Can You Keep A Secret?


Chapter 1

Leah  -- [running around in the yard]

Nick  -- give it back you little demon! [running after her]

Leah  -- [looks at Nick’s phone as she runs, opens the new text message] ooh its from a girl!

Nick  -- Leah!

Leah  -- Nicky’s got a girlfriend!

Nick  -- she’s not my girlfriend [he catches up to her and tackles her to the ground]

Leah  -- hey!

Nick  -- [grabs the phone from her, puts it in his pocket] not a word to Joe or Kevin, I don’t want them bugging me

Leah  -- is she your girlfriend?

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- she so is!

Nick  -- be quiet! [gets off her]

Leah  -- you like her! you want to kiss her [starts making kissy faces]

Nick  -- [pushes her back playfully]

Leah  -- [giggles]

Nick  -- [starts walking back to the house]

Leah  -- [runs after him, pushes him into the pool]

Nick  -- Leah! [splashes her]

Leah  -- [sticks her tongue out at him]

Nick  -- you are so immature

Leah  -- shut up

Nick  -- help me out

Leah  -- [grabs his hand, starts helping him out of the pool, but he pulls her in] NICK!

Nick  -- paybacks a bitch

Leah  -- [pushes Nick under the water]

Nick  -- [grabs her wrists, pulls her under]

Leah  -- [kicks away from him, goes back to the surface, gets out of the pool, lays on the grass]

Nick  -- you okay?

Leah  -- yeah, just tired

Nick  -- [gets out of the pool too, lays next to her] would you rather eat a bug or an entire jar of pickle juice

Leah  -- pickle juice, i’m not eating something that has icky crawly legs

Nick  -- [laughs]

Leah  -- would you rather be locked in a cage with a lion or be trapped underwater

Nick  -- i’ll take my chances with the lion

Joe  -- [walks over, sits next to them]

Nick  -- are you okay?

Joe  -- [shakes his head]

Nick  -- what’s going on?

Joe  -- mom and dad were in a car accident

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- your joking right?

Joe  -- [shakes his head] a police officer just called, they didn’t make it

Leah  -- [on the verge of tears] YOUR LYING! [runs into the house]

Nick  -- Leah! [runs after her]

Leah  -- [goes up to her room, slams the door, starts crying]

Nick  -- [walks in] Leah?

Leah  -- he’s lying! They’re coming home. Mom said they would be home right after dinner

Nick  -- [hugs her, starts crying a bit]

Leah  -- [hugs him back, crying hysterically]

Kevin  -- [walks in with Joe, they join in the hug] we’ll get through this, everything will be okay

                 ***                                          ***                                       ***

Leah’s POV

                I woke up and looked around the room. I had been having the same dream for the past couple months. Every night I would dream of the day that we had lost our parents. It was just an ordinary day; our parents went out for a work event and never came home. Things changed after that, at first we all stuck together but soon everyone was beginning to change. Now i barely know my brothers, they have become complete strangers.


Leah  -- [walks over to her closet, changes into jeans and a white t-shirt, then goes downstairs]

Kevin  -- your going to be late for school!

Leah  -- sorry, I over slept

Kevin  -- Nick’s waiting in the car

Leah  -- [grabs her backpack, runs out of the house]

Nick  -- [glares at her]

Leah  -- [gets in the car]

Nick  -- [starts driving] if i get in trouble for being late today you are so dead!

Leah  -- why are you in such a bad mood? Did a girl turn you down again?

Nick  -- [slaps her] shut up!

Leah  -- Nick watch where you’re going!

Nick  -- [turns the car right before it hits the car in front of them] I know what i’m doing [gets to the school, parks the car, walks into the school]

Leah  -- [sighs, follows him into the school, goes over to her locker, grabs her books, goes to the classroom, sits next to Logan]

Logan  -- where were you this morning? We were supposed to meet at the coffee stand

Leah  -- sorry, slept it

Teacher  -- everyone quiet, take out your books to page 28 [begins writing questions on the board]

Logan  -- [passes Leah a note]

Leah  -- [reads it]

The Note  -- meet me in the back after school?

Leah  -- [looks over at him, nods]


Joe  -- [walks downstairs] your still here?

Kevin  -- i’m heading to work, you need to organize dinner

Joe  -- what?! Why me?!

Kevin  -- because your in charge when i’m not here

Joe  -- fine

Kevin  -- I won’t be home till after midnight, so-----

Joe  -- yeah whatever, bye

Kevin  -- [leaves]

Joe  -- [calls Brooke]

Brooke  -- [answers] Joe! What the hell!

Joe  -- i need you to get over here

Brooke  -- I’m in school

Joe  -- skip

Brooke  -- I’ll come over after school

Joe  -- I can’t wait until then!

Brooke  -- well you have to, if i skip anymore school i’m going to fail

Joe  -- fine, i’ll see you after school, and make sure you wear something sexy


Nick  -- [walking down the hallway with Jake, sees Leah talking with Logan, starts walking over]

Jake  -- what are you doing?

Nick  -- humiliating my sister [walks over, knocks into Leah so she spills her coffee on her shirt, laughs, walks off with Jake]

Jake  -- [laughing too] did you see her face? She looked like she was about to cry

Nick  -- that Logan guy will probably thank me, now he’s got a clear view of what’s under those clothes

Jake  -- yeah she picked a bad day to wear a white shirt

Nick  -- i can’t believe i’m stuck with her as a sister, I wish i could just trade her in for a dog or something

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Chapter 2

Leah  -- [spills coffee all down her shirt as Nick walks into her] shit! [she pulls the material away from her body as it begins to burn her, and looks past her to see Nick walking away, then looks back at Logan, tears in her eyes]

Logan  -- hey it’s not that bad [hands her his jacket]

Leah  -- thanks [puts the jacket on, zips it up]

Logan  -- I’ll buy you another coffee if you want

Leah  -- its okay, lets just go get some lunch [they walk to the cafeteria and sit down at a table near the back]

Logan  -- I’ll go get us some food [walks over to the line of people waiting to get food]

Leah  -- [lays her head on the table, a couple tears roll down her cheeks, she sees Nick across the room laughing with his friends, he glares at her when his eyes meet hers and she quickly looks away]


Logan  -- [sits back down at the table, passes Leah her food]

Leah  -- thanks [picks at the food]

Logan  -- are you okay? you seem distracted

Leah  -- I’m fine, just a bit tired

Logan  -- I have a surprise for you

Leah  -- what kind of surprise

Logan  -- a good one i hope, you’ll find out after school

Leah  -- but thats not for hours

Logan  -- you’ll just have to wait

Leah  -- fine


Nick  -- [leaves the cafeteria with Sam] do you have that new fake ID?

Sam  -- yeah [hands it to him] I don’t know why you need it though, I just gave you one last week

Nick  -- it was taken away

Sam  -- well try and keep this one safe

Nick  -- I will [sees Sophie walking down the hall] I’ll talk to you later man [goes over to Sophie] hey babe

Sophie  -- what do you want Nick?

Nick  -- just a bit of fun

Sophie  -- Haylee told me about you and i’m not interested in friends with benefits

Nick  -- oh come on!

Sophie  -- no [starts walking away]

Nick  -- [grabs her arm, pulls her over to him] you don’t want to get on my bad side

Sophie  -- [glares at him] let me go!

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Sophie  -- [turns her head] stop!

Nick  -- [kisses her neck]

Sophie  -- Nick stop! [hits him]

Nick  -- [lets go of her] do you know who i am? I’m Nick fucking Jonas you bitch!

Sophie  -- [rolls her eyes] your also not as cool as you think you are [walks off]

Nick  -- fucking bitch [walks back to the cafeteria, sees Leah laughing with Logan, he walks over to Jake]

Jake  -- where did you go?

Nick  -- no where, want to help me with something?

Jake  -- what?

Nick  -- I want to hurt Leah

Jake  -- what do you have in mind?


Leah  -- [walks outside in the back of the school] Logan? Where are you

Logan  -- over here

Leah  -- [walks over to him]

Logan  -- turn around

Leah  -- um okay [turns around]

Logan  -- [places a necklace around her neck]

Leah  -- [looks down at it, smiles, the necklace has an L charm on it] thanks Logan

Logan  -- I thought you might like it

Leah  -- so L for Leah?

Logan  -- um yeah, right

Leah  -- I should probably get home, I don’t want to get in trouble

Logan  -- okay, I’ll call you later tonight  [kisses her cheek]

Leah  -- I’ll talk to you later [walks out to the front of the school, sees Nick’s car is already gone, sarcastic] great


Joe  -- [walking back and forth in his room]

Brooke  -- [walks in] what are you doing?

Joe  -- finally [grabs her, kisses her]

Brooke  -- [deepens it]

Joe  -- [lays her back on the bed] what took so long

Brooke  -- well I had to drive here

Joe  -- [kisses her neck, slides her dress of]

Brooke  -- your going to make it happen to fast

Joe  -- fast is good [kisses her]

Brooke  -- [deepens it, then pulls away] what do you mean fast is good?

Joe  -- Nick and Leah will be home soon, I just want to get this done with [takes his shirt off, kisses Brooke’s neck, then moves down and unclips her bra, throwing it across the room]

Brooke  -- [kisses him, takes Joe’s pants off] You know I like being more than just a quickie

Joe  -- you are, but right now a quickie is all i have time for [slides her thong off, kisses her]

Brooke  -- [deepens it, grabs a condom off the bedside table, hands it to Joe]

Joe  -- [takes his boxers off, slides the condom on, goes into her fast]

Brooke  -- [moans] Joe harder

Joe  -- [goes into her harder]

Brooke  -- [moans really loud]

Joe  -- [smirks, kisses her, pushes into her deeper]

Brooke  -- [moans into his mouth, deepens the kiss]

Joe  -- [thrusts into her harder and faster]

Brooke  -- oh my god Joe!

Joe  -- [keeps going into her harder and harder until he cums]

Brooke  -- [she reaches her climax at the same time]

Joe  -- [pulls out, lays next to her]

Brooke  -- wow, for a quickie that was pretty good

Joe  -- yeah [kisses her]

Brooke  -- [deepens it]


Leah  -- [walking home, walks into the house, glares at Nick] why didn’t you wait for me! I had to walk all the way home!

Nick  -- i’m not a chauffeur!

Leah  -- your such a dick! [goes up to her room]

Nick  -- [calls Jake]

Jake  -- [answers] hello?

Nick  -- hey, Leah’s back

Jake  -- okay i’ll be over in a minute, did you set up the camera in her room?

Nick  -- i set up three

Jake  -- i’ll see you soon [hangs up]

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Chapter 3

Jake  -- [knocks on the door]

Nick  -- [opens it] hey man, Leah’s still upstairs

Jake  -- are you sure this will even work?

Nick  -- yeah, she’s had a crush on you forever

Jake  -- and what are you going to do with the tape?

Nick  -- i’m going to send it to everyone

Jake  -- she’s going to hate you

Nick  -- i don’t care, now go

Jake  -- [goes upstairs, goes into Leah’s room]

Leah  -- [sitting on her bed, reading a magazine] what are you doing here

Jake  -- I just wanted to talk [walks into the room, closes the door behind him, sits on the bed]

Leah  -- you wanted to talk to me?

Jake  -- yeah, you know you’re really pretty [brushes a piece of hair behind her ear]

Leah  -- um thanks

Jake  -- i’m really sorry about your parents, if you ever need someone to talk to I’m here

Leah  -- I never thought you really liked me, I mean your always with Nick and he just....yeah

Jake  -- I do like you, I just can’t let Nick know that [leans in to kiss her]

Leah  -- but he’s downstairs

Jake  -- then we’ll be quiet [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Jake  -- [lays her back on the bed, keeps kissing her, his hands run up her shirt]

Leah  -- [pulls away from the kiss] Jake wait

Jake  -- what’s wrong?

Leah  -- i’m a virgin [looks away from him]

Jake  -- [kisses her] i’ll be gentle [starts kissing her neck]

Leah  -- i’m not sure i’m ready

Jake  --  You’ll be okay

Leah  -- but we aren’t even together, I mean----

Jake  -- shh [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it, then pulls away] I don’t want this to be just a one time thing

Jake  -- it won’t be [takes her shirt off, then her bra, kisses from her neck down to her stomach]

Leah  -- [closes her eyes, moans softly]

Jake  -- [pulls her jeans off, kisses up her leg, starts pulling her underwear down]

Leah  -- Jake wait

Jake  -- what’s wrong?

Leah  -- I---I don’t know about this

Jake  -- I’ll lead you through it [slides her underwear down, looks her body up and down, smirks, takes his shirt off]

Leah  -- [feels a bit self conscious]

Jake  -- [takes his pants and boxers off, grabs a condom out of his pant pocket, slides it on] ready?

Leah  -- [bites down on her bottom lip, nods]

Jake  -- [goes into her slow]

Leah  -- [winces]

Jake  -- sorry [kisses her as he goes into her a bit faster and harder]

Leah  -- [closes her eyes, in pain]

Jake  -- [groans as he goes harder] your really tight

Leah  -- Jake stop your hurting me

Jake  -- it will stop hurting in a second [pushes himself deeper, going faster]


Nick  -- [in the kitchen, eating a bag of chips]

Joe  -- [walks in] where’s Leah?

Nick  -- losing her virginity

Joe  -- what!

Nick  -- relax, its not a big deal. Its just with Jake

Joe  -- but Jake doesn’t like her

Nick  -- i know, but we’re making a tape and we’re going to send it to everyone at school

Joe  -- why do that? Just play it on the school announcement TV

Nick  -- thats even better!

Joe  -- no wait! I didn’t mean that

Nick  -- to late

Joe  -- so is there a good reason for what your doing?

Nick  -- I just want to get back at her before driving me crazy today

Joe  -- she usually just leaves you alone

Nick  -- well maybe I had a bad day and want to take it out on her

Joe  -- but why her?

Nick  -- because she’s a girl and over sensitive

Joe  -- you know you used to be friends

Nick  -- yeah back when i was stupid

Joe  -- you’ve always been stupid

Nick  -- whatever [walks out]


Leah  -- [moaning] Jake harder

Jake  -- [goes into her harder]

Leah  -- [moans really loud, as she reaches her climax]

Jake  -- [pushes into her a couple more times, then cums, pulls out and gets off the bed]

Leah  -- where are you going?

Jake  -- I have to get home [gets all his stuff together, puts his clothes back on]

Leah  -- [puts her clothes back on too] but Jake---

Jake  -- [ignores her, goes back downstairs]

Nick  -- how did it go

Jake  -- fine, but you owe me big time

Nick  -- why? You got sex

Jake  -- sex with her? Nick she was a virgin and really annoying

Nick  -- fine, I’ll make it up to you

Jake  -- good. I’ll see you at school tmrw [leaves]

Nick  -- [goes up to Leah’s room] Joe wants you to go do the dishes

Leah  -- um okay [leaves]

Nick  -- [grabs the camera’s out of her room, takes them back to his, hooks them up to his computer]

Joe  -- [walks in] i need to borrow your ipod

Nick  -- you have your own

Joe  -- [looks at the computer] is that the tape of Leah and Jake?

Nick  -- yeah, i’m just going to edit it a bit

Joe  -- so your going to watch it?

Nick  -- yeah

Joe  -- thats gross

Nick  -- go away Joe!

Joe  -- your not the boss of me

Nick  -- NOW!

Joe  -- fine [walks out]

Nick  -- [edits the video, puts it on a dvd, then grabs his wallet, leaves the house and heads to a bar]


Leah  -- [sitting on the couch, watching tv]

Nick  -- [walks in, drunk] why are you still up?

Leah  -- I wanted to see this show...are you drunk?!

Nick  -- maybe, I donno [starts going upstairs]

Leah  -- wait! [grabs his arm]

Nick  -- [glares at her, turns around to face her] let go!

Leah  -- I’m sorry I just----

Nick  -- [hits her]

Leah  -- [falls to the ground, holding her arm where Nick hit her, tears roll down her cheeks]

Nick  --  just stay away from me! [goes upstairs]

Leah  -- [sits there on the ground, crying]

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Chapter 4

Nick  -- [wakes up as someone hits him with a pillow] what the hell!

Kevin  -- your lucky I didn’t hit you with my fist! What the hell is wrong with you!

Nick  -- I don’t know what you’re talking about

Kevin  -- you have some nerve going out and getting wasted last night!

Nick  -- oh like your any better

Kevin  -- its legal for me to drink, it isn’t for you!

Nick  -- so what! You drank at my age!

Kevin  -- I didn’t get drunk and beat up my sister though!

Nick  -- what?

Kevin  -- you hit Leah!

Nick  -- she deserved it

Kevin  -- if you ever lay a hand on her again I’ll fucking beat the crap out of you!

Nick  -- [glares at him] its not like Leah’s so innocent

Kevin  -- you know what go to my room

Nick  -- what?

Kevin  -- right now!

Nick  -- [rolls his eyes, walks to Kevin’s room]

Kevin  -- [takes his belt off, whips it against the wall] perfect [follows Nick into his room, closes the door]


Leah  -- [walking down the hall, hears Nick scream, runs to Kevin’s room, presses her ear against the door, hears the sound of a whip and Nick cry out again, she runs downstairs] JOE!

Joe  -- what?

Leah  -- Kevin, I think he’s whipping Nick you have to go help

Joe  -- no way, I’m not making Kevin mad

Leah  -- but Nick-----

Joe  -- is a jerk and he deserved it

Leah  -- your just as bad as Kevin! [runs back upstairs]

Nick  -- [walks out of Kevin’s room, putting his shirt back on]

Leah  -- are you okay?

Nick  -- [glares at her, goes into his room, grabs the dvd of Leah and Jake having sex, puts it in his backpack, then goes downstairs]

Leah  -- [starts following him as he goes into the kitchen and then the living room and then outside]

Nick  -- what the hell is your problem?! Stop following me!

Leah  -- sorry, I’ll just wait in the car

Nick  -- no i’m not driving you

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- find someone else to take you [gets in his car, drives off]

Leah  -- NICK! [walks back into the house] he left without me, Joe can you drive me?

Joe  -- I’m busy

Leah  -- please

Joe  -- go ask Kevin

Leah  -- [runs upstairs] Kevin? Can you drive me to school?

Kevin  -- I can’t

Leah  -- why? To busy whipping people?

Kevin  -- [glares at her] you don’t know anything

Leah  -- you hurt Nick!

Kevin  -- and I’ll hurt you too if you don’t shut up! [pushes her against the wall]

Leah  -- [screams] stop!

Kevin  -- [lets go of her] just get out of here!

Leah  -- [runs out, walks back outside, calls Logan]

Logan  -- [answers] hey, is everything okay?

Leah  -- can you pick me up?

Logan  -- um yeah sure, i’ll be there in a minute

Leah  -- thanks [hangs up]


Nick  -- [walks into the school and over to his locker]

Jake  -- [goes over to him] did you release the video yet?

Nick  -- no not yet, it’s in my backpack

Jake  -- um Nick?

Nick  -- what?

Jake  -- there’s some blood on your shirt

Nick  -- well thats just great

Jake  -- what happened?

Nick  -- nothing, I’m fine.

Jake  -- if you say so, wheres the video?

Nick  -- [hands him the DVD] can you get them to play it on the announcement TVs?

Jake  -- good idea, yeah i’ll try and do that. I’ll see you later [walks away]

Nick  -- [goes to the boys bathroom, takes his shirt off, tries to wash some of the blood out, then dries the shirt a bit with the hand dryer. He looked at his back in the mirror, winces as he looks at the cuts, puts his shirt back on, its still a bit damp, but good enough, then he goes to class]


Leah  -- [sitting in the car]

Logan  -- your being really quiet today

Leah  -- yeah...i just have a lot on my mind

Logan  -- what’s going on? You know you can tell me

Leah  -- its just some family stuff, its been stressing me out

Logan  -- do you want to talk about it?

Leah  -- I can’t

Logan  -- are you sure?

Leah  -- its really complicated, so much has happened in the past couple months

Logan  -- sorry

Leah  -- it’s okay, i’ll survive

Logan  -- [drives to the school, parks the car in the parking lot, they both walk into the school]

Leah  -- [looks around, a bunch of kids are looking at her, they walk past one of the announcement tv’s and both stop walking]

Logan  -- whoa, wait isn’t that-----

Leah  -- oh my god! [runs down the hall and into the girls bathroom, she locks the door and slides down the wall crying]

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Chapter 5

Leah  -- [walks out of the girls washroom, wipes her tears]

Logan  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- no

Logan  -- [hugs her] come on, we’re going to the beach

Leah  -- what?

Logan  -- come on [takes her hand, walks out of the school and over to his car]

Leah  -- you need a new car [gets in the car]

Logan  -- atleast I have one [gets in too, drives to the beach]

Leah  -- we shouldn’t skip school

Logan  -- you were just publicly humiliated, I think that deserves a day off

Leah  -- [looks down at her hands]

Logan  -- i’m um when did that happen?

Leah  -- last night, I can’t believe I was so stupid

Logan  -- you aren’t stupid, he manipulated you

Leah  -- no I was stupid

Logan  -- [parks the car, pulls Leah closer to him, wraps his arms around her] you could always changed schools

Leah  -- yeah maybe i’ll just do home schooling

Logan  -- I was just joking

Leah  -- well I’m not!

Logan  -- its not that bad Leah, people will get over it...and until then you can just get revenge on Nick

Leah  -- No I can’t

Logan  -- what? Leah I know you don’t like hurting people but Nick has gone to far this time

Leah  -- you wouldn’t understand Logan, its complicated


Joe  -- Spencer turn the amp off! [covers his ears to drown out the screeching sound coming from the amp]

Spencer  -- [turns it off] sorry, I don’t know what happened

Matt  -- Maybe we should just have band practice later

Spencer  -- maybe

Joe  -- lets go find food [they walk out of the garage and back into the house] so Spencer what kind of food do you have?

Spencer  -- I donno, I usually go out and get pizza, or just go to your house

Matt  -- [opens the fridge] well you’ve got beer, takes three beers out of the fridge, puts them on the counter]

Joe  -- [takes one, starts drinking]

Spencer  -- [opens some of the cupboards, grabs a couple bags of chips] thats basically all we have

Joe  -- well its good enough

Ryan  -- [walks in] I thought you guys were doing a band practice

Matt  -- we were, but we got hungry

Spencer  -- and something is wrong with the amps

Ryan  -- oh that might be because I spilled soda on them

Spencer  --  WHAT!?

Ryan  -- sorry

Spencer  -- just go away Ryan!

Ryan  -- fine, you guys are all losers anyways [walks out]

Spencer  -- I hate my sister, she’s so annoying

Matt  -- she’s not that bad

Spencer  -- she spilled soda on my amp!

Joe  -- it was probably an accident

Spencer  -- would you two stop defending her?

Joe  -- fine, whatever

Spencer  -- So I was thinking we could crash Brooke’s little high school party on Saturday

Joe  -- why?

Matt  -- because there will be a lot of teenage girls who want to sleep with college guys

Spencer  -- exactly

Joe  -- okay, then we’ll go to the party

Spencer  -- awesome


Nick  --  [walks into the house] Hello? Is anyone here?

Kevin  -- [walks in] what are you doing home?

Nick  -- school’s over

Kevin  -- then where’s Leah?

Nick  -- I don’t know, I couldn’t find her

Kevin  -- you lost her?

Nick  -- I looked everywhere I swear

Kevin  -- well you better go find her or do you want a few more lashes from my belt.

Nick  -- I’ll find her

Kevin  -- good, now go!

Nick  -- [glares at him] why do you care so much about her? what about me and Joe

Kevin  -- she hasn’t been getting into the trouble you two have!

Nick  -- maybe thats cuz she’s a loser

Kevin  -- you want to talk about losers? Losers are the people who go out, get drunk and then beat on their sisters!

Nick  -- well maybe they are the people who whip their brothers with belts!

Kevin  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- [walks out of the house slams the door]


Leah  -- [laying on the beach with Logan, watching the sunset] its really pretty

Logan  -- yeah, we should do this more often

Leah  -- yeah we should

Logan  -- how come you never want to talk about whats going on at home?

Leah  -- I donno

Logan  -- you aren’t being hurt are you?

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Logan  -- is someone else?

Leah  -- [shakes her head] its just complicated

Logan  -- I don’t want you keeping things from me

Leah  -- you wouldn’t understand Logan! You have both your parents! Your siblings love you and love being around you! Your parents give you whatever you want and you have everything I wish I did! [gets up, starts walking away]

Logan  -- Leah come back! [gets up, follows her] at least let me drive you home

Leah  -- fine [they go back to the car and get in]

Logan  -- [drives her home]

Leah  -- [gets out]

Logan  -- I’ll talk to you later

Leah  -- [walks into the house]

Joe  -- Leah where have you been?!

Leah  -- I went to the beach

Kevin  -- did you see Nick anywhere?

Leah  -- no why?

Joe  -- because he’s run off and we can’t find him.

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Chapter 6

Kevin  -- did you see Nick anywhere?

Leah  -- no why?

Joe  -- because he’s run off and we can’t find him.

Leah  -- what?

Kevin  -- i’m sure he’s fine

Leah  -- did you even go and look for him?!

Joe  -- yes, but he will probably come home after he’s calmed down

Leah  -- why was he upset?

Joe  -- how should I know, it was Kevin’s fault

Kevin  -- it wasn’t my fault

Joe  -- you were the one who talked to him last

Kevin  -- so what?

Joe  -- so its your fault

Leah  -- you guys don’t even care about Nick! [runs up to her room, closes the door]


Nick  -- [walking down the street]

Jake  -- hey man, what are you doing? You don’t usually come around here

Nick  -- do you have any cigarettes?

Jake  -- um yeah, but I thought you didn’t smoke

Nick  -- well i’m starting

Jake  -- [hands him the pack of cigarettes]

Nick  -- [takes one out, lights it, starts smoking it]

Jake  -- so what made you crack?

Nick  -- my brother whipping me with his belt

Jake  -- what?!

Nick  -- he’s such a dick! He only cares about my slutty sister

Jake  -- well i’ve got some strong stuff if you want

Nick  -- do you have it here?

Jake  -- no but i’ll bring it to school tmrw

Nick  -- good, and until then i’m taking the rest of this pack

Jake  -- fine, i’ve got more at home

Nick  -- [finishes smoking the cigarette, then heads home]

Joe  -- where have you been?!

Nick  -- none of your business [goes upstairs and into his room, takes another cigarette out of the pack, lights it, and starts smoking it]

Leah  -- [knocks on the door]

Nick  -- what!

Leah  -- [walks in] I just wanted to make sure you were okay [sees he’s smoking] WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! [tries to grab the cigarette from him]

Nick  -- stop it!

Leah  -- you can’t smoke!

Nick  -- you can’t tell me what to do! [pushes her to the ground]

Leah  -- Do you know whats in those?!

Nick  -- I don’t care

Leah  -- you should

Nick  -- just get out of here Leah!

Leah  -- no! [gets up, tries to grab the cigarette again]

Nick  -- you just don’t give up! [pushes her back]

Leah  -- [falls on the bed, starts to get up]

Nick  -- [pins her down]

Leah  -- get off!

Nick  -- [grabs her wrist, pushes the cigarette end it]

Leah  -- [screams as it burns her skin] stop! [tears roll down her cheeks]

Nick  -- [throws the cigarette in the garbage] now your going to get out of my room and stay away from me! got it?!

Leah  -- [nods, holding onto her wrist where he burned her]

Nick  -- [gets off her]

Leah  -- [runs out of the room, goes back into her room, lays on her bed, cries herself to sleep]


Leah  -- [walking to school]

Nick  -- [drives up to her, starts driving next to her] get in the car

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Nick  -- Kevin is going to get mad at me if I don’t drive you now get in!

Leah  -- fine [gets in the backseat of the car]

Nick  -- [drives to school, goes into the school]

Leah  -- [walks into the school, goes to her locker]

Logan  -- [walks over] i’m sorry about last night Leah

Leah  -- don’t be, I was just being stupid

Logan  -- so we’re okay?

Leah  -- yeah

Logan  -- um what happened to your arm?

Leah  -- nothing [pulls her sleeve down]

Logan  -- [grabs her arm, pushes her sleeve back up] is that a cigarette burn?

Leah  -- its nothing Logan, just forget about it [tries to pull her arm away]

Logan  -- who did this?

Leah  -- Logan please!

Logan  -- [lets go of her] you need to tell me if someone’s hurting you, i can help you

Leah  -- it was just an accident Logan, no one’s hurting me

Logan  -- it doesn’t look like an accident

Leah  -- well it was! [goes to class]


Nick  -- [goes into the back of the school]

Brooke  -- [walks over to him] hey Nick

Nick  -- what do you want?

Brooke  -- I just heard you went missing last night, is everything okay?

Nick  -- I went out somewhere, I wasn’t missing

Brooke  -- well Joe said----

Nick  -- Joe is a loser and he never knows what he’s talking about

Brooke  -- what is your problem?

Nick  -- my problem is everyone is always on my case and i’m fucking tired of it!

Brooke  -- I was just trying to help

Nick  -- well don’t! You can’t help Brooke, no one can

Brooke  -- fine [walks away]

Nick  -- [walks back into the school, goes to class, sits at the back]

Jake  -- did you finish that whole pack last night?

Nick  -- no, but did you bring the other stuff?

Jake  -- [hands him a bag] be careful with those, don’t take to many at a time

Nick  -- yeah whatever

Jake  -- I mean it Nick!

Nick  -- relax Jake, I’ll be careful

Jake  -- good


Kevin  -- [sitting at home, working on his computer]

Joe  -- [walks in] um Kevin?

Kevin  -- what!

Joe  -- [hands him the phone] its someone from Nick’s school

Kevin  -- [takes the phone] hello?

Secretary  -- hi, I’m the secretary from ----

Kevin  -- yeah whatever, why are you calling?

Secretary  -- I have Nicholas sitting in the office with me right now, a fight broke out after school and he injured another student who had to be sent to the hospital

Kevin  -- he hurt another student?

Secretary  -- well his sister actually

Kevin  -- what!

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Chapter 7

Secretary  -- I have Nicholas sitting in the office with me right now, a fight broke out after school and he injured another student who had to be sent to the hospital

Kevin  -- he hurt another student?

Secretary  -- well his sister actually

Kevin  -- what!

Secretary  -- You will need to come down here and pick him up

Kevin  -- I’ll be there in a minute [hangs up] Joe you need to go check on Leah at the hospital, make sure she’s okay. I’ll pick up Nick and we’ll be there soon

Joe  -- um okay [leaves]

Kevin  -- [goes to the school, and to the principal’s office, glares at Nick]

Nick  -- [looks at the ground]

Kevin  -- come on! We’re leaving

Nick  -- I think i’ll stay here

Kevin  -- Nick go to the car!

Nick  -- I feel safer at school

Kevin  -- now Nick!

Nick  -- [walks out of the school, gets in the car]

Kevin  -- [gets in too, starts driving]

Nick  -- I didn’t mean to hurt her, she got in the way

Kevin  -- what?

Nick  -- it was an accident, I was in a fight with this other guy and Leah stepped in the way trying to stop us. The teachers only saw what happened after she stepped in

Kevin  -- why were you in a fight in the first place?

Nick  -- it doesn’t matter, its stupid

Kevin  -- [drives to the hospital, they go in]

Joe  -- [walks over] she’s okay, she just hurt her wrist when she hit the pavement

Kevin  -- [glares at Nick] you are so lucky that she’s okay

Joe  -- the doctor’s just finishing putting on her cast and then she can leave

Kevin  -- okay

Logan  -- [walks over, glares at Nick]

Nick  -- what’s your problem

Logan  -- this is your fault!

Nick  -- she was the stupid one who got in the way!

Logan  -- she was trying to help you!

Nick  -- I don’t need her help!


Nick  -- [walks into the house with Joe Kevin and Leah, then goes up to his room]

Leah  -- is he okay?

Joe  -- why do you even care about him? he hurt you

Leah  -- it was an accident

Joe  -- if you say so [walks upstairs]

Kevin  -- was it really an accident?

Leah  -- what?

Kevin  -- if he hurt you on purpose you can tell me Leah

Leah  -- it was an accident, and my own fault. You shouldn’t blame him for everything. Its not his fault [goes up to her room]


Leah  -- [sitting on her bed]

Logan  -- [giving her a foot massage] remind me why I’m doing this

Leah  -- because I asked you too and because you feel bad about my broken wrist

Logan  -- I thought it was just a fracture

Leah  -- same thing

Logan  -- you have really tiny feet

Leah  -- [kicks him playfully] i do not

Logan  -- yeah you do

Leah  -- [sticks her tongue out at him]

Logan  -- [sits on the bed next to her] so where are your brother’s today?

Leah  -- Kevin is working, Joe is at band rehearsal and I have no idea where Nick is

Logan  -- Joe’s in a band with Spencer right?

Leah  -- yeah

Logan  -- his sister is so hot

Leah  -- [rolls her eyes] and way out of your league

Logan  -- wow thanks

Leah  -- well its why don’t you have a girlfriend?

Logan  -- because I’m too busy massaging your feet

Leah  -- right

Logan  -- I don’t know why, I just don’t want a girlfriend right now

Leah  -- when you get a girlfriend make sure you still have time for me

Logan  -- i’ll always have time for you [tickles her]

Leah  -- [giggles] Logan stop

Logan  -- [keeps tickling her]

Leah  -- [lays back on the bed, squirms trying to get away from him] I---I can’t breathe

Nick  -- [walks in, sees Logan on top of Leah] sorry for interrupting

Leah  -- I thought you went out

Nick  -- I did, I came to ask if you know what we’re doing for dinner

Leah  -- I don’t know, call Kevin and ask

Nick  -- fine [starts to leave, then takes a condom out of his pocket, throws it at them] you might want this [walks out]

Leah  -- gross [pushes the condom off her bed]

Logan  -- what’s gross? Sex? Or sex with me?

Leah  -- both

Logan  -- [gets off the bed]

Leah  -- whats wrong?

Logan  -- nothing

Leah  -- Logan tell me!

Logan  -- why? You never tell me anything!

Leah  -- are you upset cuz I said sex with you is gross? Its only cuz we’re best friends and I don’t think of you like that

Logan  -- whatever Leah, it doesn’t matter. I’ll just see you later [goes downstairs]

Nick  -- what are you doing down here? You should be up there on top of my idiot sister

Logan  -- she’s not an idiot!

Nick  -- yeah she is

Logan  -- why are you always making her life harder? Isn’t it bad enough that she lost her parents?

Nick  -- I lost my parents too!

Logan  -- I know I just----never mind [starts to leave]

Nick  -- you like her don’t you

Logan  -- she’s my best friend of course I like her

Nick  -- You know what I mean, you like her, you probably have dirty dreams about her too

Logan  -- [starts to say something, then stops]

Nick  -- wow you’ve got it bad

Logan  -- shut up

Nick  -- I can help you if you want

Logan  -- why would you help me?

Nick  -- because i love my sister and just want her to be happy

Logan  -- how about the real reason

Nick  -- maybe its because you make all guys look bad because you’re so pathetic

Logan  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- do you want my help or not?

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Chapter 8

Nick  -- maybe its because you make all guys look bad because you’re so pathetic

Logan  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- do you want my help or not?

Logan  -- I guess

Nick  -- okay well first thing you need to do is find another girl

Logan  -- what? I thought you were going to help me get Leah

Nick  -- if you want to get her then you need to make her jealous

Logan  -- but----

Nick  -- trust me I know what i’m talking about

Logan  -- okay, but if you’re helping me to somehow hurt Leah then you’re dead

Nick  -- I have better things to do then to torture my sister

Logan  -- it doesn’t seem like it

Nick  -- If you make her jealous then she’ll want you, its just how it works

Logan  -- fine [leaves]

Nick  -- [goes into the kitchen, grabs a beer out of the fridge, starts drinking it]

Leah  -- [walks in] you aren’t supposed to drink

Nick  -- you aren’t mom! So stop telling me what to do

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- [grabs another beer out of the fridge, throws it at her] try it

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- come on, its just one drink

Leah  -- but----

Nick  -- [rolls his eyes] your always to perfect Leah, try and have some fun for once

Leah  -- I have fun!

Nick  -- sure you do

Leah  -- [opens the beer, drinks it fast, starts coughing as it burns her throat]

Nick  -- well its obvious that was your first drink

Leah  -- shut up

Nick  -- how about making me dinner

Leah  -- how about you make it yourself!

Nick  -- your always trying to be mom so be mom and make dinner

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- [walks out, goes back upstairs]

Nick  -- you are so screwed up Leah!


Joe  -- [sitting on the couch at Spencer’s house, eating ice cream]

Ryan  -- [walks in] what are you doing?

Joe  -- eating ice cream?

Ryan  -- wheres my brother?

Joe  -- arguing with Matt

Ryan  -- about?

Joe  -- no idea

Ryan  -- [sits next to him] I thought you were supposed to have band practice

Joe  -- well our band sucks so whatever

Ryan  -- you play guitar right?

Joe  -- yeah

Ryan  -- I play drums...but don’t tell Spencer, he claims that music is his thing

Joe  -- why drums?

Ryan  -- I don’t know, I guess I like it because I have a natural ability to hit stuff

Joe  -- [laughs] a natural ability huh?

Ryan  -- yup

Spencer  -- [walks in] Joe we----what are you doing?

Joe  -- just talking

Spencer  -- go away Ryan!

Ryan  --  you know this is my house too

Spencer  -- well stop trying to be friends with my friends!

Ryan  -- whatever Spencer [walks out]

Joe  -- why are you always so mean to her?

Spencer  -- because she’s my younger sister and drives me crazy thats why!


Kevin  -- [walks into the house] hello? anyone home?

Leah  -- [walks in] Hi Kevin

Kevin  -- is Logan still here?

Leah  -- no he went home

Kevin  -- I thought he was staying for dinner

Leah  -- he was but then we got in a stupid fight

Kevin  -- is Nick or Joe back yet

Leah  -- Nick’s here, I think he’s in the kitchen

Kevin  -- [walks into the kitchen]

Leah  -- [follows him]

Nick  -- [doing homework]

Leah  -- what are you doing?

Nick  -- homework?

Kevin  -- your joking right?

Nick  -- [glares at him] I do homework sometimes!

Leah  -- no you don’t, the teachers are always yelling at you

Nick  -- shut up you little slut!

Kevin  -- Nick----

Nick  -- what?! She’s the one who was in a fucking sex tape

Kevin  -- what?

Leah  -- [tears roll down her cheeks, she runs out]

Kevin  -- go apologize

Nick  -- apologize for what? I didn’t do anything

Kevin  -- just go

Nick  -- unbelievable! [goes up to Leah’s room, walks in]

Leah  -- [sitting in the corner of her room, crying, wipes her tears] what are you doing here?

Nick  -- I’m here to warn you

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- you are ruining my life! Kevin blames me for everything because of you! I can’t stand that I am related to you and wish you had died like you were supposed to when mom had us!

Leah  -- I wasn’t supposed to die!

Nick  -- yes you were! I wish you would just disappear! You are the worst part about our family and I want you gone! Just stay away from me and don’t even think about telling Kevin about this!

Leah  -- Nick----

Nick  -- Don’t talk to me!

Leah  -- but-----

Nick  -- SHUT UP!

Leah  -- [really scared, hugs her legs to her chest]

Nick  -- [walks out, goes into his room, slams the door]

Leah  -- [runs into her closet, grabs a bag, starts throwing clothes into it]


Logan  -- [sitting in his room, doing homework, the doorbell rings, he runs downstairs and opens it] what are you doing here?

Leah  -- can I stay here for a bit?

Logan  -- why? what happened?

Leah  -- its a long story, can I stay?

Logan  -- um yeah sure

Leah  -- [walks into the house, drops her bags on the floor, tears roll down her cheeks]

Logan  -- Leah----

Leah  -- [hugs him tight] E---every one h---hates me

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Chapter 9

Leah  -- [walks into the house, drops her bags on the floor, tears roll down her cheeks]

Logan  -- Leah----

Leah  -- [hugs him tight] E---every one h---hates me

Logan  -- [hugs her close to him] I don’t hate you

Leah  -- you were mad though

Logan  -- over something stupid. I’m sorry

Leah  -- don’t apologize! It’s my fault! Everything is my fault [she cries harder]

Logan  -- don’t say that. It’s not your fault, you haven’t done anything wrong

Leah  -- but Nick he said----

Logan  -- Ignore him. he’s a jerk and he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Now how about we take your bags upstairs and then we can make some popcorn and watch a movie

Leah  -- sounds good [wipes her tears, picks up one of her bags, Logan grabs the other and they take the bags up to Logan’s room] so which movie?

Logan  -- how about Daybreakers

Leah  -- ugh no! There is way to much blood in that movie

Logan  -- so what?

Leah  -- so it makes me nauseous

Logan  -- fine. What do you want to watch?

Leah  -- the notebook

Logan  -- no way!

Leah  -- please

Logan  -- no!

Leah  -- fine, pirates of the Caribbean but you have to do your Jack Sparrow impersonation

Logan  -- deal

Leah  -- i’ll go get snacks [goes down to the kitchen, grabs a bag of chips, two soda’s and then makes popcorn, after the popcorn is done she takes the snacks into the tv room and sits on the couch next to Logan]

Logan  -- [starts the movie]

Leah  -- [cuddles up to him on the couch, starts eating the potato chips]


Nick  -- [walks downstairs]

Spencer  -- hey Nick, Kevin’s looking for you

Joe  -- he seemed mad

Nick  -- he’s always mad

Joe  -- yeah but this was different mad

Nick  -- then i think i’ll avoid him [starts walking out of the room]

Kevin  -- [comes in, blocks his way] good morning Nick

Nick  -- are you sure its a good morning? Because Joe said you were mad

Kevin  -- Leah’s missing. What did you say to her?

Nick  -- why do you always blame me?

Joe  -- because your always the one screwing up!

Nick  -- I didn’t say anything to her

Kevin  -- Nick----

Nick  -- I didn’t!

Spencer  -- maybe she just woke up early this morning and went out

Kevin  -- her bed didn’t look slept in

Joe  -- hello its Leah, she’s like a maid

Kevin  -- what?

Nick  -- he means she probably made her bed

Joe  -- you should just call Logan

Spencer  -- are they together? Like boyfriend and girlfriend?

Kevin  -- I don’t think so, Leah doesn’t have a boyfriend

Spencer  -- well I see them together a lot

Nick  -- thats because Leah doesn’t have any other friends

Joe  -- the only reason she doesn’t have any friends is because you turned everyone at school against her

Nick  -- I did not!

Joe  -- yes you did!

Kevin  -- you guys stop it! Joe can you call Logan and see if Leah’s with him, I have to get to work

Joe  -- yeah sure

Kevin  -- [leaves]

Joe  -- [starts eating popcorn]

Spencer  -- Joe?

Joe  -- what?

Spencer  -- you were supposed to call Logan

Joe  -- oh...right

Nick  -- [rolls his eyes, walks into the living room] what are you doing here?

Emma  -- Joe invited me, where is he?

Nick  -- in the kitchen with Spencer

Emma  -- what?

Nick  -- what’s the problem

Emma  -- nothing I just thought he---well---never mind

Nick  -- you make no sense [starts going upstairs]

Emma  -- hey Nick, do you want to hang out? Maybe go see a movie

Nick  -- right now?

Emma  -- [nods]

Nick  -- um okay sure

Emma  -- [smiles] so where do you want to go?

Nick  -- [hears a crash coming from the kitchen and then Joe swear] anywhere but here [grabs her arm, they leave the house]


Leah  -- [wakes up, laying on the couch, has Logan’s arm wrapped around her, she starts to move and falls off the couch] ow [rubs her head where she hit it]

Logan  -- [wakes up, looks at her] what are you doing on the floor?

Leah  -- [glares at him] I fell because you weren’t holding onto me tight enough

Logan  -- [smiles a bit] then come here [pats the couch]

Leah  -- [lays back down next to him]

Logan  -- [brushes a piece of hair out of her face, then wraps his arms around her] Still think you’re going to fall?

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Logan  -- [pulls her even closer to him so there’s no space between them, leans into kiss her]

Leah  -- [closes her eyes]

Logan  -- [about to kiss her, when his phone rings and startles him, he lets go of Leah and answers his phone] hello?

Leah  -- [loses her balance and falls on the floor again, she glares at Logan]

Logan  -- [gets off the couch, talks into his phone] um yeah Joe, she’s here....okay....yeah I’ll tell her....bye [hangs up]

Leah  -- whats going on?

Logan  -- they were just worried about you, Joe wanted you to call them later and tell them what you were planning to do

Leah  -- okay, thanks for letting me fall again by the way

Logan  -- sorry

Leah  -- it doesn’t matter, want some breakfast?

Logan  -- breakfast? Um yeah sure

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Chapter 10

Leah  -- okay, thanks for letting me fall again by the way

Logan  -- sorry

Leah  -- it doesn’t matter, want some breakfast?

Logan  -- breakfast? Um yeah sure

Leah  -- [goes into the kitchen, starts making breakfast]

Logan  -- [walks in, sits at the table] so um earlier...

Leah  -- you mean when i fell?

Logan  -- no I mean----

Leah  -- when I fell again?

Logan  -- just forget it

Leah  -- okay, you make no sense

Logan  -- so what are you making?

Leah  -- pancakes

Logan  -- you hate pancakes

Leah  -- but you like them, and i’m not that hungry anyways [finishes making the pancakes, puts them on a plate for Logan] thanks for letting me stay last night

Logan  -- no problem, you can stay as long as you want

Leah  -- won’t your parents mind?

Logan  -- they are on some cruise, so i’m on my own until they get back

Leah  -- and you want some company?

Logan  -- it would be nice

Leah  -- kay then I’ll tell Kevin i’m staying

Logan  -- i’ll make sure you get a proper place to sleep tonight

Leah  -- the couch wasn’t so bad, I liked falling asleep with the tv on. I had dreams about Pirates of the Caribbean


Nick  -- [walking down the street with Emma] so why do you let Joe use you all the time

Emma  -- its not all the time

Nick  -- seems like it

Emma  -- how do you know I’m not using him?

Nick  -- because i remember what you were like before you got involved with him

Emma  --thing change and I have no problem with what I do with Joe

Nick  -- fine

Emma  -- your not much better then him you know

Nick  -- what are you talking about?

Emma  -- i see you hitting on girls all the time at school, and i’m sure you would sleep with them if you got the chance

Nick  -- the girls at school are stupid, they don’t know what they are missing

Emma  -- you really think your that great?

Nick  -- I know I am

Emma  -- then prove it

Nick  -- what?

Emma  -- show me just how great you are

Nick  -- [pulls her close to him] if you want me to show you we’ll have to get back to my house

Emma  -- well my place is just down the block, so come on [takes his hand, leads him to the house, they go inside and up to her room]

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Emma  -- [deepens it, then pulls away] well your a good kisser, how about we see what else your good at [she starts rubbing him through his pants]


Joe  -- [sitting on the couch, playing random chords on his guitar]

Ryan  -- [comes in] hey Joe, is Spencer here?

Joe  -- no he just left, and thanks for knocking

Ryan  -- sorry, I just figured you wouldn’t mind

Joe  -- its fine

Ryan  -- do you know where Spencer went? My mom sent me out looking for him

Joe  -- I think he was heading home

Ryan  -- in that case I don’t need to keep looking [sits on the couch]

Joe  -- what are you doing?

Ryan  -- just hanging out, so what do you do for fun

Joe  -- I donno, play music, have sex

Ryan  -- you have a girlfriend?

Joe  -- not exactly

Ryan  -- so you have sluts?

Joe  -- there’s just one girl

Ryan  -- do you like her?

Joe  -- only as a friend

Ryan  -- and you don’t want a girlfriend?

Joe  -- I don’t know, maybe if i met the right girl. What about you, do you have a boyfriend?

Ryan  -- not anymore, we broke up a couple days ago

Joe  -- who ended things

Ryan  -- me but only because he cheated on me with my friend

Joe  -- that sucks

Ryan  -- yup. Lost a boyfriend and a friend all over the course of 10 minutes

Joe  -- anything i can do to make you feel better?

Ryan  -- you could buy me a Ben and Jerry's ice cream

Joe  -- your one of those girls?

Ryan  -- nah, I just really want ice cream

Joe  -- [laughs] okay fine [they leave the house and go to the store]


Leah  -- [sitting on a bench at the park]

Logan  -- [sitting next to her] so why did you want to come here?

Leah  -- I just wanted some fresh air

Logan  -- we could go play basketball or something

Leah  -- i suck at basketball and its not fair because you are better at sports

Logan  -- fine, but I don’t want to just sit here. Why don’t we go rent a movie?

Leah  -- kay, they get up and start walking to the movie rental store

Jake  -- [walks over to them with his friends] well look who it is

Leah  -- [moves behind Logan a bit]

Logan  -- leave her alone Jake!

Jake  -- whats wrong? Sad you didn’t get to pop her cherry?

Logan  -- [glares at him]

Leah  -- let’s just go Logan

Jake  -- you know you should really take a go with this one Logan, she felt amazing when her insides are hugging tight around my huge co----

Logan  -- [punches him]

Jake  -- [glares at him, then hit him back and his friends join in punching Logan]

Leah  -- stop! [tries to pull them off] you guys stop!

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Chapter 11

Jake  -- you know you should really take a go with this one Logan, she felt amazing when her insides are hugging tight around my huge co----

Logan  -- [punches him]

Jake  -- [glares at him, then hit him back and his friends join in punching Logan]

Leah  -- stop! [tries to pull them off] you guys stop!

Jake  -- [keeps beating Logan until Logan isn’t moving anymore] I think we’re done here guys [starts to leave with his friends, then turns back to Leah] you coming babe? We could have some more fun

Leah  -- [glares at him, runs over to Logan]

Jake  -- [glares back at her, then walks away with his friends]

Leah  -- [shakes Logan] Logan wake up! Come on wake up! [takes her phone out of her pocket, calls for an ambulance]


Nick  -- [collapses on the bed next to Emma] wow

Emma  -- [smiles] yeah [moves closer to him, kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Emma  -- [deepens it more, moves her hand down to his dick and starts rubbing him hard]

Nick  -- [pulls away] you want to go again?

Emma  -- [nods, kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it, then pulls away] at least let me rest for a second

Emma  --  your no fun [starts kissing his neck]

Nick  -- [looks over at the clock] shit! [gets off the bed, starts picking his clothes up off the ground]

Emma  -- whats wrong?

Nick  -- I was supposed to be home an hour ago, Kevin is going to kill me! [puts his clothes on, runs out, goes home, and walks through the door]

Joe  -- your late

Nick  -- shut up [sits on the couch] is Kevin home?

Joe  -- yeah, but he didn’t notice you’re not here

Nick  -- good, is Leah back?

Joe  -- do you actually care?

Nick  -- no, I was just wondering

Joe  -- well she’s not here, I don’t know where she is

Kevin  -- [walks in, grabs her keys off the table, starts walking to the door]

Joe  -- what’s going on? Where are you going?

Kevin  -- Leah is with Logan at the hospital, she asked me to come down

Joe  -- well I want to come

Kevin  -- you hate hospitals

Joe  -- so what? I’m coming [gets of the couch, leaves the house with Kevin, they get in the car]

Nick  -- [runs over] wait for me! [gets in the car]

Kevin  -- Nick what are you doing?

Nick  -- I don’t want to be stuck by myself

Kevin  -- fine whatever [starts driving to the hospital]


Leah  -- [sitting on the chair by Logan’s bed, waiting for him to wake up]

Logan  -- [starts waking up, looks over at her] Le---- [starts coughing]

Leah  -- [gives him some water]

Logan  -- [drinks it] thanks

Leah  -- how are you feeling?

Logan  -- I look as bad as i feel?

Leah  -- it’s not that bad [runs her fingers over one of the bruises]

Kevin  -- [walks in] hey Leah, how are you feeling Logan?

Logan  -- I’ve been better

Joe  -- [walks in with Nick] what happened?

Leah  -- what are you doing here? Kevin why did you bring them?

Joe  -- what? You don’t like me?

Leah  -- your fine [looks over at Nick] its him I don’t want here

Kevin  -- they wanted to come, now can Logan leave yet?

Leah  -- yeah the doctor said he could leave as soon as he woke up

Kevin  -- okay I’m going to go sign him out [leaves]

Joe  -- so Logan...did Leah beat you up?

Leah  -- no! Jake did!

Nick  -- Jake? Like my friend Jake?

Leah  -- yeah

Joe  -- and how did that happen?

Logan  -- he was talking about Leah and I punched him, and if he had been alone then it would be him in the hospital

Nick  -- you tried to beat him up while his friends were there? Are you insane

Logan  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- i’m just saying, thats really stupid

Leah  -- no one wants your opinion Nick!

Nick  -- [glares at her]

Joe  -- what was Jake saying?

Logan  -- he was just saying all this stuff about what Leah was like while they were-----

Leah  -- [covers his mouth] shh!

Joe  -- while they were what? What am i missing

Nick  -- while they were having sex Joe

Joe  -- ugh! Gross! I need to get that image out of my head

Nick  -- I have somewhere I need to be, I’ll see you guys later [leaves]

Joe  -- I wonder where he’s going

Leah  -- who cares

Kevin  -- [walks back in] okay, I can take you guys home now...where’s Nick

Joe  --  he left

Kevin  -- did he go home?

Joe  -- yeah...sure

Kevin  -- fine well let’s go, we have to drop Leah and Logan off at Logan’s place

Joe  -- how come she gets to stay at a friend’s house?

Kevin  -- Joe your an adult...sort of, and if you want to stay at someone’s house then you can

Joe  -- awesome!


Nick  -- [walks up to Jake’s house, knocks on the door]

Jake  -- [opens it] hey man, whats up?

Nick  -- [punches him harder]

Jake  -- [falls the ground] what the hell!

Nick  -- don’t talk about my sister as if she’s some slut!

Jake  -- what?

Nick  -- Logan told me what happened today and if you ever say stuff like that about Leah again I’ll make sure you’re the one sent to the hospital

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Chapter 12

Nick  -- don’t talk about my sister as if she’s some slut!

Jake  -- what?

Nick  -- Logan told me what happened today and if you have say stuff like that about Leah again I’ll make sure you’re the one sent to the hospital

Jake  -- what has gotten into you?! You say Leah’s a slut all the time!

Nick  -- [glares at him] I can say what I want, she’s my sister. You can’t talk about her like that though!

Jake  -- you make no sense! I thought you hated Leah! why do you care?

Nick  -- I don’t care!

Jake  -- seems like you do

Nick  -- I don’t! I just don’t want you messing with Leah, thats my job

Jake  -- whatever man [shuts the door in his face]

Nick  -- [goes home]

Joe  -- where did you go?

Nick  -- to talk with Jake

Joe  -- what?! Why didn’t you take me? I want to beat up that little----

Nick  -- I already took care of it

Joe  -- you did?

Nick  -- yeah

Joe  -- so you do care

Nick  -- why does everyone keep saying that? I don’t fucking care about Leah!

Joe  -- well then you won’t be to upset to know she had a heart attack, we don’t think she’s going to make it

Nick  -- WHAT!

Joe  -- just kidding, she’s at Logan’s

Nick  -- [glares at him] don’t do that!

Joe  -- you just proved you care!

Nick  -- shut up! [goes upstairs to his room]


Leah  -- [takes a tray of food up to Logan’s room]

Logan  -- [laying on his bed]

Leah  -- [sits down next to him] I made you some food [gives it to him]

Logan  -- I feel fine Leah, you don’t need to take care of me

Leah  -- I want to

Logan  -- [sits up] fine [eats the food]

Leah  -- so what do you want to do tonight?

Logan  -- homework? It’s due tmrw

Leah  -- oh yeah...I know, I’ll do your homework for you since your hurt

Logan  -- I said I’m fine Leah

Leah  -- okay then do your own homework

Logan  -- did I say I was fine? I meant I’m in so much pain

Leah  -- [laughs] you are so weird

Logan  -- so you’ll do my homework?

Leah  -- I guess I could, just rest [kisses his cheek, goes back downstairs, starts working on their homework]


Joe  -- [in Spencers garage, playing random chords on the guitar]

Ryan  -- [comes in] waiting for Spencer?

Joe  -- yeah

Ryan  -- well he’s kind of busy

Joe  -- with what?

Ryan  -- he had to go out somewhere. I didn’t ask why

Joe  -- well then I guess I’ll just go home [starts to leave]

Ryan  -- wait!

Joe  -- what?

Ryan  -- we could hang out until Spencer gets back

Joe  -- and do what?

Ryan  -- we could play some video games

Joe  -- sounds good [follows Ryan back into the main house,  they sit down at the couch]

Ryan  -- [turns on the video game, hands Joe a controller]

Joe  -- Don’t worry I’ll go easy on you

Ryan  -- just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I’m bad at video games

Joe  -- we’ll see about that


Ryan  -- HA! In your face Jonas! I win again!

Joe  -- shut up [throws the controller on the floor]

Ryan  -- aww is someone a sore loser? [pinches his cheek]

Joe  -- [slaps her hand away]

Ryan  -- poor Joe, got beat by a girl!

Joe  -- shut up Ryan!

Ryan  -- I win! I win! I win!

Joe  -- [pins her down on the couch] would you shut up?!

Ryan  -- [sticks her tongue out at him]

Joe  -- I want a re match!

Ryan  -- fine, get your controller

Joe  -- [grabs the controller]



Joe  -- unbelievable [lays down on the couch]

Ryan  -- admit that I’m better then you

Joe  -- no!

Ryan  -- admit it!

Joe  -- NO!

Ryan  -- [climbs on top of him] say that I’m the best

Joe  -- you suck!

Ryan  -- say it!

Joe  -- no [grabs her leg to push her off, but accidently pulls her foreword]

Ryan  -- [falls on top of him, their lips crash against each other]

Joe  -- [kisses her, puts his hands on her waist]

Ryan  -- [deepens it]

Joe  -- [deepens it more, his hands run up her shirt]

Spencer  -- [comes in] what the hell!


Nick  -- [at school, sitting out back]

Brooke  -- [walks over to him] hey Nick

Nick  -- what do you want?

Brooke -- can’t we just talk? I mean you ran off before we could even talk about what happened

Nick  -- we had sex, what is there to talk about?

Brooke  -- well is it going to happen again?

Nick  -- I donno 

Brooke  -- I would like it too [sits next to him]

Nick  -- no offense Brooke but I don’t want to deal with a needy girl always wanting my attention

Brooke  -- I’m not needy!

Nick  -- if you say so [goes back into the school]

Brooke  -- NICK!

Nick  -- [starts walking to class, walks into Leah]

Leah  -- [falls to the ground, her books go everywhere] thanks a lot!

Nick  -- why don’t you watch where you’re going!

Leah  -- [glares at him, starts picking up her books] I hate you!

Nick  -- well the feeling is mutual [goes to class]

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Chapter 13

Nick  -- why don’t you watch where your going!

Leah  -- [glares at him, starts picking up her books] I hate you!

Nick  -- well the feeling is mutual [goes to class]

Leah  -- [starts walking to her own class]

Logan  -- [pulls her into a spare classroom]

Leah  -- what are you doing?

Logan  -- I don’t feel like going to class and I was getting lonely

Leah  -- your so weird [sits on one of the desks] so what do you want to do?

Logan  -- we could go to the beach again

Leah  -- I don’t want to miss the whole day

Logan  -- your no fun

Leah  -- well your still covered in bruises

Logan  -- then how about kissing them better?

Leah  -- [rolls her eyes, kisses his cheek] happy?

Logan  -- yup

Leah  -- can I stay at your house for a bit more?

Logan  -- sure, as long as you want

Leah  -- [smiles] thanks, it’s so much better than being around my brothers

Logan  -- they aren’t so bad

Leah  -- are you serious?

Logan  -- no they are pretty bad

Leah  -- your lucky your an only child


Joe  -- [kisses her, puts his hands on her waist]

Ryan  -- [deepens it]

Joe  -- [deepens it more, his hands run up her shirt]

Spencer  -- [comes in] what the hell!

Joe  -- [pulls away fast] Spencer it’s not what it looks like [pushes Ryan off him]

Spencer  -- really cuz it looks like your making out with my little sister

Ryan  -- I’m not that little!

Spencer  -- shut up Ryan!

Ryan  -- [glares at him] you can’t tell me what to do! And if i want to kiss Joe then I will!

Joe  -- Ry maybe you should calm down

Ryan  -- no! I’m tired of Spencer ruining my life!

Spencer  -- Well Joe doesn’t want to be with you

Joe  -- actually----

Spencer  -- be quiet Joe!

Joe  -- look Spencer we didn’t plan on this happening, it just did

Spencer  -- well I won’t allow it

Ryan  -- you don’t have a choice! It’s between me and Joe

Spencer  -- well Joe’s my best friend and your my sister and I don’t want you guys together

Ryan  -- Spencer!

Spencer  -- Joe i think you should go

Joe  -- fine, i’ll call you later Ry [starts to leave]

Spencer  -- [glares at him]

Joe  -- bye [runs out]

Ryan  -- I hate you Spencer! [runs up to her room]

Spencer  -- whatever Ryan! Just find some other guy who’s not my friend!


Nick  -- [goes home, walks into the house]

Kevin  -- your late

Nick  -- [looks at the clock] by like two minutes

Kevin  -- your still late! Where’s Leah?

Nick  -- how should I know? She’s annoying and I avoid her

Kevin  -- Joe told me you beat up Jake because of what he said about Leah

Nick  -- I didn’t beat him up, I just told him to stop

Kevin  -- but you cared enough to----

Nick  -- I didn’t care Kevin!

Kevin  -- why are you so stubborn!

Nick  -- Why are you completely insane?

Kevin  -- [glares at him] I’m not insane!

Nick  -- you whipped me with your belt!

Kevin  -- do you want me to again?

Nick  -- no

Kevin  -- then shut up!

Nick  -- fine [goes up to his room]

Joe  -- [sitting at Nick’s desk, on his computer]

Nick  -- what are you doing?!

Joe  -- checking my email

Nick  -- you know you have your own computer

Joe  -- yeah I know

Nick  -- so get out of my room!

Joe  -- fine [picks up Nick’s laptop, starts to leave]

Nick  -- the computer stays!

Joe  -- [rolls his eyes, hands Nick the laptop, walks out]


Leah  -- [making dinner]

Logan  -- [walks in] almost done?

Leah  -- yeah, I thought you were waiting in your room?

Logan  -- I got bored...and hungry

Leah  -- [finishes making the dinner, gives a plate to Logan]

Logan  -- thanks [eats it]

Leah  -- so what do you want to do tonight?

Logan  -- we could go swimming

Leah  -- I thought your pool needed to be cleaned

Logan  -- oh yeah...well how about the hot tub

Leah  -- okay [starts eating her dinner]

Logan  -- do you have a swimsuit here?

Leah  -- I think I left one here before

Logan  -- kay good [finishes eating dinner] I’ll go make sure the hot tub is warm enough [goes outside]

Leah  -- [finishes eating, goes upstairs, finds one of her bikini’s and puts it on, wraps a towel around her]

Logan  -- [comes in] I see your ready

Leah  -- yeah, is the hot tub warm?

Logan  -- yup

Leah  -- kay I’m going to get some drinks and meet you out there [goes into the kitchen, grabs two cans of soda and then goes outside]

Logan  -- [waiting for her in the hot tub] what kind did you get [takes one of the sodas]

Leah  -- orange

Logan  -- of course [takes a sip and then puts the glass on the side of the hot tub]

Leah  -- [puts her drink down and takes the towel off. Then gets in the hot tub]

Logan  -- [staring at her body] wow

Leah  -- what? Does it look bad?

Logan  -- no not bad. Definitely not bad

Leah  -- [smiles] good [splashes him]

Logan  -- hey! [splashes her back]

Leah  -- don’t splash me! [keeps splashing him]

Logan  -- [grabs her wrists so she can’t splash him]

Leah  -- [struggles to get away from him] Let go!

Logan  -- well don’t splash me!

Leah  -- you splashed me back!

Logan  -- I know I did

Leah  -- [pulls away from him] your mean

Logan  -- no i’m not [moves closer to her]

Leah  -- are too [wraps her arms around his neck, pouts]

Logan  -- sorry...[leans in, kisses her]

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Chapter 14

Leah  -- [pulls away from him] your mean

Logan  -- no i’m not [moves closer to her]

Leah  -- are too [wraps her arms around his neck, pouts]

Logan  -- sorry...[leans in, kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Logan  -- [runs his hands threw her hair and takes the kiss further]

Leah  -- [pulls herself closer to him not breaking the kiss]

Logan  -- [pulls away for a second and then presses his lips back to hers, moves his arms behind her back and pulls the lower string on her bikini until it comes undone]

Leah  -- [pulls away from the kiss, takes the bikini top off, bites her lip and looks at Logan]

Logan  -- [stares at her chest for a second and then pulls her close to him and kisses her again]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Logan  -- [pulls away, kisses her neck, then moves down to her chest]

Leah  -- [moans softly, pulls Logan back up to her lips, kisses him]

Logan  -- [moves around in the hot tub so he’s sitting  and Leah’s straddling him, his hands rest on her lower back]

Leah  -- [deepens the kiss, rubs herself against him until he starts to get hard]

Logan  -- [slides her bikini bottom off, then removes his swimsuit fast]

Leah  -- [pulls away] wait

Logan  -- what’s wrong?

Leah  -- nothing, I just think we should find a bed [kisses him]

Logan  -- [picks her up, steps out of the hot tub]

Leah  -- [wraps her legs around his waist, kisses his neck as he carries her into the house and up to his room]

Logan  -- [walks into his room, drops Leah on the bed, gets on top of her]

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Logan  -- [deepens it, goes into her fast]

Leah  -- [moans into his mouth, pulls away from the kiss]

Logan  -- [pushes into her harder and faster]

Leah  -- oh my god Logan! [tilts her head back, moans]

Logan  -- [smirks] I love you Leah

Leah  -- I love you too [kisses him]

Logan  -- [deepens it, continues thrusting into her harder and faster]


Leah  -- [wakes up, looks next to her, smiles when she sees Logan. Then she realizes she has no clothes on and gets out of bed fast, looking for some clothes to wear. She puts on what she finds and races out of the house, goes home, walks into the house]

Joe  -- hey Leah...what are you doing here? I thought you were staying with Logan

Leah  -- I just had to come home

Joe  -- did you guys get in a fight or something?

Leah  -- uh yeah...sure [goes up to her room, lays on the bed, cries herself to sleep]

Nick  -- [saw Leah go in her room, goes downstairs] why is Leah back?

Joe  -- she got in a fight with Logan

Nick  -- boring [sits on the couch]

Joe  -- you don’t even know what the fight is about

Nick  -- do you?

Joe  -- no...

Nick  -- it was probably something stupid. Leah’s a girl and girls always get over emotional about stupid things

Joe  -- that’s not true

Nick  -- yeah it is

Joe  -- this is probably why you don’t have a girlfriend

Nick  -- I don’t want a girlfriend

Joe  -- if you say so

Nick  -- and by the way Joe, you don’t have a girlfriend either

Joe  -- I have Ryan

Nick  -- you know Ryan is a guys name

Joe  -- yeah but you know Ryan is a girl

Nick  -- wait your talking about Spencer’s sister?

Joe  -- yeah

Nick  -- dating your best friends sister, thats a recipe for disaster

Joe  -- Spencer will be cool with it...I think

Nick  -- would you be fine with Spencer dating Leah?

Joe  -- would you?

Nick  -- I asked you first

Joe  -- I wouldn’t want him dating her but only because of the age different. Would you care?

Nick  -- no [starts to leave]

Joe  --  your lying!

Nick  -- I am not

Joe  -- you would care

Nick  -- no I wouldn’t. Leah can do whatever she wants

Joe  -- what if she wanted to be your friend again

Nick  -- well she can’t do that, I hate that little bitch

Joe  -- you two used to be best friends

Nick  -- that was in the past. This is now that we’re talking about.

Joe  -- fine [the doorbell rings] are you expecting someone?

Nick  -- no, maybe Kevin is

Joe  -- [goes over to the door, opens it]

Logan  -- hey Leah here?

Joe  -- um yeah, she said you guys got in a fight

Logan  -- what? We didn’t get in a fight

Nick  -- then what happened?

Logan  -- nothing, I just woke up and she was gone

Joe  -- well she’s in her room, you can go up if you want

Nick  -- I don’t think that’s a good idea Joe

Joe  -- what?

Nick  -- if Leah said she got in a fight with Logan she might not want to see him

Logan  -- but I need to talk to her. it’s important

Nick  -- okay tell me what you want to tell her and I’ll give her the message

Logan  -- I can’t. I need to talk to her myself

Joe  -- i’ll just go up and tell her you’re here [goes upstairs, knocks on Leah’s door] Leah? [walks in]

Leah  -- [half asleep, looks over at him] what?

Joe  -- Logan’s here, he wants to talk to you

Leah  -- tell him I’m not feeling well.

Joe  -- is everything okay?

Leah  -- everything is fine Joe! [turns her back on him, pretends to go back asleep]

Joe  -- [walks back downstairs] she says she isn’t feeling well

Logan  -- can you get her to call me when she’s feeling better then?

Joe  -- sure

Logan  -- thanks [goes home]

Nick  -- something happened between them

Joe  -- Logan just said they didn’t fight

Nick  -- I didn’t say it was a fight...I think it might be something else

Joe  -- like what?

Nick  -- I donno, but I’m going to find out [goes upstairs]

Joe  -- I thought you didn’t care about Leah!

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