

Joe  -- just go get that guy to leave, Nick won’t be happy to see another guy coming to visit you

Leah  -- a guy? What guy?

Joe  -- I don’t know

Leah  -- [walks out of the room, goes downstairs, sees Jake at the door] what are you doing here? How did you even know where Nick lives?

Jake  -- I asked Brooke

Leah  -- why are you here?

Jake  -- I packed us bags, filled the car with gas, we’re ready to go

Leah  -- what?

Jake  -- come on, runaway with me

Leah  -- are you drunk? Or high or something?

Jake  -- no, now come on [starts dragging her to the car]

Leah  -- Jake stop it! Let me go!

Jake  -- come on Leah! You love me, I love you, it’s perfect. Just please come with me.

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