The Climb

Chapter 1

Leah  -- hi N----

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it, hugs him]

Rosie  -- [pulls them apart] she’s not the only one here!

Tess  -- Rosie!

Rosie  -- what?

Joe  -- [comes over] Leah? What are you doing here?

Nick  -- ignore him! just come in [takes Leah up to his room]

Leah  -- your house is so big, its like our whole town put in one house

Nick  -- well Joe and Kevin like having things

Leah  -- you don’t?

Nick  -- i used to, but not anymore

Leah  -- i missed you so much Nick

Nick  -- i missed you too, so how long are you staying?

Leah  -- i donno, until i run out of money

Nick  -- just stay at our house, then you don’t have to pay for a hotel

Leah  -- what about Rosie and Tess

Nick  -- they can stay too

Leah  -- really?

Nick  -- sure, we have the space

Leah  -- yeah i’ve seen [walks around his room] whoa

Nick  --  what?

Leah  -- you have another room, off of your room!

Nick  -- [laughs]

Leah  -- [sits on his bed]

Nick  -- [gets on the bed, lays her down, gets on top of her] i’m glad your here [kisses her]

Leah  -- see even your bed is huge, you could fit like 10 people on here

Nick  -- [lays next to her]

Leah  -- [plays with his curls]

Nick  -- so are your parents okay with you being here?

Leah  -- yeah, but i had to use my own money to get here

Nick  -- you had enough?

Leah  -- [lying] yeah

Nick  -- are you sure?

Leah  -- yeah i’m sure

Nick  -- your lying

Leah  -- no i’m not

Nick  -- let me pay for your flight here

Leah  -- no Nick, i don’t need the money

Nick  -- okay fine

Leah  -- i wonder what everyone else is doing?

Nick  -- we could go see

Leah  -- no i just want to stay here with you [kisses him]

Nick  -- [pulls away] i actually have to go out

Leah  -- you do?

Nick  -- yeah i’m going to a premiere tonight

Leah  -- oh

Nick  -- do you want to go?

Leah  -- to the premiere?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- um i donno

Nick  -- it would be fun

Leah  -- okay

Nick  -- do you have something to wear?

Leah  -- Tess and Rosie and i will go shopping [gets off the bed]

Nick  -- [takes his wallet out, gives her his credit card]

Leah  -- Nick no

Nick  -- just take it

Leah  -- i can’t [hands it back to him, goes downstairs]

Nick  -- [follows her]

Rosie  -- what were you guys doing?

Joe  -- we probably don’t want to kno

Leah  -- we have to go shopping

Tess  -- kay [leaves with Leah and Rosie]

Nick  -- [sits on the couch]

Joe  -- whats wrong?

Nick  -- i’m sure that Leah spent all her money getting here, and she won’t let me give her any money

Joe  -- you can’t make her take the money

Nick  -- but her family is having money problems and i just want to help

Joe  -- then give her the money without her knowing

Nick  -- how do i do that?

Joe  -- i donno, ask Kevin

Nick  -- wow Joe, thanks for your help

Joe  -- no problem

Nick  -- [rolls his eyes, goes upstairs]


Leah  -- [walks into the house with Rosie]

Joe  -- wheres Tess?

Leah  -- she’s coming

Joe  -- did you get a dress

Leah  -- yeah we bought a lot of stuff

Rosie  -- we had to buy a whole new wardrobe

Leah  -- yeah it was fun [goes up to Nick’s room]

Nick  -- [hands her a dress]

Leah  -- whats this?

Nick  -- i just thot you might like it

Leah  -- i do but Nick it looks so expensive

Nick  -- it wasn’t

Leah  -- [puts the dress on] how’s it look?

Nick  -- beautiful [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pulls away] you shouldn’t have bought me this dress

Nick  -- why not? I can’t buy gifts for my girlfriend?

Leah  -- [wraps her arms around his neck] i’m your girlfriend?

Nick  -- um well i just meant.....i meant that......i would like you to be my girlfriend

Leah  -- well i would love to be your girlfriend Nick [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Joe  -- [comes in] the limos here

Leah  -- limo?

Nick  -- for the premiere [they go downstairs, and get in the limo]

Leah  -- [sits next to Nick] are you going to tell people we’re together

Nick  -- i donno, should i?

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Chapter 2

Joe  -- are you crazy! You can’t tell anyone!

Kevin  -- he should tell people, they are just going to start rumours anyways

Leah  -- your brothers are weird

Nick  -- i kno, i should’ve done that solo thing, then i wouldn’t have to deal with them all the time

Joe  -- shut up Nick!

Kevin  -- Miley’s going to be at the premiere {a/n – i kno Miley and Leah looks the same, pretend they don’t, and same for Demi/Rosie and Selena/Tess, kk?}

Nick  -- she is?

Leah  -- Miley Cyrus?

Joe  -- yeah she’s Nick’s ex

Leah  -- oh

Nick  --she’s going to be there? Are you sure

Kevin  -- yeah she called to see if you were going

Nick  -- great

Leah  -- just ignore her

Joe  -- she’s kinda hard to ignore

Nick  -- we’ll figure something out [the limo stops, they all get out]

Leah  -- wow thats a lot of people

Nick  -- [holds her hand] its not that many

Leah  -- [looks at all the people taking her picture, gets nervous]

Nick  -- Leah calm down

Leah  -- i am calm!

Nick  -- they’re just people, they won’t hurt you

Leah  -- i kno, its just theres so many

LATER  -- back at the house...

Nick  -- did you have fun?

Leah  -- yeah, kinda

Rosie  -- only kinda?

Leah  -- there was so many people, like 2 times the amount of our whole town

Rosie -- wow

Leah  -- yeah, wheres Tess?

Rosie  -- i donno, she went somewhere with Joe

Nick  -- do they like each other?

Rosie  -- i think so, but they say they don’t

Leah  -- well they are perfect for each other, they are both stubborn

Rosie  -- Tess isn’t that stubborn

Nick  -- Joe is

Rosie -- i think i’m going to get to bed, i’m a bit jet lagged still

Nick  -- you kno wich room is yours?

Rosie  -- yeah, the one on the right side of Kevin’s right?

Nick  -- yeah

Rosie -- see you in the morning, [hugs Leah] sleep well [goes upstairs]

Nick  -- you guys are more like sisters then friends

Leah  -- yeah i kno

Nick  -- you must be a bit jet lagged to, do you want to go to bed?

Leah  -- i’m fine

Nick  -- are you sure?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- i won’t be here in the morning when you wake up

Leah  -- why not?

Nick  -- the Jonas Brothers are doing some interview thing

Leah  -- kay, when will you be back?

Nick  -- i donno, around 2 or 3

Leah  -- well Rosie Tess and i will find something to do

THE NEXT DAY  -- At the Interview

Interviewer  -- so you guys were gone for a while, where were you?

Joe  -- um we were just visiting some family for a while

Kevin  -- our mom wanted us to get away from the famous life for a while

Interviewer  -- so Nick, that girl that was with you at the premiere did you meet her while you were away

Nick  -- yeah i did, she was one of the first people i met

Interviewer  -- and are you guys together?

Nick  -- yeah we are

Interview  -- so Joe you and Kevin didn’t find any girls on your trip

Joe  -- not really, we spend most of the time trying to convince our mom to let us come home

Kevin  -- and we finally did, but Nick didn’t want to come back

Nick  -- yeah i did

Joe  -- right he just didn’t want to leave Leah

Interviewer  -- is Leah the girlfriend?

Kevin  -- yeah


Leah  -- [goes into Tess’s room] Tessy wake up!

Rosie  -- [comes in too] call her Nessie, it drives her crazy and then she’ll wake up

Leah  -- [shakes Tess] Nessie wake up!

Tess  -- [wakes up] thats not my name!

Rosie  -- yeah but Tess is kinda like Ness, and the Nessie from Ness get it?

Tess  -- yeah i get it, i just don’t like it

Rosie  -- but its so cute

Tess  -- [rolls her eyes, gets out of bed] what do you guys want?

Rosie  -- we’re going to make breakfast and we need your help

Tess  -- fine [they go downstairs]

Leah  -- this kitchen is so big

Rosie  -- their whole house is so big, i’ve gotten lost like 10 times

Tess  -- we’ve only been here for one day

Rosie  -- still

Leah  -- i kinda wish it was smaller, i miss small town life

Tess  -- i kinda do too

Rosie  -- but i like it here too

Leah  -- yeah i guess


Nick  -- [watching tv with Leah on his lap]

Leah  -- [rests her head on Nick’s chest] i love you Nicky

Nick  -- i love you too [kisses her]

Joe  -- [comes in] uh Nick?

Nick  -- [pulls away] what do you want!

Joe  -- the tour is back on

Leah  -- tour?

Nick  -- don’t worry you can come

Leah  -- kay

Joe  -- yeah Miley’s going to love that

Nick  -- what

Joe  -- she’s coming

Nick  -- please tell me your joking!

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Chapter 3

Joe  -- i am, but you should have seen your face! [starts laughing]

Nick  -- why did you do that!

Joe  -- because it was funny

Nick  -- no it wasn’t

Joe  -- well Miley is coming over for dinner

Nick  -- i’m not falling for that again

Kevin  -- [comes in] is Miley here yet?

Nick  -- you guys can drop the act! i’m not -----[the doorbell rings] who is that?

Joe  -- [opens the door] hi Miley

Miley  -- [hugs him] hi Joe, i missed you guys

Nick  -- Joe!

Joe  -- what?

Nick  -- how could you -----but ---- um hi Miley

Miley  -- hi Nicky

Leah  -- i’m Leah

Miley  -- i don’t care

Leah  -- [looks at the floor]

Joe  -- Miley!

Miley  -- what?

Joe  -- kind of rude don’t you think?

Miley  -- sorry Leah [fake smiles]

Leah  -- [glares at her, goes upstairs]

Nick  -- [follows her] Leah?

Leah  -- why does she hate me?

Nick  -- she doesn’t

Leah  -- Nick i kno she does

Nick  -- its just because we’re together

Leah  -- thats stupid!

Nick  -- yeah i kno

Leah  -- [goes into Nick’s room]

Nick  -- [goes into his room] just come back downstairs

Leah  -- no, just tell me when she leaves [sits on Nick’s bed]

Nick  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- i’m fine, i just don’t want to be around Miley

Nick  -- then i’ll just stay here with you [gets on the bed]

Leah  -- you don’t have to

Nick  -- well i don’t want to be around Miley either [gets on top of her, kisses her]

Leah  -- [pulls away] Nick i don’t want to

Nick  -- okay [lays next to her]

Leah  -- [sits on his stomach]

Nick  -- [puts his hands on her waist]

Leah  -- why did you and Miley break up?

Nick  -- because it didn’t work out

Leah  -- why not?

Nick  -- i don’t remember, it was a long time ago

Leah  -- who broke up with who?

Nick  -- i broke up with her

Leah  -- kay

Nick  -- i don’t love her anymore Leah

Leah  -- are you sure

Nick  -- of course i’m sure

Leah  -- kay good [kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [pulls away] whens the tour?

Nick  -- i don’t kno

Leah  -- is it long?

Nick  -- whats with the 20 questions?

Leah  -- i’m just wondering


Tess  -- [walks downstairs with Rosie] hey i kno you, your on tv

Miley  -- um yeah

Rosie  -- Tess you are so weird

Kevin  -- this is Miley

Tess  -- yeah the Hannah Montana girl

Joe  -- Tess can you not be so -----

Tess  -- okay fine, i’ll stop

Joe  -- so do you guys want dinner now?

Rosie  -- sure [they go into the dining room, and sit down]

Tess  -- wheres Leah and Nick

Kevin  -- they went upstairs

Rosie  -- why?

Joe  -- because Miley was being rude

Miley  -- no i wasn’t

Joe  -- you kind of were

Miley  -- i didn’t mean to

Rosie  -- isn’t it kinda weird for you, i mean Leah and Nick being together

Miley  -- no, Nick and i broke up a long time ago

Joe  -- it wasn’t that long ago

Miley  -- well i’m over him, i have a new boyfriend now

Kevin  -- you do?

Miley  -- yeah

Rosie  -- i still think it would be weird

Miley  -- [lying] its not weird!

Tess  -- okay if you say so


Nick  -- [on top of Leah, kissing her neck]

Leah  -- [wraps her legs around his waist, kisses him]

Nick  -- [deepens it]

Leah  -- [pulls away] um Nick i need to tell you something

Nick  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- nothings wrong its just ----- i uh ---- um nevermind

Nick  -- whats going on?

Leah  -- nothing forget i said anything

Nick  -- okay

Leah  -- [pushes him off] i’ll be right back [goes to Rosie’s room]

Rosie  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- i couldn’t tell him

Tess  -- you haven’t told him yet!

Leah  -- no

Tess  -- Leah you have to

Rosie  -- he needs to kno, now

Leah  -- but what if he doesn’t want to stay with me

Rosie  -- he will

Leah  -- or what if this ruins his career

Tess  -- it won’t Leah!

Leah  -- are you sure

Tess  -- yeah

Leah  -- kay i’ll tell him soon

Rosie  -- no now!

Leah  -- no


Leah  -- [looking at herself in the mirror, turn sideways, lifts her shirt up a bit] oh great

Nick  -- [comes in]

Leah – [pulls her shirt down fast] hi Nick

Nick  -- what are you doing?

Leah  -- [takes a deep breath] Nick theres something you should kno

Nick  -- are you actually going to tell me this time?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- okay whats going on?

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Chapter 4

Leah  -- i don’t expect you to do anything

Nick  -- Leah just tell me

Leah  -- i’m pregnant

Nick  -- with a baby?

Leah  -- um yeah

Nick  -- no thats not possible

Leah  -- apparently it is, because the test said positive

Nick  -- but ---- but -----

Leah  -- you don’t have to do anything Nick

Nick  -- i just need some time to think [walks out]

Leah  -- [watches him leave, starts crying a bit]

Nick  -- [walks downstairs]

Joe  -- you okay?

Nick  -- i got Leah pregnant

Joe  -- what?

Nick  -- i don’t kno how this happened, i thot i used a condom

Joe  -- you thot?

Nick  -- well maybe i didn’t, i mean i never expected anything to happen

Joe  --  then your stupid!

Nick  -- she had one of those rings, you kno that mean you can’t have sex till your married

Joe  -- then why did you ------

Nick  -- i don’t kno!

Joe  -- so what are you doing to do?

Nick  -- i’m not sure, i just don’t want to think about it right now

Joe  -- your going to have to

Nick  -- no i don’t, she won’t have the baby for a long time, so lets just stop talking about it!

Joe  -- your the one who brot it up!

Nick  -- and i regret it

Kevin  -- [comes in] whats going on?

Joe  -- Nick’s a dad

Kevin  -- WHAT!!!

Nick  -- JOE!!!

Kevin  -- NICK!!!

Joe  -- KEVIN!!!!

Kevin  -- what?

Joe  -- i donno, i just felt left out

Kevin  -- Nick can you ....

Nick  -- [hits the back of Joe’s head]

Joe  -- ow! What was that for

Nick  -- for being stupid!

Kevin  -- Nick how did this happen?!

Joe  -- and you call me stupid?

Kevin  -- shut up Joe

Nick  -- [starts to leave]

Kevin  -- where are you going?

Nick  -- i just going to drive around for a bit [walks out]

Leah  -- [comes in]

Joe  -- [stares at her stomach]

Kevin  -- [hits his shoulder] Joe stop!

Leah  -- wheres Nick?

Kevin  -- he went out

Leah  -- oh, what about Rosie or Tess?

Kevin  -- i donno

Joe  -- i think they were in the living room

Leah  -- i’m just going to go out for a bit

Joe  -- just take your cell

Leah  -- i don’t have a cell phone

Joe  -- you don’t have a cell phone?! What are you an alien?!

Kevin  -- [hits him] you can take mine [throws the phone to her]

Leah  -- why do i need it?

Kevin  -- just in case we need to reach you

Leah  -- kay [walks out, walks down the street]

Paparazzi  -- [takes her picture]

Leah  -- [turns around when she hears the flash] what are you doing?

Paparazzi  -- how does it feel to be Nick’s girlfriend?

Leah  -- i um ---- i just ----

Paparazzi  -- [takes her pictures]

Leah  -- [tries to block the flash] stop!

Paparazzi  -- is Nick a good boyfriend? Does he ever pressure you?

Leah  -- no he doesn’t pressure me

Paparazzi  -- [keeps taking her picture, and asking questions]

Leah  -- [starts crying] please just leave me alone!

Nick  -- [sees them, drives over] come on Leah

Leah  -- [gets in the car]

Nick  -- [drives home]

Leah  -- [wipes her tears]

Nick  -- are you okay?

Leah  -- [shakes her head]

Nick  -- [parks the car, gets out of the car]

Leah  -- [gets out, hugs him]

Nick  -- its just paparazzi Leah, you get used the them

Leah  -- they wouldn’t leave me alone

Nick  -- i’m sorry, i should have warned you about this

Leah  -- its okay

Nick  -- [kisses her head] so your okay?

Leah  -- i guess, i just wasn’t expecting that [they walk into the house]

Joe  -- Nick what did you do?

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- why was Leah crying?

Leah  -- how do you kno i was crying?

Joe  -- your eyes are all red and puffy

Nick  -- i didn’t do anything, she got overwhelmed by the paparazzi

Leah  -- i’m just going to get some water [leaves]

Joe  -- Nick she has to go home

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- if she gets that overwhelmed just by paparazzi, she can’t be a part of our world, it will be to crazy for her.

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Chapter 5

Nick  -- it won’t be to crazy, she’ll be fine Joe

Joe  -- are you sure

Nick  -- yeah

Joe  -- but are you -----

Nick  -- i’ll make sure she’s okay Joe!

Joe  -- fine

Rosie  -- [comes in] did she tell you?

Nick  -- tell me what

Rosie  -- i told her to tell you!

Nick  -- are you talking about the pregnancy thing?

Rosie  -- yeah

Nick  -- yeah she told me

Rosie  -- and....

Nick  -- and what?

Rosie  -- and what are you going to do?

Nick  -- i don’t kno

Rosie  -- what?!

Nick  -- i don’t kno what i’ll do

Rosie  -- so your going to leave her?

Nick  -- no

Rosie  -- so your going to help her with the baby?

Nick  -- i don’t know!

Rosie  -- your such a jerk Nick! [leaves]

Nick  -- i am not!

Rosie  -- [yells from the other room] YES YOU ARE!!!

Nick  -- i’m not a jerk right?

Joe  -- well you kinda are

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- if your going to leave her with that baby

Nick  -- its not my problem! I don’t want to be a dad!

Joe  -- it is your problem! Your the one who forgot to use a condom!

Nick  -- shut up!

Joe  -- if you don’t want to be a dad, then ask Leah to get an abortion

Nick  -- she won’t

Joe  -- why not?

Nick  -- its just how she was raised, she isn’t the type of girl who will kill her baby

Joe  -- then just tell her you don’t want anything to do with the baby

Nick  -- i can’t do that, not right now

Joe  -- why not?

Nick  -- because she’s pregnant, and she’s going to over react and hate me

Joe  -- you can’t tell her after she has the baby

Nick  -- i still want to be with her tho, i just don’t want to have a baby

Joe  -- Nick be with her, don’t be with her i don’t care!

Nick  -- [goes up to his room, locks the door, sits on the bed]


I can’t do this, i can’t have a kid, i am still a kid! Kind of, i’m only 16, wich is way to young to have a baby. I can’t believe i have to do this. No i can’t do this! Its to much! I just have to tell Leah, that i can’t help her with her baby. I mean our baby, its mine to. Why couldn’t it be Joe who got her pregnant?! Then i wouldn’t have to worry about this. Tho i would kill Joe for sleeping with my girlfriend. And i would end up helping with the baby anyways.



Leah  -- [eating her lunch]

Tess  -- [comes in] you okay?

Leah  -- yeah, just really hungry

Tess  -- how did Nick take the whole pregnancy thing?

Leah  -- i don’t kno, he said he needs time to think

Tess  -- so he’s not going to help?

Leah  -- i have no idea, but i don’t need his help

Tess  -- maybe not, but you want him to help

Leah  -- yeah i do

Tess  -- [sits next to her]

Leah  -- i want to have this baby with Nick, it would be perfect

Tess  -- but your really young

Leah  -- i don’t care

Tess  -- are you sure

Leah  -- well i don’t have a choice

Tess  -- i guess your right

Leah  --- i just want to do this right, i want my baby to be happy

Tess  -- if they have you as a mom, they will be



I felt tears sting my eyes, but i just tried to ignore them. This was to much for me to handle, i just need to take a break from everything, and figure out what to do. The tears were rolling down my cheeks now, this stupid pregnancy thing was going to ruin my life! i'm not ready to be a dad!

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Chapter 6

Nick  -- [laying on his bed]

Leah  -- [knocks on the door]

Nick  -- [puts a pillow over his head to block the noise]

Leah  -- Nick are you in there

Nick  -- i don’t want to talk right now Leah

Leah  -- okay [leaves]

Nick  -- [calls Miley]

Miley  -- [answers] hi Nick

Nick  -- hi

Miley  -- whats wrong?

Nick  -- how do you kno something’s wrong?

Miley  -- i can’t just tell

Nick  -- i can’t tell you

Miley  -- why not?

Nick  -- because i don’t think its a good idea to tell people

Miley  -- its not a good idea to keep things bottled up

Nick  -- Miles, i’m not going to tell you so you can stop

Miley  -- your the one that called me!

Nick  -- i kno and i didn’t call you to have you yell at me

Miley  -- sorry, so is it trouble with Leah?

Nick  -- no, not really

Miley  -- Nick i can’t help unless you tell me whats going on

Nick  -- then i guess you can’t help [hangs up]

Leah  -- [knocks on the door again] Nick i need to get my purse can i come in?

Nick  -- [unlocks the door]

Leah  -- [comes in] why was the door locked?

Nick  -- i didn’t want Joe bugging me

Leah  -- oh, okay [grabs her purse, starts to leave]

Nick  -- where are you going?

Leah  -- downstairs?

Nick  -- i mean why do you need your purse?

Leah  -- Rosie, Tess and I want to go shopping

Nick  -- do you need some money?

Leah  -- no Nick!

Nick  -- Leah i got you pregnant, and i feel horrible about that, can’t i at least give you some money for shopping?

Leah  -- no

Nick  -- why not?

Leah  -- because i don’t want you to just give me money

Nick  -- but i want to!

Leah  -- [kisses him] thanks, but i’m fine [goes shopping]

Nick  -- [goes downstairs]

Joe  -- Leah seemed happy

Nick  -- yeah, and i donno how to tell her i can’t help

Kevin  -- your not going to help with the baby

Nick  -- i don’t want to!

Kevin  -- your being really stupid Nick!

Joe  -- i kno, even i would help!

Nick  -- fine then you help her!

Joe  -- its your responsibility

Nick  -- no its not....well i don’t want it to be!

Kevin  -- next time don’t forget a condom

Nick  -- i won’t, but Leah doesn’t need my help, i mean she won’t even let me pay for her shopping, why would she want me to help with a baby

Joe  -- a baby is different!

Nick  -- why did i come back down here?

Joe  -- i donno

Nick  -- [goes back to his room,]


Leah  -- [walks into the house with Rosie and Tess]

Joe  -- you guys we’re gone a long time

Rosie  -- well theres a lot of shopping here

Tess  -- yeah the mall is bigger then our whole town

Joe  -- everything is bigger then that stupid farm town

Tess  -- it wasn’t stupid!

Joe  -- yes it is!

Leah  -- wheres Nick?

Joe  -- his room

Leah  -- he’s always up there

Joe  -- he’s confused

Leah  -- about what?

Joe  -- about the ---- uh i donno

Tess  -- your a horrible liar Joe!

Joe  -- shut up Tess!

Rosie  -- i thot you guys liked each other

Joe  -- why would i like Tess?

Tess  -- whats wrong with Tess?

Joe  -- a lot!

Tess  -- [hits him]

Leah  -- [goes up to Nick’s room] Nick?

Nick  -- [laying on his bed, watching tv] hi Leah

Leah  -- [gets on the bed]

Nick  -- [pulls her close to him]

Leah  -- [kisses him] i love you Nicky

Nick  -- love you too, and i want you to kno that i’m going to be there for our baby [puts his hand on her stomach]

Leah  -- you don’t have to be

Nick  -- what? Why not?

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Chapter 7

Leah  -- you don’t have to help, because theres nothing to help with

Nick  -- what are you talking about Leah?

Leah  -- [looks away from him] the babies gone Nick

Nick  -- gone?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- but why?

Leah  -- [crying a bit] because i knew you didn’t want to help, and i knew i couldn’t do it on my own

Nick  -- Leah i’m sorry, i should have been more supportive from the start

Leah  -- its fine

Nick  -- so when you said you were going shopping you were -----

Leah  -- getting an abortion

Nick  -- [hugs her]  i’m sorry i put you threw that

Leah  -- i didn’t want to kill it Nick, i’m really sorry

Nick  -- its fine, i understand why you did, and its mostly my fault

Leah  -- so your not mad?

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- i love you Nick [kisses him]

Nick  -- i love you too


Nick  -- [goes downstairs]

Joe  -- you okay?

Nick  -- she got an abortion

Joe  -- so thats good right?

Nick  -- i guess, but i feel kinda bad

Joe  -- don’t, it was her choice

Nick  -- well i want to do something for her

Joe  -- like what

Nick  -- i’m not sure

Joe  -- just don’t get her pregnant again

Nick  -- i won’t, i don’t think she’s ever going to have sex with me again

Joe  -- why not?

Nick  -- because i don’t think she was even ready

Joe  -- then why did you -----

Nick  -- i’m not talking to you about this

Joe  -- fine, so what are you going to get her?

Tess  -- [comes in] your getting her something?

Nick  -- yeah

Tess  -- cool, who’s her?

Nick  -- Leah

Tess  -- oh...makes sense

Nick  -- but i donno what to get her

Tess  -- well maybe a plane ticket home

Nick  -- what?

Tess  -- she’s home sick

Nick  -- she is?

Tess  -- yeah

Nick  -- but i don’t want her to go home

Tess  -- well i don’t want to go home either, so make sure she stays

Nick  -- why is she home sick?

Tess  -- because she misses her home?

Joe  -- don’t you kno what home sick is Nick?

Nick  -- shut up Joe

Joe  -- don’t forget we’re shooting our new music video today

Nick  -- i haven’t forgotten

Tess  -- how could you? Its all he talks about

Joe  -- is not

Tess  -- yeah it is!

Joe  -- i’m just excited

Nick  -- well i need to find something for Leah, so can we postpone the filming?

Joe  -- not really

Nick  -- but -----

Tess  -- just go Nick, i’ll try and think of something for you to give Leah

Nick  -- kay


Nick  -- [goes into his room] Leah? Are you awake?

Leah  -- barely

Nick  -- well i want to show you something

Leah  -- what is it?

Nick  -- come on

Leah  -- [gets out of bed, gets dressed]

Nick  -- [takes her hand, walks downstairs]

Leah  -- Nick its late where are we going

Nick  -- you’ll see [gets in his car]

Leah  -- [gets in too]

Nick  -- [drives for a couple hours, then stop]

Leah  -- i want to go home Nick

Nick  -- you’ll like this, i promise[gets out of the car]

Leah  -- [gets out, follows Nick] where are we?

Nick  -- okay wait here [walks away]

Leah  -- [crosses her arms, waits for him to come back]

Nick  -- [comes back over, with two horses behind him]

Leah  -- [smiles] we’re going for a ride?

Nick  -- yeah [gets on one of the horses]

Leah  -- [gets on the other, they start riding thru the trails] i miss this

Nick  -- i thot you might [they go along the trail for a bit more, then get to a field]

Leah  -- [looks around, sees a candle light picnic dinner] Nick you didn’t have to do this

Nick  -- [gets of his horse] i wanted to [helps her off her horse]

Leah  -- where are we?

Nick  -- away from the city

Leah  -- yeah i guessed

Nick  -- [sits on the picnic blanket]

Leah  -- [sits next to him, kisses him] your perfect Nick

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Chapter 8

Nick  -- [sits on the picnic blanket]

Leah  -- [sits next to him, kisses him] your perfect Nick

Nick  -- no i’m not, i made my girlfriend kill her baby

Leah  -- you didn’t make me Nick

Nick  -- i’m so sorry Leah

Leah  -- i kno, you told me that already

Nick  -- [kisses her] i’m so sorry Leah

Leah  -- i kno Nick, you don’t have to keep telling me

Nick  -- i kno, but i just feel so bad

Leah  -- you shouldn’t. you set up this whole thing for me, getting to ride horses and a picnic dinner. Nick you didn’t have to do that

Nick  -- [lays on the blanket]

Leah  -- [lays next to him] i love you Nick

Nick  -- i love you too [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pulls away] so what food did you bring?

Nick  -- all your favourites

Leah  -- you don’t kno my favourites

Nick  -- well i got some help

Leah  -- Rosie and Tess?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- mac and cheese?

Nick  -- yeah, and some other things too

Leah  -- i’m to tired to eat right now

Nick  -- yeah i guess i should have done this earlier

Leah  -- that would have been good

Nick  -- but this way we’re all alone

Leah  -- yeah [sits up] kay ready for food now

Nick  -- you just said you didn’t want food

Leah  -- i changed my mind [takes the food out of the picnic basket]

Nick  -- are you sure your hungry?

Leah  -- yeah [starts eating]

Nick  -- [rubs her back] so do you want to go riding more often?

Leah  -- i donno

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- well it makes me miss home even more

Nick  -- i’m sorry, i thot you would be happy

Leah  -- i am, but i also miss my horse

Nick  -- so the horse thing was a bad idea?

Leah  -- no it was really sweet [keeps eating]

Nick  --  your really hungry

Leah  -- i kno, i don’t kno why


Nick  -- [laying on the blanket with Leah] so do you want to go home now?

Leah  -- not yet [cuddles close to him]

Nick  -- but your falling asleep

Leah  -- then we can sleep here

Nick  -- no we can’t sleep here [gets up, helps Leah up]

Leah  -- what about all the stuff, we can’t leave it here

Nick  -- [packs everything in the basket, they walk back over to the horses]

Leah  -- [gets on her horse, starts riding, gets to the car, waits for Nick]

Nick  -- [comes over] just wait in the car, i’ll be right back

Leah  -- kay [gets in the car]

Nick  -- [takes the horses back to the barn, then go back to Leah and gets in the car]

Leah  -- [half asleep]

Nick  -- [starts driving home]

Leah  -- Nick?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- do you have Jonas Brothers stuff tmrw?

Nick  -- i don’t think so, theres a premiere tomorrow night but i don’t have to go if you don’t want me to

Leah  -- you can go

Nick  -- do you want to come?

Leah  -- um i don’t think i really fit in with everyone there

Nick  -- who cares, we had fun last time

Leah  -- yeah we did

Nick  -- so just come

Leah  -- maybe, can we talk in the morning?

Nick  -- it is morning

Leah  -- i mean later

Nick  -- kay, just go to sleep

Leah  -- but -----

Nick  -- i kno your tired Leah

Leah  -- i’m not tired [almost asleep]

Nick  -- if you say so

Leah  -- [falls asleep]

Nick  -- [drives home, parks the car, picks Leah up, takes her into the house]

Rosie  -- how did it go?

Nick  -- good, what are you guys still doing up?

Joe  -- we were bored

Nick  -- then go to sleep?

Joe  -- we aren’t tired

Rosie  -- yeah we had to much coffee

Nick  -- very smart [goes up to his room, puts Leah on the bed]

Leah  -- [wakes up] Nick?

Nick  -- go back to sleep Leah [gets on the bed]

Leah  -- [falls back asleep]

Nick  -- [kisses her head, pulls the covers over them]


Nick  -- [ignores him]


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Chapter 9

Leah  -- [falls back asleep]

Nick  -- [kisses her head, pulls the covers over them]


Nick  -- [ignores him]


Nick  -- [goes downstairs] what Joe

Joe  -- do we have any frozen pizza?

Nick  -- what!

Joe  -- you kno, pizza thats been fro -----


Joe  -- because i’m hungry!

Nick  -- did you check the freezer?

Joe  -- good idea [opens the freezer] found it, thanks Nick

Nick  -- never do that again!

Joe  -- never do what?

Nick  -- i was going to sleep Joe!

Joe  -- why? Its so early

Nick  -- yeah early in the morning! [goes back to his room, lays next to Leah]

Leah  -- [still asleep, cuddles close to him]

Nick  -- [wraps his arms around her, kisses her, falls asleep]


Leah  -- [wakes up, shakes Nick] Nicky wake up!

Nick  -- [wakes up] whats wrong?

Leah  -- my stomach hurts

Nick  -- its probably from eating to much

Leah  -- well it hurts

Nick  -- do you want a pain killer

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- [goes into the bathroom, gets one for her]

Leah  -- [wraps the blankets around her]

Nick  -- [gives her the pain killer with a glass of water]

Leah  -- [takes it] those don’t taste good

Nick  -- they aren’t supposed to taste good [kisses her head] do you want some breakfast

Leah  -- not right now

Nick  -- are you sure?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- okay [goes downstairs]

Leah  -- Nick wait! [grabs the blanket off the bed, follows him downstairs]

Joe  -- what are you doing?

Leah  -- i’m cold [wraps the blanket around her] wheres Nick?

Joe  -- in the kitchen

Leah  -- [goes into the kitchen]

Nick  -- Leah, why did you take the blanket off my bed?

Leah  -- because this house is freezing!

Nick  -- its not that cold

Leah  -- yeah it is [sits on the floor]

Nick  -- Leah your going to get in the way

Leah  -- theres no one in here Nick, how can i get in the way?

Nick  -- people will start coming in

Leah  -- fine i’ll just leave [stands up]

Nick  -- Leah whats going on with you?

Leah  -- i donno, i think i’m just tired

Nick  -- okay if you say so

Leah  -- Nicky can we go riding again?

Nick  -- today?

Leah  -- soon

Nick  -- sure, but i can’t today

Leah  -- the premiere is tonight rite?

Nick  -- yeah, are you coming?

Leah  -- i guess, but i need to get something to wear

Nick  -- okay

Leah  -- and Tess and Rosie can come?

Nick  -- if they want

Leah  -- have you seen them?

Nick  -- not today

Leah  -- so what do you want to do?

Nick  -- i need to go out for a bit

Leah  -- Jonas Brothers stuff?

Nick  -- no, just me stuff

Leah  -- well can i come

Nick  -- not this time

Leah  -- oh...okay

Nick  -- but we can do something after

Leah  -- kay [smiles]

Nick  -- maybe you could go shopping with Rosie and Tess, since you didn’t get to yesterday

Leah  -- yeah, i think we will


Rosie  -- [puts her dress on for the premiere] hows it look?

Leah  -- amazing!

Tess  -- [already in her dress] Leah you need to get ready

Leah  -- where’s my dress?

Rosie  -- i think you left it in Nick’s room

Leah  -- well then i can wait

Tess  -- what?

Leah  -- Nick won’t let me in

Tess  -- why not?

Leah  -- i donno, i guess he’s getting ready or something

Rosie  -- so what? You’ve seen him naked

Tess  -- Rosie!

Rosie  -- its true!

Leah  -- [goes to Nick’s room, knocks on the door]

Nick  -- [opens it]

Leah  -- can i come in? Or are you still keeping me locked out

Nick  -- sorry about that

Leah  -- [walks in] why couldn’t i come in?

Nick  -- because i was ...just um....nothing

Leah  -- okay then [grabs her dress, goes into the bathroom to change]

Nick  -- what are you doing?

Leah  -- getting ready! [puts her dress on,  comes back out]

Nick  -- i got you something

Leah  -- really?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- what kind of something?

Nick  -- you’ll see, just close your eyes

Leah  -- i can’t see if i close my eyes

Nick  -- very funny

Leah  -- what is it? I want to see

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Chapter 10

Nick  -- you’ll see, just close your eyes

Leah  -- i can’t see if i close my eyes

Nick  -- very funny

Leah  -- what is it? I want to see

Nick  -- be patient Leah [grabs a bag, takes out a jewellery box with a necklace in it]

Leah  -- can i look now?

Nick  -- not yet [moves her so she’s facing the mirror, puts the necklace on her] okay open your eyes

Leah  -- [opens her eyes, touches the necklace, then turns to face him] pretty

Nick  -- you like it?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- good [kisses her]

Leah  -- [pulls away] but wasn’t it kinda -----

Nick  -- don’t even think about saying expensive

Leah  -- but was it?

Nick  -- it doesn’t matter the cost

Leah  -- Nick -----

Nick  -- [kisses her] i love you, and i wanted to get it for you

Leah  -- [smiles] thanks, i love it

Rosie  -- [comes in with Tess] Leah we ----- whats going on?

Leah  -- look what Nick gave me [shows them the necklace]

Tess  -- why did you give her a necklace?

Nick  -- [stands behind Leah, wraps his arms around her waist] because i love her

Tess  -- i wish my boyfriend got me stuff like that

Rosie  -- you don’t have a boyfriend

Tess  -- i’m just saying

Rosie  -- yeah i guess i would want my boyfriend to be like Nick to

Leah  -- well to bad, he’s already taken [kisses Nick]

Rosie  -- i said LIKE Nick

Tess  -- sure you did

Rosie  -- i did

Nick  -- come on lets go, the limo is probably here [they go downstairs]

Joe  -- ready to go?

Nick  -- yeah

Kevin  -- Miley and Emily are coming with us

Joe  -- why?

Kevin  -- because i asked if they wanted to

Nick  -- why would you ask Miley!

Kevin  -- because i was asking Emily, and she said that she was going with Miley, so i said they could both come

Nick  -- do you kno how awkward this is going to be

Kevin  -- no

Joe  -- old girlfriend vs. new girlfriend

Nick  -- shut up Joe

Leah  -- maybe i shouldn’t go

Rosie  -- of course you should go

Tess  -- yeah you need to make sure Miley doesn’t steal your boyfriend

Nick  -- she wouldn’t steal me!

Joe  -- she might try tho

Kevin  -- Joe she has a boyfriend remember

Joe  -- yeah but she still likes Nick

Nick  -- no she doesn’t

Joe  -- then why are we having this conversation

Nick  -- i don’t kno

Joe  -- exactly!

Nick  -- you can’t say exactly to that! It doesn’t make sense

Joe  -- exactly!

Kevin  -- stop saying exactly

Tess  -- you guys are weird

Rosie  -- yeah, really weird

Leah  -- can we just go to the stupid premiere?

Nick  -- why don’t you want to go anymore?

Leah  -- i just said i want to

Nick  -- yeah but your saying it as if you just want it to be over

Leah  -- well Miley doesn’t like me

Joe  -- she doesn’t kno you

Kevin  -- you just met her on a bad day

Leah  -- if you say so


Leah  -- [walks into the house, goes into the kitchen]

Joe  -- [follows her, with Nick following him] i thot you were tired

Leah  -- i am [gets a cup, fills it with water]

Nick  -- so what are you doing?

Leah  -- getting a drink of water?

Joe  -- why?

Leah  -- whats with all the questions? I’m just thirsty

Joe  -- Miley wasn’t to bad tonight

Leah  -- she was nice, but it was still kinda weird

Joe  -- why?

Leah  -- i donno, it just was

Nick  -- i’m going to bed

Leah  -- kay i’ll be up in a minute

Nick  -- [leaves]

Joe  -- Leah?

Leah  -- [takes a sip of her water] what?

Joe  -- what happened to your necklace?

Leah  -- [puts her hand where the necklace was befor] oh my gosh its gone! What am i going to do?!

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Chapter 11

Joe  -- Leah?

Leah  -- [takes a sip of her water] what?

Joe  -- what happened to your necklace?

Leah  -- [puts her hand where the necklace was] oh my gosh its gone! What am i going to do?!

Joe  -- where was the last place you saw it?

Leah  -- when Nick put it on me

Joe  -- you were wearing it at the premiere tho

Leah  -- yeah but i didn’t see my self wearing it

Joe  -- just try and think back

Leah  -- i don’t remember Joe! [starts crying] Nick going to hate me

Joe  -- no he’s not, just go to bed, and i’ll try and find it

Leah  -- [wipes her tears, goes up to Nick’s room]

Nick  -- [laying in bed] Leah? Whats wrong?

Leah  -- nothing [changes into her pjs, gets into bed]

Nick  -- [pulls her close to him] just tell me

Leah  -- [hugs him] i’m so sorry Nicky, i didn’t mean to

Nick  -- didn’t mean to what?

Leah  -- to lose it

Nick  -- lose what? Leah whats going on?

Leah  -- i lost the necklace you gave me  [crying hard]

Nick  -- what? [pulls away from the hug]

Leah  -- i’m so sorry Nick, i don’t kno what happened

Nick  -- its okay Leah, just stop crying [wipes her tears]

Leah  -- but i ---- i didn’t ---- i just

Nick  -- calm down Leah, take a deep breath

Leah  -- [takes a deep breath, and holds it]

Nick  -- you need to let it out!

Leah  -- [breathes out] Nick i ----i ----i didn’t ----

Nick  -- okay take a couple more deep breaths, and this time let them out

Leah  -- [takes a couple deep breaths, calms down]

Nick  -- so when did you notice it was gone?

Leah  -- when Joe pointed it out

Nick  -- we’ll find it in the morning

Leah  -- i’m really sorry Nick

Nick  -- now who’s the one who saying sorry to many times

Leah  --  [giggles]

Nick  -- [smiles] now go to sleep

Leah  -- [lays down, pulls the covers over her head]

Nick  -- what are you doing?

Leah  -- feeling bad about losing the necklace

Nick  -- [pulls the blankets down a bit] just don’t think about it okay?

Leah  -- but ----

Nick  -- Leah....

Leah  -- okay, goodnight Nicky [kisses him]

Nick  -- ‘night baby

Leah  -- [cuddles close to him, falls asleep]

Nick  -- Leah? are you still awake? ......[gets off the bed, goes downstairs]

Kevin  -- hi Nick

Nick  -- hi [sits on the couch]

Kevin  -- whats wrong?

Joe  -- Leah lost the necklace Nick gave her

Kevin  -- what?

Rosie  -- she did?

Tess  -- well it was an accident

Joe  -- you didn’t even kno she lost it!

Tess  -- yeah but i kno that Leah wouldn’t lose it on purpose

Rosie  -- can you even lose something on purpose?

Kevin  -- well its not lost if its on purpose, because you kno where it is

Joe  - your confusing me

Kevin  -- if something is lost it means that you don’t kno where it is

Joe  -- i kno

Kevin  -- so you can’t lose something on purpose

Rosie  -- well if you dropped the thing in the water, then the water would take it away and you wouldn’t kno where it was

Kevin  -- okay fine, theres exceptions

Rosie  -- so then you can’t say ------

Nick  -- can we not talk about this!

Rosie  -- fine

Tess  -- Nick you aren’t mad right? About Leah losing the necklace i mean

Nick  -- i’m not mad, just upset

Joe  -- why?

Nick  -- because i love her, and i gave her that necklace so to show her that. And then she just lost it! If she loved me back she would have been more careful

Kevin  -- Nick it was an accident

Nick  -- i don’t care!

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Chapter 12

Nick  -- i’m not mad, just upset

Joe  -- why?

Nick  -- because i love her, and i gave her that necklace so to show her that. And then she just lost it! If she loved me back she would have been more careful

Kevin  -- Nick it was an accident

Nick  -- i don’t care!

Joe  -- your kidding right? You can’t hate her because she lost something!

Nick  -- i don’t hate her

Tess  -- good because she loves you

Nick  -- and i love her too

Rosie  -- where is she?

Nick  -- sleeping

Tess  -- i think i’ll go to bed too [leaves]

Rosie  -- same [leaves]

Kevin  -- Nick we’ll find that necklace, just don’t blame Leah

Joe  -- yeah it wasn’t her fault

Nick  -- i guess your right [goes upstairs, and into his room]

Leah  -- [sitting on the bed, with the blankets wrapped around her, crying a bit]

Nick  -- Leah whats wrong?

Leah  -- where were you?

Nick  -- i just went to talk to Joe and Kevin

Leah  -- [hugs him, wrapping her legs around his waist] i thot you were mad so you left me

Nick  -- i left you in my own house?

Leah  -- oh right....i guess that doesn’t make much sense

Nick  -- no not really [lays her on the bed, lays next to her] i thot you were asleep

Leah  -- i was, but i woke up

Nick  -- well go back to sleep [kisses her head]

Leah  -- i can’t

Nick  -- why not?

Leah  -- i need to find the necklace

Nick  -- find it in the morning

Leah  -- no [gets off the bed, goes downstairs]

Nick  -- [follows her]

Leah  -- [runs outside]

Nick  -- Leah come back!

Kevin  -- where is she going?

Nick  -- i donno [starts to go after her]

Joe  -- Nick i would put some more clothes on

Nick  -- fine [goes upstairs]

Kevin  -- why does it matter?

Joe  -- the paparazzi

Kevin  -- good point

Nick  -- [comes back down, runs out]

Leah  -- [on the ground, looking for the necklace]

Nick  -- [picks her up]

Leah  -- no stop!

Nick  -- Leah you can look in the morning

Leah  -- no i can’t! i need to find it now

Nick  -- fine [puts her down]

Leah  -- [starts looking for the necklace again]

Nick  -- you aren’t going to find it in the dark

Leah  -- [picks something off the ground]

Nick  -- did you find it?

Leah  -- i think [runs back into the house]

Nick  -- [runs after her]

Joe  -- can’t you guys just go to bed?

Leah  -- [hands the Nick the necklace] put it on please

Nick  -- you shouldn’t sleep with it on, you might choke yourself

Leah  -- please Nicky

Nick  -- i’ll put it on you in the morning

Leah  -- fine [runs upstairs]

Kevin  -- she sure likes running

Joe  -- how does she have so much energy this late at night?

Nick  -- no idea [goes to his room]

Leah  -- [sleeping]

Nick  -- [laughs, gets into bed, kisses her head] your so cute


Leah  -- [wakes up, shakes Nick] Nicky wake up

Nick  -- [wakes up] what?

Leah  -- necklace please

Nick  -- [falling back asleep] later i’m tired

Leah  -- [sits on his stomach]

Nick  -- Leah -----

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- [puts his hands on her waist] i love you

Leah  -- [smiles] i love you to, so can i have the necklace now?

Nick  -- yeah [grabs the necklace off the side table, puts it on her] just try not to lose it this time

Leah  -- [looks at the necklace] theres something on the back

Nick  -- what?

Leah  -- theres an engraving on the back

Nick  -- [pulls the necklace off her, puts it behind his back]

Leah  -- Nick let me see!

Nick  -- no

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Chapter 13

Leah  -- theres an engraving on the back

Nick  -- [pulls the necklace off her, puts it behind his back]

Leah  -- Nick let me see!

Nick  -- no

Leah   -- why not?

Nick  -- because i said so

Leah  -- fine [goes downstairs]


I looked at the necklace, i had totally forgotten about the engraving. I had ordered this piece to be made for Leah a long time ago, back when i knew she was pregnant, so i had asked the people who made the necklace to put an engraving on the back that said “To Leah: the person who i wish to spend the rest of my life with, Love Nick”. It seemed like a good idea at the time.  Because i planned on proposing to her befor i gave her the necklace, but i didn’t end up proposing because i didn't want to rush things now that the baby was gone. I got out of bed, and put the necklace in a box, then put the box inside my closet.



Leah  -- [walks into the living room, lays on the couch]

Joe  -- you kno other people might want to sit there!

Leah  -- theres two other couches Joe!

Joe  -- thats not the point!

Leah  -- fine [moves so she’s sitting on the couch] happy?

Joe  -- yeah

Kevin  -- [comes in] everythings set for the tour

Joe  -- we shouldn’t have postponed it in the first place

Kevin  -- we postponed it because Nick was depressed about leaving Leah

Joe  -- yeah so it all comes back to her [glares at Leah]

Leah  -- [glares back at him] it was your idea to make him leave in the first place!

Joe  -- shut up!

Nick  -- [comes in] whats going on?

Leah  -- nothing

Joe  -- yeah nothing

Nick  -- [sits next to Leah] you guys suck at lying

Kevin  -- yeah they do [hands Nick a piece of paper] thats everything about the tour

Nick  -- [looks at it] KEVIN!!!

Kevin  -- what?

Nick  -- we leave in 3 days! What about rehearsals

Kevin  -- we already did them befor we postponed the tour

Nick  -- oh yeah...i forgot, but ----

Kevin  -- i’ve already organized for Leah, Tess and Rosie to come

Nick  -- good

Leah  -- this is going to be so much fun

Joe  -- yeah it was until Kevin decided to let you come

Kevin  -- [hits him]

Joe  -- ow! What was that for!

Kevin  -- for being stupid!

Leah  -- i’m going to go tell Tess and Rosie [leaves]

Joe  -- how come she has to come?

Nick  -- because if she doesn’t go, then i won’t

Joe  -- fine, we don’t need you anyways!

Kevin  -- yeah we do! Its not the Jonas Brothers if one of us is missing

Joe  -- but Leah is so annoying

Kevin  -- you were being nice to her yesterday!

Joe  -- yeah but then i had a dream, and she stole my cookie

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- i kno! I can’t believe she would do that!

Nick  -- no i meant what! You don’t like her because of something she did in your dream!

Joe  -- yeah

Nick  -- thats the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard

Kevin  -- or atleast in the top 20


Leah  -- [in Nick’s room, packing]

Nick  -- [comes up behind her, wraps his arms around her waist]

Leah  -- [giggles, turns to face him] hi

Nick  -- hi [kisses her]

Leah  -- are you packed?

Nick  -- we don’t leave till tmrw

Leah  -- yeah but you should still be packed, because we leave early tmrw

Nick  -- fine i’ll pack later

Leah  -- it is later Nick

Nick  -- fine [starts packing]

Leah  -- [finishes, puts her bags by the door, then sits on Nick’s bed]

Nick  -- you want to go on tour right?

Leah  -- yeah it’ll be fun

Nick  -- its not always fun, we have to wake up early, and we don’t get to sleep until late

Leah  -- well i came from a farm Nick, we had to wake up really early!

Nick  -- yeah i kno, school started at like 6:00 am

Leah  -- thats because we were supposed to do our chores in the morning

Nick  -- i was saying 6am is early

Leah  -- oh....well not for me

Nick  -- i think your going to do fine on tour then

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Chapter 14

Nick  -- i was saying 6am is early

Leah  -- oh....well not for me

Nick  -- i think your going to do fine on tour then

Leah  -- [smiles] its going to be so much fun


Leah  -- [watching the show backstage]

Rosie -- i love being on tour

Leah  -- i kno, its so cool

Tess  -- where are we going tomorrow?

Leah  -- you mean what City?

Tess  -- yeah

Rosie  -- i have no idea

Leah  -- yeah i donno where we’re going next

Tess  -- well i need to kno!

Leah  -- no you don’t

Tess  -- well i want to kno

Nick  -- [comes offstage]

Leah  -- its over?

Nick  -- yeah [takes her hand, goes to his dressing room]

Leah  -- you guys were awesome

Nick  -- are you sure your not bored being on tour

Leah  -- its not boring, its exciting

Nick  -- it is?

Leah  -- i’ve never been to so many cities befor, ever

Nick  -- why not?

Leah  -- we couldn’t afford it

Nick  -- oh

Leah  -- well my families been having some trouble with money

Nick  -- still?

Leah  -- yeah

Nick  -- you kno i can give you some money if you need it

Leah  -- no Nick, i don’t want you giving me money

Nick  -- but i want to

Leah  -- no....can i have my necklace back now?

Nick  -- no

Leah  -- why not?

Nick  -- because you can’t!

Leah  -- but its mine!

Nick  -- i’ll give it to you later, maybe

Leah  -- how much later

Nick  -- i donno

Kevin  -- [comes in] Nick we’re going to go in about 20 minutes

Nick  -- okay

Kevin  -- [leaves]

Leah  -- [kisses Nick] i love you Nicky

Nick  -- i love you too

Leah  -- if you love me then give me my necklace back

Nick  -- fine

Leah  -- really?

Nick  -- yeah

Leah  -- where is it?

Nick  -- at home

Leah  -- what!

Nick  -- i left it at home

Leah  -- your mean

Nick  -- [kisses her] sorry baby


Leah  -- [sitting on Nick’s lap]

Nick  -- [playing with her hair]

Joe  -- you guys are really annoying

Nick  -- what?

Rosie  -- Joe!

Joe  -- its true, they are way to cutesie

Kevin  -- i don’t think thats a word Joe

Joe  -- you kno what i mean

Nick  -- shut up Joe! Your just jealous that you don’t have a girlfriend

Joe  -- i would never want a cookie stealer as a girlfriend

Leah  -- what?

Nick  -- ignore him, he’s being stupid

Rosie  -- as always

Tess  -- he’s not always stupid

Kevin  -- but most of the time he is

Joe  -- you kno i’m right here!

Nick  -- we kno Joe


Nick  -- [walks off the bus with Leah] do you want to go to bed?

Leah  -- not yet

Nick  -- okay [takes her hand, and they walk down the street]

Fans  -- [runs over] oh my gosh your Nick Jonas, can we have your autograph?

Nick  -- sure [starts signing their CD’s or whatever else they had]

Leah  -- Nick i want to go back to the hotel

Nick  -- okay just a second [finishes singing the fans things]

Fans  -- thank you so much

Nick  -- no problem [starts to walk away with Leah]

Fans  -- can we have some pictures?

Nick  -- [looks at Leah]

Leah  -- [nods, steps out of the way]

Fans  -- [start taking pictures with Nick]

Leah  -- [sees paparazzi coming over] um Nick?

Nick  -- yeah?

Leah  -- paparazzi

Nick  -- they don’t bite Leah

Fans  -- [finish taking their pictures, start asking Nick about concert tickets and stuff]

Paparazzi  -- [comes over, start taking pictures and asking questions]

Leah  -- [feeling overwhelmed with so many people being there, getting dizzy because of the camera flashes]

Nick  -- [sees she uncomfortable, grabs her hand, starts walking back to the hotel]

Leah  -- [tears rolling down her cheeks]

Nick  -- Leah i’m sorry [wipes her tears, walks into the hotel]

Leah  -- [hugs him] i don’t like paparazzi, they never leave us alone

Nick  -- i kno, i’m sorry

Leah  -- i can’t do this anymore Nick, they’re everywhere!

Nick  -- [sad] so you want to go home?

Leah  -- [nods]

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Chapter 15

Leah  -- i can’t do this anymore Nick, they’re everywhere!

Nick  -- [sad] so you want to go home?

Leah  -- [nods]

Nick  -- are you sure?

Leah  -- i donno, i want to stay with you, but this whole rockstar thing is so crazy

Nick  -- i’m sorry Leah, but i can’t change that

Leah  -- i kno you can’t

Nick  -- i’ll arrange a plane to take you back home in the morning

Leah  -- thanks Nick [hugs him]

Nick  -- i’m gonna miss you

Leah  -- i’ll miss you too [hugs him tighter]

Nick  -- and you don’t want to stay?

Leah  -- [shakes her head] sorry

Nick  -- its fine [kisses her head]


Leah  -- [at the airport, hugging Nick]

Nick  -- i’ll call you okay?

Leah  -- kay

Rosie  -- Leah come on, the plane is going to leave

Tess  -- just kiss and lets go!

Leah  -- [glares at them]

Rosie  -- we’ll just meet you on the plane [they leave]

Leah  -- [kisses Nick] i love you

Nick  -- i love you too

Leah  -- [kisses him one last time, gets on the plane]

A WEEK LATER [the tour just finished]

Nick  -- [walks into the house]

Joe  -- [follows him] you okay?

Nick  -- no i miss Leah

Joe  -- then go to that stupid farm again

Nick  -- i don’t just want to show up unexpected

Joe  -- you mean like she did?

Nick  -- what?

Joe  -- she never told us she was coming

Kevin  -- [comes in] talking about Leah?

Joe  -- yeah

Kevin  -- Nick you should go see her, i bet she misses you

Nick  -- she doesn’t sound like she missed me

Joe  -- what?

Kevin  -- they talk on the phone all the time

Joe  -- he was talking to someone? I thot he was just talking to himself

Nick  -- why would i talk to myself?!

Joe  -- i donno, thats why i was confused

Nick  -- [goes upstairs, sees the necklace he gave Leah, picks it up, goes back downstairs] i’m going to see Leah

Kevin  -- but you just said----------

Nick  -- i changed my mind, so do you guys want to come?

Joe  -- nope

Nick  -- what?

Kevin  -- sure we’ll come Nick

Joe  -- but i hate that stupid farm town, theres nothing to do

Nick  -- shut up Joe


Leah  -- [riding her horse threw the trails]

Spencer  -- [walks over] what are you doing?

Leah  -- [stops the horse] being bored

Spencer  -- i didn’t kno you were back

Leah  -- well i am

Spencer  -- that stupid rockstar boyfriend dump you?

Leah  -- [glares at him] no!

Spencer  -- then why did you leave?

Leah  -- because i did

Rosie  -- [runs over] Leah hurry!

Leah  -- what?

Rosie  -- come on [starts running back into town]

Leah  -- [goes back into town as well, sees Nick, gets off the horse, runs to him]

Nick  -- [hugs her]

Leah  -- what are you doing here?

Nick  -- well the tours over, and we thot we would come see you

Leah  -- i missed you so much [kisses him]

Joe  -- what about us?

Kevin  -- shut up Joe!

Tess  -- [comes over] what are you guys doing here?

Joe  -- Nick dragged us here

Kevin  -- he didn’t make us come

Joe  -- well you made me come!

Tess  -- are you staying long?

Leah  -- yeah how long are you staying?

Nick  -- for good

Joe  -- WHAT!!!

Kevin  -- Joe!

Leah  -- for good? Really?

Nick  -- yeah, i don’t want to go back to LA without you

Rosie  -- but what if the paparazzi find out your here again?

Nick  -- we’ll figure something out

Leah  -- [grabs Nick’s hand, walks away from the others]

Nick  -- whats wrong?

Leah  -- nothing wrong, i just ----

Nick  -- just what?

Leah  -- are you sure you want to move here?

Nick  -- i want to be with you, and it wasn’t so bad when i was living her befor

Leah  -- you complained a lot

Nick  -- but then i got used to it, and i would miss you to much if i go back home ..... i brot this for you [puts her necklace on her]

Leah  -- [smiles] thanks

Nick  -- [kisses her]

Leah  -- [deepens it, then pulls away] so can i read the engraving now?

Nick  -- i would rather you didn’t

Leah  -- fine, so how long are you staying?

Nick  --  until you want to go back to LA, or any other city

Leah  -- [hugs him] i love you Nicky

Nick  -- [kisses her head] i love you too


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