comment please :D
3/19/2010 14:17:11

i have missed your writing like crazy! finally back :) i was wondering if you could maybe write more like this? like these kind of stories and this style like you used to write in the beginning? your other stories are great too, but they're all really different from this and, etc. that might sound bad, but i hope it doesn't, i just love this type of your writing so much! thanks :) <3

3/20/2010 05:35:50

i really love it that was great
Joe was stupied sending that page to nick , nick totally get that over him
i really don't like leah

3/20/2010 15:46:55

i love your writing and ive been waiting so long for you to write im glad you ddnt stop writing i love your writing these are the best stories ive ever read and ive read alot there so good i like the bad girl leah andyour other stories bad boy nick the knifes,rape,guns,i love these stories there the best your the best i love you
(sisterly way):D

3/22/2010 20:34:08

I have almost read your entire wesite and this story is my favorite please post more

4/3/2010 18:30:29

man i love this!!! i cant wait for more! its amazing!


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