[Inspired By A Novel, By: Amanda Marrone]


Chapter 1

Leah’s POV

{i walked out of the school and quickly back to my house making sure that i didn’t run into any of my friends. I knew that the second they saw me they would try and talk me into going out somewhere with them or going to someone’s house. But i just couldn’t do that anymore. I had to be home before nightfall or..well i didn’t know exactly what would happen but i knew it wouldn’t be good. When i got home i walked into the house and made my way to the stairs. But i heard my moms voice behind me.

Mrs. Tyler  -- i told you i was going out tonight right?

Leah  -- i don’t really care if you go out!

Mrs. Tyler  -- do not talk to me like that young lady!

{i rolled my eyes}

Mrs. Tyler  -- i am tired of this behaviour

Leah  -- well your going to have to get used to it

Mrs. Tyler  -- Leah----

{i ignored her, my mom didn’t even pay attention to me until i started getting into trouble. She doesn’t even care she just doesn’t want her friends to think she’s a bad mom. i went straight up to my room and locked the door. I walked over to the window and closed it. Then i sat down on my bed, looking over at the clock. I only had a couple hours before nightfall. I had stayed later then i wanted at school but i had made it home in time. I looked over at the window, i reached over and opened it just a crack. It wasn’t more than an inch open and then i turned on my tv and started watching.

Later that night, i heard a tapping on the window, i looked over and saw Nick sitting in the tree by my window it was dark so i couldn’t see him clearly, but i knew it was him. I froze, i didn’t know what to do. I knew he would come, and in a way i was happy but at the same time i was scared to death. I slowly walked over to the window, but moved away a bit when he pressed his hand against the glass}

Nick  -- Leah let me in

{i shook my head}

Nick  -- come on Leah, just let me in, its cold out here

Leah  -- g---go away!

Nick  -- aww come on sweetie, invite me in

Leah  -- no!

Nick  -- stupid being so stubborn and just let me in!

{he hit the window and i jumped back. I felt the tears in my eyes and i tried to blink them away but it was to late, they started rolling down my cheeks}

Nick  -- Leah i’m sorry..just please let me in

{i shook my head again}

Nick  -- i just want to hold you in my arms again, i miss you

Leah  -- i’m going to bed Nick! Just go away!

{i got on my bed and pulled the covers over me. The lights were already out and i closed my eyes. As bad as i wanted to sleep i couldn’t block out the sound of Nick tapping on the window. I got out of bed and walked back over}

Leah  -- can’t you go bug someone else?!

Nick  -- i don’t want anyone else to will just be out little secret, yeah?

Leah  -- Nick i have to go to bed, i have a big test tmrw

Nick  -- just let me in so i can give you a good night kiss

{i shook my head. I knew the second i let Nick in i would regret it. As long as i stayed strong i could keep him out. But i wanted Nick to come in, i really wanted him to hold me. I felt myself reaching to open the window more. And thru the darkness I could see a smirk spread across Nick’s face and i pulled my hand back fast}

Nick  -- LEAH!

Leah  -- go away Nick! I mean it!

Nick  -- does anyone miss me?

Leah  -- no!

{i got back on the bed, and grabbed my ipod, i put my headphones on and turned the music up loud blocking out all other noise. I tried to fall asleep, but i just couldn’t. I lay in bed awake, just listening to the music. I felt bad for saying no one missed Nick but i just needed him to leave. I layed there for about 15 more minutes before i ran over to the window to see if Nick was there. He wasn’t...but i knew he would be back tmrw night and every other night that followed, just haunting me}

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Chapter 2

Leah’s POV

{i walked to school the next day, thinking about Nick. It was only about three months ago that he killed himself..well thats what people have been saying. Since his death happened during the summer no one really talked about it anymore. His friends don’t even seem to notice that he’s not there..but those were the kinds of friends he had. The ones who aren’t really your friends and they never really care. I walked into the school and made my way over to my locker, my eyes not leaving the floor. I heard footsteps come over and looked up to see friend...kinda}

Alice  -- Hey look awful

Leah  -- wow thanks Alice, you really know how to make someone feel better

Alice  -- did you even sleep last night?

Leah  -- not really

Alice  -- you should talk to someone if your having trouble sleeping

Leah  -- i know you’ve told me before

{i closed the locker and walked to my first class. I wish i could explain to Alice why i couldn’t sleep at night. She probably thinks i’m just sick or something. But it would be to hard to explain that my dead ex boyfriend came to my window every night begging me to let him in. Everyone would just think i was crazy. I took a seat at the back of the class and waited till the day ended}

                    ***                                   ***                                         ***

{the day finished and i walked home like always. My older brother was sitting in the living room with some of his of them being Nick’s older brother Joe. I started to walk up the stairs without getting noticed, but i guess i wasn’t lucky today}

Lucas  -- hey little sis, how was school?

Leah  -- i’m not little..and school was fine

Joe  -- have talking about Nick?

{i nodded. I knew how close Nick and Joe were, they were like best friends and i also knew he couldn’t be anywhere near over it yet. I knew i wouldn’t be. I would probably be a wreck right now over his death..if he didn’t keep coming to see me every night}

Leah  -- yeah they’ve i have a lot of homework so i should----

Lucas  -- Leah you stopped doing homework last year

Leah  -- shut up Lucas!

Lucas  -- just come have a drink with us

Leah  -- is m----

Lucas  -- moms not home

Leah  -- okay

{i sat down on the couch and grabbed a beer off the table.  I opened it and drank it fast}

Joe  -- Leah slow down

Lucas  -- don’t worry she’s fine

Joe  -- yeah but----

Lucas  -- just trust me, whenever my moms out she drinks like crazy

Leah  -- shut up Lucas i do not!

Lucas  -- yeah you do, and i know it was you who stole the beer from my room

Leah  -- you know what i think i’ll just drink this upstairs

{i grabbed another beer and took it upstairs. I didn’t like beer so much, but alcohol was alcohol and i didn’t really care right now. I went into my room, and locked the door behind me as i sat down at my desk. I didn’t really know what to do. I really wanted to just go out with my friends and get wasted and just have fun but of course Nick didn’t let me do that anymore.

A couple hours later i woke up on the floor..i looked around. I wasn’t even sure how i got on the floor. I started to get up when i heard a voice}

Nick  -- have a good sleep?

{i got off the floor as fast as i could, and tried to fix my hair. I’m not even sure why. I don’t care what Nick thinks anymore. He broke my heart and he doesn’t deserve to be forgiven..even if he is dead..or whatever}

Leah  -- how long have you been there?

Nick  -- about 20 minutes..your really beautiful when you sleep

{i rolled my eyes, Nick told me the exact same thing the morning after i lost my virginity to him. and he probably said it to every other girl he slept with at our school. Wich is a lot, in the short time he went to my school he slept with nearly half the girls there}

Leah  -- seriously Nick just go to someone elses house! Someone who cares!

Nick  -- i know you care!

Leah  -- no i don’t!

Nick  -- you may not want to, but you do

Leah  -- just shut up! I hate you! And i always will!

Nick  -- you don’t hate me!

Leah  -- well i don’t want you coming here anymore!

Nick  -- sure you do, you still love me Leah. I know you do

Leah  -- Nick----

Nick  -- just open the window!

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Chapter 3

Leah’s POV

Nick  -- sure you do, you still love me Leah. I know you do

Leah  -- Nick----

Nick  -- just open the window!

Leah  -- i will never let you in Nick!

Nick  -- yes you will! I know you Leah! I know you better then anyone!

Leah  -- thats not true!

Nick  -- yes it is! I was the only one who ever really cared about you

Leah  -- you didn’t care!

Nick  -- of course i did!

Leah  -- no you didn’t!

{i felt tears rolling down my cheeks. I don’t know why i let Nick do this to me. I could easily close the curtains and block him out..but i don’t. I don’t know why, but i just couldn’t. I wiped my tears and looked away from Nick}

Nick  -- Leah..i just want to be with you, your the only person i can talk to

Leah  -- thats not true! You could go talk to anyone you wanted! Just go talk to Joe! I know he misses you..and your family, go talk to them

Nick  -- i can’t

Leah  -- WHY NOT!?

Nick  -- they wouldn’t understand like you do..they wouldn’t get it

Leah  -- well i don’t get it either Nick!

Nick  -- Leah just let me in and we can talk properly

Leah  -- i can’t

Nick  -- why not?!

Leah  -- because i’m scared

Nick  -- you don’t have to be scared..i’m still me

Leah  -- but your not Nick!

{there was a silence. One of those deathly silences that i always hated. I didn’t like any uncomfortable or awkward situation. I guess most people didn’t like them either, but it was different for me. In my mind i always made it 10 times worse.}

Leah  -- i---i’m just going to go to bed

Nick  -- fine..

{i walked over to the bed, and layed down}

Nick  -- i love you

Leah  -- no you----

{i looked over at the window, but Nick was already gone. I felt tears rolling down my cheeks as i started to cry. I couldn’t handle this, i couldn’t have him doing this to me. i cried for what felt like hours just thinking about everything...Nick, me, my friends, but soon that just turned to Nick..and i slowly fell asleep}

                            ***                                     ***                                     ***

{i woke up in the morning as my alarm went off. But i didn’t even want to go to school. I shut the alarm off and layed back on the bed. I closed my eyes, thinking of the day that i met Nick...the day i finally felt like someone wanted me...}


{it was summer, and i was stuck babysitting the twins. The evil twins. I should be at the beach or hanging out with friends, but no i’m stuck here babysitting because my mom said i would. I was sitting on the swing in the backyard watching the twins throwing a football around. I looked across the street. There was a moving truck, a boy was standing by the truck. He looked across the street and started walking over.

I could feel myself getting nervous. Why was he coming over? he got closer and closer and one of the twins threw the football at him. he caught it easily and passed it back. He then started talking to the two little kids and they seemed to like him a lot. He kept looking over at me tho. He picked up the football again and threw it far. The twins raced after it and the boy walked over to me}

Nick  -- i’m Nick, Nick Jonas..and those two can’t be related to you, not with those beautiful blue eyes

{i blushed a bit and he smiled at me}

Leah  -- i’m Leah, and i’m just babysitting them for the summer

{he sat down on the swing next to me. there was barely enough room for both of us. And i got butterfly’s having him so close}

Nick  -- so when are you finished babysitting?

Leah  -- um around 5:30

Nick  -- well maybe we could go out after your finished and you could show me around..or we could hang out with your friends or something

{my friends? I didn’t want to share him with my friends. They would steal him from me in a second. And i couldn’t compete with any of them, they are all so pretty and i’m just not. So there is no way i was letting them ruin this for me}

Leah  -- my friends work late..

Nick  -- okay great..

{he smiled and rubbed his hand up and down my thigh}

Nick  -- ..just you and me

{he jumped up suddenly and caught the football as it came over. the twins ran over close behind and i pushed the swing back and forth thinking about what we would be doing later}

*End Of Flashback*

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Chapter 4

Leah’s POV

{i spend 2 amazing months with Nick, but then it just ended and we never really talked again. That is until he started showing up at my window. I got off my bed and walked over to my closet. Nightfall was hours away, but i wanted to plan something for Nick tonight..something that he will hate to like.

I grabbed some clothes out of the closet and layed them down on my bed. I should really go to Alice’s house to look for clothes, she always has something slutty. I used to until my mom caught me coming home from a party with two guys and threw out all the clothes that i like, although she says they are inappropriate. I really need to go to the mall...i picked up my phone and texted Alice, asking her to meet me at the mall. She quickly replied telling me she would be there in 15 minutes.

I grabbed my purse and opened my wallet..barely 15 dollars. I rolled my eyes and went into my mom’s room, she was already at work and i’m sure she wouldn’t notice if a couple hundred dollars went missing. I grabbed the money and headed to the mall}


Alice  -- so what are we looking for?

Leah  -- just anything

Alice  -- very specific..oh i know we should go to the hair salon and you should get highlights

Leah  -- your turning into my mom

Alice  -- i guess thats a no

Leah  -- i just need new clothes

Alice  -- new clothes for what?

Leah  -- just a little strip tease

{Alice’s eyes widened and she squealed a bit.}

Alice  -- who’s the guy? Do i know him? does he go to our school? Why didn’t you tell me about him before? What-----

Leah  -- Alice calm down!

Alice  -- sorry, its just you’ve been so depressed since Nick died. I didn’t think you would ever get over it

Leah  -- yeah...right

Alice  -- so who’s the guy?

Leah  -- you don’t know him

Alice  -- will i ever get to meet him?

Leah  -- i’m not sure yet

Alice  -- fine, but i’m helping you get ready

Leah  -- okay

Alice  -- you are going to look so hot

{she linked her arm thru mine and we walked into one of the stores. i felt a bit bad for making Alice ditch school but its not like its the first time she’s ditched. And it definitely wasn’t my first time. We looked around the mall for a couple hours and i ended up spending all the money i had taken from my mom’s room.

We were in the food court now, eating French fries. Alice was going on about some guy she met at a party last week, Another party that i missed because of Nick. I miss going out with my friends, i miss having fun. i miss boys!}

Alice  -- so what do you think?

Leah  -- what?

Alice  -- weren’t you listening?

Leah  -- distracted, what were you saying?

Alice  -- i was saying i think we should do your hair for your tonight

Leah  -- Alice-----

Alice  -- i can just style it if you want

Leah  -- fine

{Alice smiled, sometimes i felt like a doll to her..and to my other friends too. They always wanted to fix my hair or help me pick my outfit, anything to make me look better. But i like the way i look, well for the most part.}


{Alice and i were in my room. I was sitting on a chair and Alice was trying to make my hair look nice. I told her i wanted it to look natural, but knowing Alice she was going to go over board}

Alice  -- so can i know who the guy is yet?

Leah  -- sorry Alice

Alice  -- is there a reason you can’t tell me?

Leah  -- i don’t want you to judge me..

Alice  -- is he a loser?

Leah  -- no

Alice  -- so an older guy?

Leah  -- no Alice!

Alice  -- fine don’t tell me, but i’m finished with your hair

{she handed me a mirror and i looked at my reflection. It didn’t look to actually looked kinda good}

Alice  -- well i should go, i’ll see you tmrw. You have to tell me what happens

Leah  -- okay

Alice  -- bye

{Alice grabbed her purse and left. I quickly got changed and then layed down on my bed, pulling the blankets over me. i wanted to get a few hours of sleep before Nick got here. I closed my eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep...

I woke up to the sound of tapping on the window..Nick. i smirked. Let the fun begin}

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Chapter 5

Leah’s POV

{I woke up to the sound of tapping on the window..Nick. i smirked. Let the fun begin. I looked over at the clock..1:30am, so everyone should be asleep. I pushed the blanket off me and walked over to the window. Nick already had his hand pressed against the window, and i knew today i was going to be strong and keep him out}

Leah  -- Nick?

Nick  -- yeah its me, let me in

{i could only see the outline of Nick. And then i realized he probably couldn’t see me so what was the point in the strip tease?}

Leah  -- um Nick can i ask you something?

Nick  -- anything sweetie, let me in and we can talk

Leah  -- can you see me clearly?

Nick  -- basically..why?

Leah  -- no reason

{i walked to the door and locked it. Then put my ipod in the speakers and turned the music on. I knew i would feel like an idiot if i was doing this in complete silence}

Nick  -- what are you doing?

Leah  -- just having some fun

{i took a deep breath to try and calm my nerves, but it didn’t help that much. I closed my eyes and tried to listen to the music. I slowly started moving my hips from side to side, swaying to the music. I slowly pulled my shirt over my head and looked over at the window. I couldn’t see Nick’s expression because it was to dark, wich meant i couldn’t figure out what he was thinking.

I kept dancing around to the music while i slowly stripped my clothes off. I almost forget Nick was there until he slammed his hands against the window}

Nick  -- Leah you have to let me in! You can’t just do that when i can’t touch you!

{i ran my fingers threw my hair. I guess it was a bit mean to tease Nick, but i just wanted to have some fun for once since Nick’s funeral}

Nick  -- Leah let me in! i can’t look at you like that when i’m stuck out here!

{i grabbed one of my longer shirts and put it on covering me up a bit more. Nick had turned my fun against me and was trying to guilt me into letting him in}

Leah  -- i’m sorry Nick

Nick  -- don’t be sorry just LET ME IN!

{he hit the window again and i jumped back, tears forming in my eyes. This really wasn’t a good idea, I sat back down on my bed and i wrapped the blanket around myself as tears rolled down my cheeks. I looked away from the window wishing Nick would just leave}

Nick  -- Leah i’m sorry..i didn’t mean to scare you

{i looked over at the window but still couldn’t really see Nick. I hadn’t seen his face clearly since his death..since he changed. As much as i wanted to see if he looked different i was scared to. What if he wasn’t my Nick anymore..what if he changed a lot. I walked back over to the window and pressed my hand against the glass, trying to see through the darkness. I gasped as Nick put his hand against the glass at the same place as mine}

Leah  -- i want to see you Nick

Nick  -- what are you talking about?

Leah  -- i want to see what you look like

Nick  -- then let me in and i’ll show you

Leah  -- no show me from outside

Nick  -- Leah stop being so damn stubborn and let me in! I want to be with you, we can be together forever

Leah  --  forever?

Nick  -- yes

Leah  -- do you even love me Nick?

Nick  -- of course i do, why else would i chose you as the person i want to spend eternity with?

Leah  -- i---i donno

Nick  -- i love you so much Leah

{i smiled, i loved hearing Nick say that. I loved hearing his voice, and if he was still alive..and by that i mean human then maybe things would be different and we could be together again. But knowing what he was scared me. knowing he could kill me at any second or worse make me like him..that scared me}

Nick  -- Leah just open the window, you know how much i love you. I never stopped loving you even after we broke up. Just let me in. open the window and let me get warm. Let me in so we can be together i can love you again

{i slowly walked over to the window and started to open it, i couldn’t control myself as i continued opening the window}

Nick  -- open it, open it, do it, Come on Leah keep going

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Chapter 6

Leah’s POV

{i slowly walked over to the window and started to open it, i couldn’t control myself as i continued opening the window}

Nick  -- open it, open it, do it, Come on Leah keep going

{his voice sounded frantic and it scared me, but when i tried to stop myself from opening the window i just couldn’t. Nick voice was in my head clouding my thoughts. I tried to push him out but i wasn’t strong enough}

Nick  -- keep going Leah, we’re so close now, So close to being together. But you have to ask me in. ASK ME IN LEAH!

{as he voice got louder i got more scared. I stopped pushing the window up, but my hands didn’t leave the window sill. My body wouldn’t let me move them. I looked through the window trying to see Nick but i could still only see his outline}

Nick  -- you can’t keep hurting like this Leah, i can’t help you. I can take the pain away

{i felt the tears rolling down my cheeks and my head felt like it was going to explode. I just wanted to scream. I wanted to let him in, i wanted him to help me but i was to scared}

Nick  -- Ask me in and i can open the window for you, i’ll open it and come in and take care of you

{images flashed thru my head of Nick and i when we were together. Us on the beach laughing...when we were making out in the back of his car..him holding me as i fell asleep in his arms. I missed being with him. and now was my chance to be with him forever..but is that what i want? its not! I tried to pull my hands away from the window, but Nick’s voice was in my head..controlling me}

Nick  -- come on sweetie just ask me in, and i can make everything better

{i realized how much i wanted things to just be better. I was sick of my life, of school and my horrible family. I just wanted things to be easier. I didn’t want to have to decide everything. I wanted someone to take care of me..i wanted Nick to take care of me. i pushed the window all the way up leaving only the thin screen between Nick and me}

Nick  -- oh yes! Ask me in, do it now!

{Nick’s voice was all of a sudden different. It was harsh and he almost sounded..hungry. all of a sudden i had control of my thots again, and i realized this wasn’t what i wanted. I fumbled with the screen but cut my knuckles on the wire mesh. I winced as i felt warm blood drip from my knuckles. I heard Nick groan, he must have smelt the blood. I collapsed against the screen i couldn’t take it anymore}

Nick  -- NO! Damn it! Don’t stop!

Leah  -- i ---- Nick----i can’t----

Nick  -- Leah get up and open this window!

Leah  -- LEAVE ME ALONE!...please Nick

{i closed my eyes, trying to forget everything. i could feel Nick trying to get back in my head and it hurt. I looked to my desk and saw the bottle of cheap wine i swiped from the liquor cabinet earlier. I stumbled to the desk and opened the bottle and started drinking}


{i kept drinking and some of the wine poured down my face. But the more i drank the easier it was to drown Nick’s voice out. i glanced over at the window as i continued drinking}

Nick  -- Leah please..i’m cold i just want to warm up

{Nick voice was softer again, but i knew it would only be a matter of time before he started yelling and trying to force me to open the window. It didn’t used to be like this. He didn’t used to be so harsh but i had been keeping him out for months now. Nick pressed his hand to the window and i choked on the drink. I let it fall from my hand and spill on the floor as i started coughing hard}

Nick  -- Leah?

{i kept coughing, but it wasn’t helping}

Nick  -- Leah let me in i can help you!

{i shook my head and kept coughing for a bit longer before i could finally breathe a bit more normal. I stood up and stumbled to the door, i just had to get away from Nick}

Nick  -- where are you doing?!

{i started walking out of the room, but i fell and hit my head hard on the wall as i fell. I sat against the wall and pressed my hand to my head as everything started to get blurry. I looked around the room and glanced at the window. Nick was the last thing i saw before everything when black}

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Chapter 7

Leah’s POV

Alice  -- Leah? Leah wake up!

{i slowly opened my eyes. I was on the floor and Alice was kneeling next to me}

Alice  -- how are you feeling?

Leah  -- i---

{i coughed, i hadn’t realized how dry my throat was. Alice passed me a glass of water that she had gotten off my desk and i drank it}

Leah  -- thanks

Alice  -- no is this like a new hobby?

Leah  -- what?

Alice  -- getting your room

Leah  -- no i just...i donno

{i looked over to the window, then down at my hand to see the small scratches on my knuckles from the screen on the window. Alice walked over to the window and closed it}

Alice  -- its freezing in here. Why is the window open?

Leah  -- i just opened it for no reason

{i got up and walked over to the bed. I sat on the bed and wrapped the blankets around me. Alice was right the room was freezing. I layed back on the bed, thinking about last night. About how i almost let Nick in, and how i almost ruined my life}

Alice  -- so Chels and Chloe said they’re gonna kidnap you

Leah  -- what?

Alice  -- just thot i would warn you

Leah  -- what do you mean they’re gonna kidnap me?

Alice  -- apparently your no fun anymore

{i heard some people talking outside the room, and then Chelsea and Chloe walked in}

Leah  -- here to kidnap me?

{Chelsea glared at Alice}

Chelsea  -- you told her?!

Alice  -- yeah

Chloe  -- Alice!

Leah  -- you guys i really don’t feel like going out

Alice  -- she’s hungover

Leah  -- shut up i am not!

Chloe  -- well your in a bad mood

Chelsea  -- and you never feel like going out, so this time we aren’t taking no for an answer

Chloe  -- we need to get you to a party

Leah  -- but all the parties are at night

Alice  -- so?

Leah  -- so i can’t go out after dark

Alice  -- why not?

Leah  -- i just can’t

Chloe  -- what is with you?! You used to love going to parties

Leah  -- i know, but things are different

Alice  -- yean now she likes drinking by herself

Leah  -- Alice!

Alice  -- what?

Chloe  -- Leah whats going on?

Chelsea  -- yeah we’re your friends, you can tell us anything

Leah  -- i just don’t want to go to a party

Chloe  -- when was the last time you came?

Chelsea  -- it was the party right before summer started

Chloe  -- oh yeah

Alice  -- that was before Nick’s funeral

{i looked at the ground, just waiting for them to start the usual conversation about me and Nick}

Chloe  -- aww hun, is that why you won’t come out?

Chelsea  -- you should just forget him, he was a jerk

{i got off the bed, and walked out of the room, i couldn’t listen to them talking about Nick..not again. Cuz i knew in a matter of minutes i wouldn’t be able to hold back tears. I walked down the stairs and into the living room}

Lucas  -- hey Leah, you okay?

Leah  -- where is that beer mom’s new boyfriend bought?

Lucas  -- you know he has a name

Leah  -- yeah i just don’t care

Joe  -- what happened to you Leah!

Leah  -- just shut up Joe! You have no idea what i’ve been going thru

Joe  -- then why don’t you tell me?! we used to talk before

Leah  -- i can’t tell you!

Lucas  -- just ignore her Joe, she’s bitching about everything lately

Leah  -- shut up Lucas!

Joe  -- you know you can come talk to me or Kevin anytime

Leah  -- i don’t want to talk Joe! Just leave me alone!

{i walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. I grabbed a beer, opened it and started to drink. When Alice came in}

Alice  -- drinking again?

Leah  -- yup

Alice  -- well Chelsea, Chloe and i are going to the mall, so we’ll see you later

Leah  -- okay

Alice  -- and can you please come out with us one day

Leah  -- maybe

Alice  -- okay good


{it was nearly dark and i was sitting on my bed, waiting for Nick again. I kept looking to the window but he wasn’t there. I heard the door open and turned around to see Joe}

Joe  -- hey Leah..i know you said you didn’t want to talk but----

Leah  -- now really isn’t a good time Joe

{he sat down on the bed, with his back to the window ignoring me}

Joe  -- just a couple minutes

Leah  -- kay

{i smiled a bit, i missed Joe a lot and it might be nice to talk to him}

Chapter 8

Leah’s POV

{i laughed as Joe reminded me of yet another memory i had with his family. He smiled at me, i almost forgot what it was like to feel genuinely happy. And it felt so good to be with Joe. I glanced over at the time yet again and Joe noticed}

Joe  -- you want me to go?

Leah  -- no its not that

Joe  -- then why do you keep looking at the time?

Leah  -- no reason

Joe  -- are you sure? Cuz i can go if you want

Leah  -- no i want you to stay

Joe  -- okay..Kevin misses you too you know

Leah  -- i didn’t even talk to Kevin that much

Joe  -- well you should come over for dinner one night

Leah  -- night?

Joe  -- whats wrong with night?

{i bit my bottom lip. Could i tell Joe? Would he believe me if i told him his brother was night stalking me? he would probably think i’m crazy. I mean anyone would think that. I looked away from Joe, but he turned my head back and i looked into his eyes...or got lost in his eyes. It took me a couple seconds before i finally looked away}

Leah  -- um theres nothing wrong with night, but maybe lunch would be better

Joe  -- okay lunch it is..tmrw?

Leah  -- sure

{Joe smiled at me again, then started tickleing me. i squirmed and started giggling. I layed back on the bed trying to get away from him, but he just got on top of me and kept tickling me}

Leah  -- Joe stop!

{he just ignored me and kept tickleing me. wich reminded me of Nick, when we were still together...}


{i was as the beach, laying in the sand on my towel, just relaxing. I didn’t have to baby sit the twins today so i was free to spend time with Nick, i smiled just thinking about it. My eyes were closed as i waited for Nick to come back. He had gone to get some food, but he was taking a long time. I heard someone next to me and opened my eyes}

Nick  -- hey

Leah  -- hey, what took so long?

Nick  -- there was a long line up

{he sat down on the sand next to me, he had brot back two cheeseburgers with fries and two soda's}

Leah  -- Nick thats all junk food

Nick  -- so?

Leah  -- so i don’t want to get fat

{Nick rolled his eyes}

Nick  -- Leah you have a perfect body, you aren’t going to get fat

Leah  -- yeah well---

{before i could finish my sentence Nick pressed his lips to mine, and i smiled into the kiss before deepening it. He deepened it more, then pulled away}

Leah  -- i love you

Nick  -- i love you too

{he kissed my head and i sat up and ate some fries}

Nick  -- what happened to no eating junk food, i was excited to get it all for myself

{i hit him playfully and he laughed. I layed back down on the sand and closed my eyes, when i opened my eyes again Nick was on top of me, his lips so close to mine i could feel his breath on my skin}

Leah  -- so are you going to kiss me or what?

{i leaned up to kiss him but he pulled away}

Nick  -- nope

Leah  -- why not?

Nick  -- cuz thats not fun

{he started tickling me, but as much as i squirmed i couldn’t get away from him. i started giggling a lot and Nick smiled at me}

Leah  -- Nick stop! I can’t breathe

{Nick stopped tickling me and kissed me, i deepened it and knew that as long as i was with Nick i would always be happy}

*End Of FlashBack*

{i continued laughing as Joe kept tickling me, but i couldn’t get Nick out of my head}

Leah  -- Joe please stop

{Joe finally stopped tickling me and i sat back up. i looked out the window checking if Nick was there yet..but nothing}

Joe  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- yeah i’m fine

Joe  -- okay good

{Joe brushed my hair behind my ear, and i bit my bottom lip}

Joe  -- your really beautiful Leah, so why do you spend all your time in your room

Leah  -- its complicated

Joe  -- you know you can tell me anything

Leah  -- well i’m not sure

Joe  -- why? Don’t you trust me?

{he leaned in closer to me and i slowly leaned even closer and kissed him. at first i thot he was going to pull away, but he started to kiss me back. I deepened it, then slowly pulled away, worried that i might see Nick at the window, i looked over at the window but there was no sign of Nick...yet}

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Chapter 9

Leah’s POV

{he started to kiss me back. I deepened it, then slowly pulled away, worried that i might see Nick at the window, i looked over at the window but there was no sign of Nick...yet}

Joe  -- wow

Leah  -- what?

{i looked back to Joe and for a second i almost forget we had just kissed}

Joe  -- it just felt so..right

{before i could say another word Joe had kissed me again. But i couldn’t take my eyes off the window. I was so sure that Nick would show up at any minute. I started to pull away from the kiss but Joe grabbed the back of my head and kept kissing me. it would have been amazing if i wasn’t so scared about Nick showing up. I kept kissing Joe as he layed me back on the bed, but at that point i needed to stop, so i pulled away}

Joe  -- whats wrong? Was that going to fast? Cuz i mean----

{i pressed my lips to his just to shut up him, but i pulled away before he could deepen it}

Leah  -- its just getting late, and i’m a bit tired

Joe  -- okay, well go to sleep and we can talk in the morning

Leah  -- kay

{i layed down on my bed and Joe pulled the blanket over me and kissed my head. I smiled a bit as he left the room. I looked towards the window and remembered Nick could be anywhere right now. I looked to the door where Joe had just left. If he left the house then Nick could hurt him. I jumped off the bed and ran downstairs}

Leah  -- Joe wait!

Joe  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- its you want to stay the night?

Joe  -- are you sure?

Leah  -- yeah, its late and its dark out

Joe  -- i’m not scared of the dark Leah

Leah  -- well maybe you should be

Joe  -- Leah----

Leah  -- please Joe, i don’t want you to get hurt

Joe  -- i won’t

{why was he not listening?! He is so frustrating. I felt tears forming in my eyes, i hate when i’m trying to help people and they just don’t want to listen}

Joe  -- Leah i’m sorry, please don’t cry. I’ll stay

{i quickly wiped my tears}

Leah  -- i wasn’t crying

Joe  -- sure you weren’t

{Joe took my hand and we walked upstairs. We walked into my room, and my eyes immediately went to the window, but Nick wasn’t there. I let out a sigh of relief and Joe looked at me}

Joe  -- are you sure your okay?

Leah  -- for the billionth time yes

{i got on the bed and Joe got on next to me, we both got under the blankets and Joe pulled me into his arms as i rested my head on his chest}

Joe  -- do you think about Nick anymore?

{i could tell by the tone of Joe’s voice that he did, and that it hurt him, i nodded a bit. I know that i’m not thinking about Nick in the way he means, but i do think about him. he’s on my mind all the time}

Joe  -- you know he loved you a lot

Leah  -- then why did he hook up with all those girls?

Joe  -- i donno, but he talked about you a lot

{i closed my eyes and Joe started to play with my hair}

Leah  -- so have you and Kevin been okay?

Joe  -- i guess. I know you aren’t tho. You shouldn’t be drinking so much

Leah  -- i can drink if i want to

Joe  -- well can you atleast try and cut back?...for me?

Leah  -- fine

Joe  -- good

{Joe kissed my head and slowly fell asleep. But i couldn’t sleep. Nick still hadn’t shown up but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to. I slowly got off the bed, making sure i didn’t wake up Joe. I walked over to the window and pulled the curtain across it. Then i went back over to the bed and layed down.

At least now if Nick did show up he wouldn’t be able to see Joe was here. I cuddled up close to Joe and tried to sleep. It was the first night that i might get a proper sleep since Nick’s funeral. I smiled a bit and started to fall asleep. But i sat up fast as i heard the familiar voice and the tapping on the window}

Nick  -- Leah let me in sweetie, i’m sorry i’m late, just let me in

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Chapter 10

Leah’s POV

Nick  -- Leah let me in sweetie, i’m sorry i’m late, just let me in

{i walked over to the window and moved the curtain a bit, but made sure Nick couldn’t see Joe sleeping in my bed}

Leah  -- i was almost asleep Nick!

Nick  -- i’m sorry, but i just needed to see you

{he pressed his hand to the window and i tried as hard as i could to see thru the darkness. But as usual i couldn’t}

Nick  -- you shouldn’t drink so much sweetie

Leah  -- don’t tell me what to do

Nick  -- you know that you like it when i control you

Leah  -- no i don’t! And your not getting in my head again. I’ll just drink to push you out

Nick  -- don’t do something stupid Leah!

Leah  -- leave me alone Nick! I can’t do this tonight!

{i pulled the curtain back over the window and waited. I was surprised when Nick didn’t continue knocking. But it was much later then usual. I layed back on the bed but i woke up Joe by accident}

Joe  -- whats going on?

Leah  -- nothing go back to sleep

{i kissed him, then pulled away and fell asleep}

                       ***                                    ***                                    ***

{i woke up in the morning to Alice screaming. I opened my eyes and looked to the door, Joe woke up too and looked confused when he saw Alice}

Leah  -- what do you want Alice

Alice  -- your mystery guy is the other Jonas?!

Joe  -- i have a name

Alice  -- i know that

Joe  -- okay just making sure

{Joe layed back down on the bed and put a pillow over his head so i guess he was trying to get back to sleep}

Leah  -- Alice what are you doing here?

Alice  -- i came to see if you wanted to go to the mall..but i see your busy

Leah  -- Alice-----

Alice  -- i still can’t believe you didn’t tell me

Leah  -- can we talk later?

Alice  -- fine, i’ll leave you to alone, have fun

{she walked over to the door then stopped}

Alice  -- and play safe

{she winked at me and i rolled my eyes as she walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. I looked over at Joe and moved the pillow off his head}

Leah  -- Joe get up

Joe  -- no

{he kept his eyes closed so i climbed on top of him and sat on his stomach}

Leah  -- get up sleepy head

{i kissed him and he kissed back, then i pulled away and he opened his eyes}

Joe  -- i should get home, my mom will be worried

Leah  -- i bet after the whole Nick thing

{Nick had gone out one night in the summer.. just for a walk but in the morning Nick’s body was found, with a slit in his throat. There had been no sign of struggle so everyone figured it was suicide..but i was the only one who knew what really happened. Mrs. Jonas hadn’t let Joe or Kevin out after dark for a couple months tho. Things seem to be better now but i guess she would get scared if Joe stayed out all night}

Joe  -- do you want to come with me?

Leah  -- what?

Joe  -- you can come over if you want

Leah  -- okay

{he smiled at me and we walked out of the room and downstairs. There was no one around so i guess Lucas was with some friends and my mom was with her stupid boyfriend. We walked out of the house and got in Joe’s car. I looked out the window as Joe started driving home}

Joe  -- everyone will be happy to see you

Leah  -- your mom never liked me

Joe  -- she just didn’t like that you were sleeping with Nick

Leah  -- well i wasn’t the only girl

Joe  -- i know

{i drove for a couple more minutes and then parked the car outside his house, we got out and walked into his house. The second we walked thru the door Mrs. Jonas hugged Joe}

Mrs. Jonas  -- where have you been?!

Joe  -- i spent the night at Lucas and Leah’s. Leah and i were talking and it got late so i just stayed over. i’m sorry i didn’t call

Mrs. Jonas  -- you spend the night with Leah?

Leah  -- i’m just going to go upstairs

Joe  -- okay i’ll be up in a minute

{i walked up the stairs and started to go into Joe’s room, but stopped, i walked down the hall a bit more and walked into Nick’s room. I looked around as my mind was flooded with lots of memories}

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Chapter 11

Leah’s POV


{i giggled as Nick wrapped his arms around my waist, picking me up out of the ocean}

Nick  -- Leah what were you thinking?

Leah  -- i was just having a bit of fun Nick

Nick  -- well your drunk and you could have drowned

Leah  -- you don’t have to worry bout me Nicky

{i started to walk, but stumbled and fell on the sand. Nick sat down on the sand next to me and pulled me onto his lap. I rested my head on his chest as i watched the waves}

Nick  -- i should probably take you come

Leah  -- your no fun

Nick  -- you think i’m no fun?

{i nodded and Nick smirked as he pressed his lips to mine. I quickly deepened it as he layed me down on the sand and got on top of me. he kept kissing me as he moved his hands up my shirt, but then he pulled away}

Leah  -- whats wrong?

Nick  -- your to drunk, and you won’t remember the amazing sex we have

{i pouted cute}

Leah  -- but Nicky..

Nick  -- don’t but Nicky me, i said no

Leah  -- fine

{he picked me up bridal style and carried me back to his car. He placed me in the passangers seat and then got in the drivers seat and drove off. I leaned my head against the window as i closed my eyes}

Nick  -- Leah?

Leah  -- i’m still awake

Nick  -- good

{after what only felt like minutes Nick parked the car, and picked me up again. I opened my eyes as he walked into his house}

Kevin  -- whats going on Nick?

Nick  -- nothing, Leah just had a bit to much to drink

Kevin  -- mom won’t want her staying here

Nick  -- she’s just got to sleep it off Kevin

Kevin  -- okay fine

Leah  -- bye Kevin

{i waved at him as Nick walked up the stairs and went into his room. I loved Nick’s room, it just made me feel so safe. He layed me down on the bed and pulled the blanket over me}

Leah  -- i love you Nick

Nick  -- i love you too, i like you better when your not drunk tho

{i giggled as Nick kissed my head, and then i slowly fell asleep}

*End Of FlashBack*

{i sat down on Nick’s bed. His room looked exactly the same as if nothing had changed. I could just picture him coming in and things being just like old times. the room still had that familiar feeling. I couldn’t explain it but it felt good being back. I layed down on the bed just thinking about Nick. I could almost picture him laying next to me}


{i was sitting in Nick’s room waiting for him. his mom was mad that he brot me over again but i was used to that. Nick and his mom were fighting again, this happened almost every time i came over. she hated me, i could tell. Nick said she didn’t but i knew that she did. A couple minutes later Nick walked in and slammed the door behind him, and then locked it}

Leah  -- you okay?

{i walked over to him a bit but he pushed me back and i landed on the bed}

Leah  -- Nick----

{he got on top of me and kissed me roughly. I kissed back a bit, then pushed him away}

Leah  -- Nick wait

Nick  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- are you okay?

Nick  -- i’m fine

{he kissed me again and i knew he wasn’t okay. But Nick usually didn’t like talking about things. He pulled my shirt over my head and kissed down my chest and kissed my stomach as he pulled off my shorts. I took Nick’s shirt off and kissed him, then pulled away}

Leah  -- i love you

Nick  -- i love you to babe

{he kissed me again and i could tell he only had one thing on his mind. He took off his pants and un hooked my bra before throwing it on the floor. he slid my underwear off and grabbed a condom out of his bed side table}

Leah  -- Nick----

Nick  -- shh!

{he slid his boxers off, put the condom on and went into me fast. I moaned as he started going harder}

Leah  -- Nick faster!

{Nick went fast, and i held in a moan}

Nick  -- babe moan as loud as you can

Leah  -- trying to piss off your mom?

Nick  -- yeah

{Nick went into me as hard and fast as he could and i moaned really loud, tilting my head back}

Nick  -- so how much do you love me?

{Nick went deeper into me, making me moan even louder}

Leah  -- so much!

{he smirked and kissed me}

Nick  -- i love you so much too

*End of Flashback*

{i pulled Nick’s blanket over me as i felt tears roll down my cheeks. I just wished things could go back to normal. I wish Nick had never gone out that night and he was still here..still human. I closed my eyes just trying to take myself back to another memory, one of when i was happy...but something was wrong. I opened my eyes and looked around. Something was different. I got off the bed and walked over to Nick’s bookshelf. There was a picture frame there with a picture i didn’t recognize.

I picked up the picture from, In the picture was Joe, Kevin and their parents. They were all dressed in black, and not smiling. I heard the door close and turned around to see Joe. He looked at the picture in my hand}

Joe  -- that was taken the day of Nick’s funeral..

{i nodded to show i understood. But i was lost in another memory. One i had tried to forget, the night Nick had first showed up at my window after his death}

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Chapter 12

Leah’s POV

Joe  -- that was taken the day of Nick’s funeral..

{i nodded to show i understood. But i was lost in another memory. One i had tried to forget, the night Nick had first showed up at my window}


{i was out with Chelsea, Chloe and Alice. We had decided to skip Nick’s funeral. It was Chelsea and Chloe’s idea, and Alice and i decided it would be more fun to go out and have fun. I felt a bit guilty about missing Nick’s funeral but at the same time i know i wouldn’t be wanted there. Nick’s mom still hated me even tho Nick and i had been broken up for almost a year}

Chelsea  -- Leah are you okay?

Leah  -- i’m fine

Chloe  -- your very quiet today

Alice  -- just leave her alone she’s probably upset about Nick

Leah  -- i am not upset about Nick!

Chloe  -- well you seem upset

Leah  -- i’m fine!

Chloe  -- sure you are

{i rolled my eyes and grabbed another drink. I wasn’t in the mood to talk about Nick. We hadn’t spoken in what felt like forever and i shouldn’t even care about him..but a part of me would always care about Nick}


{Alice pulled the car up to my house and i got out. I nearly fell over, but caught my balance. I probably drank to much}

Alice  -- you have a key right?

Leah  -- yeah

{i walked to my front door as i heard Alice drive off. I reached into my purse and pulled out my keys, but dropped them on the ground. I bend down to pick them up and i heard the sound of footsteps. I quickly grabbed the keys, unlocked the door and ran in. I shut the door behind me and locked it. I looked out the window, but there was no one there.

I made my way upstairs and into my bedroom. My head was spinning and i just wanted to go to bed. I layed down on my bed and tried to fall asleep but i could hear a tapping at my window. I tried to ignore it, but then i heard a voice i never thot i would hear again}

Nick  -- Leah? Leah are you there?!

{i sat up fast and walked over to the window, i looked out and i was sure it was Nick. I couldn’t see him clearly but i just knew it was him}

Leah  -- N---Nick?

Nick  -- yes, baby its me, let me in

Leah  -- but how? Y---your dead!

Nick  -- i don’t know whats happening to me, please Leah i need your help

Leah  -- you killed yourself NicK! You can’t be here! I have to be dreaming

Nick  -- your not dreaming, and i wouldn’t kill myself! Something attacked me!

Leah  -- the police said there was no sign of struggle

Nick  -- thats how they made it look!

Leah  -- what are you talking about?!

Nick  -- the thing that attacked me, it wanted to make it look like i committed suicide

Leah  -- do you know how crazy that sounds!

Nick  -- Leah please, i’m really scared. I don’t know whats happening to me

{i couldn’t believe this, this just isn’t possible. My dead ex boyfriend is at my window and saying that something attacked him? and why would he come here? Why didn’t he just go home? This didn’t make any sense}

Nick  -- the creature, it drank my blood...i thot i was dead...and then i woke up in some weird place and the man there just said ‘not another one of those’ and he left

Leah  -- i don’t know what that means!

Nick  -- well neither do i! I came here as soon as i could

Leah  -- but why would you come here?!

Nick  -- because when i thot i was going to die i realized all i wanted was to be with you again

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- i still love you

{Nick pressed his hand to the glass and i moved away from the window a bit}

Nick  -- Leah please don’t be scared

{i felt tears roll down my cheeks, i didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to believe}

Leah  -- Nick your dead!

Nick  -- if i’m dead then how am i here?


Nick  -- just let me in and we can talk

{i shook my head. How could i let him in? I didn’t even know if he was still human}

Nick  -- Leah! Just let me in!

Leah  -- no! Leave me alone!

Nick  -- Leah i need your help!

Leah  -- how can i help?! I don’t even know what you are! Are you some kind of ghost?

Nick  -- i am not a ghost!

{he slammed his fist against the window and i was sure he wasn’t a ghost.}

Leah  -- i have to go to bed..

Nick  -- fine, i’ll be back tmrw night

Leah  -- why not tmrw afternoon

Nick  -- i can’t really go out in the day

Leah  -- cuz people might see you?

Nick  -- yeah...something like that. I’ll see you tmrw night. I love you Leah

{before i could say anything else Nick was gone. I looked out the window and saw a dark figure running down the street faster then i had ever seen anyone run before. I shook my head trying to forget what had just happened. But i’m sure i would never forget this night}

*End Of Flashback*

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Chapter 13

Leah’s POV

{as i came out of my flashback i felt lightheaded. I wasn’t sure why. But my memory of the night i found out about Nick’s transformation into a vampire was one of those memories that will affect me for the rest of my life}

Joe  -- Leah are you okay?

{i started to nod, but i fell to the ground. Joe ran over to me and helped me up. He wrapped his arm around my waist to help me keep my balance}

Leah  -- thanks

Joe  -- do you want some water or something?

Leah  -- yeah, water would be good

{Joe took me downstairs and into the kitchen. Mrs. Jonas wasn’t around but Nick and Joe’s oldest brother Kevin was}

Kevin  -- hey Leah, i haven’t seen you around in a long time

Leah  -- yeah well things were a bit weird with me and Nick

{Joe filled up a glass with water and handed it to me. i drank the water and felt a bit better}

Joe  -- better?

Leah  -- yeah, thanks

Kevin  -- what are you two doing today?

Joe  -- i donno yet, but i know what we’re doing tonight

Kevin  -- okay i don’t need to know that much

{Joe rolled his eyes}

Joe  -- i’m taking Leah to a party tonight

Leah  -- a party? Joe i can’t----

Joe  -- i’m not taking no for an answer

Leah  -- but----

Joe  -- no

Kevin  -- Joe you can’t force her to go

Joe  -- sure i can

{there was no way i was going to a party at night! Nick could easily track me down and hurt me if i was out in the open. I flinched just thinking of it. I know how Nick was always saying he wanted to be with me forever, but there was a strong part of me that believe he would say just about anything to get my blood. I was safe as long as i was inside my house. Nick couldn’t hurt me as long as he wasn’t invited inside}

Joe  -- so what do you think Leah?

Leah  -- what?

Joe  -- weren’t you listening?

Leah  -- um sorry i got distracted. What were you saying?

Joe  -- that we could hang out and maybe watch some movies...or make out. And then head to the party.

Leah  -- wheres the party?

Joe  -- in the next town, its a 3 hour drive

Leah  -- the next town? I guess that would work

{a three hour drive, Nick would never think to look for me 3 hours away from home. And it would be so nice to get out for a while. I smiled thinking about how i might actually get a free night. Joe smiled at me}

Joe  -- you seem happy

Leah  -- i am happy

{i hugged Joe and he kissed my head}

Kevin  -- so are you two actually together?

Joe  -- i donno Kevin

Kevin  -- what about Nick?

Joe  -- what about him? him and Leah have been broken up for a long time

Kevin  -- i guess

Leah  -- i’m going to go upstairs for a bit

Joe  -- um okay

{i went upstairs but i could still hear Joe and Kevin talking about me and Nick. I’m not even sure why. Its not like Nick and i were together for very long. I went into Nick’s room again. I’m not sure why. But i felt safe in Nick’s room}


{Joe and i had gotten to the party and even tho it was in a different town i still knew a lot of the people. Alice, Chelsea and Chloe were here. And some other kids from my school. Joe was off talking with some friends and i was feeling really weird. I felt out of place, i used to be the party girl but i hadn’t been to a party in so long that i felt completely out of place. And like usual i drank when i felt the need to be more involved. I had a couple drinks and i could feel myself getting a bit drunk. But I ignored the feeling. I felt someone tap my shoulder and i turned around to see a boy}

Leah  -- um hi

Jake  -- hey baby, i’m Jake

Leah  -- i’m Leah, and i’m not interested

{i started walking away but Jake got in my way}

Jake  -- aren’t you Leah Tyler?

Leah  -- yeah...

Jake  -- well all the guys are talking about your rep

{Jake placed his hands on my waist and pulled me closer to him}

Jake  -- they say your a real party girl

{Jake started kissing my neck and i tried to push him away, but it didn’t work. I slowly started to like what he was doing and i kissed him. he smirked into the kiss and deepened it. Jake led me into the basement, but I didn’t really pay attention to what was going on. Jake lifted me up and sat me on the pool table}

Leah  -- Jake---

Jake  -- shh baby

{Jake kissed me and i deepened it. I could taste the alcohol on Jake’s breath but i didn’t care. I pulled Jake’s shirt over his head and kept kissing him. i thot about Joe for a second and pulled away from the kiss. But Jake pulled my shirt off and threw it on the floor. He kissed me again but i pulled away}

Leah  -- Jake stop, i can’t do this right now

Jake  -- oh come on Leah

Leah  -- no!

{i pushed him away but he just kissed me again. I deepened it then pulled away fast as i thot i heard a familiar voice. I looked out the window and saw someone i didn’t expect to see. Nick was standing outside, talking to a bunch of girls. Shit!}

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Chapter 14

Leah’s POV

{i started to get off the pool table. I knew i had to get out of here fast. If Nick was around there was no way i was safe. Before i was off the pool table Jake grabbed me and held me still}

Leah  -- Jake please i----

{Jake kissed me and i tried to pull away but he wouldn’t let me. drunk guys can be so annoying! I finally got Jake off me and i ran upstairs. i looked around but i couldn’t find Joe or anyone else that i knew. I felt tears form in my eyes. I didn’t know what to do! I just knew i had to get home. But there was no way i could get home without running into Nick. I walked around the house and finally found Joe}

Leah  -- Joe we have to get out of here!

Joe  -- why whats wrong?

Leah  -- Joe just please take me home

Joe  -- Leah----

{tears rolled down my cheeks and i started walking away from him. he clearly wasn’t going to take me home. I walked thru the crowds of people just trying to figure out what to do. I had no idea where Nick was now but i knew he was close. I kept walking until i felt someone grab my arm. I started screaming, but i calmed down when i saw it was Joe. I hugged him tight and he wrapped his arms around me}

Joe  -- Leah whats going on?

Leah  -- i just need to get out of here

Joe  -- okay. we can go

{Joe started walking towards the front door. But i stopped him}

Leah  -- um lets go out the back

{i walked out of the house from the back door and Joe followed me. i kept looking around to make sure Nick wasn’t there. I couldn’t see him outside so i guess he went into the house. I ran to the car and Joe ran after me. i sat down in the drivers seat and Joe got into the passangers seat}

Joe  -- Leah what the hell is going on?!

Leah  -- just give me the keys!

{Joe handed me the keys and i started driving the car. I drove as fast as i could, wich was way over the speed limit. I just had to get away from the house}

Joe  -- Leah slow down!

{i ignored him and kept driving down the streets. I was sure it wouldn’t be safe to go home now. Its the first place Nick will look when he realizes i’m not at the party. I kept driving until we reached the beach. There was no one around so i drove strait onto the sand. I parked the car and got out. it was nearly sunrise now}

Joe  -- Leah what is going on?!

Leah  -- i’m sorry Joe. I just needed to get out of there

Joe  -- well next time you shouldn’t drive over the speed limit. We could have crashed!

Leah  -- i’m really sorry

{i hugged Joe and he hugged me back. I watched the sun rise and i felt safe again. I would have hours before Nick came after me again. I pulled away from the hug}

Joe  -- ready to go home?

{i nodded and we both got back in the car. Joe was driving this time and rested my head against the window and fell asleep}

*Leah’s Dream*

{i was walking along the beach. It was the middle of the night and i had no idea how i got here. I kept walking until i heard someone behind me. i turned around and saw a guy standing there. He was to far away so i couldn’t see his face but i knew he was following me. i started running as fast as i could. But he was faster. In a matter of seconds he was standing in front of me and i nearly ran into him. i took a close look at his face and saw it was Nick. I backed up, but he grabbed my wrists}

Nick  -- hi baby. Did you miss me?

{tears rolled down my cheeks as i tried to pull my wrists away from my ex boyfriend. Only he wasn’t Nick anymore, this was not the Nick i dated, this was the Nick who had be changed into a vicious blood drinking vampire! His warm chocolate brown eyes had been replaced with devil red eyes. I could barely look at him, i just needed to get away}

Leah  -- please Nick let me go!

{Nick placed his hands on my waist and pulled me close to him. he placed one hand on the back of my neck and tilted my head back. I whimpered as i felt his lips brush against the skin of my neck. I was frozen in fear, i couldn’t move at all}

Leah  -- Nick please---

Nick  -- shh. You want this baby. You want to be mine forever

Leah  -- no i don’t! Let me go!

Nick  -- just think how happy we were together Leah. We could be like that forever

{Nick kissed my neck and i winced. I could feel my heart beating really fast and if Nick had his way my heart would never beat again}

Leah  -- Nick i----i’m not ready for this. Please let me go

{tears were rolling down my cheeks as i felt Nick’s fangs against my skin}

Nick  -- ready to spend eternity together?

Leah  -- no!

{Nick bit down on my neck and started sucking my blood out of my neck. I screamed in pain. I had never felt anything like this before. I screamed in pure pain and everything when black}

*End Of Dream*

{i woke up in my bed screaming. I felt Joe’s arms wrap around me and i cried into his chest. I had imagined the moment Nick and i were face to face for a long time. But it was never like that. And i was scared of what would happen the next time i saw him}

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Chapter 15

Leah’s POV

{The day went by slowly, school was dull as always and my friends had decided to leave me alone. I had been jumpy all day, the smallest of sounds would set me off. I tried to keep myself calm but it didn’t work. After school Joe picked me up and took me to his house. We watched some tv while his mom cooked dinner. His older brother came home an hour later and sat with us on the couch}

Kevin  -- what are you watching?

Joe  -- some weird show where they make people eat bugs

Leah  -- it’s so gross

Kevin  -- you shouldn’t watch that right before dinner

Joe  -- yeah maybe your right

{Joe reached over and took the remote, changing the channel to sports. I rolled my eyes, I had never been interested in sports. Although I pretended to like football when Nick and I were dating.}

Leah  -- I’m going to head home, my mom might wonder where I am

Joe  -- I thought you said she didn’t care

Leah  -- I should still get home. I’ll see you later

{I kissed Joe, then left his house. It was a long walk back to my house, but it gave me some time to think. I couldn’t get over the fact that I was so lucky that I was still alive. Nick had been so close to me and without any barrier keeping him away. I knew I couldn’t risk leaving the house after dark anymore. When I got home Lucas was playing some video game.}

Lucas  -- where have you been?

Leah  -- I was at Joe’s

Lucas  -- why? Joe’s my friend

Leah  -- I know he is, but he’s been upset about Nick so we’ve been talking

Lucas  -- right, well mom left a plate of dinner for you in the oven

Leah  -- what is it?

Lucas  -- some kind of fish

Leah  -- gross

{I walked upstairs, and into my room. My window was wide open and I ran over and closed it fast, pulling the curtains across.}

Alice  -- you are really paranoid

Leah  -- what are you doing here?!

Alice  -- I came to see if you were okay, clearly you aren’t

{I looked out the window, it was going to be dark in just a few hours. I panicked, realizing I had taken longer to walk home then I thought. Alice was looking at me like I was completely insane. Maybe I was.}

Alice  -- have you ever thought about getting some help?

Leah  -- no one can help me, you don’t understand

Alice  -- I’m your best friend Leah you can tell me anything

{I thought about it for a minute, maybe she was right. I should be able to trust her, but at the same time she wouldn’t understand. She would really think I was crazy if I told her. I grabbed a bottle of wine off my desk and drank some. Just thinking about Nick made me want to drink my way into a coma. Alice grabbed the wine from me and placed it back on the desk.}

Alice  -- you have a problem, you need help!

Leah  -- yeah i have a problem! My dead ex boyfriend is haunting me!

{I covered my mouth fast, I couldn’t believe I just told her. she looked confused for a minute.}

Alice  -- what do you mean?

{I guess now that I had started I should just tell her the whole story and see what she thinks.}

Leah  -- Nick didn’t commit suicide. He was attacked

Alice  -- no he wasn’t, there was no sign of struggle.

Leah  -- thats because what attacked him was smart, and he didn’t die, he comes to see me every night

Alice  -- are you sure you don’t just imagine he does?

Leah  -- i’m sure! He’s been trying to get me to let him in so he can bite me and probably kill me

Alice  -- bite you? Why would he bite you?

Leah  -- because he’s a vampire

Alice  -- okay now I know you’ve lost it! You’ve been reading to many of those vampire books. They are just made up!

Leah  -- I’m not making it up!

Alice  -- then you are completely insane!

Leah  -- NO I’M NOT!

{Before either of us could say another word there was a knock at the window. It couldn’t be nightfall already, I wasn’t ready for Nick to show up yet. I pushed Alice down behind the desk where Nick wouldn’t be able to see her and walked over to the window.}

Alice  -- Leah whats going on?

Leah  -- shh

{I pulled the curtain across the window and Nick smiled at me, showing his fangs. I could see him clearly, just like I had at the party.}

Nick  -- Hi baby, I looked for you at the party. But you had already left.

Leah  -- I had to get home

Nick  -- You don’t have to be scared, you know I would never hurt you

{I was getting lost in his eyes again, lost in his words. I looked over at Alice quickly and she was staring at Nick, she looked scared.}

Nick  -- who else is there!

{He yelled, pounding his fist on the window, I was sure the window would break, but it didn’t.}

Leah  -- no one

{Nick moved closer to the window and looked in, he smiled and I was sure he had seen Alice.}

Nick  -- how about giving me Alice

Leah  -- no!

Nick  -- she didn’t believe you, she thought you were crazy. She claims to be your best friend and she couldn’t even believe you. Give her to me, I’ll make sure she’s punished.

{Nick was right, she had thought I was crazy, she even said I needed help. I shook my head trying to get Nick’s words out of my head but I couldn’t.}

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Chapter 16

Leah's POV

Nick  -- Just give her to me baby, let me have her

Leah  -- no!

{Nick’s control was giving me a headache. I pressed my hands to my head and tried to drown out what he was saying. If I let him control me I knew I would end up giving him Alice. I closed my eyes and screamed.}

Nick  -- GIVE HER TO ME!

Leah  -- STOP!

{I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder and jumped thinking Nick had found a way inside but when I opened my eyes I saw Alice. She hugged me and glared at Nick. He just smirked at her and began talking again, but there was a ringing in my ears and I couldn’t hear him. Alice just continued glaring at him, and Nick looked mad and confused. I grabbed a bottle of water and drank a bit, the ringing in my ears stopped and Nick and Alice were glaring at each other.}

Alice  -- just get out of here you monster!

Nick  -- no, now Leah let me in!

Leah  -- NO!

Nick  -- you stupid stubborn girl! LET ME IN!

Leah  -- GO AWAY!

{Alice grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the room, closing the door behind us.}

Alice  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- yeah, I’m fine

Alice  -- so he’s really a----a----

Leah  -- vampire? Yeah

Alice  -- I can’t believe you’ve been putting up with this for months. Does anyone else know?

Leah  -- you really think they would believe me?

Alice  -- I guess not. I’m going to go sneak out the back way and go home

Leah  -- are you crazy! He’ll go after you!

Alice  -- he won’t know I left

Leah  -- no Alice please don’t, you don’t know how dangerous he is!

Alice  -- I’ll be careful, just keep him distracted

Leah  -- okay, but be extra careful

{I hugged Alice tight and then she went downstairs. I had never been so worried before.  I could just feel that something was going to happen. I walked back into my room and Nick was waiting by the window.}

Nick  -- where is she?

Leah  -- she’s staying in the guest room

Nick  -- good, now we can have some alone time.

{I was surprised that Nick believed my lie, he could usually see right through me. I walked over to the window, I needed to make Nick believe that I wanted him if I was going to be distracted long enough for Alice to get home. I pulled a chair by the window and sat down on in.}

Leah  -- is it scary?

Nick  -- is what scary?

Leah  -- being a vampire, what do you do during the day?

Nick  -- I hide under the ground, with some of the other vampires

Leah  -- there are more?

Nick  -- not many, just a couple

Leah  -- so tell me again why you picked me? why not one of the other hundred girls you went out with

Nick   -- because baby I only loved you. You were special

{Nick placed his hand against the window.}

Nick  -- open this window baby girl, I hate having it keep us apart

{I hesitantly began opening the window but stopped before it reached half way.}

Nick  -- keep going

Leah  -- i’m scared

Nick  -- you don’t have to be sweetie, now open the window

Leah  -- but-----

Nick  -- now!

Leah  -- don’t yell at me!

Nick  -- I’m not yelling, just open the damn window!

{tears rolled down my cheeks. I tried to stop them but I couldn’t. I wiped my tears but they kept coming.}

Nick  -- I’m sorry Leah, please don’t be scared.

Leah  -- why do you do this to me?

Nick  -- I just want to be with you

Leah  -- and you really love me?

Nick  -- more thenanything

{I tried to hold back my eye rolling. He was telling me anything he thought would make me believe him, but I was so used to him his words didn’t mean much to me. As long as I kept telling myself that everything he said was a lie I could keep him from getting into my head.}

Leah  -- well maybe I could let you in

{I moved back to the window and pushed it all the way up. I could feel my heart racing, but I had to hide my fear. Alice should be home in just a few minutes and then I could shut the window and lock it.}

Nick  -- now invite me inside

Leah  -- or we could play a game

Nick  -- I’m tired of playing games!

{Nick turned around for a second, then turned back to me and smiled.}

Nick  -- Alice isn’t in the guest room is she?

Leah  -- of course she is

Nick  -- no she’s not, so I think i’ll go meet up with her on her way home

Leah  -- NO!

{Nick jumped down to the ground and began walking away. I panicked, I didn’t know what to do. So I did something stupid.}

Leah  -- Nick I invite you in! You can come in! Just please come back

{He turned around and smirked at me.}

Nick  -- thanks for the invite babe, but i’m going to take a rain check since you already invited me in, I can come and go whenever I want.

Leah  -- no! Nick please don’t hurt her

{I screamed after him, but it was to late, he was already gone.}

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Chapter 17

Leah’s POV

{I wasted no time going after Nick. I grabbed my jacket, and my phone and then ran out of the house. I ran down the street past Joe’s house and to Alice’s. On my way Joe came out of his house and called after me but I ignored him. I couldn’t waste any time, I needed to get to Alice. I ran as fast as I could until I could see Alice’s house in the distance. I could see Nick with Alice over his shoulder heading to the beach, so I ran even faster. I was sure my heart would burst through my chest, but it was my fault if Alice got hurt so I couldn’t stop now.}

Joe  -- Leah slow down!

{I turned around and Joe was running after me. now he was going to get hurt too, what have I done? I ran until I reached the beach, where I saw Nick leaned over Alice. Her eyes were closed and I couldn’t tell if she was breathing. I looked behind me and Joe hadn’t caught up yet.}

Leah  -- Nick stop!

{He turned to face me and looked surprised that I was there. I ran over to Alice, ignoring how close I was letting myself get to Nick. I checked Alice’s pulse and let out a sigh of relief as I felt it. She was okay, just unconscious. I was knocked backwards and landed on my side, hitting my head on a rock. I reached up and felt blood, I winced.}

Nick  -- you should have stayed home baby, It’s dangerous out here.

Leah  -- Leave me alone

Nick  -- you have a choice to make, you can either join me and watch your friend die, or you will both die

Leah  -- You don’t have to do this Nick, you could just let us go

{Nick knelt by me and I flinched as he came closer. He kissed my cheek, then made his way to my lips and kissed me. I deepened it, hoping I could stall him long enough. He grabbed the back of my head and kept kissing me, then pulled away and moved to my neck.}

Nick  -- now how about you make your choice

Leah  -- I would never want to spent eternity with you! You’ve turned into a monster Nick!

Joe  -- Leah!

{I turned my head and saw Joe walking over, but he stopped when he saw Nick.}

Joe  -- Nick?

Nick  -- what are you doing here?

Leah  -- Joe get Alice and get out of here!

{Joe didn’t move, he just kept looking at Nick.}

Leah  -- JOE!

Joe  -- Nick is it really you?

Nick  -- yeah, but i’m better now

Leah  -- he’s dangerous Joe!

Joe  -- no he can’t be

{Nick moved away from me and began walking over to Joe.}

Leah  -- Joe run!

{I tried to get up but my leg was in too much pain I couldn’t move. Nick made his way over to Joe and started walking circles around him.}

Nick  -- you know you would always make me feel weak, telling me how much of a loser I am, and how weak I was.

{Nick grabbed Joe and threw him across the beach, I could hear something crack as Joe hit the pier. I winced, watching him crumple do the ground. Nick was next to him in seconds.}

Nick  -- who’s the weak one now?

{I pulled myself up and grabbed a rock in my hand. I made my way over to Nick and was about to hit him with the rock but he grabbed my wrist.}

Nick  -- that wouldn’t even hurt me!

{I spat on him and glared at him. He wiped the spit from his face and glared back at me. before throwing me into the water. It was too deep and I was having trouble keeping myself above the water.}

Joe  -- Nick this isn’t you! You aren’t a killer!

Nick  -- you know nothing about me!

{I went under the water for a second, I just needed a break. I closed my eyes and thought about what it would be like if I just let myself go. I could just stay under and not have to deal with anything anymore. I shook my head; I couldn’t just leave Joe and Alice. It took all my strength to get myself back above the water.  Within seconds I was back down, but a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me out. I was placed on the sand. Nick was over me and moved my hair back, giving him access to my neck. I whimpered and tried to move away from him but every part of my body was in pain.}

Nick  -- this could have all been avoided, you should have just let me have you

Leah  -- I----I----

{I couldn’t get any other words out. My eyes began to close, but I tried to keep them open. Nick was looking me up and down like I was some meal, he smirked.}

Nick  -- you’ve lost a lot of blood

{Nick grabbed onto my hand, and licked the blood off it. I pulled my hand away but Nick held it still.}

Leah  -- s----stop

Nick  -- I just wanted you to be mine

{Nick kissed his way up my arm and neck and then kissed my head. I could tell he was only doing it to get my blood but I felt a bit safer. I could tell I only had a few minutes left before I passed. I kissed Nick, just wanting one last kiss before I was gone. He seemed surprised but kissed back. I opened my eyes and saw Joe behind Nick holding something in his hand. He stabbed it into Nick’s back and Nick howled in pain. Joe knocked him sideways and picked me up. I looked back at Nick and his body was shaking, his eyes showed guilt, for a split second I had the old Nick back, I blew him a kiss, and whispered;}

Leah  -- I love you

{His body went still and tears rolled down my cheeks as I realized he was really gone. I looked up at Joe but he was just looking forward.}

Leah  -- J----Joe?

{he looked down at me, but before I could say anything else my eyes rolled into the back of my head and everything went black.}


                    ***                                        ***                                        ***


{When I woke up I was in the hospital, my leg and arm were both in casts and there were cuts all over my body. I looked over to my side and Joe was sitting on the chair next to me.}

Joe  -- how are you feeling

Leah  -- my head hurts. What about you?

Joe  -- I don’t know

Leah  -- you saved my life, thanks Joe. And i’m sorry about Nick

Joe  -- it wasn’t your fault, i just hate that as soon as I got him back I had to get rid of him

Leah  -- it must have been really hard, I mean he was your brother

Joe  -- the guy on the beach wasn’t my brother

Leah  -- Is Alice okay?

Joe  -- she’s fine

Leah  -- good

Joe  -- so what now?

Leah  -- I don’t know

{Joe sat down on the edge of the bed and kissed my cheek before taking hold of my hand. I smiled at him, I felt like everything was going to be okay for the first time since the summer. Nick wouldn’t be haunting me anymore and I would get the chance to live my life the way I wanted without being scared of everything. I felt bad that things ended bad for Nick, it wasn’t his fault that any of this happened, but at the same time I think he was relieved to be released from his cursed immortal body. I knew I would see him again, but the real Nick, not the monster. I smiled and looked out the window, glad that the nightmare was over.}


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