Forbidden Love [A Twiley Story] 

so as some of you may no, i was going to make a series called Forbidden Love on my youtube but i wasn't sure if people would like it. so i decided to make it more like a novel project. so here what i did, i wrote it in script format first [like i do on my youtube] and then i was going to change it into novel format. but i was thinking of posting on here. should i? email me and tell me or you can comment on my youtube

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Chapter 1


I am 17 and I’ve been 17 now for almost 80 years. But thats nothing Demi is like 100 years old. She’s my sister, kinda. I live in a weird family. Theres me, Demi, Joe Taylor and Kevin and Vanessa. And then our “parents” Elizabeth and Richard. We are all vampires, so I guess technically we aren’t related. Wich is good, because Kevin and Vanessa are together and same with Joe and Taylor. Demi and I are supposed to be together, but we don’t really work together. Demi is the complete opposite of me. She’s all about being a vegetarian, and I love human blood. She’s been trying to get me to be a complete vegetarian for a long time now. But theres no way I’m giving up human blood, that would be crazy! We live in a small town, and its always dark. There hasn’t been a sunny day in almost 40 years. Tho we are constantly moving. But Richard said we would be staying here for a long time. Wich is good, cuz I like it here. We start school again tmrw. And Elizabeth said I could go back. They didn’t let me go last year because I killed a couple people. I got in so much trouble for that. So now I kill people gradually. That way they don’t really notice.


Demi - I heard that!

Nick - what?

Demi - I’m telling Richard and Elizabeth your still killing people

Nick - Demi don’t! You really need to get out of my head!

Demi - its not my fault I can read your mind

Nick - well stop!!!

Demi - Nick please stop killing people! Its not rite!

Nick - Demi we’re vampires, we’re supposed to kill people

Demi - yeah but -----

Nick - just get out!

Demi - fine! [goes back to her room]

Taylor - are you sure Nick you should be going to school?

Demi - he shouldn’t but he is.

Taylor - we should do something

Demi - theres nothing we can do, but I’ll keep an eye on him

Taylor - good, your lucky I wish I could read minds

Demi - well I wish I had Nick’s power. I want to see the future

Taylor - yeah that would be cool.

Demi - well you’re telekinetic thats pretty cool

Taylor - I guess

Vanessa - [comes in] we were all going to go into town, you girls wanna come?

Demi - sure


Nick - I’ll see you guys later [starts to leave]

Demi - where are you going?

Nick - no where [leaves]

Demi - [follows him]

Nick - [starts running] Demi stop following me!!!

Demi - [running now too] Nick slow down!

Nick - [stops in front of a house]

Demi - [stops too] Nick what if someone saw you!!!

Nick - would you stop worrying [smells someone] who’s that?

Demi - I donno

Nick - mmm she smells good, I have to find her

Demi - Nick no! [grabs his arm]

Nick - [pulls his arm away] don’t do that

Demi - Nick please just calm down, you can’t loose control

Nick - [pushes her away, walks to the front of the house, knocks on the door]

Demi - NICK!!! [goes after him]

Leah - [opens the door] um hi

Nick - [walks in]

Demi - sorry about him, um I’m Demi and thats Nick. Can we come in?

Leah - sure, I’m Leah

Nick - nice to meet you [takes her hand, kisses it]

Leah - [blushes]

Demi - Nick!

Nick - [lets go of her hand] so where are you parents?

Leah - [looks down] um I don’t have any, I’m moving in with my cousin

Demi - who’s your cousin?

Leah - Selena

Nick - [thinking: she was going to be my next victim]

Demi - I heard that Nick!

Leah - heard what?

Demi - nothing

Nick - so Leah I was thinking maybe I could show you around, since your new and everything

Leah - okay

Nick - how about rite now? With out Demi!

Demi - no I’m coming!

Nick - no your not!

Demi - YES I AM!!!

Leah - I’ll be rite back [leaves]

Nick - Demi get out of here!

Demi - no I’m not letting you kill her!!!

Nick - just one drop of her blood thats all I want

Demi - no

Nick - why not!

Demi - because its wrong Nick! And you won’t stop once you have a taste! You need to learn control!

Nick - and you need to learn to back off!

Leah - [comes back in]

Nick - [closes his eyes, breathing in her scent, trying to keep control]

Demi - so do you want to meet the rest of our family?

Leah - sure, I told Sel I was going out

Demi - kay lets go

Nick - [puts his arm around Leah, they walk back to everyone else]

Vanessa - hi Nick, Demi, who’s your friend?

Nick - this is Leah

Joe - [thinking: man she smells good]

Demi - Nick thinks so too

Joe - Demi don’t do that!

Leah - I’m lost

Nick - Demi just being nosey, as always

Demi - [glares at him] shut up Nick

Taylor - so Leah you must be new here

Leah - yeah I just moved in today

Demi - she’s staying with Sel

Nick - I’m gonna take Leah for ice cream, and no Demi you can’t come

Demi - [whispers in Nick ear] if you kill her, I will kill you Nick!! I like Leah so she better be in one piece when you get back

Nick - fine, I won’t do anything [takes Leah to the ice cream place]

Leah - kinda cold for ice cream don’t you think?

Nick - [orders her an ice cream] you don’t have to eat it

Leah - no I want to [takes the ice cream from him] aren’t you getting one?

Nick - no, I’m not hungry

Leah - oh okay

Nick - [thinking: I need to taste her blood! She smells so good]

Leah - [finishes her ice cream]

Nick - would you like to come over to my house?

Leah - sure

Nick - [takes her hand, walks her to his house]

Leah - your house is amazing [looks at it]

Nick - thanks

Leah - [walks in] hi Demi

Demi - [hugs her] oh thank god your okay

Leah - [confused] why wouldn’t I be okay?

Demi - [looking at Nick] oh no reason


Leah - [walks into the school]

Nick - [goes over to her] hi Leah

Leah - hi Nick

Nick - [walks her to class]

Leah - Nick why are people staring?

Nick - I donno [walks into the classroom, they sit at the back]


I could smell her blood so clearly, I just really needed to bite her now. I can’t wait anymore, this was killing me!!! the teacher came in, and I sighed I had to wait longer. This was so unfair. We were in science and we were supposed to check for the type of blood we have. Shit this isn’t good. All this blood everywhere and I’m supposed to keep in control? Thats gonna be impossible.


Leah - [looking at the needle] Nick can you help me?

Nick - I don’t think thats a good idea

Leah - please I’m scared, I don’t like needles

Nick - [takes her hand, grabs the needle]

Leah - [closes her eyes]

Nick - [pricks her finger lightly, just enough to make her bleed, runs out of the room]

Leah - Nick? [goes after him]

Nick - [sees her behind him, runs fast to the other side of the hall]

Leah - [in shock] how did you ----

Nick - Leah theres something you should kno about me

Leah - whats going on?

Nick - Leah you should stay away from me, I’m dangerous

Leah - but you’re my only friend here, and I think I love you

Nick - well stop! Just stay away from me! Its for your own good [walks away from her]

Leah - [tears rolling down her cheeks]

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Chapter 2


its been weeks since I’ve seen Nick. He hasn’t come to school since that day in science. I miss him. He was my only friend, and I really wish he would come back. But Demi’s been great. We’re close friends now. She invited me over this weekend, and I decided to go, I really want to see Nick again. And I figured this way I would get to. I was going over tmrw morning. I was so excited but really nervous. What if Nick yelled at me again?



Nick - YOU WHAT?!!!

Demi - I invited Leah over

Nick - why?

Demi - cuz she’s my friend and we want to hang out

Nick - Demi this is a bad idea!

Demi - you can just stay in your room

Nick - I will

Demi - whats gotten into you?

Nick - nothing

Demi - Nick I kno somethings going on. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but why haven’t you killed her yet

Nick - I donno Demi

Demi - do you like her?

Nick - no

Demi - then what?

Nick - I just can’t kill her, she’s to innocent

Demi - she does have that really cute little kids innocence doesn’t she?

Nick - yeah, and she’s so pretty to

Demi - even tho she’s not a vampire?

Nick - you can be beautiful and not be a vampire Demz

Demi - I kno I’m just saying

Nick - I think I like her Demi

Demi - I think so too

Nick - but no I don’t like her I want her blood!

Demi - I think you love her to much to kill her

Nick - I don’t love her Demi

Demi - well she loves you

Nick - well make her stop!!!

Demi - I can’t Nick!

Nick - she can’t love me Demi! I can kill her!!!

Demi - your won’t hurt her Nick

Nick - [throws her against the wall] YEAH I WILL!!!!

Demi - [pushes him] don’t do that!

Nick - [gets on top of her, pins her down]

Demi - get off of me!!!

Nick - [gets off her] you are so annoying!


Leah - [knocks on the door]

Taylor - [opens it] hi Leah

Leah - hey Tay, is Demi around?

Taylor - yeah she’s in the living room

Leah - [follows Taylor to the living room]

Demi - hi Leah

Leah - hey um is Nick here?

Demi - he’s in his room, upstairs first door on the left

Leah - [goes upstairs, knocks on Nick’s door]

Nick -who is it?

Leah - Leah

Nick - [opens the door]


there she stood as beautiful as ever, and I could smell her blood again. No I have to control myself I just need to calm down, and relax. I took a couple deep breaths but it just made her scent stronger, she asked if I was okay and I nodded, then she walked in my room. I don’t kno how long I can keep in control. This was so hard. Why does she have to smell so good.


Leah - Nick I need to talk to you

Nick - about what?

Leah - have you been avoiding me?

Nick - no

Leah - but I haven’t seen you in days

Nick - I was sick

Leah - you do look kinda pale, are you okay? [moves towards him]

Nick - I’m fine

Leah - Nick I don’t kno how to say this but I think I love you [moves closer]

Nick - no, Leah please don’t love me [goes to the other side of the room]

Leah - I can’t help it, you are just so perfect

Nick - no Leah I’m not!

Leah - yeah you are Nick, your sweet and amazing and ----

Nick - not human

Leah - what?

Nick - I’m not human Leah

Leah - the----then what are you?

Nick - befor I say what I am I just want to tell you that I think I love you too

Leah - [puts her arms around his neck] then I don’t care what you are

Nick - you should Leah, because I’m not the good guy [moves her arms]

Leah - Nick just tell me what you are

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Chapter 3

Nick - [backs away from her] I’m a vampire Leah

Leah - what?

Nick - and you have no idea how hard this is for me

Leah - how hard what is?

Nick - not drinking your blood

Leah - [goes over to him]

Nick - what are you doing?

Leah - shhh [leans close to him, their lips almost touching]

Nick - wait Leah don’t

Leah - why?

Nick - because I need to be in control, one small movement and I could kill you

Leah - so I can’t kiss you?

Nick - no, but I can kiss you, [picks her up]

Leah - where are you taking me?

Nick - just on the bed

Leah - why do you have a bed, you don’t sleep

Nick - I kno, its just for show [places her gently on the bed]

Leah - [looks at him]

Nick - [lean closer] just don’t move okay?

Leah - [nods]

Nick - [moves so their lips are almost touching]

Leah - [closes her eyes]

Nick - [puts his hand under her chin, tilts her head back carefully, kisses her lightly]

Leah - [stays completely still]

Nick - [deepens it a bit]

Leah - [starts to kiss back]

Nick - [puts his hand on the back of her head, getting more into the kiss]

Demi - [comes in] NICK!!!

Nick - [moves away from Leah fast] Demi don’t do that!

Demi - Nick what do you think your doing?

Leah - Demi its fine

Demi - no its not, he could have hurt you!! Wait do you kno?

Leah - [nods]

Demi - so you kno that he could have just killed you!!!

Nick - I was careful Demi

Demi - I just don’t want you to hurt her

Nick - I won’t!!! now get out [pushes her out of the room]

Demi - but ----

Nick - [closes the door, locks it]

Leah - why don’t you guys get along?

Nick - because ever since I met her she’s been trying to get me to become vegetarian

Leah - whats do you mean?

Nick - It means I would just drink animal blood

Leah - so you kill humans?

Nick - [looks down] yeah

Leah - does it always kill them if you drink their blood?

Nick - no, but if it doesn’t kill them, it will turn them into a vampire, unless I the venom doesn't get into their blood

Leah - do you want to drink my blood

Nick - so much, you have no idea how much. But I won’t kill you Leah

Leah - I kno, if you want it so much, you can have some

Nick - what?

Leah - you can have some of my blood if you want [grabs a knife]

Nick - what if I can’t stop?

Leah - I trust you Nick [cuts the palm of her hand]


the second that blade hit her skin I could smell her blood, and it was driving me crazy. I grabbed her hand and licked the blood off it. I started sucking the blood out of her hand. It was like nothing I had ever tasted befor. I was kinda sweet and I needed more. I kept sucking letting her blood run down my throat and parts dripped out of my mouth. She didn’t seem to mind, she just watched me. Then I felt her body getting heavy, she was loosing to much blood, I had to stop. But I just couldn’t. I couldn’t stop

“Nick” she moaned “please stop”.

I wanted to pull away but I couldn’t

“Nick please” she begged

 As much as I wanted to I couldn’t stop her blood tasted to good.


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Chapter 4

Nick - [forces himself to move away for her]

Leah - [falls back on the bed, motionless]

Nick - Leah?

Demi - [comes in, screams] NICK WHAT DID YOU DO!!!

Nick - [wipes Leah’s blood off his mouth]

Demi - how could you!!!

Nick - she told me to!

Demi - [picks Leah up, takes her downstairs]

Taylor - what happened? [sees a cut in Leah’s hand] Nick drank her blood!?!!!

Joe - what!!!

Demi - we have to help her

Joe  - how?

Demi – i donno

Taylor  -- she need to go the hospital!

Demi  -- no she doesn’t! [wraps a bandage around the cut]

Taylor  -- she’s already lost to much blood Demi

Nick  -- [comes down]

Demi  -- GET OUT!!!

Joe  -- i can’t believe you did that!

Nick  -- it was an accident!

Taylor – come on Demi, lets just take her to the hospital

Demi  --- fine [they leave with Leah]

Joe  -- so how was it?

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- her blood, was it good?

Nick  -- yeah

Joe  -- i miss human blood

Nick  -- you can still have it Joe!

Joe  -- no i can’t Taylor would kill me

Nick  -- i’m going to meet them at the hospital [starts to leave]

Joe  -- they won’t want you there

Nick  -- [calls Demi]

Demi  -- [answers] WHAT NICK?!!!

Nick  -- i just wanted to tell you i’m coming to the hospital and don’t kill me when i get there

Demi  -- i’m not making any promises

Nick  -- i’ll see you in a minute [hangs up]

Joe  -- what if Leah doesn’t want to see you?

Nick  -- then i’ll leave her alone


Demi  -- so she’s going to be okay rite?

Taylor  -- Richard said she would be fine

Demi  -- i can’t believe Nick did that

Taylor  -- are you really that surprised, i mean he’s not a vegetarian

Demi  -- but he could have killed her!

Taylor  -- yeah i kno

Nick  -- [comes over] where is she?

Demi  -- she’s sleeping

Nick  -- [about to say something]

Demi  -- and no, you can’t go see her

Nick  -- [sits next to her] Demi it was an accident!

Demi  -- an accident that almost cost Leah her life!

Nick  -- i said sorry!

Demi  -- well thats not good enough

Taylor – can we just forget about this? Leah is fine, so theres no problem!

Demi  -- Nick you can’t be with her!

Nick  -- well i don’t think she will ever talk to me again after this

Demi  -- GOOD!!!

Nick  -- bitch!

Demi  -- murderer!

Nick  -- [sinks down lower in his chair]

Taylor  -- Demi! You don’t have to be so mean!

Demi  -- do you kno how many people he’s killed? Thousands!!!

Nick  -- shut up Demi!

Demi  -- [goes to Leah’s room]

Leah  -- [starts to wake up]

Demi – [closes the door]

Nick  -- [stands outside, trying to hear what they’re talking about]

Leah  -- [opens her eyes, looks at Demi] where’s Nick?

Demi  -- i told him he can’t come in

Leah - I want him

Demi - Leah he almost killed you

Leah - it was my own fault! I told him to drink my blood

Demi - why did you tell him that?

Leah - please get him Demi

Demi - fine [opens the door a bit] Ni ----

Nick - [runs in and to Leah’s side] are you okay?

Leah - [nods]

Nick - [kisses her forehead lightly] I’m so sorry

Leah - its fine

Nick - I told you it was a bad idea, I couldn’t control myself

Leah - its fine Nick really

Nick - I just wish I could take it back

Leah  - i’m fine Nick! Demi can you go?

Demi  -- but ----

Leah  -- please

Demi  - [leaves]

Nick  - i’m so sorry Leah

Leah - how was it?

Nick - what?

Leah - how was my blood?

Nick - like nothing I ever tasted befor, and I just need more [puts his lips close to her neck]

Leah - Nick?

Nick - [licks her neck]

Leah - [scared, on the verge of tears] Nick stop

Nick - [pulls away] sorry

Leah - its okay

Nick - do you hate me?

Leah - no I love you Nick

Nick - [kisses her]

Leah - [deepens it]

Nick - [pulls away, kisses her head] just rest okay?

Leah - [nods]

Nick  -- [starts to leave]

Leah  -- [grabs his arm] can you stay with me?

Nick  -- sure [gets on the bed next to her]

Leah  -- [puts her head on his chest, falls asleep]

Nick  -- [kisses her head]


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Chapter 5


Nick  -- [walks into the house]

Demi  -- someone’s here to see you

Taylor  -- yeah upstairs in your room

Nick  -- Leah?

Demi  -- donno was it Leah Tay?

Taylor  -- you kno i can’t remember

Nick  -- [runs upstairs]

Demi  -- thats sad

Taylor  -- i kno [giggles]

Nick  -- [comes back down] what the hell!

Demi  -- [laughs]

Nick  -- no one was up there!

Taylor  -- yeah we kno, its so much fun messing with you Nick

Demi  -- yeah

Nick  -- well don’t!

Demi  -- would you relax?! She’s just a girl

Nick  -- yeah a girl who i haven’t seen in forever

Taylor  -- thats because she went on the class trip

Nick  -- yeah well once again we couldn’t go because of the stupid sun

Demi  -- she should be back today

Nick  -- [goes up to his room]


Demi  -- Nick get down here!

Nick  -- i’m busy!

Demi  -- Leah’s here!

Nick  -- i’m not falling for that again

Demi  -- no for real this time

Nick  -- if i come down and she’s not there you are so dead Demi! [goes downstairs]

Leah  -- hi Nick [hugs him] i missed you

Nick  -- i missed you too [kisses her]

Demi  -- see i told you she was down here

Nick  -- shut up Demi!

Leah  -- i see you still aren’t getting along

Nick  -- we’re never going to get along

Leah  -- hey whats that [looks at his eyes]

Demi  -- [looks too, pulls Leah away from him fast, puts Leah behind her]

Nick  -- Demi!

Demi  -- no you can’t be around her until you eat!

Leah  -- what?

Demi  -- his thirsty thats why his eyes look like that

Nick  -- i’m not going to kill her Demi!

Demi  -- i don’t trust you, now go!

Nick  -- DEMI!

Demi  -- just go!

Nick  -- [leaves]

Leah  -- why did you do that?

Demi  -- because if he’s thirsty he can’t control himself and he might kill you without thinking

Leah  -- [kinda scared]

Demi  -- and this is why you don’t date a vampire!

Leah  -- how come he’s hungry, i mean thirsty i mean ----

Demi  -- i kno what you mean, because he didn’t want to drink human blood and he refused to drink animal blood

Leah  -- why?

Demi  -- who knows, he’s really weird sometimes


Nick  -- [comes in] there i’m not thirsty anymore, can i see her now?

Demi  -- [looks at him, see’s he’s telling the truth] go ahead

Leah  -- [goes up to Nick’s room] so what do you want to do?

Nick  -- its kinda late aren’t you tired?

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Nick  -- are you just saying that so you can stay longer?

Leah  -- no of course not [yawns]

Nick  -- i’ll take you home

Leah  -- no i don’t want to go home!

Nick  -- you have to! [takes her home]

Leah  -- [stands outside the door]

Nick  -- aren’t you going to go in?

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Nick  -- [opens the door]

Leah  -- [doesn’t move]

Nick  -- just go! I’ll see you later

Leah  --  fine [kisses him, goes up to her room]

Selena  -- so your with Nick rite?

Leah  -- yeah

Selena  -- isn’t he kinda scary?

Leah  -- scary?

Selena  -- i heard he killed someone

Leah  -- [sits on the bed]

Selena  -- well did he?

Leah  -- [lying] no

Selena  --  are you sure because everyone said ----

Leah  -- i’m sure Sel! I’m just going to go to bed, i’ll see you in the morning [gets under the covers]

Selena  -- [leaves, closes the door behind her]

Leah  -- [reads a magazine]

Nick  -- [comes in]

Leah  -- what are you doing here?

Nick  -- i was bored [gets on the bed]

Leah  -- [locks the door]

Nick  -- what are you doing?

Leah  -- i don’t want Selena to kno your here, she doesn’t like you

Nick  -- why not

Leah  -- she thinks your a murderer

Nick  -- i am

Leah  -- [lays on the bed]

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [deepens it more]

Leah  -- [gets on top of him]

Nick  -- [pulls her down, so she’s laying on top of him]

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [takes his shirt off]

Nick  -- Leah stop

Leah  -- why?

Nick  -- because your human!

Leah  -- [glares at him] whats that supposed to mean?

Nick  -- it means i don’t want to hurt you

Leah  -- you won’t [kisses him]

Nick  -- no stop

Leah  -- please Nick

Nick  -- no [puts his shirt back on, starts to leave]

Leah  -- no don’t go!

Nick  -- fine but if i stay you have to go to sleep

Leah  -- right away?

Nick  -- no but soon

Leah  -- kay [pulls him back on the bed]

Nick  -- [lays next to her]

Leah  -- [takes her shirt off]

Nick  -- what are you doing?

Leah  -- its to hot [takes her pants off, so she’s just in her bra and underwear]

Nick  -- [looks away from her, getting horny]

Leah  -- [fans herself with her hand]

Nick  -- [trying not to look at her]

Leah  --  whats wrong?

Nick  -- nothing

Leah  -- then why won’t you look at me?

Nick  -- [looks at her] happy?

Leah  -- [nods] can you cool me down?

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- vampires are cold rite?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- [puts on of his hands on her stomach and the other on her chest]

Nick  -- Leah  ---- [starts to move his hands]

Leah  -- [stops him] Nick don’t stop i’m really hot

Nick  -- yeah i kno, and i kno what your doing too!

Leah  -- [innocently] i’m not doing anything

Nick  -- yeah you are, your trying to make me want sex! [puts his shirt on her, pulls her into his arms] but we’re not going to have sex rite now

Leah  -- fine [falls asleep in his arms]


I watched her sleep for a couple hrs, she looks beautiful when she sleeps.  I started to get a bit thirsty again, i didn’t drink much blood earlier, just enough to make Demi think i was full. But i was no where near full. I looked at Leah and kisses her neck abit, trying to forget how thirsty i was. But it didn’t help. I tried to move away from her, because i didn’t want to hurt her. But she wouldn’t let me. She had her arms around me and wouldn’t let go. Her scent was getting stronger, and i couldn’t think strait. I slowly moved to her neck,  kissed her neck, then placed my teeth on her neck.


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Chapter 6

Taylor – would you relax?

Demi  - i can’t i just kno something bad is going to happen

Taylor  - nothing bad will happen

Demi  - can we just go check?

Taylor  - fine [they go to Leah’s house, and looks thru her bedroom window] see nothing’s wrong

Demi  -- [sees Nick with Leah in his arms] yeah i guess your right

Taylor  -- [starts to leave]

Demi  -- [sees Nick put his teeth to Leah’s neck] TAYLOR!!!

Taylor  -- what? [sees, they run inside] Nick stop!

Nick  -- i was just kissing her neck!

Demi  -- no you weren’t and don’t lie!

Nick  -- fine i wasn’t but she just smells so good [kisses Leah’s neck] and her blood tastes so good

Demi  -- [pulls Nick away from Leah]

Leah  -- [wakes up] whats going on?

Nick  -- nothing go back to sleep

Leah  -- Demi , Taylor why are you here?

Taylor  -- because Nick was about to kill you

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- no i wasn’t!

Leah  -- [touches her neck, feels where Nick’s teeth had left a mark, but he hadn’t bit hard enough to make it bleed, moves away from them]

Nick  -- Leah i ---

Leah  -- [crying a bit, really scared, sits in the corner of the room]

Nick  -- [feels bad]

Taylor  -- come on Leah, lets go get some tea or something [takes her downstairs]

Demi  -- i can’t believe you did that! You scared that poor girl half to death! And you almost killed her!

Nick  -- i kno i’m sorry okay?

Demi  -- no its not okay!

Nick  -- [looks at the floor]

Demi  -- you told me that you were full! You lied to me!

Nick  -- i just wanted to spend time with Leah! And you wouldn’t let me!

Demi  -- for a good reason! Come on we’re going hunting right now! And your not going to see Leah till your full for real! [takes his arm, runs into the forest]


Leah  -- [keeps touching her neck where Nick started to bite her]

Taylor  -- [gives her some tea to calm her down]

Leah  -- [drinks a little]

Taylor  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- [nods, still scared]

Taylor  -- we won’t let him hurt you

Leah  -- promise?

Taylor  -- [nods]

Leah  -- thanks Taylor

Taylor  -- no problem i’ll be right back

Leah  -- kay [keeps drinking her tea, trying to forget what just happened]


Leah  -- [sitting in the living room with Taylor]

Nick  -- [comes in with Demi]

Leah  -- [kinda scared]

Nick  -- Leah i’m so sorry

Demi  -- and

Nick  -- and i’ll never go that long with out blood again

Demi  -- and

Nick  -- i’ll never kill you

Demi  -- and

Nick  -- and what?!

Demi  -- i donno i just wanted to see how far you would go

Nick  -- do you forgive me?

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Nick  -- why not?

Leah  -- [crying a bit, runs upstairs]

Nick  -- [sits on the couch, looks at the floor]

Taylor  -- just give her time Nick

Demi  -- yeah like a couple hundred years!

Nick  -- [glares at her] she would be dead!

Demi  -- yeah i kno

Nick  -- why won’t she forgive me?

Demi  -- maybe because you almost killed her!

Nick  -- i wasn’t going to kill her!

Taylor  -- then what were you doing?

Nick  -- i donno i just wish it never happened

Demi  -- she’s probably going to be in some kind of shock for a couple days, i mean the person she loves and trusted almost killed her

Nick  -- making me feel so much better Demi!

Demi  -- i don’t kno why you thot this would work

Nick  -- because i wanted it to!


*Leah has been avoiding Nick completely*

Nick  -- [walks into the school, goes over to Selena]

Selena  -- [scared] wh---what do you want?

Nick  -- wheres Leah?

Selena  -- i saw her go to the back of the school

Nick  -- [goes to the back of the school, sees Leah kissing someone, goes over]

Leah  -- [pulls away] what do you want Nick?

Nick  -- who’s he?

Leah  -- this is my boyfriend, Jake

Jake  -- hi

Nick  -- [glares at him] hi

Leah  -- is there something you want?

Nick  -- yeah i need to talk to you

Leah  -- no [takes Jake’s hand, walks back into the school]


Leah  -- [sitting by herself]

Nick  -- [sits next to her]

Leah  -- you can’t sit there!

Nick  -- how many times do i have to say i’m sorry?

Leah  -- it doesn’t matter, i’ll never forgive you! Besides i’m with Jake now

Nick  -- break up with him!

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- i would if i were you, i mean you don’t want something to happen to him

Leah  -- leave him alone!

Nick  -- [walks out of the classroom]

Leah  -- [runs after him] Nick don’t hurt him!

Nick  -- [ignores her]


Nick  -- [walks over to Jake]

Jake  -- hi, Nick rite?

Nick  -- yeah, you kno Leah?

Jake  -- my girlfriend, yeah i kno her

Nick  -- well i just want to make sure your right for her

Jake  -- what do you mean?

Nick  -- i just want to kno more about you, how do you treat your girlfriends? who are your friends? do you really love Leah? what blood type are you?

Jake  -- what?

Nick  -- i think we should talk [goes into the forest with Jake]

Jake  -- what are we doing here?

Nick  -- oh nothing i just thot i would have some lunch [smiles evily]

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Chapter 7

 Leah  -- [walks into the house]

Selena  -- [sitting on the couch crying]

Leah  -- Sel what happened?

Selena  -- there was another murder at school

Leah  -- how come i didn’t hear about it?

Selena  -- no one has, they’re trying to keep it quiet, but i heard the police officers talking

Leah  -- who was it?

Selena  -- [wipes her tears] Jake

Leah  -- [on the verge of tears] Jake?

Selena  -- [nods]

Leah  -- [starts crying a bit]

Selena  -- they said the body was ripped to shreds, they could barely tell who it was

Leah  -- [feels sick to her stomach] ripped to shreds?

Selena  -- [nods] they said they think it was a wolf or a bear

Leah  -- or a jealous vampire

Selena  -- what?

Leah  -- nothing, i’ll see you later [drives to Nick’s house]

Demi  -- [opens the door] Hi Leah wh---

Leah  -- WHERE’S NICK!!!

Demi  -- in his room, why?

Leah  -- [goes up] HOW COULD YOU!?!!!

Nick  -- [laying on the bed, reading, ignores her]

Leah  -- [crying] NICK!!!

Nick  -- [keeps ignoring her]


Nick  -- go ahead, i wouldn’t mind

Leah  -- [wipes her tears] did you have to go that far Nick?

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- you couldn’t just kill him, you had to rip him into pieces?

Nick  -- what are you talking about?

Leah  -- don’t act like you don’t kno!

Nick  -- i’m not acting!

Leah  -- you didn’t have to kill him!

Nick  -- yeah i did, i can’t see you with him and you wouldn’t break up with him!

Leah  -- so what your just going to kill ever guy i ever date?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- so your just going to keep me from ever being happy? [starts to cry a bit]

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- you want to ruin my life?

Nick  -- no i want you to forgive me

Leah  -- well tearing my boyfriend to shreds isn’t gonna help you

Nick  -- Leah i didn’t do that! I killed him, but i didn’t tear in into pieces! I’m not a monster!

Leah  -- yeah you are!!! [crying harder]

Nick  -- [looks away from her]

Leah  -- you were going to kill me in my sleep! I TRUSTED YOU!!! AND YOU WE’RE GOING TO KILL ME!!!

Nick  -- i didn’t want to! I just lost control!

Leah  -- [falls to the floor, to weak from crying to stay standing]

Nick  -- [goes over to her]

Leah  -- [breathing weird]

Nick  -- Leah calm down

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Nick  -- your going to hurt yourself!

Leah  -- i don’t care! [still breathing funny]

Nick  -- Leah stop it!

Leah  -- [looks away from him]

Nick  -- [puts her on the bed]

Leah  -- leave me alone!

Nick  -- no, just breathe okay?

Leah  -- [takes a couple deep breaths, starts the breathe normally again]

Nick  -- [lays next to her] don’t do that

Leah  -- do what?

Nick  -- scare me like that!

Leah  -- [gets under the covers, pulls the blankets over her head]

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- leave me alone

Nick  -- why don’t you just go home

Leah  -- i don’t want to

Nick  -- you are so weird!

Leah  -- [kicks the blanket off her]

Nick  -- what now?

Leah  -- i donno

Nick  -- [starts reading his book]

Leah  -- what are you reading?

Nick  -- something you wouldn’t like

Leah  -- descriptive

Nick  -- why are you still here?

Leah  -- what did you do to Jake?

Nick  -- i killed him

Leah  -- no duh! I mean exactly what happened

Nick  -- do you trust me?

Leah  -- i donno

Nick   -- yes or no Leah

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- good, so you wanna kno what i did?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- well first i took him into the woods, and then i knocked him out

Leah  -- why?

Nick  -- because people were less then a mile away, and i didn’t want anyone to come

Leah  -- okay and then what?

Nick  -- and then i leaned close to his neck [leans close to her neck]

Leah  -- [getting nervous]

Nick  -- and i bit him [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- [closes her eyes]

Nick  -- and drank his blood [licks her neck]

Leah  -- [holding in a moan]

Nick  -- and thats all i did i swear

Leah  -- then what happened?

Nick  -- i don’t kno [kisses her neck some more]

Leah  -- [moans a little]

Nick  -- [lays down next to her]

Leah  -- Nick?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- are there any other things like you?

Nick  -- oh so now i’m a thing?

Leah  -- i mean like dragons or something

Nick  -- [laughs] you believe in dragons?

Leah  -- [blushes a bit] no but i didn’t used to believe in vampires either

Nick  -- no Leah theres no such thing as dragons, well not fire breathing ones

Leah  -- so what do you think got Jake?

Nick  -- i have no idea, but i’ll ask Demi to find out

Leah  -- kay [starts to fall asleep]

Nick  -- do you want me to take you home?

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- are you sure?

Leah   -- i’m sure

Nick  -- you aren’t scared that i’m going to kill you in your sleep?

Leah  -- no, i trust you Nick

Nick  -- [kisses her lightly] good

Leah  -- [gets on top of him, sits on his stomach]

Nick  -- i thot you were tired

Leah  -- not anymore

Nick  -- so what do you want to do?

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Nick  -- [pulls away] we’re not having sex

Leah  -- [whines] why not!

Nick  -- because i don’t want to hurt you!

Leah  -- please Nick

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- please please please

Nick  -- no [moves her off of him, puts her next to him]

Leah  -- Nick i really want to

Nick  -- are you a virgin?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- then we definitely can’t

Leah  -- why not?

Nick  -- because you will be to tight, and i’ll hurt you

Leah  -- but Nick ----

Nick  -- no Leah!

Leah  -- i thot you loved me!

Nick  -- i do

Leah  -- then prove it!

Nick  -- i am by not having sex with you!

Leah  -- [kisses him, gets on top of him again]

Nick  -- [deepens it, pulls away] Leah stop!

Leah  -- [takes his shirt off]

Nick  -- Leah i mean it!

Leah  -- [kisses his neck, takes his pants off]

Nick  -- [grabs her wrist] i said stop

Leah  -- but Nick ----

Nick  -- no, now give me my clothes back

Leah  -- let go of me!

Nick  -- [lets go of her]

Leah  -- [kisses him, puts her hand down his boxers, rubs his dick]

Nick  -- [getting weak] Leah ----

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it, rolls over so he’s on top]

Leah  -- [pulls away, to catch her breath]

Nick  -- right i forgot you have to breathe

Leah  -- you don’t?

Nick  -- no [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- [moans]

Nick  -- wait no we aren’t doing this [gets off her, starts to put his clothes back on]

Leah  -- [pulls him back] Nick please [kisses his neck] you won’t hurt me [kisses him]

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Chapter 8

Nick  -- [kisses her] i’ll make you a deal

Leah  -- okay

Nick  -- i’ll have sex with you, but not right now

Leah  -- when?

Nick  -- i’m not telling you [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- soon?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- kay [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [pulls away]

Nick  -- what are you doing this weekend?

Leah  -- Selena was going to have a sleepover party

Nick  -- well instead do you want to come with my family to our cabin?

Leah  -- um okay

Nick  -- good, because if you don’t come Demi is going to drive me crazy

Leah  -- [kisses him] when are we going?

Nick  -- tmrw morning

Leah  -- what about school?

Nick  -- skip it

Leah  -- okay

Nick  -- we’ll pick you up at 6

Leah  -- six?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- as in 6 am?

Nick  -- we have to leave early, it takes a long time to get there

Leah  -- fine

Nick  -- do you want me to take you home now?

Leah  -- kay


Leah  -- [sleeping]

Nick  -- [comes in] Leah?

Leah  -- [still sleeping, wraps the blankets around her tighter]

Nick  -- [laughs a bit, picks her up]

Leah  -- [wakes up a bit] Nick?

Nick  -- go back to sleep

Leah  -- what time is it?

Nick  -- its time to get back to sleep [carries her to the car, puts her in the back seat, sits next to her]

Joe  -- how can she still be sleeping?

Nick  -- its early Joe!

Joe  -- well it doesn’t feel early

Leah  -- [half asleep] how long does it take to get there?

Nick  -- all day

Leah  -- [cuddles close to Nick, falls back asleep]

Joe  -- [watches her]

Demi  -- i heard that Joe!

Nick  -- heard what?

Demi  -- Joe likes Leah

Taylor  -- what!

Joe  -- i do not, i like Taylor!

Taylor  -- i like you too [kisses him]

Joe  -- [deepens it]

Demi  -- you guys!

Joe  -- [pulls away] what?

Demi  -- can you not?

Joe  -- fine

Kevin  -- [gets in the car, starts driving]

Joe  -- what about Vanessa?

Kevin  -- she’s meeting us later

Demi  -- why?

Kevin  -- i donno

Nick  -- [pulls Leah on to his lap]

Leah  -- [still sleeping, rests her head on his chest]

Nick  -- [kisses her head]

Demi  -- i can’t believe she forgave you

Nick  -- well she did, and did you find out what happened to that Jake guy?

Demi  -- no do you have any ideas?

Nick  -- yeah, i just hope i’m wrong


Leah  -- how much longer?

Joe  -- how many times do you have to ask that?

Leah  -- i’m bored!

Nick  -- we’re almost there

Leah  -- kay

Demi  -- are you hungry Leah you haven’t eaten all day

Nick  -- oh right i forgot you have to eat

Demi  -- some boyfriend you are

Leah  -- i’m fine

Nick  -- are you sure?

Leah  -- yeah i’m not hungry

Nick  -- i can’t believe i forgot to get you food

Demi  -- i can’t believe it either

Nick  -- [glares at her] shut up Demi!

Leah  -- are we there yet

Kevin  -- almost

Leah  -- can’t you drive faster

Joe  -- yeah he could if you weren’t in the car

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- ignore Joe!


Leah  -- [sleeping]

Joe  -- she sleeps a lot

Taylor  -- well she is human

Joe  -- why can’t Nick date a vampire like everyone else?

Demi  -- yeah cuz that worked out so well last time

Nick  -- shut up Demi!

Kevin  -- [parks the car]

Nick  -- [gets out, picks up Leah, takes her into the cabin]

Leah  -- [wakes up] are we there?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- [wraps her arms around his neck, looks around] this isn’t a cabin! Its a house

Nick  -- same thing [takes her into his room, puts her on the bed]

Leah  -- [gets under the covers, falls asleep]

Nick  -- [gets on the bed next to her]


Leah  -- [eating lunch, with everyone watching her] what?

Joe  -- nothing, its just weird to see someone eat

Leah  -- [stops eating]

Demi  -- look wat you did!

Leah  -- i’m not hungry anymore

Kevin  -- [comes in] when Vanessa gets here we’re going hunting, anyone else want to come?

Demi  -- we should all go

Nick  -- we can’t

Demi  -- why not?

Joe  -- because of the human

Leah  -- i have a name

Joe  -- well i don’t care

Leah  -- you guys can go, i’ll just stay here

Nick  -- i’ll stay with you

Demi  -- are you sure thats a good idea

Nick  -- i’m not thirsty Demi

Taylor  -- are you sure?

Nick  -- yeah i’m sure


Leah  -- [laying on the bed in Nick’s room, watching a movie]

Nick  -- [comes in] their gone

Leah  -- kay, when are they coming back?

Nick  -- i donno, probably tmrw tho

Leah  -- so what do you want to do?

Nick  -- [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- [moans a little]

Nick  -- [starts to take her shirt off] you want this right?

Leah  -- [nods, takes his shirt off]

Nick  -- [kisses her]

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Chapter 9

Leah  -- Nick can you close the door?

Nick  -- [closes the door, gets back on the bed, kissing her neck]

Leah  -- [moans]

Nick  -- [rips her shirt off]

Leah  -- Nick! I liked that shirt!

Nick  -- [keeps kissing her neck, takes her pants off]

Leah  -- Nick slow down!

Nick  -- why?

Leah  -- because your going to fast! [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [takes his pants off {a/n  - he already has his shirt off}]

Nick  -- Leah wait

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- if i start hurting you, tell me okay?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [takes her bra off, kisses her chest, then down the her stomach, stops]

Leah  -- whats wrong?

Nick  -- um do you ever want kids?

Leah  -- yeah eventually

Nick  -- [looks away from her] because i can’t give you that

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- well i don’t think

Leah  -- thats fine Nick, i don’t care

Nick  -- you should be with someone human, atleast they would make you happy

Leah  -- you do make me happy Nick, and i don’t want to be with anyone else [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it, then moves back and kisses her stomach some more]

Leah  -- [moans a little]

Nick  -- [takes her underwear off with his teeth]

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [takes his boxers off]

Nick  -- [about to go in her]

Leah  -- wait!

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- condom

Nick  -- but i can’t get you pregnant

Leah  -- just in case

Nick  -- [grabs a condom] you wanna put it on for me?

Leah  -- [nods, takes it, goes down to his dick, starts kissing around it]

Nick  -- just suck it

Leah  -- [starts sucking his dick]

Nick  -- stop

Leah  -- why?

Nick  -- [gets on top of her] because i need to be in you

Leah  -- [puts the condom on him]

Nick – [kisses her]

Leah - Nick just so you kno, since I’m a virgin it might hurt a bit at first but its not cuz you’re a vampire, its cuz I’m to tight

Nick - kay [goes into her a little]

Leah - [tears fall]

Nick - do you want me to keep going?

Leah - [nods]


I pushed in really slow, but all the way in. she was a bit tight, but she was loosening up now. And she looked like she was enjoying it. I started to go a bit faster, making sure I wasn’t going to hard. She must have like it, because she was moaning a lot. Wich just made me want her more, I kept going harder, holding onto her arms to keep her still. She moaned louder and louder. And the louder she moaned the harder I went. I could do this all day, but I kno Leah is human so she gets tired. After about an hour I pulled out and she fell asleep instantly.  I looked at her and she had a smile on her face, i kissed her and put the blankets over her, i was a little bit worried about her being a virgin, because Demi said that she would bleed but she didn’t, i guess not all girls bleed, wich is a good thing, cuz i would be able to control myself if that happened


Leah  -- [wakes up, looks around] Nick?

Nick  -- yeah? [comes in]

Leah  -- where did you go?

Nick  -- no where [kisses her, looks at her] your bruised

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- i can’t believe you! You were supposed to tell me if i started hurting you!

Leah  -- but it didn’t hurt, i want to again [kisses him]

Nick  -- [pulls away] are you sure i didn’t hurt you

Leah  -- i’m sure

Nick  -- are you ----

Leah  -- i’m not hurt! Can you go again?

Nick  -- but you just woke up

Leah  -- i don’t care

Nick  -- i don’t think so Leah

Leah  -- please Nick [kisses him]

Nick  -- why are you so horny

Leah  -- i just love you [kisses him, pulls him on the bed]

Nick  -- [deepens it, puts his finger in her]

Leah  -- [moans in his mouth, takes his shirt off]

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- please [kisses his neck]

Nick  -- Leah stop

Leah  -- fine [puts her clothes on]

Nick  -- [puts his shirt on]

Leah  -- i love you Nick

Nick  -- i love you too [kisses her]

Leah  -- i’m hungry

Nick  -- okay i’ll make you something to eat [goes to the kitchen]

Leah  -- [follows him] i wanna make it

Nick  -- fine you can get some water and i’ll make the food [starts cutting some pineapple]

Leah  -- [grabs the knife by the by the handle {a/n – the blade is facing her}] i want to cut it

Nick  -- Leah let go

Leah  -- no you let go!

Nick  -- your going to hurt yourself!

Leah  -- NICK LET GO!!!

Nick  -- no!

Leah  -- [slips, falls on the floor]

Nick  -- [puts the knife down, helps her up] are you okay?

Leah  -- no [takes the knife starts cutting the pineapple]

Nick  -- Leah please stop

Leah  -- Nick i’m not a baby i kno how to cut fruit [the knife slips and she cuts her hand deep and it starts to bleed]

Nick  -- [grabs her hand]

Leah  -- what are you doing?

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Chapter 10

Leah  -- [scared] Nick ---

Nick  --[takes her over to the sink, runs her hand under cold water]

Leah  -- you didn’t drink my blood

Nick  -- i kno [kisses her head]

Leah  -- don’t you like my blood anymore?

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- [looks at the cut on her hand] does my blood taste bad?

Nick  -- no, it tastes amazing, but i don’t want to loose control

Leah  -- is there something wrong with me?

Nick  -- yeah, the fact that your upset that i’m not drinking your blood

Leah  -- you don’t like it do you?

Nick  -- you are so weird, you kno that

Leah  -- can you please have a bit ?

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- [holds her hand out] please

Nick  -- no [pushes her hand away] i won’t be able to stop

Leah  -- [crying a bit] theres something wrong with me

Nick  -- [hugs her] no there isn’t, i just don’t want to hurt you

Leah  -- you won’t [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it, picks her up]

Leah  -- [wraps her legs around his waist]

Nick  -- [puts her on the counter]

Joe  -- [comes in with Demi ] what are you doing?! People eat in here you kno!

Nick  -- no they don’t

Leah  -- Nick

Nick  -- except for Leah

Demi  -- you should be doing that in your room

Nick  -- fine [picks up Leah,  takes her to his room]

Leah  -- do you kno what got Jake yet?

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- what if it kills someone else

Nick  -- it didn’t kill Jake, i did

Leah  -- [slaps him]

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- how could you kill him!

Nick  -- i thot you were over that!

Leah  -- i am, but i just wish you didn’t kill him

Nick  -- i’m sorry Leah [kisses her]

Leah  -- [doesn’t kiss back]

Nick  -- i’m sorry Leah, just forgive me!

Leah  -- i don’t want to

Nick  -- why not

Leah  -- because i like holding grudges

Nick  -- [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- thats cheating!

Nick  -- i’m sorry baby [keeps kissing her neck]

Leah  -- Nick stop!

Nick  -- not till you forgive me [still kissing her neck]

Leah  -- [moans a little] okay i forgive you!

Nick  -- [kisses her] good

Leah  -- i want to go home

Nick  -- but we just got here

Leah  -- and now i want to go

Nick  -- can’t you want till tmrw?

Leah   -- i guess


Nick  -- [in his room]

Demi  -- [comes in]

Nick  -- get out

Demi  -- Leah told me, to tell you that she’s not coming over

Nick  -- why not?

Demi  -- to much home work

Nick  -- but  ----

Demi  -- she’s not coming Nick!

Nick  -- well i want her to

Demi  -- you have absolutely no life!

Nick  -- yeah i do!

Demi  -- all you do is think about Leah

Nick  -- i just love her! Is there something wrong with that?

Demi  -- yeah!

Nick  -- what

Demi  -- what if someone finds out

Nick  -- everyone already knows!

Demi  -- i mean M----

Nick  -- don’t say her name!

Demi  -- okay, i mean her Nick

Nick  -- she won’t find out, i haven’t see her in decades

Demi  -- what about Tony what if he finds out? Or Josh or ---

Nick  -- Josh won’t care, and i haven’t seen Tony since i saw M—her

Demi  -- but your not supposed to date a human

Nick  -- yeah i kno, but theres nothing i can do

Demi  -- you could change her

Nick  -- not a chance! I will never change her Demi!

Demi  -- but  ----

Nick  -- no! I’m not ruining her life!

Demi  --  but Nick  ----

Nick  -- NO DEMI!!!
Demi  -- you don’t have to yell

Nick  -- get out!

Demi  -- befor i go, who come you can’t use your power to see who killed Josh?

Nick  -- because first off, i can’t see in the past, 2nd i killed Josh, and third i haven’t gotten any visions in months

Demi  -- why

Nick  -- i donno, i think Leah might have something to do with is

Demi  -- then break up with her

Nick  -- OUT DEMI!!!

Demi  -- [leaves]

Nick  -- [goes to Leah’s house]

Leah  -- Nick what are you doing here?

Nick  -- i missed you [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pulls away] i have homework to do

Nick  -- i’ll do it for you tonight while your sleeping

Leah  -- thats cheating

Nick  -- so? I want to spend time with you

Leah  -- no, i’m not cheating!

Nick  -- well then just take a break

Leah  -- no Nick!

Nick  -- [sits on the couch] then i’ll just wait till your done

Leah  -- good bye Nick!

Nick  -- fine, but tmrw can you spend more time with me?

Leah  -- yeah sure [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens its]

Leah  -- [pulls away] bye Nick, i’ll see you tmrw

Nick  -- fine [goes home]

Taylor  -- theres a girl upstairs with you

Nick  -- who?

Taylor  -- i donno i’ve never seen her befor

Nick  -- [goes up to his room] WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!!!

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Chapter 11

Meaghan  -- hi Nicky [goes over to him, kisses his cheek]

Nick  -- Meaghan why are you here?!

Meaghan  -- because i missed you [wraps her arms around his neck]

Nick  -- aren’t you with Tony now?

Meaghan  -- not really, we’re not together like a couple

Nick  -- where is he?

Meaghan  -- hunting

Nick  -- here?!

Meaghan  -- um yeah

Nick  --  he can’t hunt here, wat if her runs into Leah?!

Meaghan  -- who’s that?

Nick  -- my girlfriend

Meaghan  -- who cares, he’s not going to bite a vampire

Nick  -- she’s not a vampire! [starts to leave]

Meaghan  -- hold it! You broke up with me for a stupid human!??

Nick  -- i broke up with you befor i ever met Leah!

Meaghan  -- [crosses her arms] why did you break up with me?

Nick  -- because you got together with Tony! [goes to Leah’s house]

Leah  -- Nick i thot i told you ----

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [tries to pull away]

Nick  -- [holds her tighter, deepens the kiss]

Leah  -- [crying cuz he’s hurting her]

Nick  -- [pulls away, lets go of her]

Leah  -- Nick you hurt me! don't hold me so tight!

Nick  -- i’m really sorry baby

Leah  -- its okay, why are you here

Meaghan  -- [comes in]

Nick  -- thats why

Meaghan  -- this is her?

Nick  -- yeah this is the love of my life, so you better leave her alone

Leah  -- love of your life?

Nick  -- yeah

Meaghan  -- i would never hurt her Nick

Nick  -- [doesn’t believe her]

Leah  -- who are you?

Meaghan  -- i’m Meaghan, Nick’s girlfriend

Nick  -- ex-girlfriend

Meaghan  -- you said you would always love me Nicky [kisses him]

Leah  -- [holding back tears]

Nick  -- [pulls away] Meaghan  ----

Meaghan   -- [kisses him again]

Leah  -- [crying a bit, runs upstairs]

Nick  -- [pushes Meaghan away] don’t do that! [goes upstairs] Leah?

Leah  -- go away!

Nick  -- Leah i’m sorry

Leah  -- you cheated on me

Nick  -- i don’t like Meaghan!!! She’s a bitch!

Leah  -- then why did you kiss her?!

Nick  -- she kissed me!

Leah  -- so you still love me?

Nick  -- of course

Leah  -- but i’m not as pretty as Meaghan

Nick  -- your joking right? Your the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen

Leah  -- i am?

Nick  -- yeah [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Meaghan  -- [comes in]

Nick  -- [pulls away] what do you want?!

Meaghan  -- i just wanted to kno if i can stay at your house

Nick  -- not a chance

Meaghan  -- i would let me stay if i were you

Nick  -- why

Meaghan  -- you could keep me out of trouble

Nick  -- fine you can stay, tho i don’t kno why you want to

Meaghan  -- because i do, i’ll see you at home [leaves]

Leah  -- why are you letting her stay?

Nick  -- i have no idea

Leah  -- i don’t want her to stay

Nick  -- i’m sorry Leah, but i’m sure she’s just here for a couple days

Leah  -- i hope so

Nick  -- [kisses her] i should get home, you didn’t want me here anyways

Leah  -- [grabs  his arm] can you stay the night?

Nick  -- sure


Leah  -- [laying in bed] so i was thinking tmrw at school ----

Nick  -- [covers her mouth] Leah go to sleep

Leah  -- i’m not tired

Nick  -- its 3 am

Leah  -- i don’t want to go to sleep Nick

Nick  -- [kisses her] please go to sleep

Leah  -- fine [tries to fall asleep]

Nick  -- [gets under the covers]

Leah  -- what are you doing?

Nick  -- just trying to remember what it was like to sleep

Leah  -- [lays on top of him] are you upset?

Nick  -- about what?

Leah  -- about being a vampire

Nick  -- well i miss a lot of things

Leah  -- like what?

Nick  -- like sleeping,  eating, breathing

Leah  -- but you can do all those things

Nick  -- i guess

Leah  -- [gets off him] ‘night Nick [kisses him, falls asleep]

Nick  -- [pulls her closer to him, kisses her head]


Tony  -- he’s dating a human?

Meaghan  -- yeah, her names Leah

Tony  -- nice name

Meaghan  -- [hits him]

Tony  -- what?

Meaghan  -- i can’t believe he dumped me for a human! Am i really that bad?

Tony  -- yeah

Meaghan  -- [glares at him]

Tony  -- i mean no, of course not


Nick  -- [goes into his room] Meaghan  what are you doing in here? I thot i told you to stay out

Meaghan  -- i missed you to much [kisses him, pulls him on the bed]

Nick  -- Meaghan stop

Meaghan  -- [whispers in his ear] Nicky you love me remember

Nick  -- Meaghan don’t do that

Meaghan  -- do what?

Nick  -- use your stupid power to make me think i love you when i don’t

Meaghan  -- i don’t kno what your talking about [kisses him]

Nick  -- [pulls away]

Meaghan  -- i love you Nick [kisses him]

Nick  -- [not thinking strait, deepens it]

Meaghan  -- [wraps her arms around his neck]

Nick  -- [takes her shirt off]

Meaghan  -- [kisses him]

Nick  -- [kisses back, deepening it]

Leah  -- [comes in] Nick i just ---- what are you doing?!

Nick  -- [pulls away] Leah i ----

Leah  -- i kno you wanted to this time!

Nick  -- no but Meaghan ----

Leah  -- [crying] i don’t want to hear it! I hate you! [runs downstairs]

Taylor  -- Leah whats wrong?

Leah  -- Nick was kissing Meaghan  [wipes her tears]

Taylor  -- who’s Meaghan?

Demi  -- Nick’s ex, that girl that you told him was in his room a couple days ago

Taylor  -- that was Nick’s ex?

Demi  -- yeah

Leah  -- and he was kissing her! [still crying a bit]

Demi  -- Leah you don’t understand Meaghan can ----

Leah  -- I DON’T CARE!!! [leaves, walks home, bumps into someone]

???  -- sorry

Leah  -- no it was my fault, i wasn’t watching where i was going

???  -- are you okay? [wipes her tears]

Leah  -- no not really

???  -- whats your name?

Leah  -- i’m Leah, who are you? I’ve never seen you around here befor

Tony  -- i’m Tony

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Chapter 12

Leah  -- so are you new here?

Tony  -- i guess you could say that

Leah  -- did you move here

Tony  -- no i’m just back visiting some friends

Leah  -- oh

Tony  -- i did see a house down the road tho, it didn’t look like anyone lived there

Leah  -- was it a grey house, with a black fence?

Tony  -- yeah

Leah  -- that place is deserted, thats wat my cousin told me

Tony  -- have you ever been inside?

Leah  -- no

Tony  -- well i’m going to go look [walks away]

Leah  -- you shouldn’t go in there! [follows him] its haunted

Tony  -- i’m not scared

Leah  -- i am

Tony  -- don’t worry, i’ll keep you safe [puts his arm around her]


Nick  -- Meaghan get out!

Meaghan  -- but Nick  ----


Meaghan  -- but ----

Nick  -- just take Tony and ---- wheres Tony?

Meaghan  -- he went out looking for this girl

Nick  -- what girl

Meaghan  -- whoever owns this [hands him a bracelet]

Nick  -- this is Leah’s!

Meaghan  -- well we found in some guys jacket who was dead in the forest

Nick  -- you didn’t happen to rip his body apart did you?

Meaghan  -- yeah it was a lot of fun too

Nick  -- you are so---- i can’t believe you would  ---- MEAGHAN WHY DID YOU COME BACK!!!

Meaghan  -- because i missed you

Nick  -- i have to stop Tony from killing Leah [starts to leave]

Meaghan  -- you really think he would just kill her Nick?

Nick  -- what do you mean

Meaghan  -- have you ever met Tony?


Tony  -- [walks into the house]

Leah  -- [stands outside]

Tony  -- aren’t you coming?

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Tony  -- its just a house Leah! It can’t hurt you

Leah  -- [follows him inside, holds onto his arm]

Tony  -- [smirks]

Leah  -- i don’t like it in here

Tony  -- its not that bad [walks around the house]


Nick  -- tell me what he’s going to do!

Meaghan  -- why should i, you don’t want anything to do with me


Meaghan  -- no

Nick  -- [pushes her against the wall hard]

Meaghan  -- Nick stop! Let me go!

Nick  -- tell me what he’s going to do and then i’ll let you go!

Meaghan  -- just think about it Nick! Tony likes to play with his food

Nick  -- i haven’t seen you guys in years! How am i supposed to remember what he does

Meaghan  -- can you please let me go

Nick  -- [throws her against the opposite wall]

Meaghan  -- [hits the wall, falls to the floor]

Nick  -- so what he’s going to do? Kill her slowly?

Meaghan  -- you really don’t remember?

Nick  -- no

Meaghan  -- well this is kind of a new thing he does so i guess it makes sense why ----

Nick  -- tell me what he’s going to do!

Meaghan  -- he isn’t going to kill her by biting her Nick

Nick  -- then how ---- wait he’s not going to----

Meaghan  -- yeah he is

Nick  -- i have to go [starts to leave]

Meaghan  -- [grabs his arm] Nick wait, he probably doesn’t have her

Nick  -- are you just saying that so i won’t go?

Meaghan  -- [lying] no

Nick  -- your lying!

Meaghan  -- no i’m not!


Tony  -- see its not that bad [sits on the couch]

Leah  -- [sits next to him] its still scary

Tony  -- no its not [leans closer to her]

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Tony  -- [deepens it]


Meaghan  -- [holding onto Nick’s arm] no you can’t go

Demi  -- [comes in] Nick Joe just got back and said he saw Leah with Tony

Nick  -- shit! [pushes Meaghan away, runs out]


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Chapter 13

Leah  -- [pulls away from the kiss] i have to go [starts to leave]

Tony  -- [pulls her back] not yet baby, let me have my fun

Leah  -- [crying] leave me alone!

Tony  --  [picks her up, takes her upstairs to the bedroom, drops her on the bed]

Leah  -- rape is illegal!

Tony  -- to bad i can never get arrested [gets on top of her]

Leah  -- GET OFF!!!

Tony   -- [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- [crying hard] STOP!!!

Tony  -- [takes her shirt and pants off] your so warm baby

Leah  -- what?

Tony  -- [takes his shirt off, lays on her]

Leah  -- stop your cold!

Tony  -- its not my fault baby [kisses her]

Leah  -- wait your a ----

Tony  -- [kisses her, takes her bra off, then his pants]

Leah  -- [really scared]

Tony  -- [licks her neck]

Leah  -- Tony stop!! [tries to push him off]

Tony  -- just accept that your never going to see Nick again [takes her underwear off]

Leah  -- please just let me say bye first

Tony  -- [hands her the phone, takes his boxers off]

Leah  -- i meant in person

Tony  -- do you want to talk to him or not? [kisses her stomach]

Leah  -- [calls Nick, waits for him to answer]

Tony  -- [moves his mouth to her neck]

Leah  -- what are you doing?

Tony  -- [kisses her neck] just making sure you don’t tell Nick where you are

Nick  -- [answers the phone] Leah are you okay?

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- whats happening

Leah  -- i can’t tell you

Tony  -- [kisses her neck] good girl

Leah  --  [crying] Nick i love you and i’m sorry i ran out like that

Nick  -- its fine, Leah what is Tony doing?!

Leah  -- nothing

Nick  -- just tell me!

Leah  -- i can’t

Nick  -- where are you

Leah  -- where am i?

Tony  -- [licks her neck]

Leah  -- no where

Tony  -- [continues to lick her neck]

Leah  -- Nick i’m sorry for anything i did

Nick  -- Leah i love you, and i want to help you so tell me where you are

Leah  -- I CAN’T!!!

Nick  -- tell me now Leah!

Leah  -- he’ll kill me if i do

Tony  -- [bites her neck a bit, but not enough to make her bleed]

Leah  -- please stop

Nick  -- Leah i can’t help unless you tell me where

Tony  -- [takes the phone from Leah] hi Nick

Nick  -- don’t you dare touch her

Tony  -- its a bit late for that, she was all over me


Tony  -- i’ll do what i want to her!

Nick  -- please don’t hurt her

Tony  -- why not? Does little Nick care about his precious human? [goes into Leah fast]

Leah  -- [screams in pain]

Nick  -- STOP IT!!!

Tony  -- you want me to go harder on her?

Nick  -- no Tony stop! Please don’t hurt her

Tony  --  bye Nick

Nick  -- tell me where you are!

Tony  -- no [hangs up, kisses Leah]

Leah  -- [crying really hard]

Tony  -- [kisses all over her body]

Leah  -- please let me go

Tony  -- not till i have my fun  [goes into her harder]

Leah  -- [screaming in pain]

Tony  -- scream as much as you want baby, i’m not going to stop

Leah  -- [breathing funny, crying uncontrollably]

Tony  -- [goes into her harder and faster]

Leah  -- [screams louder]

Tony  -- [pulls out, kisses her]

Nick  -- [runs in, pushes Tony off Leah]

Leah  -- Nick...

Nick  -- [puts the blanket over her]

Tony  -- [puts his boxers on] get out Jonas!

Nick  -- no

Tony  -- i wasn’t done!

Nick  -- yeah you are! Now get out!!!! Befor i rip your head off!!

Tony  -- [puts his clothes on, leaves]

Nick  -- [gets on the bed, puts Leah’s clothes on her]

Leah  -- [still crying really hard]

Nick  -- Leah don’t worry, your safe now [wipes her tears]

Leah  -- [slaps his hand away] DON’T TOUCH ME!!!!

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Chapter 14

Nick  -- Leah whats wrong?

Leah  -- [crying] please don’t hurt me Nick

Nick  -- hurt you? I would never hurt you

Leah  -- [breathing funny, still crying]

Nick  -- Leah your scaring me, whats wrong?

Leah  -- [closes her eyes, having a hard time breathing]

Nick  -- [picks her up]

Leah  -- PUT ME DOWN!! [crying hard] Nick please

Nick  -- no your hurt and you need to get help [takes her to his house, puts her on his bed]

Leah  -- please don’t rape me

Nick  -- Leah i’m not going to ----

Leah  -- [crying] Nick  --

Nick  -- [leaves, goes downstairs]

Joe  -- whats going on with Leah?

Nick  -- she’s scared of me

Joe  -- took her long enough to figure out your a monster

Nick  -- she thinks i’m going to hurt her or rape her

Joe  -- why would she think that?

Demi  -- she’s probably in shock

Nick  -- what?

Demi  -- from what Tony did, she’s going to be very distant until she knows she can trust you

Nick  -- but she knows that already!

Demi  -- she might need to figure it out again

Joe  -- [goes upstairs, and to Nick’s room] Leah?

Leah  -- [looks at him] what?

Joe  -- are you okay? [touches her arm]

Leah  -- [winces] please stop

Joe  -- Leah i’m not going to hurt you

Leah  -- [starts crying] just leave me alone!

Joe  -- okay [goes back downstairs]

Demi  -- how is she?

Joe  -- she’s still scared

Nick  -- what am i going to do

Demi  -- just give her time Nick, treat her like she’s a new person that you just met

Nick  -- but i don’t want to treat her like a new person

Demi  -- Nick you have to, she’s going to be very scared and protective of her body right now, and you just have to accept that

Nick  -- okay fine

Taylor  -- [comes in] Nick someones here to see you

Nick  -- who

Taylor  -- i don’t want to say

Nick  -- where are they?

Taylor  -- in the backyard

Nick  -- [goes to the backyard] GET OUT!!!

Meaghan  -- Nick calm down, we’re leaving

Tony  -- we just came to tell you, tho i don’t kno why

Meaghan  -- because Nick’s our friend and ---


Tony  -- how’s Leah?

Nick  -- you destroyed her! She’s scared of me now!!!

Tony  -- sucks to be you

Nick  -- i can’t believe you would do that!

Meaghan  -- Nick relax would you!

Nick  -- my girlfriend is not herself, she’s scared of everything!

Tony  -- you kno i wasn’t done with her

Nick  -- if you ever touch her again i’ll kill you!

Tony  -- i’d like to see you try

Nick  -- [moves towards him]

Meaghan  -- [steps in between them] bye Nick, we’ll leave you alone now

Nick  -- good

Meaghan  -- [kisses his cheek, leaves with Tony]

Nick  -- [goes back inside, and up to his room]

Leah  -- [sleeping]


I sat on the couch across the room, and just watched Leah. I hated this. She thot i was some kind of monster, i mean i am i guess. But to have her be so scared of me that she would cry is hurting me. I love her so much and now she’s scared of me and wants nothing to do with me. I watched her sleep and she started to thrash around, she was muttering something, but i couldn’t understand what. I wanted to wake her up but i was scared if i woke her up after she had a nightmare and i was the first person she saw she would be even more scared of me. I ran out of the room and looked for Demi


Demi  -- Nick whats wrong?

Nick  -- i need you to go wake up Leah

Demi  -- fine [they go to Nick’s room, walks over to the bed, shakes Leah] Leah wake up

Leah  -- [wakes up, breathing heavy, hugs Demi, looks at Nick scared]

Demi  -- [hugging Leah back] are you okay?

Leah  -- [nods]


The look Leah gave me was one of pure fear. I just wish i had Demi’s power and i could read Leah’s mind. I need to kno what happened in her dream. What was making her so scared of me? I just need things to go back to normal because having her this scared of me was killing me inside.


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Chapter 15

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Leah  -- [looks at Nick]

Nick  -- Leah?

Leah  -- [runs out]

Nick  -- [starts to go after her]

Demi  -- [holds him back] just give her time

Nick  -- i can’t!

Demi  -- Nick she’s scared to death!

Nick  -- but i didn’t do anything!

Demi  -- do you realize what Tony did!?!! He could have killed her!

Nick  -- i kno

Demi  -- so Leah just needs time, so back off!!!


Leah  -- [walks into the school, sees Nick , starts walking to other way]

Nick  -- [walks after her] Leah wait

Leah  -- [stops]

Nick  -- please talk to me

Leah  -- [shakes her head, scared]

Nick  -- [takes her hand, walks out of the school, and into the forest]

Leah  -- please don’t kill me

Nick  -- i’m not going to kill you!

Leah  -- but  -----

Nick  -- Leah i’ll never kill you!

Leah  -- then what do you want

Nick  -- i want my girlfriend back

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- i love you Leah, and i miss you

Leah  -- you do?

Nick  -- yeah [kisses her]

Leah  -- [not as scared now, deepens the kiss]

Nick  -- [pulls away] want to go back to my house?

Leah  -- kay

Nick  -- [takes her to his house, and up to his room]

Leah  -- Nick i ----

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [pushes her back on the bed, gets on top of her]

Leah  -- Nick stop

Nick  -- [kisses her neck, takes her shirt off]

Leah  -- Nick please stop

Nick  -- why? [takes her pants off]

Leah  -- NICK STOP!!!!

Nick  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- i can’t have sex with you

Nick  -- why not?

Leah  -- because your a vampire

Nick  -- you had sex with me befor

Leah  -- Nick you could hurt me!

Nick  -- i didn’t hurt you befor

Leah  -- i just don’t want to!!!

Nick  -- fine [lays next to her] but your not scared of me anymore?

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Nick  -- good [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pulls away, puts her clothes back on] i should get home

Nick  -- well i can drive you

Leah  -- no thanks, i’m just going to walk

Nick  -- its miles

Leah  -- its not that far

Nick  -- why don’t you want me to drive you

Leah  -- because your a crazy driver!

Nick  -- i’ll go at the normal speed limit, i promise

Leah  -- no, i want to walk

Nick  -- okay i’ll walk with you

Leah  -- no its fine, i can go by myself

Nick  -- but----

Leah  -- bye Nick [kisses him quickly, then leaves]


What is with that girl. Why doesn’t she want me driving her. I heard the front door close, and i went over to the widow. I saw Leah looking around, and then she started running. Why was she running. She looked like she was running for her life. What the hell!! I thot she wasn’t scared anymore. I ran downstairs, and caught up to Leah within a couple of seconds


Leah  -- [sees Nick, screams]

Nick  -- sorry for scaring you

Leah  -- [hits him] don’t do that!

Nick  -- why are you running?!

Leah  -- i just need to get home soon

Nick  -- then let me drive you

Leah  -- no Nick!

Nick  -- why not!

Leah  -- because i don’t want you to! [leaves]

Nick  -- [walks back into the house]

Demi  -- are you okay?

Nick  -- i donno, Leah said she’s not scared anymore

Demi  -- well thats good then

Nick  -- yeah but then she didn’t want me taking her home, and she started running away the second she left

Demi  -- maybe something else is bothering her

Nick  -- like what?

Demi  -- i donno, i’m just saying

Nick  -- so you don’t think she’s scared of me?

Demi  -- well if she came over, then no

Nick  -- good

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Chapter 16

Nick  -- so what should i do? Should i try to help her?

Demi  -- let me talk to her first

Nick  -- okay, but don’t take to long

Demi  -- i’ll talk to her tmrw

Nick  -- why not tonight?

Demi  -- i want to give her time to cool off

Nick  -- fine


Demi  -- [walks into the school, goes over to Leah] hi Leah

Leah  -- hey Dems, whats up?

Demi  -- are you mad at Nick?

Leah  -- no

Demi  -- well is there something thats brothering you?

Leah  -- [walking to class] yeah kinda

Demi  -- and does it have something to do with Nick?

Leah  -- kinda, but i’m not scared of him if thats what you think

Demi  -- so whats wrong?

Leah  -- can we talk after school?

Demi  -- sure, do you want to come over?

Leah  -- um ----

Demi  -- Nick won’t be there

Leah  -- he won’t?

Demi  -- he’s going hunting with Joe and Kevin

Leah  -- hunting....

Demi  -- animals, he hasn’t been killing humans lately

Leah  -- kay, i’ll come over

Demi  -- good


Leah  -- [sits on the couch]

Demi  -- so whats going on?

Leah  -- i’ve just been thinking about the whole vampire thing

Demi  -- what about it?

Leah  -- i don’t want to date someone who’s a different species

Demi  -- oh....well Nick’s going to be heartbroken

Leah  -- [looks at the floor] i’m trying to  figure something out right now, so then i can still be with him

Demi  -- just don’t break up with him yet, okay?

Leah  -- i won’t, i love him so much

Demi  -- and he loves you too, he was so hurt when you didn’t want to be around him

Leah  -- when does he get back?

Demi  -- tmrw i think

Leah  -- where are they?

Demi  -- why?

Leah  - i need to see him now

Demi  -- now?

Leah  -- [nods]

Demi  -- fine [calls Nick]

Nick  -- [answers] did you talk to her?

Demi  -- yeah, she’s right here

Nick  -- she is?

Demi  -- yeah, and she wants to see you

Nick  -- should i be worried?

Demi  -- i have no idea

Nick  -- can you put her on the phone?

Demi  -- [hangs the phone to Leah]

Leah  -- hello?

Nick  -- hi baby

Leah  -- hi Nick, when are you coming home?

Nick  -- in a couple days

Leah  -- but i want you now

Nick  -- i could try and come home earlier

Leah  -- kay, when?

Nick  -- i’m not sure

Leah  -- tell me when you find out

Nick  -- alright, i’ll see you soon

Leah  -- i love you Nick

Nick  -- i love you too [hangs up]

Demi  -- whens he coming back?

Leah  -- a couple days, can i stay here tonight?

Demi  -- sure


Leah  -- [laying on Nick’s bed, trying to fall asleep]

Vanessa  -- [comes in] you okay?

Leah  -- no, i can’t sleep

Vanessa  -- is there anything i can get you? Tea? Or something to eat?

Leah  -- um can you get Nick on the phone?

Vanessa  -- sure i’ll be back later [walks out]

Taylor  -- is she okay?

Vanessa  -- she can’t sleep

Taylor  -- why not?

Vanessa  -- i donno, but i think she needs Nick

Taylor  -- but he’s not here

Vanessa  -- i kno [calls Nick]

Nick  -- [answers] what now?

Vanessa  -- Leah wants you

Nick  -- she does?

Vanessa  -- yeah, she can’t sleep

Nick  -- tell her i’ll be home in a couple hours

Vanessa  -- kay [hangs up] he’s coming home

Taylor  -- good [goes into Nick’s room]

Leah  -- [sits up on the bed]

Taylor  -- Nick’s coming

Leah  -- good

Taylor  -- why do you want him?

Leah  -- because i love him, and he never told me he was leaving

Taylor  -- he probably forgot, he’s got a horrible memory


Nick  -- [goes up to his room]

Leah  -- [hugs him]

Nick  -- [picks her up, lays her on the bed, lays next to her]

Leah  -- [cuddles close to him]

Nick  -- are you okay? What happened?

Leah  -- nothing, i just need to talk to you, and its an emergency

Nick  -- talk to me about what?

Leah  -- i want you to change me

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- i want to be a vampire too

Nick  -- do you kno what your saying?

Leah  -- yeah, i want to be like you

Nick  -- are you sure [gets on top of her]

Leah  -- [nods] yeah i’m sure

Nick  -- [puts his lips to her neck] this is really want you want?

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Chapter 17

Leah  -- yeah, this is what i want

Nick  -- [kisses her neck] are you sure?

Leah  -- [closes her eyes, nods]


My whole body went into shock, in a second i would be just like Nick, and we could be together forever. I love him so much, and this is what i want, i think. What was taking so long! I felt Nick’s lips on my neck, but he was hesitating, why was he hesitating?! I opened my eyes and looked at him, he looked like he was trying to figure out what to do


Leah  -- Nick?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- why are you hesitating

Nick  -- because it will hurt you

Leah  -- it will be worth it

Nick  -- what if i can’t stop

Leah  -- you always do

Nick  -- yeah about 2 seconds befor your about to die

Leah  -- Nick please

Nick  -- can you just think about it for a little longer?

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Nick  -- just a couple days, and if this is what you really want, then i’ll change you

Leah  -- okay

Nick  -- [kisses her] i love you Leah

Leah  -- i love you too

Nick  -- [kisses her head] now go to sleep

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- why not?

Leah  -- because i don’t want to

Nick  -- [lays next to her]

Leah  -- [puts her head on his chest, starts falling asleep]

Nick  -- [strokes her hair]

Leah  -- [falls asleep]

Demi  -- [comes in] ARE YOU CRAZY!!!

Nick  -- Demi shhh!

Demi  -- you can’t change her!

Nick  -- how did you ----

Demi  -- i heard your thots Nick!

Nick  -- you have got to stop doing that!

Demi  -- i kno you don’t want to change her

Nick  -- thats not true

Demi  -- why would you tell her you would change her!? Nick you ----

Nick  -- Demi! I can change her if i want! But i think she will change her mind about it

Demi  - fine

Nick  -- and stay out of my head!

Demi  -- [leaves]


Leah  -- [wakes up in Nick’s arms, looks at him, smiles] morning

Nick  -- did you sleep well?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- Leah you kno if i change you, you can never have a baby

Leah  -- i can’t?

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- oh....well thats okay

Nick  -- it is?

Leah  -- i guess

Nick  -- you would give up being a mom to be a vampire?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- but you said you wanted a kid

Leah  -- i want to be with you more

Nick  -- you can still be with me as a human

Leah  -- no i want to be a vampire!

Nick  -- but why?

Leah  -- because i love you, and i want to be with you forever

Nick  -- are you sure?

Leah  -- i’ve never been more sure [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [deepens it more]

Nick  -- [gets on top of her]

Leah  -- [wraps her legs around his waist]

Nick  -- [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- Nick i want you to change me now

Nick  -- what happened to waiting a couple days?

Leah  -- i don’t want to wait

Nick  -- you don’t want this Leah

Leah  -- yes i do!

Nick  -- whats the rush?

Leah  -- i keep getting older

Nick  -- yeah well thats whats supposed to happen

Leah  -- i want to be like you Nick!

Nick  -- if i change you, i can never change you back

Leah  -- i don’t want to change back

Nick  -- Leah ----

Leah  -- [kisses him] please please please

Nick  -- wait till the end of the day

Leah  -- fine [goes downstairs]

Nick  -- [goes to Joe’s room] i have a problem

Joe  -- yeah i kno

Nick  -- [glares at him]

Joe  -- what kind of problem

Nick  -- Leah wants me to change her

Joe  -- i like how she is

Nick  -- [hits the back of his head]

Joe  -- ow

Nick  -- change her into one of us

Joe  -- is she crazy!

Nick  -- i guess

Joe  -- does she kno how much that will hurt?

Nick  -- i told her, but she doesn’t care

Joe  -- then just change her

Nick  -- i guess i could

Joe  -- so whats the problem

Nick  -- i just don’t want her to change her mind after its to late

Joe  -- she won’t


Leah  -- [eating breakfast]

Nick  -- [comes in]

Leah  -- now?

Nick  -- no!

Demi  -- i don’t even kno why you want to be a vampire, it ruins your life

Nick  -- shut up Demi!

Leah  -- [keeps eating her food]

Nick  -- [wraps his arms around her waist] want to go to dinner tonight?

Leah  -- kay, where?

Nick  -- not telling [kisses her head]

Leah  -- please

Nick  -- no, you’ll have to wait and see


Nick  -- [covering Leah’s eyes] ready?

Leah  -- yeah [moves his hands, sees a romantic dinner on the beach, smiles]

Nick  -- like it?

Leah  -- [nods, kisses him]

Nick  -- [sits on the sand]

Leah  -- [sits on his lap] i love you Nick [kisses him]

Nick  -- love you too

Leah  -- [wraps her arms around his neck] now can you change me?

Nick  -- Leah ----

Leah  -- you promised!

Nick  -- i don’t want you changing your mind

Leah  -- [gets off him, lays on the sand, with her back to him]

Nick  -- don’t do this Leah

Leah  -- [ignores him]

Nick  -- [rubs her back]

Leah  -- [stops him, stands up, walks away from him]

Nick  -- [goes over to her]

Leah  -- [looks away from him]

Nick  -- fine you win!

Leah  -- what----

Nick  -- [pushes her to the ground, pins her down]

Leah  --  [scared]

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [pulls away, kisses her neck]

Leah  -- [getting nervous]

Nick  -- last chance to change your mind

Leah  -- this is what i want Nick

Nick  -- okay [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- [closes her eyes, waiting for him to bite her]

Nick  -- [bites her neck]

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Chapter 18

Leah  -- [screams]

Nick  -- [licks the blood of her neck, moves away from her a bit so he won’t loose control]


Leah had her eyes closed and i waited for the venom to spread thru her body. She didn’t look like it hurt, but maybe it doesn’t hurt at first. I got changed so long ago and i don’t really remember is. She said my name, but i stayed away. I don’t want to lose control, because her neck was still bleeding. I sat on the sand and watched her. She was just laying there, and then her body starts to shake and she screamed. I ran to her side, and held her hand.


Leah  -- [looks at Nick]

Nick  -- i’m so sorry Leah, but your going to be okay [kisses her hand]

Leah  -- [breathing funny, crying]


I had never felt this kind of pain befor. I could barely see anymore. i could only see Nick right now. I was re thinking this whole vampire thing, but i love Nick, and this is what i want. I just wish it didn’t hurt so much. Everything was going blurry, but i could still hear Nick’s voice, but i couldn’t make out what he was saying. I felt him kiss my head, and then everything went black.


Leah  -- [opens her eyes]

Nick  -- [moves her hair out of her face, strokes her cheek]

Leah  -- [closes her eyes again]

Nick  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- [nods]

Demi  -- [knocks on the door]

Nick  -- go away!

Demi  -- Nick you’ve been in there for days! Whats going on

Nick  -- nothing [trying not to think about something]

Demi  -- NICK STOP THAT!!!

Nick  -- no! Stop trying to read my mind!

Demi  -- [tries to open the door] let me in!

Nick  -- no

Demi  -- [gets the door open, sees Leah] oh my god! NICK!!!

Nick  -- what?

Demi  -- [points at Leah] you ---- and she  ----- but ------ how could ----- VAMPIRE!!!

Nick  -- slow this morning aren't you Dems

Demi  -- how could you Nick!

Kevin  -- [comes in] why are you yelling Demi?

Demi  -- he changed her!

Kevin  -- you what?

Nick  -- she wanted me to

Demi  -- that doesn’t mean you do!

Leah  -- [opens her eyes, looks at them]

Kevin  -- wow she’s beautiful

Nick  -- [hits him] she’s also mine!

Demi  -- Nick she’s going to be thirsty

Nick  -- right [picks Leah up]

Leah  -- where are we going?

Nick  -- hunting

Leah  -- no [tries to get away from him]

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- i don’t want to

Nick  -- Leah you need to

Demi  -- why don’t you want to Leah?

Leah  -- i just don’t

Kevin  -- are you sure you changed her

Nick  -- i think so

Demi  -- [takes Leah downstairs]

Kevin  -- i think you did something wrong

Nick  -- what?

Kevin  -- you didn’t change her properly

Nick  -- that doesn’t even make sense


Leah  -- [goes into Nick’s room] hi Nicky [gets on the bed next to him]

Nick  -- you okay?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- where did you and Demi go

Leah  -- hunting

Nick  -- why didn’t you go with me?

Leah  -- because i didn’t want to see you when your hunting

Nick  -- why not?

Leah  -- can we not talk about this? [sits on his lap]

Nick  -- [wraps his arms around her waist]

Leah  -- [rests her head on his shoulder]

Nick  -- do you regret it?

Leah  -- regret what?

Nick  -- me changing you

Leah  -- of course not

Nick  -- are you sure? You seem upset

Leah  -- i’m not, but i look different

Nick  -- you thot you would look the same?

Leah  -- no, i just don’t want you to think i’m not pretty anymore

Nick  -- your still beautiful Leah, and i love you

Leah  -- [kisses him] i love you too

Joe  -- [comes in, looks at Leah, tips his head to the side] theres something different

Nick  -- wow Joe

Joe  -- did she cut her hair

Nick  -- get out Joe!

Joe  -- i just came to say that you might need to move Leah

Nick  -- what do you mean move her

Joe  -- Tony and Meaghan were seen a couple miles away

Nick  -- what?! Meaghan said they were leaving for good

Joe  -- they might just be passing thru, wich means they might come to visit

Leah  -- [hugs Nick]

Nick  -- he can’t hurt you now, your not human

Joe  - he can still hurt her Nick

Nick  -- [glares at him] not helping Joe!

Joe  -- i’m just saying


Leah  -- [watching tv with Demi and Taylor]

Taylor  -- you look so different Leah

Leah  -- i do

Demi  -- yeah and i got you these [hands her a box]

Leah  -- [opens it] contacts?

Demi  -- for school, your eyes changed color, and there are close to your original eye color

Leah  -- [puts them on] how do i look

Taylor  -- pretty

Joe  -- no she looks beautiful [sits next to Taylor]

Taylor  -- you never say that to me!

Joe  -- because i’m used to you looking like a vampire

Taylor  -- still

Joe  -- fine your beautiful too [kisses her head]

Demi  -- what about me

Joe  -- your okay

Demi  -- [hits him]

Joe  -- ow! I was just joking

Leah  -- [laughs, the doorbell rings] i’ll get it [goes over to the door, opens it]

Tony  -- [looks at her] hi baby

Leah  -- [starts to close the door]

Meaghan  -- [holds it open, walks in with Tony]

Demi  -- [coldly] Meaghan

Meaghan  -- [glares at her] Demi

Joe  -- awkward!

Taylor  -- [hits him]

Tony  -- [standing behind Leah, wraps his arms around her waist]

Leah  -- [scared]

Meaghan  -- is Nick here?

Joe  -- yeah

Meaghan  -- i need to talk to him

Demi  -- you can’t!

Nick  -- [comes down] whats going on? [sees Tony] get off her!

Tony  -- [smirks, kisses Leah’s neck]

Demi  -- [looks at Nick] Nick don’t over react!

Tony  -- yeah Nick don’t over react

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Chapter 19

Nick  -- let her go!

Leah  -- [tries to pull away from Tony, but he’s to strong]

Joe  -- [looks from Tony to Nick] this isn't going to end well

Meaghan  -- just let her go Tony

Tony  -- no

Nick  -- [pulls Leah away from Tony hard]

Tony  -- careful Nick you don’t want to break your little human

Demi  -- [grabs Nick’s arm, drags him upstairs]

Leah  -- [starts to go upstairs aswell]

Tony  -- [grabs her]

Leah  -- leave me alone!

Meaghan  -- Tony this stupid game is getting old

Taylor  -- game?

Meaghan  -- he’s only doing this to get to Nick

Joe  -- well its working

Leah  -- [pushes Tony away from her]

Tony  -- [stumbles back] how did you ---

Leah  -- [runs upstairs, goes into Nick’s room]

Demi  -- Nick calm down!

Nick  -- NO TONY JUST ---- [sees Leah]

Leah  -- [hugs him, wraps her legs around his waist]

Nick  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- yeah

Demi  -- see Nick, she’s fine. So theres no reason to over react and hurt Tony

Nick  -- yeah there is!


Tony  -- [looking where Leah just left]

Meaghan  -- she seems different

Joe  -- she is

Tony  -- she’s not human anymore is she

Joe  -- not exactly

Meaghan  -- she’s not?

Joe  -- she looks completely different

Tony  -- Meaghan’s just oblivious

Meaghan  -- [hits him]

Nick  -- [comes downstairs  with Leah]

Leah  -- [holding Nick’s hand]

Tony  -- i can’t believe you changed her

Nick  -- [ignores him, walks out of the house with Leah]

Leah  -- [looks back at the house]

Nick  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- what am i supposed to tell Sel?

Nick  -- Sel?

Leah  -- Selena, my cousin

Nick  -- oh right her

Leah  -- how could you forget!

Nick  -- i donno, you just never mention her

Leah  -- do i tell her i’m a vampire

Nick  -- are you crazy! You can’t tell a human your a vampire!

Leah  -- but you told me

Nick  -- thats different

Leah  -- how?

Nick  -- it just is

Leah  -- no its not

Nick  -- Leah you can’t tell her

Leah  -- fine

Nick  -- [walks into the forest]

Leah  -- [follows him] where are you going?

Nick  -- no where, i’m just walking around

Leah  -- when is Tony leaving?

Nick  -- i donno, soon i think

Leah  -- do you still like Meaghan?

Nick  -- of  course not, i love you

Leah  -- but even tho i’m a vampire now Meaghan is still prettier then me

Nick  -- why are you so self conscious?

Leah  -- because i don’t like what i look like

Nick  -- your being really annoying!

Leah  -- [walks away from him]

Nick  -- Leah?

Leah  -- [ignores him, runs off]

Nick  -- [goes back to the house]

Joe  -- wheres Leah?

Nick  -- i donno

Joe  -- you lost her?

Nick  -- no she left

Taylor  -- then you go after her!

Nick  -- [looks around] wheres Tony and Meaghan?

Joe  -- i said they were only passing thru

Nick  -- so they’re gone?

Joe  -- yeah

Nick  -- good, and did you tell them not to come back

Joe  -- no

Taylor  -- Nick they will probably be coming by this way again

Nick  -- i don’t want them to

Taylor  -- its not your choice!

Demi  -- [comes in] wheres Leah, i want to show her something

Taylor  -- Nick lost her

Nick  -- no i didn’t

Demi  -- so where is she?

Nick  -- we kinda got in a fight

Joe  -- you did?

Nick  -- not really a fight, but i said she was being annoying

Taylor  -- very nice Nick

Nick  -- she was!

Demi  -- well when she comes back tell her to come find me

Nick  -- kay


Nick  -- [looking out his window]

Demi  -- [comes in] she still hasn’t shown up?

Nick  -- no, what if something happened to her?

Demi  -- nothing did

Nick  -- how do you kno?

Demi  -- because she’s a newborn Nick, and newborns are hard to kill

Nick  -- she could still be hurt

Demi  -- why don’t you go look for her?

Nick  -- because she could be anywhere by now

Demi  -- just relax Nick

Joe  -- [comes in, throws Nick the phone]

Nick  -- who is it?

Joe  -- Tony [leaves]

Nick  -- hello?

Tony  -- hi Nick

Nick  -- what do you want?

Tony  -- nothing, i just wanted to tell you i’ve been having so much fun with your little human girl

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Chapter 20

Nick  -- Leah?

Tony  -- yeah her

Nick  -- she’s not human!

Tony  -- she was human tho

Nick  -- where are you!

Tony  -- Italy, but Leah doesn’t want to see you

Leah  -- [walks over to Tony] who are you talking to?

Tony  -- bye Nick [hangs up]

Leah  -- Nick? No i want to talk to him!

Tony  -- to bad

Leah  -- Tony please, i miss him so much

Tony  -- you don’t need him!

Leah  -- i want to go home!

Tony  -- well you can’t! you have no way of getting back

Leah  -- can you please get him back on the phone

Tony  -- no Leah! Now be a good girl and do what your told!

Leah  -- [moves away from him]

Tony  -- [pushes her on the ground]

Leah  -- [starts to get up]

Tony  -- [pins her down]

Meaghan  -- [comes over] not again Tony!

Leah  -- get off!

Tony  -- come on babe i’m horny, and i’m not having sex with Meaghan

Meaghan  -- [glares at him] whats wrong with Meaghan?

Tony  -- i’m bored of you!

Meaghan  -- [pulls Tony off Leah]

Leah  -- [runs away from them]


Nick  -- [crushes the phone in his hand]

Demi  -- Nick! That was a new phone!

Nick  -- [throws the phone on the ground] Leah’s with Tony

Demi  -- what?

Nick  -- i’ll see you in a couple days [starts to leave]

Demi  -- where are you going?

Nick  -- Italy [leaves]


Leah  -- [walking around, sees Nick, runs to him]

Nick  -- why are you with Tony!

Leah  -- i didn’t want to go! I only did because i was mad at you and i needed to get away

Nick  -- then why didn’t you come home?

Leah  -- Tony wouldn’t let me

Nick  -- what do you mean?

Leah  -- he is always with me

Nick  -- he isn’t right now

Leah  -- thats because he’s talking to Meaghan, but once he’s done he’ll be back

Nick  -- you could have called

Leah  -- i wanted to

Nick  -- do you want to come home now?

Leah  -- you don’t hate me?

Nick  -- no, i shouldn’t have let you go, i didn’t even try to stop you

Leah  -- [hugs him] i missed you so much Nick

Nick  -- i missed you too [kisses her]

Tony  -- [comes over, pulls Leah away from Nick, wraps his arms around her waist holding her still] what are you doing babe?

Nick  -- [starts to move towards Tony]

Leah  -- Nick don’t!

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- don’t do something stupid!

Nick  -- but he ---

Leah  -- just don’t! [tries to push herself away from Tony

Tony  -- what are you doing here Nick?

Nick  -- i came to get Leah

Tony  -- well she doesn’t want to go

Leah  -- yes she does!

Tony  -- but we’ve been having so much fun baby [kisses her head]

Nick  -- [pulls Leah away from Tony]

Leah  -- [hugs him, wraps her legs around his waist]

Nick  -- just stay away from me and Leah okay?

Tony  -- no

Nick  -- Tony you ----

Leah  -- Nick i just want to go

Nick  -- fine [they leave]


Nick  -- [walks into the house with Leah]

Joe  -- [hugs Leah] where have you been?

Nick  -- she was traveling with Tony and Meaghan

Joe  -- Tony?

Nick  -- yeah


Leah  -- [moves away from him] no


Nick  -- calm down Joe!

Leah  -- [goes upstairs]

Joe  -- Nick how can you be okay with this?

Nick  -- i’m not

Joe  -- but you ----

Nick  -- i don’t want her to think i’m mad, because if she does she will just leave again

Joe  -- last time you kept your anger bottled up it didn’t end well

Nick  -- that won’t happen again

Joe  -- it will if you don’t forgive her

Nick  -- i will forgive her....maybe

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Chapter 21

Joe  -- its not her fault she left

Nick  -- yeah it is

Joe  -- i mean she was just upset, and made a mistake

Nick  -- yeah i guess

Demi  -- [comes in] Leah wants you Nick

Nick  -- why?

Demi  -- i donno

Nick  -- [goes up to his room] Leah?

Leah  -- [hugs him]

Nick  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- i kno your still mad at me

Nick  -- [lying] no i’m not

Leah  -- i heard you and Joe talking

Nick  -- i’m not mad

Leah  -- Nick stop it!

Nick  -- i’m not!

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Nick  -- [doesn’t kiss back]

Leah  -- [pulls away,upset] i knew it! [runs out]

Nick  -- Leah!

Leah  -- [runs downstairs]

Joe  -- Leah whats wrong?

Leah  -- Nick hates me

Demi  -- no he doesn’t

Leah  -- yeah he does

Joe  -- he’s just upset

Leah  -- i’ll see you guys later [starts to leave]

Demi  -- your staying in town right?

Leah  -- [nods, leaves]

Nick  -- [comes down]

Joe  -- what did you say to her?

Nick  -- i didn’t say anything!

Demi  -- she’s really upset

Nick  -- where is she?

Demi  -- she left

Nick  -- you let her leave again!

Joe  -- she’s not leaving the country Nick, she’s staying in town

Nick  -- good

Demi  -- so why was she upset?

Nick  -- because i wouldn’t kiss her, and she heard Joe and me talking

Demi  -- what did you guys talk about?

Joe  -- how Nick wasn’t going to forgive Leah

Demi  -- you guys are so stupid!

Nick  -- [walks out of the house]

Joe  -- wheres he going?

Demi  -- probably to find Leah


Leah  -- [sitting on a rock by the water]

Nick  -- [walks over] Leah?

Leah  -- what do you want

Nick  -- i want you to kno that i love you [wraps his arms around her waist, kisses her head]

Leah  -- you do?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- but i thot you were mad

Nick  -- i’m more mad at Tony

Leah  -- so you forgive me?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- thanks Nick [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it, picks her up]

Leah  -- no stop

Nick  -- [puts her down] whats wrong?

Leah  -- i want to go home

Nick  -- my home?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- kay [they walk back to Nick’s house]

Demi  -- whats going on?

Nick  -- we’re not fighting

Joe  -- good, because you guys belong together

Leah  -- we do?

Joe  -- yeah

Demi  -- [hits him] leave them alone Joe

Joe  -- what i said was positive

Demi  -- [pushes him out of the room]

Nick  -- [confused] Demi whats going on with you and Joe?

Demi  -- nothing

Nick  -- [doesn’t believe her] are you sure

Demi  -- yeah

Leah  -- being a vampire is boring

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- i miss sleeping

Demi  -- i told you not to change her

Leah  -- theres nothing to do when your a vampire

Nick  -- yeah there is, you have more time to do things, because you don’t sleep

Leah  -- well i get bored

Demi  -- you should have left her human

Nick  -- shut up Demi!

Demi  -- well its true!

Nick  -- no its not

Leah  -- [goes upstairs]

Nick  -- [starts to follow her]

Demi  -- [holds him back]

Nick  -- what now?

Demi  -- you kno that i’m right, you kno that you should have left her human

Nick  -- she didn’t want to be human! She wanted to be like me

Demi  -- i don’t think she does anymore

Nick  -- just leave me alone Demi! [goes to his room]

Leah  -- [laying on the bed]

Nick  -- [gets on top of her] you okay?

Leah  -- [wraps her arm around his neck] yeah [kisses him]

Nick  -- [pulls away] are you sure?

Leah  -- i’m sure

Nick  -- [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- Nick wait -----

Nick  -- [stops, lays next to her]

Leah  -- i love you Nick

Nick  -- [kisses her] i love you too

Leah  -- [cuddles closer to him]

Nick  -- i love you more then anything [kisses her head] and thats why i want to get married

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- [kisses her ] will you marry me Leah?

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Chapter 22

Leah  -- i uh ---- um i ----

Nick  -- don’t want to?

Leah  -- no i do [smiles] i’d love to marry you Nicky

Nick  -- really?

Leah  -- [nods, kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [pulls away] i love you Nick

Nick  -- i love you too, and i need to get you a ring

Leah  -- you don’t have to

Nick  -- yes i do

Leah  -- not to expensive right?

Nick  -- i’m going to get the perfect ring

Leah  -- but i don’t want you spending to much money

Nick  -- Leah we have a lot of money

Leah  -- i want to go tell people

Nick  -- kay [picks her up]

Leah  -- [wraps her legs around his waist]

Nick  -- [carries her downstairs]

Demi  -- you guys look happy

Leah  -- we’re engaged!

Joe  -- what?

Taylor  -- really?

Leah  -- [nods] i have to go tell Sel

Nick  -- [puts her down]

Leah  -- [leaves]

Joe  -- your getting married?

Nick  -- yeah

Taylor  -- well its about time you found the right girl

Demi  -- i kno, you’ve been miserable for decades

Nick  -- [glares at her] shut up!

Taylor  -- but are you sure Leah’s ready to get married, she’s only 16

Nick  -- she was kind of in shock at first, but i think she wants to

Joe  -- you should tell Kevin and Vanessa

Nick  -- where are they?

Joe  -- no idea, they are always disappearing


Leah  -- [goes into Selena’s house]

Selena  -- where have you been?

Leah  -- at Nick’s

Selena  -- you look pale, are you sick?

Leah  -- no i’m fine

Selena  -- i missed you [hugs her]

Leah  -- i missed you too

Selena  -- you seem really different

Leah  -- i’m the same girl Selena

Selena  -- are you sure?

Leah  -- yeah....guess what

Selena  -- what?

Leah  -- i’m engaged

Selena  -- your to young

Leah  -- no i’m not, i love Nick and i want to be with him forever

Selena  -- Nick Jonas? Your getting married to Nick Jonas?

Leah  -- yeah

Selena  -- i don’t think this is a good idea

Leah  -- i love him Sel

Selena  -- fine, as long as your happy i guess its okay

Leah  -- i am happy

Selena  -- and he’s good to you?

Leah  -- [nods] he’s perfect

Selena  -- no guy is perfect

Leah  -- Nick is

Selena  -- when did he propose?

Leah  -- an hour ago

Selena  -- then why aren’t you celebrating with him? go be with your fiancé [pushes her out the door]

Leah  -- [goes back to Nick’s house]

Nick  -- [kisses her] how’s Selena?

Leah  -- fine, she doesn’t want us to be together tho

Nick  -- why not?

Leah  -- she thinks your dangerous

Nick  -- i am dangerous

Leah  -- yeah but you can’t hurt me now, because i’m a vampire too

Nick  -- i can still hurt you

Leah  -- no you can’t

Nick  -- well i could, but i love you to much to hurt you

Leah  -- i love you too

Nick  -- so when do you want to get married?

Leah  -- in the summer

Nick  -- but thats so long

Leah  -- its only a couple months

Nick  -- wich is to long

Leah  -- Nick you can wait two months

Nick  -- i want to get married to you now [kisses her]

Leah  -- whats the rush?

Nick  -- i want everyone to kno your mine

Leah  -- everyone already knows that

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [still kissing her, takes her hand, puts a ring on her finger]

Leah  -- [pulls away, looks at the ring, smiles] pretty

Nick  -- you like it?

Leah  -- [nods] its perfect, thank you Nick [kisses him]

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Chapter 23

Nick  -- are you sure you like it?

Leah  -- [nods] i love it so much

Nick  -- i wanted to get you the perfect ring, but i didn’t have much time to get it

Leah  -- Nick it is perfect

Nick  -- so wedding in two months?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- i don’t see why you want to wait, i want to get married right now

Leah  -- because i’ve always wanted a summer wedding

Nick  -- i wish i could fast forward time

Leah  -- Nick its just two months! Thats not very long!

Nick  -- yes it is

Leah  -- you’ve been waiting for me for over 75 years, you can wait 2 months

Nick  -- your not the only girl i’ve liked

Demi  -- [calls from upstairs] not helping Nick!

Nick  -- DEMI!!!!

Demi  -- [comes in] hi

Nick  -- what are you doing?

Demi  -- bringing up your ex girlfriends is not smart

Nick  -- shut up!

Demi  -- look at Leah, she’s upset!

Leah  -- [lying] no i’m not

Nick  -- you can’t lie to Demi, she’ll just read your mind, wich is incredibly ANNOYING!!!

Demi  -- shut up Nick!

Nick  -- well is it

Demi  -- [looks into his eyes] you need to go hunting

Nick  -- i’m fine

Demi  -- Nick just go! Its not good to stay thirsty for so long

Nick  -- i don’t want to

Leah  -- why not?

Nick  -- i just don’t

Leah  -- your so weird [walks outside]

Demi  -- you are really weird

Nick  -- shut up, i’m going out, just change the subject if Leah asks where i am

Demi  -- why?

Nick  -- please Demi?

Demi  -- okay but why?

Nick  -- just because [leaves]

Demi  -- [goes outside]

Leah  -- [laying on the ground]

Demi  -- what are you doing?

Leah  -- nothing

Demi  -- [helps her up] want to stay planning the wedding?

Leah  -- um sure

Demi  -- so lets start with the dress....


Leah  -- [goes up to Nick’s room, sits on the bed]

Taylor  -- [comes in] Leah?

Leah  -- what?

Taylor  -- don’t worry he’ll come back

Leah  -- i hope so, i haven’t seen him in over a month

Taylor  -- Demi is trying to get him on the phone

Leah  -- i think he hates me

Taylor  -- why?

Leah  -- he runs off the day we get engaged

Taylor  -- i’m sure theres a reason

Leah  -- like what? He realized he doesn’t actually want to marry, and can’t face me?

Taylor  -- he does want to marry you Leah, he loves you

Leah  -- you don’t think something happened to him do you?

Taylor  -- no, i’m sure he’s just ---- um ---- i donno

Leah  -- what if he’s hurt

Taylor  -- Nick doesn’t get hurt

Leah  -- [crying a bit] i need to talk to him, i need to hear his voice

Demi  -- [comes in] i’m going to kill Nick when he shows up!

Taylor  -- stop being so dramatic!

Demi  -- he turned his phone off or something, and he didn’t tell anyone where he was going

Taylor  -- probably so we wouldn’t be able to find him

Demi  -- well i thot he would atleast tell Leah, they are supposed to get married in a couple weeks

Taylor  -- yeah that is weird, why wouldn’t he tell Leah?

Leah  -- because he hates me



I managed to open my eyes, but i couldn’t see well, it was really dark, and its not like there was anything to see. I was in a small almost black room, and there was nothing in here. No furniture, no lights, nothing. The only thing i could see was a door, and i couldn’t reach it.  I was tied up, wich sound pathetic, and normally i would be able to get out easily, but i just don’t have the energy. I am so thirsty right now, and i need blood, but not just blood, i need human blood, and i need it now! and not just anyone’s, i need Leah’s blood, but i had to be stupid a turn her into a vampire. Leah, wheres Leah? The last time i saw her was so long ago. It must have been over a month ago, i just can’t remember what happened. I had left to go hunting and the next think i kno i’m stuck in this stupid room! And Leah and i are supposed to get married soon. I just need to get out of here so i can go find her, and make sure she's okay
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Chapter 24


Its been hours, hours since i first woke up, and i was still stuck here, in the middle of this stupid room with nothing. I was going crazy! I just need to get out of here! I need to get back to Leah, if i don’t soon i’m sure she will think i hate her, and she won’t want to marry me. I managed to get my wrists untied and untied my legs aswell. Finally i could get back to Leah. I stood up started to take a step forward, but fell down. Okay maybe i can’t go back to Leah yet. i stood up again, and slowly walked to the door, using the wall for support, i opened the door and saw Tony and Meaghan in the other room, Meaghan was yelling at Tony, i walked out of the house wich i guess is where Tony and Meaghan we’re living and started walking down the street. Now i just need to figure out where i am, and then find my way home.



Leah  -- [calling Nick, then hanging up when she gets his voicemail, then recalling him]

Joe  -- your going to break the phone

Leah  -- [throws the phone at him]

Joe  -- temper Leah!

Leah  -- i need Nick!

Joe  -- yeah i kno, your insane without him

Demi  -- [moves in between Joe and Leah, right as Leah is about to attack Joe] Leah calm down

Leah  -- Nick’s right, that mind reading thing is really annoying!

Joe  -- i wonder if you have one of those abilities

Leah  -- what?

Joe  -- like Nick and Demi

Demi  -- and Taylor

Joe  -- yeah and Taylor

Demi  -- i don’t think she does

Joe  -- i think its the ability...well more like the inability to control her temper

Leah  -- [pushes Demi out of the way] SHUT UP JOE!!!

Demi  -- Joe stop doing that!

Joe  -- doing what?

Demi  -- trying to make her mad



I had never lost control like that, but i was so thirsty. I looked around and saw 4 completely destroyed bodies on the ground, Leah would kill me if she knew what i did. Well maybe not now, because she understands the desire for human blood over stupid animal blood. I could finally think clear and knew i had to find a phone, or i could just go back home. If i go back home it would be more of a surprise, but that could go both ways. Leah could either be so happy to see me that she will immediately forgive me for leaving, or she could be so mad that i left that i wouldn’t even get a chance to explain myself. I decided to just go home, it wasn’t to far, and i would be home within the hour.



Leah  -- [sitting on Nick’s bed]

Demi  -- [comes in] Leah you need to get out of this house

Leah  -- no

Demi  -- atleast get out of this room, its making you depressed

Leah  -- no Nick not being here is whats making me depressed

Demi  -- stop worrying Leah

Leah  -- i can’t

Demi  -- oh i almost forgot [runs out]

Leah  -- [confused] Demi?

Demi  -- [comes back in] this just came [hands Leah a dress bag]

Leah  -- my wedding dress?

Demi  -- [nods]

Leah  -- should i ----

Demi  -- try it on!!!

Leah  -- kay [puts the dress on { }]

Demi  -- beautiful

Leah  -- you think?

Demi  -- you

Leah  -- [smiles]

Joe  -- [comes in] Leah your going to want to ----whoa, you look nice

Leah  -- thanks

Joe  -- you ----- um ------i just ----- uh

Demi  -- Joe your drooling

Joe  -- shut up i am not!

Demi  -- is there something you need

Joe  -- um yeah, for Leah to get out of that dress

Demi  -- [hits him]

Joe  -- thats not what i meant! I mean Leah can you change, and then i’ll tell you

Leah  -- kay, but you have to get out

Joe  -- [leaves]

Leah  -- [changes back to her other clothes] you can come back in

Joe  -- just come downstairs

Leah  -- why

Joe  -- you’ll see

Leah  -- [walks downstairs, sees Nick, runs over to him, hugs him tight]

Nick  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- yeah i’m fine, but what happened? Why did you leave me

Nick  -- i didn’t want to, i was only supposed to be gone for an hour

Leah  -- you should’ve called

Nick  -- i couldn’t

Demi  -- so what happened?

Nick  -- i don’t kno, i just woke up a yesterday and i was across the country locked up

Demi  -- are you okay

Nick  -- yeah i’m fine, well kinda

Leah  -- what do you mean kind of?

Nick  -- if Leah doesn’t want to marry me anymore, then i won’t be okay

Demi  -- of course she still wants to marry  you

Leah  -- [looks at the floor]

Demi  -- Leah?

Nick  -- baby? You still want to get married right?

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Chapter 25

Leah  -- of course i do

Nick  -- good [kisses her]

Leah  -- everythings planned for the wedding

Nick  -- everything?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- i wanted to help plan stuff

Leah  -- well you weren’t around

Nick  -- i’m sorry Leah

Leah  -- its fine, just please don’t do that again

Nick  -- do what? Go hunting

Leah  -- no, go missing for months!

Nick  -- i won’t

Leah  -- good because i was really worried about you

Nick  -- i’m sorry Leah

Demi  -- so Leah why don’t we show Nick what we’ve planned

Leah  -- okay

Nick  -- i’m sure its perfect

Leah  -- i hope you like my dress

Joe  -- [comes in] he will, its amazing

Nick  -- you’ve seen it?

Joe  -- yeah

Leah  -- the wedding is next week, thats okay right

Nick  -- yeah thats fine, i wanted to get married earlier tho

Leah  -- well its already planned, and its to late to change everything

Demi  --  whats the rush Nick?

Nick  -- i just love Leah, and i want to get married now

Joe  -- its one week

Nick  -- fine, i can wait a week

Leah  -- [kisses him] i’m glad your back


Nick  -- [walks into his room]

Leah  -- [sitting on his bed] hi Nicky

Nick  -- what are you doing?

Leah  -- thinking about the wedding

Nick  -- i can’t wait to see your dress

Leah  -- its kind of expensive

Nick  -- as long as your happy its fine

Leah  -- but its a lot of money for a dress that i only wear once

Nick  -- Leah how many times have i told you that we have a lot of money

Leah  -- i kno, i’m just not used to spending a lot of money on just a dress

Nick  - its not just a dress, its your wedding dress

Leah  -- [smiles]your perfect Nick

Nick  -- no i’m not

Leah  -- yes you are

Nick  -- Leah i’ve almost killed you so many times

Leah  -- yeah but you didn’t

Nick  -- but i almost did!

Leah  -- your still perfect [kisses him]

Nick  -- [pulls away] Leah ----

Leah  -- [kisses him again] i love you Nick


Leah  -- [walks downstairs]

Joe  -- hi Leah

Leah  -- um hi

Kevin  -- going somewhere?

Leah  -- yeah, to the kitchen

Joe  -- liar!

Kevin  -- vampires don’t eat!

Leah  -- i’m just going out okay?

Kevin  -- where are you going?

Leah  -- hunting

Joe  -- by yourself?

Leah  -- [nods]

Kevin  -- thats not a good idea

Leah  -- why not?

Kevin  -- remember what happened to Nick?

Joe  -- yeah and if you go missing Nick will lose it

Leah  -- i’ll be back in an hour

Joe  -- just go with someone else

Kevin  -- go with Nick

Leah  -- i can take care of myself, just leave me alone!

Nick  -- [comes in] whats going on?

Leah  -- they won’t let me go hunting

Nick  -- why not?

Kevin  -- because we don’t want her to go missing too

Nick  -- then i’ll go with her

Leah  -- fine lets go [they leave]

Joe  -- why is she so mad? We’re just looking out for her

Kevin  -- Joe its Leah!

Joe  -- right

Demi  -- [comes in] whats going on?

Joe  -- Leah was being annoying

Demi  -- why?

Kevin  -- she wasn’t being annoying, she just didn’t want us to help her

Demi  -- where is she?

Kevin  -- she went hunting with Nick

Demi  -- was she going to go by herself?

Joe  -- yeah, and we said that was a bad idea

Demi  -- it is a bad idea, i mean what if she went missing aswell

Joe  -- exactly


Leah  -- [wearing her wedding dress, looking in the mirror]

Taylor  -- [comes in with Vanessa] ready?

Leah  -- i think so

Taylor  -- nervous?

Leah  -- no

Vanessa  -- really?

Leah  -- i love Nick, and i want to marry him

Vanessa  -- we just saw Nick and he looked nervous

Leah  -- he did?

Vanessa  -- yeah

Leah  -- you don’t think he’s going to change his mind do you?

Taylor  -- of course not


Hearing that Nick was nervous made me really nervous, what if he decided this was a bad idea. What if he didn’t want to marry me anymore? Taylor and Vanessa took me out of the room, and down to where the wedding was going to take place. I couldn’t think strait anymore. In a minute the door would open and i would have to walk past all those people and i would probably trip. Oh no, did i just jinx it? The door opened, and i saw Nick at the end of the aisle and i smiled. He smiles back at me, and i didn’t feel as nervous now. I started walking down the aisle.


Leah looked so beautiful in her dress, but i could tell she was a bit nervous. I watched her walking down the aisle and i knew she was trying not to fall. She was so cute. By the end of the day i would be married to the most amazing girl in the world



Nick leaned in and kissed me, and it was done, we were married. And i couldn’t be happier. Nick took my hand and took me aside. I didn’t kno where we were going. Was he going to say it was a mistake? No he couldn’t we just got married a second ago, he couldn’t already hate me could he? Nick stopped walking and smiled at me. Okay good he still loves me


Nick  -- you okay?

Leah  -- yeah i just thot ----

Nick  -- that i didn’t love you?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- Leah we just got married, of course i love you

Leah  -- i love you too [kisses him]

Nick  -- [pulls away]

Leah  -- so why did you want to come over here?

Nick  -- i just wanted to tell you that i love you [kisses her] and i have never been happier [kisses her again] and now i get to be with you forever [kisses her again]

THE END.....

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