I Will NEVER Love You 51+

Chapter 51

Leah   -- [looking at the door, still crying a bit]

Nick  -- [comes in]

Leah  -- where is she?

Nick  -- Sophie is going to be going on Courtney’s tour bus until your break is finished

Leah  -- no!

Nick  -- Leah you can’t see her for two days

Leah  -- but she needs me Nick! I’m her mom!

Nick  -- she can go two days without you

Leah  -- WHY DO YOU HATE ME!!!

Nick  -- i don’t hate you


Nick  -- no

Leah  -- [runs out crying]

Nick  -- [goes after her] Leah wait!

Leah  -- [turns around to face him] what do you want

Nick  -- you kno i’m doing this for your own good

Leah  -- keeping me from my daughter doesn’t help me! I hate you Nick! [slaps him as hard as she can, walks to the lobby]

Joe  -- you okay?

Leah  -- NO I’M NOT OKAY!

Joe  -- Leah calm down

Leah  -- Nick won’t let me see Sophie!

Nick  -- [comes over]

Joe  -- um Nick you can’t keep Sophie from Leah

Nick  -- its just two days!

Joe  -- i think this is a stupid idea

Leah  -- yeah so do I!

Joe – [leaves with Leah]

Nick  -- [goes to where Kevin and Addi are]

Addi  -- how did Leah take the whole break thing

Nick  -- she hates me

Kevin  -- are you sure this is a good idea?

Nick  -- she needs a break from Sophie, she’s to attached

Kevin  -- well Sophie is her daughter

Nick  -- she’s my daughter to, you don’t see me acting like that!

Addi  -- but she’s a mom, and moms are more protective

Nick  -- why does everyone think i did something so horrible

Addi  -- i donno, i mean how would you feel if someone was keeping your baby from you

Nick  -- thats what Leah did!

Kevin  -- and you didn’t like it!

Addi  -- i don’t think it should be 2 days, what if Sophie needs something, you have to think about Sophie too

Nick  -- i kno this is the right thing to do

Kevin  -- okay if you think so

Addi  -- where did Leah go?

Nick  -- somewhere with Joe

Kevin  -- wheres Sophie?

Nick  -- on the bus with Courtney

Kevin  -- what if Sophie starts thinking that Courtney is her mom

Addi  -- its two days Kevin! That won’t happen

Kevin  -- and how do you keep Sophie and Leah away from each other i mean we're on tour its kind of tight quarters

Nick  -- when we’re traveling she’s going on Addi and Courtney’s bus, and during the show Addi will watch her, and any other times either me or Courtney will be with her.

Kevin  -- so you’ve really thot this out?

Nick  -- yeah

Addi  -- okay if you really think this is a good idea

Nick  -- it is, i just hope Leah doesn’t start cutting again

Addi  -- she was cutting?

Nick  -- yeah

Addi  -- why didn’t you tell me?

Nick  -- i didn’t kno i was supposed to

Kevin  -- and she stopped after she got pregnant

Addi  -- good


Leah  -- [sitting on the bus, crying]

Joe  -- Leah?

Leah  -- i can’t go that long without her

Joe  -- you still have Nick

Leah  -- [glares at him] i don’t want Nick! I WANT SOPHIE!!! [goes to the back of the bus]

Joe  -- Leah! Grow up! Sophie won’t always be with you!!!

Leah  -- SHUT UP JOE!!!


Leah  -- [backstage in Nick’s dressing room, waiting for the show to finish]

Addi  -- [comes in]

Leah  -- [glares at her] wheres Sophie?! Why aren’t you watching her!

Addi  -- don’t worry Leah, she’s with Nick’s mom. I just wanted to get a list of things Courtney and I need to kno about her

Leah  -- fine

Addi  -- [gets paper, and a pen] okay go

Leah  -- um so far she only eats the apple sauce baby food, but i’ve been trying to get her to eat others too

Addi  -- so should i try and get her to eat the others?

Leah  -- yeah, but if she won’t just give her the apple

Addi  -- kay, anything else?

Leah  -- she needs to have her blanket in her crib while she sleeps

Addi  -- of course she needs her blankets

Leah  -- no i mean her blanket, its a baby blanket that she loves, its in her baby bag

Addi  -- is it the only one in the bag?

Leah  -- yeah

Addi  -- okay

Leah  -- also make sure she’s not cold at night, if its cold outside put her sweater on her, because she kicks her blankets off

Addi  -- just like you

Leah  -- yeah and Nick hates that

Addi  -- i’m sorry about this Leah

Leah  -- its fine, it wasn’t your idea

Addi  -- i’ll see you later [leaves]

Leah  -- [lays on the couch, missing Sophie]


Nick  -- [comes in] Leah are you okay?

Leah  -- i’m fine!

Nick  -- we’re ready to go to the next city

Leah  -- [gets off the couch, starts to leave]

Nick  -- did you watch the show?

Leah  -- [emotionless] no

Nick  -- Leah i’m sorry, but i really wanted you to see the show, you haven’t seen one yet

Leah  -- i kno

Nick  -- are you going to hate me forever

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- will you stop answering me in such short answers?

Leah  -- maybe

Nick  -- Leah!

Leah  -- [giggles]  sorry Nick, i’ll stop.

Nick  -- i guess thats a bit better

Leah  -- ready to go?

Nick  -- if your trying to leave early so you can see Sophie for a second its not going to work

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- Courtney and Addi have already left

Leah  -- oh [they get on the bus]

Joe  -- how long till the next city?

Kevin  -- just go to sleep Joe, then it will go faster

Joe  -- i can’t sleep while the bus is moving

Nick  -- its only a couple hours

Joe  -- [puts a movie on]

Leah  -- what are you watching?

Joe  -- i donno, whatever is in the dvd player

Leah  -- [sits on the couch, starts watching]

Nick  -- [moves her, sits where she was]

Leah  -- Nick!

Nick  -- [puts her on his lap]

Leah  -- [starts watching the movie]

Nick  -- [wraps her arms around her waist]


Nick  -- [carrying Leah on his back]

Leah  -- [sleeping]

Kevin  -- are Courtney and Addi here?

Joe  -- yeah they are, Addi just texted me

Kevin  -- why?

Joe  -- they have all the room keys

Nick  -- so i guess we have to go up there?

Joe  -- yeah unless you want to sleep on the street

Nick  -- but Sophie is in Addi and Courtney’s room

Kevin  -- Leah’s sleeping Nick

Nick  -- is she really asleep?

Kevin  -- yeah

Nick  -- okay fine [they go up to Courtney and Addi’s room]

Addi  -- [opens the door] do you guys want to come in for a second?

Nick  -- um .....

Kevin  -- sure, we’ll stay for a bit

Joe  -- wheres Sophie

Addi  -- Courtney is trying to get her to sleep

Sophie  -- [starts crying]

Nick  -- is Leah still asleep?

Joe  -- yes Nick!

Nick  -- are you sure? Because she usually wakes up when she hears Sophie crying

Kevin  -- she was really tired  Nick, she’s not going to wake up

Nick  -- fine

Courtney  -- [comes in, carrying Sophie]

Sophie  -- [crying hard, sees Leah, stops crying, smiles]

Courtney  -- finally

Addi  -- [gives the room keys to Joe Kevin and Nick]

Joe  -- well we would stay longer, but i can’t stay awake [leaves with Kevin]

Nick  -- yeah same

Sophie  -- [reaches for Leah]

Nick  -- [kisses Sophie’s head] see you in the morning Sophie [walks out, still carrying Leah]

Sophie  -- [watches Leah leave, starts screaming and crying]

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Chapter 52

Leah  -- [wakes up] Nick

Nick  -- what

Leah  -- Sophie’s crying, i need to see her

Nick  -- [puts her down] just go to our room, i’ll check on Sophie

Leah  -- fine [leaves]

Nick  -- [goes back into Courtney and Addi’s room]

Courtney  -- [hands Sophie to him] she wants Leah

Sophie  -- [crying hard]

Nick  -- shhh Sophie, stop crying [kisses her head]

Addi  -- i knew this was a bad idea

Nick  -- its just one more day

Addi  -- but look at poor Sophie, she wants her mom

Nick  -- [puts Sophie in her crib] Addi can you go get one of Leah’s shirts from our room

Addi  -- why?

Nick  -- just go!

Addi  -- [leaves]

Courtney  -- Nick what are you doing?

Nick  -- maybe she’ll stop crying and go to sleep if she has something of Leah’s

Courtney  -- good idea

Nick  -- she’s not hungry right?

Courtney  -- no

Addi  -- [comes in, hands Nick the shirt]

Nick  -- [puts it in the crib next to Sophie]

Sophie  -- [stops crying, hugs the shirt, falls asleep]

Courtney  -- finally

Addi  -- she cries a lot

Nick  -- she never used to cry this much

Addi  -- well she does now

Nick  -- i’ll see you guys in the morning [kisses Sophie’s head, goes to his room]

Leah  -- is she okay?

Nick  -- she’s fine

Leah  -- are you sure?

Nick  -- i’m sure Leah [gets on the bed next to her]

Leah  -- [cuddles close to him] are you positive?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- [moves closer to him] really?

Nick  --  yes Leah!

Leah  -- [moves closer to their lips are almost touching] so what do you want to do now?

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [gets on top of her, kisses her neck]

Leah  -- Nick whats the time?

Nick  -- [looks at the clock] almost 2

Leah  -- then maybe we should go to sleep

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- we have to get up in a couple hours

Nick  -- you go to sleep and i’ll play around with your body

Leah  -- no Nick

Nick  -- just a quicky?

Leah  -- fine

Nick  -- [kisses her, takes her shirt off, then her jeans]

Leah  -- why did Addi take one of my shirts?

Nick  -- Sophie needed it [takes his shirt off]

Leah  -- why?

Nick  -- because she misses you

Leah  -- [takes Nick’s pants off] really?

Nick  -- yeah [takes her bra off, kisses her chest]

Leah  -- [moans softly]

Nick  -- [kisses down to her stomach, then slides her underwear off]

Leah  -- [takes his boxers off]

Nick  -- [goes into her a bit]

Leah  -- Nick! We don’t have time for this!

Nick  -- [pushes into her slow]

Leah  -- faster Nick!

Nick  -- [goes into her faster and harder]

Leah  -- [moans]

Nick  -- [holds onto her hips, pushes himself deeper into her]

Leah  -- [moans louder] Nickkyyy!!! HARDER!!!!

Nick  -- [goes into her hard]

Leah  -- [moaning really loud]

Nick  -- [smirks, goes into her as hard and fast as he can]

Leah  -- [moans]

Nick  -- [pulls out, lays next to her]

Leah  -- wait i don’t want to stop

Nick  -- well i have to, i won’t be able to perform tonight if we don’t go to sleep now

Leah  -- fine

Nick  -- [pulls her closer to him, wraps his arms around her waist] i love you baby [kisses her]

Leah  -- i love you too

Nick  -- so you’ll watch the show tonight

Leah  -- of course

Nick  -- for real this time

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- good [kisses her] ‘night Leah

Leah  -- goodnight Nicky [they fall asleep]


Leah  -- [sitting on the stage]

Joe  -- what are you doing Leah?

Leah  -- how can you perform, look how many seats there are

Kevin  -- and the show is sold out again

Leah  -- Courtney’s lucky she’s so famous

Kevin  -- yeah

Joe  -- maybe we’ll be like that

Nick  -- maybe


Leah  -- [watching the show from backstage] wow their really good

Addi  -- yeah

Leah  -- why are you never watching my baby?

Addi  -- because she’s with Denise

Leah  -- oh

Addi  -- i wouldn’t leave her alone

Leah  -- good [watches Nick] i didn’t kno he was a good singer

Addi  -- Joe and Kevin are good too

Leah  -- yeah i kno, i wish i could go out on stage like them

Addi  -- but you get stage fright

Leah  -- yeah i kno


Nick  -- [sleeping]

Leah  -- [sitting on the bed, watching the clock, waiting for it to be midnight]


Leah  -- NICK WAKE UP!!!!

Nick  -- [wakes up] whats wrong?

Leah  -- lets go see Sophie [starts to leave]

Nick  -- [pulls her back on the bed] Leah wait till the morning

Leah  -- but its been two days

Nick  -- yeah but Sophie will be sleeping, and you don’t want to wake her up

Leah  -- fine

Nick  -- you can see her after breakfast

Leah  -- promise?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- i can’t sleep now

Nick  -- why not?

Leah  -- i’m to excited

Nick  -- your just going to have to wait baby

Leah  -- i kno [lays next to him]

Nick  -- [kisses her] just go back to sleep

Leah  -- i’ll try

Nick  -- [falls back asleep]

Leah  -- [starts to leave]

Nick  -- [half asleep, pulls her back] nice try

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Chapter 53

Leah  -- [starts to leave]

Nick  -- [half asleep, pulls her back] nice try

Leah  -- [giggles]

Nick  -- [wraps his arms around her waist so she can’t move]

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Nick  -- [falling asleep]baby i’m tired

Leah  -- so you don’t like kissing me? [kisses his neck]

Nick  -- Leah i really need to sleep

Leah  -- but i’m not tired

Nick  -- just try to sleep

Leah  -- fine [closes her eyes]

Nick  -- [falls asleep]

Leah  -- [opens her eyes, plays with Nick’s curls]

Nick  -- [still sleeping, smiles a bit]

Leah  -- [kisses his cheek, falls asleep]


Nick  -- [wakes up] Leah, baby wake up

Leah  -- [wakes up a bit] what?

Nick  -- come on lets go get breakfast [gets dressed]

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- yes [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pushes him away] no i’m tired

Nick  -- [pulls her out of bed]

Leah  -- Nick!

Nick  -- just get ready, you can see Sophie after breakfast

Leah  -- [gets dressed] but i’m tired

Nick  -- [takes her to the lobby, they go to the restaurant]

Leah  -- [sits down]

Joe  -- you okay?

Leah  -- [puts her head on the table] tired!

Joe  -- Nick you have got to stop keeping her up so late

Nick  -- it wasn’t me! She was the one keeping me up!

Kevin  -- that doesn’t sound like Leah

Nick  -- well its true!

Leah  -- i don’t want breakfast

Joe  -- then leave

Nick  -- just eat a bit [puts a plate infront of her]

Leah  -- [picks at the food]

Nick  -- Leah eat!

Leah  -- [eats a bit, pushes the plate away] can i go now?

Nick  -- fine, just wait till i’m done

Leah  -- well hurry up

Nick  -- [eats his breakfast]

Joe  -- whats the rush

Kevin  -- she wants to see Sophie!

Joe  -- oh right

Nick  -- [finishes eating] okay lets go

Leah  -- [grabs his hand, runs upstairs, knocks on Courtney and Addi’s door]

Nick  -- excited much

Leah  -- [listens thru the door] Sophie is crying again

Nick  -- [knocks on the door]

Leah  -- i already did that!

Addi  -- [opens the door]

Leah  -- [runs in]

Addi  -- someones excited

Nick  -- yeah

Courtney  -- [comes in with Sophie, who is screaming]

Sophie  -- [looks at Leah, stops crying, reaches for her]

Leah  -- [takes Sophie from Courtney, holds her close] i missed you so much Sophie [gets tears in her eyes]

Sophie  -- [grabs on to Leah’s shirt]

Nick  -- [walks over to them]

Leah  -- don’t ever do that again!

Nick  -- Leah it was good for you

Leah  -- well it wasn’t good for Sophie

Courtney  -- she’s right, Sophie was always crying

Leah  -- [sits on the couch, sits Sophie on her lap]

Sophie  -- [tries to turn around]

Leah  -- [turns her around] whats wrong sweetie?

Sophie  -- [hugs Leah]

Leah  -- [picks up Sophie, kisses her head]

Addi  -- i’m going to get some breakfast

Courtney  -- same [they leave]

Nick  -- [sits down next to Leah]

Leah  -- does she look bigger

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- she grew i’m sure of it

Nick  -- well maybe

Leah  -- how can you not notice

Nick  -- because i still saw her

Sophie  -- [still holding onto Leah tight]

Leah  -- [moves Sophie so Sophie is standing on her legs, and she’s holding Sophie’s hands]

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Nick  -- be careful Leah

Leah  -- she won’t fall Nick!

Nick  -- [gets up]

Leah  -- where are you going

Nick  -- i’m just getting one of Sophie’s toys [walks out]

Leah  -- [kisses Sophie’s nose]

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Leah  -- [puts Sophie on the floor, sits on the floor near her]

Nick  -- [comes back in, gives Leah Sophie’s monkey]

Leah  -- do you want your monkey Sophie? [holds it out to her]

Sophie  -- [reaches for the monkey]

Leah  -- [gives it to her]

Sophie  -- [hugs the monkey]

Leah  -- i’m going to get her some food [walks out of the room]

Sophie  -- [watches her leave, starts crying]

Nick  -- Sophie she’s coming right back [picks up Sophie]

Sophie  -- [pushes away from him, still crying]

Nick  -- Sophie stop! [tries to comfort her, but she keeps pushing away from him]

Leah  -- [comes back in] what did you do?!

Nick  -- nothing

Sophie  -- [sees Leah, stops crying, reaches for Leah]

Leah  -- don’t worry baby, mommy’s back [picks up Sophie]

Sophie  -- [cuddles close to her]

Nick  -- i think this break made things worse

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- i wanted Sophie and you to take a break so she would like us both the same, but now she still loves you, but she hates me cuz she knows it was my fault that you weren’t with her

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Chapter 54

Leah  -- Nick of course she loves you, your her dad

Nick  -- then why does she cry when i hold her

Leah  -- i donno [hands Sophie to him]

Sophie  -- [reaches for Leah]

Leah  -- Sophie stop

Sophie  -- [starts crying, still reaching for Leah]

Nick  -- [tries to pass Sophie to Leah]

Leah  -- [doesn’t take her]

Nick  -- Leah!

Leah  -- you hold her

Nick  -- but she doesn’t want me to hold her, she wants you

Leah  -- i don’t care, if you think she doesn’t love you, then you need to spend more time with her [goes back to their room]

Nick  -- [follows her] Leah please

Leah  -- first you want me away from her and now you want me to hold her, i’m getting mixed signals here Nick!

Nick  -- Leah come on just take her! I don’t want her crying anymore

Leah  -- fine [takes Sophie]

Sophie  -- [stops crying]

Leah  -- Sophie you have got to stop doing that

Nick  -- i don’t want her to hate me

Leah  -- then get on the bed

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- [lays on the bed, sits Sophie on the bed next to her]

Nick  -- [gets on the bed, lays down]

Leah  -- i love you Nick, and so does Sophie, right Sophie?

Sophie  -- [giggles, hits her hands on the bed]

Leah  -- see

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- [picks up Sophie, puts her on her stomach on the bed]

Nick  -- can i go now?

Leah  -- why?

Nick  -- i just want to

Leah  -- [moves closer to him, with Sophie in the middle]

Sophie  -- [holds onto Nick’s finger, starts falling asleep]

Leah  -- see she loves you

Nick  -- [starts to get off the bed]

Leah  -- where are you going?

Nick  -- i’m just getting some water [walks out]

Sophie  -- [watches him leave, looks at Leah sad]

Leah  -- he’s coming back sweetie [tickles her]

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Leah  -- [kisses her head]

Sophie  -- [grabs Leah’s hair]

Leah  -- ow Sophie stop! [tries to get Sophie’s hand off her hair] um Nick?

Nick  -- [comes in] what?

Leah  -- help

Nick  -- [picks up Sophie]

Sophie  -- [lets go of Leah’s hair]

Leah  -- [ties her hair back in a pony tail]

Sophie  -- [falls asleep in Nick’s arms]

Leah  -- she’s so cute

Nick  -- yeah, but we need to go to the stage now

Leah  -- kay [they go down to the lobby]

Joe  -- ready to go?

Leah  -- yeah

Addi  -- Courtney and I were going to go shopping, do you want to come Leah?

Leah  -- shopping? Doesn’t Courtney have soundcheck?

Addi  -- yeah, but she’s doing her soundcheck now

Leah  -- oh, okay i’ll come shopping

Nick  -- you’ll have to take Sophie with you

Leah  -- kay [takes Sophie from him] we’ll see you later [leaves with Addi]

Joe  -- are you okay Nick? You seem upset

Nick  -- i’m just tired, we don’t get much sleep on tour

Joe  -- yeah i kno, plus you have a baby and a Leah to look after

Nick  -- Leah can look after herself

Joe  -- no she can’t

Nick  -- yes she can!

Joe  -- are you sure s-----

Nick  -- shut up Joe!

Joe  -- fine [they go to the stage]


Leah  -- [sitting in Nick’s dressing room]

Addi  -- [comes in] what are you doing in here?

Leah  -- i want to watch Nick, but i can’t leave Sophie

Addi  -- bring her

Leah  -- its to loud

Addi  -- oh, but Nick likes it when you watch

Leah  -- i’ll make it up to him later

Addi  -- sure you will

Leah  -- can you watch Sophie for a bit? I want to watch Nick

Addi  -- sure

Leah  -- [hands Sophie to her, walk out, goes to a place she can watch the concert]

Courtney  -- they’re doing really well

Leah  -- yeah, how long is the tour?

Courtney  -- a couple more weeks

Leah  -- oh

Courtney  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- its just hard raising Sophie while we’re traveling from city to city

Courtney  -- you could go home

Leah  -- i think i might have to, i mean i want to be on tour with Nick, but its not good for Sophie

Courtney  -- you said it would be okay

Leah  -- yeah well now that i’m experiencing it, i’m not sure

Courtney  -- what about Nick? He will want to go back with you

Leah  -- then i don’t kno what to do

Courtney  -- i need to get ready, i go on soon [leaves]

Leah  -- [keeps watching Nick perform, smiles]


Nick  -- [walks off stage with Joe and Kevin] hi baby

Leah  -- [hugs him] you guys we’re awesome!

Nick  -- wheres Sophie?

Leah  -- she’s with Addi

Joe  -- wheres that?

Leah  -- Nick’s dressing room

Kevin  -- i need some water [walks away]

Joe  -- same [leaves]

Leah  -- um Nick, i think we need to talk

Nick  -- about what?

Leah  -- about Sophie....and the tour....and how i don’t think this is a good way for her to grow up

Nick  -- what are you saying?

Leah  -- i think i need to take Sophie home

Nick  -- what? No

Leah  -- Nick this life is to crazy for a baby

Nick  -- fine then i’m coming

Leah  -- you can’t Nick, your needed here, this is your big shot and i don’t want you blowing it

Nick  -- i don’t want to miss Sophie growing up either

Leah  -- well then what do we do?

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Chapter 55

Nick  -- just try to stay for a couple more days

Leah  -- i want to stay for the whole tour

Nick  -- then stay

Leah  -- you kno this isn’t good for Sophie

Nick  -- yeah i kno

Leah  -- so what do you think we should do?

Nick  -- just give me a couple days to think about it, and i’ll figure something out

Leah  -- okay

Nick  -- i don’t want you to go [wraps his arms around her waist] i would miss you to much [kisses her]

Leah  -- i would miss you too Nicky

Nick  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- you look really pale, and are you getting skinnier?

Leah  -- i don’t think so

Nick  -- [puts his hand on her forehead] i think your sick Leah

Leah  -- i’m not sick

Nick  -- [takes her over to Kevin, Joe]

Leah  -- Nick what are you -----

Joe  -- are you okay Leah?

Leah  -- i’m fine

Kevin  -- you don’t look fine

Leah  -- you saw me like 10 minutes ago and didn’t say anything

Joe  -- well i just noticed now

Leah  -- i feel fine

Nick  -- [stands behind Leah, wraps his arms around her waist]

Kevin  -- are you sure you’re okay

Leah  -- i’m sure

Nick  -- [kisses her head] lets go check on Sophie

Leah  -- kay [they go to Nick’s dressing room]

Addi  -- [sitting on the couch, with Sophie sleeping in her arms]

Leah  -- awe, she’s so cute

Addi  -- yeah [starts to hand her to Leah]

Leah  -- [moves away from her]

Addi  -- what

Leah  -- [points to Nick]

Nick  -- why me?

Leah  -- she’s your daughter to

Nick  -- but you always want to hold her

Leah  -- thats was befor i knew you thot she didn’t love you

Nick  -- [takes Sophie from Addi]

Sophie  -- [still sleeping, grabs onto Nick’s shirt]

Leah  -- whats with her and grabbing stuff

Nick  -- i donno

Addi  -- what else did she grab?

Leah  -- my shirt, and my hair

Addi  -- your hair

Leah  -- yeah, that hurt

Nick  -- [sits on the couch]

Leah  -- can we go to the next city yet?

Nick  -- Courtney isn’t finished yet

Leah  -- yeah but i’m tired [sits next to him]

Nick  -- then go to sleep

Leah  -- i can’t

Nick  -- why not?

Leah  -- i donno, i’m just not

Sophie  -- [wakes up, starts crying]

Leah  -- Sophie? Whats wrong? Are you hungry

Addi  -- she already ate

Sophie  -- [squirming]

Nick  -- Sophie stop! [trying to hold her still]

Leah  -- [takes Sophie] i’m just going to take her to get some fresh air [leaves]

Nick  -- once again Sophie doesn’t want to be around me

Addi  -- she’s a baby Nick, babies cry, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you!

Nick  -- but she likes it when Leah holds her

Addi  -- she was still crying when Leah was holding her

Nick  -- no

Addi  -- yeah!

Nick  -- you think i’m over reacting, don’t you

Addi  -- yeah i do

Nick  -- i just don’t want to fail as a dad

Addi  -- you won’t, you just need to relax, and calm down

Nick  -- i guess your right

Addi  -- Sophie will love you not matter what, so you don’t have to try so hard


Leah  -- [walks over to where Nick is]

Nick  -- [sitting on the seat, watching a movie, with Joe and Kevin] is she okay?

Leah  -- yeah, she’s sleeping [sits on his lap]

Nick  -- [wraps his arms around her waist]

Joe  -- [looks at them]

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- i donno, its just you guys are confusing

Kevin  -- they are?

Joe  -- yeah, sometimes they seem distant, like they don’t even like each other, and then they are acting like they are in love

Nick  -- thats not acting Joe

Kevin  -- but he’s right, you guys act like your just friends, and then you act like your together

Leah  -- we do?

Joe  -- yeah


Leah  -- [laying on the bed] Nicky?

Nick  -- [comes in] what?

Leah  -- are you coming to bed now?

Nick  -- yeah, why are you wearing my shirt again?

Leah  -- because i like it [pulls the covers over her head]

Nick  -- [takes his pants off, gets into bed] Leah what are you doing?

Leah  -- nothing [kicks the blankets to the end of the bed]

Nick  -- Leah!

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- grab the blankets

Leah  -- [pulls the blankets back to the top of the bed]

Nick  -- thanks

Leah  -- do you think Joe’s right?

Nick  -- about what?

Leah  -- do you think we don’t act like a couple anymore

Nick  -- i don’t kno

Leah  -- do you still love me?

Nick  -- of course i do, i love you more then anything [kisses her] except maybe Sophie

Leah  -- i love you too [rests her head on his chest]

Nick  -- [rubs her back] just ignore anything Joe says

Leah  -- [laughs] kay

Nick  -- [kisses her head]

Leah  -- ‘night Nicky

Nick  -- goodnight baby

Leah  -- [starts to fall asleep]

Nick  -- baby? I need to talk to you about something

Leah  -- can it wait till morning?

Nick  -- no its about Sophie

Leah  -- what about her

Nick  -- i think you should take her back home

Leah  -- are you sure?

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Chapter 56

Nick  -- i don’t want you to go, but i think it would be better

Leah  -- are you sure? Because -----

Nick  -- like you said, its not good for her to be moving from city to city

Leah  -- but what about you?

Nick  -- i want whats best for my baby, and if going home is whats best for her, then i think thats what you should do, take her home

Leah  -- but i’ll miss you

Nick  -- Leah this was your idea

Leah  -- i want to find another way

Nick  -- you do?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- but if we can’t, i think you need to go home

Leah  -- but i like being on tour

Nick  -- Leah!

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- you make no sense! This was your idea

Leah  -- yeah but, i don’t want you missing her growing up

Nick  -- the tour is only like one more month

Leah  -- yeah but babies change so much within just a month, what if you miss her learning out to crawl or walk or talk

Nick  -- can we talk in the morning?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- [kisses her] ‘night Leah

Leah  -- good night Nick [they fall asleep]


Leah  -- [sleeping]

Nick  -- [comes in, carrying Sophie] Leah wake up

Leah  -- [wakes up a bit] what?

Nick  -- you have to get up now

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- Leah come on!

Leah  -- [sits up] why do we have to get up?

Nick  -- because we have a lot to do today

Leah  -- like what?

Nick  -- like getting out of bed!

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- Leah!

Sophie  -- [looks at Leah]

Nick  -- [hits Leah with a pillow]

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Leah  -- [gets out of bed] happy?!

Nick  -- sure, now get dressed and come downstairs [takes Sophie to the lobby, goes to the restaurant]

Addi  -- wheres Leah?

Nick  -- she’s coming [puts Sophie in the high chair]

Sophie  -- [giggles, hits her hands on the table]

Joe  -- she seems happy today

Nick  -- yeah

Addi  -- Nick, Courtney and i want to take Sophie shopping

Nick  -- you mean Leah?

Courtney  -- no Sophie, we saw the cutest baby boutique downtown and we want to take Sophie there

Nick  -- okay

Addi  -- and we thot that you and Leah could have some time alone

Nick  -- very subtle Addi [takes a drink of juice]

Addi  -- well we kno how Leah’s been talking about having another baby

Nick  -- [chokes on his drink] what

Kevin  -- what?

Joe -- thaw

Nick  -- Joe?

Joe  -- its what backwards

Kevin  -- no its not

Joe  -- its not?

Nick  -- no

Addi  -- you guys are weird

Nick  -- Leah wants another baby?

Addi  -- i think so

Leah  -- [comes in]

Nick  -- [gets up, takes her aside] do you want another baby?

Leah  -- right now?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- Nick why do you want another baby?

Nick  -- no i’m just asking if you do, Addi said you want another baby

Leah  -- no i don’t, well not now, maybe in the future, and i mean far in the future

Nick  -- okay good, because i’m not ready for another baby either

Leah  -- can i have breakfast now?

Nick  -- yeah [they go back to the table]

Leah  -- [sits down]

Nick  -- [glares at Addi]

Addi  -- what?

Nick  -- she doesn’t want another baby

Addi  -- my mistake

Nick  -- yeah you gave me a heart attack for no reason

Addi  -- sorry

Sophie  -- [puts her hand in her food]

Leah  -- Sophie, don’t do that, your making a mess

Sophie  -- [takes her hand with food on it, touches Leah’s face, giggles]

Joe  -- [laughs]

Leah  -- [wipes the food of her face] that is so gross

Nick  -- [wipes Sophie’s hands]

Leah  -- i hate baby food

Nick  -- well you don’t have to eat it

Leah  -- yeah instead i get to have it all over my face and hair

Kevin  -- its not that bad

Courtney  -- [finishes eating] ready to go Addi?

Addi  -- yeah [picks Sophie out of the highchair] ready to go baby girl?

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Addi  -- see you guys later [leaves with Courtney]

Leah  -- where are they going?

Nick  -- i said they could take Sophie out today, it that okay?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- good

Leah  -- so what do we do?

Joe  -- Kevin and i are going to the stage

Leah  -- but its so early

Joe  -- we’re just going to hang out on the stage, and work on some new songs

Nick  -- what about me?

Joe  -- you can come

Nick  -- okay, are you coming Leah?

Leah  -- i don’t think so

Nick  -- why not?

Leah  -- i just have something i need to do

Nick  -- do you want me to stay with you?

Leah  -- no its okay

Nick  -- are you sure?

Leah  -- [nods] i’ll see you later [leaves]

Joe  -- i wonder what she’s doing?

Nick  -- yeah same.

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Chapter 57

Kevin  -- oh no

Nick  -- what?

Kevin  -- your going to follow her aren’t you

Nick  -- what no

Joe  -- you aren’t?

Nick  -- i trust Leah, and i kno she’s not going to do something stupid

Joe  -- your talking about the biggest cutter in the world here!

Kevin  -- yeah the girl who is lucky she didn’t cut her hands off

Nick  -- she doesn’t do that anymore

Kevin  -- are you sure?

Nick – yeah

Kevin  -- this is so not like you

Nick  -- what?

Kevin  -- trusting Leah

Nick  -- i’ve always trusted her

Joe  -- no you haven’t

Nick  -- can we just stop talking about this?

Joe  -- no

Nick  -- why not

Joe  -- we can

Nick  -- you make no sense Joe!


Leah  -- [in the hotel lobby, playing the piano]

Nick  -- [comes over] i didn’t kno you could play

Leah  -- [turns around to face him, falls off the piano stool]

Nick  -- sorry, didn’t mean to startle you [helps her up]

Leah  -- i thot you were at the stage

Nick  -- we came back cuz Joe wanted to get something from his room

Leah  -- oh

Nick  -- why didn’t you tell me you play piano?

Leah  -- i don’t

Nick  -- it sounded good to me

Leah  -- thanks

Nick  -- is this what you’ve been doing all day?

Leah  -- basically

Nick  -- so are you working on a song?

Leah  -- no, just playing around with the notes

Joe  -- [comes over] we’re ready to go back Nick

Nick  -- kay, do you want to come Leah?

Leah  -- sure [they go to the stage]

Courtney  -- [comes over]

Leah  -- wheres Sophie?

Courtney  -- with Addi

Leah  -- and wheres Addi

Addi  -- [comes in] right here

Leah  -- [takes Sophie from her] Nick look at her cute boots

Nick  -- they are cute, so Addi how much did you and Courtney spend on stuff for Sophie

Addi  -- um a couple hundred

Nick  -- hundred? Addi!

Addi  -- what? Courtney paid

Leah  -- we should pay you back

Courtney  -- don’t worry about it

Leah  -- [sits on the stage]

Joe  -- what are you doing?

Leah  -- nothing [stands Sophie on the stage, holding her hands]

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Kevin  -- we’re going to start sound check soon, so you need to take Sophie backstage

Leah  -- wait

Sophie  -- [starts crying]

Leah  -- whats wrong Sophie? [picks her up]

Addi  -- she might be hungry, she wouldn’t eat anything earlier

Leah  -- kay i’ll go feed her [leaves]

Courtney  -- Nick are you okay?

Nick  -- yeah i’m just thinking about the tour

Joe  -- he wants to go home

Courtney  -- why?

Nick  -- because Leah needs to take Sophie home, and i want to go with them

Courtney  -- of course you want to go with them

Nick  -- so you think i should go home?

Joe  -- NO!

Nick  -- Joe!

Joe  -- hey no and Joe rhyme!

Kevin  -- fascinating

Joe  -- shut up Kevin!

Courtney  -- i think you and Leah and Sophie should stay on tour, its almost over

Joe  -- yeah i think so too

Nick  -- no one cares what you think Joe!

Addi  -- Nick you don’t have to be mean

Nick  -- i’m sick of Joe saying stupid things

Addi  -- aren’t we all

Joe  -- [glares at her]

Addi  -- kidding

Nick  -- can we do sound check later?

Joe  -- not really

Nick  -- i want to check on Leah

Joe  -- what happened to trusting her?

Nick  -- shut up Joe


Nick  -- [walks offstage]

Joe  -- [follows him] hey Nick did you see that girl near the front row

Kevin  -- [comes off] she looked a lot like ----

Nick  -- no she didn’t

Joe  -- yeah she did, and she was hot

Nick  -- she looked like a slut

Kevin  -- wich is why i think she’s ----

Nick  -- SHE’S NOT!!!

Leah  -- [comes over] who’s not?

Nick  -- nothing Leah

Leah  -- kay, well i put Sophie to bed

Nick  -- where’s Addi?

Leah  -- she’s with Sophie

Addi  -- [comes over]

Leah -- or not

Addi  -- Leah can i talk to you?

Leah  -- sure, i’ll be right back [leaves with Addi]

Joe  -- i wonder what Addi wants?

Kevin  -- probably something to do with Sophie

Nick  -- probably

Joe  -- uh oh

Kevin  -- [looks at what Joe is looking at] uh oh is right

Nick  -- what ----- [looks at what they’re looking at] oh no

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Chapter 58

Haylee  -- [walks over] hi Nicky

Nick  -- what are you doing here? How did you get back here?

Haylee  -- backstage pass

Nick  -- yeah but -----

Kevin  -- Nick i think i hear Sophie crying

Nick  -- i don----- oh right okay i’ll go check on her [starts to leave]

Haylee  -- i’ll help

Nick  -- no! Not after you killed Ryan [goes to his dressing room, picks up Sophie who’s sleeping]

Sophie  -- [still sleeping, puts her head on Nick’s shoulder, grabs his shirt near his neck, starts to wake up]

Nick  -- shhh Sophie don’t wake up [kisses her head]

Courtney  -- [comes in] awe cute!

Nick  -- hi Courtney, are we going now?

Courtney  -- yeah soon

Nick  -- okay, good, i need to get away from this stupid city

Courtney  -- why?

Nick  -- Haylee’s here

Courtney  -- what?!

Nick  -- yeah i donno why

Courtney  -- she’s been trying to get a hold of you for a long time

Nick  -- she has?

Courtney  -- yeah

Nick  -- well i didn’t kno

Courtney  -- she misses you Nick

Nick  -- i don’t care

Courtney  -- fine

Nick  -- [walks out, goes over to Leah]

Leah  -- hi she sleeping?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- well she looks cute [kisses Sophie’s head]

Nick  -- you ready to go?

Leah  -- yeah [they go to the bus]

Haylee  -- Nick wait!!!

Leah  -- Haylee?

Nick  -- go on the bus Leah i’ll be on in a second

Leah  -- kay [goes on the bus]

Nick  -- what do you want Haylee

Haylee  -- so this is Sophie?

Nick  -- [holds Sophie closer to him] yeah, why?

Haylee  -- she’s cute

Nick  -- what do you want Haylee!

Haylee  -- when are you coming home?

Nick  -- never

Haylee  -- what?

Nick  -- i’m not coming home

Haylee  -- why not?

Nick  -- because i’m on tour

Haylee  -- i mean after the tour

Nick  -- i don’t kno Haylee

Haylee  -- oh.....okay [walks away]

Nick  -- [goes on the tour bus]

Leah  -- so....

Nick  -- so what?

Leah  -- what happened?

Nick  -- nothing, Haylee just wants to kno when we’re going home

Leah  -- thats all?

Nick  -- yeah [sits next to her]

Leah  -- she didn’t hurt Sophie?

Nick  -- does Sophie look hurt?

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- then she’s not

Leah  -- where are we going now?

Joe  -- [comes on] no idea

Kevin  -- [comes on too] that show was awesome!

Joe  -- yeah, and people are starting to kno who we are now

Nick  -- can you guys not be so loud, Sophie’s sleeping

Joe  -- why do babies always sleep

Leah  -- because they’re babies, its what they do

Joe  -- they’re boring

Kevin  -- shut up Joe

Joe  -- its true

Leah  -- is the next city far?

Joe  -- yeah, its like 8 hours

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- just go to sleep Leah, it will go by faster

Leah  -- its hard to sleep on the bus

Joe  -- see i’m not the only one who thinks so


Nick  -- [carries Sophie into the hotel room]

Leah  -- [follows him, trying to stay awake]

Nick  -- [puts Sophie in her crib]

Sophie  -- [wakes up, starts crying]

Nick  -- Leah she wants you

Leah  -- how do you kno she doesn’t want you?

Nick  -- because she always want you

Leah  -- i think she wants you

Nick  -- fine [picks up Sophie]

Sophie  -- [stops crying]

Leah  -- told you [goes into the bedroom]

Nick  -- but how am i supposed to go to sleep?

Leah  -- figure it out!

Nick  -- [puts Sophie back in her crib, kisses her head]

Sophie  -- [reaches for him]

Nick  -- Sophie i’m tired, can you just go to sleep?

Leah  -- [comes in] whats taking so long? She was already asleep

Nick  -- well she’s not now

Leah  -- [sits with her back against the crib]

Sophie  -- [taps her hand on Leah’s head]

Leah  -- what Sophie?

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Leah  -- i don’t think she’s tired anymore, so you go to bed, and i’ll stay with her

Nick  -- are you sure?

Leah  -- yeah, you have a show tonight, so go to sleep

Nick  -- okay [goes into the bedroom]

Leah  -- Sophie can you please go to sleep? I’m so tired

Sophie  -- [pulls on Leah’s hair]

Leah  -- ow! [takes her hair away from Sophie, ties her hair back in a pony tail]

Sophie  -- [starts to fall asleep]

Leah  -- finally [walks into the bedroom] Nick what are you doing?!!

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Chapter 59

Sophie  -- [starts to fall asleep]

Leah  -- finally [walks into the bedroom] Nick what are you doing?!!

Nick  -- [on the bed, fiddling with his fly] the stupid zipper is stuck! [falls off the bed]

Leah  -- [laughs] wow Nick

Nick  -- shut up

Leah  -- i thot you were going to bed

Nick  -- i was, but i can’t get these stupid pants off

Leah  -- well have fun [takes her clothes off, starts to put one of Nick’s shirts on]

Nick  -- you shouldn’t wear your bra to bed

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- your not supposed to wear a bra to bed

Leah  -- just get your pants off Nicholas! [puts one of Nick’s shirts on]

Nick  -- i can’t!

Leah  -- [gets into bed]

Nick  -- i need help

Leah  -- yeah i kno

Nick  -- [glares at her]

Leah  -- goodnight Nick [turns the lights off]

Nick  -- Leah!

Leah  -- what?

Nick – finally

Leah  -- got it?

Nick  -- yeah [takes his pants off, gets into bed]

Leah  -- that took a while

Nick  -- i kno

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Nick  -- [pulls away] aren’t we going to sleep?

Leah  -- your no fun

Nick  -- i’m just tired

Leah  -- fine, ‘night Nicky

Nick  -- just go to sleep Leah!

Leah  -- i’m not tired [gets out of bed]

Nick  -- where are you going?

Leah  -- i donno [puts her bikini on, then puts Nick’s shirt back on]

Nick  -- Leah you can’t go for a swim, its the middle of the night

Leah  -- the pool and hot tub are open 24 hrs

Nick  -- but i don’t want to come

Leah  -- you don’t have to [goes down to the pool, gets in the hot tub]

Nick  -- [grabs the phone, calls Addi’s room]

Addi  -- [answers] what do you want?

Nick  -- i need you to come keep an eye on Sophie

Addi  -- why?

Nick  -- because i have to keep an eye on Leah

Addi  -- fine [hangs up]

Nick  -- [waits till Addi comes, then goes down to the pool]

Leah  -- [laying next to the hot tub]

Nick  -- Leah are you okay?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- can you please come back up

Leah  -- no, i’m not tired

Nick  -- Leah i want to go to sleep

Leah  -- then go!

Nick  -- no, last time i left you at the pool, you almost drowned

Leah  -- i did not!

Nick  -- you were scared of water for like ever

Leah  -- i don’t kno what your talking about

Nick  -- oh really?

Leah  -- really

Nick  -- [picks her up]

Leah  -- what are you doing?

Nick  -- [walks over to the pool, throws her in]

Leah  -- NICK!!!!

Nick  -- shhh people are sleeping

Leah  -- i can’t believe you did that! [Choking on some water]

Nick  -- Leah?

Leah  -- [coughing]

Nick  -- [tries to help her out]

Leah  -- [pulls him in]

Nick  -- Leah!

Leah  -- you pushed me in first!

Nick  -- [gets out of the pool]

Leah  -- [gets out too] i miss home

Nick  -- i kno you do, i do too

Leah  -- can we go home soon?

Nick  -- after the tour

Leah  -- but i miss my bed, i don’t like living on the road

Nick  -- i thot you were excited about the tour

Leah  -- yeah....was

Nick  -- we need to go back to the room, Addi is watching Sophie

Leah  -- but i’m not tired!

Nick  -- just stay in the room okay?

Leah  -- fine [they go back to the room]

Addi  -- took long enough!

Nick  -- sorry Addi

Addi  -- yeah whatever [leaves]

Nick  -- [goes to bed]

Leah  -- [sits on the floor, bored]


Leah  -- [sleeping next to Sophie’s crib, on the floor]

Nick  -- [comes in] Leah, baby wake up

Leah  -- [wakes up a bit] what?

Nick  -- [helps her up] are you okay?

Leah  -- i’m fine

Nick  -- you sure?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- you still look kinda sick

Leah  -- i’m not

Nick  -- Leah ----

Leah  -- i’m fine Nick!

Nick  -- okay

LATER –During Soundcheck

Nick  -- [playing one of their songs]

Joe  -- [the phone rings, answers it] hello?

Kevin  -- who is is?

Joe  -- shh, whats wrong Addi

Nick  -- somethings wrong?

Joe  -- i said shh!

Addi  -- i don’t kno what happened, but i was going back to my room, and i heard Sophie screaming, so i went to check on her and Leah was on the floor

Joe – Leah was what?

Nick  -- Leah’s hurt

Addi  -- she wasn’t moving, so i called an ambulance, and i’m at the hospital now, i just thot Nick should kno

Joe  -- kay i’ll tell him [hangs up] Leah’s at the hospital

Nick  -- then what are we still doing here?!! [runs out]

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Chapter 60


Addi  -- [in the waiting room, holding Sophie]

Sophie  -- [looks at her,  sad]

Addi  -- she’s going to be okay Sophie

Sophie  -- [looks around the waiting room]

Nick  -- [comes in]

Sophie  -- [reaches for him]

Nick  -- [takes her from Addi] what happened?

Addi  -- Leah was just un conscious on the floor

Nick  -- over stressed again?

Addi  -- maybe

Nick  -- have you heard anything from the doctors yet?

Addi  -- not yet

Sophie  -- [pokes Nick’s cheek, giggles]

Nick  -- [sits down]

Joe  -- [comes in with Kevin] where did you learn to run like that?

Addi  -- you ran all the way here

Nick  -- no, but Kevin being annoying decided to park like 10 blocks away

Kevin  -- you can’t park here

Nick  -- yes you can

Kevin  -- you can?

Addi  -- yeah

Kevin  -- oh

Nick  -- we could have been here sooner if it weren’t for you!

Kevin  -- it doesn’t make a difference, we still wouldn’t know whats going on!

Joe  -- are we going to make it back in time for the show

Nick  -- [glares at him]

Joe  -- i was just wondering

Nick  -- WELL DON’T!!!

Sophie  -- [scared because Nick yelled, starts crying]

Addi  -- [takes Sophie from Nick] great going Nick!

Doctor  -- [comes over] are you here for Leah Tyler?

Nick  -- its Leah Jonas, and yeah

Doctor  -- she was over stressed

Nick  -- again

Doctor  -- and on our records it says you have medication

Addi  -- oh, i forgot

Nick  -- she she’s okay right?

Doctor  -- she’ll be fine, she also has a touch of food poisoning, but its not that bad, and she should be fine in a couple days

Nick  -- can we see her?

Doctor  -- yeah room 187

Nick  -- [goes to Leah’s room, everyone follows him] are you okay Leah?

Leah  -- [nods] i’m fine

Nick  -- you need to be more careful

Leah  -- i kno, i’m sorry Nick

Sophie  -- [reaches for Leah]

Addi  -- [gives Sophie to Leah]

Sophie  -- [hugs Leah]

Addi  -- i think she was worried

Joe  -- can babies even be worried?

Addi  -- well she was the one screaming when Leah was hurt. And i think she was trying to get someones attention

Joe  -- a baby cann't do all that! They can’t even talk!

Nick  -- can you guys shut up!

Kevin  -- Nick this is the second time this has happened on tour

Nick  --  i kno

Leah  -- but i’m fine, its no big deal

Nick  -- yes it is, do you kno how scared i was when i heard you were in here?

Leah  -- sorry Nick

Kevin  -- i think you should talk to the doctor Nick

Nick  -- why me?

Kevin  -- why not you?

Nick  -- fine [leaves]

Joe  -- can we go back to the stage now

Addi  -- Joe! Leah’s in the hospital, and you just want to leave?

Joe  -- she said she was fine

Leah  -- you guys can go if you want

Addi  -- no we’re staying

Joe  -- why?

Addi  -- [hits him]

Joe  -- ow! How come Courtney doesn’t have to be here?

Addi  -- she’s doing sound check

Joe  -- so were we!

Addi  -- yeah but you can’t do sound check on your own Joe

Joe  -- i should have done this record deal thing as a solo project

Addi  -- if you did, you would be saying how you should have done this with Kevin and Nick

Joe  -- no i wouldn’t

Leah  -- can you guys not argue, i’m really tired

Joe  -- sorry

Kevin  -- i’ll go see when you can leave [walks out]

Leah  -- [lays Sophie on her stomach on the bed, starts falling asleep]

Sophie – [hits her hands on the bed]

Leah  -- Sophie stop, i’m tired

Sophie  -- [keeps hitting her hands on the bed]

Addi  -- [picks her up] Sophie stop

Nick  -- [comes back in] i need to talk to Leah alone

Addi  -- kay [everyone else leaves]

Leah  -- whats going on?

Nick  -- you need to go home

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- Leah this tour is hurting you

Leah  -- no its not, i’m fine

Nick  -- no your not, this is the second time during the tour this has happened, and i don’t want it happening again

Leah  -- but Nick -----

Nick  -- this works good Leah, Sophie needed to go home, and now so do you

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Nick  -- Leah!

Leah  -- i don’t want to leave

Nick  -- Leah don’t worry okay, i’m going to set everything up for you.

Leah  -- what do you mean?

Nick  -- Joe and Kevin and I have to move to LA for this whole music thing, so we bought the house last week

Leah  -- why didn’t you tell me we were moving

Nick  -- i was going to soon

Leah  -- i don’t want to move there by myself

Nick  -- Leah its all set up, the house is ready for us to move in, and in a little more then two weeks the tour is over

Leah  -- but Nick ----

Nick  -- Leah you have to move to LA with Sophie, until the tour is over, you have to live in a home, not on a bus

Leah  -- but Nick ------

Nick  -- no Leah, your doing this, everything will be ready for you in LA by tonight, and your taking a plane out tmrw morning


Leah  -- [sitting on the bed, in the hotel]

Nick  -- [packing Leah’s bag]

Leah  -- please can i stay Nick?

Nick  -- its just two weeks Leah

Leah  -- but what about you missing Sophie growing up

Nick  -- we can figure something out

Leah  -- but Nick i’m fine... see, i can stay

Nick  -- [kisses her head] no you can’t, i don’t want you getting more hurt

Leah  -- can’t you care less?

Nick  -- no [finishes packing Leah’s bag]

Leah  -- two weeks?

Nick  -- yeah, and the tour ends in LA, and all the other shows are in cities near that, so i’ll try to come and visit

Leah  -- if you really loved me you would let me stay

Nick  -- no if i really loved you i would make sure your safe and healthy

Leah  -- mean!

Nick  -- [kisses her] am i still mean?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- [kisses her neck] how bout now?

Leah  -- i love you Nicky

Nick  -- i love you too, and if theres any problems in LA call me

Leah  -- kay


Nick  -- [holding Sophie] do you have everything?

Leah  -- yeah, everything except my baby

Nick  -- right [kisses Sophie’s head] don’t forget about me Sophie

Sophie  -- [touches his cheek]

Nick  -- [hands her to Leah]

Leah  -- [puts Sophie on the ground by her bag, hugs Nick tight, crying a bit]

Nick  -- call me the second you land in LA

Leah  -- kay

Nick  -- please don’t cry Leah [wipes her tears]

Leah  -- [keeps crying] i’m going to miss you

Nick  -- i’ll miss you too [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it, then pulls away]

Nick  -- i’ll see you soon

Leah  -- [picks up Sophie and her bag] okay

Nick  -- bye Sophie

Leah  -- i’ll call you in a couple hours

Nick  -- kay, and tell me how the house is

Leah  -- i will [kisses him] see you soon [gets on the plane]


I sat down in my seat, with Sophie on my lap. She looked at the seat next to us, probably thinking that Nick would sit down, but when someone else sat there so looked at me upset. I wish Nick would just let me stay. But like he said its just 2 weeks, i can go two weeks without him right? NO I CAN’T!!! i felt more tears stream down my cheeks, and looked out the window as the plane started to move.

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Chapter 61

Leah  -- [looking out the plane window]
Sophie  -- [tugs on her shirt]

Leah  -- whats wrong Sophie?

Sophie  -- [looks at the person in the seat next to them, points at him]

Leah  -- Sophie don’t be rude

Sophie  -- [hits her hand on the guy next to them]

Leah  -- i am so sorry [moves Sophie so she can’t hit him]

Lucas  -- its fine, i’m Lucas by the way

Leah  -- i’m Leah, and this is my daughter Sophie

Lucas  -- Daughter? Are you kind of young to have a daughter?

Leah  -- i guess

Lucas  -- how old are you?

Leah  -- i just turned 17 a couple months ago

Lucas  -- how old is Sophie?

Leah  -- nearly 7 months

Lucas  -- she’s really cute

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Leah  -- [holds Sophie’s hands]

Lucas  -- so why are you going to LA?

Leah  -- we’re moving there

Lucas  -- are you a single mom?

Leah  -- no, my husband is going to come in a couple weeks

Sophie  -- [looks at her]

Leah  -- what about you?

Lucas  -- i live in LA, i was out here visiting a friend

Sophie  -- [giggling]

Leah  -- whats so funny?

Sophie  -- [puts her hand in her mouth, looking at Lucas]


Leah  -- [walks off the plane carrying Sophie]

Lucas  -- [catches up to her] Leah wait up

Leah  -- [turns around to face him]

Lucas  -- i was wondering if we could exchange numbers, and maybe we could hang out sometime, since your new to LA i could show you around a bit

Leah  -- okay [gives him her number, and he gives her his number] i’ll see you around [gets her bags, and goes home] so what do you think Sophie? Nice house?

Sophie  -- [looks around, tilts her head to the side]

Leah  -- yeah i think somethings missing to

Sophie  -- [looks to the door, waiting for Nick to come in]

Leah  -- he’s not coming Sophie

Sophie  -- [looks at her, starts crying]

Leah  -- shh Sophie please don’t cry, i’ll get daddy on the phone [puts Sophie on the floor, sits next to her, calls Nick]

Nick  -- [answers] hi Leah

Leah  -- hi Nicky, one sec i’m putting it on speaker phone [puts the phone on speaker phone]

Nick  -- [hears Sophie crying] why is she crying

Leah  -- because she misses you

Nick  -- well i miss her too

Sophie  -- [hears Nick’s voice, picks up the phone]

Leah  -- Sophie careful

Nick  -- whats she doing?

Leah  -- she’s playing with the phone

Nick  -- i miss you and Sophie so much

Leah  -- [starts crying a bit] i wanted to stay on tour

Nick  -- i kno Leah, i’m sorry

Leah  -- when are you coming to visit

Nick  -- not for a while

Leah  -- but Sophie and i need you

Sophie  -- [looking at the phone]

Leah  -- i love you Nick

Nick  -- i love you to Leah, and i love you Sophie

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Nick  -- hows the house?

Leah  -- its nice...i guess

Nick  -- you guess?

Leah  -- it will be better when you and Joe and Kevin come

Nick  -- i’ll try and visit as soon as i can

Leah  -- okay, talk to you soon [hangs up the phone]

Sophie  -- [waiting to hear Nick talking, starts hitting the phone on the ground]

Leah  -- Sophie stop!

Sophie  -- [keeps hitting the phone, trying to hear Nick’s voice again, starts crying]

Leah  -- [picks her up, hugs her] i’m sorry Sophie


Leah  -- [laying on her bed, with Sophie sleeping next to her, calls Nick]

Nick  -- [answers, half asleep] hello?

Leah  -- Nick?

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- i can’t sleep

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- i can’t sleep without you here

Nick  -- Leah -----

Leah  -- i can’t Nick!

Nick  -- fine, are you under the covers?

Leah  -- [gets under the covers] i am now

Nick  -- good, now get comfortable

Leah  -- i am

Nick  -- now go to sleep

Leah  -- i can’t

Nick  -- do you want me to sing you to sleep?

Leah  -- [smiles] kay

Nick  -- [starts singing]

Hello Beautiful
Hows it going
I hear its wonderful
In California
I've been missin' you
Its true

But tonight, I'm gonna fly
Yeah tonight, Im gonna FLY!
Cause I could go across the world
And see everything, and never be satisfied
If I couldnt see those eyes

Leah  -- [almost asleep] I love you Nicky

Nick  -- i love you to baby

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Chapter 62

Leah  -- [almost asleep] I love you Nicky

Nick  -- i love you to baby

Leah  -- i miss you

Nick  -- goodnight baby [hangs up]

Leah  -- [falls asleep]


Leah  -- [walks out of the kitchen] Sophie what are you doing silly

Sophie  -- [has her teddy bears paw in her mouth, smiles]

Leah  -- [takes the bear away from her] i have some real food for you sweetie [picks her up, takes her into the kitchen, puts her in the high chair]

Sophie  -- [hits her hands on the table]

Leah  -- [opens the baby food, starts feeding it to Sophie, the doorbell rings] come in its open!!!

Nick  -- [comes in] hi Leah

Leah  -- Nick! [drops the food, runs over to him, hugs him tight]

Nick  -- [picks her up, kisses her]

Sophie  -- [hits her hands on the table again]

Nick  -- [puts Leah down] i didn’t forget about you [picks her up, kisses her cheek] i love you Sophie

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Leah  -- why didn’t you tell me you were coming?

Nick  -- i wanted it to be a surprise

Leah  -- well it was

Nick  -- a good one?

Leah   -- yeah [smiles] so how long are you here?

Nick  -- just for today

Leah  -- oh

Nick  -- well the tour is over soon

Leah  -- yeah i guess

Nick  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- its just hard raising Sophie without you, and Lucas helps when he’s not working, but he ------

Nick  --  Lucas? Who’s Lucas?

Leah  -- some guy i met here

Nick  -- a guy?

Leah  -- Nick don’t

Nick  -- don’t what?

Leah  -- don’t get jealous

Nick  -- i’m not

Leah  -- yeah you are, i can tell

Nick  -- did you tell him about me?

Leah  -- yeah i told him your my husband and that you were going to meet us here in a couple weeks

Nick  -- so he knows i’m not living here

Leah  -- relax Nick! He has a girlfriend

Nick  -- fine, but Sophie doesn’t think Lucas is her dad does she?

Leah  -- no, and she really missed you

Nick  -- how do you kno?

Leah  -- she has pictures of you in her crib, and i play your demo CD for her to help her sleep

Nick  -- you have the demo?

Leah  -- yeah Joe sent it to me, she can’t sleep unless i play that cd for her

Nick  -- what about the fast songs

Leah  -- i put all the slow songs off the demo on its own CD

Nick  -- so have you met anyone else?

Leah  -- no, you don’t get out much when your raising a baby. but Lucas was going to introduce me to his girlfriend soon

Nick  -- i wish i could stay here with you

Leah  -- i wish you could too

Sophie  -- [yawns]

Leah  -- its time for her nap, come on i’ll show you her room [takes Nick upstairs, and into Sophie’s room]

Nick  -- this is a big room for a baby

Leah  -- i kno, but she has a lot of toys

Nick  -- true [puts Sophie in her crib]

Sophie  -- [cuddles her stuffed animals, falls asleep]

Nick  -- i hate missing this

Leah  -- then stay longer Nicky

Nick  -- i wish i could

Leah  -- [turns the baby monitor on, they walk out]

Nick  -- so now that i’ve taken care of Sophie, how bout i take care of you [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [picks her up, pushes her against the wall]

Leah  -- [wraps her legs around his waist, and her arms around his neck, keeps kissing him]

Nick  -- [pulls away] i don’t want to leave tonight

Leah  -- then stay

Nick  -- i can’t, i barely convinced Joe and Kevin to let me come today

Leah  -- but i barely see you Nicky, and i hate when your not here

Nick  -- has Sophie done anything?

Leah  -- what do you mean?

Nick  -- crawling, talking, anything?

Leah  -- she can almost crawl, but not quite

Nick  -- and no talking?

Leah  -- no, not yet

Nick  -- good i haven’t missed anything

Leah  -- but you might if you don’t come home soon

Nick  -- its just one more week

Leah  -- i kno, i just want you stay with me

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it, the doorbell rings, pulls away, goes downstairs]

Nick  -- [follows her]

Leah  -- [opens the door] hi Lucas

Nick  -- [walks over to Leah, wraps his arms around her waist, while standing behind her]

Leah  -- um Lucas, this is Nick. He’s Sophie’s dad

Lucas  -- hi

Nick  -- [coldly] hi

Leah  -- [quietly] well this should be fun

Nick  -- [glaring at Lucas]

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Chapter 63

Leah -- um Lucas, this is Nick. Hes Sophies dad

Lucas -- hi

Nick -- [coldly] hi

Leah -- [quietly] well this should be fun

Nick -- [glaring at Lucas]

Lucas  -- is Sophie sleeping?

Leah  -- yeah we just put her down for her nap

Lucas  -- can i come in?

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- [hits him] yeah you can come in

Lucas  -- [goes into the living room]

Nick  -- [starts to go into the living room too]

Leah  -- [grabs his arm]

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- be nice! [goes into the living room]

Nick  -- [rolls his eyes, follows her] so Lucas you have a girlfriend?

Leah  -- Nick!

Nick  -- its just a question

Lucas  -- yeah i have a girlfriend

Nick  -- and whats she like

Leah  -- ignore him!

Lucas  -- i’m just going to check on Sophie

Leah  -- kay

Lucas  -- [leaves]

Leah  -- [glares at Nick]

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- you kno he has a girlfriend, and stop being rude!

Nick  -- i was just asking him a question!

Leah  -- why are you so jealous?! You kno that i love you Nick

Nick  -- i just don’t like Lucas

Leah  -- you don’t kno him!

Nick  -- i still don’t like it

Leah  -- your being really stupid! [goes upstairs, to Sophie’s room] is she okay?

Lucas  -- yeah she’s fine

Sophie  -- [starts waking up, starts crying]

Leah  -- [picks her up] ssh Sophie

Sophie  -- [looks around for Nick, still crying]

Nick  --- [comes in]

Sophie  -- [stops crying, reaches for Nick]

Nick  -- [takes her from Leah]

Lucas  -- well since Nick is here, i guess you don’t need my help

Nick  -- she never needs your help

Leah  -- Nick shut up!

Lucas  -- i’ll see you tmrw Leah, bye Nick [leaves]

Leah  -- Nick what the hell!

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- Lucas is helping me out Nick! You don’t need to treat him like that!

Nick  -- i don’t want him helping you!

Leah  -- Nick i don’t like him like that! He’s just a friend!

Nick  -- he better be just a friend

Leah  -- he is!

Sophie  -- [looks from Nick to Leah]

Leah  -- whats wrong Sophie?

Sophie  -- [puts her hand in her mouth]

Leah  -- [takes Sophie’s teddy bear out of her crib, holds it infront of Sophie]

Sophie  -- [takes the bear, chews on its ear]

Nick  -- i think she’s hungry

Leah  -- i think so too [they go to the kitchen]

Nick  -- [puts Sophie in her highchair, takes the bear away from her]

Leah  -- [sits next to Sophie, starts feeding her the baby food] how come you can’t like Lucas?

Nick  -- because i kno that he wants you

Leah  -- no he doesn’t, and even if he does i love you, not him

Nick  -- i love you too [kisses her head]

Leah  -- [keeps feeding Sophie]

Sophie  -- [pushes the spoon away]

Leah  -- what time is your plane?

Nick  -- 10

Leah  -- thats only a couple hours

Nick  -- i kno


Nick  -- [on the couch]

Leah  -- [sitting on his lap, rests her head on his chest]

Nick  -- [rubs her back]

Leah  -- its so hard Nick

Nick  -- in a week i’ll be back for good

Leah  -- i kno, but thats still a whole week i have to wait

Sophie  -- [sitting on the floor, playing with her toys]

Nick  -- [watching her, smiles] she’s so cute

Leah  -- yeah

Sophie  -- [hits a block on the floor]

Leah  -- Sophie stop, your going to dent the floor

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Leah  -- how much longer till you have to go?

Nick  -- about 15 minutes

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- otherwise i’ll miss my plane

Leah  -- then miss it

Nick  -- your the one who wanted me to go on tour

Leah  -- and i also wanted to stay on tour

Nick  -- i kno

Sophie  -- [holds her arms up]

Leah  -- [gets off Nick, picks up Sophie, then sits on Nick’s lap again]

Nick  -- [wraps his arms around her waist] we never got to have s----

Leah  -- [covers his mouth] Nick! Sophie is right here!

Nick  -- she doesn’t kno what it is

Leah  -- still

Nick  -- [looks at the time] i need to go

Leah  -- what? No

Nick  -- i’m sorry baby, now get off

Leah  -- i’m not moving

Nick  --  Leah i have to go

Leah  -- fine [gets off him] visit soon?

Nick  -- i’ll try [kisses her] bye Leah [kisses Sophie’s head] bye Sophie [leaves]

Sophie  -- [watches Nick leave, points at the door] da da

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Chapter 64

Nick  --  Leah i have to go

Leah  -- fine [gets off him] visit soon?

Nick  -- i’ll try [kisses her] bye Leah [kisses Sophie’s head] bye Sophie [leaves]

Sophie  -- [watches Nick leave, points at the door] da da

Leah  -- thats right thats your  ----- did you just say da da?

Sophie  -- [looking at the door] da da!

Leah  -- [runs out of the house] Nick wait!

Nick  -- [in his car] Leah i have to go!

Leah  -- just wait! [goes over to his car]

Nick  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- she said her first word

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- come on Sophie, say it again

Sophie  -- [giggles, puts her hand in her mouth]

Nick  -- Leah i kno you want me to stay, but i really can’t. i’ll be back soon [starts the car]

Leah  -- Nick i’m not lying! She really did

Nick  -- Leah.....

Leah  -- [starts crying] why don’t you believe me!

Sophie  -- [sees Leah’s crying, starts crying too]

Nick  -- [gets out of the car, takes Sophie from Leah]

Leah  -- [sits on the sidewalk]

Nick  -- Leah please don’t cry

Leah  -- [wipes her tears, but still crying]

Nick  -- you making Sophie cry [hugs Sophie]

Sophie  -- [watching Leah]

Leah  -- [stops crying]

Sophie  -- [stops crying when Leah does]

Nick  -- [sits next to her, wipes her tears] can i go now?

Leah  -- but Nick -----

Nick  -- i really need to go Leah [hands Sophie back to her

Sophie  --  [reaches for Nick]

Nick  -- i have to go Sophie [kisses her head] i’ll see you in a week [starts getting in his car]

Sophie  -- da da!

Nick  -- [stops] did she just say -----

Leah  -- told you!

Nick  -- [walks back over to them, takes Sophie]

Sophie  -- [hugs him]

Leah  -- [glares at Nick]

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- you didn’t believe me!

Nick  -- i thot you were just finding a way to keep me here

Leah  -- [goes back into the house]

Nick  -- [follows her] Leah i’m sorry

Leah  -- [ignores him, goes up to her room]

Sophie  -- [looks at Nick, confused]

Nick  -- [goes up to Leah’s room] Leah i said i was sorry!

Leah  -- your lucky your holding Sophie! Cuz if you weren’t i would throw that stupid lamp at you!

Nick  --  Leah!

Leah  -- what!

Nick  -- i’m sorry i didn’t believe you, but a couple hours ago you said Sophie wasn’t talking

Leah  -- that was then! This is now!

Nick  -- [looks at the clock] i’ve missed my plane

Leah  -- well sucks to be you [takes Sophie from him]

Nick  -- Leah please don’t hate me

Leah  -- i don’t [lays on the bed, with Sophie on her stomach]

Sophie  -- [rolls off Leah, lands on the bed, giggles]

Leah  -- [tickles her]

Sophie  -- [giggles more]

Nick  -- [standing at the door, watching them]

Leah  -- [stops]

Sophie  -- [rolls on her stomach, grabs Leah’s hair]

Nick  -- Leah can you just forgive me?

Leah  -- [ignores him]

Nick  -- [picks up Sophie, takes her to her room, puts her in the crib, then goes back to Leah]

Leah  -- what did you do that for?!!

Nick  -- so i could do this [gets on top of her, kisses her]

Leah  -- [doesn’t kiss back]

Nick  -- [keeps kissing her, then starts kissing her neck] please forgive me Leah, i’m sorry for not believe you

Leah  -- sure you are

Nick  -- i am! If i wasn’t i would have gone to the airport

Leah  -- if you really  loved me you would stay here with me

Nick  -- Leah please don’t do this guilt thing, i already feel horrible

Leah  -- then you should just stay!

Nick  -- its only one more week!

Leah  -- i don’t care

Nick  -- i’m sorry Leah, but i have to go [kisses her head] i’ll see you soon [leaves]

Leah  -- [cries into her pillow]


Leah  -- [standing outside, holding Sophie, waiting for Nick]

Sophie  -- [falling asleep]

Leah  -- where is he?!

Sophie  -- [yawns]

Leah  -- just hold on Sophie, daddy will be here soon

Sophie  --  [closes her eyes, to tired to keep them open]

Leah  -- [sitting on the steps infront of their house]

Sophie  -- [almost asleep]

Leah  -- Sophie stay awake

Sophie  -- [really tired, a limo pulls up]

Leah  -- [stands up]

Sophie  -- [looks at the limo] da da?

Leah  -- yeah [walks over to the limo]

Joe  -- [gets out] hi Leah [hugs her]

Leah  -- hi Joe

Kevin  -- [gets out, followed by Nick] hi Leah

Leah  -- hi Kevin, what took you guys so long?

Nick  -- we had to catch a later flight

Leah  -- and your staying for good this time?

Nick  -- yeah [kisses her]

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Chapter 65

Leah  -- and your staying for good this time?

Nick  -- yeah [kisses her]

Sophie  -- da da! [reaches for Nick]

Nick  -- [takes her from Leah] hi Sophie [kisses her cheek]

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Leah  -- she needs to get to bed, she could barely stay away befor

Nick  -- okay i’ll take her to bed [goes into the house and up to Sophie’s room]

Leah  -- [follows him]

Nick  -- [lays Sophie down in her crib]

Sophie  -- [falls asleep]

Leah  -- [hugs Nick] i missed you

Nick  -- well i’m back now [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pulls away]

Nick  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- i’m kinda tired to

Nick  -- [picks her up]

Leah  -- [wraps her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck]

Nick  -- [carries her to their room, puts her on the bed]

Leah  -- [doesn’t let go of him]

Nick  -- Leah!

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- [lays on the bed next to her]  let go

Leah  -- [lets go of him]

Nick  -- have i missed anything else with Sophie?

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- good

Leah  -- its not fair

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- she can only say da da

Nick  -- i’m sure she’s start talking more soon

Leah  -- i hope so

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [deepens it more, slides his hand up her shirt]

Joe  -- [comes in]

Nick  -- [pulls away fast] Joe!

Joe  -- what?

Nick  -- knock next time!

Joe  -- sorry

Nick  -- what do you want?

Joe  -- we wanted to kno if you and Leah wanted some dinner

Nick  -- sure

Joe  -- kay [leaves]

Nick  --  he is so annoying

Leah  -- not really

Nick  -- Leah he just -----

Leah  -- i kno what he did, but its not that bad

Nick  -- yes it is

Leah  -- i’m not arguing with you Nick its pointless

Nick  -- so i win?

Leah  -- fine

Nick  -- Joe Kevin and I we’re going to go out tmrw and look around

Leah  -- okay, well i’ll just stay here with Sophie then

Nick  -- are you sure you don’t want to come

Leah  -- i’m sure


Leah  -- [picks up Sophie out of her crib] so what now Sophie?

Sophie  -- da da

Leah  -- he’s not here

Sophie  -- da da!!

Leah  --  whats wrong with me?

Sophie  -- [puts her hand in her mouth, giggles]


Nick  -- so where are we going? And Joe why are you wearing that?

Joe  -- its so people don’t recognize me

Kevin  -- its just sunglasses

Joe  -- still

Nick  -- and who would recognize you?

Joe  -- my fans

Nick  -- but we’ve just started, we don’t have any fans yet

???  -- Joe? Joe Jonas?

Joe  -- told you i have fans

Kevin  -- look again genius!

Joe  -- [looks to where the voice came from] hide me! [runs behind Nick and Kevin]

Nick  -- very mature Joe


Leah  -- [looking thru her closet]

Sophie  -- [sitting on the floor, watching Leah]

Leah  -- [changes into shorts and a tank top]

Sophie  -- [reaches her arms up, so Leah will pick her up]

Leah  -- [picks her up, takes Sophie downstairs, sits on the couch]

Sophie  -- [pulls on Leah’s hair]

Leah  -- ow Sophie!

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Leah  -- [lays Sophie on her stomach, on the floor]

Sophie  -- [starts playing with her toys]

Leah  -- i should have gone with Nick

Sophie  -- da da

Leah  -- can’t you say ma ma?

Sophie  -- da da!

Leah  -- [the doorbell rings, goes over to the door, opens it] um hi Lucas

Lucas  -- is anyone else here?

Leah  -- just me and Sophie

Lucas  -- can i come in?

Leah  -- sure [they go over to the couch and sit down] whats going on?

Lucas  -- me and my girlfriend broke up

Leah  -- oh....i’m sorry Lucas

Lucas  -- its fine, we just weren’t meant for each other

Leah  -- Nick is going to be annoying now

Lucas  -- what?

Leah  -- he thinks that i’m going to cheat on him with you

Lucas  -- why would he think that? [moves closer to her]

Leah  -- um----i don’t kno

Lucas  -- theres nothing between us right? [leans closer to her]

Leah  -- right [starts to move away from him]

Lucas  -- [holds her still]

Leah  -- Lucas wait

Lucas  -- [moves so their lips are almost touching] whats wrong?

Leah  -- i ---- um ------ i uh -----

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Chapter 66

Leah  -- right [starts to move away from him]

Lucas  -- [holds her still]

Leah  -- Lucas wait

Lucas  -- [moves so their lips are almost touching] whats wrong?

Leah  -- i ---- um ------ i uh -----

Sophie  -- [watching them, tilts her head to the side]

Lucas  -- [gently pressed his lips to Leah’s]

Leah  -- [starts to pull away]

Lucas  -- [grabs the back of her head so she can’t, deepens the kiss]

Leah  -- [tears rolls down her cheeks, trying to push him away]

Lucas  -- [lays her on the couch, gets on top of her, still kissing her]

Leah  -- [keeps trying to push him off]

Lucas  -- [pulls away for a second]

Leah  -- Lucas -----

Lucas  -- [kisses her again]

Leah  -- [pushes him away a bit] Lucas stop!

Lucas  -- [ignores her, kisses her again]

Leah  -- [crying]

Sophie  -- [starts crying, because she sees Leah’s upset]

Joe  -- [comes in] Leah you’ll never guess who we saw ------ get off her!

Nick  -- [comes in with Kevin] Joe what are you ----- Lucas what the hell!

Lucas  -- [gets off Leah]

Leah  -- [gets off the couch, wipes her tears]

Lucas  -- i’m just going to go [runs out]

Nick  -- Leah what was that?!

Leah  -- Nick i’m sorry

Nick  -- [picks up Sophie, tries to get her to stop crying]

Sophie  -- [slowly stop crying, cuddles into Nick]

Kevin  -- so....

Joe  -- i can’t believe Jessica knows were here

Leah  -- Jessica your ex?

Kevin  -- yeah we saw her today, and Joe tried to hide behind me and Nick

Leah  -- very mature

Nick  -- we can talk about that later! Right now i need to kno why you were making out with Lucas

Joe  -- she didn’t want to Nick

Nick  -- how do you kno?!

Joe  -- because she was crying

Nick  -- well maybe she was crying, because she felt guilty about cheating

Leah  -- Nick he kissed me! I didn’t want to!

Nick  -- why should i believe you?

Leah  -- because i would never cheat on you! [goes upstairs]

Kevin  -- i think she’s telling the truth Nick

Nick  -- she didn’t look like she was trying to get away from him

Joe  -- she was when i walked in

Nick  -- i guess i should go talk to her?

Joe  -- yeah

Nick  -- fine, can you watch Sophie? [hands Sophie to Joe, goes upstairs]

Joe  -- why can’t he understand that i don’t like babies

Kevin  -- [takes Sophie from him] how can you not like Sophie Joe? She’s so cute

Joe  -- no she’s evil!

Sophie  -- [giggles, puts her hand in her mouth]

Kevin  -- oh yeah, really evil


Leah  -- [laying on her bed, crying into the pillow]

Nick  -- [comes in] Leah?

Leah  -- go away!

Nick  -- [gets on the bed next to her]

Leah  -- [pulls the covers over her head]

Nick  -- [gets under the covers too, gets on top of Leah] baby i’m sorry

Leah  -- why do you never believe me?

Nick  -- i don’t kno, but i’m sorry [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- [kicks the blankets off them]

Nick  -- so we’re okay?

Leah  -- i guess so [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [pulls away] i love you Nick

Nick  -- i love you too

Leah  -- so its true Jessica is here?

Nick  -- yeah, and Joe isn’t very happy

Leah  --  but they were so cute together

Nick  -- Joe’s not really a girlfriend guy

Leah  -- well i liked Jessica

Nick  -- i did too

Leah  -- i hope her and Joe get back together

Nick  -- i don’t

Leah  -- why not?

Nick  -- i don’t need a reason

Leah  -- you should have a reason!

Kevin  -- [comes in] Leah someones here for you

Leah  -- who it is? [gets off the bed]

Nick  -- [starts to get off too]

Kevin  -- Nick i think you should stay here

Nick  -- why?

Kevin  -- just stay here

Nick  -- okay

Leah  -- [goes downstairs] theres no one here

Kevin  -- [comes in] they wanted to wait outside

Leah  -- [walks outside, sees Lucas] what do you want?!

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Chapter 67

Leah  -- [walks outside, sees Lucas] what do you want?!

Lucas  -- i wanted to say sorry

Leah  -- [crosses her arms]

Lucas  -- i just missed my girlfriend, and you kind of reminded me of her

Leah  -- you shouldn’t have kissed me!

Lucas  -- i kno, and i’m really sorry Leah. Please forgive me

Leah  -- i don’t kno Lucas

Lucas  -- please, i really don’t want to lose you as a friend

Leah  -- Nick won’t be happy

Lucas  -- who cares?

Leah  -- i care

Lucas  -- please Leah, i still want to be friends with you

Leah  -- okay [hugs him]

Lucas  -- i’ll see you later, i don’t think its safe for me to be here

Leah  -- yeah not really [goes back into the house]

Kevin  -- so what did he want?

Leah  -- to apologize

Kevin  -- good

Leah  -- is Nick still upstairs?

Kevin  -- i think so

Leah  -- kay

Kevin  -- why?

Leah  -- just wondering, he didn’t see Lucas right?

Kevin  -- no i -----

Nick  -- [runs down] WHY WAS LUCAS HERE?!!!

Kevin  -- or maybe he did see him

Leah  -- he just came to apologize, he was upset about the break up with his girlfriend

Nick  -- thats no excuse!

Leah  -- well atleast he apologized

Nick  -- yeah....i guess

Leah  -- and he asked if we could still be friends

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- you can’t be friends with him!

Leah  -- why not?

Nick  -- because i said so!

Kevin  -- [quietly] this isn’t going to end well [walks out]

Leah  -- Nick he’s my friend

Nick  -- no he’s trouble, he’s just going to keep doing the same thing

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- he’s going to make you cheat again

Leah  -- well atleast i didn’t really cheat!

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- you thot i didn’t kno? [tears starts rolling down her cheeks] YOU THOT I WOULDN’T FIND OUT?!!

Nick  -- i  ------ i  -----

Leah  -- [walks out]

Joe  -- [comes in] you cheated on Leah?

Nick  -- i didn’t plan on it!

Joe  -- what were you thinking?

Nick  -- that she wouldn’t find out

Joe  -- very smart

Nick  -- its Haylee’s fault! She made me

Joe  -- when was this?

Leah  -- [comes down] right after she killed Ryan

Joe  -- Nick what is wrong with you!

Leah  -- [picks up Sophie’s teddy bear off the floor] a lot [starts to leave]

Nick  -- Leah------

Leah  -- [ignores him, goes upstairs]

Joe  -- so what kind of cheating are we talking about, did you and Haylee kiss? Or make out? Or -----

Nick  -- we had sex

Joe  -- i thot Leah was talking about that kiss on tour

Nick  -- no, we worked past that

Joe  -- i can’t believe you had sex with the girl who killed your son!

Nick  -- i can’t believe we’re still talking about this

Joe  -- sorry

Nick  -- i don’t kno why she’s bringing it up now


Leah  -- [puts Sophie’s teddy bear in her crib]

Sophie  -- [hugs the bear, looks at Leah]

Leah  -- [still crying a bit, wipes her tears]

Sophie  -- [reaches up for Leah]

Leah  -- [picks up Sophie, who’s still holding her bear]

Sophie  -- [puts her head on Leah’s shoulder]

Nick  -- [comes in] can we talk?

Sophie  -- da da

Nick  -- i meant with Leah [tickles Sophie]

Sophie  -- [giggles, puts the teddy bears ear in her mouth]

Leah  -- i don’t want to talk right now

Nick  -- why are you mad about this right now?

Leah  -- i was mad befor, but i tried to ignore it. I thot you would come and tell me about it, and tell me how you made a mistake

Nick  -- i’m sorry Leah, but that was a long time ago

Leah  -- its still cheating

Nick  -- Leah i’m really sorry

Sophie  -- [gives Nick her teddy bear]

Nick  -- um thanks Sophie

Sophie  --  [giggles]

Leah  -- [lays Sophie back in her crib]

Sophie  -- [starts to fall asleep]

Leah  -- [walks out]

Nick  -- [gives Sophie her bear back, follows Leah] your not going to hate me forever right?

Leah  -- why shouldn’t i?

Nick  -- because you don’t kno my side of the story

Leah  -- fine explain your side....oh wait if there was any chance that i could forgive you, you would have told me about this right after it happened!

Nick  -- Leah i ------

Leah  -- you kno how you made me take a break from Sophie for two days, well i’m making you take a break from me for two days

Nick  -- two --- Leah!

Leah  -- talk to you in two days [walks away]

Nick  -- [punches the wall, sits on the floor on the verge of tears]

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Chapter 68

Leah  -- you kno how you made me take a break from Sophie for two days, well i’m making you take a break from me for two days

Nick  -- two --- Leah!

Leah  -- talk to you in two days [walks away]

Nick  -- [punches the wall, sits on the floor on the verge of tears]

Joe  -- [comes over] what happened?

Nick  -- i can’t see Leah for two days

Joe  -- well atleast its only two days

Nick  -- i guess, but i want to kno why she brot it up now

Joe  -- because you freaked out about Lucas

Nick  -- i can’t go two days without her Joe

Joe  -- thats what Leah said about Sophie

Nick  -- i kno but this is different, i can’t live without Leah

Joe  -- yeah i kno

Kevin  -- [comes over] whats going on?

Joe  -- Nick can’t talk to Leah for two days

Kevin   -- thats all? I thot she would want a divorce

Nick  -- two days is so long Kevin!

Kevin  -- not really

Joe  -- she’s still staying at the house right?

Nick  -- i think

Joe  -- good

Kevin  -- how is she going to avoid you?

Nick  -- she’s not, i’m going to make sure i see her

Kevin  -- thats cheating

Nick  -- i don’t care


Leah  -- [sitting on the floor in the guest room, with Sophie]

Sophie  -- [laying on her stomach] playing with her toys

Joe  -- [comes in]

Leah  -- hi Joe

Joe  -- [hands her a plate of food] so your going to stay in here for two days?

Leah  -- yeah, its only two days, and if i want to leave i’ll go at midnight or when Nick’s asleep

Joe  -- he’s miserable

Leah  -- its been 10 hours Joe

Joe  -- still

Leah  -- i just can’t talk to him right now

Joe  -- fine, is there anything else you want?

Leah  -- um no, i’m fine

Joe  -- kay [walks out, trips over Nick who’s sitting on the floor] Nick!

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- what are you doing?

Nick  -- [trying to hear what Leah’s doing]

Joe  -- your pathetic

Nick  -- no, i’m in love

Joe  -- just go do something, take your mind of this

Nick  -- fine [goes downstairs] hi Jessica

Joe  -- [walks downstairs] very funny ----[sees Jessica] what are you doing here?

Jessica  -- Nick invited me

Joe  -- why are you making everyone else suffer too?

Nick  -- shut up Joe

Jessica  -- so hows the music thing going?

Nick  -- good

Joe  -- well it was nice seeing you Jess, bye

Nick  -- Jessica is staying for lunch Joe

Joe  -- why must you torture me?

Nick  -- shut up Joe!

Jessica  -- if you don’t want me here, i’ll just go

Joe  -- okay, go

Nick  -- no we want you to stay Jessica

Jessica  -- okay

Nick  -- well Kevin is out, and i’m going out too, so its just you and Joe

Jessica  -- [smiles] really?

Nick  -- yeah, have fun [leaves, gets a text]

Text [from Joe]  -- i’m so going to kill you Nick!!!

Nick  -- [texts him back: have fun]


Nick  -- [walks into the house]

Joe  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- how did it go?

Joe  -- i hate you

Nick  -- so it went well?

Kevin  -- Jessica is exactly the same

Joe  -- yeah clingy, she wanted to get back together

Nick  -- did you?

Joe  -- no

Nick  -- how’s Leah?

Joe  -- she’s still in the guest room

Nick  -- is she okay?

Joe  -- she’s fine

Kevin  -- its just one more day Nick

Nick  -- yeah i kno, but i can’t wait another day

Kevin  -- its your own fault, you didn’t have to cheat on her

Nick  -- i didn’t want to!

Joe  -- we aren’t talking about this again, its annoying

Nick  -- is Sophie still with Leah?

Kevin  -- no she’s in her room

Nick  -- [goes up to Sophie’s room]

Sophie  -- [sitting in her crib] da da

Nick  -- hi Sophie

Sophie  -- [reaches for him]

Nick  -- [picks her up]

Sophie  -- [looks for Leah]

Nick  -- Leah hates me

Sophie  -- [puts her hand in her mouth, giggles]

Nick  -- i think i blew it big time Sophie

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Chapter 69

Nick  -- Leah hates me

Sophie  -- [puts her hand in her mouth, giggles]

Nick  -- i think i blew it big time Sophie

Sophie  -- [smiles]

Nick  -- thats not a good thing silly [tickles her]

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Joe  -- [comes in] why did you invite Jessica over?

Nick  -- because she’s nice?

Joe  -- no she’s not

Nick  -- i don’t kno why you hate her. No one else does

Joe  -- she doesn’t understand that i don’t want to be her boyfriend

Nick  -- Joe she told me she just wants to be friends

Joe  -- she did

Nick  -- for now

Joe  -- see its the for now part that i don’t like

Nick  -- just give her a chance

Joe  -- why?

Nick  -- because you broke up with her by a text message, she deserves another chance

Joe  -- fine, so what are you doing?

Nick  -- talking to Sophie

Joe  -- but she doesn’t talk

Nick  -- Joe you don’t understand babies

Joe  -- yeah because no one explains them to me


Nick  -- [on his bed watching tv, with Sophie sitting next to him]

Sophie  -- [hits his hand]

Nick  -- whats wrong?

Sophie  -- [hits her hands on the bed]

Kevin  -- [comes in]

Nick  -- whats the time?

Kevin  - 2

Nick  -- 10 more hours

Kevin  -- counting down the hours

Nick  -- yeah

Kevin  -- do you kno why Joe doesn’t like Sophie?

Nick  -- no

Kevin  -- its kinda weird

Nick  -- i kno

Kevin  -- so are you trying to set up Jessica and Joe?

Nick  -- no, i’m just trying to get them to start talking again

Kevin  -- well just warning you Joe is plotting his revenge

Nick  -- of course he is

Kevin  -- those were his exact words by the way

Nick  -- yeah i kinda figured

Kevin  -- so far his plan involves some rope, maple syrup and cake mix

Nick  -- he is so weird

Kevin  -- i kno

Nick  -- i guess i should go talk to him, and make sure he doesn’t waste his time on a plan that doesn’t work. Can you watch Sophie?

Kevin  -- sure [picks up Sophie]

Nick  -- [walks downstairs]

Joe  -- [glares at him] Nicholas

Nick  -- Joe i didn’t try to make you mad, i just wanted you and Jessica to get along again

Joe  -- you kno that she drives me crazy

Nick  -- yeah when you were dating, but maybe it will be different if your friends

Joe  -- maybe

Nick  -- so can you put this stupid plan away

Joe  -- fine, i’ll save it for next time

Nick  -- have you seen Leah today?

Joe  -- yeah, why?

Nick  -- what was she doing?

Joe  -- why don’t you go ask her.....oh wait you can’t, because you cheated on her

Nick  -- shut up Joe!

Joe  -- you better not cheat on her again!

Nick  -- your supposed to be my brother Joe! Your supposed to side with me

Joe  -- but your wrong

Nick  -- even if i’m wrong!

Joe  -- i don’t have to side with you, and i’m not going to

Nick  -- why not?

Joe  -- because Leah’s like my little sister, and i hate seeing her hurt all the time

Nick  -- what do you mean all the time?

Joe  -- nothing forget i said anything

Nick  -- Joe tell me!

Joe  -- no

Nick  -- why not?

Joe  -- because i’m mad at you

Nick  -- Joe please, i need to kno whats going on

Joe  -- you really need to kno?

Nick  -- yeah

Joe  -- too bad [goes upstairs]


Nick  -- [watching the clock, waits till it changes in midnight, goes to the guest room, knocks on the door]

Leah  -- [sleeping]

Nick  -- [opens the door, gets on the bed next to her, hugs her tight]

Leah  -- [starts waking up] Nick?

Nick  -- yeah [kisses her head]

Leah  -- what are you doing in here?

Nick  -- i missed you [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pulls away] Nick i was sleeping

Nick  -- [gets under the blankets too, pulls her close to him] i love you so much [kisses her] and i’ll never cheat again [kisses her again]

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Chapter 70

Leah -- what are you doing in here?

Nick -- i missed you [kisses her]

Leah -- [pulls away] Nick i was sleeping

Nick -- [gets under the blankets too, pulls her close to him] i love you so much [kisses her] and ill never cheat again [kisses her again]

Leah  -- can i go to sleep now?

Nick  -- didn’t you miss me to?

Leah  -- it was my idea for the break

Nick  -- but still

Leah  -- i’m to tired to miss you

Nick  -- [kisses her neck]

Leah  - Nick i’m tired

Nick  -- i just love you baby [kisses her head, they fall asleep]


Leah  -- [wakes up, gets out of bed]

Nick  -- [wakes up too] where are you going?

Leah  -- to get breakfast

Nick  -- what about me?

Leah  -- get your own breakfast [goes downstairs]

Nick  -- thats not what i meant! [follows her]

Leah  -- [goes into the kitchen] hi Jessica

Jessica  -- hi Leah, i haven’t seen you in so long

Leah  -- i kno, so did Joe invite you over?

Jessica  -- yeah

Leah  -- good

Nick  -- [comes in] you don’t just leave like that!

Leah  -- i was hungry!

Jessica  -- you guys are together right?

Leah  -- yeah

Jessica  -- thats what Lucas said

Leah  -- you kno Lucas?

Jessica  -- yeah

Nick  -- i hate him

Jessica  -- why?

Leah  -- because he’s jealous

Nick  -- why would i be jealous? i won! I have you and he doesn’t

Leah  -- i’m not a prize Nick

Nick  -- i kno i just meant ------

Leah  -- don’t bother explaining, your reasons are always stupid

Jessica  -- you guys don’t seem together

Nick  -- we are, we’re just trying to work thru something

Jessica  -- oh...what happened?

Leah  -- nothing [hears Sophie crying] i’ll be right back [goes upstairs]

Jessica  -- Nick don’t blow it again!

Nick -- what?

Jessica  -- don’t mess up again and make Leah hate you

Nick  -- i won’t!

Leah  -- [comes in, carrying Sophie]

Sophie  -- [crying ]

Nick  -- whats wrong Sophie [kisses her head]

Sophie  -- [grabs Nick’s shirt, stops crying]

Leah  -- i think she was just lonely

Jessica  -- is this your daughter?

Leah  -- yeah

Jessica  -- Joe told me she’s evil

Nick  -- well Joe is weird

Jessica  -- she’s cute

Nick  -- [takes Sophie from Leah]

Joe  -- [comes in] you’ll never guess who we saw today

Leah  -- who?

Joe  -- Kirsten

Leah  -- really?

Joe  -- yeah , she’s in the living room

Leah  -- [runs into the living room, hugs Kirsten]

Kirsten  -- [laughs] miss me?

Leah  -- so much, i haven’t seen you in years

Kirsten  -- i kno

Kevin  -- wheres everyone else?

Leah  -- kitchen

Nick  -- [comes in]

Kirsten  -- you have a baby?

Leah  -- yeah, her names Sophie

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Kirsten  -- hi sweetie, your so cute

Sophie  -- [puts her hand in her mouth]

Leah  -- [takes one of Sophie’s toys of the floor, gives it to her]

Nick  -- so Kirsten do you live here now?

Kirsten  -- yeah i moved here about two years ago, and i saw your LA show, you guys were good

Nick  -- thanks

Leah  -- speaking of the tour, wheres Addi and Courtney?

Nick  -- they went home

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- but they are trying to convince their parents to let them move here

Leah  -- so they’re moving?

Nick  -- maybe

Leah  -- i forgot they don’t live here

Kirsten  -- so when did you move here?

Leah  -- recently, like a month ago

Kirsten  -- well i’m so glad your here, we have a lot of catching up to do

Leah  -- yeah

Kirsten  -- i need to get home, but i’ll see you later

Leah  -- kay, see you later

Kirsten  -- [leaves]

Leah  -- i missed her

Nick  -- same

Leah  -- i want my baby back

Nick  -- no, i’m holding her

Leah  -- you had her for two days!

Nick  -- [sits on the couch] i don’t care

Leah  -- [takes Sophie from him, then sits on his lap]

Nick  -- [wraps his arms around her waist] so what do you want to do today?

Leah  -- um i have plans

Nick  -- with who?

Leah  -- with um....[starts to get off him] with Lucas

Nick  -- [pulls her back, hold her tight] what did you just say?

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Chapter 71

Nick -- [wraps his arms around her waist] so what do you want to do today?

Leah -- um i have plans

Nick -- with who?

Leah -- with um....[starts to get off him] with Lucas

Nick -- [pulls her back, holds her tight] what did you just say?

Leah  -- Lucas

Nick  -- Leah why are you hanging out with him?

Leah  -- because he’s my friend

Nick  -- no he’s not

Leah  -- you can’t tell me who my friends are!

Nick  -- why are you seeing him?

Leah  -- i already told you!

Nick  -- its not because he’s your friend! Its because your cheating on me!

Leah  -- stop being so paranoid Nick, i would never cheat!

Nick  -- but -----

Leah  -- don’t you trust me?

Nick  -- yeah, i don’t trust Lucas

Leah  -- i won’t do anything Nick

Nick  -- but -----

Leah  -- just come

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- come if your so worried, we’re just going to watch a movie or something

Nick  -- no, i trust you Leah

Leah  -- and you’ll stop making a big deal about this?

Nick  -- i wasn’t making a big deal

Leah  -- he’s just a friend Nick

Nick  -- friends don’t make out with each other

Leah  -- you did with Haylee

Nick  -- that was different

Leah  -- anytime i say something that works against you you said it was different, and its not

Sophie  -- [doesn’t like hearing them argue, starts crying]

Leah  -- [cuddles Sophie] whats wrong sweetie?

Sophie  -- da da

Leah  -- [glares at Nick] yeah theres plenty wrong with your da da [gets off Nick, goes into the kitchen]

Nick  -- [follows her] Leah -----

Joe  -- she said she doesn’t want to talk to you

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- [confused] what?

Leah  -- i never said that Joe, i said i wish Sophie could talk about something other then Nick

Nick  -- but the only word she knows is da da

Leah  -- i kno, and its not fair

Joe  -- well get over it! Your so selfish! And all you care about is that stupid baby! What about me? YOU TOOK ME OUT OF THE PICTURE!!!

Leah  -- [kinda scared because never yells at her, starts crying]

Nick  -- Joe don’t talk to her like that [hugs Leah]

Joe  -- its true! Its all about Sophie now, she’s not even that great [glares at Sophie]

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Nick  -- [wipes Leah’s tears, kisses her head] are you feeling okay? Your acting kinda weird

Leah  -- i am not, and i’m fine

Nick  -- if you say so

Leah  -- [hands Sophie to Nick] i’m just going to take a walk

Nick  -- okay, but take your cell

Leah  -- kay [leaves]

Joe  -- protective much?

Nick  -- i just want to make sure i can call her if we decide to go out, or if i need to ask her something

Joe  -- why would we go out?

Nick  -- i donno, recording studio

Joe  -- oh right, whens the CD come out?

Nick  -- i’m not sure, but we need to record the songs first

Joe  -- and Leah don’t seem to be getting along much anymore

Nick  -- what do you mean?

Joe  -- nevermind, maybe i’m just imagining things

Nick  -- wouldn’t be the first time

Joe  -- what?

Nick  -- your convinced that Sophie is like a devil baby

Joe  -- thats because she is


Leah  -- [glaring at Nick] I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DID THAT!!!




Joe  -- [listening thru the door]

Kevin  -- whats going on this time?

Joe  -- you kno how Leah was going to meet Lucas?

Kevin  -- yeah

Joe  -- and Nick said he trusted her not to let anything happen

Kevin  -- yeah

Joe  -- well instead of him going he sent someone else to keep an eye on them

Kevin  -- i can’t believe he did that

Joe  -- yeah well Leah found out, and she couldn’t believe it either


Leah  -- [falls to the floor breathing heavy, crying]

Nick  -- [looks away from her]

Leah  -- i thot you trusted me!

Nick  -- i do!

Leah  -- if you do you wouldn’t have sent someone to babysit me! I’M NOT A BABY NICK!!!

Nick  -- [frustrated, punches the wall] JUST SHUT UP LEAH!!!

Leah  -- [scared]

Nick  -- i can’t do this anymore

Leah  -- what?
Nick  -- all this fighting, i’m sick of it!

Leah  -- w---what are you saying?

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Chapter  72

Nick -- i cant do this anymore

Leah -- what?

Nick -- all this fighting, im sick of it!

Leah -- w---what are you saying?

Nick  -- i don’t kno, i’m just tired of fighting, its all we do!

Leah  -- thats not true

Nick  -- yeah it is!

Leah  -- [looks at the floor]

Nick  -- we never should have gone thru with that stupid arranged marriage thing

Leah  -- [holding back tears]

Nick  -- Leah?

Leah  -- [runs into the bathroom, locks the door]

Nick  -- Leah! [runs to the door, tries to open it] Leah open the door!

Leah  -- [lays a towel on the bathroom floor, lays down on it]

Nick  -- Leah please open the door

Leah  -- [ignores him]

Nick  -- [hitting the door] Leah don’t cut yourself!

Joe  -- [comes in] she’s cutting herself?

Nick  -- i think

Joe  -- [knocks on the door] Leah?

Leah  -- [doesn’t respond]

Joe  -- Leah can you let me in?

Nick  -- she won’t

Joe  -- please Leah

Leah  -- [opens the door, lets Joe in, then closes it befor Nick can come in]

Nick  -- Leah!

Joe  -- [hugs Leah] whats wrong?

Leah  -- [crying really hard] N---Nick he----h---he wants to ----- br-----break up with me

Joe  -- [hugs her tight] no he doesn’t, he loves you Leah

Leah  -- [moves away from Joe, sits on the floor]

Joe  -- why would you think he wants to break up with you?

Leah  -- [ignores him]

Joe  -- [walks out] did you say you want to break up?

Nick  -- i didn’t say it, but i was thinking it

Joe  -- why? I thot you loved Leah

Nick  -- yeah loved, but i’m not sure if we’re still in love

Joe  -- why not?

Nick  -- i don’t kno, we never get along, we always fight, and we never have sex anymore

Joe  -- you want to break up with her because she won’t sleep with you?

Nick  -- thats not the only reason

Joe  -- Nick thats so stupid!

Nick  -- but we never say we love each other anymore, and -----

Joe  -- what about Sophie!

Nick  -- thats the only reason i haven’t wanted a divorce yet

Joe  -- Nick  -----

Nick  -- Leah feels the same way

Joe  -- no she doesn’t, if she did she wouldn’t be in the bathroom crying

Nick  -- she cries over everything!

Joe  -- you really want a divorce?

Nick  -- yeah, it was stupid to marry someone who i wasn’t in love with

Joe  -- but you started to love her

Nick  -- and now i don’t anymore

Kevin  -- [comes in carrying Sophie] she wants Leah

Nick  -- how do you kno she wants Leah?

Kevin  -- because she was saying ma ma when i walked past her room

Nick  -- really? [takes Sophie]

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Nick  -- did you say ma ma Sophie?

Sophie  -- ma ma!

Nick  -- [knocks on the bathroom door] Leah, Sophie wants you

Leah  -- tell Joe to bring her in

Nick  -- why can’t i?

Leah  -- because i’m mad at you!

Nick  -- just let me in!

Leah  -- its open

Nick  -- [goes in, closes the door] oh my god

Leah  -- [covered in blood]

Nick  -- [puts Sophie on the floor] Leah how could you do this!

Leah  -- i didn’t do anything, the knife slipped

Nick  -- sure it did

Joe  -- [comes in]

Nick  -- Joe can you take Sophie, i need to help Leah

Joe  -- how about i help Leah, and you take Sophie

Nick  -- Joe!

Joe  -- fine [picks up Sophie]

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Joe  -- stupid devil baby! [walks out]

Nick  -- [starts cleaning the cuts Leah made on her body]

Leah  -- ow Nick stop!

Nick  -- you are so stupid Leah! I can’t believe you did that!

Leah  -- i’m sorry Nick

Nick  -- no your not!

Leah  -- but you wanted to get a divorce [starts crying a bit]

Nick  -- that doesn’t mean you kill yourself, what about Sophie?

Leah  -- thats why i stopped!

Nick  -- you can’t live here anymore Leah

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- your going to set a bad example for Sophie, i don’t want her thinking its okay to cut herself

Leah  -- but Nick -----

Nick  -- i’ll help you find another place to live, and i’ll give you some money. But you have to move out

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Chapter 73

Nick  -- you can’t live here anymore Leah

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- your going to set a bad example for Sophie, i don’t want her thinking its okay to cut herself

Leah  -- but Nick -----

Nick  -- i’ll help you find another place to live, and i’ll give you some money. But you have to move out

Leah  -- [crying] but Nick i don’t want to leave!

Nick  -- [walks out]

Leah  -- [goes after him] Nick please

Nick  -- no!

Kevin  -- whats going on?

Leah  -- he kicked me out!

Kevin  -- what? Nick why would you do that!

Nick  -- because she never changed, and she never will change!

Leah  -- Nick i’ll stop cutting, i promise

Nick  -- you promised befor!

Leah  -- yeah but this time i mean it

Nick  -- i don’t care

Kevin  -- Nick you can’t kick her out

Nick  -- yeah i can! [goes downstairs]

Leah  -- [runs after him, then goes infront of him, blocking his way] give me another chance

Nick  -- no [pushes past her]

Leah  -- Nick please!

Nick  -- no Leah [goes outside, gets in his car]

Leah  -- [runs out, stands infront of the car]

Nick  -- move!

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Nick  -- Leah i don’t have time for this! Just move!

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- [starts the car] i said move!

Leah  -- NO!

Nick  -- [starts driving slow, making Leah back up]

Leah  -- [puts her hands on the car, trying to stop it]

Nick  -- your being really stupid!

Leah  -- [still walking backwards, trips over a rock, falls to the pavement, hits her head hard, screams in pain]

Nick  -- [stops the car, goes over to her]

Leah  -- [touches her head, feels blood, starts crying]

Nick  -- i told you you were being stupid! [helps her up]

Leah  -- [bleeding badly, cries harder]

Nick  -- [takes her into the house]

Joe  -- Nick what did you do!

Nick  -- nothings, she tripped

Joe  -- sure she did

Nick  -- she did! [takes Leah into the kitchen, uses a cloth to clean the blood off Leah’s head]

Leah  -- [holds his hand tight]

Nick  -- Leah -----

Leah  -- Nick i love you so much, please don’t leave me [hugs him tight]

Nick  -- [pushes her off, walks out]

Joe  -- [carries Sophie in, hands her to Leah]

Leah  -- what?

Joe  -- just thot you might want her

Leah  -- [hugs Sophie] i don’t kno what i did wrong

Joe  -- you cut yourself

Leah  -- but he’s always forgiven me

Sophie  -- ma ma

Leah  -- did she just say -----

Joe  -- yeah, she’s been saying that all day

Leah  -- [smiles, hugs Sophie tighter]

Sophie  -- [rests her head on Leah’s shoulder]

Joe  -- so he’s making you move out?

Leah  -- [nods, starts crying]

Joe  -- i’m sorry Leah

Leah  -- i don’t care if your sorry! I want Nick to let me stay! [goes into the living room, sits on the couch]

Sophie  -- da da?

Leah  -- your da da is a jerk!

Nick  -- [comes in] i heard that! [takes Sophie from her]

Leah  -- hey!

Nick  -- i don’t trust you with her

Leah  -- i’m her mom!

Nick  -- yeah and you’ll probably end up scaring her body, like you did yours!

Leah  -- i don’t have any scars!

Nick  -- yeah you do! From all the times you cut yourself!

Leah  -- why are you treating me like this?! Do you hate me that much!

Nick  -- i don’t hate you

Leah  -- you sure act like it! [goes upstairs]

Nick  -- [goes upstairs, puts Sophie in her crib, then goes to his room]

Leah  -- go away!

Nick  -- this is my room!

Leah  -- no its not! I was living here first!

Nick  -- i found some places for you [hands her some pieces of paper]

Leah  -- [rips them into confetti]

Nick  -- Leah!

Leah  -- [glares at him] i don’t want to move!

Nick  -- you have to!

Leah  -- why?

Nick  -- because you do [walks out]

Leah  -- where are you going?

Nick  -- to print those pages out again


Nick  -- YES YOU ARE!!! [goes downstairs] Joe i need ----

Joe  -- its already printing....she’s not in a very good mood

Nick  -- not really

Joe  -- do you still want a divorce?

Nick  -- i’m just going to think about it for a bit longer

Joe  -- good

Nick  -- [takes the paper from the printer, goes back up to his room, sits on the bed next to Leah] don’t rip it up this time

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- [hands her the paper]

Leah  -- these aren’t houses, they’re rehab centers!

Nick  -- i kno

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Leah  -- these aren’t houses, they’re rehab centers!

Nick  -- i kno

Leah  -- i don’t need to go to rehab

Nick  -- Leah you need help

Leah  -- no i don’t! [gets off the bed]

Nick  -- [pulls her back] Leah you have to!

Leah  -- [moves away from him] Nick don’t you dare tell me what i have to do!

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- i tell you i love you and you push me away!

Nick  -- i was just mad

Leah  -- i’m not going to rehab! I don’t need to!

Nick  -- fine but if you don’t go to rehab i want a divorce

Leah  -- what? Why?

Nick  -- because i’m not being with someone who i kno has a problem

Leah  -- i don’t have a problem!

Nick  -- then explain the cuts!

Leah  -- i told you the knife slipped!

Nick  -- don’t lie to me Leah!!!

Leah  -- I’M NOT!!!

Nick  -- your impossible! You are going to rehab if i have to drag you there and stay with you! You are getting help!

Leah  -- why do you care if i go or not?!

Nick  -- because i care about you, and i don’t want you to hurt yourself anymore

Leah  -- i don’t want to leave Sophie

Nick  -- i never should have gotten you pregnant, we weren’t ready

Leah  -- you think Sophie was a mistake

Nick  -- of course not, i just think it would have been better if we had waited

Leah  -- but then the baby wouldn’t be Sophie

Nick  -- i kno

Leah  -- i’m not going to rehab! I’m not leaving my baby!

Nick  -- your being impossible

Leah  -- Nick you kno you can’t take me away from Sophie. Its not good for her

Nick  -- then you have to at least do counselling

Leah  -- i promise nothing else will happen. I won’t do that anymore

Nick  -- you’ve said that befor

Leah  -- but i mean it this time

Nick  -- but Leah -----

Leah  -- please Nick don’t make me leave, i just want to stay here with you and Sophie

Nick  -- if you don’t go to rehab your going to end up cutting your wrists off!

Leah  -- will not!

Nick  -- i can’t talk to you right now! [walks out]

Leah  -- [goes to Sophie’s room]

Sophie  -- [sitting in her crib, playing with her toys]

Leah  -- [goes over to the crib] hi Sophie

Sophie  -- [looks at her, puts her arms up]

Leah  -- [picks her up]

Sophie  -- [reaches for one of her stuffed animals]

Leah  -- [gets it for her]

Sophie  -- [hugs the stuffed animal]

Leah  -- [carries Sophie downstairs]

Nick  -- [leaves when they came in]

Leah  -- he hates me

Joe  -- no he doesn’t, he’s trying to figure out what to do

Leah  -- what to do about what?

Joe  -- what to do about you!

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Joe  -- don’t give me that look! I’m just telling you the truth! Nick just wants whats best for you!

Leah  -- then he wouldn’t be trying to take me away from my baby!

Joe  -- your so stupid Leah! [walks out]

Leah  -- [sits on the couch] why does everyone hate me Sophie?

Sophie  -- ma ma

Leah  -- that doesn’t answer my question silly [tickles her]

Sophie  -- [squirms, giggles]

Leah  -- [smiles]

Joe  -- [watching from the kitchen, with Nick] you can’t separate them

Nick  -- i kno, but how am i supposed to help Leah?

Joe  -- i donno, but she’s never depressed or emo when she’s around Sophie

Nick  -- thats because she loves Sophie

Joe  -- so she doesn’t love you?

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- she’s still depressed around you

Nick  -- do you kno if Leah has anti-depressants?

Joe  -- don’t you kno?

Nick  -- no

Joe  -- i don’t think she does

Nick  -- well maybe she should get some

Joe  -- she doesn’t look depressed to me

Nick  -- not right now, but thats because she’s with Sophie

Joe  -- she is so complicated

Nick  -- i kno

Joe  -- so i’m guessing you don’t want a divorce now?

Nick  -- of course not, i don’t kno what i was thinking

Joe  -- yeah i don’t kno either

Nick  -- i was just tired of fighting, but its not bad enough to get divorced

Joe  -- so what now?

Nick  -- i don’t kno, i want to help Leah but i just don’t kno how

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Chapter 75

Nick  -- i was just tired of fighting, but its not bad enough to get divorced

Joe  -- so what now?

Nick  -- i don’t kno, i want to help Leah but i just don’t kno how

Joe  -- well try not babying her so much

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- give her some space

Nick  -- i don’t baby her!

Joe  -- yeah you do

Nick  -- if i do, its only because i love her

Joe  -- yeah well i don’t think she likes it

Nick  -- whatever Joe [goes over to Leah, sits next to her]

Leah  -- [looks away from him]

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- you hate me

Nick  -- no i don’t

Leah  -- you left when i came in!

Nick  -- i was just trying to figure something out

Leah  -- oh

Sophie  -- [reaches for Nick]

Leah  -- [hands her to Nick]

Sophie  -- [gives Nick one of her toys]

Nick  -- um thanks Sophie

Sophie  -- [puts her hand in her mouth]

Leah  -- Sophie don’t

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Nick  -- Joe Kevin and i are going to the recording studio tomorrow

Leah  -- can i come?

Nick  -- if you want, but Addi and Courtney are coming to visit

Leah  -- i don’t want to come anymore

Nick  -- yeah i thot you might want to visit with Addi and Courtney

Leah  -- when are they getting here?

Nick  -- early tmrw

Leah  -- really early?

Nick  -- yeah, their plane comes in around 1:25

Leah  -- that sucks

Nick  -- but they’ll be here when you wake up

Leah  -- yeah, how long are they staying

Nick  -- a week or two

Sophie  -- [starts falling asleep]

Leah  -- do you want to take her to bed, or should i?

Nick  -- i will [goes upstairs]

Leah  -- [goes into the kitchen]

Joe  -- did Nick tell you about Addi and Courtney

Leah  -- yeah

Joe  -- i miss Addi

Leah  -- and Courtney

Joe  -- right, and Courtney

Leah  -- you like Addi don’t you!

Joe  -- what? No

Leah  -- you like Addi! You like Addi! You like ------

Joe  -- [covers her mouth] are you five?

Leah  -- [glares at him]


Leah  -- [sitting at the top of the stairs, waiting for Addi and Courtney]

Nick  -- [walks by, then walks back over to her] i thot you were in bed

Leah  -- not anymore

Nick  -- i can see that

Leah  -- i’m waiting for Addi and Courtney

Nick  -- [picks her up] no your going back to bed

Leah  -- [wraps her legs around his waist] but its not even that late

Nick  -- but you’ll want to wake up early, and then you’ll be tired all day

Leah  -- i’m not tired

Nick  -- [carries her into the bedroom, puts her on the bed]

Leah  -- i can’t sleep if i’m not tired

Nick  -- just try [lays her down, kisses her forehead]

Leah  -- no [gets off the bed]

Nick  -- Leah!

Leah  -- i’m not tired, and why are you treating me like you did when i was pregnant with Sophie?

Nick  -- i’m not

Leah  -- yeah you are!

Nick  -- no i’m not!

Leah  -- [crosses her arms] yeah you are!!!

Nick  -- no i ----- Leah just go to bed!

Leah  -- right away dad! [glares at him]

Nick  -- [rolls his eyes] fine do whatever you want

Leah  -- kay [starts to leave]

Nick  -- [grabs her around the waist]

Leah  -- you said i could do what i want!

Nick  -- i kno [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- Nick stop! [pushes him away]

Sophie  -- [starts crying]

Leah  -- [goes to Sophie’s room, picks her up]

Nick  -- [comes in]

Sophie  -- [still crying, puts her head on Leah’s shoulder]

Leah  -- whats wrong Sophie

Nick  -- [gets Sophie’s teddy bear off the floor, gives it to her]

Sophie  -- [hugs the bear, stops crying]

Leah  -- how did you kno thats what she wanted?

Nick  -- just a guess

Leah  -- [lays Sophie back in her crib] what now?

Nick  -- how about going to sleep?

Leah  -- what is with you and wanting me to go to bed? Are you waiting for me to fall asleep so you can invite some slut over?

Nick  -- very funny

Leah  -- seriously Nick whats going on? [the doorbell rings]

Nick  -- i think they’re here

Leah  -- then what are you waiting for?! [runs downstairs]

Nick  -- [looks at Sophie]

Sophie  -- [smiles at him]

Nick  -- that was close

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Chapter 76

Nick  -- [looks at Sophie]

Sophie  -- [smiles at him]

Nick  -- that was close

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Nick  -- go back to sleep Sophie [kisses her head, goes downstairs]

Leah  -- i’m so glad you guys are here [hugs Addi and Courtney]

Addi  -- its been so boring at home without you

Courtney  -- yeah, you should move back

Nick  -- Leah -----

Leah  -- i’m not going to bed Nick!

Nick  -- i was just going to tell you i’m going to bed [leaves]

Leah  -- i’ll see you guys in the morning [follows Nick, hugs him]

Nick  -- i thot you weren’t going to bed?

Leah  -- i changed my mind [gets on the bed]

Nick  -- [lays next to her]

Leah  -- i love you Nick [kisses him]

Nick  -- i love you too [pulls the blanket over them]

Leah  -- i wish Addi and Courtney would move here

Nick  -- maybe they will

Leah  -- we’re going to go shopping tomorrow with Kirstin

Nick  -- [falls asleep]

Leah  -- Nick?....... Nicky? ....... [shakes him] Nick wake up!

Nick  -- [wakes up a bit] what?

Leah  -- i wasn’t done talking

Nick  -- well i was done listening

Leah  -- rude

Nick  -- i’m really tired Leah!

Leah  -- fine, go to sleep see if i care

Nick  -- thank you [starts falling asleep]

Leah  -- if you loved me you would stay awake so we could talk, but fine go to sleep if you want

Nick  -- i’m not falling for that

Leah  -- i just wish i had someone who cared enough to stay awake with me, and actually listen to me when i talk!

Nick  -- Leah!

Leah  -- i bet Lucas would stay awake with me

Nick  -- [sits up fast] there i’m up!! Happy!!!?

Leah  -- [scared, shakes her head]

Nick  -- Leah did you sleep with Lucas?

Leah  -- no, i wouldn’t cheat Nick!

Nick  -- well you kind of did

Leah  -- i didn’t want to kiss him! he kissed me!

Nick  -- are you sure

Leah  -- i’m positive

Nick  -- then why did you bring him up!

Leah  -- because i wanted you to stay awake, but i didn’t want you to get mad at me

Nick  -- i’m not mad, i’m tired, and you won’t let me sleep!

Leah  -- i’m sorry Nick [turns away from him, starts falling asleep]

Nick  -- [pulls her close to him] are you okay?

Leah  -- i’m fine


Leah  -- [eating breakfast]

Kevin  -- [comes in] hi Leah

Leah  -- hi

Kevin  -- where is everyone?

Leah  -- sleeping, i think

Kevin  -- so why are you up so early?

Leah  -- because i thot i heard Sophie crying, but she wasn’t

Kevin  -- and you couldn’t get back to sleep?

Leah  -- exactly


Nick  -- [goes into Joe’s room]

Joe  -- what do you want?

Nick  -- i’m having trouble planning a surprise for Leah

Joe  -- a surprise?

Nick  -- yeah

Joe  -- for Leah?

Nick  -- yes Joe!

Joe  -- are you joking? You can’t surprise Leah!

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- its impossible, she always finds out

Nick  -- yeah  i kno, wich is what almost happened

Joe  -- what?

Nick  -- well Leah was wondering why i was acting different, and she asked me whats going on, but Addi and Courtney came befor i told her

Joe  -- whats the surprise

Nick  -- its just something that i want to do for her, so i need you to watch Sophie on Friday night

Joe  -- but i hate babies

Nick  -- please Joe, i really want to do something nice for Leah

Joe  -- fine, or i could hire a baby sitter

Nick  -- do whatever you want, just make sure someone is watching Sophie

Joe  -- kay, so what are you doing for Leah?

Nick  -- it a surprise!

Joe  -- yeah for Leah, not me

Nick  -- yeah well you suck at keeping secrets!


Leah  -- [sitting on the floor, playing with Sophie]

Sophie  -- [looks at Addi and Courtney, giggles]

Courtney  -- awe, i’ve missed her

Addi  -- same, i wish my mom would let me move here

Courtney  -- same

Leah  -- you aren’t allowed?

Courtney  -- well i’m still asking, but so far i can’t

Addi  -- same, my mom and dad are sick of me asking tho, i’m pretty sure they will let me, just so i stop asking. I love my parents tho, even if they don’t let me move here

Courtney  -- same

Leah  -- [looks at the floor, holding back tears]

Addi  -- Leah?

Nick  -- [comes in with Joe] we’re going to the recording studio now

Joe  -- yeah and then tomorrow our albums comes out!

Nick  -- no its doesn’t! [sees Leah crying] Leah? Whats wrong?

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Chapter 77

Nick  -- [comes in with Joe] we’re going to the recording studio now

Joe  -- yeah and then tomorrow our album comes out!

Nick  -- no its doesn’t! [sees Leah crying] Leah? Whats wrong?

Leah  -- [hugs him, crying]

Nick  -- what were you guys talking about

Courtney  -- just how our parents wouldn’t let us move here

Addi  -- oh my god parents

Courtney  -- what?

Joe  -- Leah’s parents died a couple years ago

Nick  -- [kisses Leah’s head] i kno you miss them baby, but they wouldn’t want you to cry

Leah  -- [wipes her tears] they never got to see our wedding, or our baby or anything

Courtney  -- [goes into another room with Joe and Addi] how come you never told me this!

Joe  -- because we thot you knew

Courtney  -- how could i kno

Joe  -- well everyone does, it happened right after Nick and Leah got into that huge fight

Addi  -- yeah, first she lost her best friend, and then her parents too

Joe  -- thats why she lives with her Aunt Judy

Courtney  -- i guess that makes sense

Addi  -- i can’t believe i forgot, i’m such a bad friend

Joe  -- i kinda forgot too. I mean we never really think about it, and even if her parents were alive, she would be living her with us, and would be away from them


Nick  -- [sitting on the couch]

Leah  -- [sitting on his lap, trying to stop crying]

Nick  -- [rubs her back]

Leah  -- [rests her head on his chest] i wish they could have seen Sophie

Nick  -- they would have loved her

Leah  -- you think?

Nick  -- yeah, the only person who doesn’t love Sophie is Joe, but he’s weird

Leah  -- [laughs a bit] yeah he is weird

Nick  -- do you feel better?

Leah  -- yeah, a bit

Nick  -- good [kisses her head]

Leah  -- are you going to the recording studio now?

Nick  -- i could stay here with you if you want

Leah  -- no, you should go record your songs

Nick  -- are you sure?

Leah  -- i’m sure [kisses him] i’ll see you when you get back [goes into the kitchen ] Joe, Nick’s ready to go now

Joe  -- kay [leaves]

Addi  -- how do you feel?

Leah  -- i’m okay, i guess

Addi  -- we’re so sorry Leah, we forgot

Leah  -- its fine, do you guys want to go shopping now?

Courtney  -- are you sure you still want to go?

Leah  -- yeah


Leah  -- try this on [hands a dress to Kristin]

Kristin  -- it would look better on you

Addi  -- yeah Leah, that dress would be perfect for you

Courtney  --  [holding Sophie] and i bet Nick would like it

Leah  -- i don’t need anymore clothes

Courtney  -- of course you did

Sophie  -- [claps her hands]

Addi  -- even Sophie wants you to try it on

Leah  -- fine [goes into the changing room]

Kristin  -- why were you guys late?

Addi  -- Leah got upset about her parents

Kristin  -- oh...i feel so bad for her

Courtney  -- can we not talk about it?

Leah  -- [comes out in the dress] what do you think?

Addi  -- you have to buy it

Leah  -- kay i will [takes Sophie from Courtney] what do you think Sophie, do you like it

Sophie  -- [giggles, puts her hand in her mouth]

Leah  -- i don’t kno why she does that all the time [hands her back to Courtney]

Courtney  -- because its cute


Nick  -- [walks out of the recording studio with Kevin and Joe] so do you think Leah will be home yet?

Kevin  -- probably not, those girls can shop for hours

Joe  -- they can shop for more then four hours

Kevin  -- Joe i meant -----

Nick  -- don’t bother Kevin

Jessica  -- [goes over to them] hi

Nick  -- hi Jessica

Joe  -- [runs behind Nick and Kevin]

Kevin  -- she already saw you!

Jessica  -- so did you guys just finish recording?

Joe  -- how did you kno we were recording?! Are you stalking me!!!

Jessica  -- no, you just walked out of a recording studio

Nick  -- Joe stop being so weird

Joe  -- i’m not weird!

Kevin  -- yeah you kinda are


Leah  -- [paying for the dress, drops her wallet]

???  -- [picks it up for her]

Leah  -- thanks

???   -- no problem, i’m Madi

Leah  -- i’m Leah [pays for the dress, looks at Madi] have we met befor?

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Chapter 78

Leah  -- thanks

???   -- no problem, i’m Madi

Leah  -- i’m Leah [pays for the dress, looks at Madi] have we met befor?

Madi  -- no, never met, well nice seeing  you, bye [runs away]

Leah  -- [confused, walks back over to everyone else]

Addi  -- what took so long?

Leah  -- i don’t kno but i need to get home now

Courtney  -- okay, lets go [goes back to the Jonas’s house with Leah and Addi, and Sophie]

Leah  -- [runs into the house, and up to her room]

Nick  -- [watches her go by] whats the rush?

Joe  -- no idea

Addi  -- [comes in, sits next to Joe]

Joe  -- how did it go?

Addi  -- good

Nick  -- why did Leah run upstairs?

Addi  -- no idea

Courtney  -- [comes in, hands Sophie to Nick, sits down]

Sophie  -- [hugs Nick]

Nick  -- [kisses her head]

Leah  -- [comes down, drops a bunch of photo albums on the floor, starts looking thru them]

Nick  -- what are you doing?!

Leah  -- nothing [pushes one of the albums aside, and starts looking thru a new one]

Courtney  -- you have a lot of pictures

Nick  -- this is nothing, you should she her room in her Aunt Judy’s house, all the walls are lined in book cases full of photo albums

Courtney  -- thats insane

Leah  -- i like keeping all my memories

Addi  -- like this one [takes a picture of Leah putting ice cream on Nick’s head when they were 8]

Joe  -- [laughs] i remember that

Leah  -- he chased me around the kitchen for 20 minutes

Nick  -- it took me forever to get the ice cream out of my hair, you wrecked my curls

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Courtney  -- i wish i knew you guys when you were younger

Joe  -- they were really cute [picks up an album off the ground, looks thru it] look at this one [takes a picture of Leah kissing Nick’s cheek when they were 4 out of the book]

Leah  -- stop taking the pictures out! They are in a certain order

Joe  -- sorry

Nick  -- [takes the picture from Joe]

Courtney  -- [looks at it] awe thats so cute

Sophie  -- [tries to grab the picture]

Leah  -- don’t let her have it Nick, she might rip it

Nick  -- [gives the picture back to Joe]

Joe  -- [puts it back in the book] what are you looking for Leah?

Nick  -- [puts Sophie on the floor, picks up another photo album, opens it]

Leah  -- [still looking for a picture]

Nick  -- when was this!

Joe  -- when was what?

Nick  -- [takes out the picture and throws it at Joe]

Leah  -- Nick!

Joe  -- [looks at the picture, and its of him and Leah kissing]

Nick  -- [glaring at Joe]

Joe  -- Nick i ------

Nick  -- why did you never tell me about this!

Joe  -- because it was just a one time thing

Nick  -- or really? Because here’s another....and another....and another one [throwing the pictures on the floor]

Leah  -- Nick your making a mess!

Sophie  -- [picks up one of the pictures, looks from Leah to Joe]

Leah  -- [takes the picture from her, puts it back in the photo album]

Nick  -- how could you do this to me Joe!

Joe  -- we weren’t together Nick! And you and Leah weren’t talking and you yelled at me when i mentioned her

Leah  -- plus it was years ago

Nick  -- you should have told me

Leah  -- your over reacting

Joe  -- [hands Nick another picture]

Nick  -- [looks at it, smiles] remember this Leah?

Leah  -- [looks at the picture] yeah, that was the wedding we had when we were  8

Nick  -- yeah

Joe  -- and you guys didn’t want to kiss because you thot it was gross

Addi  -- [laughs] i remember that

Joe  -- you guys had one of those weddings almost every year

Leah  -- yeah from when we were 3 till we were 12

Nick  -- and then we got into that stupid fight

Joe  -- i found the one from when you were 4 [hands Leah the picture]

Leah  -- [looks at it] there she is!

Nick  -- there who is?

Leah  -- the girl from the store!

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Chapter 79

Joe  -- i found the one from when you were 4 [hands Leah the picture]

Leah  -- [looks at it] there she is!

Nick  -- there who is?

Leah  -- the girl from the store!

Nick  -- she can’t be Leah

Joe  -- who is it?

Nick  -- its Amy

Joe  -- Amy our sister Amy?

Leah  -- her name wasn’t Madi?

Joe  -- no, it was Amy

Courtney  -- what happened to her?

Nick  -- a drunk driver hit her [holding back tears]

Joe  -- and she didn’t make it [also holding back tears]

Addi  -- [hugs Joe] i’m sorry

Nick  -- and after she died dad left us [lets the tears fall]

Leah  -- [puts the picture back, sits on Nick’s lap, hugs him tight]

Sophie  -- [starts crying because Nick is, and then everyone starts crying a bit]

Kevin  -- [comes in] whats going on? ..... did you guys watch a sad movie again?

Joe  -- [wipes his tears] no

Kevin  -- cooking with onions?

Joe  -- no!

Kevin  -- then why is everyone crying

Nick  -- [wipes Leah’s tears] no reason

Leah  -- [picks up Sophie, cuddles her]

Sophie  -- [grabs Leah’s hair]

Leah  -- ow ow ow Sophie let go

Nick  -- [takes Sophie hand away from Leah’s hair]

Joe  -- i guess you need to cut your hair short

Leah  -- what? No way!  I look bad with short hair

Joe  -- well Sophie is just going to keep pulling your hair

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Joe  -- stop being on my side!

Nick  -- Joe she’s a baby! She can’t take sides!

Joe  -- thats what she wants you to think!

Nick  -- you watch way to many movies Joe

Joe  -- shut up!


Leah  -- [sitting on her bed, looking thru more photo albums]

Nick  -- [comes in, sits on the bed next to her] Sophie’s in bed

Leah  -- good, did she actually fall asleep?

Nick  -- what are you doing?

Leah  -- i’m trying to find the picture of us when we my parents took us camping with Joe and Kevin

Nick  -- why?

Leah  -- no reason, but i think its at my Aunt Judy’s house

Nick  -- you should have her ship all the photo albums over here

Leah  -- yeah i think i will [closes the photo album] i want to start one with Sophie

Nick  -- but all those pictures are on the computer

Leah  -- i kno, i’ll just print them out

Nick  -- thats a waste of paper!

Leah  -- but i want to save all the memories

Nick  -- they are saved...on the computer

Leah  -- [pouts cutely] its not the same Nicky

Nick  -- [kisses her] we’ll talk about it in the morning, okay?

Leah  -- kay [gets under the blankets]

Nick  -- [turns the lights off, lays on the bed] have you ever thot about making Joe and Kevin move out

Leah  -- it was your idea we live with them when we moved here

Nick  -- no it was their idea

Leah  -- if anyone would move out i think it would be us, because its rude to just kick them out

Nick  -- its also rude for Joe to keep calling Sophie, that baby, or the evil baby or -----

Leah  -- i’ve heard all the names Nick

Nick  -- i don’t get why he doesn’t like her, i mean she loves him

Leah  -- she does?

Nick  -- yeah, i’m pretty sure Joe is going to be her next word

Leah  -- well she does hear you yell at him a lot

Nick  -- thats because he’s stupid

Leah  -- no he’s not.... Nick?

Nick  -- what

Leah  -- what would happen if i started cutting again?

Nick  -- your cutting again! Leah you said ----

Leah  -- I SAID WHAT IF!!!

Nick  -- oh....i donno, but don’t start

Leah  -- i wasn’t going to


Leah  -- [walking down the street with Joe and Nick] where are we going

Nick  -- to get pizza

Joe  -- i thot we were getting ice cream

Nick  -- no we’re getting pizza! You said you wanted pizza

Joe  -- yeah but i had some befor we left

Leah  -- why?

Joe  -- because i thot we were going to get ice cream

Nick  -- why did you think that?

Joe  -- because  -----

Leah  -- hey its that girl!

Joe  -- what?

Leah  -- the one from the store, come on [runs up the street]

Nick/Joe  -- [follow her]

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Chapter 80

Leah  -- hey its that girl!

Joe  -- what?

Leah  -- the one from the store, come on [runs up the street]

Nick/Joe  -- [follow her]

Leah  -- hi Madi

Madi  -- um hi....Leah right?

Leah  -- yeah we met at the store

Madi  -- yeah i remember

Nick  -- [comes over with Joe] Leah try not to run so fast

Madi  -- oh my gosh!

Joe  -- what

Madi  -- i can’t believe i’m really seeing you guys! I went to your show and you were amazing!!!

Joe  -- thanks....see i told you we have fans

Nick  -- [rolls his eyes]

Leah  -- [waiting for Nick and Joe to recognize her] um guys....

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- she’s the girl from -----

Nick  -- no she isn’t Leah!

Madi  -- what?

Nick  -- ignore her, she doesn’t kno what she’s talking about

Leah  -- yes i do!

Joe  -- Leah your completely delusional

Leah  -- [glares at him] no i’m not!

Madi  -- well it was nice meeting you guys, but i have somewhere to be

Leah  -- can we swap numbers?  So we can hang out something, maybe you could come to the mall with me and my friends

Madi  -- sure [they swap phone numbers] well i’ll see you later [walks away]

Leah  -- its her!

Nick  -- no its not!

Leah  -- but ----

Nick  -- Leah it isn’t her!


Leah  -- [sitting on the couch]

Addi  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- Nick and Joe don’t believe me

Courtney  -- well its kinda hard to believe you

Leah  -- what?

Courtney  -- your saying some girl is their dead sister

Addi  -- plus they probably wouldn’t want to talk about her, so i would stop bringing it up

Leah  -- fine

Nick  -- [comes in, carrying Sophie]

Sophie  -- [reaches for Leah]

Leah  -- [takes her from Nick] you believe me right?

Sophie  -- [looks away from Leah]

Nick  -- Leah they don’t even look alike!

Leah  -- shut up Nick! I kno i’m right!

Joe  -- [comes in] she’s not still talking about that girl right?

Nick  -- yeah she is

Addi  -- lets just talk about something else

Leah  -- fine

Joe  -- when do you and Courtney have to be home?

Addi  -- not for a couple days

Courtney  -- but once we get back, we’re going to start asking to move here again

Leah  -- i hope you guys move here


Nick  -- [goes into Joe’s room] i need you to watch Sophie now [puts Sophie down on the floor]

Joe  -- what!

Nick  -- i told you i was doing something special for Leah today

Joe  -- no you didn’t

Nick  -- yes i did!

Joe  -- well i can’t watch Sophie

Nick  -- JOE!!! YOU SAID YOU WOULD!!!!

Joe  -- i’m busy now

Kevin  -- [comes in]  whats going on?

Joe  -- Nick is being stupid!

Nick  -- Joe you said you would watch Sophie so i could take Leah out!

Kevin  -- i’ll watch her Nick

Joe  -- no i want to

Kevin  -- what?

Joe  -- i was just saying that because you said it

Nick  -- so Kevin you can watch her?

Kevin  -- sure

Nick  -- thanks [walks out]

Leah  -- why were you in Joe’s room?

Nick  -- no reason, so are you  ready?

Leah  -- no [goes into Nick’s room]

Nick  -- [follows her]  Leah i told you to be ready by now

Leah  -- i don’t want to go

Nick  -- you what! Leah i’ve been planning this for so long

Leah  -- then you have way to much time on your hands

Nick  -- why don’t you want to go?

Leah  -- because you don’t believe me

Nick  -- not this again

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- Leah please get ready

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- if you don’t get ready yourself i’ll just make you get ready

Leah  -- i’d like to see you try

Nick  -- [smirks, pushes her back on the bed, gets on top of her]

Leah  -- i changed my mind, i’ll get ready

Nick  -- good [goes downstairs]

Addi  -- is she coming down?

Nick  -- she’ll be down in a minute

Addi  -- good

Leah  -- [comes down] kay lets go

Nick  -- [takes her hand, walks out of the house]


Leah  -- [laying on the beach blanket next to Nick]

Nick  -- [stroking her hair] are you sure your full

Leah  -- yeah, you brot to much food

Nick  -- well its better to bring to much, then to bring to little

Leah  -- true [rests her head on his chest, watching the sunset] the sunset is so pretty over the water

Nick  -- yeah [kisses her head] can i talk to you about something?

Leah  -- about what?

Nick  -- about having another baby....

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Chapter 81

Nick  -- [kisses her head] can i talk to you about something?

Leah  -- about what?

Nick  -- about having another baby....

Leah  -- another what?

Nick  -- another baby [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- wait Nick slow down! We can’t have another baby right now

Nick  -- why not?

Leah  -- you have your music thing just starting, and Sophie is still a baby

Nick  -- she’s almost one

Leah  -- yeah but she isn’t yet, its already a lot of work taking care of one baby, i don’t think we can take care of two

Nick  -- but we have Joe and Kevin helping

Leah  -- its not fair to ask for their help, we should be taking care of her on our own

Nick  -- so we can’t have another baby?

Leah  -- yeah we can, just not yet

Nick  -- fine

Leah  -- your the one who never wanted babies in the first place

Nick  -- yeah well after we had Sophie i realized how much i like being a dad

Leah  -- you like being a dad?

Nick  -- yeah, i love Sophie

Leah  -- i love her too....can we go home now, i want to put Sophie to bed

Nick  -- she’ll already be in bed, but we can go home

Leah  -- kay


Joe  -- [holding Sophie] she’s so cute

Kevin  -- you just realized?

Joe  -- maybe she’s not evil after all

Kevin  -- took you long enough to figure that out

Joe  -- i wonder if we can teach her how to say Joe

Kevin  -- Joe you need to put her to bed, Leah and Nick might come home soon

Joe  -- fine [takes Sophie up to her room, puts her in the crib] good night Sophie

Sophie  -- [already asleep]

Joe  -- [walks back downstairs]

Leah  -- [comes in with Nick] is she asleep?

Kevin  -- yeah

Nick  -- and Joe didn’t kill her?

Joe  -- very funny!

Kevin  -- Joe likes Sophie now

Leah  -- really?

Joe  -- i guess

Nick  -- but you hated her

Joe  -- i changed my mind

Nick  -- took long enough

Joe  -- shut up Nick

Leah  -- i’m going to bed [kisses Nick, goes upstairs]

Kevin  -- so how did it go?

Nick  -- good i guess

Kevin  -- you guess?

Nick  -- well i asked Leah if she wanted to have another baby, and she said no

Joe  -- that doesn’t sound like Leah

Nick  -- well she said to wait till Sophie was older, and until we weren’t so busy with the music thing

Joe  -- that sounds like Leah

Kevin  -- we’re always going to be busy with the music thing

Nick  -- but right now we’re more busy, because we’re starting out

Kevin  -- true

Nick  -- i’m going to bed, see you guys in the morning [goes up to his room]

Leah  -- [laying in bed, reading a book]

Nick  -- [comes in] are you going to sleep soon?

Leah  -- [puts the book down] yeah [pulls the covers over herself]

Nick  -- [gets into bed]

Leah  -- your not mad at me right?

Nick  -- why would i be mad?

Leah  -- because i don’t want to have another baby right now

Nick  -- of course i’m not mad, and i think your right, waiting till later is a good idea

Leah  -- it is?

Nick  -- yeah [kisses her] just go to sleep

Leah  - kay, goodnight Nick [falls asleep]

Nick  -- [pulls her closer to him, wraps his arms around her waist] night baby


Leah  -- [wakes up, goes to Sophie’s room]

Sophie  -- [crying]

Leah  -- baby girl whats wrong?

Nick  -- [comes in] is she okay?

Leah  -- i’m not sure whats wrong?

Nick  -- she might be hungry

Leah  -- maybe [they go downstairs, puts Sophie in her highchair]

Sophie  -- [not crying anymore, hits the highchair table]

Leah  -- [gets some baby food for Sophie, starts feeding it to her]

Nick  -- so what are we doing today?

Leah  -- donno

Joe  -- [comes in] Nick theres someone here for you

Nick  -- what do you mean?

Joe  -- theres someone at the door for you

Nick  -- oh....kay, come on Leah [starts to leave]

Joe  -- Leah should stay here

Leah  -- why?

Joe  -- just stay here

Leah  -- fine

Nick  -- [goes to the front door, sees who it is, stands there in shock]

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Chapter 82

Joe -- Leah should stay here

Leah -- why?

Joe -- just stay here

Leah -- fine

Nick -- [goes to the front door, sees who it is, stands there in shock]

Lucas  -- we need to talk

Nick  -- no we don’t!

Lucas  -- do you want to kno what happened between Leah and me or not!

Nick  -- fine come in

Lucas  -- [walks into the house]

Nick  -- what did you want to talk about

Lucas  -- are you keeping her from me?

Nick  -- what?

Lucas  -- she won’t return any of my calls! Or anything! And i kno that you told her not to talk to me!

Nick  -- no i didn’t!....atleast i don’t think i did

Lucas  -- then why is she mad at me?

Nick  -- maybe because you kissed her!

Lucas  -- i said i was sorry!

Nick  -- why don’t you talk to Leah?!

Lucas  -- because she won’t talk to me!

Leah  -- [comes in] L---Lucas?

Nick  -- Leah go check on Sophie, i think she’s crying

Leah  -- but i don’t -----

Nick  -- just go!

Leah  -- [goes upstairs]

Nick  -- its a good thing she’s been avoiding you! Because i don’t want you in her life!

Lucas  -- so it was you!

Nick  -- just leave me and my family alone!

Lucas  -- we’re just friends!

Nick  -- i don’t care

Lucas  -- Nick i really want to stay friends with Leah

Nick  -- well i don’t think she wants to be friends with you

Lucas  -- thats just because you told her to avoid me!

Nick  -- no i didn’t  [pushes Lucas out the door, goes upstairs]

Leah  -- what was he doing here?

Nick  -- he wanted to kno why you weren’t returning his calls

Leah  -- because i don’t like him [crosses her arms]

Nick  -- i don’t care if you like him or not, i actually would rather you didn’t like him

Leah  -- good because i don’t like him!

Joe  -- [comes over] don’t like who?

Leah  -- Lucas!

Joe  -- wich is why i said stay in the kitchen!

Leah  -- well i didn’t listen!

Joe  -- yeah i kno! You never listen!

Leah  -- i do when i want to!

Joe  -- wich is never!

Nick  -- you guys stop it! [takes Leah into his room]

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- nothing [kisses her] i love you

Leah  -- well i don’t love you!

Nick  -- what? But Leah  ----

Leah  -- shhh [kisses him slowly, then pulls away] i was just kidding

Nick  -- well don’t do that!

Leah  --  sorry [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it, lays her down on the bed]

Leah  -- [pulls him on the bed]

Nick  -- [smirks, kisses her neck]

Leah  -- [moans softly]

Nick  -- [takes her shirt off]

Leah  -- Nick the door

Nick  -- [goes over to the door, locks it, gets back on the bed]

Leah  -- [wraps her legs around his waist]

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it, takes his shirt off]


Joe  -- [goes into Sophie’s room]

Sophie  -- [throws her teddy bear at him]

Joe  -- what was that for!

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Joe  -- you make no sense!

Sophie  -- da da

Joe  -- he’s not here!

Sophie  -- ma ma?

Joe  -- she’s not here either....well they are, but i’m not your servant! Go get them yourself!

Sophie  -- [tilts her head to the side]

Joe  -- you really need to learn how to talk!

Sophie  -- [giggles, puts her hand in her mouth]


Nick  -- [lays next to Leah]

Leah  -- [cuddles close to him] you used a condom right?

Nick  -- [quiet]

Leah  -- Nick?

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Chapter 83

First off the reason its not that graphic anymore is cuz i don’t want the video to get flagged...and my account suspended. So i was thinking of writing it how i used to [with the graphic stuff] and then editing out the graphic stuff for the youtube version, but leaving it for when it goes on my let me know what you think about that....



Leah -- [cuddles close to him] you used a condom right?

Nick -- [quiet]

Leah -- Nick?

Nick  -- [turns away from her]

Leah  -- Nick! [starts crying a bit] how could you do this to me! I said i wanted to wait!

Nick  -- i kno you did

Leah  -- [hits him hard] Nick look at me!

Nick  -- [turns back around to face her] Leah calm down

Leah  -- HOW CAN I CALM DOWN!!! [slaps him]

Nick  --  [pins her on the bed] listen to me! Did i say i didn’t use a condom?

Leah  -- well no

Nick   -- thats because i used one!

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- [gets off her, lays next to her] i used a condom Leah

Leah  -- wh---what? But you said -----

Nick  -- i didn’t say anything [kisses her head]

Leah  -- you did that on purpose!

Nick  -- i kno i did

Leah  -- you scared me for no reason!

Nick  -- i’m sorry baby [kisses her]

Leah  -- why did you do that?

Nick  -- because you said you didn’t love me

Leah  -- but i was just kidding

Nick  -- yeah well i was just kidding about not using a condom

Leah  -- that was a lot worse then what i did!


Joe  -- [goes downstairs] Jessica what are you doing here?

Jessica  -- Nick invited me over

Joe  -- but he’s upstairs

Jessica  -- he said you wanted to talk to me

Joe  -- of course he did

Jessica  -- why don’t you like me?

Joe  -- i never said that i don’t not like you

Jessica  -- your doing that thing were you try to confuse me so i forget what we’re talking about, and you don’t have to give me an answer

Joe  -- no i’m not

Jessica  -- fine don’t tell me! [starts to leave]

Joe  -- Jess wait i’m sorry

Jessica  -- you are?

Joe  -- the only reason i’ve been treating you like this is cuz i don’t want to get back together

Jessica  -- who says i want to

Joe  -- what?

Jessica  -- Joe if you don’t want to get back together then we don’t have to

Joe  -- so you don’t like me anymore

Jessica  -- [walks outside]

Joe  -- [follows her] Jessica thats not an answer

Jessica  -- i kno its not

Joe  -- do you like me or not?

Jessica  -- does it matter Joe?

Joe  -- i just want to kno

Jessica  -- well i don’t want to tell you [starts to walk away]

Joe   -- [grabs her wrist, pulls her close to him, kisses her]


Nick  -- so your not mad?

Leah  -- yeah i am [gets dressed]

Nick  -- [gets dressed too] but -----

Leah  -- i’m mad, but i’ll get over it [kisses him quick, then goes downstairs]

Nick  -- [follows her] no you won’t, you love holding grudges

Kevin  -- whats going on?

Leah  -- Nick made me think i was pregnant for no reason!

Kevin  -- why would you do that?

Nick  -- i donno

Leah  -- and i don’t love holding grudges!

Kevin  -- yeah you do

Nick  -- its like a xmas present for you....finding a reason to hate someone

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- its true

Leah  --no its not!

Kevin  -- have you guys seen Joe? He was talking to Jessica and now i can’t find them

Nick  -- maybe you don’t want to find them

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- nothing

Kevin  -- Joe doesn’t like Jessica

Nick  -- i was just saying

Leah  -- saying what? I don’t get it

Kevin  -- are you sure your not blonde Leah?

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- don’t give her a reason to hate you too....she’s not going to have anyone left

Leah  -- shut up Nick [goes upstairs]

Kevin  -- your just giving her more reasons to hate you

Nick  -- i don’t care anymore

Kevin  -- why not

Nick  -- because i kno its not me

Kevin  -- what?

Nick  -- i’m not the thing thats bothering her....something else is

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Chapter 84

Kevin  -- why not?

Nick  -- because i kno its not me

Kevin  -- what?

Nick  -- i’m not the thing thats bothering her....something else is

Kevin  -- what?

Nick  -- stop saying that!

Kevin  -- do you even kno whats bothering her?

Nick  -- not really

Kevin   -- so how are you supposed to fix this?

Nick  -- why do i have to fix it?!

Kevin  -- because she’s your wife!

Nick  -- so?

Kevin  -- so its your job!

Nick  -- no its not! [goes upstairs to Sophie’s room]

Sophie  -- [sitting in her crib] da da

Nick  -- [picks her up] hi Sophie [kisses her head]

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Leah  -- [comes in] oh...i didn’t kno you were in here

Nick  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- i’m fine [starts picking Sophie’s toys off the floor]

Nick  -- i can tell your not okay [sits on the floor, puts Sophie on the floor]

Sophie  -- [plays with her toys]

Leah  -- [sits on Nick’s lap] i’m just a bit dizzy, but i’m fine

Nick  -- okay if you say so..... why are you wearing a long sleeve shirt?

Leah  -- because i like this shirt

Nick  -- [grabs her wrist, moves the shirt up her arm a bit]

Leah  -- looking for cuts?

Nick  -- no [lets go of her arm]

Leah  -- yeah you were!

Nick  -- i just want to make sure your okay

Leah  -- Nick i told you i wasn’t cutting anymore and i meant it

Nick  -- and i believe you

Leah  -- good [kisses him]

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Kevin  -- [comes in] Nick Joe’s back and we need to talk about the album

Nick  -- fine, get off Leah

Leah  -- no [wraps her arms around his neck]

Nick  -- Leah...

Leah  -- fine [kisses him, lays on her stomach next to Sophie]

Nick  -- i’ll be back in a minute

Kevin  -- plus about 20

Nick  -- [kisses Leah’s head, goes downstairs with Kevin]

Leah  -- so what now Sophie?

Sophie  -- [pushes her stuffed animal to Leah]

Leah  -- [smiles] i love you Sophie

Sophie  -- [giggles]


Nick  -- what do we need to talk about?

Joe  -- well our album comes out in a couple weeks

Nick  -- yeah i kno

Kevin  -- you do?

Nick  -- yeah Joe’s been talking about it for a while now

Joe  -- thats because its awesome!

Nick  -- is that all we were going to talk about?

Joe  -- yeah

Nick  -- but that takes a second not 20 minutes

Kevin  -- well i think we need to talk about Leah too

Nick  -- what now?

Kevin  -- i just thot maybe Joe knew whats going on

Joe  -- is she hurt?

Kevin  -- i don’t think so

Joe  -- then whats the problem

Kevin  -- i donno

Nick  -- Joe where did you and Jessica go?

Joe  -- for a walk

Nick  -- and....

Joe  -- and what?

Kevin  -- did anything happen?

Joe  -- yeah

Kevin  -- what happened?

Joe  -- well we talked, and walked and we kissed

Nick  -- so your back together?

Joe  -- i donno, we didn’t really talk after the kiss

Kevin  -- why not?

Joe  -- can we talk about something else now?

Leah  -- [comes in carrying Sophie] are you done talking about the album?

Kevin  -- yeah

Leah  -- good [sits on the couch]

Joe  -- can we have pizza for dinner?

Leah  -- pizza?

Joe  -- yeah you kno, bread with cheese and stuff on it

Leah  -- i kno what pizza is!

Kevin  -- i’ll go order a pizza [leaves]

Leah  -- why are we getting pizza?

Nick  -- because it tastes good..and you love pizza

Leah  -- yeah i kno


Sophie  -- [in her high chair, dipping her hand in the baby food]

Nick  -- Sophie your making a mess [cleans her hand]

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Kevin  -- [comes in, puts the pizza on the table]

Joe  -- [comes in] finally

Kevin  -- Nick can you get Leah to come down

Nick  -- sure [goes upstairs, and into his room]

Leah  -- [had her shirt above her stomach, pulls it down fast]

Nick  -- i told you i used a condom!

Leah  -- i kno, i was just ----um nevermind

Nick  -- you don’t think your pregnant right?

Leah  --  i kno i’m not Nick

Nick  -- good...we’re having dinner now [starts to leave]

Leah  -- i’m not hungry

Nick  -- what? How can you not be hungry? You barely ate today

Leah  -- i’m just not hungry

Nick  -- [moves a piece of hair out of her face] are you okay? You look kinda pale

Leah  -- i’m fine

Nick  -- okay [kisses her head, goes downstairs]

Leah  -- [lifts her shirt back up, looks at her stomach, trying to make herself look thinner]

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Chapter 85

Nick  -- [moves a piece of hair out of her face] are you okay? You look kinda pale

Leah  -- i’m fine

Nick  -- okay [kisses her head, goes downstairs]

Leah  -- [lifts her shirt back up, looks at her stomach, trying to make herself look thinner]


Kevin  -- where Leah?

Nick  -- she’s not hungry

Joe  -- are you sure? She hasn’t been eating that much

Nick  -- i’m sure she’s eating fine

Joe  -- but -----

Nick  -- Joe the day has 24 hours, do you watch Leah for those 24 hours? No, so you don’t kno how much she’s been eating

Joe  -- but maybe you should  -----

Nick  -- can we just have dinner without talking about this?!


Leah  -- [laying on the bed, still trying to make herself look thinner]

Nick  -- [comes in] what are you doing?

Leah  -- nothing [pulls the blankets over her] is Sophie okay?

Nick  -- yeah, she’s asleep

Leah  -- kay...night Nicky

Nick  -- its kinda early Leah

Leah  -- not its not its ---

Nick  -- 7:30?

Leah  -- i’m just tired

Nick  -- [lays on the bed next to her] why?

Leah  -- donno [cuddles close to him, falls asleep]

Nick  -- [plays with her hair]

Joe  -- [comes in with Kevin]

Nick  -- what do you want?

Joe  -- Kevin hasn’t seen Leah eating either

Nick  -- thats what this is about?

Kevin  -- i didn’t even want to talk about this, it was Joe’s idea

Joe  -- so what?

Kevin  -- so i think we should just see if she eats in the next couple days

Nick  -- she is eating! She wouldn’t hurt herself like that!

Kevin  -- she’s a cutter Nick!

Joe  -- yeah saying she wouldn’t hurt herself doesn’t make much sense

Nick  -- she wouldn’t anymore, we talked about this!

Joe  -- talked about what

Nick  -- about her hurting herself, she said she wouldn’t do it anymore

Kevin  -- well maybe she doesn’t think that starving herself is going to hurt her

Nick  -- she’s not stupid!

Joe  -- no just suicidal!

Nick  -- she’s not like that anymore! So just get out!

Joe  -- fine [leaves with Kevin]

Nick  -- [kisses Leah’s head] your not starving yourself, are you baby?

Leah  -- [still asleep, rests her head on his chest]

Nick  -- you wouldn’t do that...i kno you wouldn’t


Leah  -- [wakes up] Nick?

Nick  -- [comes in carrying Sophie] are you okay?

Leah  -- where did you go?

Nick  -- i just went to check on Sophie

Leah  -- [takes Sophie from him]

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Nick  -- ready for breakfast?

Leah  -- um maybe later [goes downstairs]

Nick  -- [follows her] why not now?

Leah  -- because i don’t like eating right after i wake up

Nick  -- okay


Joe  -- [making out with Jessica on the couch]

Kevin  -- [comes in] um Joe?

Joe  -- [pulls away fast] uh i can explain

Kevin  -- hi Jessica

Jessica  -- um hi Kevin

Joe  -- we were just ---- um----

Kevin  -- making out?

Joe  -- well ....yeah

Kevin  -- are you back together?

Joe  -- i donno

Kevin  -- your so weird

Joe  -- shut up

Jessica  -- so is it true Leah’s not eating?

Joe  -- yeah

Kevin  -- we don’t kno that Joe!

Joe  -- i do! Wich is why i invited Kirstin over

Jessica  -- why?

Joe  -- because she did the same thing for a while, but then she realized thats stupid

Kevin  -- Joe we don’t even kno if Leah’s starving herself!

Joe  -- yes we do!

Kevin  -- when is Kirstin coming

Joe  -- she’s already upstairs


Leah  -- i kno that!

Kirstin  -- but Leah-----

Leah  -- i’m not stupid Kirstin! I kno its dangerous

Kirstin  -- so your eating properly?

Leah  -- [lying] of course

Kirstin  -- good, so how about some lunch?

Leah  -- i just ate

Kristin  -- oh

Leah – we could go somewhere else tho

Kirstin  -- like where?

Leah  -- i was going to go take Sophie to the want to come?

Kirstin  -- okay

Leah  -- i’ll get Sophie and meet you downstairs [leaves]

Kirstin  -- [goes downstairs]

Nick  -- are you and Leah ready for lunch?

Kirstin  -- she said she already ate

Nick  -- well she told me she wanted to wait till you got here to have lunch

Leah  -- [comes in, hands Sophie to Kirsten] okay lets go Kirstin

Nick  -- not so fast

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- we need to talk [takes her into another room]

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Chapter 86

Leah -- [comes in, hands Sophie to Kirsten] okay lets go Kirstin

Nick -- not so fast

Leah -- what?

Nick -- we need to talk [takes her into another room]

Leah  -- whats going on Nick? [smiles innocently]

Nick  -- stop it!

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- acting like you don’t kno what you did

Leah  -- what are you talking about!

Nick  -- LEAH!!!

Leah  -- i have no idea what your talking about

Nick  -- [frustrated, slaps her hard]

Leah  -- [shocked, tears roll down her cheeks]

Nick  -- [walks out of the room]

Leah  -- [slides down the wall crying]

Joe  -- [goes over to her] Leah what happened?

Leah  -- he hit me

Joe  -- who?

Leah  -- Nick!

Joe  -- what!


Nick  -- [takes Sophie from Kirstin]

Kirstin  -- what happened with Leah?

Nick  -- nothing

Joe  -- [walks over to them] HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!!!

Kirstin  -- i thot you said nothing happened

Nick  -- nothing ------

Joe  -- Kirstin i need you to take Sophie upstairs

Kirstin  -- okay [takes Sophie upstairs]

Joe  -- i thot you loved her Nick!

Nick  -- i do!

Joe  -- then why would you hit her!  I knew this would happen!

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- i knew you would end up hurting her if you got married!


Leah  -- [walks in]

Nick  -- Leah i -----

Leah  -- [throws her wedding ring at him, runs out of the house]

Nick  -- thanks a lot Joe!

Joe  -- your the one that said ------

Nick  -- SHUT UP JOE!!!


Nick  -- [picking at his food]

Joe  -- what?

Nick  -- Kevin tell Joseph i’m not talking to him

Kevin  -- Joe, Nick’s -----

Joe  -- i heard him!

Jessica  -- whats going on?

Joe  -- Leah’s gone

Kevin  -- she is?

Joe  -- well not really, she comes over after Nick’s asleep

Nick  -- what!

Joe  -- she still wants to see Sophie

Kevin  -- how do you kno all this about her?

Joe  -- because she told me

Jessica  -- why did she leave?

Nick  -- no idea

Joe  -- Nick you kno why!

Nick  -- no i don’t!

Kevin  -- well its your fault!

Nick  -- you don’t kno that!

Kevin  -- you always do something

Nick  -- thats not true!

Joe  -- yeah it is! You hit Leah!

Nick  -- i didn’t hit her!

Joe  -- she said you did!

Nick  -- [walks out]

Kevin  -- if Nick and Leah both leave who’s supposed to watch Sophie?

Joe  -- us?

Jessica  -- Sophie is so cute

Kevin  -- yeah she is, but i still think they should have waited

Joe  -- why?

Kevin  -- because what if they get a divorce? Then Sophie is going to be stuck in the middle

Jessica  -- they won’t get a divorce...will they?

Joe  -- Leah’s scared to go near Nick, wich means they won’t even get a chance to get a divorce

Jessica  -- is that good or bad?

Joe  -- i donno


Nick  -- [picks up Sophie]

Sophie  -- ma ma?

Nick  -- she’s not here

Sophie  -- no

Nick  -- no?

Sophie  -- no --- ma ma

Nick  -- [kisses her head] i love you Sophie [tickles her]

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Nick  -- [puts her in her crib] wheres your mom Sophie?

Sophie  -- [puts her hand in her mouth, giggles]

Nick  -- [smiles a bit]


Joe  -- no!

Nick  -- why not?!

Joe  -- because she doesn’t want to see you!

Nick  -- just tell me where she is! I need to talk to her!

Joe  -- no Nick!

Nick  -- fine then i’ll stay up all night and wait till she comes to see Sophie

Joe  -- Nick -----

Nick  -- i need to see her Joe!

Joe  -- fine do what you want! [goes upstairs]


Leah  -- [walks into the house, closes the door quietly behind her]

Nick  -- [turns the light on]

Leah  -- [turns around fast] uh hi Nick

Nick  -- hi baby, i missed you [tries to kiss her]

Leah  -- [moves away from him] i want a divorce

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Chapter 87

Nick -- [turns the light on]

Leah -- [turns around fast] uh hi Nick

Nick -- hi baby, i missed you [tries to kiss her]

Leah -- [moves away from him] i want a divorce

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- i want a ----

Nick  -- i heard you!

Leah  -- good

Nick  -- we aren’t getting a divorce!

Leah  -- but i want one!

Nick  -- no you don’t [pulls her close to him, wrapping his arms around her waist]

Leah  -- Nick let go!

Nick  -- Leah i really don’t want a divorce, we’re supposed to be together! Everyone knows!

Leah  -- no they don’t!

Nick  -- can we atleast talk about this?!

Leah  -- not right now! I’m tired!

Nick  -- then just sleep here!

Leah  -- fine [goes up to the guest room]

Nick  -- i meant in our room

Leah  -- your room

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- its your room now

Nick  -- just come on

Leah  -- no [gets into bed]

Nick  -- you are so stubborn! [goes to Sophie’s room]

Sophie  -- [crying]

Nick  -- [picks her up] whats wrong Sophie?

Sophie  -- [hugs him]

Nick  -- [takes her to the guest room, puts her on the bed next to Leah]

Sophie  -- [stops crying, giggles]

Leah  -- [picks her up]

Sophie  -- [falls asleep in Leah’s arms]

Nick  -- Leah you can’t just destroy our family

Leah  -- and you can’t hit me and get away with it!

Nick  -- i’m really sorry, i just lost control

Leah  -- i don’t care! Get out!

Nick  -- [leaves]

Leah  -- [puts Sophie next to her on the bed, falls asleep]


Joe  -- [half asleep, opens the door] what do you want?

Madi  -- can i come in?

Joe  -- why are you over at 4 am?

Madi  -- because i need to talk to you

Joe  -- [leans against the door, falling asleep] about what?

Madi  -- about dad

Joe  -- i don’t kno your dad

Madi  -- i mean about our dad

Joe  -- what?


Leah  -- [wakes up]

Nick  -- [sleeping next to her, with his arms around her waist]

Leah  -- Nick! [tries to push him away]

Nick  -- [wakes up] what?

Leah  -- get off me!

Nick   -- Leah i just want to talk

Leah  -- well i don’t want to!

Nick  -- Leah i love you and i don’t want a divorce

Leah  -- you said you never wanted to get married

Nick  -- thats because we were forced to get married, i would have proposed on my own by now anyways

Leah  -- uh huh, sure

Nick  -- Leah i love you, and i love Sophie

Leah  -- then why did you hit me!

Nick  -- i said i didn’t mean to!

Leah  -- [gets off the bed] wheres Sophie?

Nick  -- i took her back to her room

Leah  -- why!

Nick  -- because i needed to talk to you

Leah  -- i don’t want to talk!

Nick  -- stop being such a bitch!

Leah  -- [glares at him] i hate you! IT’S YOUR FAULT MY PARENTS DIED!!! [runs out]

Nick  -- what?!! [follows her] don’t you dare blame me for that!

Leah  -- [crying] IT WAS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!

Nick  -- NO IT WASN’T!!!

Leah  -- YES IT WAS!!! [slaps him hard]

Nick  -- so you can slap me, but i can’t slap you!?

Kevin  -- [comes over]  whats going on?

Nick  -- Leah’s insane!

Leah  -- Nick’s a jerk!

Kevin  -- why is everyone weird this morning

Leah  -- what do you mean

Kevin  -- well Joe’s crying, you and Nick are screaming at each other and Sophie is sleeping thru it all

Leah  -- Joe’s crying?

Kevin  -- yeah, he told me to come get Nick

Leah  -- what about me?

Nick  -- you don’t even want to be part of our family anymore!

Leah  -- [glares at him, tears rolling down her cheeks]

Nick  -- Leah....

Leah  -- [walks away from them]

Nick  -- [starts to go after her]

Kevin  -- Nick, Joe needs us downstairs

Nick  -- but i need to -----

Kevin  -- you can talk with Leah later [they go downstairs]

Joe  -- [wipes his tears]

Nick  -- Joe whats going on?

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Chapter 88

Nick -- but i need to -----

Kevin -- you can talk with Leah later [they go downstairs]

Joe -- [wipes his tears]

Nick -- Joe whats going on?

Joe  -- Nick its Amy

Madi  -- Madi now actually

Nick  -- no thats not possible

Kevin  -- really?

Joe  -- yeah

Kevin  -- [hugs Madi, starts crying a bit]

Madi  -- [hugs him tight]

Nick  -- she can’t be amy! Amy is dead!

Joe  -- no she’s not! Amy i mean Madi told me the whole story

Nick  -- wich is

Madi  -- after the doctors said i was going to be fine dad took me away. He wanted a divorce from mom but he didn’t want to lose custody so he took me with him

Joe  -- mom knew that Amy didn’t die, so dad had her change her name to Madi so they wouldn’t take her from him

Nick  -- then why did mom tell us she died

Kevin  -- yeah thats kinda weird

Madi  -- i’m not sure why

Nick  -- well why didn’t you tell us befor?! We met you a couple weeks ago

Madi  -- because i didn’t think you would believe me

Nick  -- so why did you tell us now?

Madi  -- because i have no where to go, dads gone

Joe  -- well your staying here

Nick  -- how do we kno its really her?

Kevin  -- Nick stop being stupid

Madi  -- ask me anything about yourself

Joe  -- how many -----

Nick  -- hold it! She could find this out on a website

Madi  -- then ask me anything about Leah, or how about this you have loved Leah since the day when she came over to play dolls with me and you decided that you wanted to play with her instead

Joe  -- oh yeah and then you and Nick got in a huge fight because you were mad that he was stealing your friend

Madi  -- and he pushed me in the pool. I hit my head on the bottom and had to get three stitches. Nick felt bad and bought me a small teddy bear because thats all he could afford...and i have the teddy bear in my purse at all times [takes the bear out]

Nick  -- [looks at the bear, hugs her tight]

Joe  -- told you it was her

Nick  -- [grabs Madi’s hand, takes her upstairs]

Madi  -- where are we going?

Nick  -- i want to show you someone [takes her into Sophie’s room]


Joe  -- what about us?

Kevin  -- Joe, Madi was Nick’s best friend besides Leah

Joe  -- so what?

Kevin  -- so i think he has a lot to talk to her about

Joe  -- [crosses her arms] this is so unfair she’s our sister too!

Kevin  -- you’ve been talking to her all morning

Joe  -- still


Leah  -- [sitting on a chair in Sophie’s room, with Sophie in her arms]

Nick  -- [walks in with Madi, takes Sophie from her]

Leah  -- hey!

Nick  -- this is Sophie

Madi  -- she’s so cute

Leah  -- yeah she is...and i was holding her first [takes Sophie from Nick]

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Leah  -- [hugs her] what are you doing here Madi?

Madi  -- i came to tell Nick Joe and Kevin the truth

Leah  -- that your their sister?

Nick  -- how did you kno that?

Leah  -- i told you that so many times!

Nick  -- no you didn’t

Leah  -- yes i did! [walks out]

Madi  -- is everything okay with you two?

Nick  -- no, not even a little bit

Madi  -- what happened?

Nick  -- well i slapped her and now she wants a divorce

Madi  -- how could you do that!

Nick  -- i wasn’t thinking, and it just happened

Madi  -- Nick you have to fix this! You and Leah and perfect for each other

Nick  -- yeah i kno, i just don’t kno what to do


Leah  -- [sitting on the floor watching Sophie play with her toys]

Nick  -- [comes in] Leah?

Leah  -- go away

Nick  -- Leah just listen okay?

Leah  -- no [picks up Sophie, starts to leave]

Nick  -- Leah please [blocks her way] i love  you and i can’t lose you

Leah  -- fine we can talk, just not right now

Nick  -- when?

Leah  -- later [walks out]

Nick  -- well thats a start

Chapter 89

Leah  -- fine we can talk, just not right now

Nick  -- when?

Leah  -- later [walks out]

Nick  -- well thats a start

Joe  -- [comes in] whats a start?

Nick  -- things aren’t going so well with Leah

Joe  -- yeah i’ve noticed

Nick  -- well what do i do

Joe  -- why are you asking me?

Nick  -- cuz your my brother!

Joe  -- i’m also the guy who can’t keep a girlfriend for more then a couple weeks

Nick  -- true

Joe  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- what? You said it not me

Joe  -- well i was kinda hoping for a, thats not true Joe

Nick  -- but it is true

Joe  -- just --- nevermind

Nick  -- so what should i do?

Joe  -- we just went over this...but if you want my opinion, get a divorce

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- you asked!

Nick  -- why do you hate me and Leah together?

Joe  -- because your just going to hurt her again

Nick  -- no i’m not!


Leah  -- [lays Sophie on the floor]

Kirstin  -- [comes in] you called?

Leah  -- yeah, hi

Kirstin  -- [laughs] hi

Leah  -- so what are you doing today?

Kristin  -- nothing i don’t think

Leah  -- so do you want to come shopping, i need to buy Sophie new clothes, she keeps growing

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Kirstin  -- sure, baby clothes are so cute

Leah  -- did you hear that Soph, Kirstin thinks you have cute clothes

Sophie  -- [giggles, puts her hand in her mouth]

Kristin  -- [laughs]

Leah  -- so do you want to go now?

Kirstin  -- sure

Leah  -- [picks up Sophie, they leave]


Joe  -- [making out with Jessica]

Jessica  -- [pulls away]

Joe  -- whats wrong?

Jessica  -- i just need a break

Joe  -- [lays her across the couch, kisses her neck]

Jessica  -- Joe please...[moans a bit]

Joe  -- [keeps kissing her neck]

Kevin  -- [comes in with Madi, covers Madi’s eyes] Joe!

Joe  -- [moves away from Jessica]

Madi  -- [moves Kevin’s hand from her eyes] Kevin i’m not a baby

Joe  -- well you are the youngest

Madi  -- no i’m not

Joe  -- the youngest in this house

Madi  -- no Sophie is

Joe  -- besides Sophie

Madi  -- i’m only a year younger then Nick, and he already has a baby, its not like i haven’t seen this kinda thing befor

Joe  -- what?

Madi  -- i have a boyfriend

Joe  -- who

Madi  -- you don’t kno him

Kevin  -- well we have to make sure he’s good enough for you

Madi  -- not a chance, your just going to scare him away

Joe  -- good, i don’t want my baby sister having a boyfriend

Madi  -- [crosses her arms] i’m not a baby!

Kevin  -- we kno Madi...but we still want to meet this boyfriend of yours

Nick  -- [comes in] she has a boyfriend?

Madi  -- Jess help

Jessica  -- you guys leave her alone, she can have a boyfriend if she wants

Joe  -- but ------

Jessica  -- you can’t stop her

Leah  -- [comes in carrying Sophie, who is sleeping] whats going on?

Madi  -- tell them i can have a boyfriend

Leah  -- she can have a boyfriend [takes Sophie upstairs]

Nick  -- [follows her]

Leah  -- [goes into Sophie’s room, lays her down in the crib]

Nick  -- [comes in]

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- now can we talk?

Leah  -- about what?

Nick  -- i said i was sorry, can’t you just forgive me?

Leah  -- okay

Nick  -- cuz i ---- what?

Leah  -- i said okay

Nick  -- why are you giving in so easy?

Leah  -- because i love you and i realized just because we got in a fight doesn’t mean we should get a divorce...people fight, and we’ve fought before so i kno we can work things out

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [picks her up, takes her to their room]

Leah  -- Mr. Nicholas Jerry Jonas what do you think your doing? [giggles]

Nick  -- [lays her on the bed] i think i’m about to make another baby with the girl i love kisses her, gets on top of her]

Leah  -- [smiles into the kiss, deepens it]

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Chapter 90

Leah  -- Mr. Nicholas Jerry Jonas what do you think your doing? [giggles]

Nick  -- [lays her on the bed] i think i’m about to make another baby with the girl i love [kisses her, gets on top of her]

Leah  -- [smiles into the kiss, deepens it]

Nick  -- [takes her shirt off, kisses her stomach]

Leah  -- [smiles]

Nick  -- [gets off the bed, closes and locks the door and then goes back over to her]

Leah  -- [pulls him on the bed, kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it, takes his shirt off]

Leah  -- [takes Nick’s pants off]

Nick  -- [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- [moans a bit]

Nick  -- [smirks, starts sucking on her neck]

Leah  -- Nicky hurry up

Nick  -- [takes her pants off, kisses her neck down to her stomach]

Leah  -- Nicky -----

Nick  -- [kisses her] yeah i kno, hurry up

Leah  -- [bites her bottom lip]

Nick  -- [kisses her forehead]

Leah  -- Nicky?

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- [pouts] i don’t want to be fat...again

Nick  -- you won’t be fat [kisses her] you’ll be carrying our baby

Leah  -- [smiles] yeah

Nick  -- [kisses her neck, takes her bra off, kisses her chest]

Leah  -- [moans softly]

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it, takes Nick’s boxers off]

Nick  -- [takes her underwear off, kisses her, goes into her slow]

Leah  -- [still kissing him, moans into his mouth]

Nick  -- [smirks, pulls away, goes into her harder]

Leah  -- [moans louder] Nicky faster!

Nick  -- [keeps going into her fast and harder]

Leah  -- [moaning really loud]

Nick  -- [covers her mouth] we aren’t the only ones here

Leah  -- [blushes]

Nick  -- [pulls out] your so cute [kisses her forehead]

Leah  -- [bites her bottom lip] keep going

Nick  -- you sure?

Leah  -- of course i’m sure

Nick  -- [goes into her hard and fast]

Leah  -- [moans] harder Nicky

Nick  -- [going in her as hard and fast as he can]

Leah  -- [moans] NICKY!!!


Leah  -- [cuddles close to Nick]

Nick  -- [wraps his arms around her]

Leah  -- i love you

Nick  -- i love you too [kisses her head]

Leah  --  [writes her name with her finger on his chest]

Nick  -- your last name isn’t Tyler

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- its Jonas now, remember?

Leah  -- i did put Jonas

Nick  -- then you have really bad writing

Leah  -- [hits him playfully] shut up

Nick  -- goodnight Leah

Leah  -- wait can i have your shirt?

Nick  -- i like what your wearing

Leah  -- please Nick, i would be more comfortable

Nick  -- fine [grabs his shirt, gives it to her, then puts his boxers on]

Leah  -- [puts Nick’s shirt on, rests her head on his chest]

Nick  -- [plays with her hair] in a couple weeks we can see if we’re going to have another baby

Leah  -- [smiles] i kno

Nick  -- [kisses her head, they fall asleep]


Leah  -- [wakes up] Nick?

Nick  -- [still asleep]

Leah  -- [sits on his stomach] Nicky wake up

Nick  -- [talking in his sleep] i love you ... Leah

Leah  -- [smiles] i love you to Nicky [kisses him]

Nick  -- [still asleep, groans] yeah...right there baby

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- [still asleep] you want harder baby?

Leah  -- [rolls her eyes, starts rubbing against him, feels him go hard]

Nick  -- [wakes up] what are you doing?

Leah  -- we’re you dreaming about us having sex

Nick  -- [lying] no

Leah  -- then why are you hard?

Nick  -- [pushes her off]

Leah  -- [laughs]

Nick  -- its not funny

Leah  -- yeah it is [gets dressed, goes downstairs]

Joe  -- so how was last night

Kevin  -- you guys we’re really loud

Leah  -- [blushes] can we talk about something else

Joe  -- what are you doing today?

Leah  -- nothing, just making fun of Nick and his sex dream

Kevin  -- what?

Leah  -- he was talking in his sleep

Joe  -- he used to do that a lot

Kevin  -- not the sex dreams tho, the talking in his sleep

Joe  -- and he always said he loved you Leah...i would kno his room was right next to mine

Leah  -- [smiles] he said he loves me?

Joe  -- yeah


Nick  -- [shakes Leah] baby wake up

Joe  -- whats the rush

Nick  -- i want her to take a pregnancy test

Joe  -- just wait! She’s probably tired, you guys were out late last

Nick  -- fine [goes downstairs]

Joe  -- [follows him]

Nick  -- so whats going on with Jessica?

Joe  -- i donno, she went away with some friends

Kevin  -- [comes in, hands Sophie to Nick]

Sophie  -- [hugs Nick]

Nick  -- Sophie how do you feel about having a baby brother or sister

Joe  -- she already is a baby, she doesn’t even kno what a brother or sister is

Nick  -- she’s 13 months Joe

Joe  -- yeah so she’s still a baby

Sophie  -- no Joe!

Nick  -- see she can talk

Joe  -- not very well

Kevin  -- well she’s not very old

Nick  -- she should be talking in sentences by the time the other baby is born

Kevin  -- so Leah is pregnant?

Nick  -- maybe, i donno yet

Joe  -- i don’t want another baby in the house

Nick  -- then move out!

Joe  -- you move out!

Leah  -- [comes in] why are you guys yelling so early in the morning

Kevin  -- its not early its almost lunch time

Leah  -- oh

Sophie  -- ma ma!

Leah  -- [takes Sophie from Nick] morning Sophie

Sophie  -- [hugs Leah]

Leah  -- [kisses her head] i love you Sophie

Nick  -- Leah, Kirstin brot over a pregnancy test for you this morning

Leah  -- kay i’ll take it later

Nick  -- why not now?

Leah  -- whats the rush?

Nick  -- i just want to kno

Leah  -- then you’ll have to wait [goes into the kitchen, sits Sophie in her high chair, pours some cheerio’s infront of her]

Sophie  -- [eats them]

Nick  -- [comes in, wraps his arms around Leah’s waist from behind]

Leah  -- [turns around to face him, kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Leah  -- [pulls away]

Nick  -- can you go take the test? I really want to kno if we’re going to have another baby

Leah  -- fine [goes upstairs, grabs the test, goes into the bathroom]


Leah  -- [walks downstairs]

Nick  -- so...are you pregnant?

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Chapter 91

Leah -- [walks downstairs]

Nick -- so...are you pregnant?

Leah  -- [looks down]

Nick  --  oh...

Leah  -- [hugs him, kisses him] we’re having another baby Nick!

Nick  -- really?

Leah  -- yeah [kisses him again]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Nick  -- [pulls away from the kiss, picks up Sophie]

Leah  -- [kisses Sophie’s  head] your going to have a baby brother or sister Sophie

Sophie  -- [smiles]

Joe  -- [comes in] so is there going to be another screaming machine in this house?

Leah  -- if you mean a baby then yes

Nick  -- and i don’t kno why you hate babies so much

Joe  -- i don’t hate all babies, i like Sophie...kinda

Sophie  -- [giggles, puts her hand in her mouth]

Leah  -- your not going to make me go on that healthy diet thing, right?

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- like you did when i was pregnant with...with....

Joe  -- Sophie?

Nick  -- no, Ryan

Leah  -- [tears roll down her cheeks]

Joe  -- i almost forgot about him

Leah  -- [glares at him] you forgot about my baby!

Joe  -- he was never born! It wasn’t my fault

Leah  -- [runs upstairs]

Joe  -- isn’t it a bit early for mood swings?

Nick  -- apparently not

Joe  -- i think you guys need your own house

Nick  -- why?

Joe  -- because i don’t want to be here for the mood swings, or the cravings or ----

Nick  -- i get it Joe! So why don’t you move out!

Joe  -- because you and Leah should have your own house

Nick  -- fine [goes upstairs]

Joe  -- i didn’t mean move right now!


Leah  -- [laying on her bed, looking at her stomach]

Nick  -- [comes in, gets on the bed next to her]

Leah  -- what if we lose this one too?

Nick  -- thats not going to happen [kisses her head]

Leah  -- wheres Sophie?

Nick  -- in her room

Leah  -- kay

Nick  -- Joe wants us to move out

Leah  -- he’s kicking us out?

Nick  -- no...but i think getting our own house is a good idea

Leah  -- okay

Nick  -- i’ll start looking for tmrw

Leah  -- don’t i get a say in the new house?

Nick  -- how about i look, and then you can help me choose from the top 3 or 4

Leah  -- okay

Nick  -- [kisses her] i love you Leah

Leah  -- [smiles] i love you too Nicky


Leah  -- [eating lunch]

Kirstin  -- so Nick’s been looking at houses?

Leah  -- yup

Madi  -- why don’t you go with him?

Leah  -- he doesn’t want me to

Madi  -- thats stupid, its going to be your house too

Leah  -- yeah well i don’t think he cares

Kirstin  -- how long till you start showing?

Leah  -- showing?

Kirstin  -- aren’t you pregnant?

Leah  -- did you kno

Kirstin  -- oh ---- um nevermind

Madi  -- your weird

Leah  -- [hears Sophie crying] i’ll be right back [goes upstairs]

Madi  -- so how did you find out about the pregnancy

Kirstin  -- i don’t remember

Madi  -- just tell me!

Kirstin  -- no

Joe  -- [comes in] guess what!

Madi  -- i already kno how you beat Nick at basketball

Joe  -- this is something different

Kirstin  -- okay, what?

Joe  -- i got harassed by fans!

Madi  -- is this good or bad

Joe  -- good, i love having fans

Madi  -- why is everyone in this house so weird?! [leaves]

Kirstin  -- you don’t have any magazines here do you?

Joe  -- no...why?

Kirstin  -- nothing, just make sure Leah doesn’t get a hold of any magazines

Joe  -- why not?

Kirstin  -- because their an article about how Nick Jonas of the Jonas brothers knocked up  girlfriend in a couples magazines

Nick  -- [comes in] what?

Kirstin  -- nothing

Nick  -- thats in a magazine!

Joe  -- maybe this famous thing wasn’t a good idea

Leah  -- [comes down] hi Nicky [kisses him]

Joe  -- did you kno theres an article ----

Kirstin  -- [covers his mouth]

Leah  -- an article on you guys? Thats cool

Joe  -- [moves Kirstin’s hand] no us, on you!

Leah  -- me?

Joe  -- and Nick

Kirstin  -- Joe!

Joe  -- what? I wasn’t in the article

Leah  -- what was the article about?

Nick  -- nothing baby [kisses her head]

Leah  -- just tell me!

Kirstin  -- you really don’t want to kno Leah

Leah  -- [starts to leave]

Nick  -- where are you going?

Leah  -- the store! I’m gonna find that magazine! [leaves]

Nick  -- Leah wait! [runs after]

Kirstin  -- she’s going to freak

Joe  -- i kno

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Chapter 92

Leah  -- the store! I’m gonna find that magazine! [leaves]

Nick  -- Leah wait! [runs after]

Kirstin  -- she’s going to freak

Joe  -- i kno

Kirstin  -- should we do something?

Joe  -- its Nick’s problem...i just don’t kno how they found out. The only people who knew about the pregnancy was Leah, Nick, me Kevin and .... Madi

Kirstin  -- what?

Joe  -- MADI!!! [runs upstairs]

Madi  -- hey Joe, whats going on?

Joe  -- did you tell anyone about Leah’s pregnancy

Madi  -- yeah why?

Joe  -- who did you tell

Madi  -- a couple people

Joe  -- paparazzi?

Madi  -- maybe

Joe  -- i can’t believe you did that!

Madi  -- i didn’t think it would be a big deal

Joe  -- well it is!


Leah  -- [walking to the store]

Nick  -- [grabs her arm] Leah come back home

Leah  -- then tell me what the article is about

Nick  -- its about ----

Paparazzi  -- [comes over, starts taking pictures] how does it feel to be teenage parents?

Leah  -- what?

Paparazzi  -- is it true that this will be your second baby?

Nick  -- [holding Leah’s hand, walks away from them]

Leah  -- Nick how did they find out?

Nick  -- i’m not sure


Kevin  -- she did what!

Joe  -- Madi told the paparazzi about Leah’s pregnancy

Kevin  -- but why would she do that

Joe  -- i donno

Nick  -- [comes in]

Kevin  -- how’s Leah

Nick  -- she’s driving me crazy!

Joe  -- whats she doing?

Nick  -- she’s been crying for 8 hours!

Joe  -- wow

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- [calls from upstairs] NICKY!!!

Nick  -- why me?!

Joe  -- this is about the whole world knowing she’s pregnant?

Nick  -- yeah

Joe  -- well then blame Madi

Kevin  -- Joe!

Nick  -- Madi did this?

Kevin  -- she didn’t mean to Nick

Nick  -- how do you not mean to ruin my life!

Kevin  -- i think your over reacting

Joe  -- yeah, how is this ruining your life?

Leah  -- NICKKKYYY!!!!

Nick  -- thats how! [goes upstairs, and into his room]

Leah  -- [hugs him, crying]

Nick  -- Leah its no big deal [lays her on the bed, lays next to her]

Leah  -- yes it is! Now the whole world thinks i’m a slut!

Nick  -- who cares

Leah  -- [cuddles close to him] i care

Nick  -- [wipes her tears]

Leah  -- maybe we shouldn’t have had another baby

Nick  -- Leah you can’t care what people think about you

Leah  -- i can’t?

Nick  -- no, they don’t kno you so you shouldn’t care what they think

Leah  -- i guess your right


Joe  -- so you aren’t going to talk to Madi

Kevin  -- i’m pretty sure she feels bad enough already

Joe  -- yeah but ----

Jessica  -- [comes in] hi Joe

Joe  -- when did you get back?

Jessica  -- like 10 minutes ago [sits next to him]

Joe  -- i missed you

Jessica  -- i missed you too

Joe  -- [kisses her]

Kevin  -- i thot we were talking about Madi

Joe  -- [pulls away]  not anymore

Jessica  -- what happened with Madi?

Joe  -- she told the paparazzi about Leah’s pregnancy

Jessica  -- thats true?!

Kevin  -- yeah

Madi  -- [comes in]

Kevin  -- Madi -----

Madi  -- i’m sorry okay! I’ve said sorry a million times, i didn’t mean to talk to the paparazzi!

Kevin  -- i was just going to ask if you wanted some lunch

Madi  -- oh...okay


Nick  -- so i found a couple different houses

Leah  -- you can pick, i don’t care where we live

Nick  -- you don’t?

Leah  -- not anymore

Nick  -- okay if you say so


Joe  -- i don’t want to help!

Nick  -- Joe if you help Leah and i will be moved out faster

Joe  -- what can i do to help?

Nick  -- take some boxes to the car

Joe  -- kay [grabs some boxes, takes them to the car]

Leah  -- [comes in, carrying a box]

Nick  -- Leah what are you doing?!

Leah  -- moving to our new house?

Nick  -- [takes the box from her] your pregnant i don’t want you carrying heavy boxes

Leah  -- that box if full of Sophie’s stuffed animals

Nick  -- still

Joe  -- [comes back in]

Nick  -- [hands him the box] take this to the car

Joe  -- fine [takes it out to the car]

Leah  -- i could have done that!

Nick  -- why don’t you go get Sophie and take the other car to the house

Leah  -- this is so unfair!

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Chapter 93

Leah  -- i could have done that!

Nick  -- why don’t you go get Sophie and take the other car to the house

Leah  -- this is so unfair!

Nick  -- just go

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- [kisses her] you kno i love you baby

Leah  -- yeah yeah whatever [goes upstairs]

Madi  -- [walks over to Nick] can i help with something?

Nick  -- no! I think you’ve helped enough!

Madi  -- Nick i said sorry a billion times!

Nick  -- thats not good enough! [goes outside]

Kevin  -- Nick you need to take all these boxes to the house, theres no more room in the

Nick  -- kay i’ll do that now [gets in the car]

Leah  -- [comes over, carrying Sophie] wait for me!

Nick  -- i told you to take the other car

Leah  -- i want to go with you

Nick  -- fine get in

Leah  -- [puts Sophie in her car seat, gets in the car]

Nick  -- [drives to their new house]

Leah  -- isn’t this a bit big?

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- well okay then [gets out of the car, takes Sophie out]

Sophie  -- big

Leah  -- yeah it is big

Nick  -- its not that big!

Leah  -- [walks into the house]

Nick  -- [carries some boxes into the house]

Leah  -- its even bigger inside

Nick  -- can we please stop talking about the size of the house?

Leah  -- kay, wich rooms is Sophie’s

Nick  -- theres nothing in there yet

Leah  -- then what am i supposed to do?

Nick  -- i donno, figure something out


Joe  -- [walks into the house and up to his room]

Jessica  -- hi Joe [kisses him]

Joe  -- what are you doing here?

Jessica  -- i can leave if you want

Joe  -- no its just Kevin said not to have anyone over today

Jessica  -- why not?

Joe  -- its moving day

Jessica  -- your moving?

Joe  -- no Nick and Leah are

Jessica  -- why?

Joe  -- i donno, because i told them to

Jessica  -- but now your going to be going back and forth between houses

Joe  -- no we won’t

Jessica  -- if you say since i’m already here...can i stay?

Joe  -- yup [kisses her]

Jessica  -- [deepens it]


Leah  -- [walks around the house]

Nick  -- [goes over to her, wraps his arms around her waist] do you like it?

Leah  -- yeah...and its looks so much better with furniture

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pulls away] Sophie ----

Nick  -- is sleeping [kisses her again]

Leah  -- [deepens it, wraps her arms around his neck]

Nick  -- [still kissing her back her up to the wall]

Leah  -- [pulls away] can i ask you something?

Nick  -- [kissing her neck] anything baby

Leah  -- first off can you stop?

Nick  -- [stops, takes her up to their room]

Leah  -- [sits on the bed]

Nick  -- so what did you want to ask me [lays down on the bed]

Leah  -- [sits on his stomach]

Nick  -- [holds her hands]

Leah  -- [smiles]

Nick  -- Leah?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- you wanted to ask me something

Leah  -- oh...right [lays down on him] so why did you pick such a big house?

Nick  -- because we need the space [kisses him]

Leah  -- for the three of us?

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- you, me and Sophie

Nick  -- and the other baby

Leah  -- thats only 4 people, what are all the other bedrooms for

Nick  -- the other kids

Leah  -- what other kids

Nick  -- our other kids [kisses her]

Leah  -- how many kids are we having?

Nick  -- i donno, five or six...maybe seven [kisses her again]

Leah  -- [pulls away] SEVEN!!!?

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Chapter 94

Leah  -- how many kids are we having?

Nick  -- i donno, five or six...maybe seven [kisses her again]

Leah  -- [pulls away] SEVEN!!!?

Nick  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- you didn’t even want to have one!

Nick  -- that was befor

Leah  -- Nick i’m not giving birth 7 times! One was hard enough

Nick  -- you weren’t even awake when you gave birth!

Leah  -- yes i was! They had to cut Sophie out of me because she wasn’t breathing, and the pain killers hadn’t even set in yet

Nick  -- oh...i remember them putting you to sleep first

Leah  -- nope

Nick  -- i’m so sorry baby [kisses her head]

Leah  -- its fine

Nick  -- well look on the bright side, when you have this baby, it won’t be anywhere near as bad as last time

Leah  -- unless it happens again....did i just jinx it?

Nick  -- [laughs] no

Leah  -- Nicky i don’t want seven kids [plays with his curls]

Nick  --  why not? You love kids

Leah  -- i only want two or three

Nick  -- then what are all those extra rooms going to be for

Leah  -- [looks around their room] well you could use one for all your guitars. Since they take up to much space in our room

Nick  -- and the living room

Leah  -- well there you go, you can use one of the rooms for your guitars

Nick  -- okay

Leah  -- and maybe we could turn one into a recording studio

Nick  -- alright i get your point. We won’t have 7 kids, we’ll use the rooms for something else

Leah  --  thanks Nick [kisses him]

Nick  -- so do you want to kno the sex of the baby?

Leah  -- i’m not sure, but its to early for that

Nick  -- [hears Sophie crying] Leah get off, i need to check on Sophie

Leah  -- i’ll check on her [gets off him, goes to Sophie’s room]

Sophie  -- [sitting in her crib, hitting her teddy bear against the wall

Leah  -- Sophie what are you doing

Sophie  -- mean!

Leah  -- you love your bear [takes the bear from her]

Sophie  -- mine

Leah  -- [picks up Sophie, gives her the bear back] now give him a hug

Sophie  -- [hugs the bear]

Leah  -- good girl

Sophie  -- [starts falling asleep]

Leah  -- [lays her back in the crib, kisses her head]

Sophie  -- [falls asleep]

Leah  -- [goes back to her room, trips over one of Nick’s guitars] those are out of here tmrw!

Nick  -- [laughs] if you say so

Leah  -- [gets back on the bed]

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pulls away] Nicky i’m tired

Nick  -- [pulls the blankets over them]

Leah  -- [cuddles close to him]


Joe  -- i love this house [sits on the couch, turns the tv on]

Kevin  -- yeah its nice

Nick  -- [sits down on the couch too] Leah thinks its to big

Joe  -- no its not

Kevin  -- its not if you guys are going to be having a family

Nick  -- well Leah doesn’t want to very many kids

Kevin  -- but she loves kids

Nick  -- i kno

Joe  -- i love this tv!

Kevin  -- Joe!

Joe  -- hows the pregnancy thing going

Nick  -- fine, i’m trying to get her to eat less junk food tho

Kevin  -- good

Joe  -- why? I love junk food

Nick  -- yeah but its not healthy

Joe  -- thats probably why people like it! [walks around the house]

Nick  -- Joe what are you doing?

Joe  -- i have to move in here! This house is awesome!

Nick  -- no way! You aren’t moving in here! Your the one who kicked us out

Kevin  -- you didn’t have to move out

Nick  -- no, but i’m glad we did

Leah  -- [calls from upstairs] NICK COME HERE!!!

Joe  -- i wonder whats going on

Leah  -- NICKY HURRY!!!

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Chapter 95

Leah  -- [calls from upstairs] NICK COME HERE!!!

Joe  -- i wonder whats going on

Leah  -- NICKY HURRY!!!

Nick  -- [goes upstairs] whats wrong?

Leah  -- i’m showing!

Nick  -- no you aren’t

Leah  -- yes i am!

Nick  -- let me see

Leah  --[ lifts her shirt up a bit]

Nick  -- [kneels down by her stomach] Leah, your not showing

Leah  -- yeah i am

Nick  -- no your not [kisses her stomach]

Leah  -- i’m not?

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- why not?

Nick  -- because its to soon

Leah  -- [sits on the bed]

Nick  -- [sits next to her] whats wrong?

Leah  -- i want to see my baby

Nick  -- well in a couple months you can

Leah  -- not in person

Nick  -- you just have to wait Leah [kisses her]

Leah  -- waiting is no fun!

Nick  -- i kno

Leah  -- is Joe and Kevin here? I thot i heard their voices

Nick  -- yeah they’re downstairs

Leah  -- kay [goes downstairs]

Joe  -- so why were you yelling?

Nick  -- [comes in] she thot she was showing

Kevin  -- but its only been like -----

Leah  -- i kno!

Joe  -- someones in a bad mood

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Joe  -- i’m just saying

Leah  -- WELL DON’T!

Nick  -- Leah why don’t you go upstairs?

Leah  -- [goes upstairs]

Joe  -- she used to be nice right?

Nick  -- [hits him]

Kevin  -- maybe we should go

Joe  -- no we shouldn’t, i want to watch tv here

Kevin  -- why?

Joe  -- because this is a better tv then ours

Nick  -- just buy a new tv Joe!

Joe  -- good idea [leaves with  Kevin]

Nick  -- [goes back upstairs]

Leah  -- [sitting in Sophie’s room]

Sophie  -- [on the floor playing with her toys]

Nick  -- [walks in]

Leah  -- hi Nicky

Sophie  -- [crawls over to Nick] up!

Nick  -- [picks her up]

Sophie  -- [hugs him]

Leah  -- [puts away some of Sophie’s toys]

Nick  -- i was thinking of calling Kirstin over to babysit tonight

Leah  -- why?

Nick  -- because i wanted to go out to dinner

Leah  -- okay...dinner where?

Nick  -- you’ll see

Leah  --  [sticks her tongue out at him]

Nick  -- [laughs]

Sophie  -- [giggles]


Kirstin  -- so where are you taking Leah?

Nick  -- she told you to ask me didn’t she

Kirstin  -- no of course not

Nick  -- Kirstin!

Kirstin  -- okay maybe

Nick  -- i love surprising her, but she never lets me

Kirstin  -- yeah...well she likes to kno everything thats going on

Nick  -- i kno

Kirstin  -- so wheres Sophie?

Nick  -- Leah’s putting her to bed, so you can just watch tv or something. If she starts crying just check on her

Kirstin  -- has she been fed?

Nick  -- yeah

Kirstin  -- so basically your paying me to watch tv?

Nick  -- yeah i guess

Kirstin  -- baby sitting is so easy

Leah  -- [comes in] kay she’s asleep

Nick  -- we’ll see you later Kirstin [walks out to the car]

Leah  -- [gets in] please tell me where were going

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- will i like it?

Nick  -- of course you will [gets in the car, starts driving]

Leah  -- please tell me

Nick  -- no Leah!

Leah  -- this isn’t fair!

Nick  -- why can’t you just be patient?

Leah  -- because i can’t!

Nick  -- [holds her hand]

Leah  -- Nick you should put both hands on the steering wheel

Nick  -- i can drive with one

Leah  -- fine, but if we’re in an accident and die...i’m never going to forgive you

Nick  -- i’ll be careful

Leah  -- tell me now?

Nick  -- no [kisses her hand]

Leah  -- your mean

Nick  -- no i’m not, i planned the best date

Leah  -- you did?

Nick  -- yeah [parks the car]

Leah  -- Nick?

Nick  -- what

Leah  -- we’re in the middle of no where

Nick  -- thats because the limo is picking us up here

Leah  -- limo?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- i love you Nicky [kisses him]

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Chapter 96

Nick  -- thats because the limo is picking us up here

Leah  -- limo?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- i love you Nicky [kisses him]

Nick  -- i love you too [gets out of the car]

Leah  -- [gets out to] when will the limo get here? Its cold

Nick  -- [takes his jacket off, gives it to her]

Leah  -- [puts it on, hugs him]

Nick  -- [kisses her head] the limo should be here soon

Leah  -- good

Nick  -- [wraps his arms around her waist, puts his hands on her stomach]

Leah  -- [smiles]

Nick  -- [when the limo gets there, they get in, puts Leah on his lap]

Leah  -- Nicky thats not safe [gets off him]

Nick  -- we aren’t even moving yet

Leah  -- still [the limo starts moving] now we’re moving!

Nick  -- very observant

Leah  -- [bites her bottom lip]

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [pulls away]

Leah  -- so where are we -----

Nick  -- [covers her mouth] don’t ask!

Leah  -- [bites his hand]

Nick  -- ow! Leah!

Leah  -- [pouts] sorry

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- you can’t kiss me till you tell me where we’re going

Nick  -- then i guess i can never kiss you again

Leah  -- wait i changed my mind

Nick  -- [smiles, kisses her]

Leah  -- i still want to kno -----

Nick  -- [kisses her again]

Leah  -- [deepens it, then pulls away] i ----

Nick  -- i’m not telling you where we’re going

Leah  -- i was just going to say i love you

Nick  -- i love you too

Leah  -- have there been any more articles?

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- you think i haven’t noticed?

Nick  -- noticed what?

Leah  -- you keeping any magazines out of our house, and when i go to the store you always keep me away from the magazines

Nick  -- theres a couple articles

Leah  -- i hate that your famous

Nick  -- you wanted me to do the record deal thing

Leah  -- but i didn’t think it would affect me

Nick  -- we had an interview a couple days ago

Leah  --[sarcastic] joy

Nick  -- i told them that you aren’t a slut because we were trying to have another baby

Leah  -- you did?

Nick  -- yeah, and i told them how we’re married

Leah  -- why didn’t you tell me befor

Nick  -- because i wasn’t sure if you were still upset about the pregnancy being in the magazines

Leah  -- i’m not upset

Nick  -- good [the limo stops]

Leah  -- [starts to get out]

Nick  -- [holds her still]

Leah  -- Nick!

Nick  -- calm down, close your eyes

Leah  -- [closes her eyes]

Nick  -- [gets out, helps Leah out, covers her eyes]

Leah  -- i want to see!

Nick  -- you can in a minute

Leah  -- i smell salt water

Nick  -- good for you [walks her down the dock, and onto a boat]

Leah  -- can i see now?

Nick  -- almost [sits her down on one of the chairs, moves his hands off her eyes]

Leah  -- you made dinner again?

Nick  -- yeah [sits across from her, the boat starts to sail out into the water slow]

Leah  -- how do you come up with these sorts of things?

Nick  -- i donno

Leah  -- [starts eating her dinner] so let me guess, you made dinner so i had to eat healthy

Nick  -- no i made dinner because you like my cooking

Leah  -- and...

Nick  -- because i want you eating healthier

Leah  -- i knew it! [keeps eating]

Nick  -- admit it, you like the dinner i made

Leah  -- fine i like it....and so does the baby


Leah  -- [sleeping]

Nick  -- [picks her up, takes her into the house]

Kirstin  -- how did it go?

Nick  -- good, how was Sophie

Kirstin  -- she was fine, she only cried once

Nick  -- good, i left your money in the kitchen

Kirstin  -- kay, i’ll see you later [gets the money, leaves]

Nick  -- [carries Leah upstairs, puts her on the bed]

Leah  -- [wakes up a bit] Nicky?

Nick  -- just go to sleep baby [kisses her head, goes to Sophie’s room]

Sophie  -- [looks at him, giggles]

Nick  -- your supposed to be asleep Sophie

Sophie  -- no

Nick  -- yes [kisses her head]

Leah  -- [screams]

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Chapter 97

Nick  -- your supposed to be asleep Sophie

Sophie  -- no

Nick  -- yes [kisses her head]

Leah  -- [screams]

Nick  -- [runs to where Leah is]

Leah  -- [crying, holding her stomach]

Nick  -- Leah whats wrong?

Leah  -- it hurts!

Nick  -- what happened?

Leah  -- i was just trying to go back to sleep, and my stomach hurt

Nick  -- did the baby kick?

Leah  -- i donno

Nick  -- we should go to the hospital

Leah  -- but -----

Nick  -- we have to make sure the baby is okay

Leah  -- i think it is

Nick  -- you think

Leah  -- it doesn’t hurt anymore

Nick  -- i want to check just in  case

Leah  -- fine, get Sophie and i’ll meet you in the car [leaves]


Joe  -- so she’s okay right?

Nick  -- yeah Leah and the baby are both fine

Kevin  -- so what happened?

Nick  -- i have no idea

Kevin  -- didn’t the doctors tell you

Nick  -- yeah but it was 3 in the morning, i don’t remember what happened

Joe  -- wow

Nick  -- shut up

Kevin  -- so the baby and Leah are both fine?

Nick  -- yeah

FF  -- Leah is 7 months pregnant

Nick  -- [holding Sophie’s hands as she walks]

Sophie  -- [giggles]

Leah  -- [comes in] hi Nicky

Nick  -- you okay?

Leah  -- no [sits on the couch]

Nick  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- the baby won’t stop kicking

Nick  -- thats is?

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- i mean i’m sorry baby [picks up Sophie, sits next to Leah, puts his hand on her stomach]

Sophie  -- me

Nick  -- [puts Sophie’s hand on Leah’s stomach]

Sophie  -- [feels a kick, moves her hand fast]

Nick  -- [laughs] thats your baby brother or sister Sophie

Leah  -- i want to kno if its a boy or a girl

Nick  -- i thot you wanted to wait

Leah  -- i changed my mind

Nick  -- okay, i’ll make an appointment for tmrw

Leah  -- why can’t it stop kicking!

Nick  -- i donno Leah [goes up to Sophie’s room, puts her in the crib]

Sophie  -- out!

Nick  -- no [goes back downstairs]

Leah  -- [crying a bit, holding her stomach]

Nick  -- [lays her across the couch]

Leah  -- what are you doing?

Nick  -- nothing baby [rubs her stomach]

Leah  -- it won’t stop

Nick  -- [keeps rubbing her stomach] better?

Leah  -- a bit, thanks Nick

Nick  -- [kisses her] anything for you

Jessica  -- [comes in with Joe] hi

Nick  -- hi Jessica

Joe  -- how the pregnancy going?

Leah  --  bad

Nick  -- its going fine

Jessica  -- Joe wanted to come over, i donno why

Joe  -- i wanted to check on Leah

Leah  -- you saw me yesterday

Nick  -- he just wants to watch tv

Leah  -- oh

Joe  -- so can i?

Nick  -- fine

Joe  -- [turns the tv on]

Jessica  -- so what sex is the baby?

Leah  -- we don’t kno, we’re going to find out tmrw

Jessica  -- i can’t believe your going to have another baby

Leah  -- is that bad or good

Jessica  -- good, you guys are the cutest couple...and Sophie is so adorable


Leah  -- [sleeping]

Nick  -- [comes in, gets on the bed next to her, kisses her]

Leah  -- [wakes up] Nicky?

Nick  -- sorry baby, i didn’t mean to wake you up

Leah  -- its okay [moves closer to him]

Nick  -- [wraps his arms around her, kisses her head] night Leah

Leah  -- goodnight Nicky


Leah  -- Nick hurry up!

Nick  -- [comes in] Madi is coming over to baby sit Sophie so you have to wait till she gets here

Leah  -- fine [the doorbell rings, she opens it] finally

Madi  -- what?

Nick  -- nothing Madi, she’s just excited

Madi  -- when will you guys be back?

Nick  -- a couple hours

Madi  -- kay

Nick  -- [goes to the doctors with Leah]

Doctor  -- so you want to find out if your having a boy or girl?

Leah  -- yeah

Doctor  -- well we still have your chart from last time, and that says the sex. So i’ll go get that [leaves]

Nick  -- [kisses Leah’s head] what do you think it is?

Leah  -- i think its an ... it

Nick  -- [laughs] well okay then

Doctor  -- [comes in] so are you sure you want to kno the sex?

Leah  -- yes

Chapter 98

Leah  -- i think its an ... it

Nick  -- [laughs] well okay then

Doctor  -- [comes in] so are you sure you want to kno the sex?

Leah  -- yes

Nick  -- wait

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- i want to wait

Leah  -- what?!

Nick  -- i think we should wait, its only a couple more months

Leah  -- Nicky i really want to kno

Nick  -- okay fine

Doctor  -- so do you want to kno...or not

Nick  -- yes, we want to kno

Doctor  -- your having a boy

Leah  -- a --- a boy? [gets tears in her eyes]

Nick  -- this is why i didn’t want to kno yet [hugs Leah]


Nick  -- [walks into the house, holding Leah’s hand]

Leah  -- [squeezing his hand tight, crying]

Madi  -- whats wrong?

Nick  -- you wouldn’t understand, can you get Joe and Kevin over here

Madi  -- okay [leaves]

Leah  -- [goes up to their room]

Nick  -- Leah? [follows her]

Leah  -- [lays on the bed]

Nick  -- [lays next to her] Leah please don’t be sad

Leah  -- i’m not sad

Nick  -- then why are you crying?

Leah  -- i’m not crying cuz i’m sad that we’re having a boy, i love that we’re having a baby boy.

Nick  -- so your just thinking about Ryan?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- try not to think about it

Leah  -- i just want to go to sleep Nick

Nick  -- okay [pulls the blanket over her, kisses her head, goes downstairs]

Joe  -- what happened? Wheres Leah? Is the baby okay?

Kevin  -- Joe let him talk

Nick  -- Leah’s fine, the baby is fine, but Leah’s upset about Ryan

Joe  -- that was like 2 years ago, or maybe 3

Nick  -- well we found out we’re having a baby boy

Kevin  -- a boy? Thats great

Nick  -- [smiles] yeah

Joe  -- wheres Leah?

Nick  -- she wanted to sleep for a bit

Joe  -- you don’t think she’s going to be upset about this after the baby is born do you?

Nick  -- i donno, i don’t think so

Joe  -- good

Kevin  -- so why did you call us over?

Nick  -- i want you guys to try and get Addi and Courtney back

Kevin  -- why?

Nick  -- because Addi is Leah’s best friend, and i think they should come visit

Joe  -- kay we’ll figure something out

Nick  -- thanks


Nick  -- [laying next to Leah on the bed]

Leah  -- [sleeping]

Nick  -- [plays with her hair, the phone rings, he answers it] hello?

Kevin  -- hey Nick, Addi and Courtney will be coming to visit a couple days befor the baby is due

Nick  -- okay good

Kevin  -- they want to be around for when the baby is born

Nick  -- well hopefully this one won’t come early like Sophie did

Kevin  -- yeah, and hopefully Leah won’t have to have the baby cut out of her

Leah  -- [stirs in her sleep]

Nick  -- i have to go Kevin, i’ll talk to you in the morning [hangs up]

Leah  -- [wakes up]

Nick  -- how do you feel?

Leah  -- i donno

FF  -- to a couple days befor the baby is due

Leah  -- [watching tv]

Nick  -- [comes in] what are you watching?

Leah  -- i have no idea

Nick  -- then why don’t you change it

Leah  -- because the remote is all the way over there, and i’m to tired to get up

Nick  -- [the door bell rings, he opens the door]

Addi  -- [hugs him] hi Nick

Leah  -- [looks over at the door] hi Addi

Addi  -- [comes in with Courtney] we missed you [hugs her]

Courtney  -- i can’t believe your about to have another baby

Leah  -- i kno, only a couple more days

Addi  -- so is it a boy or a girl?

Nick  -- a boy

Addi  -- uh oh

Courtney  -- what?

Nick  -- Leah’s okay with it now

Addi  -- good

Courtney  -- you guys make no sense

Addi  -- then don’t try to keep up


Nick  -- [sleeping]

Leah  -- [shakes him] Nick wake up

Nick  -- [half asleep] Leah go back to sleep


Nick  -- [sits up] whats wrong

Leah  -- i think my water broke

Chapter 99


Nick -- [sits up] whats wrong

Leah -- i think my water broke

Nick -- what?! [gets off the bed]

Leah -- [starts crying] im not ready Nick

Nick -- yes you are [kisses her] ill go get Sophie, you go down to the car

Leah -- [leaves]

Nick -- [goes to Sophies room, picks her up]

Sophie -- [wakes up, starts crying]

Nick -- shh Sophie its okay [kisses her head]

Sophie -- [stops crying]

Nick -- [takes her to the car, puts her in her car seat, gets in the car and drives to the hospital]


Joe -- [sleeping]

Jessica -- [shakes him] Joe wake up

Joe -- [wakes up] whats wrong?

Jessica -- Leahs having the baby right now

Joe -- why do her babies always come in the middle of the night

Jessica -- i donno, but we have to get there right now

Addi -- [comes in] what are you waiting for!

Joe -- the alarm to go off [starts falling back asleep]

Addi -- [pulls him off the bed] everyone is waiting downstairs! [goes downstairs]

Kevin -- are they almost ready?

Addi -- Joe is trying to go back to sleep

Courtney -- wow

Addi -- i kno

Kevin -- Kirstin is meeting us there, and i cant find Madi

Madi -- [comes in] im right here, whats going on?

Courtney -- Leahs having the baby

Madi -- then why are we still here?

Kevin -- were just waiting for Joe

Joe -- [comes in with Jessica] okay lets go


Leah -- [crying] this is so much worse than last time

Nick -- [holding her hand] it will be over soon [kisses her head]

Sophie -- [sitting on the floor, starts crying cuz Leahs crying]

Nick -- [picks her up] Sophie whats wrong?

Sophie -- ma ma .... sad

Leah -- [wipes her tears] no im not [winces in pain] ow ow ow!

Kevin -- [comes in with Joe] hows she doing?

Nick -- fine, but can you take Sophie out? [hands Sophie to him] shes upset seeing Leah like this

Kevin -- [takes Sophie out]

Joe -- how are you Leah [moves a piece of hair out of her face]

Leah -- in a lot of pain!

Joe -- [kisses her head] im sorry

Nick -- thats my job Joseph!

Joe -- fine Nicholas!

Nick -- [glares at him] dont call me that

Leah -- [giggles] Nicholas

Nick -- Leah ....

Leah -- you did this to me! [points to her stomach] so i can call you whatever i want!

Nick -- you wanted me to!

Leah -- that was befor i remembered how much it hurt!

Nick -- fine call me whatever you want

Joe -- what about me?

Nick -- are you giving birth?

Joe -- no

Nick -- then you cant call me whatever you want!

Leah -- [laughs]


Leah -- [crying, screams in pain] how much longer

Kirstin -- well its possible to be in labour for days

Leah -- DAYS?!!!

Kirstin -- im just saying

Nick -- well maybe you shouldnt

Madi -- you dont have to be mean Nick

Nick -- and you didnt have to tell the paparazzi about the pregnancy!

Madi -- i thot we were past that

Nick -- we are...kinda

Madi -- [walks out, and goes to the waiting room]

Jessica -- hows she doing?

Addi -- is she still in labour?

Madi -- yeah

Courtney -- poor Leah

Sophie -- ma ma

Kevin -- you cant see her right now Sophie

Sophie -- ma ma!

Joe -- why do they want another baby? Babies are so annoying

Sophie -- [giggles]

Courtney -- no theyre so cute

Kirstin -- [comes over]

Jessica -- i thot you were staying with Leah

Kirstin -- Nick kicked me out

Kevin -- why?

Kirstin -- cuz i told Leah that labour could last days

Joe -- wow, smart


Nick -- [kisses Leahs hand] im so sorry Leah

Leah -- it will be worth it if HE JUST GETS OUT!!!

Nick -- awe baby [kisses her]

Leah -- [squeezes his hand] ow ow OWWW!!!

Nick -- ow Leah thats my guitar hand!

Leah -- [glares at him]

Nick -- squeeze away

Leah -- [lets go of his hand]

Nick -- its going to be over soon baby

Leah -- it better be!

Nurse -- [comes in, checks on Leah] okay i think your ready now

Leah -- no its going to hurt to much

Nick -- youll be fine Leah

Chapter 100

Nurse -- [comes in, checks on Leah] okay i think your ready now

Leah -- no its going to hurt to much

Nick -- youll be fine Leah

Leah -- [shakes her head]

Nick -- Leah you cant keep him in you forever!

Leah -- [holds Nicks hand]


Joe -- how much longer?

Kevin -- it could be hours

Joe -- then why couldnt you let me sleep?!

Jessica -- in case it wasnt hours

Joe -- i could have slept for like 5 extra hours

Addi -- just be quiet Joe!

Joe -- [sticks his tongue out at her]

Kevin -- very mature

Sophie -- [giggles]

Jessica -- im going to walk around for a bit, call me if anything happens [walks away]

Joe -- now how much longer?

Courtney -- we dont kno Joe!

Joe -- they should name the baby Joe

Madi -- no they shouldnt!

Joe -- why not?

Madi -- because then he might turn out like you

Joe -- cool and awesome?

Madi -- no annoying and childish

Joe -- [glares at her]

Courtney -- do you think Leahs okay?

Addi -- not really

Joe -- do you think Nicks okay?

Kevin -- why wouldnt Nick be okay?

Joe -- hello! His guitar hand!

Madi -- [hits him]

Joe -- ow, what was that for

Madi -- for being stupid! Leahs giving birth and your talking about Nicks guitar hand?!

Joe -- yeah

Madi -- [hits him again]

Joe -- Madi!

Addi -- you deserve it Joe!


Joe -- now how much longer

Kevin -- just be patient Joe!

Addi -- i wish they had a tv in here or something

Courtney -- i kno, its so boring

Joe -- and i could have slept in!

Kevin -- we kno Joe! Youve told us a billion times!


Doctor -- [takes the baby, hands him to the nurse to she can clean him]

Leah -- [breathing heavy] im not going thru that again!

Nick -- [kisses her hand] im so proud of you

Leah -- really?

Nick -- yeah, i can tell by the screaming that was painful

Leah -- i didnt scream...that much

Nick -- [kisses her] i love you Leah

Nurse -- [brings the baby over to them] are you ready to see your baby boy?

Leah -- [nods]

Nurse -- [hands the baby to her]

Leah -- [smiles]

Nick -- [gets on the hospital bed next to her] you kno what Joe wants his name to be

Leah -- we arent having another Joe Jonas in the family

Nick -- [laughs]

Leah -- hes so cute

Nick -- yeah

Nurse -- can i send your friends in?

Nick -- sure

Nurse -- [leaves]

Leah -- what about Cody?

Nick -- yeah Cody is good

Leah -- [kisses him] i love you

Nick -- i love you too [plays with her hair]

Joe -- [comes in] name him Joe!

Nick -- we already named him

Joe -- Joe?

Leah -- no

Kevin -- [comes in, carrying Sophie, hands Sophie to Nick]

Sophie -- [looks at the baby confused]

Nick -- thats your baby brother Sophie

Sophie -- no

Joe -- see she doesnt want another baby either

Sophie -- me baby!

Leah -- [falling asleep]

Nick -- Joe, Kevin can we just have some time alone

Kevin -- sure, do you want me to take Sophie?

Nick -- no Sophie can stay

Joe -- well see you later [leaves with Kevin]

Sophie -- [falls asleep]

Nick -- Leah baby are you awake?

Leah -- [nods]

Nick -- [kisses her]

Leah -- [kisses back , then pulls away] im really tired Nicky

Nick -- okay just rest

Leah -- hows your hand?

Nick -- [laughs] fine

Leah -- good

Nick -- how about you? how are you feeling

Leah -- like everything is perfect

Nick -- perfect?

Leah -- yeah i have you and Sophie and Cody

Nick -- [smiles] yeah that does sound perfect