Death.Love.Sex - Chapters 51+

Chapter 51

Nick  -- what?

Lucas  -- [takes out his gun] if you get to Leah first, you get to live happily ever after

Brian  -- [takes out his gun aswell and so do Aiden and Josh] for now anyways

Aiden  -- but if one of us get to her first ...

Josh  -- its bye bye Leah

Nick  -- but you kno where she is!

Josh  -- no, i left the door unlocked, she could be anywhere

Nick  -- you can’t do that! You can’t just kill her

Lucas  -- sure we can

Nick  -- [runs into the house]


I couldn’t see anything, the place was already in flames, and there was smoke everywhere, but i needed to fine Leah befor those idiots did. I can’t believe they’re doing this! ....well i can, but its stupid. I walked upstairs, the most obvious place to leave her was a bedroom. Well then maybe thats not where she is. Why does everything have to be so confusing?


I was still stuck in this stupid room, the door was blocked. If i had just figured out that it was open earlier i could have left. But i waited, and now there were flames blocking my exit. I guess those stupid guys have a thing for fire. I was trying to find another way out, but no luck yet. There was a small vent, but with the fire going it it could burn me while i was inside. But its was my only chance of getting out of here. I opened the bag Josh gave me to see what was in it. And i saw a lot of my clothes, wich was good because i was wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt and the house was heating up fast. I quickly changed into the shorts and tank top, took the grate off the vent, and climbed in


Why did this stupid house have to be so big, its going to take so long to find her. Plus she’s wandering around here, wich means we’re probably going in circles. How could they put her through this! What is wrong with them? I saw Josh and walked over to him


Nick  -- [punches Josh]

Josh  -- what the hell!

Nick  --why are you still trying to kill her?

Josh  -- because its driving you crazy

Nick  -- Josh just leave her alone!

Josh  -- no, thats no fun

Nick  -- JOSH!!!

Leah  -- [screams]

Josh  -- looks like your to late



I looked down at my leg, wich was bleeding bad. I had cut it on the side of the vent as i was getting out. I wouldn’t call it a cut tho, because i was sure the cut went right threw my leg. I tried to find something to put over the cut, but there wasn’t anything. I should have brot that bag of clothes. I walked to the door, well more like limped to the door. My leg was hurting a lot, but i ignored it, and walked out.


I ran to where i heard Leah scream, but she was already gone. So i’m sure she’s okay. If she would just stay still i would have found her already!  Or Brian, Lucas, Josh or Aiden could have found her. I guess its good that she’s walking around, it just makes it so much harder for me. The fire had spread a lot now, and it was hard to breathe through all the smoke. The house was falling apart already, so why did they have to set it on fire as well?


Josh  -- [goes over to Aiden] find her?

Aiden  -- no, i think Nick will tho

Lucas  -- [comes over] why do you think that?

Aiden  -- because he loves her and will do everything possible to make sure she’s okay

Lucas  -- true

Josh  -- it doesn’t matter if he finds her first

Lucas  -- what?

Aiden  -- why not? What about -----

Josh  -- it doesn’t matter because whether he finds her or not i’m still going to kill Leah

Lucas  -- but thats cheating

Josh  -- so what?

Aiden  -- Josh i don’t think ------

Josh  -- no one cares what you think Aiden!

Lucas  -- you can’t kill Leah if Nick finds her first

Josh  -- yeah i can!


Leah  -- [walking down the hallway, leaning against the wall for support]

???  -- [pulls her into one of the rooms]

Leah  -- [falls to the ground, holds her leg, crying]

???  -- [shuts the door, locks it, then helps Leah up]

Leah  -- [looks at him] Brian?

Brian  -- [smirks] hi baby

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Chapter 52

???  -- [shuts the door, locks it, then helps Leah up]

Leah  -- [looks at him] Brian?

Brian  -- [smirks] hi baby

Leah  -- [backs away from him]

Brian  -- [grabs her, pulls her close to him, wrapping his arms around her waist]

Leah  -- Brian let go!

Brian  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [kisses back, deepening a bit]

Brian  -- [deepens it more, lays her on the bed]

Leah  -- [pulls away] wait stop!

Brian  -- what?

Leah  -- [points to the corner where there are some flames]

Brian  -- its not that bad, the flames are small [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pulls away again]

Brian  -- its either sex with me, or walking around this house with three other guys looking for you so they can kill you

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Brian  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [pushes him off] i can’t have sex here! And not with you!

Brian  -- why not?

Leah  -- because the house is burning down!

Brian  -- fine, but if you get out of here you have to have sex with me

Leah  -- what do you mean IF i get out of here

Brian  -- nothing

Leah  -- fine i’ll have sex with you another time

Brian  -- good [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pushes him off her]

Brian  -- what?

Leah  -- i don’t want to have sex

Brian  -- we don’t have to [kisses her again, gets on to bed next to her, still kissing her]

Leah  -- [wraps her arms around his neck, deepens it the kiss]

Brian  -- [in between kisses] what ------ about Nick?

Leah  -- [pulls away] what about him?

Brian  -- aren’t you with him?

Leah  -- we broke up

Brian  -- i thot you got back together

Leah  -- not officially [kisses him]

Brian  -- [deepens it, moves his hands up her shirt]

Leah  -- [pulls away]

Brian  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- [goes over to the window, opens the window]

Brian  -- are you crazy! [starts to close the window, but the fresh air comes into the room and make the flames bigger]

Leah  -- oops

Brian  -- [grabs her hand, runs out of the room] your so stupid Leah!

Leah  -- i didn’t think that would happen

Brian  -- [covers her mouth, pushes her into the room near them]

Josh  -- [comes over] did i just hear Leah?

Brian  -- no

Josh  -- but ------

Brian  -- i’ve looked all over this floor

Josh  -- have you seen Nick?

Brian  -- no

Josh  -- if you find Leah come find me

Brian  -- kay

Josh  -- [walks away]

Brian  -- [goes into the room he pushed Leah into]

Leah  -- [laying on the floor]

Brian  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- its to hot, and my leg hurts

Brian  -- [gives her his cell phone]

Leah  -- whats this for?

Brian  -- call Nick, tell him wich room you are in, and he’ll get you out

Leah  -- but -----

Brian  -- just remember you promise me sex if you got out of here [kisses her, then leaves]

Leah  -- [calls Nick]

Nick  -- [answers] hello?

Leah  -- Nicky?

Nick  -- Leah where are you?

Leah  -- upstairs, the left side of the house

Nick  -- [hangs up, goes to where she said, looks threw some of the rooms, until he finds Leah]

Leah  -- [still on the floor, coughing]

Nick  -- [kneels by her] are you okay?

Leah  -- [nods, weak from the heat]

Nick  -- [picks her up]

Leah  -- how will everyone else get out?

Nick  -- they will find a way, but who cares, they all deserve to die anyways

Leah  -- [wraps her legs around his waist]

Nick  -- [carries her downstairs]

Leah  -- [looking over Nick’s shoulder, sees Brian]

Brian  -- [walks away, goes over to Lucas and Aiden] he’s got her

Lucas  -- good, i don’t care about this stupid game anymore, i just want to get out of here befor the whole place collapses

Aiden  -- you could have left

Lucas  -- well i didn’t want Josh to get mad at me

Aiden  -- yeah he’s going crazy

Brian  -- [walks out of the house with Aiden and Lucas] get the oxygen masks

Aiden  -- [goes to get them]

Brian  -- [goes over to Leah and Nick]

Nick  -- what do you want?

Brian  -- Nick this was all Josh’s idea, Lucas Aiden and I don’t want Leah dead

Nick  -- then why were you going to kill her?

Brian  -- i don’t kno

Aiden  -- [brings over some oxygen masks]

Nick  -- [takes one, puts it on Leah]

Leah  -- [takes it off, breathing uneven because of the smoke]

Nick  -- Leah!

Leah  -- i --- don’t need ---- it

Brian  -- just use it Leah

Nick  -- [puts the mask on her again]

Leah  -- [takes it off]

Nick  -- Leah! Stop!

Leah  -- [breathing a bit more normal now] i’m fine Nick

Josh  -- [comes over]

Nick  -- go away!

Josh  -- why?

Nick  -- because you were going to kill her!

Josh  -- so? You were going to kill her befor too!

Nick  -- i was not!

Josh  -- yeah you were! [walks away]

Lucas  -- [comes over] Nick  -----

Nick  -- don’t talk to me! [picks Leah up, puts her in his car] just stay away from me, and Leah!

Lucas  -- Nick your over reacting! It was just a game

Nick  -- it was not JUST a game

Brian  -- [goes over to Leah, whispers in her ear] i’ll see you soon baby [kisses her head]

Leah  -- [bites her bottom lip] kay

Nick  -- [still arguing with Lucas] if it  was just a game you wouldn’t be trying to kill someone

Lucas  -- Nick you did stuff like this all the time, so stop being such a hypocrite!

Nick  -- [gets in his car, drives home]

Brian  -- [starts to leave]

Lucas  -- is there something going on with you and Leah?

Brian  -- what?

Lucas  -- i kno you found her when we were in the house, why didn’t you kill her?

Brian  -- because i knew that Nick would kill me, if i killed her

Lucas  -- yeah, he’s just as crazy as Josh

Brian  -- i don’t think he’s good for Leah

Lucas  -- and who is? You?

Brian  -- what?

Lucas  -- is there something going on between you and Leah?!

Brian  -- yeah.... i think

Lucas  -- Nick won’t like that

Brian  -- [smirks] i kno

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Chapter 53

Lucas  -- is there something going on between you and Leah?

Brian  -- yeah... i think

Lucas  -- Nick won’t like that

Brian  -- [smirks] i kno

Lucas  -- your seriously just asking him to kill you

Brian  -- i am not

Lucas  -- yeah you are

Brian  -- i’m not just doing this to hurt Nick

Lucas  -- then why are you doing it?

Brian  -- i want to hurt Leah too


Leah  -- [falling asleep, in Nick’s car]

Nick  -- i’m going to kill those idiots!

Leah  -- no your not

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- they’re your friends, you won’t kill them

Nick  -- they aren’t my friends

Leah  -- yeah they are Nick

Nick  -- well they shouldn’t be

Leah  -- just shut up Nick! I’m tired!

Nick  -- do you want me to take you to my house?

Leah  -- no, i just want to go home

Nick  -- okay, well do you want me to stay?

Leah  -- no, its okay you don’t have to

Nick  --  i want to

Leah  -- well i don’t want you to!

Nick  -- fine [drives to Leah’s house]

Leah  -- [gets out of the car]

Nick  -- i’ll see you at school tmrw

Leah  -- yeah whatever [goes into the house]

Nick  -- [drives home, parks the car, and goes into the house]

Kevin  -- where were you? You smell like smoke

Nick  -- i wasn’t smoking if thats what you think

Kevin  -- then what were you doing

Nick  -- Josh decided it would be fun, to set that mansion out of town on fire with Leah inside

Kevin  -- they have a thing for fire don’t they?

Nick  -- yeah i guess

Joe  -- [comes down] wheres Leah?

Nick  -- at home

Joe  -- and she’s okay?

Nick  -- yeah, well kinda

Joe  -- kinda?

Nick  -- i think she’s mad at me

Kevin  -- why?

Nick  -- she was just acting like she was mad

Kevin  -- maybe because you keep getting her into trouble

Nick  -- i do not!

Joe  -- yeah you kind of do, because of you,  Josh, Aiden, Brian, Lucas and Tony have all tried to kill her

Nick  -- it wasn’t my fault!

Joe  -- yeah it was

Nick  -- well i didn’t mean to

Kevin  -- well you did

Nick  -- but i also saved her life a lot of times

Joe  -- you wouldn’t have to save her, if you didn’t get her into trouble in the first place

Nick  -- maybe i should go talk to her [starts to leave]

Kevin  -- or maybe you should wait until morning

Joe  -- plus Haylee’s upstairs for you

Nick  -- [goes upstairs]

Haylee  -- [sitting on his bed] hi Nicky

Nick  -- what are you doing here?

Haylee  -- i came to see you [pulls him on the bed, kisses him]

Nick  -- [pulls away] Haylee i’m with Leah

Haylee  -- no you aren’t! you said you broke up with her!

Nick  -- yeah but then i realized that was stupid

Haylee  -- no it wasn’t [kisses him again]

Nick  -- [deepens it, then pulls away] Haylee stop!

Haylee  -- why?

Nick  -- because i’m not cheating on Leah

Haylee  -- are you guys really back together?

Nick  -- yeah...i think


Leah  -- [walks into the school, starts going over to Nick]

Rachel  -- [goes over to her] someone told me to give this to you [hands her a note]

Leah  -- [reads it, then goes to the back of the school] what are you doing here?

Brian  -- i came to see you

Leah  -- don’t you have school?

Brian  -- yeah, i’ll go later [puts his hands on her waist]

Leah  -- [wraps her arms around his neck, kisses him]


Nick  -- [at his locker]

Tony  -- [comes over with Josh] wheres Leah?

Nick  -- [glares at Josh] why would i tell you that?!

Tony  -- am i missing something?

Josh  -- no, Nick just doesn’t like to play our games anymore

Tony  -- Nick you said you weren’t going to change!

Nick  -- i’m not, the reason i didn’t like his stupid game is because it involved Leah!

Tony  -- Josh what is wrong with you!

Josh  -- nothing, Leah’s fine so i don’t kno why its such a big deal

Nick  -- because you were going to kill her!

Tony  -- well he didn’t, so just drop it!

Rachel  -- [walks by]

Nick  -- [grabs her wrist]

Rachel  -- what do you want?!

Nick  -- do you kno if Leah’s here

Rachel  -- she is

Nick  -- where is she?

Rachel  -- i donno, she was by her locker and then she left [walks away]

Josh  -- i think she’s avoiding you Nick

Nick  -- no, she’s probably avoiding you!

Tony  -- or maybe she’s avoiding both of you

Nick  -- [glares at him]

Tony  -- i’m just saying

Nick  -- well don’t!

Haylee  -- [comes over]  hi Josh [kisses him]

Nick  -- [pulls her away from Josh] what are you doing?!

Haylee  -- are you blind?

Nick  -- i meant, why are you kissing Josh

Haylee  -- because you got mad at me when i kissed you

Tony  -- you did?

Nick  -- no i didn’t

Haylee  -- yeah you did

Nick  -- thats just because i have a girlfriend

Haylee  -- so what?

Josh  -- so he’s not going to cheat

Tony  -- i don’t kno why you needed a girlfriend anyways

Nick  -- i don’t need a girlfriend

Haylee  -- then why do you have one!

Nick  -- because i love Leah, and she loves me

Josh  -- Joe said you thot Leah was mad at you

Nick  -- i’m sure she was just tired

Tony  -- how come i wasn’t invited yesterday

Josh  -- because we knew you wouldn’t do it

Haylee  -- i need to get to class, i’ll see you guys later [walks away]


Leah  -- [laying on the grass outside the school]

Brian  -- [on top of her, making out with her]

Leah  -- [wraps her legs around his waist, and her arms around his neck, still kissing him]

Haylee  -- [walks out of the school and sees them] oh my god

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Chapter 54

Leah  -- [laying on the grass outside the school]

Brian  -- [on top of her, making out with her]

Leah  -- [wraps her legs around his waist, and her arms around his neck, still kissing him]

Haylee  -- [walks out of the school and sees them] oh my god

Leah  -- [doesn’t notice her, keeps kissing Brian]

Brian  -- [takes her shirt off, kisses her neck]

Haylee  -- [takes a picture with her phone]

Leah  -- [kisses Brian again]

Haylee  -- [takes another picture, goes back into the school]

Nick  -- i thot you were going to class

Haylee  -- i was, but theres um something you should kno about Leah

Nick  -- what?

Haylee  -- [hands him her phone]

Nick  -- [looks at the pictures] when did you take these?!

Haylee  -- just now

Nick  -- [walks away from her]

Haylee  -- Nick?


Leah  -- [pushes Brian off her]

Brian  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- i just need to get to class

Brian  -- you can go later [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- [kicks him away, puts her shirt back on] no i can’t!

Brian  -- but -----

Leah  -- i’ll see you later [kisses him, goes to class]

Nick  -- [sitting at the back]

Leah  -- [sits next to him] hi

Nick  -- [looks away from her]

Leah  -- whats wrong?

Nick  -- don’t talk to me!

Leah  -- Nick -----

Nick  -- shut up Leah! Just leave me alone!

Leah  -- but -----

Nick  -- [slaps her] i said shut up!

Leah  -- [scared, stays quiet]

Nick  -- what are you still doing here?

Leah  -- [runs out of the classroom, crying]

Nick  -- [looks at his desk]

Haylee  -- [sits next to Nick] you okay?

Nick  -- i’m fine!

Haylee  -- i’m sorry about Leah

Nick  -- no you aren’t

Haylee  -- yeah well it seemed like a good thing to stay

Nick  -- it wasn’t! just don’t talk to me about Leah!

Haylee  -- but what if i need to -----

Nick  -- no!

Haylee  -- fine, so how do you feel about Lola?

Nick  -- Lola?

Haylee  -- you said i couldn’t talk to you about Leah, so now i’m calling her Lola

Nick  -- well Lola is dead to me

Haylee  -- that bad?

Nick  -- yeah

Haylee  -- Nick she was just -----

Nick  -- don’t defend her Hayles! I kno you don’t like her, and now i don’t either

Haylee  -- i thot you loved her

Nick  -- not anymore, i hate her now

Haylee  -- i think your over reacting!

Nick  -- no i’m not!


Leah  -- [crying, slides down the wall in the hallway]

Josh  -- [goes over to her] whats wrong?

Leah  -- go away!

Josh  -- [sits next to her] what happened?

Leah  -- i’m not telling you, because you don’t care

Josh  -- well if its something with Nick i do, because if something happened then Nick’s going to ask weird

Leah  -- i don’t kno what happened, Nick  just hates me

Josh  -- why


Josh  -- well what were you doing?

Leah  -- why do you care

Josh  -- just tell me Leah!

Leah  -- well i came to school, and then i met Brian at the back of the school

Josh  -- Brian?

Leah  -- yeah, and thats about it

Josh  -- no its not

Leah  -- what?

Josh  -- what did you do with Brian?

Leah  -- [blushes]

Josh  -- [rolls his eyes]

Leah  -- we only kissed

Josh  -- then why are you blushing?

Leah  -- i’m not!

Josh  -- i thot you were with Nick

Leah  -- no, he broke up with me, and we never got back together

Josh  -- are you sure about that?

Leah  -- i’m pretty sure

Josh  -- okay then i don’t kno whats going on

Leah  -- can you ask him?

Josh  -- what?

Leah  -- please Josh

Josh  -- why can’t you ask him?

Leah  -- because he’ll hurt me

Josh  -- ask him yourself Leah! [walks away]

Leah  -- thanks for nothing!

Josh  -- your welcome! [goes to class]


Nick  -- [in his room, pushes Haylee on the bed]

Haylee  -- Nick-----

Nick  -- [kisses her, gets on top of her]

Haylee  -- [tries to push him off] Nick stop!

Nick  -- [kisses her neck, takes her shirt off]

Haylee  -- NICK STOP!!! I MEAN IT!!!!

Nick  -- what are you going to do Hayles? Scream my name? [kisses her] in case you forgot, i love that

Haylee  -- Nick please stop, i don’t want to have sex right now

Nick  -- well i do!

Joe  -- [knocks on the door]

Nick  -- what!

Joe  -- someones here to see you

Nick  -- who is it?

Joe  -- Leah

Nick  -- tell her i’m not here

Joe  -- i already told her i would get you to come down

Nick  -- fine i’ll be down in a minute

Haylee  -- so i can go?

Nick  -- no, i’m saving you for later [takes out some handcuffs, and handcuffs her to the bed]

Haylee  -- but Nick  -----

Nick  -- [kisses her] i’ll be back in a minute [goes downstairs] what do you want?

Leah  -- can we talk?

Nick  -- fine talk

Leah  -- what did i do?

Nick  -- you cheated on me!

Leah  -- no i didn’t!

Nick  -- i saw the pictures Leah!

Leah  -- what pictures? What are you talking about? We aren’t even together!

Nick  -- i kno, because i broke up with you

Leah  --  yeah like a couple days ago

Nick  -- no today!

Leah  -- how could you break up with me today? We weren’t together!

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- befor the whole mansion fire thing, i thot we got back together

Leah  -- well i thot we were talking about getting back together, i didn’t kno we were actually getting back together

Nick  -- so you didn’t kno you were cheating?

Leah  -- no, and i didn’t cheat! We weren’t together

Nick  -- yes we were!

Leah  -- NO WE WEREN’T!!!

Nick  -- fine, so if you didn’t mean to cheat, does that mean we can get back together now? For real this time

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- why not?

Leah  -- because i’m with Brian

Nick  -- with Bri ----- oh come on Leah! He’s just using you! Once he gets what he wants he’ll leave you, and you’ll be left crying wondering what you did wrong

Leah  -- thats not true, he loves me!

Nick  -- no i love you! He’s just using you!

Leah  -- i don’t believe you! Brian wouldn’t do that!

Nick  -- i’ve known him a lot longer, and yeah he would do that!

Leah  -- why can’t you just let me be happy!

Nick  -- because i kno how this is going to end!

Leah  -- [walks out]

Nick  -- Leah!

Joe  -- [comes in] so how did it go?

Nick  -- well we made up, and now think we’re fighting again

Joe  -- it went well?

Nick  -- [glares at him] just leave me alone!

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Chapter 55

Nick  -- well we made up, and now think we’re fighting again

Joe  -- it went well?

Nick  -- [glares at him] just leave me alone!

Joe  -- why?

Nick  -- because Leah hates me, and i need to talk to someone

Joe  -- oh well i could -----

Nick  -- wheres Kevin?

Joe  -- what?

Nick  -- where is Kevin?!

Joe  -- i thot you meant you wanted to talk to me

Nick  -- why would anyone want to talk to you? I think they use that as some form of torture in other countries

Joe  -- ha ha very funny!

Nick  -- is Kevin here Joe?

Joe  -- no he’s out....again, he claims he’s [uses air quotes] “on a business trip”

Nick  -- when does he get back?

Joe  -- probably a week

Nick  -- a week! But i need to talk to him now!

Joe  -- well you could always ------

Nick  -- oh shit i forgot about Haylee, i’ll talk to you later Joe [runs upstairs]

Haylee  -- [trying to get out of the handcuffs]

Nick  --[gets on the bed, takes the handcuffs off of Haylee]

Haylee  -- [rubs her wrists because they hurt from the handcuffs] i can’t believe you did that

Nick  -- what?

Haylee  -- you’ve never handcuffed me befor! I’m not one of your victims Nick!

Nick  -- i’ve handcuffed you befor!

Haylee  -- not really! You would only do that when i was pretending to be one of your victims, because you asked me to!

Nick  -- yeah well just so you kno, no one that i rape and then kill afterwards screams harder Nicky while we’re having sex

Haylee  -- [crosses her arms, glares at him]

Nick  -- its true

Haylee  -- i can’t believe you were going to rape me!

Nick  -- i was not!

Haylee  -- you wouldn’t stop when i said stop!

Nick  -- stop over reacting

Haylee  -- but ----

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Haylee  -- [pushes him away]

Nick  -- what?

Haylee  -- i told you you were going to rape me

Nick  -- no i'm not [kisses her again]

Haylee  -- [deepens its, then pulls away] what happened with Leah?

Nick  -- she didn’t kno we were together

Haylee  -- well thats stupid

Nick  -- no its not, it was really late at night, and i’m not even sure if we actually said we were back together

Haylee  -- oh...okay so are you guys back together?

Nick  -- no [kisses her neck]

Haylee  -- but i thot you loved her

Nick  -- she wants to be with Brian

Haylee  -- is she crazy?!

Nick  -- i guess

Haylee  -- Nick you have to stop her! She’s going to get hurt!

Nick  -- why do you care?

Haylee  -- well now that you guys aren’t together i can like her again

Nick  -- that makes no sense

Haylee  -- Nick you have to get her away from Brian!

Nick  -- why should i? Its her life she can do what she wants

Haylee  -- Nick you can’t just -----

Nick  -- i don’t have to do anything! She doesn’t want my help, so i’m not going to help

Haylee  -- Nick ------

Nick  -- Haylee i’m not going to do anything! We’re just going to be friends

Haylee  -- well friends help each other, and your not helping Leah by letting her see Brian

Nick  -- i’m not going to talk about this anymore

Haylee  -- fine

Nick  -- so just give me sex, and then you can go [kisses her]

Haylee  -- [pushes him away] i don’t want to

Nick  -- Haylee your supposed to be my slut!

Haylee  -- that was befor you got together with Leah

Nick  -- well we broke up, so now you have to be my slut again!

Haylee  -- i don’t have to

Nick  -- yeah you do [kisses her]

Haylee  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [deepens it more]

Joe  -- [comes in]

Haylee  -- [pushes Nick off her]

Nick  -- what? [sees Joe] what do you want Joe?!

Joe  -- is it true your letting Leah be with Brian?

Nick  -- yeah

Joe  -- Nick your going to get her killed!

Nick  -- he won’t kill her!

Joe  -- he might

Nick  -- no he won’t


Leah  -- [sitting on the swings at the park]

Nick  -- [goes over to her] hi

Leah  -- what do you want

Nick  -- i’m sorry Leah

Leah  -- for what Nicholas?

Nick  -- don't call my Nicholas! and you kno what for! I was just trying to protect you, and i won’t anymore

Leah  -- but -----

Nick  -- you can be with Brian if you want, i don’t care

Leah  -- you don’t?

Nick  -- [lying] no

Leah  -- kay, so we’re still friends right

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- good

Nick  -- do you want to go get ice cream?

Leah  -- [smiles] kay  [gets off the swings]

Nick  -- [takes her hand, walks to the ice cream place] what kind do you want?

Leah  -- um chocolate [sits down at a table]

Nick  -- [orders the ice cream, then sits at her table]

Leah  -- are you sure your not mad?

Nick  -- i’m not mad Leah!.....mad about what?

Leah  -- about me kissing Brian, i swear i didn’t kno we were together Nick

Nick  -- it was just a misunderstanding, so i’m not mad

Leah  -- but you were

Nick  -- yeah well i already took it out on the wall in my room

Leah  -- you hit the wall!

Nick  -- it was better then a person!

Brian  -- [comes over with Aiden, they sit at Nick and Leah’s table] hi baby [kisses Leah]

Nick  -- [jealous]

Aiden  -- just ignore him

Nick  -- what?

Aiden  -- nevermind

Leah  -- [tries to pulls away from Brian]

Brian  -- [deepens the kiss, not letting her pull away]

Nick   -- [pulls Brian away from Leah] leave her alone!

Brian  -- she’s my girlfriend Nick i can do what i want!

Nick  -- [walks out]

Aiden  -- [follows him] where are you going?

Nick  -- i can’t just watch him make out with her!

Aiden  -- yeah well they’re together....kinda

Nick  -- can you tell Brian to get out here?

Aiden  -- sure [goes back into the ice cream place]

Brian  -- [comes out] what do you want?

Nick  -- [punches him hard]

Brian  -- what the hell!

Nick  -- you better not hurt her!

Brian  -- you can’t tell me what to do!

Nick  -- you kno how i feel about her! Your just doing this to drive me crazy!

Brian  -- yeah...and its working

Nick  -- [punches him again] if i find out you hurt her, i’ll kill you Brian!

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Chapter 56

Brian  -- you can’t tell me what to do!

Nick  -- you kno how i feel about her! Your just doing this to drive me crazy!

Brian  -- yeah...and its working

Nick  -- [punches him again] if i find out you hurt her, i’ll kill you Brian!

Brian  -- whatever

Nick  -- BRIAN!!!

Brian  --  you don’t scare me Nick, your not even one of us anymore

Nick  -- what?

Brian  -- you changed

Nick  -- no i didn’t!

Brian  -- everyone knows Nick! Don’t you wonder why no ones scared to talk to you anymore

Nick  -- well i’m changing back!

Brian  -- you can’t change back, once you turn good, you can’t turn bad again

Nick  -- [goes home, slams the door on his way in]

Joe  -- whats with you

Nick  -- I HATE BRIAN!!!

Joe  -- Nick calm down


Joe  -- well you can stop yelling!

Nick  -- [sits on the couch] he’s just doing this to hurt me

Joe  -- and its obviously working

Nick  -- shut up Joe!

Joe  -- just tell Leah about him

Nick  -- i tried!

Joe  -- then forget about Leah, she left remember? Left with out saying bye, so just forget about her

Nick  -- you kno i can’t do that

Joe  -- you did befor

Nick  -- i just need to hurt someone

Joe  -- what?

Nick  -- i’ll see you later [goes up to his room, grabs his gun and knife, walks back down]

Joe  -- did you notice how you said you wanted to talk to Kevin, and i said what about me, and you said that talking to me was torture. But just now you talked to me! And not Kevin

Nick  -- yeah i was right about the it being torture part [leaves]

Joe  -- IT IS NOT!!!......PEOPLE LOVE TALKING TO ME..... who am i talking to? [goes into the kitchen to bake a cake]


Joe  -- [sitting on the couch, calls Leah]

Leah  -- [answers] hello?

Joe  -- hi Leah, can you come over?

Leah  -- um [looks at Brian who is kissing her neck] nows not really a good time

Joe  -- please

Leah  -- fine i’ll be there soon [hangs up, pushes Brian off, then goes to Joe’s house]

Joe  -- [opens the door, pulls her in] finally

Leah  -- whats the rush?

Joe  -- i’m bored to life

Leah  -- what?

Joe  -- you kno how people say bored to death?

Leah  -- yeah

Joe  -- well they aren’t really dead, so now i’m going say bored to life

Leah  -- right.....okay

Joe  -- so do you want to watch a movie?

Leah  -- sure [sits on the couch]

Joe  -- [puts a movie on, sits next to her]

Kevin  -- [comes in] what are you doing?

Joe  -- uh watching a movie

Kevin  -- with Leah

Joe  -- yeah

Kevin  -- what about Nick?

Joe  -- he left

Leah  -- where did he go?

Joe  -- no idea....Kevin  i thot you got back next week

Kevin  -- well i finished early

Leah  -- where were you

Kevin  -- working

Leah  -- working....

Joe  -- he’s got a mystery job

Kevin  -- shut up Joe

Joe  -- guess what?

Kevin  -- i already kno that Nick bought you an xbox, you sent me about 10 texts telling me

Joe  -- thats not what i was going to say....but its awesome!

Leah  -- you can’t even work a microwave, how can you play an xbox

Joe  -- that microwave was defective!

Leah  -- [laughs] sure it was

Joe  -- anyways today Nick talked to me

Leah  -- wow...thats amazing!

Joe  -- shut up Leah

Leah  -- i mean talking to his own brother who would have th----

Joe  -- [covers her mouth]

Kevin  -- what did he talk to you about?

Joe  -- i don’t remember

Kevin  -- and why is this so important

Joe  -- because he talked to me! And not you!

Kevin  -- [sarcastic] wow i’m so upset

Joe  -- i thot you might be, so i made you a cake

Kevin  -- you made it?

Joe  -- yeah

Leah  -- [moves Joe's hand off her mouth] by yourself?

Joe  -- yup

Kevin  -- you kno i’m sure that its so good, that we should save it for the next time i’m upset

Joe  -- you said that last time and then it went bad

Leah  -- [quietly] or started out bad

Joe  -- what was that?

Leah  -- nothing


Nick  -- [walking down the street, calls Tony]

Tony  --[ answers] hi Nick

Nick  -- meet me at our usually place in the forest in an hour

Tony  -- what?

Nick  -- just do it!

Tony  -- Nick your not going to kill someone are you?

Nick  -- yeah i am, remember you used to love doing this

Tony  -- yeah used to

Nick  -- fine i’ll do it with out you

Tony  -- don’t kill her Nick!

Nick  -- you don’t even kno who it is!

Tony  -- still

Nick  -- shut up Tony!! And make sure everyone knows that the bad Nick Jonas is back and here to stay! [hangs up]

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Chapter 57

Tony  -- don’t kill her Nick!

Nick  -- you don’t even kno who it is!

Tony  -- still

Nick  -- shut up Tony!! And make sure everyone knows that the bad Nick Jonas is back and here to stay! [hangs up]

Tony  -- [looks at Josh] did you say something to him?

Josh  -- what?

Tony  -- he says he’s going back to his bad boy life

Josh  -- its about time, things were getting a little dull around here

Tony  -- i wonder what changed his mind

Josh  -- its probably because Leah is with Brian now

Tony  -- what!

Josh  -- they’ve been together since the fire

Tony  -- why doesn’t anyone tell me anything anymore?

Josh  -- because you’ve been acting really weird

Tony  -- have not!

Josh  -- have so! Your going soft just like Nick

Tony  -- no i’m not, i just don’t want to get blamed for the murder and sent to jail

Josh  -- don’t worry about that, you and Nick have gotten away with it hundreds of times

Tony  -- it hasn’t been hundreds, maybe like 30

Josh  -- well thats enough

Tony  -- i guess you right, i’m just not in the mood lately

Josh  -- why not?

Tony  -- donno

Josh  -- its cuz your going soft

Tony  -- no i’m not!

Josh  -- okay, then its because your spending all your time at the hospital

Tony  -- what?

Josh  -- with Haylee

Tony  -- i don’t kno what your talking about

Josh  -- right of course not


Leah  -- [keeps looking at the door]

Joe  -- what are you doing?

Leah  -- when do you think Nick is getting back?

Kevin  -- who knows, but he might not come back till tmrw

Leah  -- you let him stay out all night!

Kevin  -- he can do whatever he wants

Joe  -- wich isn’t really a good thing

Leah  -- yeah not really!

Joe  -- calm down Leah, he’s fine

Leah  -- how do you kno

Kevin  -- because Nick doesn’t get hurt

Joe  -- he’s the one that hurts other people

Leah  -- no, he changed [her phone rings, answers it] hello?......oh hi [smiles]......i love you too [walks into a different room]

Kevin  -- who’s she talking to

Joe  -- Brian

Kevin  -- but Brian wouldn’t love her

Joe  -- i kno

Kevin  -- hasn’t Nick ----

Joe  -- he tried, but Leah’s really stubborn

Kevin  -- yeah she is

Joe  -- and now Nick is upset and is taking it out on some poor innocent girl, who won’t get to see tmrw


Nick  -- [finishes taking her clothes off]

Emily  -- Nick please stop!

Nick  -- just shut up Emily [takes his shirt off, kisses her]

Emily  -- [turns her head] i thot you were with that Leah girl!

Nick  -- not anymore [takes his pants off]

Emily  -- well i’ll tell her that you raped me!

Nick  -- you won’t get the chance [takes his boxers off, goes into her fast]

Emily  -- [screams in pain]

Nick  -- [keeps going into her harder and faster]

Emily  -- [screaming, starts moaning]

Nick  -- [smirks, goes in her harder, pushing deeper]

Emily  -- OW NICK STOP!!!

Nick  -- scream my name and i’ll stop [goes into her fast]

Emily  -- NICK!!!!

Nick  -- full name [thrusts into her as hard and fast as he can]

Emily  --[moaning]  NICHOLAS JERRY JONAS!!!!

Nick  -- [keeps thrusting in and out of her as hard as he can]

Emily  -- [crying] you said you would stop!

Nick  -- yeah well i lied

Emily  -- Nick please stop!

Nick  -- no [pushes into her deeper and harder]

Emily  -- [screams in pain]


Nick  -- [pulls out] that was good babe

Emily  -- [glares at him] no it wasn’t!

Nick  -- [kisses her] sure it was

Emily  -- i can’t move

Nick  -- good it will make this easier

Emily  -- make what easier?

Nick  -- [takes out his knife] now for the real fun

Emily  -- no Nick please don’t

Nick  -- why not?

Emily  -- please Nick i’ll do anything

Nick  -- i don’t need anything from you!

Emily  -- [crying] Nick please!

Nick  -- [puts the knife to her throat] please what?

Emily  -- please don’t hurt me

Nick  -- [puts his lips to her neck] don’t you kno who i am baby?

Emily  -- Nick Jonas?

Nick  -- and don’t you kno about my rep?

Emily  -- [nods slowly, to scared to move] but everyone said you changed

Nick  -- well i -----[his phone rings]

Emily  -- you should get that

Nick  -- [gets off the bed, grabs his phone, answers it] hello?

Haylee  -- Nick?

Nick  -- what do you want! I’m busy!

Haylee  -- i need you to get down here!

Nick  -- why what happened

Haylee  -- just ----[the lines goes dead]

Nick  -- [puts his phone away, turns to Emily]

Emily  -- [really scared]

Nick  -- you kno what, i’ve decided to keep you alive

Emily  -- really?

Nick  -- yeah [takes his knife again]

Emily  -- you said you were going to keep me alive

Nick  -- i am [drags the knife across her stomach]

Emily  -- [winces in pain]

Nick  -- but only so you can go tell everyone at school how i’m back [makes cuts all over her body]

Emily  -- [crying] please stop

Nick  -- so are you going to tell everyone?

Emily  -- [nods]

Nick  -- good, and i would tell any virgins you kno to try and stay away from me, but i’ll get to them one way or another [puts his clothes on, his phone rings again, answers it] Haylee?

Haylee  -- sorry, the phone got messed up, but you need to come down here right now

Nick  -- wheres here?

Haylee  -- the hospital

Nick  -- why what happened?

Haylee  -- i’m not sure, but i was working and i saw Doctors taking Leah into a room

Nick  -- is she okay?

Haylee   -- i don’t kno

Nick  -- i’ll be there soon [hangs up]

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Chapter 58

Nick  -- why what happened?

Haylee  -- i’m not sure, but i was working and i saw Doctors taking Leah into a room

Nick  -- is she okay?

Haylee   -- i don’t kno

Nick  -- i’ll be there soon [hangs up]

Emily  -- what happened?

Nick  -- nothing [goes to the hospital] where is she?

Haylee  -- in one of the room, but you can’t see her yet

Nick  -- why not?

Haylee  -- because the doctors are still in there

Joe  -- [walks over to Nick] what took to long?

Nick  -- what happened!

Joe  -- donno, she was just having trouble breathing

Nick  -- what?

Kevin  -- it was no big deal Nick, we got her here really fast

Nick  -- good

Kevin  -- so where were you?

Nick  -- Emily’s

Joe  -- but she was so nice!

Nick  -- i didn’t kill her Joe!

Joe  -- you didn’t?

Haylee  -- don’t sound so surprised, Nick’s changed

Nick  -- well i’m changing back

Haylee  -- why?

Nick  -- because if i don’t Brian will hurt Leah

Kevin  -- that makes no sense

Nick  -- yeah it does, Brian doesn’t think he has to listen to me, because he thinks i won’t do anything to him

Kevin  -- because you stopped being a bad boy?

Nick  -- exactly, so if i change back then he’ll do what i say

Joe  -- smart, but are you just pretending?

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- are you actually changing back or are you just pretending

Nick  -- i’m actually changing

Haylee  -- Leah won’t like that

Nick  -- well she’ll just have to deal with it! I don’t like her with Brian but does she care? No

Joe  -- actually she kinda does

Nick  -- what?

Kevin  -- she was upset thinking that you hated her because she was with Brian

Nick  -- i told her i wasn’t mad

Joe  -- so thats why she was upset

Nick  -- what?

Kevin  -- Nick its so obvious when your lying

Nick  -- no its not

Haylee  -- yeah it is

Joe  -- say you like Brian, because he’s a good friend

Nick  -- but i hate Brian! And he’s a horrible friend

Joe  -- just say it

Nick  -- i like Brian, because he’s a good friend

Joe  -- SEE!

Nick  -- see what?

Joe  -- its the thing with the eyes

Kevin  -- yeah it gives you away every time Nick

Nick  -- i don’t kno what your talking about

Haylee  -- only people who know you well will notice tho, i mean Tony and Josh and the bayview boys don’t notice

Joe  -- well Leah noticed

Nick  -- i don’t do something with my eyes when i lie!

Joe  -- how would you kno? You can’t see your eyes!

Nick  -- well i just kno!

Joe  -- how would you -----

Nick  -- SHUT UP JOE!!!

Nurse  -- [walks over] no yelling in the waiting room please [walks away]

Haylee  -- you guys are going to get me fired!

Nick  -- then just go!

Haylee  -- fine, i’ll see if i can find out anything

Nick  -- they’ll just tell us

Haylee  -- i’m sorry are you all of a sudden family?

Nick  -- what?

Kevin  -- they only release information to family

Nick  -- but they always tell me

Joe  -- thats cuz you lie and say your family

Nick  -- well i’ll just lie again

Joe  -- but you do the ----

Nick  -- i don’t do the eye thing Joe!

Joe  -- yeah you do

Nick  -- just shut up and leave me alone [sits down]

Haylee  -- i’ll see what i can find out [walks away]

Joe  -- its handy having her work here

Kevin  -- yeah i kno, but i never thot she would want to be a doctor

Nick  -- its weird

Kevin  -- yeah kinda

Brian  -- [comes in]

Nick  -- [glares at him] whats HE doing here?

Joe  -- well he is Leah’s boyfriend

Nick  -- didn’t i tell you to shut up?!

Joe  -- you can’t tell me what to do!

Nick  -- sure i can

Brian  -- [sees Nick, smirks, walks over] hi Nick

Nick  -- get out of here Brian

Brian  -- why? Scared i’ll steal your girlfriend? ....oh yeah thats right i already did!


Joe  -- Nick stop yelling, your going to get kicked out

Nick  -- i don’t care

Kevin  -- you should care, if you get kicked out you won’t get to see Leah

Brian  -- he won’t get to anyways, she won’t want to see him, after seeing me

Joe  -- Brian shut up! Your just going to get yourself hurt

Brian  -- yeah right, Nick can’t hurt anyone anymore

Nick  -- [starts to get up]

Kevin  -- [pushes him back in his seat] i think you should go Brian

Brian  -- not till i see MY girlfriend

Nick  -- [balling his hands into fists]

Kevin  -- Nick calm down! Leah wouldn’t want you starting a fight

Nick  -- [calms down a bit]

Brian  -- i told you you can’t change back

Nick  -- just because i’m nice to Leah doesn’t mean i won’t beat the shit out of you Brian!

Brian  -- [sarcastic] oh i’m so scared

Nick  -- [starts to get up again]

Kevin  -- [tries to hold him down, but can’t]

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Chapter 59

Nick  -- just because i’m nice to Leah doesn’t mean i won’t beat the shit out of you Brian

Brian  -- [sarcastic] oh i’m so scared

Nick  -- [starts to get up again]

Kevin  -- [tries to hold him down, but can’t]

Joe  -- [gets up fast, holds Nick back befor he punches Brian] Nick we’re in a hospital!

Nick  -- good cuz he’s going to need one! [trying to get away from Joe]

Joe  -- Nick stop it! [pushes him back in the chair]

Doctor  -- [comes over]

Nick  -- is she okay?

Doctor  -- are you family?

Nick  -- just tell me!

Doctor  -- she’s fine for right now, she just needs to rest, so i can only let one visitor in right now

Brian  -- well i’m her boyfriend

Doctor  -- they you can go in, her room its 228

Brian  -- thanks [smirks at Nick, then goes to Leah’s room]

Nick  -- i wanted to go in first!

Kevin  -- Nick this whole jealous thing is really annoying

Nick  -- i’m not jealous!

Joe  -- of course you aren’t

Nick  -- i’m not!

Joe  -- then what are you?

Nick  -- nothing

Kevin  -- he’s doing the eye thing again

Nick  -- no i’m not!


Leah  -- [laying on the bed, looking at the door, hoping Nick will come in]

Brian  -- [comes in] are you okay?

Leah  -- [nods]

Brian  -- what happened?

Leah  -- nothing, i just had an panic attack

Brian  -- [sits in the chair next to her]

Leah  -- is Nick here?

Brian  -- yeah he is

Leah  -- kay

Brian  -- are you sure your okay?

Leah  -- i’m sure, but i want to talk to Nick

Brian  -- what!

Leah  -- please

Brian  -- why not me?

Leah  -- i don’t kno

Brian  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [doesn’t kiss back]

Brian  -- Leah!

Leah  -- i’m sorry Brian, i’m just tired

Brian  -- you want me to get Nick for you?

Leah  -- yes please

Brian  -- [goes back to the waiting room]

Nick  -- how i she?

Brian  -- she’s mad at you

Nick  -- what?

Brian  -- she told me to tell you that she didn’t want to see you [walks out]

Nick  -- what did i do?

Kevin  -- maybe she found out about you changing back

Joe  -- or maybe she’s mad because you didn’t come home

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- Leah was at our house, and she was waiting for you

Nick  -- then why didn’t you call me?

Joe  -- because i didn’t want to

Kevin  -- very nice Joe

Joe  -- its true!


Nick  -- [still sitting in the waiting room] please can i go in?

Joe  -- Brian said that Leah didn’t want to see you

Nick  -- i don’t care [goes to Leah’s room]

Leah  -- [crying, looks at him] what do you want!

Nick  -- why are you mad? What did i do?

Leah  -- you didn’t come in!

Nick  -- Brian told me not to

Leah  -- Liar!

Nick  -- he did!

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- i would have come sooner but Joe and Kevin wouldn’t let me [walks over to her, holds her hand] are you okay?

Leah  --

Nick  -- no?

Leah  -- i want a hug

Nick  -- [laughs, hugs her]

Leah  -- [hugging him back] it was so scary Nick

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- i couldn’t breathe

Nick  -- but your okay now, and thats all that matters

Leah  -- [pulls away from the hug] when can i come home

Nick  -- probably tonight

Leah  -- kay, cuz its boring here

Nick  -- did you think i was mad at you?

Leah  -- kinda

Nick  -- why?

Leah  -- well we went to get ice cream and you just left

Nick  -- sorry, i just couldn’t be around Brian

Leah  -- i understand

Nick  -- i wasn’t mad at you, i was mad at him

Leah  -- you shouldn’t be mad at him, he didn’t do anything

Nick  -- yeah he did

Leah  -- what did he do?

Nick  -- you wouldn’t understand

Leah  -- fine don’t tell me

Nick  -- the guilt thing has never worked on me Leah

Leah  -- yeah i kno...but it was worth a shot


Leah  -- [sitting on her bed, leaning her back against the wall, watching tv]

Nick  -- [laying on the bed next to her]

Leah  -- why are you so tired?

Nick  -- because i couldn’t sleep last night

Leah  -- why not?

Nick  -- i was to worried about you

Leah  -- you could have called

Nick  -- i did

Leah  -- [looks at her phone, sees how many times Nick called] you called 57 times!

Nick  -- theres not much to do at 2 am

Leah  -- well around 2 am i do this crazy thing called sleeping!

Nick  -- yeah well i couldn’t [pulls the blankets over himself]

Leah  -- your so cute Nicky [pinches his cheek]

Nick  -- don’t do that Leah, i’m trying to get my bad boy rep back

Leah  -- why?

Nick  -- because um ---- no reason

Leah  -- so i can’t call you Nicky?

Nick  -- you can when we’re alone

Leah  -- what about around Kevin and Joe?

Nick  -- i guess, buts thats it

Leah  -- kay [plays with his curls]

Nick  -- [falling asleep, smiles a bit]

Leah  -- [hears the doorbell ring] i’ll be right back [starts to get off the bed]

Nick  -- [puts his arms around her to keep her on the bed] its open Leah

Leah  -- yeah but ----

Nick  -- if they really need you they will come in

Leah  -- only you do that Nick [hears someone coming upstairs] well i guess they do too

Nick  -- i guess [almost asleep, cuddles close to Leah, wrapping his arms around her waist]

Leah  -- Nick i have a boyfriend remember?

Nick  -- i kno, but its easier for me to sleep this way

Leah  -- sure it is

Brian  -- [comes in, sees them] whats going on?

Leah  -- Brian i um --- [looks at Nick] nothing

Nick  -- [still falling asleep, smirks a bit]

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Chapter 60

Brian  -- [comes in, sees them] whats going on?

Leah  -- Brian i um --- [looks at Nick] nothing

Nick  -- [still falling asleep, smirks a bit]

Brian  -- get away from her Nick!

Leah  -- he’s not doing anything! He’s just going to sleep!

Brian  -- no he’s not!

Leah  -- Brian stop it!

Nick  -- yeah Brian stop it!

Brian  -- Leah -----

Leah  -- can you go? I don’t really feel like talking to you right now

Brian  -- [glaring at Nick] fine [walks out]

Leah  -- [lays down on the bed]

Nick  -- do you really love Brian?

Leah  -- yeah i do

Nick  -- are you sure?

Leah  -- yes Nick, i’m sure

Nick  -- but -----

Leah  -- Nick i love him

Nick  -- fine

Leah  -- you should move on too

Nick  -- i don’t need a new girlfriend

Leah  -- why not?

Nick  -- because i was never really a girlfriend kind of guy

Leah  -- but what about me?

Nick  -- i made an exception for you, because you were different

Leah  -- different bad?

Nick  -- no, of course not. [yawns]

Leah  -- tonight you need to go to sleep!

Nick  -- i’m not that tired

Leah  -- yeah you are

Nick  -- no i’m not ----[falls asleep]

Leah  -- [kisses his cheek, starts watching tv again]


Leah  -- [laying next to Nick, reading a book]

Nick  -- [wakes up, rubs his eyes] how long was i out?

Leah  -- i donno 4 or 5 hours

Nick  -- you’ve been sitting there for 5 hours?

Leah  -- yeah i wanted to be here when you woke up

Nick  -- what are you reading?

Leah  -- New Moon

Nick  -- those vampire books?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- Haylee was obsessed with those

Leah  -- well they’re good

Nick  -- they’re just books!

Leah  -- shut up Nick

Nick  -- [takes the book from her, puts it on the bedside table]

Leah  -- i wasn’t done with that!

Nick  -- yeah you are you hungry?

Leah  -- a bit

Nick  -- [gets off the bed, goes downstairs to the kitchen]

Leah  -- [follows him]

Nick  -- [opens the fridge] you have no food

Leah  -- i have food!

Nick  -- not human food, you have rabbit food

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- carrots, lettuce, cucumber ----

Leah  -- its called making a salad

Nick  -- gross...lets go to McDonalds

Leah  -- why?

Nick  -- because they have good food

Leah  -- i have good food too!

Nick  -- no you don’t, how do you live of this stuff?

Leah  -- i don’t, i’m usually at Brians house for meals

Nick  -- you’ve been to his house?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- is it nice?

Leah  -- well its not like fancy

Nick  -- right i forgot he lives on Bayview land

Leah  -- whats that supposed to mean?

Nick  -- Bayview High is on the poor part of town

Leah  -- this isn’t really a town Nick, its more like a City

Nick  -- thats what i meant

Leah  -- sure it is

Nick  -- anyways, our City is divided into three parts, us, Bayview and West Point

Leah  -- West Point meaning the private school kids?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- our schools the biggest

Nick  -- yeah i kno, wich is why its good that i’m in charge there, because that basically means i’m in charge everywhere else too

Leah  -- well aren’t we full or ourselves

Nick  -- yes we are

Leah  -- [laughs a bit]

Nick  -- [smiles at her]

Leah  -- [looks away] so um what do you want to do now?

Nick  -- i donno, we could go to school

Leah  -- we already missed to much because you fell asleep

Nick  -- its not my fault i’m tired

Leah  -- actually it is

Nick  -- shut up Leah

Leah   -- so if we aren’t going to school, what do you want to do?

Nick  -- well we could have some fun [wraps his arms around her waist]

Leah  -- Nick i have a boyfriend, remember

Nick  -- fine [lets go of her]


Leah  -- [walks into the school, goes over to Nick Josh and Tony] hi

Josh  -- what do you want?!

Leah  -- [moves closer to Nick]

Tony  -- Josh don’t be so rude

Josh  -- she’s a traitor!

Leah  -- what?

Tony  -- yeah she kinda is

Nick  -- no she’s not!

Leah  -- what are you talking about?!

Josh  -- your dating someone from Bayview land!

Leah  -- so what? You were working with them!

Josh  -- that was a one time thing, so i could get what i want!

Tony  -- we always convince the Bayview kids to help us if we’re to lazy to do something ourselves

Nick  -- yeah its kinda tradition

Josh  -- but she’s with Brian, wich means she can’t be around us

Leah  -- wh---what?

Josh  -- you heard me! You slutty little traitor! Get out of here!

Leah  -- [tears roll down her cheeks, hoping Nick will stand up for her]

Josh  -- i said get out of here!!!

Leah  -- [looks at Nick]

Nick  -- [looks away from her]

Leah  -- [walks away crying]

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Chapter 61

Josh  -- i said get out of here!!!

Leah  -- [looks at Nick]

Nick  -- [looks away from her]

Leah  -- [walks away crying]

Nick  -- i can’t believe you did that!

Tony  -- Nick you -----

Nick  -- she’s not a traitor!

Josh  -- yes she is!

Nick  -- [walks away from them]


Leah  -- [wipes her tears, keeps walking down the school hallway]

???  -- [covers her mouth, pulls her into the janitors closet]

Leah  -- [tries to scream]

???  -- shhh its just me!

Leah  -- [moves his hand] Nick!

Nick  -- i’m so sorry -----

Leah  -- no you aren’t!

Nick  -- yes i am [moves closer to her]

Leah  -- [steps back, and is now against the wall]

Nick  -- [moves closer to her again, puts his hands on the wall behind her]

Leah  -- Nick move!

Nick  -- i just want to talk

Leah  -- then move away from me and we can talk

Nick  -- but i like it like this [presses his body lightly to hers]

Leah  -- Nick -----

Nick  -- [moves so their lips are almost touching] what?

Leah  -- i ----- i um

Nick  -- you um what?

Leah  -- [turns her head away from him]

Nick  -- [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- Nick stop!

Nick  -- [ignores her]

Leah  -- [crying a bit] Nick please stop

Nick  -- [stops kissing her neck]

Leah  -- [looks at him]

Nick  -- [wipes her tears] i don’t like you with Brian

Leah  -- i kno you don’t

Nick  -- [presses his forehead to hers] Leah can’t you just break up with him?

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- why not?

Leah  -- because i  -----

Nick  -- love him?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- no you don’t, i kno you don’t

Leah  -- yes i do

Nick  -- [moves away from her]

Leah  -- Nick ----

Nick  -- [walks out]

Leah  -- [runs after him] Nick i ------

Nick  -- don’t talk to me Leah! Not until you figure out who’s side your on! [goes to class]


Nick  -- [at the park, flipping his knife around]

Haylee  -- your going to hurt yourself!

Nick  -- no i’m not

Haylee  -- [tries to grab the knife] yes you are!

Nick  -- Haylee i do this all the time, and i’ve never gotten hurt

Tony  -- and the only thing that could happen is he gets cut a bit

Josh  -- wich is nothing

Haylee  -- its not nothing!

Nick  -- not nothing?

Haylee  -- [glares at him]

Josh  -- Nick where did you go befor class?

Tony  -- yeah you just left

Nick  -- i needed to talk to someone

Josh  -- would that someone have brown hair, and blue eyes?

Tony  -- and would they be walking over here?

Nick  -- what?

Tony  -- [points behind Nick]

Nick  -- [turns around, sees Leah with Brian, Lucas and Aiden]

Haylee  -- hi Le-----

Josh  -- [covers her mouth] we don’t talk to her!

Nick  -- [holding onto the blade of his knife, tightens his grip when he sees Leah and Brian walking over]

Tony  -- Nick stop!

Nick  -- what? [looks down at his hand, wich is covered in blood]

Haylee  -- i told you you would get hurt [takes the knife from him]

Nick  -- i don’t even feel it Haylee!

Leah  -- [comes over with Aiden/Lucas/Brian] hi Nick

Nick  -- what do you want?!

Leah  -- well i --- [sees his hand] what did you do!

Nick  -- nothing [uses the bottom of his shirt to wipe the blood off his hand]

Tony  -- your giving those stupid police officers reason to arrest you

Josh  -- yeah they’ll think you murdered someone

Haylee  -- yeah murdered his hand

Nick  -- [glaring at Brian]

Brian  -- [glaring back at him, wraps his arms around Leah’s waist, while standing behind her]

Lucas  -- so are you guys going to the bonfire tonight

Tony  -- yeah, why?  Are you going?

Aiden  -- yeah

Haylee  -- why didn’t you guys tell me it was tonight!

Tony  -- i thot we did

Leah  -- whats the bonfire?

Nick  -- its where groups from different schools all meet up, to figure out whats going to happen next year

Aiden  -- we always do it at the end of the school year

Josh   -- yeah so we can figure out who’s land is who’s

Leah  -- can anyone come?

Nick  -- yeah

Brian  -- we aren’t going babe

Leah  -- why not?

Brian  -- because i have other plans for us [smirks at Nick]

Nick  -- [glares at him]

Aiden  -- Brian you can’t do that tonight!

Lucas  -- yeah you said -----

Brian  -- you guys shut up!

Leah  -- i want to go to the bonfire!

Brian  -- fine, what time does it start this year?

Josh  -- late, cuz last year the police nearly caught us

Tony  -- yeah, we’re starting at 2am

Brian  -- okay, that gives us enough time

Leah  -- enough time to what?

Brian  -- nothing baby [kisses her head]

Nick  -- [glaring at him] don’t even think about doing that!

Brian  -- i think about it all the time Nick

Lucas  -- we’re going to have to start early then

Nick  -- we? You can’t ------

Haylee  -- ow!

Nick  -- what?

Haylee  -- [gives him the knife back] that thing is really sharp

Nick  -- i kno

Leah  -- i need to get home

Brian  -- kay [they start to leave with Aiden and Lucas]

Nick  -- Brian!

Brian  -- what? [walks back over to Nick]

Nick  -- you better not hurt her!

Brian  -- can’t make any promises

Nick  -- [looks at the knife]

Josh  -- Nick -----

Nick  -- [throws the knife at Brian, and it hits his arm]

Brian  -- [winces in pain] NICK!!!

Leah  -- [runs back over] what did you do!

Nick  -- just giving him something he deserves!

Brian  -- [takes the knife out of his arm, drops it on the grass, then walks away with Leah]

 Nick  -- i hate that guy!

Tony  -- you better make sure we get the most land again for next year, otherwise he’s going to make your life a living hell

Nick  -- i kno


Leah  -- [walks into the house, and goes up to her room]

Brian  -- [walks in with Lucas and Aiden] you guys wait here

Lucas  -- fine [they sit on the couch]

Brian  -- [goes up to Leah’s room]

Leah  -- [grabs a first aid kit] hows your arm?

Brian  -- i’m fine, it just stings a little [sits on her bed]

Leah  -- [goes over to him, puts the first aid kid on the bed, looks for something to clean the stab mark] your going to need to take off your shirt so i can clean the cut

Brian  -- [smirks] whatever you say [takes his shirt off]

Leah  -- [starts cleaning the cut] does it hurt?

Brian  -- not really

Leah  -- [puts a bandage his arm, then puts the first aid kit away]

Brian  -- [pulls her onto the bed]

Leah  -- Brian wait

Brian  -- [lays her down, gets on top of her] what?

Leah  -- i told you i don’t want to have sex till we’re together for atleast a month

Brian  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [tries to push him off]

Brian  -- [deepens the kiss, takes her shirt off]

Leah  -- STOP!!!

Brian  -- why? Don’t you love me?

Leah  -- yeah but ----

Brian  -- then whats the problem?

Leah  -- i want Nick

Brian  -- well you have me [kisses her]

Leah  -- [crying] Brian please stop!

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Chapter 62

Brian  -- then whats the problem?

Leah  -- i want Nick

Brian  -- well you have me [kisses her]

Leah  -- [crying] Brian please stop!

Brian  -- [takes her pants off]

Leah  -- STOP!!!

Brian  --  [slaps her]

Leah  -- please stop!

Brian  -- [gets off her] wait here, and don’t move!

Leah  -- [nods, scared]

Brian  -- [walks out]

Leah  -- [grabs her phone, calls Nick, but gets his answering machine] Nicky? I’m sorry, you were right, and i should have listened to you. And ----

Brian  -- [comes back in with Aiden and Lucas] what are you doing!

Leah  -- [drops the phone] i  ----- i um

Lucas  -- [gets on top of her, ties her wrists to the bed]

Leah  -- [crying] let me go!

Aiden  -- you have nowhere to go, this is your house! [gets on the bed]

Brian  -- [gets on aswell] so Leah, ever had a threesome?

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Lucas  -- well this is even better [takes her bra off, kisses her]

Aiden  -- yeah, a foursome

Leah  -- please let me go, please!

Brian  -- and what fun would that be? [takes the rest of his clothes off, so he’s in his boxers]

Leah  -- [crying harder] leave me alone!

Aiden  -- [kisses her neck down to her stomach]

Leah  -- [kicks Aiden away]

Lucas  -- [grabs her legs]

Leah  -- STOP IT!!!

Brian  -- [covers her mouth] shut up!

Aiden  -- don’t do that, now we can’t hear her scream

Leah  -- [really scared, bites Brian’s hand]

Brian  -- [slaps her] bitch!

Aiden  -- [takes his clothes off, so he’s in his boxers]

Lucas  -- [does the same]

Brian  -- [kisses Leah]

Leah  -- [doesn’t kiss back, turns her head]

Lucas  -- [pushes Brian out of the way, kisses Leah’s neck]

Brian  -- [kisses up Leah’s leg, then pulls her thong down with his teeth]

Leah  -- [kicks him away]

Aiden  -- [takes his boxers off, puts his dick in Leah’s mouth]

Leah  -- [crying]

Aiden  -- suck it!

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Aiden  -- NOW LEAH!!!

Leah  -- [starts sucking his dick]

Lucas  -- is she on birth control?

Brian  -- i donno, are you baby?

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Lucas  -- [takes his boxers off, puts a condom on, goes into Leah fast]

Leah  -- [moans]

Brian  -- Lucas pull out!

Lucas  -- why? [pulls out]

Brian  -- because i want to go in her!

Lucas  -- fine [goes underneath Leah, goes into her ass]

Leah  -- [screams in pain]

Brian  -- [licks her pussy]

Leah  -- [in to much pain to do anything]


Nick  -- [sitting on his bed]

Joe  -- [comes in with Addi and Courtney] hi Nick

Addi  -- your going tonight right?

Nick  -- yeah i think

Courtney  -- good

Joe  -- i wish i could go, something interesting always happens during the bonfire meeting

Addi  -- why can’t you go?

Nick  -- because he’s done school

Addi  -- so?

Nick  -- so its a meeting concerning the schools, not losers who stay at home all day doing nothing

Joe  -- shut up Nick!

Courtney  -- um Nick?

Nick  -- what?

Courtney  -- your phone is buzzing

Nick  -- [grabs his phone]

Addi  -- someone calling?

Nick  -- no i have a message [listens to the message, throws the phone at the wall]

Joe  -- what?

Nick  -- its Leah

Addi  -- i thot you liked Leah

Nick  -- well she’s being stupid, and saying how i was right

Courtney  -- you don’t like being right?

Nick  -- yeah i do, but not right now

Joe  -- so what happened?

Nick  -- i’m pretty sure that Brian is raping her

Joe  -- then what are you still doing here?!

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- GO HELP HER!!!

Nick  -- no

Joe  -- no?

Nick  -- yeah

Joe  -- yes?

Nick  -- JOE!!!

Joe  -- Nick you can be mad at her later, just go help her!

Nick  -- no, i’ll go over later after he’s done

Courtney  -- isn’t that kinda harsh

Nick  -- its just punishment for not believing me

Addi  -- its still kinda harsh

Nick  -- i don’t care


Leah  -- [screaming, moaning]

Brian  -- [goes into her as hard as he can] Aiden can you make her not scream as much

Aiden  -- [puts his dick in Leah’s mouth again]

Lucas  -- [still going into her ass]

Leah  -- [crying really hard]

Lucas  -- i think she’s had enough

Brian  -- i don’t care [goes into Leah as hard as fast as he can, pushing deeper into her]

Leah  -- [sucking Aiden’s dick, in a lot of pain]

Lucas  -- [pulls out]

Brian  -- what are you doing?

Lucas  -- i’m kinda tired [goes into the bathroom, to take a shower]

Brian  -- [keeps going into Leah harder and harder each time]

Leah  -- [tries to close her legs so he’ll stop]

Brian  -- [grabs her legs, holds them still]


Aiden  -- [pulls out, puts his boxers on, lays next to Leah]

Lucas  -- [comes back in, in his boxers, lays on Leah’s other side] Brian stop

Brian  -- fine [pulls out, takes the condom off, puts it on the floor, then puts his boxers on]

Leah  -- you can’t just leave that there

Brian  -- sure i can [kisses her]

Leah  -- STOP IT!!! I HATE YOU!!!

Brian  -- awe baby, i thot you loved me


Brian  -- are you really that surprised?

Leah  -- [nods]

Brian  -- well then your an idiot! [unties her, goes into the bathroom to take a shower]

Leah  -- [starts to get up]

Lucas/Aiden  -- [wraps their arms around her so she can’t move]


Lucas/Aiden  -- [asleep]

Leah  -- [in-between them trying to get away]

Nick  -- [comes in]

Leah  -- Nick help

Nick  -- [throws her a shirt]

Leah  -- Nick?

Nick  -- why are they here?

Leah  -- Lucas and Aiden?

Nick  -- yeah?

Leah  -- [puts the shirt on, starts crying] they raped me, all three of them!

Nick  -- all three?!

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- where’s Brian?

Leah  -- he went to get some water

Brian  -- [comes in]

Nick  -- [punches him]

Brian  -- what the hell!

Nick  -- how could you do that! [punches him again] i told you not to hurt her!

Brian  -- and i said i would hurt her anyways! [punches Nick back, then pushes him to the floor]

Nick  -- [looks next to him] oh no

Brian  -- what?

Nick  --  is that the condom you used?

Brian  -- yeah, why?

Nick  -- because its broken

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Chapter 63

Brian  -- [punches Nick back, then pushes him to the floor]

Nick  -- [looks next to him] is that the condom you used?

Brian  -- yeah, why?

Nick  -- because its broken

Brian  -- w----what?

Leah  -- what! [gets off the bed]

Aiden/Lucas  -- [still sleeping]

Brian  -- [hits Leah hard]

Leah  -- [falls to the floor, crying]

Nick  -- [helps her up] why did you do that!

Brian  -- because i’m going to kill the stupid baby, even if it means killing her in the process

Nick  -- [puts Leah behind him] don’t touch her!

Brian  -- she’s getting an abortion, the morning after pill, anything! But she is not having my baby!

Nick  -- i kno she isn’t, just don’t hurt her!

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- what do you mean what?!

Leah  -- you can’t kill my baby!

Nick  -- you’ve got to be kidding me!

Leah  -- [moves away from them, puts her arms over her stomach] i won’t let you kill it!

Nick  -- Leah are you crazy! You can’t have Brian’s kid!

Leah  -- its my baby too!

Nick  -- your being really stupid!

Brian  -- you kno i won’t help!

Leah  -- i don’t care! [runs downstairs]

Nick  -- [runs after her, grabs her around the waist] Leah i’m not letting you have that baby

Leah  -- you can’t get rid of it!

Brian  -- [comes down with Aiden and Lucas] Nick if you’re going to the bonfire you need to come now [they leave]

Nick  -- Leah go get dressed, and be down in 5 minutes {a/n - remember Leah was only wearing a shirt}

Leah  -- [runs upstairs, gets dressed, runs back down]

Nick  -- [grabs her arm, takes her to the beach, where the bonfire is] Joe? What are you doing here?

Joe  -- i wanted to come

Lucas  -- but you graduated!

Aiden  -- shut up Lucas! Your talking to Joe Jonas!

Lucas  -- sorry Joe

Joe  -- its fine

Nick  -- you guys are weird [sits on the sand, puts Leah on his lap]

Bayview student  -- who’s the girl Nick? New slut?

Leah  -- i’m not a slut!

Nick  -- [covers her mouth] it would be better if you don’t talk during this, got it?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- good [takes his hand off her mouth]

Josh  -- alright lets get started



There was a lot more yelling then i thot there would be. Each school wanted more land then they had last year, but none of the other schools wanted to give up any of their land either. I never knew something like this went on here. I’m glad i came tho, because its been kinda funny to. Joe burned himself twice, wich is always funny. And a couple other kids were roasting marshmallows, waiting till they caught fire, and then they would throw the marshmallow as someone. Wich is funny, as long as your not the one getting hurt. Its weird how that works out. I looked up the beach a bit and Nick and Brian were talking. They should be here tho, planning for next year. I wonder what they’re talking about. I saw Haylee come over, and she sat next to me


Haylee  -- how’s it going?

Leah  -- i have no idea

Haylee  -- yeah sometimes its hard to follow

Leah  -- sometimes?

Haylee  -- okay all the time [sees Nick] whats he doing over there?

Leah  -- no idea

Haylee  -- [walks over to Nick] Nick get back there right now!

Nick  -- why?

Haylee  -- because if you don’t we are going to lose land!

Nick  -- fine [they go back over to the bon fire]



 everything was done, we had finally agreed on whats going on next year. Once again our school had the most land. We had even more then we did last year. Things were going to be great for us next year, well school wise anyways, besides the whole learning and homework thing. we get useless homework, math questions, essays, but why is there no homework in sex ed? i would be good at that. Everyone was going home now. I had sorted out the school thing, but now i need to sort out the Leah thing.


Leah  -- [walking home]

Nick  -- [walks over to her, grabs her wrist]

Leah  -- [turns around fast] Nick you scared me!

Nick  -- sorry

Leah  -- what do you want? I’m tired and i want to go home

Nick  -- we need to talk about that possible baby

Leah  -- theres nothing to talk about

Nick  -- yes there is! You can’t have that baby!

Leah  -- yes i can!

Nick  -- no you can't, because i won't let you!


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Chapter 64

Nick  -- yes there is! You can’t have that baby!

Leah  -- yes i can!

Nick  -- no you can't, because i won't let you!


Nick  -- no you aren’t! [picks her up, puts her over his shoulder]

Leah  -- LET ME GO!!!

Nick  -- [starts walking home]

Joe  -- [runs over] what are you doing?

Leah  -- Joe make him put me down!

Joe  -- Nick -----

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- [hitting Nick] PUT ME DOWN!!!

Joe  -- is there some reason your doing this?

Nick  -- yeah

Joe  -- okay, well as long as you have a reason


Nick  --  no [walks into his house with Joe]

Kevin  -- [sees them] should i be concerned?

Nick  -- nope

Kevin  -- well okay then

Leah  -- this family is way to laid back

Kevin  -- so how did the bonfire thing go?

Joe  -- i burned myself twice

Kevin  -- well its better than last year

Joe  -- yeah

Nick  -- we have the most land again

Kevin  -- good

Nick  -- [takes Leah up to his room, ties her to the bed, then goes back downstairs]

Kevin  -- so why is Leah here?

Nick  -- because she might be pregnant, and she refuses to kill it

Joe  -- you got her pregnant!

Nick  -- no Brian might have

Kevin  -- so your going to make her kill it?

Nick  -- yeah

Kevin  -- but ----

Nick  -- you can’t really want her to have Brian’s baby

Joe  -- Nick its her choice if she wants it or not, she’s the mom

Nick  -- i killed the last one, and i’ll kill this one to! Brian and i are going to do whatever it takes to make sure that baby is gone

Kevin  -- thats kinda harsh Nick, and what do you mean you killed the last one?

Nick  -- i got her pregnant by accident, and i made her get an abortion

Kevin  -- why didn’t you tell me about this!

Joe  -- because your always gone! And Nick ask Haylee for one of those morning after pills, she has tons

Nick  -- how do you kno?

Joe  -- because i do

Nick  -- fine can you call her and get her to bring one over? [goes upstairs]

Joe  -- why can’t he do it?

Kevin  -- he’s probably going to try and talk Leah into getting rid of that baby

Joe  -- but they don’t even kno if she’s pregnant

Kevin  -- they don’t?

Joe  -- no, this happened tonight

Kevin  -- Nick is so stupid

Joe  -- yeah i kno, so should i call Haylee?

Kevin  -- sure

Joe  -- [calls Haylee]


Nick  -- [walks into his room]

Leah  -- [trying to get free]

Nick  -- [gets on the bed, unties her]

Leah  -- [hits him] i hate you!

Nick  -- [pins her arms down] don’t talk to me like that! I’m doing this for your own good!

Leah  -- [crying] but Nick ------

Nick  -- just shut up! I’m not going to let you have someone elses baby!

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- if your going to have a baby then its going to be mine!

Leah  -- well you killed the baby that was yours without even talking to me first!

Nick  -- i kno

Leah  -- so why would you ever think i would have your baby!

Haylee  -- [comes in] um....hi

Nick  -- Haylee give me the pill!

Leah  -- NO!!!

Haylee  -- she wants to be pregnant? well then Nick you can’t----

Nick  -- can’t what?!

Haylee  -- you can’t make her take the pill!

Nick  -- just give it to me, and we’ll see about that

Haylee  -- no, if Leah wants to be pregnant then i’m not giving you the pill!

Leah  -- Nick get off!

Haylee  --  [pulls Nick off Leah]

Nick  -- [pins her against the wall] hand over that pill Haylee!

Haylee  -- [shakes her head]

Leah  -- [gets off the bed, runs out]

Nick  -- [starts to go after her]

Brian  -- [carries Leah back in]

Nick  -- what are you doing here?

Brian  -- well Haylee called to see if i knew why Leah could be pregnant, so i figured you were trying to make sure she can’t have that stupid baby, and i thot i would come in case you needed some help. Wich you did

Nick  -- just put her back on the bed [still trying to get the pill from Haylee]

Brian  -- [puts Leah on the bed, lays next to her, wrapping his arms around her waist so she can’t get away]

Leah  -- [pushing herself away from Brian]

Nick  -- just give up Leah! You aren’t having that baby!

Leah  -- [crying] but i want it

Haylee  -- Nick just let her have it!

Brian  -- no! I don’t want to be a dad!

Leah  -- you wouldn’t have to do anything

Nick  -- i already told you you aren’t having anyone elses baby!

Leah  -- if you make me take that fucking pill i will never forgive you Nick!

Brian  -- i’ve never heard you swear befor

Haylee  -- me neither

Nick  -- fine i won’t make you take the pill

Brian  -- what!

Nick  -- Haylee just go!

Haylee  -- [leaves]

Brian  -- Nick!

Nick  -- Leah just wait here [goes into the hallway with Brian]

Brian  -- what the hell! I thot we were getting rid of that baby!

Nick  -- we will, but only if she’s pregnant. If she’s pregnant i’ll make her get the abortion, but theres no point in make her hate me if she isn’t even pregnant

Brian  -- fine just make sure she gets an abortion! [leaves]

Nick  -- [walks back into his room]

Leah  -- [crying, hugging her stomach]

Nick  -- Leah?

Leah  -- stay away from me!

Nick  -- just listen to me! Your not ready for a baby! Your only 16!

Leah  -- but i don’t want to kill it

Nick  -- [lays on the bed, pulls her close to him] just wait till your older to have a baby

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- fine, i’ll make an appointment to see the doctor in a couple weeks so you can get a pregnancy test

Leah  -- just a pregnancy test?

Nick  -- [lying] yeah

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Chapter 65

Nick  -- fine, i’ll make an appointment to see the doctor in a couple weeks so you can get a pregnancy test

Leah  -- just a pregnancy test?

Nick  -- [lying] yeah


Leah  -- [walks into the school with Nick]

Tony  -- [comes over] Nick the principle wants to see you

Nick  -- what now! I haven’t done anything wrong!

Tony  -- i don’t kno why

Nick  -- this is so stupid! [goes to the principal’s office, sees the two police officers again] oh joy, tweedle dumb, and tweedle dumber!

Police1  -- we have evidence this time

Nick  -- sure you do

Police2  -- we kno you were a part of that illegal fire down by the beach last night

Nick  -- uh huh, sure. And wheres this proof?

Police1  -- there was a car left there

Nick  -- [thinking: shit]

Police2  -- with your license plate number

Nick  -- just because i park my car at the beach doesn’t mean i was part of the fire!

Police2  -- then why did you park your car there?

Nick  -- because i was going for a run on the beach, but i didn’t want to walk to the beach first, so i drove there and ended up running home, because i forgot i took my car in the first place

Police1   -- what?

Nick  -- its true! Can i go now?

Principle  -- yes Nicholas you can go

Nick  -- you guys should really stop accusing me over every little thing! [leaves]

Leah  -- what happened?

Nick  -- nothing

Leah  -- your not in trouble?

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- good

Nick  -- if i was would you get an abortion

Leah  -- i might not even be pregnant Nick

Nick  -- you kno what i mean Leah!

Leah  -- [walks away from them]

Nick  -- thats not an answer! [follows her]

Leah  -- i’m not talking about this Nick!

Nick  -- fine

Leah  -- can i ask you something?

Nick  -- anything babe

Leah  -- if i ever need help with the baby -----

Nick  -- the baby that we aren’t even sure exists

Leah  -- you kno what i mean

Nick  -- okay, go on

Leah  -- if i ever need help, would you help?

Nick  -- well....

Leah  -- Nick!

Nick  -- fine, if you have that baby and you need help then i’ll help. As long as you don’t tell anyone i’m helping

Leah  -- thanks Nick

Nick  -- no problem [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pushes him away a bit]

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- did we ever get back together?

Nick  -- you mean after the whole Brian thing?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- no we didn’t [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pushes him away] then why are you kissing me?

Nick  -- i kiss Haylee, that doesn’t mean we’re together [kisses her again, pushes her against the wall lightly]

Leah  -- [turns her head] Nick stop!

Nick  -- [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- [slaps him]

Nick  -- what was that for!

Leah  -- that was for being a jerk!

Nick  -- all i did was kiss you!

Leah  -- are we getting back together?

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- then don’t kiss me!

Nick  -- come on baby, can’t we just be friends with benefits [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pushes him away] i’m not having sex with you!

Nick  - Leah!

Leah  -- no! [Goes to class]


Nick  -- Leah get out of the car!

Leah  -- no!

Nick  -- we’re here to get that stupid pregnancy test! Now get out!

Leah  -- but what if its positive, then your going to want to kill my baby!

Nick  -- just get out!

Leah  -- [gets out of the car, they walk into the doctor’s office, and the doctor takes Leah into a room to take the test]

Nick  -- [waits outside the door]

Doctor  -- [comes out]

Nick  -- whats the result?

Doctor  -- we’re not sure yet

Nick  -- just so you kno, if you tell Leah its positive she’s going to not think strait and say she wants to keep it. But last night, she said she wants an abortion because she’s to young to have a baby

Doctor  -- are you sure? Because last time you said that it wasn’t true

Nick  -- we were up all night talking about it, and she said she’s not ready, and she wants to get rid of it. So just ignore her if she says otherwise.

Doctor  -- Nick i ------

Nick  -- trust me this is what she wants, i wouldn’t lie!

Doctor  -- well thats not entirely true

Nick  -- i wouldn’t lie about this! I love her! And i want her happy! And we decided that she would be happier with out that baby

Doctor  -- fine, you can go in if you want, i’ll have the test results soon

Nick  -- [goes into Leah’s room]

Leah  -- am i pregnant?

Nick  -- donno

Leah  -- [glares at him] what did you do!

Nick  -- nothing!

Leah  -- i kno you did something, i can tell!

Nick  -- i didn’t do anything Leah, i wouldn’t do anything to hurt you!

Leah  -- [not believing him]

Nick  -- i promise

Leah  -- fine

Doctor  -- [comes in]

Nick  -- so is she pregnant?

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Chapter 66

Doctor  -- [comes in]

Nick  -- so is she pregnant?

Doctor  -- yeah she is

Nick  -- so hurry up and get rid of it!

Leah  -- what? No!

Nick  -- Leah shut up and go along with this!

Leah  -- NO!!!

Nick  -- just get rid of that baby! I already told you she would act like this

Doctor  -- i just don’t think -----

Nick  -- get rid of it! She’s to young!

Leah  -- no i’m not! tons of girls have babies when they are younger than me!

Nick  -- can i just talk to her alone?

Doctor  -- [nods, then leaves]

Nick  -- Leah i’m not letting you have this baby! I already told you that

Leah  -- yeah you also said if i had the baby and needed your help you would help me!

Nick  -- yeah IF you had the baby! I already knew you WEREN'T going to have any baby!

Leah  -- [crying a bit] but Nick ----

Nick  -- no!

Leah  -- why not?

Nick  -- because you can’t! now tell the doctor you want an abortion

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Nick  -- Leah if you don’t get that doctor to get rid of it, then i will! And it will be bloody and messy

Leah  -- you wouldn’t do that to me Nick! I kno you wouldn’t!

Nick  -- actually yeah i would!

Leah  -- just leave me and my baby alone!

Nick  -- tell the doctor your getting an abortion right now! Or i’ll take care of it when we get home

Leah  -- [crying] Nick please ----

Nick  -- [puts his hand on her stomach]

Leah  -- [flinches]


Nick  -- [opens the car door for Leah] get in!

Leah  -- no! I’ll walk home! [starts to leave]

Nick  -- [grabs her, forces her into the car, closes the door]

Leah  -- no! I want to walk home! [tries to open the door]

Nick  -- [holds it shut]

Leah  -- [gives up, puts her seatbelt on]

Nick  -- [gets in the car, drives home]

Leah  -- [gets out of the car, starts to walk home]

Nick  -- [gets out of the car] get in the house Leah!

Leah  -- i’m going home!

Nick  -- no your not!

Leah  -- stop telling me what to do!

Nick  -- [picks her up, carries her into the house]

Joe  -- again?

Kevin  -- what did you do this time?

Nick  -- nothing


Nick  -- i did not, you told the doctor you wanted an abortion! [puts her down] now go upstairs!

Leah  -- [goes upstairs]

Nick  -- [sits on the couch]

Kevin  -- are you trying to kill that girl?

Nick  -- what?

Kevin  -- Nick your ruining her life!

Joe  -- he is not!

Kevin  -- yes he is! They just started getting along, and then Nick does something like this

Joe  -- Leah’s the one that told the doctor!

Kevin  -- yeah well i’m pretty sure she didn’t get there on her own! [glares at Nick]

Nick  -- she’s not ready to have a baby! Everything that i do, i do for her!

Kevin  -- making her hate you is good for her?

Nick  -- i guess

Joe  -- thats stupid!

Nick  -- no its not!

Joe  -- yes it is! You love her and ----

Nick  -- i don’t love her!

Kevin  -- they why would you do stuff for her

Nick  -- what?

Kevin  -- you said that everything you do, you do for her

Nick  -- that doesn’t mean i love her

Joe  -- it kinda does

Kevin  -- i just think that its stupid that you put her threw all this

Nick  -- just shut up! [goes up to his room]

Leah  -- [laying on his bed, with the covers over her, crying really hard]

Nick  -- Leah?

Leah  -- GO AWAY!!!

Nick  -- just calm down! I only -----

Leah  -- I SAID GO AWAY!!!

Nick  -- THIS IS MY HOUSE!!!


Nick  -- can we just stop yelling? [gets on the bed next to her]

Leah  -- i’m not talking to you!

Nick  -- you just did!

Leah  -- well not anymore!

Nick  -- Leah?

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- you just did again!

Leah  -- [covers her mouth]

Nick  -- don’t do this to me!

Leah  -- [turns away from him]

Nick  -- Leah! You didn’t want that baby!

Leah  -- yes i did!

Nick  -- no you didn’t [kisses her head] i kno you didn’t

Leah  -- Nick i’m moving

Nick  -- you don’t look like your moving to me. You kno if it weren’t for the whole talking thing i would think your were dead.

Leah  -- thats not what i meant

Nick  -- then what did you mean?

Leah  -- i mean i’m going to go live with my mom for a bit

Nick  -- why?

Leah  -- because i can’t deal with Tony or Josh...or Aiden or Lucas.....and i especially can’t deal with Brian or you! [walks out of the room]

Nick  -- Leah wait! [runs after her]

Leah  -- [walking down the street]

Nick  -- [grabs her arm] Leah you can’t just run away from your problems!

Leah  -- you kno what Nick, i came back! I came back to face my problem and you want to kno whats happened since i came back?!

Nick  -- well -----

Leah  -- i don’t care if you want to kno, because i’m going to tell you! You rape me! You nearly kill me! Josh nearly kills me! You killed two of my babies. You let Brian Aiden and Lucas rape me and nearly kill me! I was trapped inside a burning building twice! And ----

Nick  -- i’m sorry okay! I didn’t mean for any of that to happen!

Leah  -- BUT IT DID!!! IT DID HAPPEN!!!!

Nick  -- just tell me what i can do to make you stay!


Nick  -- [pulls her close, kisses her]

Leah  -- [pushes him away] you really think that will work! You think you can just kiss me and everything will be better well it won’t! you can’t just -----

Nick  -- [kisses her again, holding her still]

Leah  -- [deepens it, pulls away, slaps him]

Nick  -- baby don’t leave [lays her down on the grass, gets on top of her]

Leah  -- Nick stop it!

Nick  -- i can’t live without you [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- yes you can! You did befor

Nick  -- well i can’t again

Leah   --  [pushes him off, walks down the street]

Nick  -- [yells after her] WILL I EVER SEE YOU AGAIN?!!

Leah  -- [ignores him, keeps walking]

Nick  -- [on the verge of tears, goes home, slams the door on his way in]

Joe  -- someone upset

Kevin  -- [hits him]

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Chapter 67

Nick  -- [on the verge of tears, goes home, slams the door on his way in]

Joe  -- someone upset

Kevin  -- [hits him]

Joe  -- wheres Leah?

Nick  -- gone

Joe  -- gone?

Nick  -- yes Joe!

Kevin  -- gone home?

Nick  -- she’s going to go live with her mom for a bit

Kevin  -- thats not a good idea

Nick  -- why not?

Joe  -- didn’t you hear?

Nick  -- hear what? Just tell me!

Joe  -- her parents split up like a couple months ago....about 3 weeks after she moved back

Kevin  -- turns out the only reason they stayed together for so long is because they didn’t want to upset Leah

Joe  -- so after she decided to move back to their house here on her own they decided that they didn’t need to keep up the act

Nick  -- then why didn’t they split up right away?

Joe  -- because they wanted to make sure Leah didn’t change her mind and decide to move back in with them

Nick  -- [sits on the couch] i can’t believe this

Kevin  -- thats not even the worse part

Nick  -- then whats the worst part?

Kevin  -- her mom is seeing someone else now

Joe  -- and they’re engaged

Nick  -- what! Why didn’t you tell me this befor!

Joe  -- because we didn’t want you to tell her

Nick  -- you still should have told me

Kevin  -- sorry Nick...but you kno now

Nick   -- how do you think she’s going to react?

Kevin  -- i’m guessing not well

Joe  -- is she gone forever?

Nick  -- probably...but thats what i said last time and she was only gone a couple years

Kevin  -- thats a long time Nick

Nick  -- i kno


Nick  -- [laying on his bed, his phone rings and he answers it] hello?

Leah  -- Nick?

Nick  -- Leah, are you okay?

Leah  -- i’m fine....well not really

Nick  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- she’s married! She got married and she didn’t even tell me!

Nick  -- i thot they were just engaged

Leah  -- you knew?!

Nick  -- i only just found out, i’m really sorry

Leah  -- i’m sorry for calling....i shouldn’t have

Nick  -- Leah please don’t ignore me forever....can you call me once a week atleast? Just so i can kno whats going on?

Leah  -- okay, how about Sundays?

Nick  -- Sundays it is

Leah  -- bye Nick [hangs up]


Nick  -- [waiting for Leah to call]

Joe  -- this is pathetic!

Nick  -- shut up Joe!

Joe  -- seriously Nick, your getting kinda ----

Nick  -- pathetic? Yeah i heard! But i don’t care! [the phone rings and he answers it fast] Leah?......don’t call me right now Tony i need to leave the line open! [hangs up]

Joe  -- pathetic! [walks out]

Nick  -- shut up!


Nick  -- [at his locker]

Haylee  -- [walks over] i kno you miss her

Nick  -- whats your point

Haylee  -- well maybe i could make you feel better [kisses him, then starts kissing his neck]

Nick  -- i think i’m gonna have to pass Hayles

Haylee  -- come on Nick! Stop being so depressed

Nick  -- fine, come over at 10

Haylee  -- kay [kisses him] its not gonna be a quicky right?

Nick  -- no, and wear one of your sexy costumes

Haylee  -- will do.....see you tonight [goes to class]

Tony  -- [comes over with Josh] and he’s back

Josh  -- finally

Nick  -- what are you talking about?

Josh  -- your having Haylee over

Tony  -- and not to talk

Nick  -- you guys are stupid

Josh  -- no we’re just happy you’ve finally gotten over Leah

Tony  -- i think you should stop taking her calls

Nick  -- but it was my idea to start those calls

Josh  -- just try missing one

Nick  -- one?

Tony  -- yeah, you really just need to try and forget about last time

Nick  -- okay fine i’ll miss one call....but just one


Nick  -- [making out with Haylee]

Haylee  -- [pulls away] Nick um ---

Nick  -- [kisses her neck]

Haylee  -- what about your call with Leah?

Nick  -- i’m skipping [takes her shirt off, kisses from her neck to her stomach]

Haylee  -- but those calls are important to you

Nick  -- Haylee just shut up and let me fuck you [the phone rings]

Haylee  -- [looks at the time] 7:00 pm....thats going to be Leah

Nick  -- i kno [looks at the phone]

Haylee  -- are you going to answer it?

Nick  -- no [kisses her, the phone stops ringing, then starts again]

Haylee  -- Nick i really thing you should get that

Nick  -- no....i’ll talk to her next week


Joe  -- [laying on his bed, watching tv with Courtney]

Courtney  -- [cuddles close to him]

Joe  -- [kisses her head...the phone rings]

Courtney  -- are you going to get that?

Joe  -- [grabs the phone, answers it] hello?... [sits up fast] Leah?....whats wrong?.....just stay where you are. Don’t worry i’ll be there as soon as i can [hangs up]


Nick  -- [sitting in the living room]

Joe  -- [walks into the house]

Nick  -- where have you been? I haven’t seen you in days!

Joe  -- i was at Leah’s place

Nick  -- what! Why didn’t you ask me to come?

Joe  -- because she tried to call you but you didn’t answer

Nick  -- Josh and Tony told me to miss a call

Joe  -- well she called me i went

Nick  -- is she okay?

Joe  -- no

Nick  -- no?

Joe  -- yeah no

Nick  -- whats wrong?

Joe  -- promise not to over react?

Nick  -- i promise

Joe  -- her step dad has been raping her every night while her mom is at work

Nick  -- WHAT!!!

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Chapter 68

Nick  -- whats wrong?

Joe  -- promise not to over react?

Nick  -- i promise

Joe  -- her step dad has been raping her every night while her mom is at work

Nick  -- WHAT!!!

Joe  -- i said not to over react!


Joe  -- what?

Nick  -- [runs out of the house]

Joe  -- [runs after him] she’s here Nick!

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- i didn’t leave her there! She’s here

Nick  -- where?

Joe  -- [walks over to his car]

Nick  -- [follows him, opens the door, gets in the backseat, closes the door]

Joe  -- Nick!

Nick  -- bye Joe!

Joe  -- [goes back into the house]

Leah  -- [laying on the back seat, crying hysterically]

Nick  -- [pulls her onto his lap, hugs her] i’m so sorry Leah

Leah  -- [cries into his chest]

Nick  -- [rubs her back, kisses her head] your okay now, he can’t hurt you [gets out of the car, picks her up]

Leah  -- [wraps her legs around his waist, and her arms around his neck]

Nick  -- [carries her into the house, and up to his room, puts her on the bed]

Leah  -- [pulls the covers over herself]

Nick  -- [gets on the bed next to her, wraps his arms around her waist]

Leah  -- [still crying] wh---why didn’t -----you a---answer the phone?

Nick  -- i’m sorry Leah, i --- um couldn’t get to the phone

Leah  -- [cuddles close to him, falls asleep]

Nick  -- [plays with her hair]

Joe  -- [comes in]

Nick  -- what do you want?

Joe  -- Haylee’s on the phone [throws him the phone]

Nick  -- [throws it back to him] tell her i’m busy

Joe  -- but your not busy

Nick  -- yes i am

Joe  -- doing what?

Nick  -- i just want to stay with Leah

Joe  -- fine [starts to leave] and Kevin says he’s not going to be home for dinner

Nick  -- so what else is new?

Joe  -- i’m just i thot since Kevin isn’t making dinner maybe i could -----

Nick  -- i’ll make dinner!

Joe  -- you have no faith in me

Nick  -- no i really don’t

Joe  -- well i’m inviting Courtney and Addi over for dinner,

Nick  -- okay and Leah and Haylee makes six

Joe  -- Haylee?

Nick  -- yeah she was supposed to come over to fool around....but i don’t think thats a good idea now

Joe  -- not really [starts to leave]

Nick  -- and when you ask Courtney and Addi to come over make sure they kno that you aren’t cooking

Joe  -- whatever Nick [leaves]

Nick  -- [kisses Leah]

Leah  -- [wakes up a bit]

Nick  -- you okay?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- when did it start

Leah  -- about 2 days after i got there

Nick  -- why didn’t you tell me sooner [moves her hair out of her face, kisses her forehead]

Leah  -- because i was scared, and i thot maybe he would stop

Nick  -- and he didn’t?

Leah  -- [shakes her head, starts crying a bit]

Nick  -- [hugs her] i’m going to kill that guy!

Leah  -- yeah thats smart, try to kill someone who’s more the twice your age

Nick  -- i don’t care

Leah  -- of course you don’t

Nick  -- want to help me make dinner?

Leah  -- you kno how to cook?

Nick  -- no --- [grabs the phone] i kno how to dial

Leah  -- cheater

Nick  -- [shrugs, orders a pizza]

Leah  -- thats cheating!

Nick  -- i don’t care

Leah  -- [goes downstairs]

Nick  -- [follows her] what are you doing?

Leah  -- nothing [sits on the couch]

Nick  -- are you sure your okay?

Leah  -- yeah [her phone rings, she turns her phone off fast]

Nick  -- why did you do that?

Leah  -- no reason [goes into the kitchen]

Nick  -- [grabs her phone, turns it back on, tries to see who called, but the numbers blocked]

Addi  -- [comes in] is Joe here?

Nick  -- don’t you knock?

Addi  -- nope

Courtney  -- [comes in]

Nick  -- and apparently you don’t either

Courtney  -- i don’t what?

Nick  -- go more then 5 hours without sex

Addi  -- look who’s talking

Nick  -- shut up Addi

Courtney  -- is Joe here?

Nick  -- no

Courtney  -- what?

Nick  -- he’s not here

Joe  -- [comes in]

Addi  -- you sure about that?

Nick  -- yeah, thats not really Joe...he’s just a ghost

Joe  -- i’m a ghost?

Nick  -- yeah [goes into the kitchen]

Joe  -- [walks into a wall]

Courtney  -- why did you do that?

Joe  -- ghosts can travel thru stuff

Addi  -- Nick was only joking

Joe  -- oh...thats not funny

Nick  -- [calls from the kitchen] yes it is!


Leah  -- [watching tv with Nick, her phone rings] i thot i turned that off!

Nick  -- well i turned it back should see who’s calling, it might be your mom

Leah  -- [answers the phone] h---hello?

Leah’s stepdad  -- WHERE ARE YOU!!!

Leah  -- [drops the phone, scared]

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- [starts crying]

Nick  -- [picks up the phone] hello?

Leah’s stepdad   -- who’s this?

Nick  -- um Nick... who’s this?

Leah’s stepdad   -- i’m Leah’s step father! And she needs to come home!

Nick  -- her step dad? Really?

Leah’s stepdad  -- yeah


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Chapter 69

Nick  -- um Nick... who’s this?

Leah’s stepdad   -- i’m Leah’s step father! And she needs to come home!

Nick  -- her step dad? Really?

Leah’s stepdad  -- yeah


Leah  -- Nick!

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- i can’t believe you just did that!

Nick  -- did what? I just helped you!

Leah  -- no you didn’t! [runs upstairs]

Nick  -- Leah!

Joe  -- [comes in] Leah just ran into me, any idea why?

Nick  -- she’s mad at me, even tho i helped her!

Joe  -- yeah because that makes perfect sense

Nick  -- shut up Joe!

Joe  -- is there any pizza left?

Nick  -- i think

Joe  -- kay [goes into the kitchen]

Nick  -- [follows him] so how do i fix this?

Joe  -- you do this weird thing called apologizing

Nick  -- i’m not going to apologize!

Joe  -- and thats why everyone hates you

Nick  -- no one hates me!

Joe  -- i do

Nick  -- well you don’t count!

Joe  -- why do i never count?

Nick  -- because no one likes you! [goes up to his room]

Leah  -- [sitting on his bed, crying]

Nick  -- Leah what did i do?

Leah  -- you made him mad!

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- you really think he’s going to be scared of some 16 year old boy?

Nick  -- i’m almost 17!

Leah  -- wich means your still 16!

Nick  -- he doesn’t even kno where you are

Leah  -- he knows where my old house is!

Nick  -- then you’ll just stay here

Leah  -- with a murderer? Yeah that will make me feel very safe!

Nick  -- what are you talking about?

Leah  -- you’ve killed so many people Nick, i don’t kno why you aren’t in jail [picks up her phone]

Nick  -- what are you doing?!

Leah  -- telling the police how you killed all those people!

Nick  -- [grabs the phone] why would you do that!

Leah  -- because you made my step dad mad!

Nick  -- well you think sending me to jail is going to help?

Leah  -- yes! [tries to grab the phone]

Nick  -- [keeps it away from her] if i’m in jail how am i supposed to protect you!

Leah  -- i don’t need you to protect me! You just make everything worse!

Nick  -- you think i make everything worse?

Leah  -- no...i kno you do!


Joe  -- that makes no sense

Nick  -- how does it not make sense?

Joe  -- she’s living at our house! How can you guys not be talking?

Nick  -- we’re talking...but barely

Joe  -- thats stupid!

Nick  -- well tell her that!

Leah  -- [comes in] morning Joe [ignores Nick]

Joe  -- are you forgetting someone?

Leah  -- what?

Joe  -- [points to Nick]

Leah  -- [glares at Nick] good morning Nicholas

Nick  -- [ignores her]

Joe  -- [hits him]

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- your being kinda rude!

Nick  -- i don’t care [walks out]

Leah  -- i’m so glad i’m an only child

Joe  -- well you should just talk to him

Leah  -- no

Joe  -- why not!

Leah  -- because i don’t want to!

Joe  -- well you’ll have to because he’s the only one who can drive you to school

Leah  -- what about you?!

Joe  -- i’m busy today, so you can talk to Nick or walk to school

Leah  -- i think i’ll walk [starts to leave]

Joe  -- then your going to be late

Leah  -- fine [goes over to Nick]

Nick  -- what do you want?

Leah  -- a ride

Nick  -- on my dick? Sure baby

Leah  -- [glares at him] no i want a ride to school!

Nick  -- fine [walks outside and gets in his car]

Leah  -- [gets in aswell]

Nick  -- [starts driving to school] don’t you have something you want to say to me?

Leah  -- like thanks for driving me to school?

Nick  -- that...and you should apologize for being a bitch

Leah  -- what?!

Nick  -- you were going to send me to jail!

Leah  -- its your own fault!

Nick  -- no its not!

Leah  -- yeah it is!

Nick  -- just apologize or your walking home!

Leah  -- fine...i’m sorry

Nick  -- good [parks the car in the school parking lot] meet me here at 3:45 or your walking home

Leah  -- but school ends at 3:00

Nick  -- just be here! [starts to leave]

Leah  -- so your going to ignore me all day?

Nick  -- yeah that was the plan [goes into the school]

Leah  -- [follows him] why?

Nick  -- why what?

Leah  -- why can’t you talk to me?!

Nick  -- i am talking to you!

Josh  -- [comes over] so you are back?

Leah  -- yeah...why?

Josh  -- i donno everyones been saying your back, but i hadn’t seen you

Leah  -- thats cuz your blind! [goes to class]

Josh  -- so are you and Leah back together?

Nick  -- no

Josh  -- so you don’t care if something happens to her

Nick  -- yeah of course i do!

Josh  -- that might be a problem [starts to leave]

Nick  -- why?

Josh  -- i donno, but a lot of the girls from out school have been disappearing

Nick  -- what?

Josh  -- and i heard that whoever behind it was happy that Leah’s back

Nick  -- who’s missing?

Josh  -- um some girl from English, and Amanda, Selena, Kelly....

Nick  -- is this a long list?

Josh  -- yeah

Nick  -- well is there anyone that i would care about?

Josh  -- maybe

Nick  -- who

Josh  -- Haylee

Nick  -- what?

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Chapter 70

Nick  -- well is there anyone that i would care about?

Josh  -- maybe

Nick  -- who

Josh  -- Haylee

Nick  -- what?

Josh  -- she went missing a couple days ago

Nick  -- i didn’t notice

Josh  -- well most students are bailing because its the last week of school

Nick  -- true, i’m only here trying to take a couple more freshman’s virginities

Josh  -- of course you are

Nick  -- so your sure Haylee’s missing, and not ditching?

Josh  -- yeah i’m sure


Leah  -- [walking to class]

Aiden  -- [grabs her, pulls her outside]

Leah  -- what do you want?!

Aiden  -- we’re gonna take a little trip baby [takes her over to Brian]

Leah  -- [glares at Brian]

Brian  -- still hate me?

Leah  -- [slaps him as hard as she can]

Aiden  -- [grabs her writs, puts them behind her back]

Leah  -- LET ME GO!!! [screams trying to get someone attention]

Brian  -- [covers her mouth] the babys gone right?

Leah  -- [nods]

Brian  -- good [kisses her]

Aiden  -- not what were here for!

Brian  -- [pulls away] just put her in the car Lucas is waiting [sees Nick coming over] and make it fast! [walks over to Nick] what do you want?

Nick  -- your behind it aren’t you!

Brian  -- behind what?

Nick  -- the kidnappings

Brian  -- i don’t kno what your talking about

Nick  -- [pushes past him, walks over to Aiden] let her go!

Aiden  -- [pushes Leah into the back seat, closes the door] its not what your thinking Nick

Nick  -- just let her go!

Brian  -- [comes over] Nick its no big deal, Lucas just has some questions for her

Nick  -- no your going to hurt her!

Brian  -- no we aren’t! i promise

Nick  -- then let me come

Aiden  -- she doesn’t need a babysitter Nick! [gets in the car]

Brian  -- we’ll have her home by 7:00 pm, don’t worry [gets in the car aswell]

Nick  -- you better! And if she’s hurt in any way i’ll -----

Brian  -- yeah sure whatever [they drive off]

Nick  -- [goes back to the school]

Josh  -- where were you?

Nick  -- talking to Brian

Josh  -- about...

Nick  -- nothing Josh [goes to class]


Leah  -- [sitting in the back of the car] can i go home yet?

Aiden  -- no [gets on the back seat, pulls her on his lap]

Leah  -- leave me alone!

Aiden  -- hey Brian think we have time for a quick threesome?

Leah  -- NO!

Brian  -- we can’t do anything to her

Aiden  -- why not?

Brian  -- i told Nick we wouldn’t

Aiden  -- [turns Leah around so she’s facing him, puts his hand close to her pussy]

Brian  -- Aiden!

Aiden  -- i’m not doing anything

Leah  -- [moves Aiden’s hand] don’t do that!

Brian  -- whats taking Lucas so long?

Aiden  -- its probably finishing off one of those stupid girls

Leah  -- what are you talking about?

Brian  -- nothing baby [kisses her head]

Leah  -- don’t call me that!

Brian  -- why not baby?

Leah  -- stop it!

Aiden  -- can i call you baby?

Leah  -- no! Only Nick can!

Aiden  -- you and Nick aren’t together anymore babe

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Aiden  -- what? I used a variation

Brian  -- [sarcastic] very clever Aiden

Aiden  -- i thot so

Leah  -- i want to go home!

Brian  -- well you can’t yet!

Leah  -- [kisses Aiden, trying to make Brian jealous]

Aiden  -- [shocked but kisses back]

Brian  -- [kinda jealous] Aiden!

Aiden – [ignores him, starts making out with Leah]

Brian  -- [pulls Leah away from Aiden by her hair]

Leah  -- ow Brian stop!

Brian  -- then stop being a slut!

Leah  -- how am i being a slut [tries to make him let go of her hair]

Brian  -- [lets go] you were making out with Aiden!

Leah  -- so?

Lucas  -- [comes over, opens the car door] what are you guys doing in there?

Aiden  -- you told us to get Leah!

Lucas  -- [pulls Leah out of the car, takes her into his house]

Leah  -- [looks around] this is where you live?

Lucas  -- i kno its not as nice as that mansion Nick lives in, but its not that bad!

Leah  -- i didn’t mean it like that

Aiden  -- [comes in with Brian] did you finish with -----

Lucas  -- yeah i did, so get rid of her

Brian  -- will do [leaves]

Aiden  -- right now?

Lucas  -- yes now!

Aiden  -- [follows Brian]

Leah  -- so what do you want?

Lucas  -- well i heard you were back, and i wanted to kno if it was true

Leah  -- it is...but you could have called to see if i was back

Lucas  -- i kno, but i wanted to see you [wraps his arms around her waist, kisses her]

Leah  -- [pulls away] i need to get home! So if theres something else you need to ask me then ask!

Lucas  -- fine i wanted to kno if you wanted to come to a party

Leah  -- a party? Couldn’t you just have asked me at my school instead of dragging me here

Lucas  -- Leah you don't live on Bayview land

Leah  -- why does there have this stupid our land your land thing

Lucas  -- because thats how it works! But i want you there

Leah  -- is it safe?

Lucas  -- what?

Leah  -- is it safe for me to go to a party here

Lucas  -- i’ll make sure that you go home safe

Leah  -- okay, maybe i’ll come [theres a knock on the door] who’s that?

Lucas  -- no idea [opens the door]

Nick  -- [walks in]

Lucas  -- what are you doing here?!

Nick  -- i need to talk to you! Leah get in the car!

Leah  -- [starts to leave]

Lucas  -- its probably safer for her in here

Nick  -- fine, then go upstairs Leah

Leah  -- why can't i stay?

Nick -- just go!

Leah  --  [goes upstairs]

Lucas  -- what do you want Nick!

Nick  -- i kno its you Aiden and Brian who have been taking those girls from our school!

Lucas  -- they come on their own

Nick  -- well they don’t come back!

Lucas  -- i kno

Nick  -- why are you doing this?

Lucas  -- because you have more virgins at your school! All the girls at our school are sluts

Nick  -- then why haven’t they been coming back?

Lucas  -- because we get rid of them once we’re done....sound familiar?

Nick  -- you killed Haylee?!

Lucas  -- what?

Nick  -- she went missing! What did you do to her?!

Lucas  -- nothing, we wouldn’t kill Haylee

Nick  -- why not?

Lucas  -- because we kno she’s off limits, same as Leah

Nick  -- then where did you put her!

Lucas  -- no where! We didn’t take Haylee!

Nick  -- then what happened to her?

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Chapter 71

Lucas  -- because we kno she’s off limits, same as Leah

Nick  -- then where did you put her!

Lucas  -- no where! We didn’t take Haylee!

Nick  -- then what happened to her?

Lucas  -- no idea, why do you always blame us?!

Nick  -- because its usually your fault!

Lucas  -- just get Leah and get out!

Nick  -- [goes upstairs]

Leah  -- [looking around in Lucas’s room]

Nick  -- Leah!

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- if Lucas saw you looking threw his stuff he would kill you!

Leah  -- [crosses her arms] i don’t care

Nick  -- why not?

Leah  -- because there isn’t any reason to live [walks downstairs]

Nick  -- [follows her]

Lucas  -- so your coming to the party?

Leah  -- yup

Nick  -- what! You can’t go to a party here! Its not safe!

Leah  -- i’m not a baby Nick!

Lucas  -- don’t worry Nick we’ll take care of her [smirks]

Nick  -- yeah thats what i’m afraid of!

Leah  -- you guys are weird [goes out to Nick’s car]

Nick  -- [follows her, they start driving home]

Leah  -- you need a new car, this one sucks

Nick  -- yeah i kno [his phone rings]

Leah  -- don’t answer that!

Nick  -- why not?

Leah  -- because your driving! [answers Nick’s phone] hello?

Josh  -- why are you answering Nick’s phone?

Leah  -- what do you want Josh

Josh  -- come down to the hospital

Leah  -- whats going on?

Josh  -- just come!

Leah  -- [hangs up] go to the hospital

Nick  -- why?

Leah  -- just go!

Nick  -- fine [turns the car around, heads to the hospital]

Leah  -- [looks thru Nick’s phone]

Nick  -- Leah stop!

Leah  -- [ignores him] where did you get this!

Nick  -- get what

Leah  -- get this picture of me!

Nick  -- i took it

Leah  -- how could you take this!

Nick  -- um its hot?

Leah  -- when did you take it?

Nick  -- right after we had sex, you fell asleep like the second i pulled out

Leah  -- [glares at him] your such a perv!

Nick  -- give me the phone back!

Leah  -- no [keeps looking thru the phone] thats disgusting!

Nick  -- [grabs the phone from her, parks the car and they go into the hospital]

Josh  -- [comes over] i found Haylee

Nick  -- here?

Josh  -- yeah come on [goes to a  room, and Leah and Nick follow him]

Tony  -- [sitting in a chair next to Haylee’s hospital bed]

Nick  -- what happened?

Tony  -- we got in a car accident

Leah  -- is she okay?

Tony  -- she’s in a coma

Nick  -- did they say how long it might last

Tony  -- no

Nick  -- so this is what you’ve been doing? Just staying here

Tony  -- its my fault! If she dies its all my fault!

Josh  -- this is why you don’t drink and drive!

Tony  -- shut up!


Leah  -- [really weak, sitting on the couch]

Brian  -- [making her drink a beer]

Leah  -- [moves her head, closes her eyes] stop

Aiden  -- [kisses her]

Brian  -- [pushes Aiden out of the way, keeps making Leah drink the beer]

Aiden  -- i think she’s had enough

Brian  -- theres a reason Lucas invited her Aiden!

Aiden  -- yeah but thats the 4th one you’ve given her

Brian  -- just shut up

Leah  -- [pushes the drink away, falling asleep]

Aiden  -- you put that drug in one didn’t you!

Brian  -- yeah, why?

Aiden  -- Lucas said not to!

Brian  -- who cares?

Aiden  -- Brian that drug is dangerous if she takes to much

Brian  -- i barely gave her any just relax!

Aiden  -- but -----

Brian  -- Aiden! If she drinks some water then the drug wares off! Its not that dangerous! This is the stuff Nick always uses

Aiden  -- fine


Nick  -- [looking out his window, waiting for Leah to get home]

Joe  -- [comes in] what are you doing?

Nick  -- waiting

Joe  -- i see that

Nick  -- what do you want Joe?

Joe  -- Kevin says he’s going to be gone for a couple more days

Nick  -- Joe he hasn’t been here for like a month! I don’t think he’s coming back

Joe  -- yeah he is

Nick  -- just stop telling me when he supposed to come back

Joe  -- why

Nick  -- because i don’t care [grabs his jacket off his bed, then grabs his keys]

Joe  -- where are you going?

Nick  -- meeting Josh and Tony [walks downstairs]

Joe  -- [follows him] why?

Nick  -- because i’m not going to a Bayview party alone

Joe  -- your going after Leah?

Nick  -- yeah

Joe  -- she’s going to be mad

Nick  -- no she won’t [leaves]


Brian  -- [lays Leah across the couch]

Aiden  -- can’t you do something else?

Brian  -- why?

Aiden  -- because i think the drug is hurting her

Lucas  -- [comes over] why are you guys still over here? [sees Leah almost passed out] you gave her that drug didn’t you?!

Aiden  -- it was Brian

Brian  -- [glares at him] thanks Aiden!

Lucas  -- you have to be careful with that stuff!

Brian  -- why?

Lucas  -- because it was Joe who created it

Brian  -- what!

Aiden  -- really?

Lucas  -- yeah, how do you think Nick got so much

Brian  -- i guess that makes sense

Aiden  -- speaking of Nick...

Lucas  -- what [looks over, sees Nick] shit

Bayviewkid1 [BV1]  -- what is he doing here?

BV2  -- probably picking up that slut who’s with Brian

BV1  -- probably

Nick  -- [ignores them, walks over to Lucas]

Lucas  -- a bit dangerous don’t you think?

Nick  -- what?

Lucas  -- coming here on your own

Aiden  -- this is Bayview land! Your not supposed to be here!

Nick  -- well neither is Leah!

Brian  -- she was invited!

Nick  -- she’s coming home! [starts to pick up Leah]

Lucas  -- i don’t think so Nick! We haven’t even had our fun yet

Nick  -- [looks close at Leah] you guys are pathetic

Aiden  -- what?

Nick  -- you really need that drug to get sex? Thats sad [picks up Leah]

Brian  -- we don’t need the drug to get sex!

Nick  -- you keep telling yourself that

Lucas  -- you really think your going to get out of here just like that?! Theres more of us!

Nick  -- yeah sure...whatever [starts to leave]

Lucas  -- [blocks his way]

Nick  -- [looks behind Lucas, smirks]

Lucas  -- what? [turns around]

Josh  -- [has a gun pointed at him]

Nick  -- thanks Josh [takes Leah outside, sits her on the ground]

Tony  -- is she okay?

Nick  -- yeah they just drugged her

Tony  -- why?

Nick  -- because they’re desperate

Tony  -- [grabs water from the car, gives it to Nick]

Nick  -- [pours some down Leah’s throat]

Tony  -- i’ll go see if Josh needs help

Nick  -- i’ll see you tmrw...last day of school

Tony  -- yeah [leaves]

Leah  -- [not really moving]

Nick  -- come on Leah, wake up [shakes her a bit]

Leah  -- [opens her eyes]

Nick  -- [gives her a bit more water] how do you feel?

Leah  -- ...better...thanks Nick [gets in the car]

Nick  -- [gets in aswell, starts driving home]

Leah  -- why did you come?

Nick  -- cuz i knew they would do something like this


Nick  -- [driving down the street to his house]

Leah  -- [sees a car parked outside Nick’s house] Nick keep driving

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- [slides down in her seat] just keep driving!

Nick  -- fine [drives past the house]

Leah  -- [looks behind them, scared]

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Chapter 72

Leah  -- [slides down in her seat] just keep driving!

Nick  -- fine [drives past the house]

Leah  -- [looks behind them, scared]

Nick  -- where am i supposed to go?

Leah  -- anywhere....a hotel

Nick  -- [smirks] a hotel?

Leah  -- yeah where we get two rooms!

Nick  -- i don’t have enough money with me for two rooms

Leah  -- [keeps looking behind them]

Nick  -- your so paranoid

Leah  --  shut up!....can you drive a bit faster?

Nick  -- wich hotel?

Leah  -- any, just hurry

Nick  -- [drives to a hotel, parks the car] why are we here?

Leah  --  just come on! [goes into the hotel] whoa

Nick  -- [follows her] what?

Leah  -- i thot you didn’t have much money, this place looks expensive

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- nevermind just get a room [sits down on the couch in the hotel lobby]

Nick  -- [walks over to get a room]

Leah  -- [looking out the window]

Nick  -- [walks back over to her] what are you doing?

Leah  -- um nothing, can you park the car somewhere else?

Nick  -- fine [hands her the key to the hotel room] just go up and i’ll be there in a minute

Leah  -- kay [goes up to the hotel room, looks out the window, sees Nick moving the car]


Leah  -- [sitting on the bed, still looking out the window]

Nick  -- [knocks on the door] Leah let me in!

Leah  -- [opens the door]

Nick  -- [walks in]

Leah  -- [closes the door fast, puts the chain on the door, then locks it]

Nick  -- isn’t that a bit much?

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Nick  --just tell me whats going on!

Leah  -- [goes into the bed room, closes the door]

Nick  -- Leah! Thats the only bed! Open the door!

Leah  -- you can sleep on the couch!

Nick  -- i paid for this room so i get the bed!

Leah  -- [opens the door]

Nick  -- you didn’t tell me how long we’re staying here

Leah  -- forever [sits on the bed]

Nick  -- then i should have gotten the best room

Leah  -- this one is fine

Nick  -- if we’re staying forever we need to go back to my house and get our stuff

Leah  -- NO!

Nick  -- you are so weird!

Leah  -- just call Joe and get him to bring it to Tony’s house, then Tony can take it to Josh’s and then you can pick it up from Josh’s

Nick  -- seriously whats going on?!

Leah  -- nothing, now go call Joe! And tell him to get out of that house!

Nick  -- okay just calm down! [walks out of the room, calls Joe]

Joe  -- [answers] what do you want?!

Nick  -- Leah refuses to come home

Joe  -- good

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- her step dad was here

Nick  -- WHAT!!!

Joe  -- calm down!

Nick  -- how dare he come here!

Joe  -- Nick shut up and tell me why you called

Nick  -- that makes no sense!

Joe  -- just tell me why you called

Nick  -- Leah and i are staying at a hotel so i need you to bring some stuff

Joe  -- just buy new stuff!

Nick  -- Joe!

Joe  -- i’ll take it to the hospital when i go see Haylee, you can pick it up there

Nick  -- okay [hangs up, goes back over to Leah] so thats why we came here

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- your step dad

Leah  -- [looks away from him] i don’t kno what your talking about

Nick  -- fine [lays on the bed] you can sleep on the couch

Leah  -- you sleep on the couch!

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- [tries to push him off the bed]

Nick  -- nice try, but i’m stronger then you are

Leah  -- your mean! [walks out of the room, lays down on the couch]


Nick  -- [wakes up, goes over to where Leah’s sleeping]

Leah  -- [thrashing around in her sleep, screaming]

Nick  -- [shakes her] Leah wake up! [pushes her off the couch]

Leah  -- [hits the ground, wakes up crying]

Nick  -- [helps her up] are you okay?

Leah  -- [moves away from him] i’m still not talking to you!

Nick  -- you’ve been talking to me for hours!

Leah  -- i don’t care

Nick  -- fine never talk to me again! I don’t care! [goes back to the bedroom, gets into bed]

Leah  -- [walks in]

Nick  -- what do you want?!

Leah  -- can i sleep here?

Nick  -- fine but stay far away from me!

Leah  -- [nods, gets on the bed, falls asleep]

Nick  -- Leah? [sees she’s asleep, pulls her into his arms, falls asleep too]


Leah  -- [wakes up, tries to move away from Nick]

Nick  -- [still sleeping, holds her still]

Leah  -- Nick! [hits him]

Nick  -- [wakes up, lets go of her]

Leah  -- i thot you didn’t want me near you!

Nick  -- i don’t!

Leah  -- Liar!

Nick  -- who’s paying for this room again? ...oh thats right its me! So if you want to stay here you better be nice to me!

Leah  -- [sticks her tongue out at him]

Nick  -- very mature!

Leah  -- shut up!

Nick  -- your acting like a 5 year old!

Leah  -- am not! what time are we going to school?

Nick  -- i donno in an hour or two

Leah  -- kay

Nick  -- i’m going to go get a better room [leaves]

Leah  -- well what am i supposed to do! [Nick’s phone rings, and she answers it] hello?

Josh  -- again?

Leah  -- what?

Josh  -- your answering Nick’s phone again!

Leah  -- what do you want Josh!

Josh  -- i need to talk to Nick

Leah  -- well he’s not here right now

Josh  -- fine tell him to call me back

Leah  -- or you can just talk to him at school

Josh  -- fine

Leah  --  [hangs up]

Nick  -- [comes back in] come on we’re going to the best room they have

Leah  -- wich would be

Nick  -- the one on the really high floor

Leah  -- but i don’t like being on top

Nick  -- i kno [pushes her on the bed, gets on top of her] you like me on top [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- thats not what i meant! [Nick’s phone rings again]

Nick  -- [grabs the phone, still pinning Leah on the bed, answers the phone] hello?

Kevin  -- hey Nick, i need you or Joe to come pick me up

Nick  -- why? Where are you? what happened?

Kevin  -- its a long story

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Chapter 73

Nick  -- [grabs the phone, still pinning Leah on the bed, answers the phone] hello?

Kevin  -- hey Nick, i need you or Joe to come pick me up

Nick  -- why? Where are you? what happened?

Kevin  -- its a long story

Nick  -- i’ll get Joe to come get you

Kevin  -- thanks Nick

Nick  -- where are you?

Kevin  -- walking along the highway in the middle of nowhere

Nick  -- then how is there phone service

Kevin  -- because i found service! Now get Joe out here!

Nick  -- what highway?

Kevin  -- the one on the way to our cabin

Nick  -- kay [hangs up, calls Joe]

Joe  -- [answers] what?

Nick  -- go pick up Kevin, he’s on the side of the highway that leads to our cabin

Joe  -- okay?

Nick  -- now Joe! [hangs up]

Leah  -- whats going on?

Nick  -- you were just telling me how much you love me being on top [kisses her]

Leah  -- [turns her head] i was not!

Nick  -- [gets off her] come on i’ll show you the new room

Leah  -- [follows him to the new room] you didn’t need to get a new room the old one was fine

Nick  -- the old one was cheap, if we’re going to be staying her a while i want the best room

Leah  -- your wasting your money

Nick  -- i don’t care

Leah  -- [walks out]

Nick  -- where are you going?

Leah  -- school?


Leah  -- [walks over to her locker, keeps looking behind her]

Nick  -- [standing by his locker with Josh]

Josh  -- is she okay?

Nick  -- what?

Josh  -- [points to Leah]

Nick  -- she’s become completely paranoid

Josh  -- over what?

Nick  -- her step dad, but she has nothing to worry about

Josh  -- because you’ll keep her safe?

Nick  -- yeah


Joe  -- [driving down the road, sees Kevin, parks the car on the side of the road]

Kevin  -- [gets in] what took so long!

Joe  -- i stopped to get food

Kevin  -- of course you did

Joe  -- so why are you out here?

Kevin  -- because i was selling your drug

Joe  -- what?

Kevin  -- and it got me in trouble

Joe  -- how could you do that! I was the one who created it! I should get the money!

Kevin  -- i kno Joe....i’m sorry

Joe  -- okay so why were you on the side of the road?

Kevin  -- because some other drug dealers were mad that i was stealing all their customers, they stole my car and everything in it

Joe  -- did they get the drug?

Kevin  -- no i sold all i had, and i was going to come home so you could make me more

Joe  --  none of this makes any sense

Kevin  -- what?

Joe  -- why would you need to sell the drug in the first place?

Kevin  -- what do you mean?

Joe  -- i mean we have tons of money its not like we need more

Kevin  -- i needed a way to get money without you or Nick realizing how much was getting spend

Joe  -- your like a completely different person

Kevin  -- i’ll explain when Nick’s around, i don’t want to tell the story twice

Joe  -- fine .....Nick and Leah are living at a hotel

Kevin  -- did i need to kno that?

Joe  -- i think we should all move in, its not really safe at the house right now

Kevin  -- why not?

Joe  -- it just isn’t

Kevin  -- for anyone or for Nick

Joe  -- for Leah actually

Kevin  -- how does that girl get into so much trouble?

Joe  -- no idea

Kevin  -- just go home Joe

Joe  -- fine [drives home]


Leah  -- [in class, writing notes]

Nick  -- [sitting behind her, taps her shoulder]

Leah  -- what do you want?!

Nick  -- babe come back here with me

Leah  -- Nick shut up!

Teacher  -- Mr Jonas, Ms Tyler is there a problem?

Leah  -- no, no problem

Teacher  -- [continues teaching]

Nick  -- [looks out the classroom door, raises his hand]

Teacher  -- what Mr Jonas?

Nick  -- i need to grab something from my locker

Teacher  -- what do you need?

Nick  -- um a pencil

Teacher  -- i have pencil’s here

Nick  -- i can only use my own pencils [walks to the door]

Teacher  -- [holds out a hall pass]

Nick  -- i don’t need it [walks out of the classroom]

Leah  -- [rolls her eyes]

Teacher  -- [starts teaching again]

Student  -- [comes in, gives the teacher a note]

Teacher  -- [reads it] Ms. Tyler there is someone here to see you

Leah  -- who?

Teacher  -- they’re waiting in the principles office

Leah  -- kay [gets her things, walks out of the class room and down the hall]

???  -- [covers her mouth, pulls her into the janitors closet]

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Chapter 74

Teacher  -- [reads it] Ms. Tyler there is someone here to see you

Leah  -- who?

Teacher  -- they’re waiting in the principles office

Leah  -- kay [gets her things, walks out of the class room and down the hall]

???  -- [covers her mouth, pulls her into the janitors closet]

Leah  -- [tries to scream]

???  -- Leah calm down [kisses her head] its just me

Leah  -- [moves his hand] NICK!!!!

Nick  -- [covers her mouth again] shhh!

Leah  -- [tries to move his hand]

Nick  -- don’t yell okay?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- [moves his hand]

Leah  -- i have to go to the principles office

Nick  -- let me guess....someone’s here to see you

Leah  -- yeah how did you -----

Nick  -- it was a man, i saw him walking down the hall

Leah  -- my step dad?

Nick  -- i think

Leah  -- [starts breathing funny, tears rolling down her cheeks]

Nick  -- [wipes her tears] Leah just calm down!

Leah  -- he’s going to take me back to my moms!

Nick  -- no he’s not because we’re leaving right now

Leah  -- but schools not over

Nick  -- its the last day Leah, we’ll just ditch [takes her hand, goes to his car]

Leah  -- [looks behind her]

Nick  -- [pushes her into the car, gets in aswell, starts driving to the hospital]

Leah  -- where are you going?

Nick  -- Tony said somethings going on with Haylee

Leah  -- is she awake?

Nick  -- i think so [gets to the hospital, they go in]

Josh  -- why did you even bother going to school today?

Nick  -- i donno

Leah  -- because its not good to ditch

Josh  -- you spend way to much time with her Nick [they all go to Haylee’s room]

Haylee  -- hi Nick

Nick  -- you okay?

Haylee  -- yeah, just tired

Tony  -- [hands a couple bags to Nick] Joe brot those earlier today

Nick  -- thanks, do you kno if he got Kevin?

Tony  -- no

Josh  -- but thats where he was going next

Nick  -- good

Haylee  -- is Kevin okay?

Leah  -- don’t even bother asking, Nick won’t say. He’s to busy thinking about sex

Nick  -- we’re guys, its what we do

Leah  -- well you should stop

Haylee  -- yeah you should

Nick  -- what are you talking about Haylee? You love sex

Josh  -- she’s had sex with like everyone

Tony  -- yeah, including Aiden, Lucas and Brian

Haylee  -- so has Leah!

Leah  -- against my will! They raped me!

Haylee  -- still counts

Leah  -- Nick i want to go back to the hotel

Nick  -- [smirks] okay

Leah  -- not for that!

Nick  -- your no fun!

Leah  -- i just want to go Nick!

Nick  -- fine, we’ll see you guys later [takes Leah back to the hotel]


Joe  -- can you tell me now?

Kevin  -- i said i would tell you when Nick was with us

Joe  -- i can’t wait that long

Kevin  -- fine we can go to the hotel Nick and Leah are staying at

Joe  -- but what if they’ kno

Kevin  -- i thot you said they were fighting

Joe  -- oh right, i forget

Kevin  -- how could you forget?

Joe  -- i donno


Leah  -- [sits on the couch]

Nick  -- you okay?

Leah  -- i just want my step dad to leave me alone

Nick  -- then call your mom

Leah  -- and tell her what?

Nick  -- i donno

Leah  -- how am i supposed to call her if i have nothing to say?

Nick  -- well maybe you could ----- [the phone rings, he picks it up] its your mom

Leah  -- thats just creepy [takes the phone, goes into another room]

Joe  -- [knocks on the door]

Nick  -- [opens it] what do you want?

Kevin  -- we came to see whats going on

Nick  -- [sits on the couch] just close the door

Joe  -- [walks in]

Kevin  -- [walks in too, closes the door]

Joe  -- wheres Leah?

Nick  -- talking with her mom

Joe  -- about her step dad?

Nick  -- i donno

Kevin  --  How could he rape her

Nick  -- i donno, but i’m going to take her to our cabin for a bit

Joe  -- for how long?

Nick  -- until i kno her step dad is gone

Kevin  -- gone....

Nick  -- from the city, and far enough away that he won’t come looking for Leah anymore

Kevin  -- but theres no phone service out there

Nick  -- theres also no way for him to get there

Joe  -- why?

Kevin  -- because its private land

Joe  -- it is?

Nick  -- yeah you need your key card to get in, and i don’t think he would go to so much trouble just to rape her

Joe  -- i guess thats tell us whats going on Kevin

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- Kevin said he would tell me the whole story about wheres he’s been going once we were with you

Kevin  -- well now i don’t really want to

Nick  -- just tell us Kevin

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Chapter 75

Joe  -- Kevin said he would tell me the whole story about wheres he’s been going once we were with you

Kevin  -- well now i don’t really want to

Nick  -- just tell us Kevin

Kevin  -- [sits on the couch] well as i already told Joe i’ve been selling his drug

Nick  -- is that safe?

Kevin  -- well we’ve all used it

Nick  -- okay fine go on

Kevin  -- and the reason i’ve been selling it is because i needed the money

Nick  -- but ----

Joe  -- its because he didn’t want us noticing the money going missing

Nick  -- but we don’t even pay attention to our money

Joe  -- exactly

Nick  -- okay Kevin finish your story

Kevin  -- the reason i need the money is for Meaghan ------

Nick  -- that slutty girl you raped last year?

Kevin  -- yeah well somehow i got her pregnant

Joe  -- with a baby?

Kevin  -- no with a monkey

Joe  -- thats kinda -----

Kevin  -- YES A BABY JOE!!!

Joe  -- okay you don’t have to go all crazy

Nick  -- so you have a baby?

Kevin  -- a daughter, her name is Ashley

Nick  -- so you were selling drugs for your daughter?

Kevin  -- well it sounds bad when you put it like that

Nick  -- okay so you’ve been trying to make extra money for your other family?

Kevin  -- exactly

Joe  -- why didn’t you tell us?

Kevin  -- because i didn’t want you guys judging me

Joe  -- so i guess i can’t call you a ----

Nick  -- [covers his mouth] yeah you can’t

Joe  -- [moves his hand] so does this mean your moving out?

Kevin  -- i donno

Nick  -- i think you should be with your daughter

Joe  -- but who’s supposed to cook our food?

Kevin  -- you guys have been doing fine so far

Nick  -- no we haven’t! we just eat take out every night

Joe  -- lots and lots of pizza

Kevin  -- well i donno what to do

Nick  -- maybe they could move in with us

Kevin  -- i don’t think so

Nick  -- it was just an idea

Kevin  -- i kno

Joe  -- so is it true Leah’s step dad was at the school

Nick  -- yeah

Kevin  -- i hate that guy

Nick  -- so do i

Joe  -- when are you going to the cabin?

Nick  -- tonight

Kevin  -- maybe Joe and i should come

Nick  -- no i need you guys to take Haylee and drive a different way

Joe  -- i thot Haylee was in a coma

Nick  -- she woke up...just give her a brunette wig, and drive her the opposite way

Kevin  -- i think thats a bit extreme

Nick  -- its just in case

Kevin  -- fine

Joe  -- will Haylee be able to come? I mean she just woke up

Nick  -- she wants to get out of there Joe

Joe  -- okay we’ll figure it out

Nick  -- good

Leah  -- [comes back in]

Nick  -- what did your mom want?

Leah  -- she was wondering if i was staying here for good this time

Nick  -- what did you say?

Leah  -- i said yes, because i would miss Kevin and Joe to much

Joe  -- we would miss you too

Nick  -- what about me?

Leah  -- what about you?!

Nick  -- wouldn’t you miss me?

Leah  -- no not really

Kevin  -- why did she want kno if you were staying?

Leah  -- no idea, she said she would call me later

Nick  -- Joe i need you to pack some more clothes for Leah and me

Joe  -- what! No way

Nick  -- why not?

Joe  -- i don’t want to

Kevin  -- Joe just pack the clothes

Leah  -- why do we need more clothes?

Nick  -- because we’re leaving tonight

Leah  -- who is?

Nick  -- you and me

Leah  -- what about Kevin and Joe

Nick  -- they’re staying here

Leah  -- but i don’t want to go with you

Nick  -- why do you hate me so much!

Leah  -- because its your fault my step dad is here!

Joe  -- i’m going to go home and pack the clothes, i’ll leave them at the hospital when Kevin and i pick up Haylee

Nick  -- okay just leave it at the front desk

Kevin  -- we’ll see you when you get back [they leave]

Leah  -- why can’t i ever be a part of the decision

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- you always choose what i’m going to do without even asking me

Nick  -- i’m sorry

Leah  -- no your not!

Nick  -- fine i’m not, but you still have to come

Leah  -- where are we going?

Nick  -- my cabin

Leah  -- i don’t want to go!

Nick  -- well you have to!


Joe  -- [sitting in the car with Kevin and Haylee, calls Nick]

Haylee  -- this is a weird plan

Kevin  -- yeah well Nick came up with it

Nick  -- [answers his phone] hello?

Joe  -- we’re leaving now

Nick  -- kay, i’ll see you guys when we get back [hangs up]

Kevin  -- [starts driving]


Nick  -- [gets the bags of clothes from the hospital, puts them in his car]

Leah  -- can we go now?

Nick  -- yeah just stop complaining

Leah  -- [crosses her arms] this is so stupid!

Nick  -- shut up Leah [gets in the car, starts driving to the cabin]

Leah  -- is there anything to do there

Nick  --  yeah now shut up!


Leah  -- [looks behind them] i think theres someone following us

Nick  -- [speeds the car up a bit]

Leah  --  turn left up here, then drive around town a bit and get back on the highway

Nick  -- [does what she says] are they still following us?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- is it your step dad?

Leah  -- [looks at the car’s license plate] no, its not

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- its not his car

Nick  -- well then who’s following us?

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Chapter 76

Nick  -- is it your step dad?

Leah  -- [looks at the car’s license plate] no, its not

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- its not his car

Nick  -- well then who’s following us?

Leah  -- i donno, drive a bit faster

Nick  -- [drives faster]

Leah  -- [watches the car behind them] Nick go faster

Nick  -- i’m already speeding Leah! I don’t want to get in an accident!

Leah  -- Nick they’re catching up

Nick  -- [drives a bit faster] happy?

Leah  -- faster Nick

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- why not?!

Nick  -- because we’re going to crash if i go faster

Leah  -- Nick i’m scared

Nick  -- i won’t let anything happen to you, so just calm down

Leah  -- [keeps looking behind them]

Nick  -- [looks at her] stop it!

Leah  -- Nick keep your eyes on the road!

Nick  -- don’t tell me what to do!

Leah  -- NICK!!!

Nick  -- [looks at the road again]

Leah  -- [turns the heat off]

Nick  -- what are you doing?

Leah  -- its to hot

Nick  -- then take off your shirt

Leah  -- no!

Nick  -- [turns the heat back on]

Leah  -- Nick stop it!

Nick  -- Leah its my car!

Leah  -- [reaches into Nick’s pocket]

Nick  -- [getting horny] what are you doing?

Leah  -- [grabs his phone]

Nick  -- give it back!

Leah  -- i need to make a call!

Nick  -- theres no service!

Leah  -- then i’ll just delete the porn off your phone

Nick  -- its not porn!

Leah  -- this is a picture of me completely naked! how did you even get this?!

Nick  -- i took it while you were sleeping and don’t even think about del---

Leah  -- [deletes the picture] to late

Nick  -- Leah!

Leah  -- [keeps deleting the pictures]

Nick  -- GIVE ME THE FUCKING PHONE!!!! [tries to grab it]

Leah  -- keep your hands on the steering wheel!

Nick  -- [puts his hands back on the steering wheel] then give me the phone!

Leah  -- i can’t, you have no hands to hold it with

Nick  -- then put it back in my pocket

Leah  -- [puts the phone in the backseat]

Nick  -- how did that help?!

Leah  -- i’m not putting it back in your pocket!

Nick  -- you took it out of my pocket!

Leah  -- Nick turn the car around i want to go home

Nick  -- why?

Leah  -- because we can’t even go two hours without fighting

Nick  -- thats because your being a bitch

Leah  -- [looks behind them]

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- just seeing if the car is still following us

Nick  -- and ....

Leah  -- it is


Joe  -- [calling Nick]

Kevin  -- what are you doing?

Joe  -- trying to call Nick

Kevin  -- they don’t have phone service

Joe  -- i kno

Kevin  -- so how can you call them?

Joe  -- with a phone?

Kevin  -- yeah but ....never mind

Joe  -- you make no sense

Kevin  -- i need more of that drug Joe

Joe  -- what? Why?

Kevin  -- you kno why

Joe  -- fine i’ll try and have more by the end of the week

Kevin  -- make some extra

Joe  -- why?

Kevin  -- because Nick told me he needed some

Joe  -- why?

Kevin  -- i don’t ask why, Nick is always doing weird things

Joe  -- true

Kevin  -- and Addi and Courtney are downstairs

Joe  -- why?

Kevin  -- i donno

Joe  -- [goes downstairs] whats going on?

Addi  -- we need to talk to Nick

Courtney  -- but he won’t answer his phone

Joe  -- i kno i tried calling to!

Kevin  -- [comes in] for the last time, theres no phone service!

Addi  -- oh, where did he go?

Kevin  -- our cabin

Courtney  -- but we have to warn him

Joe  -- what? Why?


Leah  -- [watching the car behind them] are we almost there

Nick  -- yeah [drives up to a gate, opens it with the key card drives in]

Leah  -- [still watching the other car, it drives in befor the gate closes] Nick...

Nick  -- what? [looks behind them] how did they -----

Leah  -- the gate didn’t close fast enough

Nick   -- [drives faster along the road]

Leah  -- Nick who's following us?

Nick  -- i donno, but just calm down

Leah  -- i am calm!

Nick  -- no your not!

Leah  -- yes i am!

Nick  -- [keeps driving down the road] can you see if anyone else is here?

Leah  -- [looks at some of the other cabins] a couple people...does Josh have a cabin here?

Nick  -- yeah his is next to ours, why?

Leah  -- because theres his car [points to a car parked outside a cabin]

Nick  -- well i guess he’s here then [parks the car outside his cabin, gets out of the car]

Leah  -- [gets out too, sees the car that was following them drive over to them] Nick...

Nick  -- [hands her the cabin key] just go inside

Leah  -- [goes inside the cabin]

Nick  -- [walks over to the car, opens the door] WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!!

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Chapter 77

Leah  -- [gets out too, sees the other car drive over to them] Nick...

Nick  -- [hands her the cabin key] just go inside

Leah  -- [goes inside the cabin]

Nick  -- [walks over to the car, opens the door] WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!!

Aiden  -- we came because you crashed our party! [gets out of the car]

Lucas  -- [gets out too] did your cabin have to be so far away?

Brian  -- [gets out] wheres Leah?

Nick  -- leave her alone! Just go home!

Aiden  -- [punches him] you didn’t let us finish with Leah!

Lucas  -- so we came here to do it

Brian  -- [goes into the cabin]

Nick  -- leave her alone Brian! [starts to follow him]

Lucas  -- [pulls him back] not so fast [pushes Nick to the ground]

Nick  -- what the hell!

Aiden  -- Brian said he wanted time to play around with Leah

Lucas  -- wich means you can’t go in there

Nick  -- [stands up]

Aiden  -- [punches him again]

Nick  -- [hits him back, then goes into the cabin]

Leah  -- [screaming, crying] NICK HELP!!!! PLEASE!!!

Nick  -- [goes into the bedroom]

Brian  -- [pinning Leah on the bed, kisses her neck]

Leah  -- [crying harder, struggling to get away from him]

Nick  -- [pulls Brian off her] don’t touch her!

Brian  -- Nick we’ll just have a threesome

Nick  -- no! Get out! [pushes him out]

Leah  -- [pulls the covers over her head]

Nick  -- Leah?

Leah  -- i hate Brian!

Nick  -- everyone does

Leah  -- [kicks the covers off her]

Nick  -- [hugs her]

Leah  -- [pushes him away] i just want to be alone

Nick  -- fine  [walks out] what are you still doing here?

Aiden  -- we aren’t done with you

Nick  -- i didn’t do anything!

Lucas  -- you crashed my party!

Nick  -- i was just picking up Leah!

Lucas  -- no you were ruining our fun

Nick  -- just get out!

Brian  -- did Leah kick you out?

Nick  -- what?

Brian  -- did she kick you out of the bedroom

Nick  -- yeah

Lucas  -- so just rape her with us

Nick  -- what?!

Aiden  -- you don’t kno what rape is?

Nick  -- of course i do

Lucas  -- so are you in or not?

Nick  -- why would i rape Leah?

Lucas  -- because she won’t give you sex willingly

Nick  -- yeah she will

Aiden  -- you kno if your not with us then your against us and we’ll just have to make sure you don’t get in the way


Joe  -- [watching tv with Addi]

Addi  -- can we do something else?

Joe  -- like what?

Addi  -- i donno [kisses his neck]

Joe  -- i’m not in the mood Addi

Addi  -- you never are!

Joe  -- because i have a lot on my mind

Addi  -- [laughs]

Joe  -- [glares at her]

Addi  -- oh you were serious?

Joe  -- yeah

Addi  -- you have a lot on your mind?

Joe  -- yeah

Addi  -- you? Joe Jonas?

Joe  -- yes Addi!

Addi  -- yeah i can’t picture that

Joe  --very funny!

Kevin  -- [comes in] is the drug ready? I have to get back to ----

Joe  -- your other family?

Kevin  -- well yeah

Joe  -- its not done

Addi  -- i can’t believe your still making that stuff

Joe  -- why not?

Addi  -- because no one should take a drug made by you!

Kevin  -- for once Joe actually made something that works

Addi  -- it does?

Kevin  -- yeah

Joe  -- why does everything think i’m stupid

Kevin  -- because you thot i was a spy for months

Addi  -- and you have really weird theories

Joe  -- no i don’t!

Kevin/Addi  -- yeah you do



I wiped the tears from my eyes, everything was messed up. I can’t believe that those jerks followed us here! It was just supposed to be me and Nick....even tho i don’t like Nick, he’s a jerk! And i hate him!....or atleast don’t like him a lot. I heard him yelling at those stupid bayview kids. I couldn’t really hear what they were saying, but i wasn’t really listening either. I heard a gun shot and i ran out.


Lucas  -- grab her!

Brian  -- [grabs Leah around the waist]

Leah  -- LET ME GO!!

Aiden  -- [looks down at Nick who’s laying on the ground] you should have just raped her with us

Nick  -- [has his hand on his shoulder, where the bullet hit him] I’M GOING TO KILL YOU AIDEN

Leah  -- [trying to get away from Brian]

Brian  -- [kisses her neck]

Nick  -- leave her alone Brian!

Brian  -- leave her alone? Fine Aiden take off her shirt

Aiden  -- [smirks, takes off Leah’s shirt and then her pants]

Leah  -- [crying] STOP!!!

Nick  -- [getting dizzy from loss of blood] don’t touch her!

Brian  -- you mean like this? [puts his hand in her underwear, puts his finger in her]

Leah  -- [moans] stop!

Nick  -- BRIAN!!!

Lucas  -- [kicks Nick hard, breaking his nose, then he and Aiden keep beating Nick]

Leah  -- [crying hard] STOP!!!

Brian  -- shut up Leah!


Brian  -- thats the point baby [takes her back into the bedroom]

Leah  -- LET ME GO!!!

Brian  -- [puts her on the bed] no [takes his shirt off]

Leah  -- [takes Brian’s pants off]

Brian  -- [smirks, kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it, rolls over to she’s on top, then gets off him, runs back to the other room and over to Nick]

Nick  -- [unconscious on the floor]

Leah  -- [shakes him, crying really hard] Nick please wake up!

Lucas  -- i think we’re done here

Aiden  -- yeah i think so too

Brian  -- [comes in] i’m not done with Leah yet!

Aiden  -- yes you are [they leave]

Leah  -- [still shaking Nick] Nick wake up! [crying hysterically] please Nick!

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Chapter 78

Lucas  -- i think we’re done here

Aiden  -- yeah i think so too

Brian  -- [comes in] i’m not done with Leah yet!

Aiden  -- yes you are [they leave]

Leah  -- [still shaking Nick] Nick wake up! [crying hysterically] please Nick!


I kept shaking him but nothing worked, i had to get help. I started walking out of the cabin when i realized that i had no shirt or pants on, because of stupid Brian. I grabbed my clothes put them on and ran out of the cabin. I didn’t kno where to go, i remembered Nick said Josh was here, and so i ran to Josh’s cabin


Leah  -- [knocking on the door, still crying]

Josh  -- [opens the door] what do you want?[sees she’s crying] Leah what happened? [wipes her tears]

Leah  -- you have to come! [grabs his arm, starts to leave]

Josh  -- i can’t

Leah  -- what?

Josh  -- i have people here with me! I can’t just leave!

Leah  -- girls?

Josh  -- yeah

Leah  -- well this is more important!

Josh  -- Leah -------

Leah  -- Nick’s hurt!!!

Josh  -- what?

Leah  -- we don’t have much time! [runs back to the cabin]

Josh  -- [follows her] you don’t have to run!

Leah  -- [runs back over to him] yes we do! [grabs his hand, runs to the cabin and over to Nick] he won’t wake up!

Josh  -- thats cuz he’s unconscious genius!

Leah  -- just help him!

Josh  -- well we don’t have time to take him to the hospital

Leah  -- so what do you do?

Josh  -- what do you mean what do i do?! This is your problem!

Leah  -- Josh please!

Josh  -- fine, go find a first aid kit

Leah  -- [leaves, comes back with a first aid kit] here!

Josh  -- you have to help!

Leah  -- i don’t kno how to do anything!

Josh  -- yeah i kno!

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Josh  -- you said it not me [grabs a knife]

Leah  -- what are you doing!

Josh  -- i have to make the cut bigger so i can get the bullet out

Leah  -- thats a stupid idea!

Josh  -- just try and get some phone service and call Joe and Kevin

Leah  -- what

Josh  -- tell them whats going on and then come back

Leah  -- no  i want to stay

Josh  -- fine you can get the bullet out of Nick’s shoulder!

Leah  -- you said something about a phone?

Josh  -- just go already!

Leah  -- [leaves, walks down the road trying to find phone service]


Leah  -- [running down the side of the highway still looking for phone service]

Lucas  -- [drives the car over to her] hey babe, you need a ride

Leah  -- leave me alone! I have to help Nick!

Brian  -- no you don’t

Leah  -- JUST LEAVE ME ALONE [turns around, heads back to the cabin]

Lucas  -- [follows her in the car]

Aiden  -- what are you doing

Lucas  -- shut up Aiden

Leah  -- [looks at their car, walks a bit faster]

Lucas  -- [keeps following her]

Brian  -- come on Leah get in the car, we’ll take care of you

Leah  -- [starts walking infront of the car]

Lucas  -- [stops the car fast]

Leah  -- [starts running down the street]

Brian  -- i can’t believe you fell for that Lucas!

Lucas  -- [starts to car again, following Leah]

Leah  -- [runs all the way back to the cabin, locks the door]

Josh  -- you okay?

Leah  -- [trying to catch her breath] water-----

Josh  -- [grabs her some water]

Leah  -- [drinks it fast]

Josh  -- you didn’t have to run!

Leah  -- yes i did!

Josh  -- why?

Leah  -- is Nick okay?

Josh  -- yeah...i think, he’s laying on the couch

Leah  -- you think he’s okay?!!!

Josh  -- why do you care? I thot you hated Nick!

Leah  -- no i don’t!

Josh  -- you always say you do

Leah  -- WELL I DON’T!!!

Josh  -- you make no sense! [leaves]

Leah  -- [goes over to where Nick is] Nicky?

Nick  -- [moves a bit]

Leah  -- Nick wake up!

Nick  -- [wakes up a bit] Leah?

Leah  -- [hugs him tight]

Nick  -- [winces]

Leah  -- [pulls away] sorry

Nick  -- where are they?

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- where’s Lucas, Aiden and Brian!

Leah  -- they left...are you okay?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Nick  -- [pushes her away] what are you doing? [sits up]

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- we’re fighting! Your not supposed to kiss me! [goes to the bedroom, lays down on the bed]

Leah  -- [follows him, sits on the bed next to him]

Nick  -- you kno theres another bedroom upstairs

Leah  -- i don’t want to be fighting anymore

Nick  -- why?

Leah  -- because i hate fighting with you [plays with his curls]

Nick  -- [moves her hand]

Leah  -- Nick ------

Nick  -- tell me the real reason

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- the real reason you don’t want to be fighting

Leah  -- that is the real reason!

Nick  -- [pulls her to she’s laying on top of him, winces a bit]

Leah  -- okay maybe its not the real reason [rests her head on his chest]

Nick  -- why don’t you just say it already!

Leah  -- i love you Nick [kisses him]

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Chapter 79

Leah  -- that is the real reason!

Nick  -- [pulls her to she’s laying on top of him, winces a bit]

Leah  -- okay maybe its not the real reason [rests her head on his chest]

Nick  -- why don’t you just say it already!

Leah  -- i love you Nick [kisses him]

Nick  -- [smirks, deepens it]

Leah  -- [pulls away]

Nick  -- [kisses her again]

Leah  -- [pulls away] wait! I want you to say it back to me

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- i want to hear you say you love me

Nick  -- so you want me to lie?

Leah  -- w---what?

Nick  -- i don’t love you Leah

Leah  -- [starts to get off him]

Nick  -- [holds her still] where are you going?

Leah  -- apparently no where, let me go Nick!

Nick  -- [lets go of her]

Leah  -- [walks out]

Nick  -- LEAH!!!

Leah  -- [walks back in] what?

Nick  -- why are you mad at me

Leah  -- because you don’t love me!

Nick  -- so what?

Leah  -- you used to love me!

Nick  -- well i don’t anymore

Leah  -- [starts to leave]

Nick  -- can you make dinner

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- i can’t move

Leah  -- yes you can!

Nick  -- please Leah?

Leah  -- fine [walks out]

Nick  -- wait come back!

Leah  -- [walks back in] what now!

Nick  -- i changed my mind, i want you to stay here

Leah  -- why?

Nick  -- because i have nothing to do

Leah  --  i’m making dinner Nick, find some way to entertain yourself [goes into the kitchen]

Nick  -- [follows her]

Leah  -- Nick!

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- your hurt, you should be resting

Nick  -- i’m not hurt

Leah  -- yeah you are

Nick  -- i’m fine

Leah  -- no you not!

Nick  -- Leah if i say i’m fine then i am!

Leah  -- [walks out of the cabin, goes to Josh’s cabin, knocks on the door]

Josh  -- [opens its] what now!

Leah  -- [walks in]

Josh  -- Leah get out!

Nick  -- [walks in] Leah stop being so annoying!

Josh  -- whats she doing?

Nick  -- she makes no sense

Leah  -- yes i do!

Nick  -- no you don’t!

Leah  -- yes i -----

Josh  -- [covers her mouth] shut up Leah

Nick  -- she’s just mad because i wouldn’t say i loved her

Leah   -- [moves Josh’s hand] you made me say it to you! so why can’t you just say it back

Josh  -- maybe because its not true

Leah  -- [slaps him hard, then realizes what she did, back away from him]

Josh  -- [pins her against the wall]

Nick  -- Josh----

Josh  -- [puts his hand around Leah’s throat, choking her]

Nick  -- Josh stop!

Leah  -- [gasping for air]

Nick  -- JOSH!!!

Josh  -- [ignores him]

Nick  -- just let her go! [moves towards him]

Josh  -- [lets go of Leah]

Leah  -- [falls to the ground crying]

Nick  -- [starts to help her up]

Josh  -- just leave her there Nick

Nick  --  why would i do that!?

Josh  -- because she’s a bitch!

Nick  -- no she’s not [helps Leah up]

Leah  -- i hate you Josh!

Josh  -- i don’t care slut!

Nick  -- don’t call her a slut!

Josh  -- i’ll call her whatever i want!

Leah  -- Nick lets just go

Josh  -- why babe?

Leah  -- because your a jerk! [goes back to Nick’s cabin]

Josh  -- why did she even bother coming over in the first place?!

Nick  -- i donno, she’s been acting really weird

Josh  -- you mean more weird than normal

Nick  -- yeah

Josh  -- you should have killed her months ago! You were about to befor she told you she was pregnant

Nick  -- yeah i  kno

Josh  -- you were going to kill the baby anyways, so why didn’t you just kill Leah aswell!

Nick  -- because i’m not going to kill Leah!

Josh  -- you kill hundreds of girls!

Nick  -- thats different

Josh  -- no its not!

Nick  -- yeah it is! Those girls are worthless

Josh  -- so is Leah

Nick  -- [punches him] no she’s not! [goes back to his cabin]

Leah  -- [laying on the floor]

Nick  -- didn’t make it to the bed?

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Nick  -- [laughs a bit]

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- sorry

Leah  -- why don’t you love me

Nick  -- because i don’t anymore

Leah  -- but why?

Nick  -- there isn’t a reason Leah! I just don’t love you

Leah  -- then just leave me alone

Nick  -- fine [goes into the bedroom]


Nick  -- [can’t fall asleep, goes back to where Leah is]

Leah  -- [sleeping on the floor]

Nick  -- [picks her up]

Leah  -- [wakes up a bit] Nicky?

Nick  -- go back to sleep baby

Leah  -- [falls back asleep]

Nick  -- [carries her into the bedroom, lays her down on the bed, lays next to her] Leah? Are you asleep?

Leah  -- [cuddles close to him]

Nick  -- [shakes her a bit] Leah?....i lied

Leah  -- [rests her head on his chest, still asleep]

Nick  -- i think i do love you baby [kisses her head]


Nick  -- [wakes up, looks next to him] Leah?... where are you? [gets off the bed, looks thru the cabin] LEAH!!!  [looks out the window, runs out of the cabin] what did you do to her!

Brian  -- [smirking] i donno what your talking about

Nick  -- yes you do! Wheres Leah!

Brian  -- i have no idea

Nick  -- BRIAN!!!

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Chapter 80

Brian  -- [smirking] i donno what your talking about

Nick  -- yes you do! Wheres Leah!

Brian  -- i have no idea

Nick  -- BRIAN!!!

Brian  -- Nick i don’t kno what your talking about!

Nick  -- YES YOU DO!!!

Brian  -- i would check out there [points to the lake]

Nick  -- what!

Brian  -- we got over the fire thing, we’re onto the water thing now

Nick  -- just take me to her

Brian  -- and what fun would that ----

Nick  -- [punches him hard, pushes him to the ground] now Brian!

Brian  -- just look for Lucas and Aiden! They’re with her!

Nick  -- no, you go out there! And you bring her back!

Brian  -- why should i!?


Brian  -- no


Leah   --  [crying] please let me go!

Aiden  -- you should kno us by now Leah!

Lucas  -- [pushes her off the boat and into the water]

Leah  -- [screams as she hits the water, then grabs the side of the boat]

Lucas  -- get off!

Leah  -- no its too deep!

Aiden  -- thats the point! [hits her hard, knocking her out]

Lucas  -- Aiden!

Aiden  -- what? [pushes Leah away from the boat]

Leah  -- [sinks to the bottom of the lake]

Lucas  -- AIDEN!!!

Aiden  -- what?

Lucas  -- Nick’s going to kill us!

Aiden  -- i thot he was over her!

Lucas  -- [pushes Aiden into the water] just go get her!

Aiden  -- fine [swims to the bottom of the lake, grabs Leah, the goes back up to the boat]

Lucas  -- [pulls her into the boat]

Aiden  -- why did we come out here in the first place?

Lucas  -- because i thot Nick would try and save her, but he hasn’t come yet

Aiden  -- he probably didn’t notice she’s gone

Lucas  -- [shakes Leah] Leah wake up!

Aiden  -- [smirks] maybe we could give her mouth to mouth

Lucas  -- [hits him]

Aiden  -- [gets back in the boat]

Leah  -- [wakes up, coughing]

Lucas  -- you okay? [kisses her head]

Leah  -- [moves away from him] leave me alone

Aiden  -- do you want us to take you back or not!

Leah  -- [shivering, looks away from them]

Lucas  -- is the water really that cold?

Aiden  -- yeah! And you pushed me in!

Lucas  -- [hugs Leah, trying to keep her warm]

Leah  -- no! Get away from me!

Lucas  -- [holds her tighter] Aiden lets head back to Nick’s cabin

Aiden  -- fine, but she better freeze to death or something

Leah  -- [glares at him]


Nick  -- [standing on the dock waiting for Lucas and Aiden to bring back Leah] where are they!

Brian  -- who knows

Nick  -- what were you going to do anyways!

Brian  -- i donno, it was four in the morning, we don’t think of anything good plans so early in the morning

Nick  -- you don’t think at all! [starts walking back to the cabin]

Brian  -- Nick you might want to wait

Nick  -- why?

Leah  -- [runs over to him, hugs him tight]

Nick  -- [hugs her back, picking her up]

Leah  -- [wraps her legs around his waist, and her arms around his neck]

Brian  -- thats why

Nick  -- [puts Leah down] you got me all wet

Leah  -- sorry

Brian  -- [smirks] nice shirt babe

Lucas  -- [comes over with Aiden] white shirt, no bra [smirks]

Leah  -- [goes behind Nick]

Nick  -- [gives her his jacket]

Leah  -- [puts it on]

Aiden  -- you look better without the jacket

Nick  -- just leave her alone! I thot you guys left

Lucas  -- we did, but then we saw Leah running down the highway and decided to come back

Nick  -- why were you running down the highway

Leah  -- i was looking for phone service

Aiden  -- in the middle of no where?

Leah  -- shut up!

Nick  -- [stands behind Leah, wraps his arms around her waist]

Leah  -- [smiles a bit]

Brian  -- wow

Lucas  -- what?

Brian  -- i can’t believe Nick loves Leah, she’s such a bitch!

Leah  -- he doesn’t love me, and i’m not a bitch!

Brian  -- yes you are! I would kno i had to be your boyfriend for so long

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Aiden  -- and you didn’t stop complaining once

Brian  -- shut up Aiden!

Nick  -- are you guys going to leave anytime soon?

Lucas  -- nope, we thot it would be fun to stay here with you and Leah

Nick  -- what!

Aiden  -- thanks for the invite Nick, this is going to be so much fun [looks at Leah]

Leah  -- you weren’t invited!

Brian  -- sure we were

Nick  -- [takes Leah back up to the cabin]

Leah  -- Nick i don’t want them to stay

Nick  -- they aren’t going to

Leah  -- good

Brian  -- [comes in with Aiden and Lucas] so where can we stay?

Nick  -- i donno, how about at your house!

Brian  -- Nick you already said we could stay

Nick  -- no i didn’t!

Aiden  -- sure you did [takes his gun out, points it at Leah]

Nick  -- fine you can stay! Just don’t hurt her!

Lucas  -- see he does love her

Nick  -- [walks out]

Leah  -- Nick? [follows him] where are you going?

Nick  -- i just need to go for a drive [gets in his car]

Leah  -- you can’t leave me here with those stupid Bayview boys!

Nick  -- i’ll just send Josh over

Leah  -- oh yeah that would make me feel much safer!

Nick  -- i just need time to think!

Leah  -- why? Because they keep saying you love me?...don’t worry Nick i kno that you don’t love me

Nick  -- right...

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- stop confusing me! Don’t say what after i said what!

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- stop it!

Nick  -- i’ll be back in a couple minutes [drives away]

Leah  -- [crosses her arms]

Brian  -- [comes over with Aiden and Lucas] hey babe [kisses her]

Lucas  -- where’s Nick going?

Leah  -- i donno

Aiden  -- [smirks] then i guess we can have some fun

Leah  -- [runs after Nick’s car] NICK COME BACK!!!

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Chapter 81

Lucas  -- where’s Nick going?

Leah  -- i donno

Aiden  -- [smirks] then i guess we can have some fun

Leah  -- [runs after Nick’s car] NICK COME BACK!!!

Lucas  -- [runs after her, grabs her around the waist]

Leah  -- [screams]

Lucas  -- [covers her mouth, takes her back over to Brian and Aiden]

Aiden  -- so why did Nick leave?

Brian  -- because he wants us to have some fun with Leah

Leah  -- [shakes her head, crying]

Aiden  -- just take her into the cabin

Lucas  -- [carries Leah into the cabin]


Nick  -- [drives home, parks the car, goes into the house]

Kevin  -- what are you doing here?

Nick  -- i live here, what are you doing here?!

Kevin  -- i -----

Nick  -- don’t live here!

Kevin  -- wheres Leah?

Nick  -- what?

Kevin  -- didn’t you take her with you?

Nick  -- yeah

Kevin  -- well is she here

Nick  -- no she’s at the cabin with Lucas, Aiden and... shit! [runs out]

Kevin  -- [follows him] what are you doing?!

Nick  -- i can’t believe i left her there, what was i thinking!

Kevin  -- you weren’t!

Nick  -- [gets in his car, drives back to the cabin]


Leah  -- [crying hysterically]

Brian  -- [kissing her neck]

Leah  -- let me go!

Brian  -- no, Lucas and Aiden are looking for something sharp and then we can have some real fun

Leah  -- [tries to push him away]

Brian  -- just let us do what we don’t really have a choice

Leah  -- i want Nick

Brian  -- well he left you here [kisses her neck] he left you for us to play with [keeps kissing her neck]

Leah  -- please stop!

Brian  -- you really don’t kno me at all do you babe?

Leah  -- Brian please! I love you

Brian  -- you what!

Leah  -- please don’t hurt me

Brian  -- nice try [kisses her]

Leah  -- [turns her head]

Brian  -- [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- [moans a bit] please stop

Aiden  -- [runs in] Nick’s back!

Brian  -- what!

Aiden  -- grab her and lets go [runs out]

Brian  -- [picks up Leah]

Leah  -- [screams] NICK HELP!!!

Brian  -- [covers her mouth] shut up!

Leah  -- [crying]

Brian  -- [walks out of the cabin, puts Leah in Lucas’s car]

Nick  -- BRIAN!!!

Brian  -- we’re leaving, just like you wanted

Nick  -- you can’t take her back yet!

Brian  -- why not?

Nick  -- its not safe

Lucas  -- of course its not, she’s going to be with us

Nick  -- [grabs his gun out of his car, points it at Brian] let her go!

Aiden  -- bad move Nick [takes out his gun own gun, points it at Nick]

Leah  -- NO!!!

Lucas  -- [points his gun at Nick aswell]

Leah  -- STOP IT!!!

Brian  -- three against didn’t think this thru did you Nick, Leah pass me my gun

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Aiden  -- [points his gun at Leah]

Leah  -- [starts crying hard]

Nick  -- [points it his gun at Aiden]

Leah  -- YOU GUYS STOP IT!!! [starts crying harder]

Nick  -- shut up Leah!

Brian  -- yeah shut up Leah!

Leah  -- [grabs Brian’s gun out of the car, points it at Brian]

Brian  -- what do you think your doing!


Joe  -- he what?

Kevin  -- how many times do i have to tell you!

Joe  -- one more

Kevin  -- he left Leah alone with Brian Lucas and Aiden

Joe  -- wow...and people think i’m stupid

Kevin  -- can we talk about something else now

Joe  -- no we can talk about how i’m smarter then Nick

Kevin  -- sure you are

Joe  -- i wouldn’t leave Leah alone with those jerks!

Kevin  -- thats the only stupid thing Nick’s done, and we’re talking about something else now!

Joe  -- just admit i’m smarter then Nick

Kevin  -- [walks out]

Joe  -- Kevin?....KEVIN!!!


Leah  -- [crying really hard, because both Aiden and Lucas have their guns pointed at her]

Brian  -- Leah give me my gun!

Leah  -- NO!!!

Nick  -- [walks closer to them]

Aiden  -- your the one that started this Nick

Nick  -- i kno, wich is why i’m going to end it! [puts his gun down] Leah just calm down

Leah  -- [closes her eyes tight]

Brian  -- Leah give me the gun!

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Aiden  -- your going to do something stupid

Nick  -- you guys stop! your making her nervous!

Brian  -- Leah give me the fucking gun!

Leah  -- [still has the gun pointed at Brian, pulls the trigger]

Lucas/Aiden  -- [both shoot her right after she shot Brian]

Leah  -- [screams in pain]

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Chapter 82

Nick  -- you guys stop! your making her nervous!

Brian  -- Leah give me the fucking gun!

Leah  -- [still has the gun pointed at Brian, pulls the trigger]

Lucas/Aiden  -- [both shoot her right after she shot Brian]

Leah  -- [screams in pain]

Nick  -- [pushes Lucas and Aiden out of the way, takes Leah out of the car]

Leah  -- [crying really hard, still screaming]

Nick  -- Leah calm down [sits her on the ground]

Leah  -- [breathing uneven]

Brian  -- what about me! I got shot to!

Nick  -- and you deserve it!

Aiden  -- just go to Josh’s he helped Nick

Brian  -- [goes to Josh’s cabin]

Nick  -- [picks up Leah, takes her into the cabin]

Lucas  -- [follows with Aiden] Nick -----

Nick  -- don’t talk to me!

Lucas  -- don’t act like your surprised this happened! It was her own fault!

Aiden  -- and it was kinda your fault to, your the one who pulled out a gun first

Nick  -- just shut up! [sits Leah on  the couch]

Leah  -- [holding her breath]

Nick  -- Leah you need to breathe!

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Nick  -- Leah!

Leah  -- [starts breathing uneven]

Nick  -- Lucas go get Josh!

Lucas  -- no she deserves to die!

Nick  -- Lucas just ----

Aiden  -- i’ll get him [leaves]

Nick  -- [lays Leah across the couch]

Lucas  -- she needs a hospital

Nick  -- we don’t have time for that! [kisses Leah’s head] calm down okay?

Leah  -- its hurts to much

Josh  -- [comes in] why is everyone getting shot?!

Lucas  -- ask her! She’s the one that started this!

Josh  -- Nick move

Nick  -- no

Josh  -- if you want to get those bullets out of her then you need to move!

Nick  -- bullet actually

Josh  -- what?

Nick  -- only one actually hit her

Josh  -- fine if you want to get one of the bullets out then ---

Nick  -- just tell me how you did it and i’ll do it myself! I don’t trust you!

Josh  -- well first you need to make the cut bigger [hands him a knife]

Leah  -- no!

Josh  -- you have to!

Nick  -- [puts the knife to where the bullet hit Leah]

Leah  -- no no no no no no no no

Nick  -- Leah....

Leah  -- please Nick it hurts to much already

Nick  -- [kisses her] just trust me okay?

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Nick  -- [cuts the knife into her arm a bit]

Leah  -- [screams in pain, crying really hard]

Lucas  -- [covers her mouth] you scream really loud

Leah  -- [still crying really hard, bites his hand]

Lucas  -- bitch!

Nick  -- Lucas just get out!

Lucas  -- [walks out]

Leah  -- Nick please stop! It hurts to much

Josh  -- just stop complaining Leah!


Leah  -- [has her eyes shut tight]

Nick  -- [wraps a bandage around her arm where she was shot, kisses her forehead] done

Leah  -- [opens her eyes, looks at her arm]

Nick  -- you okay?

Leah  -- [nods] it still hurts tho

Aiden  -- [comes in with Lucas and Brian] we found this at Josh’s [throws Nick some painkillers]

Josh  -- you were looking threw my stuff!

Brian  -- yeah

Nick  -- [hands Leah a pain killer]

Leah  -- [takes it] how long till it works?

Brian  -- it will be a while

Leah  -- i hate you Brian! Get out!

Nick  -- Leah i think you should just go to sleep [picks her up, takes her into the bedroom]

Leah  -- but -----

Nick  -- just rest okay? [lays her on the bed, starts to leave]

Leah  -- not okay [grabs his arm]

Nick  -- Leah let go

Leah  -- no i want you to stay [pulls him on the bed]

Nick  -- Leah -----

Leah  -- [kisses him] please stay

Nick  -- fine [lays down next to her]

Leah  -- my arm still hurts

Nick  -- i’m sorry Leah, its my fault

Leah  -- no its not, its my fault

Nick  --  [plays with her hair] i’m still sorry

Leah  -- i want those stupid boys of here!

Nick  -- i’ll get them out, lately i’m thinking its safer back at home then it is here

Leah  -- yeah maybe a bit

Nick  -- we can go home tmrw if you want

Leah  -- kay [cuddles close to him]

Nick  -- [pulls the covers over them]

Leah  -- Nick?

Nick  -- yeah baby

Leah  -- i want my own gun

Nick  -- what!

Leah  -- i want ----

Nick  -- no! No way!

Leah  -- why not?

Nick  -- because i don’t let Haylee have one and i’m not letting you have one either!

Leah  -- but Nick----

Nick  -- no! Now go to sleep!

Leah  -- this isn’t fair!

Nick  -- do you kno how dangerous a gun is! Just look at your arm!

Leah  --  [rolls over so her back is to him, falls asleep]

Nick  -- [gets off the bed, walks back to the living room]

Lucas   -- so Nick where can we sleep?

Nick  -- in your car?

Brian  -- what is wrong with  you!?

Nick  -- you’ve turned Leah into someone different!

Brian  -- what?

Nick  -- she’s a completely different person! She used to be cute and sweet and now she wants a gun!

Aiden  -- she does?

Lucas  -- well she kinda needs one

Nick  -- no she doesn’t! no 16 year old girl should need a gun!

Josh  -- so i guess your not letting her have one?

Nick  -- of course not!

Aiden  -- how much longer till you guys are going home?

Nick  -- tmrw morning

Brian  -- good, we have everything we need at home

Nick  -- just leave her alone! Go torture some girl from your own school!


Nick  -- Leah hurry up!

Leah  -- [in the attic, looking thru boxes] i’m almost done

Nick  -- just come down from there!

Leah  -- just wait Nick!

Nick  -- i’m going to wait in the car [leaves]

Leah  -- [finds a gun, puts it in her bag then goes out to the car]

Nick  -- ready?

Leah  -- [puts her bag in the back, then gets in the car] yeah, lets go

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Chapter 83

Nick  -- i’m going to wait in the car [leaves]

Leah  -- [finds a gun, puts it in her bag then goes out to the car]

Nick  -- ready?

Leah  -- [puts her bag in the back, then gets in the car] yeah, lets go

Nick  -- [starts driving home]

Leah  -- wheres Lucas, Aiden and Brian?

Nick  -- i donno, they might have gone home already

Leah  -- oh

Nick  -- hows your arm?

Leah  -- fine


Nick  -- [parks the car]

Leah  -- [gets out, grabs her bag and runs into the house]

Nick  -- [follows her]

Joe  -- what are you guys doing here?

Kevin  -- they can be here Joe, its safe now

Nick  -- what?

Kevin  -- Leah’s mom called, she’s moving cities again

Joe  -- they’re moving to somewhere in Europe

Leah  -- my mom and step dad?

Joe  -- yeah

Leah  -- good [runs up to her room]

Kevin  -- whats her rush?

Nick  -- i donno, she’s been acting kinda weird today

Joe  -- [goes up to Leah’s room]

Leah  -- [doesn’t see him, takes the gun out of her bag]

Joe  -- where did you get that

Leah  -- i uh -----

Joe  -- Leah you can’t have a gun!

Leah  -- shhh!

Joe  -- what?

Leah  -- Nick can’t kno

Joe  -- why do you have a gun?

Leah  -- because i want one, Nick has one, Brian has one, and so do Lucas and Aiden so i should have one to

Joe  -- yeah but they’re guys and your a----

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Joe  -- what i mean is ---- well Nick’s ----- Leah you can’t have a gun!

Leah  -- sure i can [puts the gun in the drawer of her bedside table]

Joe  -- you don’t need it!

Leah  -- you don’t kno that!

Joe  -- yes i do!

Leah  -- just don’t tell Nick okay?!

Joe  -- i have to

Leah  -- no you don’t!

Joe  -- yes i do

Leah  -- Joe please!

Joe  -- fine, but you can’t keep that gun!

Leah  -- get out!

Joe  -- [leaves]


Nick  -- Joe!

Joe  -- i can’t tell you!

Nick  -- why not?

Joe  -- because i said i wouldn’t

Nick  -- [goes up to Leah’s room] whats going on?

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- i kno somethings going on with you!

Leah  -- no idea what your talking about Nick

Nick  -- yes you do!

Leah  -- i have some where to be [starts to leave]

Nick  -- where are you going?

Leah  -- out, can i borrow your car?

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- [reaches into Nick’s pocket, takes his keys out and leaves]

Nick  -- Leah! [follows her]

Leah  -- [walks out of the house, gets into Nick’s car]

Nick  -- [watches her drive away from the window]

Kevin  -- wheres she going?

Nick  -- i have no idea

Kevin  -- but she tells you everything

Nick  -- apparently not anymore, and Joe knows whats going on but he won’t tell me

Kevin  -- why not?

Nick  -- i donno [calls Leah’s cell, but hears the phone ring] she didn’t take her phone!

Kevin  -- i heard

Nick  -- why would she leave the phone here!

Kevin  -- Nick just forget about Leah for a bit, she’ll be fine

Nick  -- but ----

Kevin  -- why don’t you call Tony, Haylee or Josh and you can go to a bar or something

Nick  -- yeah but Leah -----

Kevin  -- i’ll try and find her, just forget about her for a couple hours and go do something fun

Nick  -- fine [walks out of the house, then walks back in] she took my car

Kevin  -- then walk!

Nick  -- [walks out of the house, and down the street, calls Tony]

Tony  -- [answers] hello?

Nick  -- is Haylee with you?

Tony  -- yeah

Nick  -- meet me at Mattii’s

Tony  -- we’ll be there in a couple minutes

Nick  -- good [hangs up]


Nick  -- [kinda drunk, finishes off his drink]

Haylee  -- i guess that makes me the driver

Tony  -- [drunk] what?

Haylee  -- you and Nick are both drunk!

Nick  -- no we aren’t

Haylee  -- wheres Leah? I thot she would have come

Tony  -- why would Leah come to a bar?

Haylee  -- i’m not sure

Nick  -- Leah’s out somewhere, i’m not sure where tho [orders another drink]

Haylee  -- Nick stop

Nick  -- what?

Haylee  -- i don’t want you having another one

Nick  -- to bad


Haylee  -- [walks into the house with Nick]

Kevin  -- hi Hayles, what are you doing here?

Haylee  -- Nick asked me to come

Nick  -- Kevin can you make me the really gross drink

Kevin  -- why? Are you drunk?

Nick  -- no, but almost

Kevin  -- fine [goes into the kitchen]

Nick  -- [sits on the couch, pulls Haylee on his lap] has Leah come home yet

Joe  -- no, we called a couple people too, but no ones seen here

Nick  -- [kinda worried] maybe i should -----

Joe  -- i’m sure she’ll be home soon


Nick  -- [sitting on the couch, waiting for Leah to come home]

???  -- [knocks on the door]

Nick  -- [opens it] oh my god

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Chapter 84

Nick  -- [sitting on the couch, waiting for Leah to come home]

???  -- [knocks on the door]

Nick  -- [opens it] oh my god

Brian  -- [carrying Leah, who’s unconscious] can i come in?

Nick  -- what did you do to her!

Brian  -- it wasn’t me

Nick  -- [takes Leah from him, carries her up to his room, lays her on the bed]

Brian  -- [follows him] Lucas and Aiden went to get your car

Nick  -- what?

Brian  -- we were going to the bar down near our school and we found Leah there

Nick  -- she was on Bayview land?

Brian  -- yeah and your lucky we found her when we did

Nick  -- why?

Brian  -- a couple College students had found her

Nick  -- oh my god, did they  ----

Brian  -- nothing major, just a couple cuts, and a couple make out sessions. They were leaving with her when we got there

Nick  -- then why is she unconscious?

Brian  -- i donno, they might have drugged her or something

Lucas  -- [comes in with Aiden, throws Nick the car keys] so do we get a thank you?

Nick  -- no

Aiden  -- but we made sure she got home safe

Brian  -- no i did, you guys took two hours to find Nick’s car

Leah  -- [moves a bit]

Nick  -- Leah? Are you okay?

Leah  -- [opens her eyes] no

Brian  -- so Leah how are you going to repay me for saving you

Aiden  -- we helped to!

Nick  -- get out!

Lucas  -- but -----

Nick  -- bye!

Brian  -- fine, but she owes us [leaves with Aiden and Lucas]

Leah  -- [touches her hair] ugh! Gross

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- i think theres something in my hair

Nick  -- then take a shower

Leah  -- i’m to tired [pulls the covers over her]

Nick  -- [smirks] well i could help you

Leah  -- no i’ll take a shower in the morning

Nick  -- fine [lays next to her] so are you going to tell me what you did

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- why not?

Leah  -- goodnight Nick [turns the lights off, falls asleep]

Nick  -- [kisses her forehead, falls asleep]


Nick  -- [wakes up] Leah?! [goes downstairs]

Leah  -- [sleeping with her head on the table]

Nick  -- [laughs a bit]

Joe  -- she’s been there for an hour

Nick  -- and you decided not to wake her up?

Joe  -- i tried, but she’s kinda bitchy in the morning

Nick  -- [shakes Leah a bit] Leah wake up

Leah  -- [half asleep, hits him]

Joe  -- told you

Nick  -- Leah!

Leah  -- what!

Nick  -- we’re going somewhere

Leah  -- where?

Nick  - just get up and you can see

Leah  -- [sits up] happy?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- where are we going?

Nick  -- no where

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Joe  -- so Leah, where were you last night?

Leah  -- out

Joe  -- out where?

Leah  -- somewhere [leaves]

Joe  -- she sounds like you

Nick  -- no she doesn’t

Joe  -- you used to say the exact same thing

Nick  -- i did

Joe  -- yeah

Nick  -- i want to old Leah back

Joe  -- she’s not that different

Nick  -- yes she is!

Joe  -- well your different too

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- your turning into a good little boy [pinches his cheek]

Nick  -- [hits his hand away] no  i’m not! I’m just trying to figure out whats going on with Leah, and then everything will go back to normal

Joe  -- if you say so

Nick  -- you don’t think Leah’s going to become like -----

Joe  -- no, she’s to nice to ever be like that


Leah  -- [walks into the house, kinda drunk]

Nick  -- Leah what are you wearing?!

Leah  -- a shirt

Nick  -- yeah only a shirt!...and thats not even your shirt

Leah  -- its not?

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- oh well [walks up to her room]

Nick  -- [follows her] Leah don’t walk away from me!

Leah  -- [sits on the bed] you might want to close the door

Nick  -- okay? [closes the door] Leah ....

Leah  -- [takes off the shirt she was wearing]

Nick  -- [getting horny cuz she’s just wearing her lacy bra and thong] when did you start wearing thongs?

Leah  -- you like?

Nick  -- [nods, lays her back on the bed]

Leah  -- [wraps her arms around his neck]

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it, takes Nick’s shirt off]

Nick  -- [takes his pants off, kisses Leah’s neck]

Leah  -- [moans a bit]

Nick  -- [starts sucking her neck, takes her bra off]

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens in, then kisses her neck, down to her stomach]

Leah  -- [moans]

Nick  -- [smirks, kisses up her leg, then pulls her thong down with his teeth]

Leah  -- [kisses him, takes his boxers off]

Nick  -- wait i need a ----

Leah  -- [holds up a condom]

Nick  -- yeah [tries to take it]

Leah  -- [rolls over so she’s on top, starts kissing his dick, the shoves the whole thing in her mouth]

Nick  -- hell yeah Leah! Keep going

Leah  -- [keeps sucking his dick for a bit, then puts the condom on him]

Nick  -- [lays her back down on the bed, goes into her fast]

Leah  -- [moans] harder Nick!

Nick  -- [goes into her harder] tell me what you want

Leah  -- HARDER!!! FASTER!!!

Nick  -- [goes into her as hard and fast as he can, pushing deeper into her] scream my name!

Leah  -- [moans] NICHOLAS JERRY JONAS!!!! HARDER!!!

Nick  -- [keeps going as hard as he can]


Joe  -- [listening thru the wall]

Kevin  -- what are you doing?

Joe  -- i think they’re having sex

Kevin  -- [sarcastic] really?

Joe  -- yeah

Kevin  -- Joe i can hear them from the other side of the house

Joe  -- yeah they are kinda loud [goes downstairs]

Kevin  -- [follows him]

Joe  -- do you think Leah’s okay?

Kevin  -- yeah...why?

Joe  -- i donno, she just seems different

Kevin  -- i’m sure she’s fine


Leah  -- [moaning really loud] FASTER NICK

Nick  -- [thrusting in and out of her as hard and fast as he can]

Leah  -- [screams in pleasure]

Nick  -- [smirks, then pulls out and lays next to her]

Leah  -- [lays her head on his chest]

Nick  -- [plays with her hair]

Leah  -- are you still mad at me?

Nick  -- after that, how could i be?

Leah  -- [smiles] ‘night Nick

Nick  -- [kisses her head] ‘night baby [they fall asleep]


Nick  -- [wakes up] Leah? [gets dressed, goes downstairs] have you guys seen Leah?

Joe  -- she left late last night

Kevin  -- she did?

Joe  -- yeah

Kevin  -- what time?

Joe  -- i donno like 4 or 5 am

Nick  -- what?

Kevin  -- why would you let her leave that late

Joe  -- well i asked where she was going, she said no where and i said okay and went back to bed

Kevin  -- [hits him] what is wrong with you

Nick  -- have you guys been in my car in the last couple days?

Kevin  -- no, why?

Nick  -- there was a couple hundred dollars in there, and now its gone

Joe  -- maybe Leah took it when she borrowed your car

Kevin  -- Leah wouldn’t steal

Nick  -- that was the night Lucas and Aiden brot my car back

Kevin  -- then they probably took it

Nick  -- probably [gets in his car, drives to Lucas’s house]

Brian  -- [opens the door, just wearing his boxers] what do you want

Nick  -- this is Lucas’s house right?

Brian  -- yeah

Nick  -- so why are you opening the door

Brian  -- because Lucas is sleeping, and i'm crashing here for a while... now what do you want

Nick  -- i’m missing some money and ----

Leah  -- [comes down wearing just Brian’s shirt] Brian come back up to bed, i want to have more fun [hugs him from behind, kisses his neck]

Nick  -- Leah?!

Leah  -- [looks at him] oh hi Nick

Nick  -- what are you doing here?!

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Chapter 85

Nick  -- i’m missing some money and ----

Leah  -- [comes down wearing just Brian’s shirt] Brian come back up to bed, i want to have more fun [hugs him from behind, kisses his neck]

Nick  -- Leah?

Leah  -- [looks at him] oh hi Nick

Nick  -- what are you doing here?!

Brian  -- whats it look like she’s doing?

Nick  -- it looks like she slept with you!

Brian  -- [smirks] we did more then that

Leah  -- i’ll go wait upstairs [kisses Brian, starts to leave]

Nick  -- [grabs her arm]

Leah  -- let me go!

Nick  -- gets you clothes cuz we’re going home

Leah  -- i’m not ready to go home!

Brian  -- you just aren’t good enough anymore Nick

Nick  -- and someone from Bayview is?

Brian  -- [glares at him] Leah go upstairs

Nick  -- no Leah get in the car

Brian  -- she’s coming back upstairs!

Nick  -- no she isn’t

Leah  -- you guys shut up! [goes upstairs]

Brian  -- i think you need to find some other girl to love now

Nick  --  [starts to walk into the house]

Brian  -- [blocks his way] you can go now

Nick  -- Brian -----

Brian  -- bye [closes the door, goes upstairs]

Leah  -- [sitting on the bed]

Brian  -- [smirks] hi babe

Leah  -- [pulls him on the bed] hi [kisses him]

Brian  -- [deepens its]

Leah  -- [gets on top of him]

Brian  -- Leah ----

Leah  -- [kisses him]

Brian  -- i want to be on top

Leah  -- to bad [kisses him]

Brian  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [smirks, hand cuffs him to the bed]

Brian  -- what the hell!

Leah  -- [gets off him]

Brian  -- let me go!

Leah  -- i will...later [goes into Lucas’s room]

Lucas  -- [sleeping]

Leah  -- [shakes him] Lucas wake up

Lucas  -- [wakes up a bit] your still here?

Leah  -- yeah, i need a knife

Lucas  -- [points to a drawer]

Leah  -- [opens it, takes a knife out, goes back to Brian]

Brian  -- LEAH LET ME GO!!!

Leah  -- [sits on his stomach, puts the knife on the floor]

Brian  -- [didn’t see the knife] i thot -----

Leah  -- [kisses him] what? I was going to be your slut?

Brian  -- yeah

Leah  -- after what you put me thru!

Brian  -- it wasn’t just me!

Leah  -- i’m only starting with you [kisses his neck]

Brian  -- if this is your way of punishing me...then i should be bad more often [smirks]

Leah  -- [kisses him, takes his boxers off]

Brian  -- you kno your going to have to get undressed to

Leah  -- and why would i have to do that [kisses his dick]

Brian  -- so we can have sex

Leah  -- [starts sucking his dick]

Brian  -- now we’re going to have to have sex

Leah  -- [sits on his stomach again] and why is that?

Brian  -- because you make me so horny

Leah  -- [grabs the knife]

Brian  -- what is that?!

Leah  -- haven’t you ever seen a knife befor?

Brian  -- yeah i’ve seen one befor! Why do you need it

Leah  -- [kisses him, puts the knife to his neck]

Brian  -- Leah this isn’t funny!

Leah  -- i kno its not [stabs his arm]

Brian  -- LEAH!!!

Leah  --  what? You want me to stab your other arm to? Make the pain even

Brian  -- don’t even think ----

Leah  -- [stabs his other arm]


Leah  -- oh really?

Brian  -- really!

Leah  -- [puts the knife to his dick] well i’ll just have to make sure you can’t do that

Brian  -- no no no i need that!

Leah  -- for what?

Brian  -- Leah  please!

Leah  -- please what?

Brian  -- please don’t!

Leah  -- why shouldn’t i!

Brian  -- because i’m begging

Leah  -- fine [drops the knife, gets off the bed]

Brian  -- where are you going?!

Leah  -- home

Brian  -- you have to let me out first!

Leah  -- bye Brian [goes home]

Joe  -- [watching tv] Nick?

Leah  -- no its me

Joe  -- [looks over at her] oh hi ---- what are you wearing?!

Leah  -- a shirt!

Joe  -- you look --- uh---- um

Nick  -- [comes in] like a slut!

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- go put some real clothes on!

Leah  -- you can’t tell me what to do!

Nick  -- NOW LEAH!!!

Leah  -- [kinda scared, runs upstairs]

Nick  -- wheres Kevin?

Joe  -- gone again

Nick  -- well i’m going out of town with Haylee, Tony and Josh

Joe  -- why?

Nick  -- because i need to get away from Leah!

Joe  -- i thot you loved her

Nick  -- i just need to get away from a bit

Joe  -- what am i supposed to do? I’ll be here all by myself

Nick  -- Leah’s here

Joe  -- when will you get back

Nick  -- i donno, a week or two

Leah  -- [comes in] happy now?

Nick  -- you didn’t change!

Leah  --yeah i did, i’m wearing shorts under the shirt

Nick  -- Leah ----

Leah  -- i’m going! [leaves]

Nick  -- Joe, try to change her back while i’m gone

Joe  -- okay, when are you leaving?

Nick  -- in an hour or two

Joe  -- kay

Leah  -- [comes down] when’s dinner

Joe  -- when ever the pizza gets here

Leah  -- pizza again?!

Joe  -- yup


Leah  -- [walks into Joe’s room] wheres Nick? I can’t find him

Joe  -- he’s gone

Leah  -- gone?

Joe  -- he went away for a couple weeks

Leah  -- what? Why

Joe  -- to get away from ----uh nothing

Leah  -- he was getting away from me wasn’t he

Joe  -- [lying] no of course not

Leah  -- liar!


Nick  -- [sitting in back of the car, next to Haylee]

Haylee  -- [playing with his curls]

Tony  -- Haylee stop it!

Haylee  -- why?

Tony  -- just stop

Josh  -- [driving] you guys can’t argue on this drive!

Haylee  -- we won’t

Tony  -- are you okay Nick? Your being kinda quiet

Nick  -- i’m just thinking

Haylee  -- about what?

Nick  -- nothing, i just need to call Leah [takes out his phone]

Haylee  -- no!

Nick  -- what?

Haylee  -- you told me to stop you if you were going to call Leah

Nick  -- fine

Josh  -- just forget about her, she’ll probably be dead by the time we get back anyways

Nick  -- WHAT!!!

Haylee  -- she won’t be dead! he was just joking

Nick  -- good

Tony  -- and Josh and i set up tons of girls for you for the next week

Haylee  -- what about me?!

Josh  -- girl on girl? I didn’t think you did that Hayles

Haylee  -- i meant aren’t i good enough

Tony  -- no

Josh  -- not if we want to get the old Nick back

Nick  -- what?

Tony  -- by the time we go home, everything will be like it was befor Leah came back

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Chapter 86

Haylee  -- i meant aren’t i good enough

Tony  -- no

Josh  -- not if we want to get the old Nick back

Nick  -- what?

Tony  -- by the time we go home, everything will be like it was befor Leah came back

Haylee  -- your wasting your time, Nick loves Leah to much to be a baby boy

Nick  -- i’m still a bad boy

Josh  -- sure you are

Nick  -- i am!

Josh  -- then this should be a fun week

Nick  -- i think i’m just going to check in at home [starts to get his phone]

Haylee  -- can’t it wait till the hotel?

Nick  -- fine


Leah  -- [laying on Nick’s bed, under the covers]

Joe  -- [comes in] i’ve been looking everywhere for you!

Leah  -- well i’ve been in here the whole time

Joe  -- why?

Leah  -- because i miss Nick

Joe  -- he’s only been gone a couple hours

Leah  -- it feels like longer

Joe  -- just go out

Leah  -- no thanks i’ll just go to bed early

Joe  -- okay, if you say so [goes back to his room, thinking: this changing her back thing is a piece of cake]


I waited till i heard Joe go into his room and i kicked the covers off me. He would freak if he saw what i was wearing...or better yet what i wasn’t wearing. I closed the door and locked it. Joe is so easy to fool, unlike Nick.  I told Aiden and Lucas to come pick me up at 11:00pm, so they should be here soon. I’m pretty sure Brian is still handcuffed, cuz i have the key in my bra. I thot i heard something outside to i walked over to the window, it was Lucas and Aiden.


Leah  -- [opens the window]

Aiden  -- ready to go babe?

Leah  -- yeah [grabs her jacket, climbs out the window]

Lucas  -- careful Leah

Leah  -- i am careful! [climbs down part of the tree, jumps into Lucas’s arms]

Lucas  -- [catches her]

Aiden  -- Leah do you have the keys to those handcuffs on Brian?

Leah  -- yeah why?

Lucas  -- [puts her down] because he’s been trying to get out all day

Leah  -- good

Lucas  -- don’t you think this is a bit much

Leah  -- no cutting off his dick would be a bit much

Aiden  -- you were going to cut off his dick!

Leah  -- yup [walks over to their car]

Aiden  -- i agree with Nick

Lucas  -- what?

Aiden  -- i miss the old Leah too


Nick  -- [collapses onto the hotel bed] that was the longest drive ever!

Haylee  -- i kno [lays next to him]

Tony  -- Haylee you have your own bed

Haylee  -- well i want to sleep with Nicky [cuddles close to Nick]

Josh  -- why Nick?

Haylee  -- because he has curly hair [plays with Nick’s curls]

Nick  -- [pulls the covers over them] what time are we getting up tmrw?

Josh  -- [lays down on one of the bed]

Tony  -- [lays down on another] it doesn’t matter when we wake up

Nick  -- good cuz i want to sleep all day [wraps his arms around Haylee]

Tony  -- [jealous]

Josh  -- [turns the lights off, falls asleep]

Tony  -- [falls asleep too]

Nick  -- [thinks Haylee’s asleep, reaches for the phone]

Haylee  -- [stops him] nice try

Nick  -- i just want to check on her

Haylee  -- Nick its the middle of the night she’s probably sleeping

Nick  -- yeab but ----

Haylee  -- i’m sure she’s fine


Leah  -- [sitting in the back of Lucas’s car] where are you going?! You passed Nick’s house

Lucas  -- i kno

Leah  -- you have to drop me off!

Aiden  -- [climbs into the back seat, covers her mouth] keep driving Lucas

Leah  -- [moves Aiden’s hand] NO!! YOU HAVE TO TAKE ME HOME!!!

Aiden  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [tries to pulls away]

Aiden  -- [doesn’t let her, deepens the kiss]

Lucas  -- Aiden!

Aiden  -- [pulls away] what? It made her shut up

Lucas  -- [drives to his house]

Aiden  -- [picks up Leah, takes her into the house]

Lucas  -- [follows them]

Leah  -- you guys this isn’t funny! Take me home!

Lucas  -- we can’t yet [goes up to where Brian is]

Aiden  -- [carries Leah up]

Brian  -- finally! What took so long

Lucas  -- we said we were going out

Brian  -- and i said bring the little bitch back here!

Leah  -- [trying to get away from Aiden]

Aiden  -- [holding her still] babe do you have the key?

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Brian  -- she’s lying!

Lucas  -- Aiden hold her still

Aiden  -- i am

Lucas  -- [kisses Leah]

Leah  -- [turns her head]

Lucas  -- let me guess...the keys in your bra?

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Lucas  -- [reaches into her bra, takes the key out]

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Brian  -- now unlock these stupid handcuffs, so i can teach Leah a lesson!

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Chapter 87

Lucas  -- [reaches into her bra, takes the key out]

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Brian  -- now unlock these stupid handcuffs, so i can teach Leah a lesson!

Leah  -- no!

Lucas  -- [gives the key to Brian]

Brian  -- [unlocks the hand cuffs, rubs his wrists, glaring at Leah]

Leah  -- [really scared] Brian i ----

Brian  -- [slaps her hard]

Leah  -- [tears roll down her cheeks]

Brian  -- if you think that was bad, wait till you see what i’m going to put you thru!


Nick  -- [trying to sleep, worried about Leah] Hayles?

Haylee  -- [half asleep] what?

Nick  -- i need my phone

Haylee  -- no

Nick  -- just give it to me!

Haylee  -- Nick go back to sleep [kisses him]

Nick  -- i just need to call Leah

Haylee  -- no you don’t

Nick  -- please

Haylee  -- Nick what can i do to make you go to bed?

Nick  -- give me my phone

Haylee  -- [sits on his stomach]

Nick  -- Hayles----

Haylee  -- goodnight Nick [lays on top of him]

Nick  -- i just need to ----

Haylee  -- [covers his mouth] goodnight Nick!

Nick  -- [moves her hand] goodnight Hayles

Haylee  -- [kisses him, falls asleep]

Nick  -- [plays with her hair for a bit, falls asleep]


Nick  -- [wakes up]

Haylee  -- [laying next to him] morning

Nick  -- wheres Tony and Josh

Haylee  -- they went to get breakfast

Nick  -- oh [starts falling asleep again]

Haylee  -- how did you sleep?

Nick  -- fine [starts falling back asleep]

Haylee  -- you were up all night thinking about Leah

Nick  -- [lying] no i wasn’t

Haylee  -- Nick you can tell me the truth, i’m not Josh or Tony [plays with his curls]

Nick  -- i just hope she didn’t get into trouble

Haylee  -- maybe we should go home early

Nick  -- no, i wanted to get away from Leah for a bit

Haylee  -- and all you can do is think about her

Nick  -- well thats going to stop right now

Haylee  -- if you say so

Nick  -- can you wake me up in a couple minutes? [falls back asleep]

Haylee  -- okay?

Josh  -- [comes in] he’s still asleep?

Haylee  -- yeah

Josh  -- well we’re going down to the beach to look for hot girls

Haylee  -- you and Tony

Josh  -- yeah

Haylee  -- kay see you guys later then

Josh  -- [leaves]

Haylee  -- Nick wake up i’m bored [hits him]

Nick  -- [wakes up] you didn’t have to hit me!

Haylee  -- come on, get out of bed [pulls him off the bed]

Nick  -- you kno we can have fun on the bed [smirks, kisses her]

Haylee  -- [deepens it]

Nick  -- [lays her back on the bed]

Haylee  -- Nick wait

Nick  -- what?

Haylee  -- what about -----

Nick  -- [covers her mouth] don’t say her name!

Haylee  -- fine

Nick  -- and if i’m going to go back to normal, then i need to have you back as my slut

Haylee  -- i don’t want you calling me that tho

Nick  -- why not?

Haylee  -- because then people will think i’m a slut

Nick  -- they already do [kisses her]

Haylee  -- [deepens it]

Tony  -- [comes in] Nick we ---- what are you doing?

Nick  -- you said you wanted the old Nick back, so i’m bringing him back

Tony  -- yeah but Haylee ----

Nick  -- is my slut

Haylee  -- friend!

Nick  -- slutty friend

Haylee  -- [rolls her eyes]

Tony  -- but ---- but what ---- wait ----

Nick  -- is there a problem?

Tony  -- i guess not

Nick  -- good, now get out

Tony  -- [leaves]

Nick  -- whats his problem?

Haylee  -- no idea [kisses him]



I couldn’t open my eyes. All i felt was pain. I couldn’t remember any details only that Brian was getting back at me for handcuffing him to the bed. and he did, big time. I couldn’t even move. I have no idea where i am. I opened my eyes and saw i was in Nick’s room, i was wearing one of Nick’s shirts and had the covers pulled over me. I looked around the room and saw a note on the pillow next to me, it was from Brian.

It basically said if i ever did something like that again he would get me back so much worse. I don’t even think thats possible. But he wasn’t going to scare me away that easy, as long as Nick’s gone i have no one trying to protect  me when i don’t want them to. Wich means i was most definitely going to get back at Brian.

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Chapter 88

Leah  -- [slowly sits up on the bed, wincing in pain]

Joe  -- [comes in] morning

Leah  -- hey Joe

Joe  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- i’m fine

Joe  -- you can barely move

Leah  -- i can move fine

Joe  -- then come over here

Leah  -- [gets off the bed, limps over to him] ow ow ow

Joe  -- see your not okay

Leah  -- i’m fine, just in a bit of pain. But its nothing

Joe  -- are you sure?

Leah  -- yeah

Joe  -- okay if you say so

Leah  -- when is Nicky getting back?

Joe  -- i donno

Leah  -- well if he calls tell him to come home soon

Joe  -- why?

Leah  -- cuz your boring [pushes him out of the room, closes the door]


Nick  -- [drunk, making out with Haylee]

Tony  -- [really jealous] we need to get him home

Josh  -- why? The old Nick is back

Tony  -- because i want him making out with some other girl, not Haylee!

Josh  -- so your jealous?

Tony  -- no i’m not

Nick  -- [ignoring them, picks up Haylee]

Haylee  -- [wraps her legs around his waist]

Nick  -- [carries her up to their room]

Tony  -- okay maybe i’m a little jealous

Josh  -- pathetic

Tony  -- shut up!

Josh  -- well at least he hasn’t talked about Leah for a couple days now

Tony  -- yeah, he talks about Leah way to much when we’re at home


Nick  -- [pinning Haylee on the bed, kissing her neck]

Haylee  -- [moans] Nicky...

Nick  -- [starts sucking on her neck]

Haylee  -- Nick wait----

Nick  -- [kisses her] whats wrong?

Haylee  -- i’m tired

Nick  -- i don’t care babe

Haylee  -- Nicky please

Nick  -- fine [lays next to her]

Haylee  -- thanks Nick

Nick  -- i wouldn’t be thanking me, your going to give me sex later

Haylee  -- why did i want the old you back?

Nick  -- cuz you love me [kisses her]

Haylee  -- yeah sure


Leah  -- [in Nick’s room, looking thru his closet]

Joe  -- [comes in] what are you doing?

Leah  -- looking for something

Joe  -- i can see that, what are you looking for

Leah  -- nothing Joe!

Joe  -- just tell me

Leah  -- i’m looking for my necklace

Joe  -- what?

Leah  -- i can’t find it

Joe  -- Nick’s going to kill you

Leah  -- yeah i kno

Joe  -- did you try looking in your room?

Leah  -- my room?

Joe  -- this is Nick’s room, your room is across the hall

Leah  -- right [goes to her room]

Joe  -- [follows her] find it?

Leah  -- no i just got in here! [starts looking for the necklace]

Joe  -- [opens a drawer, sees her gun] why do you need a gun again?

Leah  -- what? --- oh i almost forgot about that

Joe  -- well then i’m stupid for bringing it up

Leah  -- yeah i guess you are

Joe  -- [closes the drawer] um Leah?

Leah  -- what?

Joe  -- isn’t that your necklace on the pillow?

Leah  -- oh...[puts it back on]

Joe  -- you didn’t look very hard did you?

Leah  -- i looked in Nick’s room for hours

Joe  -- but why would it be in Nick’s room?

Leah  -- i don’t kno Joe!

Joe  -- [starts to leave, then stops] i’m throwing a party tonight

Leah  -- why?

Joe  -- because its summer, and i have nothing better to do

Leah  -- well a party sounds good...who’s coming?

Joe  -- everyone


Nick  -- [sitting on the beach, with Haylee on his lap]

Haylee  -- [rests her head on his chest] want to go swimming?

Nick  -- not really, its cold

Haylee  -- its summer, its not cold

Nick  -- i just want to relax [lays back on the sand]

Haylee  -- [sits on his stomach]

Nick  -- [puts his hands on her waist]

Haylee  -- [kisses him]

Tony  -- [comes over with Josh] guess what?

Haylee  -- what?

Tony  -- i said guess

Nick  -- Tony!

Tony  -- fine...Joe is throwing a party

Nick  -- Joe who?

Josh  -- your brother Joe

Nick  -- my brother?

Josh  -- yeah

Nick  -- he’s throwing a party?

Haylee  -- they just said that

Nick  -- well why is he throwing a party?

Josh  -- who knows, but everyone is going

Haylee  -- us?

Tony  -- thats what we came to ask, we wanted to kno if you guys wanted to go home early and go to the party

Nick  -- this is so stupid!

Josh  -- what is?

Nick  -- it figures Joe decides to throw a party while i’m not there, but whenever i want to throw a party i’m not allowed to!

Tony  -- so are we going or not?

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Chapter 89

Nick  -- this is so stupid!

Josh  -- what is?

Nick  -- it figures Joe decides to throw a party while i’m not there, but whenever i want to throw a party i’m not allowed to!

Tony  -- so are we going or not?

Haylee  -- of course we’re going!

Nick  -- yeah lets go, we should be back home in a couple hours, just in time for the party

Haylee  -- this is going to be so much fun [gets off Nick, goes back to the hotel room]

Nick  -- yeah another long drive

Tony  -- well atleast you have someone you can make out with on the way there

Nick  -- true


Leah  -- [runs downstairs] Joe!

Joe  -- what? I didn’t do it!

Leah  -- didn’t do what?

Joe – whatever it is your going to yell at me for

Leah  -- i was just going to tell you i’m going out for about an hour

Joe  -- why?

Leah  -- because i want to![walks out, walks down the street]

Lucas  -- [drives over to her] hi Leah

Leah  -- what are you doing here?

Lucas  -- well Aiden wanted to come and ask Joe if any Bayview kids can come to his party...but he chickened out

Leah  -- pathetic Aiden

Aiden  -- shut up

Leah  -- [looks in the car] wheres Brian?

Aiden  -- at home? Why?

Leah  -- just wondering

Lucas  -- are you scared of him or something?

Leah  -- what?

Lucas  -- after his payback...we haven’t seen you much

Leah  -- i’ve been busy

Lucas  -- so your not scared of him?

Leah  -- [smirks] not even close

Aiden  -- can you ask Joe if we can come to the party?

Leah  -- you could just show up! Nick did at your party

Lucas  -- true

Leah  -- the party isn’t even going to be that great

Lucas  -- why not?

Leah  -- because Joe’s planning it

Aiden  -- well then maybe we won’t what are you doing now?

Leah  -- why? Are you going to stalk me? Because i think if your going to stalk me, you aren’t supposed to ask where i’m going

Lucas  -- very funny

Leah  -- i’ll see you guys later [walks away]


Leah  -- [watching tv with Joe]

Nick  -- [comes in]

Leah  -- finally [runs over to him, hugs him]

Nick  -- [hugs her back, picking her up]

Leah  -- [wraps her legs around his waist, kisses him]

Joe  -- i’m still here!

Nick  -- then leave!

Joe  -- i was here first

Nick  -- [puts Leah down] whens the party?

Leah  -- thats why you came back?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- oh... [goes upstairs]

Nick  -- is she back to normal?

Joe  -- yup...your welcome

Nick  -- so who’s coming to this party?

Joe  -- no idea i sent an invite to everyone in my contacts, and told them to send it to everyone in their contacts and so on

Nick  -- are you crazy!

Joe  -- nope [goes upstairs]

Nick  -- [goes up to his room]

Leah  -- [laying on his bed]

Nick  -- you realize this is my room right?

Leah  -- well i’ve been living here, you can stay in my room

Nick  -- no, you can stay in your room

Leah  -- fine [starts to leave]

Nick  -- [pulls her back to him] i missed you baby [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it, then pulls away, whispers in his ear] why don’t you save that for tonight? [nibbles his ear, goes to her room]

Nick  -- [gets a boner] shit! Leah!


Leah  -- [sitting on her bed]

Nick  -- [comes in] aren’t you coming down? your missing the party

Leah  -- maybe later

Nick  -- you okay?

Leah  -- yeah, just thinking

Nick  -- okay [goes back downstairs]

Haylee  -- is she okay?

Nick  -- yeah she’s fine

Haylee  -- your not together right?

Nick  -- no, i don’t want a girlfriend. I would rather have sluts [kisses her]

Haylee  -- [pulls away]

Nick  -- whats wrong?

Haylee  -- how does Leah feel about this

Nick  -- wether she likes it or not, this is how its going to happen

Tony  -- [comes over] Haylee can i talk to you?

Haylee  -- about what?

Tony  -- just come here [takes her away from Nick]

Nick  -- [goes into the kitchen to get a drink]

Joe  -- have you seen Leah?

Nick  -- why?

Joe  -- i just want to make sure she doesn’t get in any trouble

Nick  -- i thot you said she was back to normal

Joe  -- she is...i think

Nick  -- you think?!

Joe  -- yeah

Nick  -- [runs up to Leah’s room, sees she’s gone, and the window is open] Leah! Where are you!



I was walking down the street, i knew i wasn’t going to that stupid party. I also knew that Joe wouldn’t let any Bayview kids come now that Nick was back. Wich meant Lucas, Aiden and Brian wouldn’t be busy tonight, and if they were i’m sure they would make time for me. And Brian is going to wish he had never met me! Cuz paybacks a bitch!

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Chapter 90


I walked over to the window, i knew Leah had jumped out. I just don’t kno how she didn’t hurt herself. I looked down the street but i couldn’t see her, wich meant she had left a long time ago. I wanted to go after her, but at the same time i didn’t. i was trying to give Leah some space and not be so protective. But its hard because i don’t want anything to happen to her. I tried calling her cell but once again she had left her phone here. What is wrong with that girl! If your going to have a cell phone you should take it with you when you leave!


Nick  -- [walks downstairs]

Joe  -- is she up there?

Nick  -- no

Joe  -- well how did she get out?

Nick  -- the same way we always snuck out when Kevin was being annoying

Joe  -- the window?

Nick  -- yeah

Joe  -- is she crazy!

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- she could have hurt herself

Nick  -- yeah i kno

Haylee  -- [comes over, wraps his arms around Nick’s neck] hi Nicky

Nick  -- not right now Haylee [pushes her off]

Haylee  -- why? Whats going on

Joe  -- Leah’s gone

Haylee  -- so?

Joe  -- what do you mean so!

Haylee  -- so she’s 16 she can leave if she wants

Nick  -- no she can’t!

Haylee  -- Nick you used to leave all the time

Nick  -- thats different, i’m 17

Joe  -- no your not

Nick  -- i am in a couple months

Haylee  -- yeah but you used to leave the house whenever you wanted

Nick  -- yea...i guess thats true

Haylee  -- so why can’t Leah

Joe  -- because she’s a girl!

Haylee  -- what?

Joe  -- i just meant that ----

Haylee  -- what? Girls can’t take care of themselves

Nick  -- well Leah can’t!

Haylee  -- you just need to trust her

Nick  -- i do trust her

Haylee  -- good

Nick  -- i trust her to some how get into trouble

Haylee  -- well maybe i can take your mind off her for a bit [kisses him]

Joe  -- i’m still here

Nick  -- [still kissing Haylee, waves him away]

Joe  -- [rolls his eyes, leaves]


Brian  -- you were going to go to Nick’s party?

Aiden  -- actually it was Joe’s

Brian  -- you were going to go to a Jonas party?!

Lucas  -- we didn’t go so can we stop talking about this

Aiden  -- we saw Leah tho

Brian  -- you did?

Aiden  -- yeah...she says she’s not scared of you

Brian  -- what! After what i did to her how can she not be scared!

Lucas  -- thats just what she said

Aiden  -- speaking of Leah... [points across the street]

Brian  -- well if she’s not scared now, she will be soon [walks over to her]

Lucas  -- this can’t be good

Aiden  -- yeah not really [goes over to Leah with Lucas]


Nick  -- [making out with Haylee on his bed]

Haylee  -- [pushes him off a bit] Nick i need a chance to breathe

Nick  -- [kisses her neck]

Haylee  -- [moans]


Joe  -- [goes into Leah’s room, sees a drawer open, looks inside] oh no [goes to Nick’s room]

Nick  -- Joe get out!

Joe  -- Nick this is serious!

Haylee  -- what happened?

Joe  -- we need to find Leah

Haylee  -- no you don’t! you need to trust her!

Joe  -- Haylee she has  a gun!

Nick  -- what! No she doesn’t my gun is right there

Joe  -- not your gun! Her gun!

Nick  -- her what!

Haylee  -- if she gets a gun, how come i can’t have one?

Nick  -- [gets off Haylee] since when does Leah have a gun?

Joe  -- she brot it back from the cabin

Nick  -- why didn’t you tell me!

Haylee  -- Nick calm down

Nick  -- if she has a gun she could be in a lot of trouble right now [runs out]

Haylee  -- Nick come back!

Joe  -- just let him go, he’ll find Leah and bring her back


Brian  -- [pushes her to the ground]

Leah  -- [starts to get up]

Brian  -- [pins her down]

Lucas  -- Brian can we just go?

Aiden  -- yeah we were going to go to the bar

Brian  -- we’ll go after!

Leah  -- GET OFF ME!!!

Brian  -- and why would i do that [kisses her neck]

Lucas  -- [pulls Brian off Leah] lets just go

Brian  -- no

Leah  -- [gets up]

Brian  -- [starts walking over to Leah]

Leah  -- [pulls out her gun, points it at him]

Brian  -- [stops]

Aiden  -- whoa, didn’t see that one coming

Lucas  -- i kno...we should get popcorn

Aiden  -- yeah we should

Brian  -- shut up!

Aiden  -- sorry

Brian  -- so Leah...steal Nick’s gun? Cuz i think you’ll get in trouble for that

Leah  -- its not Nick’s

Brian  -- just put the gun down you bitch!

Lucas  -- Brian -----

Brian  -- shut up!

Leah  -- [still has the gun pointed to him]

Brian  -- besides, she isn’t going to shoot

Leah  -- what?

Brian  -- you can’t shoot me!

Leah  -- YES I CAN!!!

Brian  -- then shoot!

Leah  -- [shoots his leg]

Brian  -- [falls to the ground] FUCK YOU BITCH!!!

Leah  -- [still has the gun pointed to him] why don’t you say that again

Lucas  -- Leah this isn’t funny, just put the gun down

Leah   -- no! [starts to pull the trigger]

Nick  -- [runs over] Leah stop!

Leah  -- [turns around fast, pulls the trigger by accident]

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Chapter 91

Lucas  -- Leah this isn’t funny, just put the gun down

Leah   -- no! [starts to pull the trigger]

Nick  -- [runs over] Leah stop!

Leah  -- [turns around fast, pulls the trigger by accident]

Nick  -- [falls to the ground]

Leah  -- [drops the gun, runs to him, crying] Nick?

Nick  -- [closes his eyes]

Leah  -- no Nick you can’t die!

Lucas  -- [calls an ambulance]

Leah  -- [crying really hard] Nick i’m so sorry

Aiden  -- [looks over at Brian] what are you doing?

Brian  -- [grabs the gun, points it at Leah]

Aiden  -- Brian don’t!

Brian  -- move away from Nick Leah

Leah  -- [shakes her head, holding Nick’s hand]

Brian  -- NOW LEAH!!!

Leah  -- NO!

Lucas  -- [hangs up his phone] the ambulance will be here soon

Brian  -- who cares! Aiden grab Leah

Aiden  -- Brian i don’t think ----

Brian  -- [points to gun at him] now Aiden!

Aiden  -- [goes over to Leah]

Leah  -- [holds onto Nick tight]

Aiden  -- [picks her up, takes her away from Nick]

Leah  -- [screaming] NO PUT ME DOWN!!!

Aiden  -- Brian i think -----

Brian  -- put her in the car


Aiden  -- [lets go of Leah]

Leah  -- [runs back over to Nick] Nick please wake up

Brian  -- Leah you killed him! get over it!

Leah  -- he’s not dead!


Joe  -- Haylee stop being so annoying

Haylee  -- i kno something happened with Nick and Leah

Joe  -- just --- [his phone rings]

Haylee  -- told you

Joe  -- you don’t even kno who it is! [answers the phone] hello?

Leah  -- Joe come to the hospital

Joe  -- what happened?

Leah  -- i uh --- Nick got shot

Joe  -- i’ll be right there [hangs up] Haylee can you take over the party

Haylee  -- fine

Joe  -- [goes to the hospital]

Leah  -- [sitting in the waiting room on Brian’s lap]

Brian  -- [has his arms wrapped around her tight so she can’t move]

Leah  -- help Joe

Joe  -- [sits next to them]

Leah  -- [sarcastic] thanks a lot

Joe  -- so what happened

Leah  -- i already told you! Nick got shot!

Joe  -- well who shot him?

Brian  -- Leah did

Joe  -- what?!

Leah  -- it was an accident

Joe  -- [pulls Leah away from Brian]

Leah  -- thanks Joe

Joe  -- i think you should go

Leah  -- what?

Joe  -- just go home

Leah  -- but Joe ------

Joe  -- go home Leah!

Leah  -- [leaves]

Brian  -- [starts to leave]

Joe  -- why did you come anyways?

Brian  -- because i was making Leah feel horrible for shooting Nick

Joe  -- good

Brian  -- [leaves]


Joe  -- [sitting in the waiting room]

Kevin  -- [comes in] is Nick okay?

Joe  -- he’s in surgery

Kevin  -- what?

Joe  -- Leah shot him

Kevin  -- i kno, but he’s been shot befor and hasn’t needed surgery

Joe  -- well the bullet hit his chest

Kevin  -- is he going to be okay?

Joe  -- i donno

Kevin  -- i can’t believe Leah did that!

Joe  -- i kno

Kevin  -- where is she?

Joe  -- i sent her home

Kevin  -- why?

Joe  -- because she shot Nick!


Leah  -- [on her bed, crying really hard]

Lucas  -- [comes in] so the party is over?

Leah  -- i donno

Brian  -- [comes in with Aiden]

Leah  -- GET OUT!!!

Brian  -- [gets on the bed] why? I thot you liked fooling around with us

Leah  -- [kicks him off the bed]

Brian  -- [grabs her legs]

Leah  -- LET ME GO!!

Aiden  -- [gets on the bed] Leah calm down [covers her mouth] and stop yelling

Leah  -- [moves his hand] GET OUT OF MY ROOM!!! GO BACK TO BAYVIEW LAND!!!

Lucas  -- just shut up! [gets on the bed too]

Brian  -- [pins Leah on the bed] are you scared now?

Leah  -- [lying] no

Brian  -- you sure about that [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- STOP!!!

Brian  -- [slaps her hard] we said to stop yelling!

Leah  -- [crying] just leave me alone

Aiden  -- no, just because you ask us to do something, doesn’t mean its going to happen

Lucas  -- yeah, we were going home and we realized how easy we’ve been on you

Leah  -- what!

Brian  -- so we’re just going to make up for all that now

Leah  -- no please ----

Brian  -- [covers her mouth] saying please isn’t getting you out of this one!


Joe  -- [tapping his foot on the floor]

Kevin  -- can you stop?!

Joe  -- sorry

Doctor  -- [comes over]

Kevin  -- is he okay?

Doctor  -- the surgery went well, and he’s going to be fine

Joe  -- good, now i have to kill Leah [starts to leave]

Kevin  -- or we could see Nick

Joe  -- okay lets see Nick

Doctor  -- he’s in room 491

Joe  -- [goes to Nick’s room with Kevin] you okay?

Nick  -- wheres Leah?

Joe  -- what?

Kevin  -- Nick you realize that she’s the one that ----

Nick  -- where is she!

Joe  -- at home

Nick  -- go get her

Joe  -- but ----

Nick  -- please Joe

Joe  -- okay [leaves]

Kevin  -- so how do you feel?

Nick  -- i donno, tired i guess


Joe  -- [walks into the house] LEAH?!! COME DOWN HERE!!!

Leah  -- [screams]

Joe  -- [runs up to her room] get off her!

Brian  -- go away Joe!

Joe  -- [pulls Leah away from them]

Lucas  -- we weren’t done with her yet!

Joe  -- get out!

Aiden  -- but -----

Joe  -- now!

Brian  -- [leaves with Aiden and Lucas]

Leah  -- what do you want Joe!

Joe  -- your coming back to the hospital

Leah  -- why?

Joe  -- just come on! [takes her to the hospital, goes to Nick’s room]

Leah  -- [runs to the bed] Nick are you okay?

Nick  -- Joe, Kevin can you leave?

Kevin  -- sure [leaves with Joe]

Leah  -- Nick i’m so sorry i just ----

Nick  -- shut up Leah!

Leah  -- [scared] Nick i -----

Nick  -- just shut up and listen!

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Chapter 92

Leah  -- Nick i’m so sorry i just ----

Nick  -- shut up Leah!

Leah  -- [scared] Nick i -----

Nick  -- just shut up and listen!

Leah  -- [sits down on the chair]

Nick  -- i told you you couldn’t have a gun!

Leah  -- i kno i’m sorry


Leah  -- [tears roll down her cheeks] Nick i just -----

Nick  -- why can’t you understand that i’m just looking out for you! and i kno whats best for you!

Leah  -- [crosses her arms] you can’t tell me what to do

Nick  -- if your living in my house i can

Leah  -- then maybe i’ll just move out!

Nick  -- maybe you should!

Leah  -- fine!

Nick  -- fine!

Leah  -- FINE!!! [leaves]


Joe  -- [watching tv]

Kevin  -- [comes in] hi Joe

Joe  -- hi...what are you doing here?

Kevin  -- i just came to see how things are going

Joe  -- oh

Kevin  -- how are things with Leah and Nick

Joe  -- bad

Kevin  -- what?

Joe  -- not good

Kevin  -- aren’t you going to fix it?

Joe  -- no

Kevin  -- why not?

Joe  -- because Nick is fine

Kevin  -- are you sure he’s not just acting fine?

Joe  -- Addi and Courtney and Haylee are making him feel better

Kevin  -- yeah but Leah -----

Joe  -- shot Nick!

Kevin  -- it was an accident Joe

Joe  -- still

Kevin  -- so you hate Leah now?

Joe  -- pretty much...and i wouldn’t go upstairs if i was you

Kevin  -- why not?


Nick  -- [making out with Courtney]

Addi  -- [kissing his neck]

Courtney  -- [takes Nick’s shirt off, still kissing him]

Haylee  -- [takes Nick’s pants off, then his boxers, sucks on his dick]

Nick  -- [groans]

Addi  -- [starts sucking on his neck]

Courtney  -- [gets off the bed]

Nick  -- where are you going?

Courtney  -- i’ll be right back [kisses him, leaves]

Addi  -- [kisses Nick]

Nick  -- [deepens it, the phone rings, pulls away, puts his boxers back on, answers the phone] hello?

Josh  -- are you coming tonight?

Nick  -- to what?

Josh  -- the beach party, all schools

Nick  -- West Point too?

Josh  -- those snobby private school kids never come to the beach

Nick  -- so just us and Bayview?

Josh  -- i think...but there might be some kids from West Point too i donno

Nick  -- okay i’ll be there

Josh  -- what are you doing now? Tony and i were going to Mattii’s

Nick  -- i’m busy, i’ll see you at the party [hangs up]

Addi  -- [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Haylee  -- Nicky?

Nick  -- [pulls away] what?

Haylee  -- whats going on tonight?

Nick  -- a party [pushes Addi off him]

Courtney  -- [comes in] did you hear about the party?

Nick  -- yeah, are you going?

Courtney  -- maybe...Addi we have to go Joe is going to drive us home

Addi  -- kay, see you later Nick [they leave]

Haylee  -- what about me?

Nick  -- i guess you aren’t as important

Haylee  -- well who could be as important as Nicholas Jonas? [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]


Nick  -- [walks downstairs] Joe have you seen my keys?

Joe  --[watching tv]  yup, the dog took them

Nick  -- we don’t have a dog

Joe  -- [looks at him] what are you doing here?

Nick  -- you weren’t even listening!

Joe  -- yeah i kno, so whats going on?

Nick  -- i need my car keys

Joe  -- i think they’re in the kitchen

Nick  -- [goes into the kitchen] they aren’t here!

Joe  -- try your jacket pocket

Nick  -- [takes his keys out of his pocket] see you later [starts to leave]

Joe  -- where are you going?

Nick  -- no where [leaves]


Haylee  -- [goes over to Nick] Leah’s here

Nick  -- Leah who?

Haylee  -- you kno who!

Nick  -- why do i care if she’s here

Haylee  -- i donno

Nick  -- where is she?

Haylee  -- i thot you didn’t care

Nick  -- i just don’t want to accidentally go near her

Haylee  -- she’s over there

Nick  -- where?

Haylee  -- by Lucas


Leah  -- [sitting on the sand]

Lucas  -- Leah this is a party

Leah  -- well i didn’t want to come!

Lucas  -- then go home

Leah  -- just leave me alone Lucas!

Lucas  -- [walks away]

Leah  -- [stands up, walks down to the water]

Brian  -- [walks over to her, wraps his arms around her waist] hi baby

Leah  -- leave me alone! [pushes away from him, falls down in the water]

Brian  -- [laughs]

Leah  -- [trips him]

Brian  -- [falls down in the water too]

Leah  -- [gets up fast, starts to walk away]

Brian  -- [pulls her back down in the water] your going to get it now bitch!


Nick  -- [watching them]

Haylee  -- why don’t you go help her?

Nick  -- help who?

Haylee  -- the girl you staring at

Nick  -- i’m not staring at a girl

Haylee  -- yeah you are

Nick  -- just shut up Leah!

Haylee  -- my names Haylee

Nick  -- [walks away from her]


Brian  -- [dragging Leah out deeper in the water]

Leah  -- [holding onto him tight] Brian take me back!

Brian  -- no [takes her off him, swims under the water, grabs a piece of rope thats tied to a large rock, swims back up to the surface]

Leah  -- what are you doing?!

Brian  -- [takes her under the water, ties the rope to her wrists, then swims back to shore]

Leah  -- [tries to swim up to the surface, but the rope isn’t long enough]


Nick  -- [getting in his car, sees Brian coming out of the water, goes over to him]

Brian  -- what do you want?

Nick  -- wheres Leah?

Brian  -- in the ocean

Nick  -- [looks out] i don’t see her

Brian  -- [smirks] thats because she’s under the water [goes home]

Haylee  -- [goes over to Nick] did he just say what i think he said?

Nick  -- yeah [gets in his car]

Haylee  -- Nick you have to help her!

Nick  -- no i don’t, now do you want a ride home or not?

Haylee  -- [gets in the car]

Nick  -- [starts driving home]

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Chapter 93

Haylee  -- Nick you have to help her!

Nick  -- no i don’t, now do you want a ride home or not?

Haylee  -- [gets in the car]

Nick  -- [starts driving home]

Haylee  -- but Nick -----

Nick  -- no Haylee, i don’t have to help Leah and i’m not going to

Haylee  -- your just going to let her die?!

Nick  -- yeah, i guess [drops Haylee off at home, starts driving back to the beach fast]



I thot i was dead. Actually i knew it. I then realized that i was breathing, and i opened my eyes. There was a boy looking down at me. He asked if i was okay. I closed my eyes and nodded and when i opened my eyes he was gone. I sat up and looked around the beach. It was completely deserted. I could barely stay away so i lay down on the sand. I closed my eyes and just lay there.


Nick  -- [parks his car, runs over to Leah] baby wake up [shakes her]

Leah  -- [opens her eyes] Nick?

Nick  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- yeah...wheres that guy?

Nick  -- what guy?

Leah  -- the one who saved me

Nick  -- Leah theres no one else here

Leah  -- but there was, he helped me, where is he?

Nick  -- Leah i don’t kno how you got out of the water, but the beach was deserted when i left and when i came back. No ones been here

Leah  -- why did you come back?

Nick  -- because i had to make sure you were okay [picks her up bridal style]

Leah  -- [wraps her arms around his neck] where are we going?

Nick  -- home

Leah  -- [falls asleep]

Nick  -- [drives her home]

Joe  -- what is SHE doing here?

Kevin  -- and why is she wet?

Nick  -- because Brian decided to let her drown

Joe  -- and you saved her?

Nick  -- um yeah sure [takes Leah up to his room]

Kevin  -- he didn’t seem sure if he saved her

Joe  -- yeah i kno

Kevin  -- are you still mad at Leah

Joe  -- no i think Brian got back at her enough for me


Leah  -- [wakes up]

Nick  -- [stroking her hair] morning baby

Leah  -- [pulls the blankets over her more]

Nick  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- what happened last night?

Nick  -- it doesn’t matter, its over now

Leah  -- are we friends again?

Nick   -- friend, sex buddies, be----

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- friends

Leah  -- kay

Nick  -- who have sex

Leah  -- i don’t think so!

Nick  -- awe come on baby [kisses her neck]

Leah  -- Nicky ----

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens its]

Nick  -- [smirks, deepens it more]

Leah  -- [pulls away] do you love me Nicky?

Nick  -- no, but i care about you

Leah  -- well i love you [kisses him, goes downstairs]

Nick  -- [smiles, follows her]

Joe  -- so is Leah living here again?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- i am?

Nick  -- do you want to?

Leah  -- i donno

Joe  -- you should

Leah  -- i thot you hated me

Joe  -- i changed my mind

Leah  -- okay then [walks out]

Nick  -- i think she’s back to normal

Joe  -- Leah? Normal?....oh you mean her normal. Yeah i think so too

Nick  -- if theres someone here who isn’t normal, its you!


Leah  -- [sitting on the beach]

Brian  -- [comes over with Lucas] what are you doing here?!

Leah  -- nothing

Brian  -- how did you get out of the water?!

Lucas  -- Nick probably helped her

Brian  -- no Nick left [reads Leah’s necklace] Angel?

Leah  -- [covers the necklace]

Brian  -- no wonder we can’t kill you

Leah  -- [glares at him] just leave me alone [starts to get up]

Brian  -- [pushes her back down] i’m gonna take care of this once and for all [takes his gun out, puts it to her head]

Lucas  -- Brian Nick’s going to kill you!

Brian  -- no he won’t

Leah  -- [closes her eyes, crying] Brian please don’t

Brian  -- [starts to pull the trigger]


I just wish Nick was here so i could tell him how sorry i was for everything that happened, and how much i loved him. i knew i wasn’t getting out of this one. I could feel Brian’s cold gun to my head, and my warm tears streaming down my cheeks. I felt the gun leave my head and i opened my eyes. Brian and Lucas we’re gone. I looked around and saw someone walking away from me. i called after them, but they ignored me and kept walking. It was the guy who got me out of the water. I’m sure of it...but who is he?

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Chapter 94

Nick  -- [walks over to Leah] why are you always at the beach?

Leah  -- because its summer?

Nick  -- [sits next to her] you hate the beach, and now i kno why

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- well you almost drowned, and then Brian and Aiden come over

Leah  -- how did you kno?

Nick  -- i saw them leave, they looked mad...well Brian did

Leah  -- good

Nick  -- you want him mad?

Leah  -- i donno, i’m just trying to think

Nick  -- about what?

Leah  -- i donno [hugs him, crying]

Nick  -- are you feeling okay?

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- [picks her up]

Leah  -- no put me down!

Nick  -- [carries her home]

Joe  -- why are you always carrying her in?

Nick  -- why do you always ask so many questions? [puts Leah down]

Leah  -- [wipes her tears]

Nick  -- Leah why were you crying?

Leah  -- i donno [starts crying again]

Joe  -- she is so weird

Leah  -- NO I’M NOT!!! [runs upstairs]

Joe  -- i feel so sorry for you Nick

Nick  -- why?

Joe  -- because its your job to fix this

Nick  -- why is it always my job?

Joe  -- because you want it fixed, and i’m not going to fix it

Nick  -- wow your so much help [goes upstairs, goes to his room]

Leah  -- [sleeping]

Nick  -- [smiles, gets on the bed next to her]  

Leah  -- [cuddles close to him]

Nick  -- [wraps his arms around her]


Joe  -- [goes into Nick’s room] she’s still sleeping?

Nick  -- yeah [playing with Leah’s hair]

Joe  -- but its been [looks at his watch] 13 hours

Nick  -- it has?

Joe  -- yeah

Nick  -- i guess she was just over trired

Joe  -- yeah i remember when you guys were about 8 and you wanted to stay up all night so you could be awake on your birthday

Nick  -- oh yeah, but we started a day early, so we were awake for 45 hours

Joe  -- and Leah was so over tired that she broke down crying

Nick  -- and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong

Joe  -- [laughs] yeah

Nick  -- and then she collapsed and fell asleep instantly

Joe  -- you should wake her up

 Nick -- why?

Joe  -- cuz she’s going to miss dinner [leaves]

Nick  -- [shakes Leah a bit] baby?

Leah  -- [pushes him away]

Nick  -- Leah wake up!

Leah  -- [half asleep] no!

Nick  -- fine, but your going to your own room [picks her up]

Leah  -- put me down!

Nick  -- [carries her to her room, puts her on the bed, pulls the covers over her]

Leah  -- now go away!

Nick  -- [kisses her, starts to leave]

Leah  -- wait!

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- i changed my mind, i want you to stay

Nick  -- i’ll come check on you later [goes downstairs]

Joe  -- i thot you were waking up Leah

Nick  -- i gave up, she’s being to weird

Joe  -- well hopefully she’ll be better by tmrw

Nick  -- yeah


Leah  -- [walking down the street]

Brian  -- [walks over to her]

Leah  -- what now?!

Brian  -- how is it that i can never kill you!

Leah  -- i guess i’m just lucky

Brian  -- [punches her]

Leah  -- [falls to the ground, crying]

Brian  -- its not luck you bitch! [kicks her]

Leah  -- Brian stop!

Brian  -- [picks her up, takes her into an alley, pushes her against the wall]

Leah  -- Brian please -----

Brian  -- [covers her mouth] i already told you, please doesn’t work anymore!

???  -- [pulls Brian away from Leah, punches him]

Leah  -- [falls to the ground, her eyes are blurry because of her tears, but she’s trying to see who the other guy is]

???  -- [hears someone coming, walks away]

Nick  -- [goes over to Leah] are you okay?

Leah  -- [nods]

Brian  -- once again i can’t hurt her!

Nick  -- just say away from her! [grabs Leah’s arm, takes her home]


Josh  -- [calls ???]

???  -- [answers] what do you want?

Josh  -- where do you keep going?

???  -- i was just helping out some girl

Josh  -- some girl you don’t kno?

???  -- i kno her

Josh  -- how? You just got here!

?? ?  -- i kno her from all those pictures of her that you kept at juvi

Josh  -- Leah?!

???  -- yeah [hangs up]


Nick  -- [laying on his bed, in just his boxers]

Leah  -- [sitting on his stomach, wearing her underwear and Nick’s shirt, playing with his curls] so what now?

Nick  -- well nothing is going to be as fun after that [smirks]

Leah  -- true [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [pulls away, bites her bottom lip, traces her name on his chest with her finger]

Nick  -- [starts falling asleep]

Leah  -- awe is Nicky tired?

Nick  -- [pushes her off him] how can you not be tired?

Leah  -- i’m just not

Nick  -- your so weird [pulls her close to him, falls asleep]

Leah  -- [smiles, plays with his curls]


Nick was so cute when he was sleeping. i tried to fall asleep too, but i just couldn’t. i don’t kno why i wasn’t tired, i’m just not. I heard someone knock on the door, and after a couple minutes i realised that Joe wasn’t going to get the door. I walked downstairs and opened the door a bit, standing there was the guy...the one who keeps helping me.

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Chapter 95

Leah  -- can i help you?

???  -- um yeah, i just wanted to ------

Joe  -- [comes in] Leah? What are you doing?

Leah  -- i’m just talking with --- [looks outside the door, and the boy is gone] why does he keep doing that?!

Joe  -- what are you talking about?

Leah  -- nothing, nevermind [goes back up to Nick’s room, gets on the bed next to him]

Nick  -- [sleeping, wraps his arms around her]

Leah  -- [smiles, falls asleep]


Nick  -- [goes to Josh’s house]

Haylee  -- [opens the door] hi Nicky [kisses him] what took so long?

Nick  -- i had to walk here, Joe’s borrowing my car [walks into the living room]

Josh  -- you didn’t bring Leah right?

Nick  -- no,  you told me not to

Haylee  -- why can’t Leah be here?

Josh  -- because she’s annoying

Tony  -- you said its because of Je----

Josh  -- shut up Tony!

Nick  -- because of who?

Josh  -- no one

Haylee  -- its Josh’s friend from juvi

Nick  -- he’s here?

Josh  -- yeah, he’s coming to our school next year

Nick  -- why?

Josh  -- because he wants to? I don’t kno

Nick  -- so how does he have anything to do with Leah

Josh  -- he doesn’t

Nick  -- but Tony just said ----

Josh  -- Tony doesn’t kno what he’s talking about!

Tony  -- yes i do

Haylee  -- can we just go out somewhere?

Nick  -- like where?

Tony  -- how about -----

Haylee  -- don’t even think about saying Mattii’s

Tony  -- why not?

Haylee  -- because i don’t want to baby sit drunks again

Nick  -- then you don’t have to come

Haylee  -- yes i do, otherwise someone is going to get hurt

Josh  -- Haylee stop being so annoying!


Leah  -- [goes downstairs] wheres Nick?

Joe  -- what?

Leah  -- your brother

Joe  -- i have more then one brother

Leah  -- Joe!

Joe  -- he went out

Leah  -- where?

Joe  -- donno

Leah  -- why didn’t he invite me?

Joe  -- donno

Leah  -- can you stop saying that!

Joe  -- don----

Leah  -- [hits him]

Joe  -- ow

Leah  -- [rolls her eyes] i’m going out, tell Nick to call me when he gets back [walks out of the house, and goes to the park]


I sat down on the swings, i don’t kno why i even came here. I guess i just needed to get away from Joe. He can be so annoying sometimes. I wish Nick had told me where he was going because i would have liked to go with him. but maybe he’s mad at me and didn’t want to be with me right now, but i didn’t even do anything...i don’t think. I kept swinging back and forth on the swings and then i felt someone behind me wrap their arms around my waist. I looked back at them and it was who i expected.


Leah  -- BRIAN!!

Brian  -- did you miss me babe

Leah  -- no

Brian  -- [lets go of her]

Leah  -- [falls of the swings] jerk!

Brian  -- [helps her up]

Leah  -- [moves away from him] you kno you can’t kill me here! Too many witnesses

Brian  -- yeah i kno

Leah  -- then just leave!

Brian  -- i can’t kill you but i can still kiss you

Leah  -- no you can’t----

Brian  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pulls away, slaps him]

Brian  -- [grabs her wrist]

Leah  -- LET ME GO!!!

Brian  -- [looks across the park, lets go of her, pushes her to the ground, walks away]

Leah  -- [stands up, starts to walk, but falls because she twisted her ankle when Brian pushed her to the ground]

???  -- [comes over, helps her up]

Leah  -- and your back

???  -- yeah

Leah  -- who are you?

???  -- my names Jesse

Leah  -- i’m Leah

Jesse  -- yeah i kno, your a friend of Josh’s

Leah  -- [laughs] i wouldn’t say friend, so how do you kno Josh?

Jesse  -- from j---- um we met a couple years ago

Leah  -- so are you here visiting him?

Jesse  -- no i moved here

Leah  -- well thanks for helping me out lately

Jesse  -- no problem [sees Nick across the street] i’ll see you later [kisses her cheek, walks away]

Leah  -- [smiles]

Nick  -- [sees her, walks over] what are you doing here?

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- why are you at the park?

Leah  -- [thinking about Jesse, looks at Nick] hi Nick

Nick  -- what are you thinking about?

Leah  -- nothing

Nick  -- then why are you so distracted?

Leah  -- i’m not distracted [starts to walk, falls because her ankle still hurts]

Nick  -- [catches her] you okay?

Leah  -- yeah but Brian hurt me

Nick  -- what else is new? [picks her up]

Leah  -- [wraps her arms around his neck, and her legs around his waist]

Nick  -- [starts carrying her home]

Leah  -- where were you earlier?

Nick  -- i went to Josh’s

Leah  -- i hate Josh

Nick   -- i kno, he hates you too [walks into his house, sits Leah on the couch]

Joe  -- see your carrying her again

Nick  -- she hurt her ankle Joe!

Leah  -- its not that bad


Leah  -- [sitting on her bed, eating ice cream and watching tv]

Nick  -- [comes in] so thats were the last of the ice cream went

Leah  --  yup

Nick  -- [gets on the bed]

Leah  -- this is my bed!

Nick  -- so? You’ve slept in my room so many times

Leah  -- [sticks her tongue out at him]

Nick  -- [laughs, kisses her]

Leah  -- [pulls away]

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- nothing [keeps eating her ice cream]

Nick  -- [lays on the bed]

Leah  -- your sleeping here tonight?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- why?

Nick  -- because i feel like it

Leah  -- of course you do [puts the ice cream down, goes downstairs]

Nick  -- [turns the tv off, wait for her to come back]


Leah  -- [walks back in, gets on the bed]

Nick  -- [pulls her close to him]

Leah  -- [lays her head on his chest]

Nick  -- [plays with her hair, falls asleep]

Leah  -- [hears something at the window, gets off the bed, opens the window]

Jesse  -- hi

Leah  -- [smiles] what are you doing here?

Jesse  -- can you come down

Leah  -- yeah just a second [closes the window, starts to leave]

Nick  -- [wakes up a bit] where are you going?

Leah  -- no where Nicky [walks out]

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Chapter 96

Leah  -- [smiles] what are you doing here?

Jesse  -- can you come down

Leah  -- yeah just a second [closes the window, starts to leave]

Nick  -- [wakes up a bit] where are you going?

Leah  -- no where Nicky [walks out]

Nick  -- [walks over to window, sees Jesse]

Leah  -- [walks out of the house, goes over to Jesse, hugs him]

Jesse  -- [takes her hand, walks to his car]

Leah  -- where are we going?

Jesse  -- just for a drive

Leah  -- a drive where?

Jesse  -- just get in the car

Leah  -- [gets in the car]

Jesse  -- [gets in too, starts driving]


Nick  -- [goes into Joe’s room]

Joe  -- i thot you went to bed

Nick  -- Leah just left

Joe  -- fascinating

Nick  -- she left with some guy!

Joe  -- i don’t care Nick!

Nick  -- yeah but -----

Joe  -- wait she left with a guy?

Nick  -- yeah

Joe  -- you mean like she always does with you?

Nick  -- Joe!

Joe  -- what?

Nick  -- she shouldn’t be leaving so late at night

Joe  -- then go after her!

Nick  -- but -----

Joe  -- Nick you can leave whenever you want, so why can’t Leah?

Nick  -- stop taking her side! [walks out]

Joe  -- i’m not taking sides!


Leah  -- where are we going?

Jesse  -- no where

Leah  -- are you just saying that? Or are we really not going anywhere

Jesse  -- we’re really not going anywhere [parks the car on the side of the road]

Leah  -- no Jesse don’t stop here

Jesse  -- why not?

Leah  -- this is Bayview land

Jesse  -- so?

Leah  -- this is where Brian, Lucas and Aiden live

Jesse  --  fine [starts driving again]

Leah  -- [looks behind the car]

Jesse  -- no ones following us

Leah  -- i kno

Jesse  -- then why are you looking back there?

Leah  -- i donno [her phone rings, she answers it] hello?

Nick  -- come home!

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- no?!

Leah  -- i’ll see you when i get home, but i’m not coming home right now!

Nick  -- yes you are!

Leah  -- no i’m not! You can’t tell me what to do!

Nick  -- Leah ----

Leah  -- bye Nick! [hangs up] Jesse?

Jesse  -- yeah

Leah  -- can i stay at your place tonight?

Jesse  -- well i’m staying in Josh’s guest room till i find my own place, so you would have to sleep in my bed

Leah  -- thats fine

Jesse  -- [drives to Josh’s house, goes in with Leah]

Josh  -- what is she doing here?

Jesse  -- she’s staying over

Josh  -- [glares at Leah]

Leah  -- [goes behind Jesse]

Jesse  -- [takes her up to his room]

Josh  -- [calls Nick]

Nick  -- [answers] what do you want!

Josh  -- did you kno that Leah is staying here?

Nick  -- she is?!

Josh  -- yeah, Jesse just came in and said that she was staying here

Nick  -- who’s Jesse?

Josh  -- my friend from juvi

Nick  -- that guy she left with was your friend from juvi!

Josh  -- i guess

Nick  -- how could you let this happen!

Josh  -- me? your the one who let her leave the house!

Nick  -- i didn’t kno she would be going out with someone who was in juvi!

Josh  -- well you let her go out with a murderer

Nick  -- Brian?

Josh  -- and you!

Nick  -- thats different

Josh  -- no its not [hangs up]


Leah  -- [sits on his bed]

Jesse  -- [lays on the bed next to her]

Leah  -- are you already looking for your own place?

Jesse  -- yeah, i’ve looked a couple places

Leah  -- and your coming to our school next year?

Jesse  -- yeah

Leah  --  good [lays down, pulls the blanket over her]

Jesse  -- [moves closer to her]

Leah  -- um Jesse----

Jesse  -- shh [leans it]


Nick  -- [calling Leah, but she isn’t answering her phone]

Joe  -- [walks over to him] what are you doing? I thot you went back to bed

Nick  -- i couldn’t sleep, and its not that late anyways

Joe  -- your calling Leah aren’t you

Nick  -- no [puts his phone away]

Joe  -- you really need to do this thing called moving on!

Nick  -- but i like her to much

Joe  -- just try and do some stuff that doesn’t involve Leah, and stop trying to control her. Because the more you try to keep her with you the more she’s going to push you away

Nick  -- but why is she pushing me away?

Joe  -- because you always try to control her, and she hates being told what to do!

Nick  -- i’m just looking out for her

Joe  -- well maybe you should stop

Nick  -- but -----

Joe  -- Nick your choking Leah, she just needs some space

Nick  -- since when do you ever make sense

Joe  -- since today i guess, ever since Kevin moved out i just feel so much smarterer [goes upstairs]

Nick  -- smarterer?


Jesse  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [kisses back a bit, then pulls away]

Jesse  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- i barely kno you

Jesse  -- what do you mean?

Leah  -- i mean i only met you today...and i think i should just go home

Jesse  -- are you sure?

Leah  -- yeah i’ll see you tmrw [walks out of the house, calls Nick]

Nick  -- [answers] what do you want?

Leah  -- can you come pick me up?

Nick  -- why? What did that guy do to you!

Leah  -- nothing, i’m just ready to come home

Nick  -- okay i’ll be there soon [hangs up, drives to Josh’s house]

Leah  -- [gets in the car]

Nick  -- so why did you decide to come home?

Leah  -- because i wanted to sleep next to you

Nick  -- [drives home, goes into the house with Leah, goes up to his room, gets into bed]

Leah  -- [gets on the bed next to him]

Nick  -- next time, how about you don’t leave in the middle of the night

Leah  -- kay [kisses him] goodnight Nicky [falls asleep]

Nick  -- ‘night Leah [pulls her closer to him]

Leah  -- [cuddles close to him, hears a gunshot and grabs Nick’s arm]

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Chapter 97

Nick  -- next time, how about you don’t leave in the middle of the night

Leah  -- kay [kisses him] goodnight Nicky [falls asleep]

Nick  -- ‘night Leah [pulls her closer to him]

Leah  -- [cuddles close to him, hears a gunshot and grabs Nick’s arm]

Nick  -- [gets off the bed]

Leah  -- Nick where are you going?!

Nick  -- i’m going to see what that was

Leah  -- it was a gun

Nick  -- i kno it was a gun! [walks out]

Leah  -- Nick come back! [runs after him]

Nick  -- [pushes her back in his room, shuts the door]

Leah  -- let me out! [hits the door]

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- then i’ll just go out the window!

Nick  -- [opens the door]

Leah  -- thank you [walks out]

Nick  -- [grabs her wrist] not so fast

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- just don’t get in the way of the gun, we don’t need you getting shot again

Leah  -- [glares at him]

Nick  -- well you are always getting hurt

Leah  -- yeah because of you! [walks away from him]

Nick  -- [goes to Joe’s room] Joe did you hear the gun shot?

Joe  -- yeah it came from the park down the street

Nick  -- how do you kno

Joe  -- cuz i was just there

Nick  -- well who was it?

Joe  -- i think Josh and Aiden and Lucas

Nick  -- so they weren’t trying to kill anyone

Joe  -- nope, they were talking about some Jesse guy

Nick  -- what about him?

Joe  -- i’m not sure, but the Bayview guys don’t like him cuz he keeps getting in the way or something

Nick  -- getting in the way of what?

Joe  -- i don’t kno Nick, i came home when they started taking knives and guns out

Leah  -- [screams from downstairs]

Nick  -- i told her not to leave that room!

Joe  -- she’s probably just trying to get attention

Nick  -- maybe [they go downstairs] Leah whats wrong?

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- you just screamed!

Leah  -- i did?

Nick  -- yeah

Joe  -- Leah what did you do [picks up pieces of glass of the floor]

Leah  -- it was an accident

Nick  -- [grabs her hand] did you break that with your hand?

Leah  -- i donno

Nick  -- [takes her into the kitchen, sits her on the counter, grabs her hand]

Leah  -- [winces]

Nick  -- [starts picking small pieces of glass out of her hand] how did you even do that

Leah  -- i don’t kno

Nick  -- [grabs a wet cloth, wipes the blood from Leah’s hand]

Leah  -- ow!

Nick  -- sorry

Joe  -- [comes in]

Nick  -- did you get all the glass off the floor?

Joe  -- yeah, how did she do that?

Nick  -- i have no idea, can you get me the disinfectant?

Leah  -- no!

Nick  -- Leah you have to

Joe  -- [gets the disinfectant, gives it to Nick]

Nick  -- [puts some on the cuts on Leah’s hand, puts a bandage on her hand]

Leah  -- ow Nicky is stings!

Nick  -- [picks her up] sorry Leah

Joe  -- where are you going?

Nick  -- back to bed? Its the middle of the night [goes up to his room, puts Leah on the bed]

Leah  -- [falls asleep]

Nick  -- [goes back downstairs]

Joe  -- i thot you were going to bed

Nick  -- no i was putting Leah to bed

Joe  -- you don’t need to put her to bed, she can put herself to bed

Nick  -- yeah but she won’t

Joe  -- you don’t need to baby her

Nick  -- i don’t baby her!

Joe  -- you treat her like you did when you guys were younger

Nick  -- i don’t kno what your talking about

Joe  -- sure you don’t

Nick  -- no one ever knows what your talking about!


Leah  -- [sitting on the couch, taking her bandage off]

Nick  -- [sitting next to her] Leah don’t! [grabs her hand]

Leah  -- but Nick -----

Nick  -- its not going to get better if you keep taking the bandage off

Leah  -- fine [sits on his lap]

Nick  -- [wraps his arms around her] so what do you want to do?

Leah  -- nothing, i’m so tired

Nick  -- well you kept me up all night cuz you were kicking and tossing around in your sleep

Leah  -- thats cuz i had a bad dream

Nick  -- about what?

Leah  -- not telling

Nick  -- why

Leah  -- because i want to forget about the dream...well nightmare [the doorbell rings, starts to get off Nick]

Nick  -- we aren’t having anyone over today

Leah  -- why not?

Nick  -- because i don’t want to

Leah  -- [gets off him, opens the door] hi Jesse

Jesse  -- hi babe

Leah  -- [takes him over to Nick] Nick this is Jesse

Nick  -- Josh’s friend from ju----

Jesse  -- yeah thats me

Nick  -- [glares at him]

Leah  -- Nick!

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- never mind, lets go to my room Jesse

Jesse  -- okay [smirks at Nick, follows Leah out of the room]

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Chapter 98

Leah  -- Nick!

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- never mind, lets go to my room Jesse

Jesse  -- okay [smirks at Nick, follows Leah out of the room]

Nick  -- LEAH!!!

Joe  -- [comes in] do you have to yell? Why can’t you just go up to her room?

Nick  -- just leave me alone Joe

Joe  -- fine [starts to leave]

Nick  --wait

Joe  -- what?

Nick  -- wheres my car

Joe  -- where [starts to leave again]

Nick  -- what did you do!

Joe  -- i might have accidentally dented the ----

Nick  -- you put a dent in my car!

Joe  -- it was an accident!

Nick  -- why don’t you get your own car, then you don’t have to crash mine

Joe  -- well its not like your the most amazing driver

Nick  -- i’ve never gotten in an accident

Joe  -- you haven’t?

Nick  -- no

Joe  -- how come your such a good driver?

Nick  -- because i kno how to drive unlike you

Joe  -- i kno how to drive!

Nick  -- then how come you dented my car!

Joe  -- i said it was an accident, and i’ll pay to get it fixed

Nick  -- good [goes upstairs, listens thru Leah’s door]


Leah  -- [thinks she hears someone outside the door, walks over quietly, hears Nick outside the door, gets back on the bed, moans]

Jesse  -- what are you----

Leah  -- [covers his mouth, moans louder] Jesse harder!! [moans really loud]

Nick  -- [knocks on the door]

Leah  -- [goes over, opens the door]

Nick  -- WHAT THE HELL LEAH!!! [sees she’s dressed] what are you doing?

Leah  -- why were you listening thru the door!

Nick  -- i wasn’t

Leah  -- yes you were!

Nick  -- i can’t believe you did that!

Leah  -- i didn’t do anything

Nick  -- you made me thing you were having sex!

Leah  -- why do you care anyways!

Nick  -- i just do!

Leah  -- Nick get out, and stop listening thru the door [slams the door, locks it, gets back on the bed] want to watch a movie?

Jesse  -- sure

Leah  -- [puts a movie on, cuddles close to Jesse]

Jesse  -- [kisses her head]

Leah  -- [smiles]


Nick  -- [throwing stuff around his room]

Joe  -- [comes in with Kevin] what are you doing?!

Kevin  -- your making a mess!

Nick  -- i’m looking for something

Joe  -- for what?

Nick  -- leave me alone Joe

Kevin  -- Nick can you look for something with out messing up your room?

Nick  -- no [sits on his bed]

Kevin  --  can you atleast tell us what your looking for? Maybe we saw it

Nick  -- i can’t tell you

Joe  -- why not?


Jesse  -- [kissing her neck]

Leah  -- um Jesse?

Jesse  -- [ignores her, keeps kissing her neck]

Leah  -- [pushes him away a bit] Jesse stop

Jesse  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- i just want to watch the movie

Jesse  -- but thats so boring [gets on top of her, kisses her]

Leah  -- [squirms, trying to get away from him, falls off the bed]

Jesse  -- are you okay? [helps her back on the bed]

Leah  -- i’m fine [moves away from him]

Jesse  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- i don’t want you kissing me

Jesse  -- fine i won’t kiss you

Leah  -- good

Jesse  -- unless you want me to [moves closer to her]

Leah  -- Jesse -----

Jesse  -- [moves so their lips are almost touching] what?

Leah  -- i um----uh

Jesse  -- [smirks]

Leah  -- [bites her bottom lip]

Jesse  -- [about to kiss her]

Leah  -- [pushes him off the bed]

Jesse  -- what was that for!

Leah  -- i said i don’t want you kissing me! i barely kno you

Jesse  -- well how about we change that

Leah  -- [walks out]

Jesse  -- Leah wait! [follows her]

Leah  -- i think you should go

Jesse  -- i’m sorry okay? But Josh told me ----

Leah  -- Josh told you what?!

Jesse  -- he just told me something that i guess isn’t true

Leah  -- just tell me what he told you

Jesse  -- it doesn’t matter, can we just start over?

Leah  -- fine, but you still have to go

Jesse  -- why?

Leah  -- because i want you to, i’ll see you later

Jesse  -- fine [leaves]

Leah  -- [walks by Nick’s room, hears yelling, starts listening thru the door]


Joe  -- you said you stopped!

Nick  -- i did!

Joe  -- then why do you still have some!

Nick  -- because i wasn’t just going to throw it out

Leah  -- [walks in] throw what out?

Nick  -- [puts something behind his back fast] nothing

Leah  -- whats going on?

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Chapter 99

Joe  -- then why do you still have some!

Nick  -- because i wasn’t just going to throw it out

Leah  -- [walks in] throw what out?

Nick  -- [puts something behind his back fast] nothing

Leah  -- whats going on?

Kevin  -- Nick is -----

Nick  -- shut up Kevin! I am not!

Leah  -- can someone tell me whats going on?

Nick  -- nothings going on, just go downstairs

Leah  -- [glares at him] just tell me whats going on!

Nick  -- nothing! [pushes her out of his room, closes the door]


Nick  -- [opens the door] babe you kno i only like you screaming my name when i’m pounding my dick into you

Leah  -- you ------

Nick  -- [closes the door again]

Leah  -- [hits the door] NICK!!!

Nick  -- BYE LEAH!!!

Leah  -- FINE! [goes downstairs]

Joe  -- Nick give me the drugs!

Nick  -- i’m not taking them anymore!

Joe  -- then why can’t you give them to me?

Kevin  -- do you kno how dangerous that is!

Nick  -- yeah i do! Wich is why i stopped

Joe  -- then give me the drugs!

Nick  -- [gives them to him]

Kevin  -- you better not buy anymore

Nick  -- thats from months ago! I already told you that i stopped!

Joe  -- well how do we kno your not lying

Nick  -- why can’t you just trust me!

Joe  -- because we can’t!

Kevin  -- Nick if you keep this up your going to rehab


Joe  -- Nick!

Nick  -- i hate you guys! [walks out, walks past Leah]

Leah  -- Nick?

Nick  -- [ignores her, keeps walking]

Leah  -- Nick whats going on? [follows him]


Joe  -- can you believe that Nick did that!

Kevin  -- not really, but maybe he did stop

Joe  -- you really think Nick would stop?

Kevin  -- i donno maybe

Joe  -- i don’t think so

Kevin  -- Joe -----

Joe  -- i’m not talking about this anymore! [goes to his room]

Kevin  -- [walks out, goes past Leah’s room] Leah what are you doing?

Leah  -- packing

Kevin  -- for what?

Nick  -- [walks into Leah’s room, helps her pack]

Kevin  -- whats going on?

Nick  -- nothing Kevin! Just get out!

Kevin  -- Nick ------

Nick  -- GET OUT!!!

Kevin  -- fine [leaves]

Leah  -- Nick what ------

Nick  -- just finish packing!

Leah  -- but -----

Nick  -- LEAH!

Leah  -- [kinda scared, keeps packing]

Nick  -- [walks out]


I had no idea what was going on, but i’m sure that Nick got in a fight with Joe and Kevin because he seemed really mad and kinda upset when we came out of his room.  He wouldn’t tell me anything only that i need to pack a bag and i had to be ready to leave in a couple minutes. He really needs to start telling me stuff because i have no idea whats going on, and maybe if i knew then i could help him. he came back in my room and put some stuff in my suitcase then left again. He’s barely talking and its driving me crazy! I don’t even kno why i’m doing what he says!


Nick  -- [walks into his room, starts packing]

Joe  -- [comes in] Nick?

Nick  -- go away

Joe  -- where are you going

Nick  -- why would i tell you?!

Joe  -- Nick ----

Nick  -- just go away!

Joe  -- Nick you can’t just run away

Nick  -- i’m not!

Joe  -- then where are you going

Nick  -- the airport

Joe  -- why would you go there?

Nick  -- JOE GET OUT!!!

Joe  -- fine i’m going [leaves]


I can’t believe my stupid brothers don’t believe me. i kno that drugs are bad for you! I’m not stupid! The only reason i bought them in the first place was because i was depressed and they seemed to help. But i stopped and i wasn’t going to start again. Well maybe i was...but not anymore.  And i kno that if Leah ever found out she would never talk to me again. I finished packing and went to Leah’s room, she was already gone so i walked out to my car. I saw the dent Joe put in the car, i can’t believe he would do that!  Leah looked at me confused as i put the bags in the back of the car. I got in the car, and she got in aswell. I just need to get away for a while, and i didn’t want to go anywhere without Leah

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Chapter 100

Leah  -- can you tell me where we are going?

Nick  -- we’re just going anywhere

Leah  -- you sound like Jesse

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- nevermind...are we taking a plane?

Nick  -- maybe, but right now i kinda just want to drive

Leah  -- why are we leaving anyways?

Nick  -- because i can’t be around Joe or Kevin right now

Leah  -- why?

Nick  -- because they think i’m doing drugs, even tho i’m not

Leah  -- why would they think that?

Nick  -- no idea

Leah  -- you’ve never done drugs right?

Nick  -- i’m not stupid Leah, i would never do drugs

Leah  -- good


Josh  -- why are you so obsessed with Leah?!

Brian  -- i am not!

Aiden  -- you kinda are

Brian  -- shut up! I just want her gone! And i kno you guys do too

Lucas  -- well you can’t kill her

Brian  -- why not

Aiden  -- because she can’t die

Josh  -- she can’t?

Aiden  -- something always stops us right befor we’re about to kill her [looks out the window] was that Nick?

Brian  -- [looks out] yeah it looks like he’s going somewhere with Leah

Lucas  -- [calls Joe]

Joe  -- [answers] hello?

Lucas  -- do you kno where Nick is going?

Joe  -- he said he just needs to get away from a bit...why?

Lucas  -- nothing [hangs up]

Josh  -- whats going on?

Lucas  -- he’s going away

Brian  -- thats perfect

Josh  -- what?

Brian  -- they’re travelling down the highway, theres nothing that could save her out there

Aiden  -- except maybe Nick

Brian  -- just come on [walks out of the house, Aiden and Lucas follow him]


Leah  -- [hitting her head on his seat] this is so boring

Nick  -- no its not

Leah  -- yeah it is! I want to go home

Nick  -- well i’m not going home, so it would just be you and Joe

Leah  -- how far till the next town?

Nick  -- 20 minutes, why?

Leah  -- i’m hungry

Nick  -- we don’t have time to stop

Leah  -- how do we not have time? You don’t even kno where we’re going!

Nick  -- yes i do

Leah  -- then where are we going?

Nick  -- just let me drive! And stop distracting me!

Leah  -- i’m distracting you?

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- but you just said ------

Nick  - you aren’t distracting me Leah

Leah  -- oh really

Nick  -- really

Leah  -- [takes her jacket off]

Nick  -- what are you doing?

Leah  -- its a bit hot in here

Nick  -- i kno what your doing and its not going to work

Leah  -- i don’t kno what your talking about Nick [starts taking her shirt off]

Nick  -- Leah stop it or i’m going to tying you to the back seat!

Leah  -- fine i’ll stop

Nick  -- good


Leah  -- [sleeping]

Nick  -- [driving along the highway]

Leah  -- [wakes up, looks around] can we stop driving now

Nick  -- yeah but we’ll be in the middle of no where

Leah  -- i meant at the next town

Nick  -- we will

Leah  -- good [looks behind them] um Nick

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- isn’t that Lucas’s car

Nick  -- i can’t really look Leah, i’m driving

Leah  -- [climbs into the backseat]

Nick  -- Leah!

Leah  -- it is his car...but i don’t think he’s the one who’s driving

Nick  -- Leah its probably someone with the same car, we’re miles away from home, it can’t be Lucas

Leah  -- Nick they’re catching up, drive faster [gets back in the front seat]

Nick  -- Leah -----

Leah  -- Nicky please

Nick  -- [drives a bit faster]

Leah  -- Nick faster

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- why not

Nick  -- because its not safe


Lucas’s car was so close now that i could see who was driving, Brian. Why am i not surprised. He was moving his car closer making Nick drive closer to the edge of the road. I knew what he was doing, he was trying to force us off the road, but thats not possible because of the road blocks. I heard Nick cursing under his breath, but i wasn’t really paying attention. Nick started driving faster and we were coming towards a tunnel. Brian was making it so we wouldn’t be able to go threw the tunnel. He drove Lucas’s car into Nick’s and we went over the side of the highway and down hill fast threw the tree’s. I screamed, and everything went black.



I slowly opened my eyes. I could barely move, the car had flipped over and i managed to get my seat belt undone so i could climb out. I looked at my car and i knew that i was going to have to get a new one, cuz this one was destroyed. I was going to kill Brian! How could he do that! I kno he hates me and Leah but he went to far! I remembered Leah and tried to go to her door, but my leg and arm were killing me. i was pretty sure they were broken but i just needed to get Leah out.  I managed to get to her door and get her out.

 She wasn’t moving. i felt tears rolling down my cheeks. She moved a little, but i knew she was barely alive. We were in the middle of no where and there was no one that could help. I sat down on the ground with Leah on my lap. i wrapped my arms around her and looked around hopeing to see someone that could help us. Leah was dying in my arms and there was nothing i could do to help her!

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